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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 1, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton won them. a republican represents them in the house. this is biggest single source of help in 2018. rebel, they need 24. there are 23. 23 districts represented by republican that's voted for clinton. that's the key. "mtp daily" starts right now! if it's monday, the president is trying to sell his vision but it doesn't seem like it's quite in focus yet. gop identity crisis. >> a great plan or i'm not signing it. >> can republicans get on the same page or will the trumpian agenda continue to stall out? plus the art of deal meets the trump of war. yes would be open to meeting with north korean's leader. >> the president gets fully briefed on the leaders he's speaking.
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to. >> and biden time. the former vp help democrats seize the growing existential he angst. >> what made you a democrat in the first place? this is mtp daily and it starts right now. >> good evening. i'm in for chuck todd. welcome to "mtp daily." yes. it has been one of those days. the president's support orders congress said don't pay attentn to what he says. if you were seeking clarity on the president's positions on any number of major issues today, it was arguably not a very good day. let's start with health care. multiple congressional aides say that house republicans are preparing to hold a vote this week. but president trump just appeared to throw water on the plan. he said i wanted to be good for sick people. it's not in its final form right
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now. that come as white house officials feel confident that they had to votes the pass the plan. to make matters more couldn't fusing, they did little to clarify conflicting statements president made yesterday when he said the plan had changed for the better. >> this will is vex different. >> people want to know what kind of changes. >> we have now pre-existing conditions in the bill. we're taking across all the borders or the lines so insurance companies can compete. >> that's not in this bill. >> of course it is. >> the current plan could weaken protections for people with pre-existing conditions. it allows states to seek a waiver allowing them on raise the premiums and allowing insurance companies the cross state lines is not in this bill. the president said it is part of phase ii of the plan which we haven't seen yet.
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it was kunl fined to domestic issues. he said he would be only hadded to meet with kim jong-un. yesterday he called him a pretty smart cookie. when asked about the comments, sean spicer said the president is trying to protect americans. >> he assumed power at a young age and there were a lot of potential threats that come his way and he has managed to lead a country forward. despite the obvious concerns that we and so many people have. as he, two person to be leading a country with nuclear womens -- weapons snflt president trump told bloomberg news that he is willing to raise taxes by charging consumers more at the gas pump. the money would go toward infrastructure development. the white house down played the seriousness of that proposal. in the past 36 hours, president trump has made a series of questionable statements. he expressed doubts about
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russia's meddling in the election and expressed opinions on debunked claims on wiretapping. it has been a day had. has flummoxed supporters. >> as a trump supporter, do i my best not to pay attention to what he says. if i pulled my hair out for every nutty thing he says, i would be bald. >> i'm joined by chris, a top adviser to the presidential transition good to see you. >> congressman, thank you for joining me. do you agree the former congressman walsh that sometimes you just can't will have to the president? >> no. i think the president has been delivering on his campaign message across the board. we're going to get the repeal and replace of obamacare.
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>> delivering on the campaign message is different than listening to everything he says. >> we were listening to him saying he would be honored to meet kim jong-un. are you listening to when he uses those words, talking about a dictator? >> we own speak in our own way and i don't agree we ever word that anyone says. but i would say that talk does accomplish things. so talking with someone, there's nothing there that i would take off the board whether it is talking to folks in russia or any other country including north korea. ultimately that's how you get things done. so i have no problem with him speaking to anyone on anything. on what we look at is a nuclear nation that is based on what they say they want to do. very concerning to south korea, to japan.
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even the united states. so a dialogue is a good thing. >> let's talk about health care. the president in an interview yesterday made it sound like pre-existing conditions will be fully protected under the gop plan. is he tell the truth? are pre-existing conditions fully protected? >> i am comfortable with what we are protecting. if you've had continuous insurance coverage, the word doesn't even apply. it is not a pre-existing conditions what if you just get coverage and you have a pre-existing condition? >> well, if you haven't had coverage, there is a provision in this that an insurance company could charge you 30% more for the first 12 months. there is a bit of a carrot and a stick on say we want every one to have continuous coverage. and the insurance company needs some certainty on who will come in and out of their plan to
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price it. the premiums are certainly driven by a level of certainty or uncertainty. this was our way of addressing the insurance company's concerns to inthe cent vise people not to drop their insurance company and keep. i there is a 12-month, 30% surcharge on someone who drops their coverage. doesn't have coverage. to then come in and and for coverage. i don't think that's an unreasonable expectation at all. it is what we do with medicare today. if you don't sign up for medicare in a timely fashion, there is a penalty associated with immediate care has been there forever. so it is taking the same tact, if you will, that we've hassle on medicare to encourage people to sign up. >> wasn't gop argument baltimore you shouldn't to have force people to get health care? this sounds like you're forcing they will on get health care or you'll charge more.
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>> we want everyone to have health care. it is an option. we're not a single payer. we're not canada or the european union. we believe in personal choice and accountability bust we are not a nation would support a single payer clintonesque health care system and all the problems that come along with that. but we do want people to scene up. it will lower the cost for the, two and yet protect the cost for those that may be just above the poverty level. we do want everyone to have coverage. we want it to be more affordable than woek obamacare. the 12,000 deductibles mean you don't have insurance if you can't pay that deductible. >> is there a plan that will go to a floor vote?
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>> it appears so, katy. i'll find out more at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. all signs are positive. >> do you have the votes? >> that they do have the votes. >> can you guarantee to your constituents that they will not be charged more for pre-existing conditions than they are right now tunneled current health care law in. >> oh, yeah. one hundred%. i represent new york. >> why does that mean you can guarantee them 100%? >> because new york has had those laws on the books for so many years. we have guaranteed issue of community ratings. it can't charge sick people more than healthy people. an 18-year-old and a 64-year-old pay the same price for insurance. we have 42 essential health benefits. so one thing for sure in new york state, there is not a thing we're voting on --
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>> but congressman, new york is not going to and for the exception. the states asking for the exception. what about the people in those states who have pre-existing conditions? can you assure them, even though you're not necessarily their representative. can you assure them that the republican party is working to make sure that their health care is not going to be unaffordable? i say this because the american medical association and the american hospital association both say that the current plan will allow people with pre-existing conditions to get charged so much that it will make it so they don't have health care because they can't afford it. >> no. has the limited waiver that a governor would apply for. in the back ground, this is what people will see when the final rule goes in. we would have what we call an invisible high risk pool like
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they have in the state of maine. where the state will have to show that those with pre-existing conditions or those with high health care costs are not going to be disadvantaged, where the state would step in with this high risk pool and cover the basis for the insurance company so they don't have to price it into the people are yourself. it is a limited waiver. and hhs and chs will scrutinize to make sure thatter with taking care of people with health insurance so they're not disadvantaged nflt the president talked about how there's an infrastructure plan that is pretty. done. can you tell me what is in it? >> i would have to say that i don't know of an infrastructure plan or where we're headed with it. we all want to get -- that is one bipartisan piece of legislation that we'll look forward on getting to.
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the one piece that will get he democrat votes and republican votes. but right now there isn't any legislation that i know of that will be moving forward. certainly in the next 60 days or so. >> he said it was largely completed. is there a chance that he's gone to folks in xong are not his biggest allies? you're one of his biggest allies. wouldn't you be one person you would be talking to about this? snork a state with infrastructure problems. we all know that there is a dire need for infrastructure projects. bridges, roads, airports, you name it. call at this time 30,000 foot level. we have not moved beyond that 30,000 foot level to figure out how we'll pay for it. what kind of projects would apply, et cetera, et cetera. we won't do another trillion-dollar obama add to the
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debt that did he when he had one. we noted to pay forward that is reasonable. those discussions have not occurred yet. >> so would you say it is largely completed? >> it is at the 30,000 foot level. >> thank you very much. i appreciate your time. >> let's bring in the panel. a report we are "the new york times." a republican strategist, and a senior fellow. he also wrote and produced the new documentary against all odds. the fight for a black middle class. let's start with infrastructure. largely completed. to lead if with i can't believe everything he says. to chris collins who is a pretty good trump interpreter. he is a trump whisperer. this is what we're looking for. the explanation of health care
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from congressman collins was excellent, whether you agree with it or not. donald trump doesn't have an understanding of the bill he is behind. now you have infrastructure, just throwing it out there. that's what members of congress are concerned about. getting behind his ideas. he drop this is and says it is almost completed. and they have no idea what's going on. and chris collins is struggling to answer your question. >> is that because he is a 70-year-old man who has been doing things a certain way his whole life? or is he trying to have the illusion. >> i think we saw a flurry of activity last week, something they could put out on the press release. they put all these trial balloons on something they could do or might do, and the problem with that is, you and pend capital in each occasion you do that. if you try to make that your central idea, and then and those behind and it then drop it a few
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days later. if you keep doing it over and over and over again. you can't get your own party behind your ideas. >> on health care. even if it does go to the floor for a vote in the house. say it gets passed. what is the likelihood that it would be the same bill? >> it would die in the senate. i thought a few weeks ago that the republicans been fitted from the fact it looked line the health care bill was dead. and then it was embarrassing but i figured they would move on to something seel. now it's in the news constantly. and this is going to be a drag, both on the president and on the congress gng forward. this is a gift. >> what are the major problems? >> well, the same but larger than the problems that it is faced with in the house. this is a bill that is,
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obamacare is popular right now. this rolls back very popular aspects of obamacare. and you have not the just democrats but moderate republican who's have no interest in taking health care away from people who have it now, or for getting rid of those things extremely popular. the pre-existing conditions you were talking about and the idea that you can keep, two people on the plans until they're 26. >> and there is a tax plan with all of that. >> talking to gary cohn. yesterday about whether this tax plan will happen soon. and he said not before the end of the year. this is going to be ongoing for a while. the freedom caucus will have a very hard time with the tax reform bill. add tom an infrastructure bill with a gas tax that the president mentioned today? >> and break tim banks.
2:17 pm
rt. >> he said today that he is looking into breaking tim banks. potentially modernizing glass/steagall. can he get a republican on bo d board, protecting the housing economy by separating person fral the investors? >> it is possible that it was something that bombed into his head. breaking up the big banks is a talking point from the conservative catalogue on financial reform opposition. so their version is privilege the big banks. it helps the goldman sachs of the world. it is kroenly capitalism. >> donald trump is very popular having lots of balloons -- balls in the air and having people
2:18 pm
focus. he'll just say we're doing it. house members have to go back and in less than two years, they have to say this is what we've done for you. >> he has stopped his had top executive team. they are not going to break tim big banks plan. >> we will see. and we didn't even get to talking about how he is walking back hacking the election. it could have been china. we'll come back to you. coming up, the democrats soul searching. what will their 100 days look like? can they find their own identity? pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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the number one concern of this president is to make sure that we do everything we can to
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protect our people. specificly to economically. >> that was the response. rodrigo duterte to visit the white house. it came during a phone call on saturday that the administration described as quote, very friendly. human rights groups say that thousands of people have been killed since duterte took office last year is that began a brutal crackdown on crime and illegal drug trading in the philippines. in an interview with bloomberg, president trump defended it by bringing tim high approval ratings and saying the philippines is very important to me strategically and militarily. i look forward to meeting him feflt comes to the white house, that's fine. president trump added, he's been
2:22 pm
very, very tough on that drug problem but he has massive drug problem. duterte said he may be too busy to visit. 4 food fights, and the flood of '09. it's your paradise perfected with behr premium plus paint. the best you can buy starting under $25. only at the home depot. there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want.
2:23 pm gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah. welcome back. while trump has struggled on find his footing association are the democrats. where does party go from here? president trump tweeted yesterday, the democrats without a leader have become the party of obstruction. they are only interested in themselves, not what is best for the u.s. most ploe denied her party was living up to the tea party moniker, the party of no. still, the biggest source of unity, the party seems to be for an identity beyond being just against president trump. last night, the new hampshire
2:24 pm
vice president asked for soul searching. >> what made you a democrat in the first place? not a joke. what made you a zplat why did you choose to be a democrat? >> joining me now, josh earnest, former white house press secretary. >> good afternoon. >> talk on me about where the democrats go from here? do they have an identity? or right now are they only living up to this idea that they are going to stonewall donald trump no matter what? >> well, i think democrats in congress can participate. they can continue to stand together. we have seen the republicans in chronic fractured almost beyond belief. and democrats have won some important victories by ensuring they hang together, despite there are some democrats facing tough races in a tough year and
2:25 pm
a half or so. but happening together they defeated health care bill. so that can be an important part moving forward as democrats navigate this era. i think it is important for democrats to stand on principle and just opposing donald trump's ideas because he puts forward ideas is not a winning strategy. what is a winning strategy fighting for health care. making sure that people pre-existing conditions can't be discriminated against. not taking health care away for 24 million americans. that's worth fighting for. and i think will play well for democrats. >> to be fair, the democrats didn't torpedo health care. the republicans torpedoed health care. >> but that shows that republicans are very fractured. if democrats had not succeeded in sticking together, republicans would have succeeded.
2:26 pm
democrats didn't assistant form. they stood on principle and they won. >> who is the leader of the democratic party right now? >> there is no one person leading the democratic party right now. that is essence of a party that is in the minority. they're in the minority in the house and the senate. if you look across the country, they're in the majority of governor's mansions. so democrats in a position where we are searching for what our path forward will be. i think the good news for democrats, democrats across the country are energized, they understand what we believe in. but we have a lot have work to do. we have a lot of boring to do to figure out, what is our message to those a are wondering about what the party is willing to fight for them. i think in the first 100 days of trump, working class people can't reliably count on the republican party to work for them. we need to give them a reason to
2:27 pm
consider the lever. barack obama was success envelop doing that in 2008, 2012. >> what do you think of nancy pelosi? she's being used in ads to take down john ossoff. they've used her as a lightning rod. do you think nancy pelosi is a liability? is she a problem going forward? >> well, i don't think there's anybody, democrat or republican, who would underestimate her ability to navigate the politics on comment him and maximize at the leverage they can have in influencing these indicates that even when they're in the minorities. i think this illustrates we need other democrats to step up and also have a platform. we need younger democrats to step up and make their voice heard. not just in washington, d.c. but communities across the country. it is one of the reasons
2:28 pm
president trump has tried to hold himself back. to make sure he is not the leading voice of the democratic opposition. and in some cases, it will be democrats in office or those running for office, and in some cases it will be democrats not right now in the political establishment but people across the country who are ready to get engaged, sometimes for the first time, in governing their country. >> specifically in an electoral liability. >> listen, i think there is a tried and true strategy that democrats have used, too. to try to target and marginalize and in some cases, caricature the other party. what democrats trying to do to john ossoff by highlighting the role of nancy pelosi is not a new strategy. styles it works. sometimes it doesn't. ultimately john ossoff is riding
2:29 pm
a wave of people this georgia and across the country who are ready for some independent leadership and not somebody like his opponent who will rubber stamp what donald trump wants to do. >> democrats starting to jockey for position for 2020. trying to put their names out there sflt there anybody on the top of your list that you would like to see start exploring the presidential bid? >> well, there is no shortage of ambition on the democratic island. >> "the new york times" floated moulton. >> they did. when you're this far in front of national election, a lot of people will dim their toe in the water. they'll look at new hampshire and iowa and visit. the more we have democrats engaging in this debate, and the more we have leaders other are considering this kind of run, the more they talk on people about what kind of vision they
2:30 pm
have for the country, what kind of agenda the democrats should put forward, that's only going to pay long term dividends. again, i'm not sitting here minimizing the significant challenge that faces democratic party all across the country. we have no clear leader. we're in the minority in too many state houses across the country let alone washington, d.c. so there's a lot of hard work to do. the good news is there is tremendous energy at the grassroots level. as long as they channel it in a positive direction, i think the future of the contractic party is bright. that won't come without a lot of boring. >> this guy, joe biden, yes or no? >> i think i've heard of him. whether he runs original,
2:31 pm
democrats would be wise to listen to someone who spent more than four decades in political life and 97 lost an election. >> congratulations on the new baby, sir. >> thank you. still ahead, president trump is open to meeting with the north korean leader. stay with us. i work overtime when i can get it.
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rights. dozen of marches and rallies took place across the country with more expected this evening. multiple ralries underway in new york city, including right here, or downtown nrgs union square. the marchers gathered in the shad oldest white house. organizers of that rally home it will be the largest immigration protest since president trump took office. up next, the senator joins me for more. >> thanks. technology companies and big banks feeling the rebound. the dow lost 27 points. the s&p climbed 4. the nasdaq gauged 44 points. apple stock hitting an all time high of $146 a share. the tech giant releases its
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how safe are our trumans along the demilitarized zone? how safe are they with the defense systems we've provided? >> nobody is safe. who is safe? the guy has nuclear womens. >> that was president trump. saying he would meet with kim jong-un and saying he would be honored to do it. >> i think as the president said, tunneled right circumstances, those circumstances aren't present today and they would have to be significant change form to even
2:40 pm
be a possibility. >> president trump did leave that option on the campaign trail, saying he would be open to hosting kim jong-un in the midwest. north korea performed another ballistic missile test. mike pompeo made an unexpected trip to south korea today. joining me, you sit on the foreign relations committee. what do you think of the president saying he would be honored to meet with kim jong-un? >> i was very disturbed by the use of the word honored but fwils word whiplash. one the most it is the u.s. may act alone. the next, saying president xi will be a big partner. there's massive space for miscommunication that can cause events to spiral out of control. >> do you think it is a good idea for him to meet with this
2:41 pm
leader? i'm hook at the randle deal, relations with cuba, they tried to reset the relationship with russia. wouldn't it be a good idea to try to talk to the north korean leader? >> the ground work has not been laid for a head of state meeting. i think the president was right and tillerson said that was something to be considered in the far future when other events had been put into place. if north korea is looking at the set of comments and they're thinking about potential for negotiations or conversations, their actions may be she different than if they're thinking about the american military response. this is where the possibility of miscommunication, sending signals that are confusing could cause a situation very precarious to end up in a disaster. >> what would you advocate?
2:42 pm
>> i think it is right to have china apply maximum msh. they're the ones that can shut down the smuggling. they can enforce the sanctions. they go send the communication, not just through china daily which they have double, saying that north korea has to end its nuclear provocations, but they can send that signal privately and forcefully as well. that's a key piece of the puzzle. i'm not privy to the details how much china will play that role but certainly that's a key components. in other words, president trump said he is considering breaking t up the banks. >> i think it is very possible to find common ground. we don't need to return to the
2:43 pm
wall street, making bets with american citizens' deposits. that was a highly precarious place to be. you should be in a wealth management fund. not in a bank. i think the clarity of a 20th century glass/steagall would be very useful. >> are you going to reach to the white house to try? >> i think i will. yes. >> on health care it seems like the house is coming closer to reaching a deal. what are your red lines? >> well, the deal the house is putting together is taking an incredibly terrible strategy and making it far worse. you start with the 24 million people losing health care. then you throw into the president's apparent promise pre-existing conditions, and willing to eviscerate the benefits package.
2:44 pm
so you end one insurance policy that's may be very cheap because they're very worthless. that's not a health care system. that's where people don't have health care. they don't have the peace of mind when they get spk they won't end up in bankruptcy. so i think this plan will be dead on arrival. i don't see my colleagues coming close to it. i've been out in 13 town halls. overwhelmingly. 90% of the people in these counties are coming out and saying do not do this. >> your republican colleagues the won't sign on in. >> i think they would prefer -- their legs will be broken but i don't see a system many which they will pass this through. i'm certainly going to try to prevent them from doing so. >> thank you.
2:45 pm
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ros-lehtinen is retiring after more than 27 years. she was the first cuban american elected to congress. the first woman to chair a standing committee of the house and the first congressional republican to publicly support marriage equality. . 23 republican congressional districts that voted for clinton, her district is the bluest. clinton beat trump there by nearly 20 points. and the cook report, it has now moved the district to lean democrat. she says it is time to move on and she is confident she would win if she ran again. her retirement doesn't have anything to do with the political climate or her disagreements with the president. but whether this is the first domino in a series of dominos of republican who's also feel like it is time to move on. that remains to be seen.
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donald trump sworn in as president 100 days ago. america is winning and president trump is making america great again. >> folks aware are nearly 1300 days, 1,300 days away from the 2020 election. what you saw right there was a donald trump campaign ad. they say it's only for $1.5 million. after his rally in pennsylvania saturday night. it's clear for our president, the campaign never really ends. that brings us back to our panel. does this mean i will never stop caring? you can't always get what you want from the rolling stones and campaign rally. what is he doing? why is he still campaigning. >> because he's much more comfortable being a campaigner in chief and that -- >> he is a governor now. >> he will go to his comfort
2:51 pm
zone and govern from there. he needs to feel that campaign energy and support behind him. it doesn't lead to good government but that's how he's governing. >> i don't think he can govern. i don't think he understands the issues when it comes to governing. two issues important about donald trump. everyone understands he has this enormous ego, the biggest i've ever seen since following politics. the campaign feeds that ego, the permanent campaign feeds that ego. the other thing is this guys flim-flam man. the greatest success in 100 days america has ever seen. he's going to keep pushing that flim-flam message and that won't stop. >> let's talk about the risks. he will always get crowds that come out to see him and always cheer for him like that. that might not represent the entire electorate enthusiasm.
2:52 pm
does this mean he might hear the screaming crowds and missing an electorate moving away from donald trump? >> a great question. fundamentally, you have to believe if a government is not responsive to most of the voters it will eventually fail. >> we are a bit in unchartered territory. you saw evidence people are willing to believe the economy is improving under trump but the actual consumer data shows they aren't spending more. if there was a wishful quality his voters shares he shares. can he keep that going and win a second term doing it and govern successfully doing it and pass big bills doing ity i don't think he does. >> does he have to pass big bills to maintain his base of supporters? >> no. but he has to face the congress coming up in 2018.
2:53 pm
when they start going around him and working with the senate and making legislation to show success, that's the danger the president can face potentially vetoing legislation from republicans. more importantly, you will see what happens with house republicans that start seeing poll numbers that start saying they have a lot of leeway and it may be to their best interests to move away or wait and see and not get actively behind ning. they are the ones that have to deliver in 2018. >> donald trump was asked about wiretapping, the other small thing that was hanging over his presidency a while. this tweet he claimed president obama was wiretapping him at trump tower. take a look at what he told cnbc. >> you saw what happened with surveillance. i think that was inappropriate. >> what does that mean? >> you can figure that out yourself. >> you're the president of the united states. you said he was sick and bad. >> you can take it any way you want. >> i'm asking you because you want it to be fake news. i want to hear it from president
2:54 pm
trump. >> you don't have to ask me? >> why not? >> i can have my own opinions and you have own opinions. >> you're the president of the united states. >> enough. thank you. >> is this like an artist that makes an abstract painting and refuses to title it, whatever the viewer wants it to be. >> no. a guy who can't admit he's wrong. that was almost like veep-like in the interplay. the questioner did a very good job and pushed him and the president doesn't want to admit he was dead wrong. >> he walked away at the end. >> you used the word flummoxed. i think it was a case he was flummoxed and he didn't know what to say and bailed out. >> he walked away. his supporters will say the press is hounding him. they will. any rational person looking at that will say that's a man who
2:55 pm
couldn't answer a question and was boxed in and couldn't stand behind it because it was fundamentally wrong. >> if you're a republican, talk to the republicans and say why a free press is so important. >> of course it is important. what's fundamentally problematic with the trump administration they keep flipping and saying we can't trust the media, yet we keep going to the media. eventually they have to really dig deep here and say we are either on all the time or not. the way they're handling it is fundamentally wrong. >> free media is essential to democracy, essential period end of story. nick, susan, bob, appreciate your time. thank you for the spirited discussion as always. after the break, save the date. stay tune.
2:56 pm
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>> in case you missed it, with the current state of geopolitical unrest, it certainly would be a good time to have a u.s. ambassador to china. at the moment we still don't. it's been a point of obsession for chuck todd. over a month ago he called out the stalled confirmation or iowa commissioner, terry branstad, who had been put out for it. >> the long erst serves ambassador ever. what's the holdup.
3:00 pm
the candidate has said he submitted all the paperwork and no hearing date has been set. >> the hearing is scheduled tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. we will keep you posted on how that goes. that will do it for me tonight. for the record starts right now with greta. hello, katie. tonight, admitted killer headed to the white house,. no, not jumping the fence. headed there from a presidential invite. fill minnow president rodrigo duterte has led a crackdown that human rights say has killed 7,000 people in less than one year without trials. >> what's the white house's perspective on duterte and him coming here? >> i think it is an opportunity for us to work with countries to play a role diplomatically


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