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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 25, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> a missed opportunity? at president trump's first nato summit, he lectures the veteran leaders about paying more of the costs. >> 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they're supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. >> and intel, the white house promises to crack down on leaks after the brits call out the bombing investigation. >> i will be speaking to him that the intelligenc shared between law enforcement agencies must remain secure. >> i'm andrea membershiple in new york. president trump in brussels
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delivering a public shaming to the veteran leader there is about nato funding. >> 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying, and what they're supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. and many of these nations yoe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years. we should recognize that with these colonic under payments, and growing threats, even 2% of gdp is insuperintendent to close the gaps in modernizing readiness and the size of forces. >> kelly o'donnell is covering the president in brussels. this was, by all accounts, watching it, painful to watch, his debut at nato and they were
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really angry. >> yes, and secretary tillerson previewed this saying the president would be tough, but many expected him to come here and embrace nato and acknowledge the decade long bond. the berlin wall and 9/11 is part of what binds these countries together. it was striking that he did not overtly embrace that article five. advisors say his mere presence here says that he supports nato and would support article five, but people were expecting something more, also note able is when we were in saudi arabia, yet here, in this setting, president trump really scolded the nations that have not paid the part that they agreed to and
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he is trying to leverage change. he wants more focus on the mission of isis and going after terrorists. but also just a frustrate american president saying the u.s. does not shoulder as much as it does. en a slam saying it is a beautiful building, but i won't ask how much it costs, implicit in that. some of the other stops we have seen on the foreign trip, bringing a get-tough style of nato. the side shots of other leaders. there was a lot of facial exproegss from other leaders, i'm cure yoes to know know what they were saying to each other. when he came to washington, he
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elected her. she made it very clear that as far as she is concerned germany does a lot that is not counted by the u.s. also what is so off putting here is he was standing in front of a sculpture that was donated to nato, part of the twisted steel, saying the only time that they invoked article 5 was after 9/11, coming to the defense of the united states. that made it even more awkward. i want to also talk about one aspect of the top in roam. it was very notable to people in the traveling press corp, but a very religious and devout katic in the presidential staff was one of the only high ranking
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people excluded from meeting the poem and that is sean spicer. it seemed like pettiness on behalf of the white house planners. >> we understand it was the president's vision he wantedo cus on. he would not publicly say he was disappointed to not be included in that. after observing someone, that would not be, but personal meaning for sean spicer, that was noted. they also offered a moment of silence for the manchester victims here. but the new memorial, also acknowledging manchester, there was so many different tones that played out here that some of it was uncomfortable in this setting, andrea? >> you're right about him playing to the home crowd, a
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campaign speech, not a lip lowmatlow m -- diplomatic speak. not the center of the universe for the reason we all expect, at his last campaign event on wednesday night, the republican candidate, tech millionai millionaire, greg forte allegedly attacked a guardian reporter ben jacobs. jacobs and a witness from fox news said all he did was ask the candidate about the cbo score on the health care bill. here is the audio recording. >> the cbo score, cause you were waiting to make your decision about health care until you saw the bill and it just came out. >> we'll talk to you about that later.
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>> yeah, but there's not going to be time. i'm sick and tired of you guys, the last guy that came here did the same thing. get the hell out of here. get out of here. the last guy did the same thing. are you with the guardian? >> yes, and you just broke my glasses. >> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> get the hell out of here. >> you'd like me to get the hell out of here and i would like to call the police. can i get your names? >> you have to leave? >> he just body slammed me. >> and he did call the police and they did cite the candidate. the team says that the reporter was the aggressor pushing a microphone into the candidate's face. here is a fox news correspondent's eyewitness account backing jay korcobs. >> i was standing about two feet
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away. there was a table between us, but i saw the whole thing. he crabbed hgrabbed him by the y slammed him, got on him, started punching and yelling at him. >> yea cobs spoke to our own chris hays immediately afterward. >> i am pretty sure he was on top of me hitting for a second and then screams at me to get the hell out. and his staffer comes in and it was very strange and mortifying. i'm use thd to -- i don't mind being blown off by politicians, and i'm always terribly uncomfortable bein part of a story, and now it see like that became the story. >> msnbc contributor jonathan
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kapark. and alex levinson. alexa, you were just outside of the door. what did you hear? it was at a campaign stop. and i heard a big crash, i saw feet fly up, and everyone heard it and we heard angry loud yelling from john forte. >> from what you saw, you saw jacobs go down, or part of jacobs go down, feet flying in the air? i saw his feet flying in the air. >> what was the reaction after all of this motion. >> everyone heard it, everyone
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stopped and stared, and every stood there not knowing what to do and awkward chalting ensued. >>. >> you were standing alongside the democratic contender. some three hours away in the part of the state. you raced to get there for the after math, what is happening there? >> people have been flabbergasted by this. they're reading it on the newspaper, seeing it on local television. it is tough to tell what the political impact of this will be. this is an 85-day special election. the most expensive in montana history. $17 million has been pumped into the race, every available commercial break is being jam packed full of ads for these candidates and he ran for governor in 2016. he was already well phone as a political candidate around the
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state. all of this is to say that a lot of people in montana made up their minds in this race. 60% to 70% already vehicle coded. those that. >> paul ryan just spoke moments ago on capitol hill, let's play that. >> physical alter cases -- thca. there is never a time where a physical altercation should occur between the press or human beings, should the gentleman apologize? yeah, i think he should, the people of the state of montana will decide today. >> if hi wins, he will be chosen among the people of montana.
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>> all three newspapers in montana from withdrawn their endorsements. what is the word today, a lot of my colleagues worked alongside this report. they say she very even tempered person, there was nothing that ben jacobs did to elicit this kind of response, but there is is a lot of press generated by the colleges and they faced blow back from that, that is an extension of that, is it not? >> obviously while donald trump pointed at people, pointed at reporters like me, and those who were covering here, no one was
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ever assaulted by him. so he has a personal responsibility, even if he is angry at the press, not to body slam somebody. i think that is taking it to a different and new level that even donald trump has not take tennessee to. there is so much at the edge of it, so many rallies that i went to where you could see that people, that were very angry, it almost got physical, or people were shoving or pushing reporters telling them to stay in the pen or get away from them. i think in that regard, there is an escalation of that regard, we have seen the press be vilified and ster you typed, and now he is taking it to a different level, and i don't think that ben did anything to deserve that. he was not screaming at him, he didn't yell at him, he asked a question that someone running for congress should answer. >> and the very fact that donald
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trump called the press the enmy of the people does take it to a new level. there is also a new event, a previous event, hosted by the advancing conservatism society. and they said our biggest enmy is the news media, and he pointed at a reporter and said there is someone right here, seems like there are more of us than there are of him. jonathan, take a 30,000 look at all of this and where we are in our democracy right now. >> that quote is rather menacing. and when you add that to when they pointedut in ter of the trump presidential campaign and his -- yelling at reporters, getting the crowd to turn around and yell obscenities at reporters, it adds to the sense that we have a government where -- let me put it this way,
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the constitution only protects one profession in the entire sacred document. that is the freedom of the press. there should be a respect among the press and the people the press colors. that means the president, the government, anyone that wants the public trust to serve in the house or the senate. when you have someone running for the house that puts his hands on a reporter, and we heard with our very own ears, physically assault that reporter, there needs to be consequences. if he quinns this special election tonight, i think it is incumbent on house speaker paul ryan to show that kind of behavior is unacceptable. he can't kick him out of congress, but he can give him a terrible office, don't give him the kpee assignments million really wants. people on the hill, people in
9:16 am
america, and those that support this kind of thing need to understand this is unacceptable. >> there is ethics implicationm. there are things within the sphere of the speakers office they can do. i wanted to play a calm that was beginning to play in the last closing days. >> you have to get to the polls tomorrow to vote for my friend, republican greg gianforte for congress. he is a wonderful guy. he will win for you and the people of montana are going to be happy. >> and it remains to be scene, you're out there, watching the voting as we say, as many as i have read as 72% of montanans gotten early. there are big distances so it
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remains to be seen if people will come out and those that know about this express their views, but some may find it appealing that he beat up a reporter, allegedly. >> i heard some of that last night. i was talking to a woman when we stopped to get gas, and i was describing to her what happened, and she said that's my kind of candidate. it is worth pointing out you mentioned the other event where he talked about the media, other national republicans have known that he is prickly with the media, and he is not great in big rooms with people. they have run this as an air campaign from 30,000 feet, spending a ton of money and they have not wanted him to have these interactions. the tempered or have an awkward
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interaction probably didn't catch too many people by surprise. >> the president recorded that ro call without having any idea of this happening. they want to win this seat, and the rest we'll have to see, but he has channelled interviews today including one with our own chuck todd. thank you to all of you for joining me. as we are speaking, president trump is at a working dinner with allies in brussels. we'll monitor that and bring you any news. coming up, the russia connection. american spies picked up last summer. talking about how to exert influence on the trump campaign. did they accomplish that? ron wyden joining me here coming up flexion a senate finance
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we have breaking news, joe lieberman has taken himself out of the running for fbi director. our colleague nicole wallace reports exclusively, with your collection of marc kasowitz, i believe it would be better to
9:23 am
avoid any appearance of controversy. joe lieberman will be on deadline today at 4:00 with nicole for that interview. there was a lot of opposition to joe lieberman from democrats that surprised the white house. joining me now is ron widen, he also serves on the select committee. i thought, i think that this would be a popular choice because he was such a popular senator, but i think they failed to recognize that in the 08 campaign he took a different course, and president obama was so close with john mccain and that made him popular but not with fellow democrats. >> there may be more to the story. i think a lot of senators felt that at this extraordinarily
9:24 am
important time, it was critical to have common in this position that did not have a political background. i heard that from senator after senator after senator, and i will also say on a personal level, i heard what you mentioned about joe lieberman, always focused on ethics issues and it seems to me that he took ims out of the running today because of his aconcern about the ethical appearances. >> and going on to the other aspects of this continuously unfolding story, the new yo"new times" that they talked about how to influence trump through aides, citing paul manifort. >> i can't get into classified manners, but if you believe the press reports, the shoes just keep dropping one after another,
9:25 am
and it is my understanding that the president hired lawyers to deal with it. as far as i can tell, they will have a loss et full of shoes to deal with. in termsf the intelligence committee, i feel it is very important to enforce the spn on mike flin. so, at this point, i'm going to continue to focus on making sure that we can get open hearings, number one, following the money, number two, a treasury appointment to get more communities, and you have to follow the trail of the dead bodies. >> and we should quickly point out that the president has every right to have an attorney, and the white house council has a different job and that job is to protect the office of the presidency, not the president
9:26 am
himself in any legal matters. the other thing is that the washington post is saying there is a fake document that may well have influenced james comey in deciding to go puck lib with that very strong criticism because it suggested that the attorney general loretta lynch was compromised by democrats and he wanted to uphold the integrity of the investigation. so he went ahead with that unusual and criticized indictment of her. what do you think of that? >> again, because this goes to the dip rations and the committee, i can't comment on the specifics, but for a number of years now, there has been bipartisan concern about the e
9:27 am
creative approaches, we put it in an intelligence authorization bill. oi did tell you it was a longstanding concern on the committee. >> we hope you watch as well for that exclusive interview with former senator joe lieberman. coming up next, teresa pais says she will confront the president today over intelligence leaks. will that put a strain on that special relationship? stay right here and find out only on msnbc.
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we have a special relationship with the usa. it is our deepest defense and security partnership that we have and that partnership is built on trust and part of that trust is knowing intelligence can be shared confidently. and i will be making clear to president trump today that the
9:32 am
intelligence shared between law enforcement agencies must remain secure. >> teresa may not happy that the suspect in manchester leaked through intelligence chairs before it was announced in manchester. joining me now is nick burns, from the harvard kennedy. they have a green. and at the memorial, he criticized the extravagant new building and criticized the other leaders for not paying their fair share, is that diplomatic or false step?
9:33 am
>> not diplomatic and a major miscalculation. this was a solemn ceremony to mark 9/11 and to mark the manchester bombings, the fall of the berlin wall, surely he is right to suggest that the nato allies have to pay more for their defense, but this was the wrong place and the wrong time. the european leaders need an embrace from the united states. they need to know that we will support the containment of russian power in eastern europe, and that we will support them in a time of need and they did not hear that. and he is the first president not to reafirm that pledge, and finally i would say i was an american ambassador, i mem the support for us when we invoked
9:34 am
it for the first time. for president trump not to acknowledge that this morning was just plain wrong, and he really has to step up to be leader of the west because he is not showing it right now. >> all of these years later, the germans are still there, they suffered deshl losses, and it is really strange to see him take this tack. he could have raised that issue at dinner, and brief reporters so they would know that he brought this up, i also want to show you both a pick picture, the president pushing aside the leader of montenegro, that is
9:35 am
quite a moment, jake? >> well, the big winner today is vladimir putin. he didn't want trump to reassure our nato allies that we would be there for them in the case they they were invaded by or interfeared with by russia. instead of reassuring them, telling them that america's word is good, that an attack on one is an attack on all, he was totally silent on the issue. the person cheering today for that is vladimir putin. the guy that trump pushed aside looks to be the prime minister of montenegro. he is putting himself before allies interest and america's interest, and i think the net result of what we have seen today is a loss of american l , leadership, and a big victory
9:36 am
for russia and vladimir putin. >> i also want to ask you about the intelligence leak issue. they made it clear they are not happy at gshq about the leaks that were almost instantaneous. they have pictures of some of the results, the evidence that had not been released in the u.k. not happy about that, and also there was two instances where the president first to lavrov. that in a conversation, when he called the philippine president, he disclosed a classified fact, the location of two nuclear submarines off of the coast of north korea. >> we're seeing sloppiness on all sides. i think he was right to denounce
9:37 am
the leak, but as you point out, the president, i thought acted disgracefully, he posted that he fired the fbi director jim comey and the issue of russia is not going away. what the europeans wanted to hear is that the united states will defend yur. so all of these issues are tied together and the scandal here at home, about the trump administration not wishing to pursue the investigation on russia, both collusion, but the fact that russia interfered with our election, the president needs to stand up for the american people on this issue. he didn't stand up for the europeans today. it is puzzling to me why he is
9:38 am
so infatuated with president putin, why he fails to krit side president putin in any meaningful way. >> finally, worked with the disclotures -- disclosures that loretta lynch may have lead to jim comey criticizing clinton so strongly that was a turning point by all counts. >> it is a transparent right wing fefer dream. they are putting together some e-mail and this on it face is
9:39 am
silly. that they used it as justification for director comy, it is a sca thought and very serious. at the end of the day, anyone, any person that looks at that can see what a ruse it was. it adds another twist to an already very twisted tale. >> thank you to both of you. thanks very much. >> coming up next, political smack down, will the republican party distance themselves from greg gianforte after pouring millions of dollars into the race? that is next right here. if you have medicare
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...or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. just managing your symptoms? ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. put your big boy pants on. you want to come to washington and play here with the washington press corp, are you kidding me? this is your reaction? >> that was michael steele with an e. we turn to another michael steel. the former advisor to jeb bucsh. an attack on a reporter, as well as the audio telling the tale. there is no place for violence in our political system. there is a campaign and frankly
9:44 am
given the special responsibility, there is should be a higher standard of protection, and it is less acceptable behavior. >> they are tweeting that greg gianforte needs to apologize. >> at what point are republicans coming out today to distance themselves from a candidate they endorsed that beat up a reporter? at what point does our party say enough? i want to hear the republicans salespeople out against it and say this is not acceptable and we don't want his vote here. we want no part of this guy. >> michael, but paul ryan while
9:45 am
criticizing his behavior saying if he is elected, he will be seated. >> let's look at it this way, it is absolutely appropriate for the candidate to apologize to ben, it is appropriate for law enforcement to respond and they have. i think it is appropriate for him to seek anger management. at the same time, if elected, he will be the choice of the people of montana and the speaker has to respect that. >> but joe scarborough's point is that he doesn't deserve to be a congressman in the united states congress. >> we have to respect democracy and that joyce, an apology an whatever they want that is appropriate seems responsible here. they are not making that choice.
9:46 am
>> exactly and that is one of the questions we have when we talk about early voting, it is a convenience but it makes it impossible to take into ukt for the reservations. >> everyone else is runling for the hills, especially gianforte. thank you very much, we will be following the vote late respondent, what is old is new again. 23 years ago, the key vote in getting president clinton vote passed. he joins us next. it is time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. the starter of city winery has
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. . in 1993 another major budget battle hinged on one senator, bob kerrey, of nebraska who cast the deciding vote for the clinton plan. here's what senator kerry said on "meet the press" that sunday with tim russert. >> senator kerry, it's been 36 hours since your vote. any doubts? any regrets? any second thoughts? >> i wish i had made up my mind
9:51 am
quicker but when you're spending taxpayer money it deserves as much consideration as you can give it. we still are doing a lot of things wrong in washington. you said i criticized the republicans and the president, i criticized democrats. we lost our way in this debate because we got afraid of saying to people, that you got to pay a little bit. or we were afraid of saying to people you have to accept a little less. >> joining me now former senator bob kerrey of nebraska. >> cool. >> senator. we all look different from back then. truly, has anything changed? are either parties willing to step up to the plate and do you agree with those who say of all the budgets you have seen in 40 plus years, that this is the most dishonest budget because of the double accounting of $2 trillion according to the committee for responsible -- >> right. one of the frequently told stories about the '93 budget was all we really did was amended george herbert walker bush's budget in 1990 and recall what
9:52 am
he said was i've had enough of voodo economics and i will support a tax increase if the democrats agree -- >> cost him the re-election. >> right. but it set us on the road to balancing the budget which we did in '97. we haven'tddressed the big one, socia security, medicare and the long-rm sbitsmentes we haven't addressed those at all, 10,000 new beneficiaries every day it's only getting worse. >> as you and the late senator pat moynihan used to say, unless you deal with entitlements there's not enough discretionary money left in the budget, if you've got defense here and entitlements here there's not enough left for everything else. the chickens are coming home to roost. >> you have a $4 trillion budget, $1 trillion for health care, 1 trillion dollars for social security, fastest growing line is $250 billion for interest on the debt that's going to go up if by some miracle the congress passes what the president recommends they do. >> you were on the intelligence
9:53 am
committee and watching all of this, what happened in nato, a moment when the president seemed to be shoving aside the newest nato member the head of montenegro, to get to the front row, and -- and his speech. what is your takeaway? >> it's an act probably the single most destructive act the western alliance in the history of the alliance. not just a military alliance. the idea of nato is to organize a group of like-minded nations who believe in liberal democracy, open and free press and free markets. that's the idea of nato, defending ourselves against first the soviet union and increasingly with russia, with their actions in crimea and ukraine and belligerence in the baltics. one of your earlier guests said something about vladimir putin celebrating this and no question, that when you weaken the western alliance as i think the president did today it strengthens russia. >> do you think that this senate intelligence committee that
9:54 am
these committees in the house will ever get to the bottom of what russia did? we know that they tried to interfere with the election, but whether there was any connection to trump associates? >> well, i think -- i actually oddly think the president has increased the likelihood they will by constantly denigrating the fact at hand and constantly interfering with the -- maybe a little strong, sounds like i'm indicting him already, interfering with the fbi and other investigations are trying to do. i think it increases the chances both the house and senate will be independent. i personally am skeptical with as much regard as i have for those individuals, an independent committee is needed mostly because i think those two intelligence committees have plenty on their hands without having to take something like this on. >> there's been criticism they don't really have the staff of former prosecutor fbi types who -- >> i don't think it's criticism. it's an honest observation. they're not organized to do an investigation. 99/11 commission was established
9:55 am
after the house did their own investigation and the conclusion of the public at the time, they simply didn't have the capacity, investigative capacity, to do what the american people wanted to have done. >> finally, robert mueller? >> he's a terrific man. how do you -- how do you look at robert mueller and say anything other than thank goodness he's still around willing to assure the american people. >> former senator and governor of nebraska, bob kerrey, great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> more ahead. we'll be right back. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both. ♪ wearing powerful sunscreen?
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this just in the secretary of state rex tillerson will take a detour to london tomorrow to try to patch things up with our british allies. that does it for this edition of "andrea tche reports" follow the show on-line onacebook and on twitteritchell reports. craig melvin is up right here on msnbc. craig? >> good to see you here in new york, andrea mitchell. good afternoon to you. craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york. political smack down as voters head to the polls in the special election, the gop candidate charged with assault. house speaker paul ryan says he should apologize. how will it affect that closely watched race? and pay up. president trump in his first meeting with nato leaders in brussels demanding world leaders start paying their fair share for defense. will they agree? stealing the spotlight former president barack obama throwing some shade at mr. trump in berlin at his side, german
10:00 am
chancellor angela merkel, hours before she is set to meet with president trump. we start in montana where the fight over health care reform has become literally just that, and republicans are bending over backwards today to condemn the act but not the man. republican there running for the open house seat, greg gianforte, at his last big campaign event for today's event, a reporter fore"the guardian" asks a very simple question about the new cbo numbers released wednesday afternoon on the republican reform plan and this is what happened. >> the cbo score. cause you know you were waiting to make your decision about health care until you saw the bill and it just came out and -- >> we'll talk to you about that later. >> but there's not going to be time. >> speak with shame please. >> but -- >> just -- >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. the last guy that came in here you did the same thing. get the hell out of here. get the hell out of here.


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