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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  May 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bill. >> we are. tom brokaw and michael crow, thank you so much. >> heilemann and hall person and house and meacham have not sent their money in. they say they're in. >> happy friday, everybody. that does it for us this morning. a lot happened this week. i got a fondue maker. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks so much, mika. good morning. i'm stephanie ruhle. and you know this is the kind of day i love. jobs, jobs, jobs. the numbers are out, and they're strong. unemployment now the lowest in ten years. that is a very good number for the president and the economy. we got to talk about the battle, right back into it. republicans taking a health care victory lap. >> let's see how good this plan is. we don't have to talk about this unbelievable victory. was it unbelievable. we don't have to say it again. >> now, of course, it heads to the senate where it is off to a rocky start already. >> the senate will write its own bill. i mean that's the way it works,
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right. plus, going global. the president announces his first foreign trip including a meeting with pope francis, after saying a few things about him like this. >> a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. we begin with that blockbuster jobs report just out a few minutes ago and the president, he's going to really like this number. 4.4% unemployment. hasn't been this low since before the great recession. the april jobs report also showed the u.s. economy added 211,000 jobs that is more than most economists had forecasted and you're in luck, i love talking jobs and we have a great team here this morning to help me break it down. i want to take you first to nbc's cykristen welker out in front of the white house. when we got the jobs number and it was iffy there wasn't a lot of talk about it because we were focussed on syria at the moment. when we look at this number we
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know the white house again is going to be saying it's all about us, this is a big win. what are the highlights. >> that's right. the president campaigned saying that he was going to create more jobs. he was going to be a jobs president. let's take a look at the numbers, stef, as you pointed out, 211,000 jobs added this month. had that is way up from last month, 79,000. february, 232,000 in total since president trump has taken office, 522,000 jobs. the white house will be celebrating this. president trump only tweeting about health care today. i anticipate we will get a few tweets about the job report. the deputy press secretary is going to brief at the white house a little later today. this is certainly going to be at the forefront. president trump is in bedminster at his resort there. i don't anticipate we'll see him on camera but that could change. this is going to underscore the argument he's been making that this -- he is good for the
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economy and good for economic growth and that his policies create jobs. but, of course, economists will argue there are a lot of factors at work here. a lot of them that were put in place under former president obama. the unemployment rate was at 10% when he took office. we've seen this steady decline ever since then. so a lot of questions for the white house today but they're already in celebration mode, stef, because, of course, the house passed that health care bill yesterday. it still has a steep climb it has to go through the senate and then back to the house, but this is an administration that likes the narrative at the end of this week. >> i may have seen cool and the gang and a coors truck when swinging by the white house yesterday. i want to bring my panel in, matt, the chairman of the american conservative union, ron, a democratic analyst who serves as chief of staff to both vice president biden and vice president al gore and brendan is a contributor to the economist. i want to start with you, this jobs number, i mean last month we got a lousy number, and
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people said well, or worse than maybe the white house had expected and they didn't think that number was that valuable. here we are, with a booming number. what does it represent to you? >> i think the top line number is mostly meaningless. here's what i'm looking at. you can't really give credit to this jobs number to president trump or president obama. this is all about janet yellen's slow, steady slide path, her focus on employment over inflation. an economist who focused on employment went to the fed and been doing this for five years now and this is the fruit of that work. so i would lay this success at her feet. the one number that jumped out to me in this jobs report was the unit labor costs. what that is is what businesses pay to make a widget, right. so that's up over the year, over the quarter, 3%. that's a nice healthy number. and businesses have got to be looking at that thinking how do we invest, when do we invest and i think that's what we're going to start seeing very soon. >> matt, you're a trump
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supporter, president trump, this helps sentiment and one of the things he said in those first 100 days, he got optimism and sentiment up. this underscores that and has people excited. when you look at small businesses, whether or not they're making those investments now, getting loans, growing their businesses they're excited about the president and this does help that story? >> it does, except having worked in a white house, this is tricky business, right. you want to hype these numbers when they're good, but when they're bad you want to talk about anything else. the fact is you're right sometimes the numbers will be up and down. let's look at the big picture. donald trump will be in a good political position ifs the economy grows. i think the unemployment rate is less important than the fact that the economy is growing. one more step, it can't just be about the 1%. every day average americans have got to start feeling like they bring more home and have greater economic prospects. >> this is such an important point. we're basically at full employment. the jobs numbers and employment numbers have been improving
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almost 80 separate quarters. if you look at wages we are still so sluggish and it is that bottom tier, people who need to have multiple jobs, who can't make ends meet, when will we start to see that shift in wage growth? >> i think that's one of two things that we're looking at. trends overhe next year. either we will see wage growth, business owners will say we'll pay u more and give you more of the percentage of our profits or they're going to start investing to make every new worker more productive. the one we got last week from the bureau of economic analysis, business investment and it was ticked up. let's look at that again in the next quarter and see if we get another tick up and then we'll know where the story is headed. >> i want to bring in mike viqueira and talk about the republican health care plan, cleared the critical hurdle in the house, but the senate it's not going to be easier. it's going to be a lot harder. we could see dramatic changes to this about ill before all is said and done. mike is on capitol hill. i want to play a bit of what republican senators have said about the bill that just passed.
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now it's in their lap. >> do you like the house bill? >> i haven't paid that much attention. >> now we'll go to work on a senate bill. >> it's a work in progress. more work to do. >> the state will write its own bill. >> is there any chance for an up or down vote in the senate? >> no. zero. i mean no. >> bob corker basically saying thanks, dude, you gave me the hot potato. mike viqueira, what are we going to learn next here. >> that's a story as old as the republic itself and this building i'm standing in here. the house, the senate, one body is acting completely independent of the other. the senate is going to take a god deal of time. as a matter of fact, a republican leadership john cornyn of texas said exactly that yesterday after this vote. you can expect this to take months for the republicans in the senate and the senate as a whole to try to get this to the floor. it's a question of not only when, but if they can do it. they're not going to bring it to the floor republican leaders in the form of mitch mcconnell
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unless they have a majoritity. for folks who may have tuned in yesterday and witnessed the celebration in the rose garden with president trump, and a whole slew of house republicans, they might not realize that obamacare is still the law of the land. and it's got to go over to the senate. it's not likely to look anything like what it looked like coming out of the house the most controversial positions dealing with preexisting conditions, dealing with essential health benefit, dealing with lifting the restrictions on how many premiums are -- the amount of premium, the cost amount of premiums can be charged to older americans between 50 and 64. those are deeply unpopular provisions. the senate is going to work its will, whether or not the two sides can get together over the course of this year and i'm talking about months, still remains to be seen. >> ron, weight your take on all this? >> well the white house had a kegger party yesterday. i'm not sure what they were celebrating. they managed to cut health care. we'll find out next week for how many people, probably 20 million will lose their health care.
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every one of those representatives is going home to a district where 40 to 70,000 of their constituents lost their coverage. for older people their premiums going up. being a woman now is a preexisting condition under this bill. i think they signed themselves up to a world of hurt. democrats lost 60 seats in the congress for giving people, 20 million health care in 2010, i want to see how the republicans do when they take away health care from 20 million in 2018. >> is this celebration premature? i spoke to republican lawmakers who hadn't read it yet. i'm going to take a guess i don't believe the president has read it yet. what could the fallout be? >> i was concerned when i saw them get on the busses and go to the white house. ron said millions of people just lost their health care. it's not law. they did go to the white house i think prematurity. but as the event unfolded the intent was to say okay we haven't done a good job selling what's in it. we need to explain it to the american people. you covered it which is what they needed and they were
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speaking to the american people about what their values were. i love the arrogance of the senate. i know they were all republicans. that's my party. but we don't know what's in it. we're going to write our own bill. guys, there's a house and senate and you both have to come together and come up with a bill. i can see why people watching this are dubious that republicans can get together if they act like they're not talking to each other. >> brendan, aren't republicans in a stuff spot, we're criticizing them for celebrating yesterday, but if they hadn't gotten together and gotten this through, they would be getting more criticism like man, you can't get your house together. so aren't they dammed either way a little bit here no. >> that seemed to be what they were celebrating. i'm not a member of the republican party but they did seem to be celebrating we got it together and figured it out and why we're having the kegger. there was the "hey hey good-bye" from the democrats. i feel like washington was a frat party from 1985 yesterday, which was a little disorienting. >> you don't hang out here often. >> hold on. >> but my point about
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republicans and the senate and in the house, is that this question of reading the bill i don't think it's as important. you have staffers who do that. i want to see the cbo score. i'm not worried they didn't read it. i'm worried with they didn't get it scored. we don't know the cost or a guess as to who will lose insurance. >> ron. >> we know a lot of people will lose insurance and we know that the earlier version of this bill which in some ways was more generous to people had a 17% approval rating. it's not so much whether or not they got it together. what they got together was passing a bill that won't pass the senate and will be a huge political liability for them in 2018. >> whether or not -- >> hold on. whether or not everyone read it or not there is this concern or disconnect between what paul ryan wants and what president trump's voters wanted. i want to share president trump sitting with the p.m. of australia talking about health care and bernie sanders' response. >> we have a failing health care. i shouldn't say this to a great
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gentleman and my friend from australia because you have better health care than we do. >> they have universal health care. i thought you would -- >> oh, okay. wait a minute, chris. all right. the president has just said it. let us move to a medicare for all system that does what every other major country on earth does, guarantee health care to all people at a fraction of the cost per capita that we spend. thank you, mr. president. we'll quote you on the floor of the senate. >> being a sassy pants but in all sincerity they have a better health care system than we do, they have universal health care. do you know what you just signed and what we just approved? >> president trump way too often is way too polite to world leaders. another case where -- >> politeness. you know president trump, you're too polite. >> let's go to the -- >> he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> let's go to what you're talking about. the fact is this, you want a cbo score fair point. we've had two and we had this question about the cbo's
6:13 am
accura accuracy even on obamacare. people like me lost their care. they had to get a policy twice as expensive. two important ones i had to get services i didn't want or need. number two, let's face it, i was paying for a bunch of people, right, who didn't have health insurance before. it's a simple thing. on this plan the people who won't have health insurance by and large are people who aren't mandated or forced to buy it. guess what, we believe that in america. it's okay to have freedom. you're allowed to live your life and smoke if you want, i don't think you should. you don't want to purchase health insurance it's your right. i think you should. it's your right. it was working class people this country who voted for donald trump who thought obamacare was failing. that's why he's in the white house. >> hold on. brendan? >> let me jump in on costs which is you talk about having to buy a bunch of services you don't want or need. fair point. all these other countries we're talking about they have different systems but one thing they have that we don't is some way of controlling medical costs. all of this -- >> reform. >> all that bill does and all
6:14 am
that bill does is control insurance costs and offering. doesn't control health care costs. when will republicans address that? >> final point. >> you cannot bring premiums down by taking a trillion dollars out of the system and giving it to tax breaks to the top 1%. that is not going to lower anyone's health care insurance in the united states. >> i said final point. we've got to take a chommercial >> i'm chomping at the bit. >> you're here another 45 minutes. i'm glad my takeaway, president trump you're just too darn polite. mike viqueira and kristen welker, thank you. you three not going anywhere. did yesterday's vote solve the confusion surrounding the future of health care in this country, clearly not. we can't figure it out here. we're going to speak with the ceo of a major health care company about how the industry is responding to this new legislation. but first, many members of the house reportedly voted on a health care bill, we mentioned this, without knowing exactly what was in it and seth meyers couldn't help but see a
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you're watching msnbc. house republicans are savoring a win following a passage of their health care bill, much of the health care industry is less than thrilled.
6:19 am
jonathan bush is chairman and ceo of the health care company athena health. good morning. you're a leader in the industry, please, boil this for us. >> god bless you for saying so. >> will more or less afford coverage? >> definitely the intent of the bill is to allow more market forces to work. there are very few market forces that work in health care. definitely if you can choose to not adopt -- you can choose a less expensive plan that forces the people that sell the expensive stuff to come down to get you with lower prices. the flip side if you don't cross subsidize people in the short term while there is no market competition, it's going to hurt. the problem is when do you get started? there is no market in health care or platform. even athena health, which is 12% of doctors, there's no on-line place where you can get connect medical records, referrals, doctors, can't see what's going on as a doctor or patient. you need those fundamental things before you talk about
6:20 am
moving the -- who gets cross subsidized by what 5%, what $8 billion will cover the people that fall out. that's a tempest in the tea pot against a larger issue that none of us feel a lot of power or connection to the system. >> we understand the intent. take me to reality, do you believe -- what do you believe is going to happen here? you're in the industry and have to make these predictions. >> i have to make these predictions. i think everybody will get on athenanet -- >> stop. let's go. >> i believe if we get through the current sort of kerfuffle and settle down, it's inevitable regardless of which slice of safety net level we choose, as long as we don't give up on the whole thing and go all medicare or something whacky, we will continue to move on. people are moving on-line. doctors are choosing -- hospital are draining, 38% of the beds are empty now. there is momentum already. >> more or less people will have
6:21 am
access to affordable insurance? >> well, there's no question if you take away other people paying for your insurance it gets more expensive. the cbo said that 14 million of the people who would drop out would drop out because they're only in because they will be fined if they're in. yeah, if they don't want the product and you don't fine them for bailing you will see an initial balloon of people bailing. the question is, can you then on the other side, and i do think there will be some down pressure on the price of health care. we're seeing it. i don't know if it's through, you know, wisdom and markets or just a little bit of contraction and wait a minute, i don't know what's going to go on here, but you've seen a reduction? visits to the doctor on a per doctor basis q1 of '16 to '17. people are getting a little more cost conscious with the way they use health care right now. >> when you look at that list of preexisting conditions, and people who are so worried they're not going to be able to afford their own health care, what do you make of that list?
6:22 am
>> well, obviously, if you want to preserve a social safety net program you're going to make it very personal stories, this is jenny's story, joe's story, a bill called jenny's bill which never again will we let anyone die for lack of a brain transplant. that's, of course, you know, bringing the personal risk, the personal challenge of something that is such a public good like health care, and people should do that, on the flip side, you have your guy that says everyday joe is forced to buy things he doesn't want and can't afford at prices he would rather not participate and he's being told he's not allowed to bail out. both are legitimate and sort of moving points of view and we're really kind of split as a nation right down the middle. either way, everybody on both sides would like to be able to see what they're getting, not redo tests, not not understand what tests are for, be able to change doctors without losing their whole chart. these are the things that aren't being addressed in any of these bills that i think are much more
6:23 am
galvanizing where we really are as a country right now. >> well you're talking about long-term technological investment, president trump and so many others have said and you can see it, it's been very difficult for insurance companies to stay working within obamacare. take a listen. >> the insurance companies are fleeing. it's been a catastrophe. it's obvious it's failing. it's dead. it's essentially dead. if we don't pay lots of ransom money over to the insurance companies it would die immediately. >> ransom money. is obamacare dead? >> all i can see is paul ryan trying not to snicker in hyperbole behind him. i couldn't pay attention to the great orange leader. >> hold on. wait wait. you're smiling and laughing, but you're saying the great orange leader and this is life or death. this is health care. what is going to happen here? even things you're saying, we need, you know, these technological advance-points
6:24 am
people should know where their charts are. let's get real, for people out there who are scared, scared, what does this mean? >> for 95% of your viewers, the law doesn't change much. right. for 95%. 55% of americans are on employer based health insurance. then another 25% on medicare and m medicaid that aren't changed. some went from employer based to medicaid to obamacare that was unfortunate, but by and large this doesn't affect any of us. this is about the edges of our social safety net which is critically important. we're a caring nation. >> it does. if there are certain levels and if i'm a small business owner and i look and say it's going to cost me more to hire her because she might have a baby, it's going to cost me more to hire him because he's almost 70, isn't that going to affect everyday americans? >> well, that's true today. it's been true forever, you know. anybody who's foolish enough to
6:25 am
miss out on a woman because she's going to have a baby, in their work place is going to have a crappy company. nothing about this law changes that by much other than hairs. >> johnny, there's nothing appropriate about cursing at 9:00 until morning on television either. i'm going to apologize on your behalf. >> oops. >> tell me what does this mean for your business before we go? >> in general, contractions of visits to the doctor hurts athena a little bit because we are a percentage of the network of what doctors and hospitals on athena net do. by and large, the need to cut costs and hunker down gets new doctors on to the network, new hospitals on to the network, so we think while each individual practice and hospital on the system is going to be under pressure there will be many more hospitals and doctors on our network as a result of the natural pressure on the health care system to get cheaper regardless of what happens with this bill. >> all right. jonathan bush, thank you so much for joining me this morning. and to our audience apologies
6:26 am
again, no cursing allowed. we're moments from the market opening going to find out what the market thinks of the strong jobs report and the one key job sector that affects all of us that we're not talking about. we have to take a look it's not just jobs day, it is cinco de mayo. last year president trump was enjoying, quote, the best taco bowl that was made at trump tower grill in honor of cinco de mayo. he noted his love for hispanic communities. that one was harder to swallow than maybe that tortilla. i wonder what he will be eating or tweeting today. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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welcome back. it is time for your morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day. we begin with president trump's first trip back home to new york city. hundreds of new yorkers took to the streets on thursday protesting his arrival. many lined up across from the "uss entry pid sea air and pace museum" where trump met with prime minister turnbull saying they got along great and recalling reports of a tense phone call in january a big exaggeration. a u.s. defense official says one service member was killed in action and two wounded in action
6:31 am
in an exchange of gunfire thursday in somalia. russia, iran and turkey signed an agreement thursday setting up four safe zones in syria in the latest effort to resolve the country's six-year conflict. u.s. officials responded with caution about the chances of success of that deal. uber is under criminal investigation this morning for use of secret software that allows drivers to identify and avoid government officials in areas where the service was banned or restricted. take a look at this amazing catch from last night's mets game. a braves fan managed to catch jay bruce's fourth inning home run ball in one hand without spilling his beer with the other. that's extraordinary. i'm going to say the wizards game was extraordinary. nice win last night, guys. my favorite part of the show, talk money, power, politics. happening right now at this moment, the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. amid new jobs numbers this morning the latest jobs report
6:32 am
shows the u.s. economy added 211,000 jobs in april, dropping the unemployment rate to 4.4%. that is the lowest level in a decade. we've been talking about it all morning. brendan, i want to start with you, that is a great number, but there's another number i want to focus on. the u.s. added just about 6300 jobs in the retail sector. that is essentially unchafkds after months of losses losses, losses. do we need to focus more on the new retail worker? malls are closing across the country? >> let's talk service work in general. we have 12 million manufacturing jobs in the u.s. we have 125 million service jobs. it doesn't have to be retail. retail is one industry, however, that is not following the glide path of the rest of employment. we're seeing these numbers that have been going up the last four years. retail has ha economists call structural challenges, not cyclical. they have a long-term problem
6:33 am
and that is as we all know is called amazon. so there's no real good way for a president or the fed or congress to fix a structural problem. the problem is somebody has come up with a more efficient way to do their job. >> not just amazon but the asymmetrical tax treatment of sales taxes you can go on-line and avoid paying sales taxes having a big impact. second thing when we talk about tax on our side and the republican side that's a big hit for retail as well. retail has got to get a better footing in the tax game or they will be in big trouble. >> if we were faced with that border adjustment tax it would be worse. i want to pull up this graphic to that point in the service industry. you look at jc penney, arby's, and dollar general, that's what we pulled up, they employ more people than the entire coal industry. so one of these structural issues, no one wanted to talk about the fact that as these industries are shifting so much there isn't a clear solution. >> i think this is going to be a big problem for president trump.
6:34 am
people work at arby's than the coal industry and you see broad swaths in retail. the things matt cited. but automation, go to a grocery store or a theater, it's a robot checking you out instead of a person. shipping on the internet. i think this is a big trend. we've seen huge job losses in retail and politically for a second, you know, these are largely trump voters. a lot of them are people who are dissatisfied with the economy, frankly dissatisfied with the jobs they have, they voted for president trump. they're going to be more dissatisfied when they lose those jobs. >> this could end up being a real problem for the president because he did say over and over, i'm going to solve this for you and in the short term it is an unsolvable problem. >> i don't think we're going to kill the in-person experience. this happened to books, right. amazon hit books first. what we saw was that borders disappeared, barnes & noble disappeared. but we've had a resurgence of small book stores. big box retail. it's where all the jobs went but those jobs were somewhere else
6:35 am
30 years ago and it's entirely possible, particularly given the experiments that the big box retailers are making with smaller, more local, downtown shops, that those jobs will turn into something else. >> we have to note as those jobs are shifting from being jobs in stores and in restaurants, when they become tech jobs, they are no longer counted. when the government, when they actually count these jobs and they move to being on-line jobs they're not counted in the same way anymore. you have to factor that in. >> this is why it gets down to what does the individual in the middle class feel their economic prospects are if they don't continue to improve it's big trouble for the republicans. >> they do need to improve but that individual american wants to shop at amazon. he or her are not willing to say i want to do buy american and pay more. they can't. >> everybody deal with the same taxes and regulations as america. >> then that would be an absolute flat tax. as long as -- >> no. what i'm saying is this, which is, the tax treatment when you buy a mug, should be the same
6:36 am
whether you buy it on-line or go into a store. and that's where we're -- when we give carve outs in the tax codes you pick winners and losers. >> that proposal -- >> hold on. >> that is blocked in congress by the republicans so let's start there. more importantly -- >> they're always attacking people. >> it's true. i think the other issue here is that, you know, in a lot of these communities these retail jobs are going away and they are being row placed by start-up smaller businesses and that's a part of the economy. president trump has had a blind spot to it. he likes to meet with the big company ceos and big companies and have them at the table. >> he may. but you can't argue small business sentiment since president trump was elected is booming so he may not -- >> sentiment may be booming but policy isn't. he had no more to do -- >> that's not true. it is -- >> with the jobs report in may than he had with turning the calendar. his budget hasn't passed his tax hasn't passed. >> the fact that he has made a promise to deregulate, it's regulation, that is one of the reasons these people are that
6:37 am
enthusiastic. >> i don't think there's any evidence of that. >> there's a lot of evidence. >> the one thing he did right during the campaign he talked about the quality of jobs and not just the exindianapolis of jobs. that's -- existence jobs. 4.4%. what people care about is, can i get 40 hours. what is my wage. can i skeds mile job around my -- schedule my job around my child care. that's something we're still waiting to improve. >> we have to take a break. next president trump's health care bill is not a law yet. it's going to face the next hurdle as it heads to the senate. i will speak to a democratic senator. ed markey. does he think it's going to pass? former president obama jumping back into the political ring sort of, this time in france's election. he endorsed french candidate emmanuel macron in his election with marine le pen this sunday. >> i have admired the campaign that emmanuel macron has run. he has stood up for liberal values and put forward a vision for the important role that france plays in europe and around the world.
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6:42 am
through the senate and there's so much spirit there. >> i can't stop looking at paul ryan when i look at that. all right. that, of course, was donald trump and house republicans celebrating the passage of the house's health care legislation and now that legislation heads to the senate where it is already being met with opposition from both sides of the aisle. i want to bring in senator ed markey, a democrat from the state of massachusetts. senator, what do you think the odds are of a similar version of this house bill passing through the senate? >> absolutely zero chance of that bill ever becoming law. zero chance. dead on arrival. over in the senate. it guts medicaid, takes $830 billion in medicaid funding for grandma who's in a nursing home with alzheimer's or parkinson's, for people who need opioid treatment, for the disabled, for
6:43 am
poor children, and takes that money and gives it as a tax break to the wealthiest 1% in our country. dead on arrival in the united states senate. no chance at all. >> okay. if it has no chance at all, and we're seeing things get more and more difficult, especially in some states where you're seeing, you know, aetna drop out, other states where they only have one insurance option, what's going to happen in the near term? if you're saying this future bill already has to be gutted, given where we are right now, what's going to happen? >> well, obamacare is working in most of america. it's working in massachusetts. we have 98% coverage. it's working in state after state. we have to work to try to make obamacare work better so that more young people are in the system so that we can -- so that we can control costs and increase competition. that's achievable. we've done it in most of the states that have obamacare right now. what they're doing is they're
6:44 am
still trying to fulfill their ancient animosity towards providing health care for people who need it in our country, and this is just a way for them to defund the medicaid system in our country. and so right now, to a certain extent, the republicans are like searching for a unicorn. what can make the far right wing freedom caucus in the house happy, while at the same time, making moderate republicans in the senate happy. good luck in finding that political unicorn. i do not thing that it is possible. >> all right. how about the animosity those republicans have for democrats? do they need democratic support in the senate to get this bill through? >> i think that they are going to try to do it on a partisan basis first, see what they can do as republicans, but i think they have a problem because they have their own faction of the
6:45 am
freedom caucus which is in the senate who will want to gut obamacare and then there are going to be moderate republicans who are going to want to find ways of making this bill better because their states have already expanded on this -- on obamacare, and i just don't think that it is possible and so the only solution is, to ultimately try work with democrats to make obamacare work better, but that makes it impossible to ever get a bill passed through the house of representatives. so it's an unsolvable conundrum to a larger extent republican party because they are like the hatfields and mccoys at each other trying to find a way to put together something that can become a law and i don't see a formula for them to be able to do it. >> well they were, but one of the things they're celebrating is that they got this through. they're working together. i want to play a bit of a video that has gotten attention on
6:46 am
social media from a constituent of yours, ben jackson, he posted this on twitter. >> for the past 101 days i have been with my daughter maem jackson. she will be the victory of the gop health care attack on obamacare. she will pay for this foley. we need you, please do not allow it to happen. please don't let them destroy her future for money. >> i know it's a really contentious time in government but what is your response to them? what are democrats going to do, can you do, to stop this health care legislation? people in your state are asking for your help, can you help them? >> yes. we are going to block this radical right wing attempt to kill obamacare because what they are really trying to do is fulfill their promise to their wealthiest contributors, to have all of this money maltsly be -- ultimately be taken away from people who need it, the poor,
6:47 am
the middle class, people in senior citizens -- people who are in nursing homes, poor children, and then transferring it as a tax break to the wealthiest 1%. you just had a jobs report. you just had a big discussion about how the wealthy are getting wealthier in our country and how the stock market is booming. those are the wealthy people. they don't need a tax break right now. at the expense of the poorest people, the seniors in our country? that's immoral. it's just wrong. and so for that father and for every person out there, you should know, we are going to fight as hard as is humanly possible to ensure that this historic injustice never becomes a law in our country because those poor people should not have to be the piggy bank for donald trump to provide a tax break for the wealthiest people in our society. >> all right. senator, thank you so much for your service. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you.
6:48 am
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my first foreign trip as president of the united states will be to saudi arabia, then israel and then to a place that my cardinals love very much, rome. >> president trump yesterday announcing he'll take his first foreign trip at the end of the month. the trip ends with a pair of high stakes meetings. nato on may 25th in brussels and the g 7 summit in sicily the following day. i want to bring back my panel. i want too talk about the places he's arabia. president trump has a goal here of saying this isn't just going to be i'm a statesman shaking hands, kissing babies, we're going to get business done. is any business going to get done here? >> actually what happens when
6:53 am
foreign leaders come in america, certainly european leaders, they bring their ceos with them and the companies based in their countries and aadvocate for those companies aggressive low pressurely. what we've seen too many times with the american presidents, we think that's a little toddy to push or own companies. with president trump, what you're going to see is he's going to push these guys to accept the investment from these companies. >> i want to share with you president trump in an exchange yesterday with the australian pm. these are difficult conversation. they're testy. take a look. >> you know, they said we had a rough phone call. we really didn't have a rough phone call, did we? everyone is talk about the phone call. the media is saying what did you think about the phone call. you didn't really hang up. no. we had a very nice call. good. now the record is straight. all of those people back there. thank goodness. it's true. we had a very nice -- got a little testy, a little testy but
6:54 am
that's okay. >> what's your take on this. some are saying oh my goodness he's going to see the pope. they've had difficult times. >> president trump talks tough, you know, tone phone or wherever but then in face to face he's a softy. and you know kind of gets rolled. so i suspect that he'll have perfectly lovely meetings. i think business will get done in saudi arabia. business for the trump organization, business for the trump family? is that -- >> come on. >> you can't say come on. >> ivanka trump sold her book this week on the state department twitter account. he's at a trump property for 30th day of president of 100 days. >> you can't say that self dealing hasn't been welcome in the white house? >> why did he hire all of your democratic lawyers friends to do the ethics scrubs on these deals and who is he going overseas with. you can't deny that what he's
6:55 am
doing, he's an advocate for american-based businesses. >> okay. he is an advocate for american-based businessings. he's also an advocate for trump businesses. brandon. >> we're talking about the business impatilications of thi trip. presidents when they go abroad, particularly at the beginning of their terms, that's when they choose what they want to signify. after that it's driven by events. in the first six months you determine you choose who you're going to see side. it's interesting this is the signal he's going to send to the world, he's going to saudi arabia and israel. that's a pointed jab at the last administration. >> we're going the take a break. you're watching msnbc. quick commercial break. it's time for business. commercials. kevin kevin kevin kevin
6:56 am
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what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that was certainly a good time. it wraps us up for the hour. you can find me anytime on twitter. i'm going to send you over to chris jansing. >> thank you so much. hello, everyone. what a week it's been in washington and it's not over yet. so we've got the new jobs report this morning, but right now, of course it's the battle over health care that' barrelling into the senate. the house passing its plan by the slimmest of margins and that was the easy part. some senate republicans saying they hate this house bill so much they're going to write their own legislation. the message from the house, good
7:00 am
luck. >> their focus needs to be the same and that is lowering premiums, rescuing families from the failures of obamacare and we gave them that opportunity. good luck to them. well president trump using the vote to take some public victory lapse. this morning how that taste of victory is turning bitter for some republicans. and what about the democrats? they're on the attack gearing up for a fight. warning republicans that it will be repealed and replaced come election day. let's begin our coverage this friday with mike on capitol hill, kelly o'donnell is in new jersey with the president. mike, to you first. big vote, then everybody gets out of town. when the lawmakers go home, what kind of reception are they going to get over this and what is it looking like for the senate? >> reporter: that's a great question. we skau the town hall the last time the house was going to take up the bill, the


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