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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 2, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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a new warning over north korea. the president calls it the biggest policy concern as he calls a meeting with kim jong-un. may day protests turn violent around the world. 25 arrested in portland, oregon. plus this -- >> we've got a baby. call 911. >> a daring water rescue. a group of good samaritans rush to save a family after their car overturns in rising texas floodwaters. good morning, it's tuesday, may 2nd. i'm ayman mohyeldin along with
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louis burgdorf. alex witt is on assignment. president trump is scheduled to speak with vladimir putin. it will be his third call with the russian president and first since air strikes in syria. this as trump comes under scrutiny by extending his hand. yesterday the president told bloomberg that he would be honored to be the first president of the united states to meet with the ruler of north korea. >> if it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, i would absolutely -- i would be honored to do it. most political people would never say that, but i'm telling you, under the right circumstances, i would meet with him. >> this weekend the president said kim jong-un is, quote, a smart cookie for hanging onto power. sean spicer expanded upon what the president meant by right circumstances.
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>> we've got to see their provocative behavior ratcheted down immediately. there are a lot of conditions with respect to its behavior and to show signs of good faith. clearly, conditions are not there right now, but the president made it clear, as secretary tillerson, if the conditions -- if the circumstances are -- present themselves, beld be prepared to but they're clearly not at this time. >> were those conditions that you laid out early -- to the earlier question, are those conditions that would have to be met before there was a meeting, i.e., that north korea would have to agree to totally disarm its nuclear program, stop threatening its neighbors, are those the conditions? >> i think those are some of the conditions. there's going to be a whole host of ones we determine that the state department determines in consultation with the president that have to be met. as i said, we're so early in
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this that i don't see this happening any time soon. >> on sunday, president trump invited the president of the philippines to visit the white house after a comment about fighting narcotics trade. they have criticized duterte. do you certificate reportedly said yesterday he may be too tied up to visit washington any time soon. saying, quote, i cannot make any definitive promise. i'm supposed to go to russia. i'm also supposed to go to israel. now, "the new york times" earlier reported the state department and national security council were caught offguard bit invitation and that they would raise objections. sean spicer responded to criticism. >> it is an opportunity for us to work with countries in that region that can help play a role in diplomatically isolating north korea. frankly, the national interest of the united states, the safety of our people and the safety of people in the region, are the number one priorities of the president.
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>> said journalists are -- do the presidents know about those comments and his record when he extended the invitation for him to visit the white house? >> the president gets fully briefed on the leaders he's speaking to, but the number one concern of this president is to make sure we do everything we can to protect our people. i'm not going to tell you every single thing in his brief but he's well aware when he speaks with a leader, he gets briefed on a lot about their -- what they're doing, what they've done. that's all part of the brief. >> now, republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham are speaking out over president trump's invitation to president duterte and his invitation to meet with kim jong-un. >> i would caution about that simply because you're in power, anybody you meet with, if he can find a way to stop north korea from developing an icbm with a nuclear weapon on top to hit
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america, count me in. if there's a construct, counted me in but generally very cautious about it. not a big fan of this guy in the philippines. i'm not know what you're going to tell him, but if you tell him to knock off the extra judicial rule of law, it's worth it. if not, probably not. >> he's in violation of the basic human rights. no matter how worthy his goal, you can't go around and kill people on extrajudicial fashion and without having a breakdown of law and order over time. i think the only time you would consider meeting with kim jong-un is to discuss the details of the north korean commitment to dismantle their efforts at acquiring nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, otherwise i would never -- what you do is legitimize a
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person who is one of the really bad actors in the world. >> the question of whether to meet with strong man and the leaders of add ver saerl countries is one that's presented itself before, look in the 007 cnn youtube debate during. >> reporter: the spark was that youtube question about whether if elected they would meet personally with foreign adversaries. >> without precondition during the first year of your administration -- >> i would. the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them is ridiculous. >> i thought that was irresponsible and, frankly, naive to say that i would commit a meeting with, you know, chavez and castro and others within the first year. >> reporter: within minutes, obama was on the phone with the same paper. >> if you want to talk about irresponsibility, look at her vote to authorize george bush to send our troops into iraq.
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>> john mccain used the comments time and time again against then-senator obama as well. we'll get more of senator mccain's thoughts when he joins the conversation on "morning joe" coming up. in an interview with cbs news, president trump suggested he still stands by his widely refuted claims that president obama illegally wiretapped him during the 2016 campaign but the interview came to an abrupt end when john dickerson pressed him on his claims. >> did president obama give you any advice that was helpful that -- >> he was very nice to me but after that we've had some difficulties so it doesn't matter. words are less important to me than deeds. you saw what happened with surveillance. he was very nice to me with words and when he was with him but after that there's been no relationship. >> you stand by that claim -- sdwli don't stand by anything. you can take it the way you want. i think our side has been proven very strongly and everybody is talking about it. >> you're the president of the united states. you said he was sick and bad because -- >> you can take any way, you can
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take it any way you want. >> but i'm asking you because you don't want it to be fake news. i want to hear it from president trump. >> you don't have to ask me. >> why not? >> because i have my own opinions. can you have your own opinions. >> i want to know your opinion. you're the president of the united states. >> that's enough. thank you. thank you very much. >> wilbur ross has offered his surprising take on president trump's decision to order an air strike against syrian air forces last month. speaking at a conference in los angeles, "variety" reports ross recalls the scene from mar-a-lago. he reportedly told the crowd just as key certificate was being served, the president explained to mr. xi he had something he wanted to tell him, which was the launching of 59 missiles. it was in lieu of after-dinner entertainment. he went on to joke entertainment
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kos the president anything. it cost $87 million and 18 were killed. in major cities across the country, protesters turned to the street for may day protest. 43 people were arrested in portland according to portland police, they threw rocks, bottles, smoke bombs and other items at officers. in olympia, washington, police arrested nine people after nine officers were struck with flying objects and several businesses were damaged in what police called a riot. while may day gatherings were rather peaceful, there were a few arrests in other cities across the nation, including new york, baltimore and seattle. may day, also known as international workers day, put focus on immigrant workers with rallies taking place around the world. protesters also protested the sheriff of the milwaukee jail.
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the final decision is up to the district attorney. prosecutors say 38-year-old thomas tied after being denied water for seven days last august. sheriff clark whose name has been mentioned as a possible trump pointee hasn't been implicated in a crime. at latest investigation has found two other inmates were also denied water in clark's jail reportedly for covering their jail cell windows. it was a violent and deadly day in texas at the university of austin-texas after a man went on a stabbing rampage. the man identified as kendricks j. white was eventually tackled by police and is in custody. police say he was armed with a bowie-style hunting knife and calmly walked around the plaza during the attacks. the motive is unknown.
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the victim harris brown graduated from high school last year and is being remembered as a selfless, determined young man who always knew how to make people laugh. it occurred a short walk from charles whitman shot. in dallas a gunman open fire on a paramedic who was coming to the aid of the victim. it happened after a dispute between neighbors before escalating. authorities add as the gunman was fleeing to a nearby house he open fire on arriving officers. police sent in a s.w.a.t. robot and found the gunman and another person dead. dallas' mayor says the officer will need additional surgeries to recover. the dramatic video showing a group of strangers coming to the rescue of a family trapped inside a texas flood. trump administration takes
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and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to welcome back. yesterday we were telling you about the powerful deadly storms that struck texas over the weekend. we want to share with you an incredible rescue caught on video. a group of strangers saved the lives of two children and their parents who were trapped in an overturned car that was submerged under water. they raced into the water from the side of the road outside of canton, texas. a floodwater about 4 feet deep. they get the vehicle doors and windows open and save 18-month-old adi, her 4-month-old brother marshall and parents fiphillip and emily. gabe gutierrez was there as one
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of the good samaritans as they were reunited at an area hospital. >> this situation, i -- i jump from the car. i jump from the car and i know i had to do something there. many people are texting me what i did, i'm a hero. i did what i had to do. >> when they said come on, momma, we got the babies. i said, give them breath before you get me out of had vehicle. good bless you for risking your lives to jump in and save ours. you did something that not many people would do. >> the good samaritans performed cpr on at least one of those kids. marshall has been released from the hospital. emily posted this picture on her facebook page with abby who they say is stable and recovering. >> what an unreal story. let's get a check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, some thunderstorms in the northeast exiting overnight and
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shaping up to be a day. >> we'll have flooding in other areas we have pictures from. let's get into the early morning commute. flormz are exiting some downpours over boston and providence. new york city you look to be in the clear, a few showers may come through over the next hour or two. hartford, you're about done. eastern new england has the rains. for today, a pretty quiet day. we could get thunderstorms down here. miami also areas around orlando. temperatures are pretty warm, southern half of the country. it is a chilly may day. about as chilly as it gets in michigan. highs in the 40s with rainy, cloudy conditions. ugly, chicago, detroit, up through wisconsin. many people on the west coast not many issues, just showers. salt lake city and denver. let's get into tomorrow's forecast and all of a sudden you see the thunderstorms returning and the heavy rainfall here around the middle of the country. this is our next new storm. we're already looking at about 12 million people at rick, this is wednesday, this is mostly in
2:18 am
the afternoon from houston, alexandria to new orleans to hattiesburg. not a huge tornado threat a damaging wind threat possible. rainfall amounts with this next storm, this is where we'll have the problems. our rivers are still flooding in this region of the country from the weekend rain. we'll get another 1 to 3 inches of rain from indianapolis to st. louis through southern missouri and northern arkansas. all of this water is going to go into the mississippi along with the floodwaters from last weekend. that's when we're going to have major problems. here's the timing on it. storms break out over kansas, continuing through the overnight. this time tomorrow morning we're waking up to the possibility of flash flooding in areas of missouri and then heading into areas of illinois during the afternoon. and there's those severe thunderstorms possibly tomorrow afternoon. again, a calmer day today, but tomorrow more concerns and life-threatening weather for the same areas that were just hit. >> relief can't come soon enough. thank you for that. texas congressman castro has decided not to challenge ted cruz for his senate seat in
2:19 am
2018. after months of speculation, the democrat made the announcement in an e-mail to supporter yesterday. castro said at least for now he intends to remain focused on his duty in house foreign affairs and intelligence committees. castro's decision leaves democratic congressman rourke as cruz's main competition. o'rourke announced his campaign earlier this year. it could be an uphill battle. a texas democrat hasn't held the seat since 1993. in florida congressman lighton has announced she won't be seeking re-election in 2018 which could pave the way for democrats to pick up her congressional seat. hillary clinton won that district by 20 percentage points over dthd trump. according to the miami herald she told reporters she would be watching the race saying, it will be a great food fight. i can't wait to watch from the sidelines. in one of his first moves as
2:20 am
agricultural secretary sonny purdue has ended michelle obama's healthy lunch programs. at lunch in virginia, he announced a rollback of school lunch standards advocated by the first lady saying his agency would take a more hands-off approach to nutrition and provide greater nutrition requirements, focusing on whole grain, milk options. he says kids aren't eating the food and it's ending up in the trash. still ahead, happy hour for lebron and company as the eastern conference semifinals get under way. sports is next. the following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience. i finally switched to geico. oh yeah? ended up saving a ton of money on car insurance. i hear they have a really great mobile app. the interface is remarkably intuitive. that's so important.
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what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. toronto giving up open shots to the kafz. they double team leads to this. irving off the backboard. >> wow. welcome back. time for sports. that was the cavaliers irving lobbing one up to lebron james off the glass for the alley-oop slam. they combined for 59 points against the raptors in last night's eastern conference semifinal opener in cleveland. seven days off not enough for james who grabses' beer from a vendor after drawing a foul in the third quarter. he takes a fake swig. in san antonio, spurs take their worst home loss in
2:24 am
postseason history falling to rockets 126-99 in game one of their western conference semifinal series. arizo adding 29 as rockets set a franchise playoff record with 22 three-pointers in that game. turning to stanley cup hockey and penguins hosting capitals in game three of their other than conference semifinal series. pens could be in trouble without star player sidney crosby, whose status is unclear after exiting in the first period following a high cross-check that left him laying on the ice for about two minutes. you know that one was tough. as for the game, washington built a two-goal lead before blowing it in the third period but would succeed in overtime. kevin nets the game-winner in extra period to get the caps 3-2 win. pittsburgh leads in the series two games to one. to major league baseball, boston a moment leaving a bad taste in a lot of mouts.
2:25 am
orioles center field adam jones told usa today he witnessed some of the worst abuse in his career after being taunted about racist taunts. on the mound machado with a big night who slugged a homer and drove in two runs for baltimore while flashing the leather on the diamond to lead the os to a 5-2 victory there. finally in houston, after already plucking a pair of rangers, astros pitcher throws one behind mike napoli forcing them to flood the field. while benches clear, the incident does not move beyond pushing and shoving. houston wins 6-2. looked a little chippy for a second. >> so many highlights. have you to talk about that lebron alley-oop. that's something you see in an all-star game. to see that in the playoffs is very cool. >> i also like the fact he went
2:26 am
to the sideline and grabbed a beer. he's having fun. >> thanks for that. still ahead, more from president trump's interview from bloomberg including what he said about his chief strategist steve bannon. plus, did andrew jackson see the civil war coming? president trump's bizarre comments about the seventh president of the united states. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow...'s how well you mow fast. woooh! it's not how fast you mow... it's how well you mow fast! it's not how fast you's how well you mow fast. they're not just words to mow by, they're words to live by. the john deere ztrak z345r with the accel deep deck to mow faster better. take a test drive and save up to 250 dollars on select john deere residential ztrak mowers. for patients like lynn, advanced genomic testing may lead to other treatment options that can work. learn how genomic testing is changing the way we fight cancer at
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good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 2nd. i'm ayman mohyeldin. louis burgdorf is here. alex witt is on assignment. let's start with some of the morning's top stories for you.
2:30 am
classes are expected to resume at the university of texas at austin today, one day after a student went on a stabbing rampage killing one and injuring three others. the suspect identified as 21-year-old kendricks j. white was eventually tackled by police and now in custody. the victim has been identified as harrison brown, the high school where he graduated from last year described him as an inspiration to everyone around him. police had to be called in new orleans last night to break up clashes between protesters at the city's controversial jefferson davis monument. it's one of three monuments the city plans to move it. president trump and russian president vladimir putin are scheduled to speak by phone this afternoon. the white house tells reuters the two will likely discuss the civil war in syria. the two haven't spoken since putin condemned the syrian attacks. this will be their third phone
2:31 am
conversation since president trump took office. they last spoke a month ago when president trump offered condolences in the wake of the st. petersburg train bombings. the white house expects a vote on health care overhaul by week's end. the president set out the terms he would be willing to accept. >> the people voting for trump aren't getting good. they're going to get the greatest. these are the greatest people. we'll either have a great plan or i'm not signing it. i said from day one, the best thing i can do is let obamacare die and come in with a plan but it's not fair to the people. i don't want to set dead lines. i think it's going to be approved. it could be soon but could be not so soon. >> the president also told bloomberg, quote, i want it to be good for sick people. it's not in its final form right now. it will be very -- every bit as good as pre-existing conditions as obamacare. in response a spokesperson for speaker ryan says, quote, the republican plan protects people with pre-existing conditions.
2:32 am
states can't opt out without a high-risk pool to take care of them and waivers never applied to anyone who's been continuously covered. we believe there's more than one way to address this problem. it's still a narrow margin for passage. there can only be 21 deflections. more than a dozen undecideds. many of whom who supported the previous version of the bill, the stakes are extremely high. jason chaffetz is rushing back to d.c. after foot surgery. it was expected to sideline him for several weeks. and congressman billy long's office tells nbc news the president called the congressman's office and they discussed his position for being a no vote. congressman long writes pre-existing conditions covered and that's why he won't support this bill.
2:33 am
over the weekend the president tried to apply pressure while in pennsylvania. >> i'll be so angry at congressman kelly and congressman moreno and all of our congressmen in this room if we don't get that damn thing passed quickly. they'll get it done. >> meanwhile a vote could come as early as tomorrow on a budget. in an interview president trump made a bizarre statement about the american civil war and the nation's seventh president, andrew jackson. take a listen. >> had andrew jackson been a little later, you wouldn't have had the sifl war. he was -- he was a very tough person but he had a big heart. and he was -- he was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the civil war. he said, there's no reason for this. people don't ask that question, but why was there the civil war? why could that one not have been
2:34 am
worked out? >> in fact, andrew jackson died in june of 1845, more than a decade and a half before the war actually began. the president did not elaborate on how jackson, a slave owner whose tennessee plantation trump visited in march, would have actually resolved the conflict. he tweeted last night, quote, president jackson, president andrew jackson, i should say, who died 16 years before the civil war started saw it coming and was angry. would have never let it happen. president trump also dismissed reports of in-fighting within his administration telling bloomberg his chief strategist steve bannon is a decent guy who's just getting a bad wrap. >> bannon, you know, i like him a lot. he's actually a very good guy. sometimes i call him alt-left, okay. i mean, he's -- >> what does that mean? >> he's more of a libertarian, if you want to know the truth, okay? he's really -- you know, they give him a bad rap.
2:35 am
bannon is a very decent guy who feels very strongly about the country, like wise jared, and they're getting along fine. >> trump admitted there was past tension between members of his staff saying, quote, for a while it was testy but he told them, you have to get your acts together. on the domestic policy front, the president revealed he's open to increasing the u.s. gas tax and using the new revenue for infrastructure development. >> the truckers have said they want me to do something as long as that money is earmarked to highways. >> the president also mentioned something in that bloomberg interview that got the markets moving that he's considering breaking up the big banks. we're joined live from london. carolyn, the banks reacting swiftly to that. >> they did but this is a curious one because president trump made this vow on the campaign trail but since then he hasn't spoken about it. once again, he was asked about this by bloomberg news and he said, i'm looking at that right
2:36 am
now. how did the banks react? initially, they actually fell. that's because they would be more competition for the u.s. banks but then by the end of the trading session, they recovered to close higher. we saw the likes of goldman sachs up by 0.5%, nice gains for wells fargo and jpmorgan. why did banks gain? it's because analysts believe the pashgts of the banks if split up would be worth more to investors. also want to talk about twitter. big news from twitter over the weekend. unveiling 0 new partnerships in news and entertainment. it will be live-streaming content from those partners on its twitter page. 24 hours, seven days a week. and among the partnerships are nfl previews, the nfl games have been snatched away by amazon, as we know, pga tour and buzzfeed morning show, amongst many others.
2:37 am
analysts are still a little skeptical because as we all know, content is very, very expensive. there are others like amazon, for example, that have much deeper pockets. >> thanks. the trump administration is rolling back another obama-era rule that required schools to have a healthier lunch program. it was a program chpd by michelle obama and required more fruits, vegetables and whole grains but school districts says the lunches ended up in the trash. nbc's tom costello has all the details for us. >> reporter: takes him at one of michelle obama's signature efforts to fight obesity. >> this healthy eating stuff, it's here to stay. >> reporter: in 2012 the government required healthy changes to school meals. more fruits and vegetables slowly phasing in lower sodium levels and requiring half of all breads and pastas to be whole grain. eventually all would be whole grain.
2:38 am
but many school districts reported the healthy foods cost more and kids often threw it all away. at a school in virginia, president trump's new agriculture secretary announced he's loosening the rules. >> meals can't be nutritious if they aren't consumed. if they're 3u9 in the trash. >> reporter: under the trump plan the government will not cut sodium levels any further. it will also keep the current whole grain requirements and not demand all pastas and breads go whole grain. schools will be allowed to offer 1% chocolate milk. >> the big losers are the children who will have less healthful meals. the winners are the makers of processed foods. >> reporter: the los angeles school district where they make 700,000 meals a day, nutritionists say they found a way to make food taste better and less waste. >> kids will always be fickle with what they eat. some days they will like it better than others. >> reporter: new rules take effect in the fall. the trump administration really
2:39 am
insisting that local school districts should make local decisions about what to feed their kids and what the right nutritional balance might be. back to you. >> thanks for that, tom costello. an emotional monologue from jimmy kimmel when he explains why he's been out for a week. more rain in store for folks already saturated in the midwest. ll karins with that forecast. hey dad, come meet the new guy. the new guy? what new guy? i hired some help. he really knows his wine.
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[woman] oh, why thank you. [burke] and we covered it, november sixth, two-thousand-nine. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ welcome back. there is more fallout from the scandal plaguing the fox news channel. bill schein, former top executive, is the latest to quit. anne thompson reports. >> reporter: roger ailes, bill o'reilly and schein. ailes and o'reilly gone after accusations of sexual harassment. shine quits after saying he covered up the abuse, what he
2:43 am
denies. >> shine was a continuation of the old fox news culture so today is a sign that the murdochs are slowly deciding they need to answer critics. >> reporter: 21st century rupert murdoch described shine's resignation as sad writing in an e-mail saying, i know bill was respected and liked by everyone at fox news. in her interview, shine aided and abetted ailes' acts of retaliation and harassment. once a member of the five alleged ailes was a very powerful man and she needed to let this one go. shine had a powerful advocate in his corner, fox star sean hannity, tweeting last week as rumors of shine's demise swirled, i pray this is not true because if it is, that's the total end of the fnc as we know it, done. hannity declined comment.
2:44 am
shine's replacement is a woman, susan scott, who's been with fox since the start. >> for years she enforced ailes' iron fist rules and she comes into this job with women being very skeptical of her management. >> reporter: a scandal still generating headlines. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. >> anne thompson reporting there. to the biggest night of the new york fashion season, star-studded met gala honoring japanese designer who according to "the new york times" is known for all things edgy and asymmetrical. let's go to the red carpet. you can see jennifer lopez in valentino here. rihanna got a lot of attention with this dramatic piece inspired by 18th century punks, according to "vogue." another one people are talking about, p. diddy on the stairs, who later instagramed said he was tired and decided to lay down. for kim dar dashian seems less is more this time around. the "usa today" calls is a
2:45 am
makeunder. white dress and no jewelry. last but not least, katy perry apparently channelling lady gaga. the gala raises money for the metropolitan museum arts costume institute. pleats get a check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> laying on the stairs? that's something you think of ahead of time? >> p. diddy. >> and it doesn't quite work out. the thunderstorms this morning are over boston, down to providence. rhode island is getting soaked. grab the umbrella. a little line of showers and storms trying to hold together over central new jersey. that may or may not make it to new york city. if you're one of those people that doesn't like any raindrops on you, carry the small umbrella. watching showers through indiana and ohio. this is behind our storm and it is chilly. temperatures in the 40s, breezy and damp and wet. not going to be a pretty day in indiana and ohio and also michigan. how about the flooding?
2:46 am
still continues. river is taking a long time to build up the water and pour it out to bigger streams and rivers. flood warnings continue for red. missouri and southern illinois. additional heavy rain, unfortunately, is on the way. the river gauges, those out of magenta are dealing with major flooding. all of that still has to go into the mississippi. it flows slowly. we'll have manch flooding on the mississippi river through the upcoming weekend. again, the river flooding is a little closer view of it. here's some of our rivers. the mississippi at chester, record crest is 49. we're at 37. still 1 feet away from there. we won't set records. on smaller rivers, not that small but compared to the mississippi, merrimack is at 36. we still have damage taking place. we still have people out of their homes because of that flooding. today's forecast, chilly in great lakes. beautiful weather for one day. texas, oklahoma, louisiana, arkansas and then watch out
2:47 am
tomorrow, chance of severe storms about 12 million people at risk of severe weather from houston through areas of louisiana. we do sneak in a decent day in the mid-atlantic tomorrow. one thing we'll go through, we just finished up with one of the warmest april. the next two weeks look chilly and ray. may will be damp and wet. if you want to plant grass seed, that would be a good idea. now is the time. >> and dangerous parts in the midwest. thanks for that. it was an emotional return for late night tv host jimmy kim whl he dedicated his opening monologue to explain his week-long absence from the show. take a listen. >> on friday, april 21st, my wife, molly, gave birth to a boy, a baby boy. is name is william john kimmel. he appeared to be a normal, healthy baby until about three hours after he was born. we were out of the delivery room. we moved to the recovery room. our whole family was there. when a very nurse was checking
2:48 am
him out and heard a murmur, which is ko common with newborn babies but she also noticed he was purple. they did an x-ray and his lungs were okay. now more doctors and nurses. he quit -- it's terrifying thing. my wife is back in the recovery room. she has no idea what's going on. i'm standing in the middle of a lot of very worried people, kind of like right now. who are trying to figure out what the problem was. he was born with a heart disease they decided to take him to children's hospital where there's a world renowned cardiac surgeon who is by all accounts a genius. his name is dr. vonn starns.
2:49 am
they opened the valve and the operation was a success. longest three hours of my life. this is what the poor kid looked like on monday. but this is what he looked like yesterday. not only did he get a bad heart, he got my face. >> wow. absolutely incredible. kimmel later gave a special thanks to all the medical staff that helped save his son, billy, and to all his friends and family that provided their support. we're all thrilled to hear he's doing much better. still ahead, north korea accuses them of pushing them to the brink of war. will president trump really meet kim jong-un? we'll give live to seoul next. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪
2:50 am
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2:52 am
i can say this. he's very threatening. he's a big threat to the world. nobody is safe. who's safe? the guy's got nuclear weapons. i'd like to say they're very safe. nobody is safe. we're probably not safe over here. if he gets the long range missiles, we're not safe either. >> that was president trump last night. though in a separate interview he told bloomberg he would be, quote, honored to meet with the north korean dictator. joining me is nbc's kelly cobiel cobiella. the u.s. has been conducting bilateral training missions. how is this playing out over there? >> reporter: that's right,
2:53 am
ayman. those annual military drills with the south koreans ended on sunday. the u.s. military still very active in the region. yesterday they sent two u.s. bombers over the korean peninsula in a military drill with the south koreans. they say it was a training mission not directed at any one country. the south koreans say actually it was a deterrent and a response to the threat of the north korean missile and nuclear programs. also today, the u.s. military announcing the anti missile defense system known as thaad is now up and running and able to intercept a missile from north korea. this is a pretty controversial stem here in south korea and the region. china objected strongly when this was deployed. they say the radar is so strong it can be used to spy on them. north korea of course objected as well, calling it a provocation. we're also hearing today from north korea on those bombers flying over the korean
2:54 am
peninsula. they say the u.s. -- they call it a provocation. they say the u.s. is bringing the region to the brink of nuclear war. interestingly, no comment on that latest statement from president trump that he would be honored to sit down with kim jong-un under the right circumstances. ayman, it's been pretty clear with the north koreas, they've shown know sign they're up to dialogue. >> staying overseas, hamas has unveiled a new political manifesto that some say is more moderate. the document presented in doha rebrands the group as a palestinian movement with an islamic orientation distancing itself from the muslim brotherhood and egypt. it calls for language liberating all of historic palestine which includes israel is still a main goal. it is willing to accept the
2:55 am
palestinian state on 1967 borders. the group still does not formerly recognize the israeli state. israel's prime minister says, quote, hamas is attempting to fool the world but will not succeed. >> coming up next on "morning joe," republican tom cole says he's willing to go on the hill. will enough of his colleagues join him to pass it this time around. senator john mccain joins joe and mika. "morning joe" just moments away. ♪ ♪ you have access to the right information at the right moment. ♪ ♪ and when you filter out the noise, it's easy to turn your vision into action. ♪ ♪ it's your trade. e*trade. start trading today at
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. united airlines ceo is set to testify on capitol hill following the incident of a passenger being dragged off a flight. along with leaders from other major airlines will discuss ways to improve the flying experience. >> let's turn to the white house for a look at president trump's day ahead. that's where we'll find nbc's kristen welker. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this week we're waiting for votes on two bills, the first, the president has to sign this week to keep the government up and running. the administration strongly pushing back on the idea they didn't get what they wanted in
2:59 am
the five-month spending plan saying there is more money for the military and for school choice even though it doesn't have any money to actually build a border wall and it doesn't defund planned parenthood. the administration hoping they can bring health care to a vote this week, although it's still not clear they have the votes for the plan in its current form. we know later today president trump will present the commander-in-chief trophy to the u.s. air force academy in a ceremony at the white house. >> thank you, kristen for that report. >> the nominations for this year's tony awards will set to be announced, 37 eligible shows to choose from this year. the winners will be unveiled next month. kevin spacey set to host. that does it for us. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts right now. and at a very young age to assume power. obviously he's a pretty smart cookie. >> if it would be appropriate for me to meet with him --
3:00 am
>> [naudible ]. >> i would be honored. >> he wentver this in the interview. he assumed power at a young age when his father passed away and there was a lot of potential threats that could have come his way. he's obviously managed to lead a country forward. >> pre-existing conditions are in the bill, and i mandated. i said has to be. >> crucial questions. it's not going to be left up to the states, everyone gets pre-existing -- >> no, but the states will have a lot to do with it. >> i'm not going to tell you everything in his brief. he's well aware when he speaks with a leader, he gets briefed on what they're doing, what they've done. that's all part of the brief. >> had andrew jackson been a little later, you wouldn't have had the civil war. people don't ask that question. why was there the civil war? why could that one not have been worked out? >> just a taste of the absolutely dizzying 48 hours of talk from


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