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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  June 1, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> the electoral college confers inphaly billity. >> thanks. tonight jim comey has been cleared for take off. set to testify before the senate intelligence committee. plus new subpoenas issued for trump's attorney and michael flynn. also the washington post reporting the trump administration may return to suburban u.s. compounds to russia after president obama threw the russians out back in december. meanwhile, the president back on twitter previewing a big announcement tomorrow but we still want to know what was going on with him last night. "the 11th hour" begins right now. and good evening once again from our headquarters in new york. again tonight the russia story
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seemingly without end. supplies us with our lead story and that is we're going to hear from james comey. a source close to comey tells msnbc news the fired fbi director has been quote cleared for take off to testify in public next week to the senate intelligence committee. that clearance came from special counsel, bob mueller who's now over seeing the russia investigation. it will be comey's first public comment since he was fired by donald trump. it's been 22 days ago now. and about what comey will say. tonight the wall street journal reports comey to testify that trump asked him to back off flynn investigation. that would certainly match his notes and although we weren't allowed to see him today, he's how sean spicer reacted when asked about comey's testimony in the off camera audio only briefing. >> did the president engage in obstruction of justice in
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repeated meetings with james comey? >> our job, we are focussed on the president's agenda and all, going forward all questions on this matter will be referred to counsel. >> and the trump white house is making moves to return two diplomatic pounds back to the u.s. they were ousted by the obama administration in a direct response to moscow's interference in the 2016 election. one is outside new york city. the other is near maryland's eastern shore. phil rucker pointed out it's unclear at if anything the u.s. would get in return. additionally the capitol hill team reported the house is now issuing subpoenas. one to mike flynn and one of his companies, plus trump's attorney, mike cohen and cohen's law firm.
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the other three are related to possible unmasking by former obama administration officials. a source on the hill says those three subpoenas went to former national security advisor, susan rice, former cia director, john brennan and power. they're at odds over whether democrats were consulted about these unmasking subpoenas. one democratic source within the committee says the unmasking subpoenas came from chairman devin nunes. who you may recall stepped aside from the russia investigation. all this today ands there are rr what happened last night. it happened just after we got off the air. six minutes past midnight eastern time. the president apparently grabbed his phone, fired up his twitter app and wrote a sentence ending with a brand new word.
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we believe he was trying to type the word coverage. in fact, it was how chris matthews opened up his broadcast tonight. covfefe, let's play hardball. >> that's one pronunsination. the tweet stayed up for hours. it launched a lot of memes and comedy and parodies and will continue to. then some serious folks started to speak up. among them rrn of florida who said quote watch for a legitimate line of questioning tomorrow on the president's fitness. it's fair game now. but after the president seemed to play it off this morning, here's what sean spicer said today in the audio only briefing. >> do you think people should be concerned that the president posted somewhat of an incoherent tweet last night then it stayed up for hour snz. >> um, no. >> is no one watching this? why did it stay up so long?
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>> the president and a small group of people know what he meant. blake? blake? blake? >> what is covfefe. >> blake. blake. blake. blake. blake. >> good time bring in the members of tonight's starting panel starting with white house reporter for the wall street journal, waw neatau who attended the aforementioned briefing with sean spicer and defense secretary during the obama administration. eli, home field advantage. i'm going to begin with you and the seemingly the least important of all the top,s we just covered but the last one because it was striking and almost bracing to a lot of people to see the leader of our country and as they say, the
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free world say something incoherent late at night on his phone and then that's it for a couple of hours. >> yes and no. if you read the transcript and listen closely, it's not the first time we've heard something incoherent. you've seen lot of tweets that seem like they're impulsive responses to television. so really not all that surprising. i mean i'm glad you played the entire exchange in the briefing room today. we have seen this white house try to stand up to president's tweets, the one about president obama wire tapping him at trump tower. but we've seen the white house try to stand that up. that has an impact on national security about why they're trying to reverse engineer and prove things that are not fact based. but the defense that could have easily been explained with he was trying to say coverage,
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could have just been set aside and the need to basically say he knew what he was saying -- i mean it's stupifying that they have to go to that length. they will give no quarter on anything, even something as insignificant as that and terms of the white house, again, what credibility does the spokesperson have? what credibility do administration officials have if they're going to go to the mattresses and tell us something was actually being said when it's clear it was just a mistake. >> my only white house correspondent posting was during the clinton presidency and we would have off the record briefings, we had what are gaggals, which are you can record audio and quote the principal speaking. but i'm not getting this trend of not allowing cameras in the white house briefing room to
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show thus press secretary. so this odd answer to this incredibly odd overnight tweet is all cloaked in this odd audio. is it television punishment? >> sean spicer's been doing this since the beginning of the administration. today got a lot of attention because of all the news about russia and there were a lot of questions asked. about he's been doing it about once every week or two weeks since the beginning of the administration. what the reason is? i think they feel tensions will be lowered if the cameras aren't on. that reporters won't be acting out in front of the cameras and asking so many questions or hard questions and sort of -- and there's not that back and forth. the reality is i've been through many of these, it's exactly the same on and off camera. sean spicer is occasionally or sometimes getting defensive as he normally does.
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i don't see a big difference. and there's a big thing going on whether it can be played live, the audio is live or just for sound bites but it's pretty much the same. today's briefing was different than i've seen. i've been there five years. he answered questions for 11 minutes. i've never seen a briefing this short. he didn't want to answer anymore questions and he just left. much like yesterday. >> from process and atmospherics to the meat of today in terms of the news we're covering tonight. we're being told the wording is that comey has been cleared to testify. what's the relationship with mueller visa vee what comey can do on the hill? mueller is now@justice. obviously they've known each other for years and years.
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but does one have to clear the other? >> yeah. i'm told, bryan that comey will clear the substance of his testimony with bob mueller and the special counsel's office. that he will not be revealing much about the underlying russia investigation. in other words he won't be able to talk much about what the fbi found under his leadership about russia medaling and ties between the trump campaign and the russia federation. however, he will be cleared to defend his professional honor and to push back on the president's claim that comey was a quote nut job and he will be cleared to push back on the president's tweet saying that comey was a liar and that he lied under oath and in effect what we're going to see in comey's testimony is the first hand evidence, if there is any of obstruction of justice. >> and the $64,000 question. are we going to be able to lay eyes on his contemp rainious
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notes to file which follow the dinner in question where the president apparently said can you take a pass on this one? >> that's unclear because if the notes to file includes other material that can't be shared publicly because it contains classified information, we may not be able to see it but we may get something better, the under oath testimony of the only other individual in that conversation. and one of the most important facts that comey is going to beably to testify to is that as we read in the press, that the president dismissed the vice president and attorney general from the room before he said i want you to turn off the investigation to michael flynn. if the president in fact dismissed the other two gentleman, it means he did not want anyone else to know about that conversation. we're going to know about that conversation next week. >> eli, the subpoenas are going
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to keep coming. there are too many people investigating too many prongs of this and i know it already is in your life a huge subplot. >> right. there are too many subplots to keep track of. the comey thing is going to get a ton of attention. it doesn't have any direct impact on these investigations. but in the realm of public opinion -- obstruction of justice. that's the ball game. you're already starting to see the white house trying to pliticize jim comey to say he's not trustworthy too, attack his credibility. he has hurt himself over the course of the campaign with some of the statements, the different responses to the different investigations and not speaking up publicly. he's allowed himself to be tainted by politics and so you're going to see people discredit him. the more that all these investigations are viewed as partisan, through a partisan
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lens. you're seeing republicans misdirect and say it's about leaks, about who's leaking this information. it's about who in the obama administration unmasked names. and the more americans feel this is partisan, the less pressure that will ultimately fall on congress if this investigation proves something that is problematic. the less pressure there will be on congress to take action if it it is clear to everybody and there's pressure on both sides of the aisle, that is where the white house starts to get nervous. >> and the fresh russia lead tonight is about these compounds in the united states the obama ejected i think 35 russians back in december. a lot of countries have real estate and missions in our country. works the same way overseas. with enemies and potential enemies. same thing happens to our folks
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ovseas. why this move and why now? >> right. i believe the washington post reported that the united states would be able to build a consulate in st. petersburg that i guess the united states has been wanting to build. but the question is why now? it just doesn't look good. there's so many pieces of this story and it seems like every day they are doing something at the wrong time that may be perfectly innocent but it looks bad. it just doesn't look good and right about now they wish they were back on their foreign trip which wasn't perfect but they had a lot of other news to talk about and they weren't getting these questions every day. but you mention the briefing. there is no briefing tomorrow. the president's giving a statement but there will be no questions asked. >> all righty. and a dual question for you. the first part is the optics on this real estate thing with the
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russians. not good. >> remember december 29th, ambassador kislyak has that phone call with mike flynn. to the best of people's ability to reconstruct that call, later today the obama administration is going to close those facilities, kick out your intelligence officers, have putin not respond tomorrow because we're going to take care of you. this looks like the effort to make good on that promise. >> one more procedural question because you're the lawyer here, jeremy. can mueller wall off evidence or witnesses and have them for himself, his own investigation? does there have to be reciprocity between the hill committees and the special counsel? >> it will be a little bit of a tug of war between the special counsel, between the department of justice and the congressional committees.
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it appears the way they've drawn the line for next week is no discussion about the underlying russia investigation. but obstruction of justice. the president's effort to shut down the investigation, that's fair game. >> and with our thanks. anita kumar. we'll fit in our first break and coming up president trump malls a staff shake up aagain. i'll speak with a former advisor of the trump campaign about what the president needs perhaps and perhaps may want amid this russia investigation. so far seemingly without end. the 11th hour back after this.
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welcome back to the 11th hour. reports from inside this white house say president trump is sounding off ideas about switching up the people on his staff. not the first time we've heard this certainly. but the latest reporting indicates that right now chief of staff reince priebus is a big name once again on the bubble. joining us now someone who has the co by line on that report, msnbc's own stephanie rule, a veteran of the business world as well. and former rnc chairman, michael steel and berry bennet. former advisor to the trump campaign and earlier in the endless election cycle, campaign manager for dr. ben carson's primary effort. welcome to you both. i'm going to go to you because you had the byline reporting today. >> you know we had heard about a shake up beforer the international trip. since the firing of james comey,
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the president wasn't thinking. now they're home. yesterday was the first day all the white house staff was back and there is unrest. still so much leaking happening. we know the jared news -- and there was rumblings, the president making a lot of calls. but who could be the back up? a lot of names have been floated around. you're not seeing many people raise their hand, say i'd like to step up to the plate and take that job. reince priebus has a very hard job. >> so share some of the names j they people with business management experience? or had their names been on a ballot? >> many people see on cnn often but he had been adviser to the trump campaign since the beginning? he has a deep understanding? but he has cohen as a chief in the white house. his name has been floated around since inauguration.
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the guy been there 26 years. he knows how to run a large place but he's of that camp, those globalests, that those hard core trump fans might not be big fans of gary and who has president trump's ear? you saw gary and h.r. mcmaster with president trump speaking at the end of the g7 saying he was learning while at the same time kind of apologizing for him. he wrote an oped trying to say listen, his america first message is not about america being alone so they're kind of doing clean up. so it's somewhat unclear. >> what do you think the president wants and what do you think the president needs in terms of staff? >> well, i don't know but i can tell you what he needs are fresh legs, more legs. you know.
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i don't know what's wrong. i don't know why all these leaks come out of the white house. >> 20 and 30 leaks at a time. i think the washington post holds the record at 30. >> it's got to stop. and somebody's got to be empowered to stop it but this is hurtful to the president and his agenda and it's got to stop. >> michael steel, i'll go here advisedly. when you work in a white house environment, you want to be jazzed up about it. there is ideallien accord and you're rolling together after an exhausting and victorious campaign. last night's tweet could not have left employees and staff and appointees feeling great about the guy sleeping in the residents. >> yeah. i think there's so much that plays into that, brian.
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it's not just last night's tweet. it's the culmination of things. it starts at the top. starts with the head. the president sets the mood and the feel and the 92 environment and the space in which everyone, staff and the chief of staff on down operate. when there is considered an accepted dysfunction, then that's what you're going to get. the only person at the end of the day -- we could talk about who's going to be chief of staff and who's coming and going, it doesn't matter because this is the environment the president has created. he allows it to exist. he perpetuates it in his own way. the communication shop is dysfunctional because they can't keep up with what he's saying when he's having interviews with people. so let's stop pretending someone's going to miraculously turn this around. the only urs person that can do that is donald trump. if he wants it to stop, it stops.
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>> when you talk about rowing in the same direction, if president trump decides to do this campaign-style rally tour, how is that going to play to those who joined the administration to set policy? if you're deena powell, steve munugz. and how are you going to square that off with a president who you want to stay in washington to working on that if he goes on the trail out there making promises that they then have to deliver on. we know how difficult that has been with the health care bill. if the president make as move like that, it will be difficult for all of those people to stay in their positions and get the job done. >> in the political world you want the boss to be in the proper head space because to
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michael's point this all starts at the head, especially when the head is the leader of the free world as we like to say. so a prong of that has been perhaps going back candidate trump when times were great and he was into it. your consulting ewandowski has b coming back. and reporting inside saying that campaign crowd better not come back here because we want president trump. >> i think that the president clearly doesn't have faith in some of the people working in the white house and it appears that's well founded lack of faith from what i keep reading about all these leaks. i think it's vitally important that he find people that he has faith in, that are competent and execute his ideas. i don't care what gary cohen's position is on policy. it'ser the president's policies that we all voted for. >> is the president aware of exactly who the people are who are leaking? they may in fact be his relatives. >> that's the key thing. the leaking is the problem. why are people leaking?
1:27 am
and people leak for a reason. and what this administration, what we see in this administration is that you have leaking that has been weaponized. it is used as a way to further an agenda which is not wholly clear by anyone at this point. all we know is it's getting outside the administration and somebody's got to figure out how to stop that. i think the president can have a hand in that. >> that was a little grenade you dropped. what did you mean by that? >> i interviewed the former editor and chief of the washington observer and she had said to me jared kushner might not speak in public but for years he knows how to speak in private. president trump being someone who has a very close relationship with the man who owns the national inquirer who may or may not have been a leaking for years to tabloids like the new york post. so it's interesting and exciting that we don't like leaks but you got to think about how leaky
1:28 am
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welcome back to our broadcast. president trump revealing tonight quote i will be announcing my decision on paris accord thursday at 3:00 p.m. the white house rose garden. make america great again. the paris pact was a rare moment of agreement between almost 200 nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions. the u.s., the second largest emitter of pollutants, despite representing 4% plus of the world's population, signed on under president obama to retuse emissions by about a quarter percent. they say the president is ready to pull the plug. but big business is pushing back. 25 u.s. companies including apple and google are calling on the president to stick with it. notably the former head of exxon
1:33 am
and trump daughter, ivanka both are reportedly urging the president to stay in while epa chief scott pruitt and steve bannon want the president to ditch it and fulfill a campaign prom thoos base. if trump withdraws from the climate pact, the u.s. would join a lonely club that includes just two other countries, syria and nicaragua. nicaragua because the deal didn't go far enough. jonathan lumere of the asociated press is back with us having survived the overseas trip. and stokal has agreed to stay with us. eli you get the burden of describing what the paris accord is and is it binding? what does it ask of the nations who sign on? >> nonbinding and 195 nations that agreed to set their own targets for reducing fossil fuel emissions. >> self enforcement? >> there's different measures for enforcement but really this is a sort of good will jester. this is everybody saying we're going to do this together and it
1:34 am
wasn't just the united states and the obama administration that led this push that they got by in china and india. this is a global problem not going to be solved by one country or another. people are pushing him to not go all the way and fully withdraw. we're saying you can bring down the u.s. targets. you can walk this back and still be committed to the larger goal and not risk unraveling the whole thing. everybody that i've talked to and i've talked to people coming on before, it seems pretty clear the president is in a position to withdraw or unwind the perish accord but all caution that could change with this president. so the lobbying continues. ceo's have been calling the white house all day. sales force ceo tweeting a letter signed by dozens if not hundreds of companies.
1:35 am
there's a lot of pushing going on because they know this president is susceptible with this type of lobbying and i think one thing giving people solace is people who are pro paris is it's not clear that just because the u.s. withdraws, it will unwind the whole thing. we've seen signals from european countries and china that they're going to continue to make progress and be committed to a low carbon future and economy whether the u.s. is involved symbolically or not. >> i want to run a piece of sound jean claude younger. this goes there on donald trump.
1:36 am
>> even with the translation at the bottom of the screen, we get the point, we hear the audience laughing, the head of the eu mocking the american president. in many ways the trip is the back drop for the process of this decision. >> that's exactly right. he was subject to intense lobbying to stay in the deal while he was innato in brussels, while there by the way he chastised the nato leaders in their house, in their brand new house about paying more for it deal and again at the g7. we heard from gary cohen later who said he was listening. only to return to the u.s. to hear that he is likely to withdraw. we shouldn't count on this until it escapes the president's lips
1:37 am
tomorrow. let's remember nafta. there was all this reporting they were going to drop out. in the 11th hour push from candidate in mexico, stayed in. but this is a place where you're seeing other countries. you're seeing the leaders on the sound clip you just rolled suggesting america might be abandoning its place of leadership in the world and other countries, perhaps china, will be willing to step forward. >> white house aid and daughter ivanka said i need you to guarantee your children will not get lung cancer just walking to school but the president somehow, especially post europe, needs a win. needs to give a deliverable to the base. how would that happen? >> it's a good question. i think that we also -- because as much as he's getting pressure from ivanka trump to stay in, steve bannon and others are saying you need to get out. this is about economic nationalism.
1:38 am
you said you would do this. bannon has a whiteboard with campaign promises. he wants to check this one off. he talks bouts environmental awards he's won over the years. but it would be difficult to suggest that a complete abandonment of the deal would contribute to his grandchildren's health. where there's a last minute compromise where he can change enough bench marks to mark it as a win. >> both gentleman have agreed to stay with us. interrupted only for the member of congress who is going to join us next after this break. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really... ...need a sick day. dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the...
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...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine.
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welcome back.
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we are joined tonight by congressman jeffries representing parts of the bureaus of brooklyn and queens and notably he sits on the judiciary and budget committees which puts you at the crux of a lot of big issues. first of all thank you for coming in. from your perch on the judiciary committee and just because we're all following all of this, your reaction to the developments just today in the stories about the russia investigation. >> well, there's a cloud of corruption hanging over 1600 pennsylvania avenue and the more we learn, the worse it gets for the trump administration. it appears that something very wrong has happened. it was clearly russian interference with the election and there was close cooperation, it appears, between members of the trump campaign and russian spies. there's no other way to explain why there were significant conversations, many of which
1:43 am
were not disclosed and had to be discovered and we'll see what comes of both the special prosecutor's investigation and ultimately the testimony that it appears we're going to see next week from james comey. >> what do you want to hear? even though you won't be part of the questioning from james comey? >> the most important thing we can learn is what exactly took place in the meetings with donald trump and the form r fbi director? did donald trump ask james comey for his loyalty? did president trump ask james comey to walk back the investigation into his former national security advisor, michael flynn? did donald trump ask james comey to essentially say he's not under investigation publicly and to white wash what was taking place in terms of the criminal investigation into the trump campaign. these are things comey can speak directly to and that's going to be important for the american people to hear. >> while we have you tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., we're going to learn the president's decision, as you
1:44 am
just heard us discussing on the paris accord. it's like a model u.n., your district. people from all over the world. what do you say for your constituents in new york? how will what happens in the rose garden tomorrow effect all the people in your congressional district in a real way? >> this is a district impacted aversely by superstorm sandy which occurred in 2012 and clearly the overwhelming majority of my constituents is a result of the sea rise, the climate change across the world in recent times in part because of man made activity. and the paris agreements were an attempt by the civilized world to come together and do something about it. it appears tomorrow, if donald trump is in fact going to pull out of the agreement, that he's willing to side with steve bannon as opposed to the
1:45 am
civilized world and join the limited company of syria and nicaragua. that is unfortunate. >> for the people who are so hungry for cooperation and bipartisanship, i want to end on a positive note. you are going with in benghazi hearing fame. on the other side of the aisle on a bill about criminal justice and we always hear from folks, viewers, people in political polls, why can't they work together more often on problems that effect all of us regardless of party label? >> you hear a lot about confusion and conflict in washington dnk. but there is a lot of cooperation that does take place and this is an example. tray gouty and i introducing before the judiciary committee. we incarcerate more people in this country than any other country in the world and it's
1:46 am
largely the result of the failed war on drugs started in the '70s and hasn't yielded any public safety results. from 21 i it's currently at to 25. we've got a significant number of republicans, democrats, progressives on the legislation. hopefully it will serve as the type of cooperation that can emerge even in the midst of these difficult times. >> will you keep us aaprised on its progress. apreciate you stopping by tonight. another break for us. when we come back why the former vice president's name was in the news today. and what's next for the democratic party.
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i get the nomination. so i'm now the nominee of the th democratic party.
1:50 am
i inhert nothing from the democratic party. >> what do you mean nothing? >> it was bankrupt. it was on the verge of insolvency. its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. i had to inject money into it. >> the dnc. >> more on that in just a moment. welcome back to the 11th hour. frank talk from hillary clinton at a tech event in california on the state of the democratic party at the beginning of the 2016 election cycle. so with that in mind joe biden may be making a move to put the party and its candidates in better shape before 2020 or is it perhaps more than that? nbc news reporter writes tonight joe biden is launching a new political action committee thursday that will keep him involved in elections and on the
1:51 am
minds of fellow democrats potentially helping to lay ground work for another presidential bid in 2020. so much to talk about. first of all, eli, what hillary clinton just said about the state of the party she inherited. >> what do you say? every time people put her on the couch and ask her -- this is not the first time we heard from her about the election. whether it is a authentic, honest, accurate. i can tell you people in the west wing given all they are dealing with anytime hillary clinton is in the news rehashing the 2016 election that is a good moment for this white house. >> the president got on twitter tonight like we are in the middle of the campaign kind of calling her crooked hillary. jonathan, which brings us to joe biden. do you smile at the story and put credence in it? is he precisely the wrong
1:52 am
candidate at the wrong time? >> he is deeply frustrated with the result of last year's election. he has criticized hillary clinton saying she wasn't a great candidate although he is quick to know that he thinks she would have been a good president. the loss resonates with him because as he sees it it swung on white working-class voters which have been his strength. in terms of this is keeping his options open. he will be in his late 70s by the time next election rolls around. he has failed twice in previous bids for the oval office. but he would have -- he said he would have won had his son not died before the last election. he wasn't in a mental state to do it. he at least wants to take a first step or two down that path. we have seen him active. he has been at dinner in new hampshire and an event with florida democrats.
1:53 am
he wants to be in the conversation. >> i talked to a prominent democrat who repeated something. they better not run a nerd. they need to run a star. it's an interesting proposition. >> it seems like star power works in american politics. but where are you going to find one? more than two dozen people on the list of potential 2020 nominees. al franken, saw him in the building. you have mitch landrieu making a speech. the democrats are desperate for someone who is not a relic from 2016, someone who sort of bogged down with regret one kind or another whether biden or hillary. they want somebody new. they want a star.
1:54 am
but you don't just sort of shake a magic wand and find a star. it's an organic process. we'll see what happens over the next several years. i think part of what -- i said the white house likes hillary being out there and in the news and reminding people of 2016. democrats need to remember everybody is so eager to carry that flag for the democratic party right now given all the unforced errors we are seeing democrats may be wise to kind of step back and get out of the way and play a longer game. >> we will have you both back to talk about the mayor of new orleans because every day the number of youtube views to that speech he gave has grown. interesting proposition. thank you both so much. when we come back our look back at the last two days in the life of sean spicer when the 11th hour continues. last thing before we go here tonight, two days in the life of spicer. even his critics admit it's not easy being sean spicer. we thought his high points from
1:55 am
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last thing before we go here tonight, two days in the life of spicer. even his critics admit it's not easy being sean spicer. we thought his high points from yesterday deserved a re-airing. as you watch this superb collection as compiled by the staff at the jimmy kimmel show see if you think someone might have dictated his talking points and sent him out there to insist the trump overseas trip had been a smashing success. >> i want to recap the incredible trip concluded because it truly was an extraordinary week for america. it was an unprecedented first trip abroad.
1:59 am
historic turning point. people talking about for many years to come. we have to look back decades to find a comparatively dramatic moment in the history of u.s. foreign policy. the speech was met with nearly universal praise, countless allies, this was a historic event. the president went to hiseral where he was received with warmth and gave highly praised address in the short space of three days trump carried out a semi revolution. >> today we heard at least another audio only no cameras briefing. they are called gaggles in the trade and have been going on forever but not as a substitute for the actual briefing. it continued to be the administration of firsts just last night we could not have known we were moments away from the creation of covfefe as a new word.
2:00 am
that is our broadcast and good night from new york. james comey is expected to testify before the senate committee as the russian investigation ramps up. weighing in on her election loss again, hillary clinton blames russia, comey, the media and a number of other factors for her 2016 defeat. gm, everyone. it's thursday, june 1st on what could be an historic day at the white house, depending on how this day goes. i'm ayman mohyeldin


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