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tv   Lockup Santa Rosa - Extended Stay  MSNBC  June 3, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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. i'm ali. this hour london's metropolitan police saying they are responding to two terrorist incidents in central london. in the first incident just after 10:00 p.m. local time, 5:00 p.m. eastern time, a van traveling southbound on london bridge veered off the road and struck passing pedestrians. police were called to borough market, a busy area south of the london bridge with bars and restaurants where there are reports of at least one attacker stabbing people with a knife. armed police responded and shots where are fired at that scene.
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london ambulance have announced within the past hour that another least 20 patients have been transported to six hospitals across london. it is now 3:00 a.m. in london. there is no official word on how many attackers were involved. according to people on the scene at london bridge, a white van was seen traveling fast. it was swerving as it struck several people. the bridge has been closed. one taxicab driver told our news partner i the news he saw three men with 12-inch blades get out of the van after the crash and start stabbing people at random, his words, on bore over high street. another witness told roitders that she saw what appeared to be three people with knife wounds and possibly, possibly their
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throats cut at london bridge. we are gathering information from a lot of sources. this occurred at 10:00 p.m. london time, 5:00 p.m. eastern time just after midnight london time, the metropolitan police announced that they thought that these were terrorist incidents. there had been a third stabbing in vauxhall and shortly after that, the police announced that the incident at vauxhall they believe is not connected to the incident on london bridge. matt bradley has been covering this for hours as it's developed from london. matt, some clair fi has come in but i think we have to underscore. behind you, the streets are empty, the bridge is closed. it's just 563:00 a.m. now your time. what do you know? >> reporter: thanks, ali. as you mentioned this is being
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treated as two separate terror incidents but they occurred close to each other. this is suffolk bridge behind me. london bridge about two bridges down. as you mentioned, it's unclear whether these are the same or separate incidents, whether they were coordinated. seems as though they have to have been coordinated. 20 injured people now spread out around some six hospitals across the city. but as you said, the information is sparse. british police are trying to make sure they don't report incorrect facts but that hasn't stopped the media from coming up with their own version of the events. this was at borough market a popular restaurant with bashz. there are tons of people who saw this and lots of people who were actually sort of participating in deflecting this attack.
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witnesses said they were throwing bottles and chairs at some of these attackers. since this attack there's been at least three or four controlled explosions in the vicinity. that means the police are now fanning out, trying to find the perpetrators and suspects in the immediate area. i just spoke with a man who lives above borough market. he said he walked outside and saw police officers standing around training their long weapons -- that's a rare sight here. you don't see police officers with heavy weapons. most police officers here are famously unarmed. that's all changed with this rash of terror attacks over the last couple of months. he said this gentleman i spoke with, that the police in the area were using their weapons as if they didn't know where the perpetrator was. as if they were still hunting and looking for someone. metropolitan police have said significantly in the past couple of hours that anyone who sees an incident should hide or run and tell the police immediately. now, that seems as though
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they're still looking for suspects. this incident will remind a lot of londoners of what happened in march when a man named ma zud ran into people and got out of a car and stabbed to death a police officer outside of parliament. this looks like a little bit of a copycat attack, this one seems to involve more than one man. according to some witnesses, three different suspects. again ali, this is days beforea national election. that's when prime minister theresa may will be running for her political life. the polls used to fare theresa may and they still do, although they've closed in the past couple of weeks. you can expect to see a lot of chatter and a lot of changes coming up in the way the political discussion is going in this country. ali? >> unfortunately we talk all too
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often when there is a terrorist attack. i remember paris talking to you, let's recap. we have heard reports of one to three attackers. there may be more. we do not have confirmation from the police. is that correct? and we certainly don't have confirmation that anybody has been arrested or killed? in terms of attackers. >> that's -- well, ali, we do have reason to believe that there were some fatalities. we've heard from various british news organizations that there were fatalities. some are reporting as many as seven fatalities, but again, none of this is confirmed. we're about five hours out of this incident. and police obviously, they're not done looking for suspects. so we still don't know the final tally of actual deaths. the casualties, the injuries. now, we have that from the police. that's 20 people spread off across six hospitals in the city. there are many more who are what
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you'd call walking wounded, people who have been marred or just hurt and are still able to walk away under their own power. the actual number of deaths, we still don't know. witnesses say they saw this white van crashing into pedestrians on london bridge and then they saw as many as three men get out of that van and randomly attack people. then we started hearing about borough market. that's when there were a number of men attacking people with knives there. those two areas are right next to each other. it's unclear whether the same three men raced from the bridge to borough market or whether these were two different groups, maybe coordinating, maybe not. just happened to attack nearby. it's all so unclear. we're trying to get definitive information as soon as we can. this is an evolving situation. the police are trying to contain the situation itself, much less
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launch an investigation. so talking about anything definite is impossible. >> that's the difficult part of this job that you're out there. we have very sketchy information. it is the middle of the night. many londoners may have gone to sleep and may not know this is hatching. matt, stand by for me. i want to bring in contain pierry who witnessed the attack in london. tell me where you were and what you saw. >> we were just coming out of london bridge station and about to get the bus to go home. we had to cross the road which was the cross road between borough market and london bridge and just before we did, we saw all these police and people running around screaming looking really terrified. we could see a white van parked. we think it was moments after the incident and we saw the
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police raiding the van with armed police raiding the van and then they were shouting t at us to get away from the scene. so they seemed really unclear what was happening. we were cordoned off to about 200 meters. the london bridge station was evacuated. we saw people walking by looking sad, looking shocked and crying. i even heard someone announcing they may have had a friend that lost their live. >> oh, wow. >> what do you do? when the police tell you to get away from a scene like that, as matt bradley was explaining to us, borough market is not far from there. did the police do it you where it was safe to go? we're looking at a map now, the van was going south. you can see that borough market is not far from there at all. were you able to get to a place where you determined to be safe where there wasn't chaos around
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you? >> we were firstly about ten meters away from the van. i don't think the police knew where to send us to start. they were just screaming us to get away. we went south down tooley street. more and more police were coming -- this was before it was cordoned. we could see five or six police cars and met the police. we had helicopters. there was a lot of confusion at the start but after 20 minutes, we were cordoned offer into this safe space, we think, but you never know, do you? >> it was saturday night 10:00 you were there. what was the area like outside london bridge tube station? was it an active place as you might expect on saturday night? >> well, of course. anywhere it's right in the 34068middle of tfl city between london bridge, one of the biggest stations, borough market, in bridget jones' film.
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a lot of tourists go there. it's right on the tims, so everybody's walking b up and down. lots of people -- i said to my friend, hey, look, there's a lot of police. she said, oh, maybe that's normal now after manchester and paris. we saw people running and screaming. men being chased by police as well. that's when we realizeds something was up. >> in london people became accustomed to the idea that police, many police didn't carry weapons with them and seeing heavily armed police, something that is much more common here in the united states or in new york city, was not a thing in london. i would imagine in the last year at least if not a little bit longer, you become a little more accustomed to that. >> well, i also grew up in france, and so when i went back
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to france after the paris attack it was shocking to see as well. armed people at train stations, at magazineses and say when 24 happened in manchester and theresa may announced she would raise up to krit kael level, it is strange to see in london people with huge guns and stuff. it is a shock i think to the people of london. >> when you came out of that tube station and people were running around and you saw the police activity, you didn't see a suspect or suspects or anybody who looked like they were involved in an attack? >> well with it was quite confusing because we could see the van and we could see people walking around the van. we could see the policemen raiding the van and then someone -- i remember seeing a man in a white shirt running towards the bridge and policeman was running after him. it's hard to speculate because there was a lot of people
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running away, running people could mean that he was trying to get to safety or he was a suspect. we can't really know. >> tell me what london feels like now. i know it's 3:00 in the morning, so it wouldn't be a good way to gauge it. but are all of your friends up and texting and talking about it? is london quieter? is it more busy than usual because of that is this. >> well, i mean, all of the tubes are closed. wyoming my friends and we're all staying togethers now. we were all at the incident, coming back from a festival, actually. we were wondering what we were going toe do the rest of the night and this happened. everyone was are you safe everyone is asking, the there's a fear of terror or something. there's a feeling that somebody is wrong and i guess people just wondering how to get their loved ones safe or perhaps be safe themselves. >> right. and it's important to note that
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the police have not p given the all clear. they haven't sent the message out to wlunders that they've apprehended the suspects or what the situation is. clearly from what matt bradley reported they are still in the process of trying to establish that. that becomes difficult. londoners are going to wake up early sunday morning not sure whether the city is safe. >> i mean, we were walking away from it in theened after about five hours waiting to see if we could help with anything what's hang. as we were waublg away on tower bridge which is the bridge just before it, still a mile away from the incident, we heard a loud explosion, a loud bang and followed by two others. people were saying on social media that it might be controlled explosions but you just can't know that. >> right, right. for those of us who aren't in the explosions or anti-terror or law enforcement business, loud bangs are frightening. >> thank you for joining me.
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i'm glad your friends and you are safe. i'm sorry you and other londoners had to go through this tonight. kaine bieri, thank you. >> cal's in washington but he's covering what's going on in london. cal, what have you have got? >> we've got reaction mohring in from around the world. the most recent is the president of france. he writes "in the face of this tragedy franz is more than ever at the side of the united kingdom. we have heard from the mayor of london as well. he called this a cowardly act of terrorism arched to underscore what you were saying there, we have had eight lines of information from the metropolitan police in london. we have not had a press conference yet. it's important to stress that this is still an ongoing event until we're given all-clear. >> a question.
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>> yes. >> metropolitan police in london are pretty good about giving out information. they hold regular press conferences. when we saw manchester, we saw regular press conferences. the fact they're not giving press conferences means they're still trying to figure this out. >> we don't know if there were three assailants. these are very, very traumatic scenes and this was a dual terrorist attack, very stressful scenes. there was this who irveg bombing on may 22 chbd at this a anda grande concert. she's in manchester now supposed to give a benefit con sertd to the people who were squlird in that concert. this a country that is now grappling with the very difficult questions of how do you stop these attacks even when
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you're on a high state of leader. there were three things used, a car, a dmief, and a gun. we've talked about how difficult it is to obtain a fire arm in the united kingdom. the that's going to give police something to lead on. tracking down that gun will take them to all the doors they'll be kicking down. >> in these recent instances in the united kingdom, the assail ants were ultimately people who had some connection to history with law enforcement. they were known to authorities, and your point about a fire arm is interesting. it is very difficult to get in the united states -- in the united kingdom. in the united states that often isn't a first clue about anything because there's so many guns here. that's not the case in the uk. >> right. you can't go into a store and buy a gun, a long gun, a pennsylvania. people have gone to jail for not
7:18 pm
registering their shotgun they use for hunting. they take firearms very, very seriously. when you look at the united kingdom and how it's grappling with this there will be questions how did this happen. people were rattled after the ariana grande concert. questions are going to be asked, how did this happen. of course, this is too early for this. the concern is on your screen right there. it is the walking wounded. it ist people wounded in this attack. however, that said, there will be serious questions asked in a broader sense of how did this happen, how did metropolitan police let this happen when it turns out that so many of these individuals are known to authorities. that's what people will be asking. >> the point you've made, the point that bradley made, that
7:19 pm
the witness have made clear, the all clear has not been given by the politician. they've not said that any of these scenes are correct. they have given us basic information. a london ambulance service telling us 20 patients. there are reports of fatalities. unusually thin information right now. i will remind people it's 20 after 3:00 in the morning in london. they would have had to scramble to get people in. there's a cobra meeting that i believe is either under way or being held. that stands for cabinet briefing room meeting. that's where they have their emergency room meeting when things like this happens. the saturday night part of things may have slowed things down a little bit. >> absolutely. saturday night and people out drinking. this is something we've heard a
7:20 pm
lot about. you're trying to getty witness information from people out having a good time. this is a congested area, whether it's the bridge or the market. the market is an indoor market. not an outdoor market like you would see. these are restaurants packed very closely together. the question remains sort of what happens now when you have these lists, when thuf these watch lists, when you're trying to impact wloopd why are we not hearing from police yet? are they concerned something is still going on? the bottom line is they have not given the all clear and we need to keep reminding our viewers of that. >> police have asked poem to stay inside sheltered. when tlerp gathered h in crowded places, their slis was silence your phones, get to some mace and hide. these are ro public places. even like ariana grande, you
7:21 pm
didn't have to get to anybody to get toe these places. we'll continue to get more information on this. lucy cab nauf and matt are in london. we'll take ak quick break right now. it is 3: 20 in the morning. oump coverage continues.
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. i'm ali. you're watching our coverage of the terror attacks in london. joining us by phone is harry york, of the daily telegraph. he was next to the london bridge when the attacks first happened. where are you now and what can you tell us? >> hi there, good evening. >> what can you tell us? what did you see? >> well, i got to the scene about 10: 30 our time so about four and a half to five hours ago, so short lid after the news
7:25 pm
started coming in about london bridge. so i was trying to get as close to the bridge as i could. it was clear that an incident was developing at quite a fast pace. we were getting updates in borough just a few hundred meters down the road. as i approached london bridge it was clear that police were fanning out from the area. lots of people were being pushed further away from the areas. as i was going closer to the area, i went round a corner and there was a unit of harmed police officers who were clearly spooked by me being there. they identified me as compact and pointed their weapons at me and told me to put my hands in the air. so i think the first 30 minutes to an hour, cushion seemed to
7:26 pm
reign around that area. >> these are incidents that are very, very difficult to get to the bottom of. never mind for us journalists but for the police on a bridge on a scene where they don't know who the assail ants are and all of a sudden i guy like you comes around the corner and they are thinking you're contact. >> i got down on my knees and i shouted out and thankfully they let me carry on. they were trying to get a grip of the situation. there's this huge area they're trying to cordon off very quickly. they don't know the scale. there was another false alarm just a few miles down the road at vauxhall. it turned out to be an unrelated stabbing. we were able to go through the cord onled area, there simply
7:27 pm
wasn't enough police straight away. what you have unfolding is a chaotic scene. even now four or five hours police, helicopters circling around the immediate area. police are still patrolling the area. you get the sense that they may not have -- get the sense that they may be searching for somebody else. that's the feeling on the ground. >> harry, this incident occurred at 10 kwlun 08 p.m. london time. >> yes. >> which is 5:00 here in the states. by about 10 to 1:00 a.m., the police had tweeted out that the incident you referred to, the third incident, initially they thought there were three incidents. they tweeted out that the incident at vauxhall was a stabbing and is not related to london bridge or borough market. we're dealing with two instances in london. you said they're a few hundred meters apart. >> absolutely.
7:28 pm
so what appears to have happened is the immediate instant happened on london bridge. we believe a white van carrying men came across the bridge. it's just speculation -- sounded similar to the westminster attack. sounds like these men went to the pavement and hit a number of pedestrians. it's not clear what happened after that point. what does seem clear is that very shortly after that, very same men, if not other men involved in this were a few hundred miles down the road at borough where they've reported stabbings. we've heard back from a restaurant in borough. there was a big police confrontation there. it sounded like the police were firing into the shop. we believe they entered the restaurant and were stabbing people in that area.
7:29 pm
you're talking about a fast moving account. it covered quite a large amount very quickly. >> it's a covered market. tightly packed restaurants. it's what you call a dense soft target, right? no particular security. >> absolutely, absolutely. it's a very nice, you know, upmarket restaurant area. it's a very, very popular place for londoners on a friday and saturday night, so we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of people in a very h small area and obviously, you can only try and imagine what kind of panic there is as this is all carrying out. >> thanks for the update from you. let me bring navid jahali in. we talk all too often on these particular issues. we don't have much information
7:30 pm
right now but as i've been commenting metropolitan police and uk authorities are actually pretty good at briefing the press. they generally the end to be on top of it. the idea that at 3: 30 in the mortgage, five hours after this has transpired that the tweets have stopped, the briefings have stopped, what does that say to you? >> very simply it's an active crime scene. seems to me that whatever is happening is still unfolding. look, terror has two components. there's the kinetic attack and thaen then there's the second attack, which is the terror. the uk and the police are very much looking to tamp down and try to control the situation. they're very much in a reactive mode. tomorrow we'll talk about the larger questions here. look, very much illustrates that this is arch active crime scene. i don't think they have a complete handle on this because it is very much unfolding as we speak. >> let's talk about targets.
7:31 pm
london bridge and borough market, places in which -- look. . in all of these major cities there are some security. there are cameras. there are police around. in a private mall there is hired security but essentially these are soft targets. >> that's kpvl right. and the reality with terrorists, those two corner stones of an attack having two structures, one is the actual i can net aik and one is terror. from 9/11 to using planes to we saw in paris to this, to -- to the idea first we're going to recruit penal to come here. now we're going to send them to syria. now wire going to use homegrown people with a british passport. they'll always look for places where there's a weakness. the reality is that new york city has a great program called hercules programming. as a new yorker, i'm sure you've seen it. >> you're standing in the middle of the street and you wonder why
7:32 pm
there's 50 police cars driving by you. >> that's right. it's a show of force. the reality is if a terrorist wants to conduct an attack they will find a point of weakness. that's just the raemt. the good news is that since 9/11 our intelligence services, the koumplt, australia, most of our partners are quite good at detecting and stopping these attacks. unfortunately, it only takes one to get through. we're a free and open society. this is a struggle we'll constantly have to battle with. the concept of do we monitor people, surveil people as opposed to a police state. it's one we saw with san bernardino or florida. these are questions we have to ask. the reality, as long as we have that open society, this is going to be a skourge that's unfortunately -- too much
7:33 pm
happens, unfortunately. >> let me stand by for me, please. thank you for all of this. le. >> sure. >> let me bring in a writer at the new york times, the al qaeda and isis expert at the new york times. what are your initial readings of this tell you? >> well, the mode of attack that we saw on london bridge is of course something that isis have been pushing now for more than a year. the idea of using a vehicle to ram civilians. what's interesting is literally a few hours before this occurred, an isis channel that is run by respected followers of the group put out a poster where they elucidated the types of attacks that they want people to do over ramadan and one of attack was a pictures of a truck, use a truck to run over civilians. at this point we don't know if it's isis, but it certainly is locks like something similar
7:34 pm
that we saw in the past. >> we saw in in nice, the concept of using a truck. >> right. >> what's the change in in us thinking about organizational -- you know, organizational structures being behind this like al qaeda ors isis and missing the fact that people might take inspiration from that post that you just described anywhere in the world and go after soft targets. nerd, is there some danger in understanding they're two different things? >> i actually think it's on the other side of the equation. really, for years now and before, al qaeda, have been working to create a mode in which they can inspire attacks overseas. they have poured enormous resources into this. "inspire" magazine is called "inr spire dwoits" particularly for this reason. they want to inspire people.
7:35 pm
from what i said, an inspired attack by either one of these groups is a part of their strategy. we need to understand it in that rubric to understand how we can hope to stop it. >> let's say we do that. let's say we go down that road and we understand it in that rubric, that isis high command and al qaeda high command don't have to plan these things out. they can inpier them and distribute just enough information. we heard a daily telegraph reporter saying they walked around the corner and the police put their guns out at him. and he had to get down on the floor. are we not searching for everyone in society if that's not the case? no. you're not. if the person was inspired by isis, we would expect on the electronics of the person who was driving the volcano and of
7:36 pm
the people who were carrying out the stabbings, you would expect top find isis media, propaganda, youtube videos and perhaps -- and that's the category that i think is the most dangerous category that we're not paying enough attention to. we're very interested in knowing where these people fled from syria, directed by isis, trained there and then sent over into our territories to carry this out. we then -- we forget that there is a secondary category which is people that are in our countries who are able to use nothing more than a cell phone to get in touch with the terrorists and take inspiration from them and take detailed guidance from them. take the stabbing that happened last summer in roughly the same prd, around ramadan in the town of wertzburg, germany.
7:37 pm
it was described as a lone wolf attack until they found his phone. it showed that he was talking to a person gliding him literally minutes before he boarded that train. >> thank you for your insight. it always helps us understand these virtually unfathomable information. we are going to get a press conference from scotland yard very shortly. we are now at 3: 37 in the morning in london. we have had a bit of radio silence in the authorities in the united kingdom for the last couple of hours. we don't know what that means. we're expecting news out of scotland yard shortly. our live coverage continues on this. stay with us. we're taking a quick break. d we will have you on your way. ♪ runway models on the runway?
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but "yes" is here. so, you're saying we can cut delivery time? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. . our special coverage of the terror attack in london continues. let's go back to washington. kyle perry has news for us. what have you got? >> this photos been circulating on social media widely. there's the photo. i want to draw your attention to what is around this individual's
7:41 pm
waste. now here at nbc news we cannot independently confirm that this is one of the attackers, but the photographer who took that photo gave an interview on the bbc a short while ago. i'll relate to you what he said. he talked about there three men, all of whom were wearing these crude looking belts with as he said canisters tamed to the belts. three men he said were running down the street wildly at the crowd. the man, the foerch described what he said as london metropolitan police putting themselves between these attackers and the civilians whom they were allegedly after in trying to kill. that is something i think we're going to be reading a lot more about during the coming days, that heroism. not all london police are armed. it is likely if the first man who encountered this man were unarmed. the photographer said all three men were shot dead by police on
7:42 pm
that street. that street is somewhere between the two locations of what we now now were two separate terror astacks. one on london bridge and one in that marketplace. it's not clear at this point and again we cannot independently confirm that this is one of the attackers but this could answer some of the questions about what we've been hearing. one, controlled employes. if you are concerned that these are explosive devices, the only thing you can do, if you're law enforcement, out of an abundance of caution and for the safety of those around, you have to explode it. the other thing that this could explain if, in fact, this is one of the attackers is why this cordon has only expanded and why this police hunt has only expanded. somebody, somebody would have had to make these explosive devices if, in fact, these are explosive devices.
7:43 pm
that is an incredibly difficult and dangerous kind of thing to do. people end up blowing themselves up trying to make these things. because of the concert attack, we learned that somebody in the b united kingdom is making explosive devices. this may be why we're seeing dogs, an abundance of caution, a massive orderon, a continued search and metropolitan police unable to get declare an all clear. >> right. and we are hearing something about a scotland yard press conference coming up soon. we're going to stand by for that as well. to reiterate cal's point, we cannot and have not been able to verify what that photo on the left of your screen is, who's in it, what is on that man's belt who was on the ground. we don't have that information. that was relayed bid someone who purportedly took i would to the bbc and we're reporting to you
7:44 pm
what they have discussed. cal, stand by for me. joining me is nbc news law enforcement analyst jim cavanaugh. he's a long-time special agent with the a.t.f. what do you make of everything you've just heard? that's a whole lot more information and it doesn't necessarily clarify anything. it only makes it more complicated. >> right. will, when you look at these pictures it clearly looks like the police officer there standing over a person on the ground who's wearing a belt, a vest looks like sort of a desert tan and what appears to be propane cylinders, you know, the small propane cylinders that look like the one pound. we would handle this in a.t.f. and any bomb squad in the world if we found that guy right there with no information at all, we would handle that as a bomb. that visual right there we'd handle as a bomb. >> right. so --
7:45 pm
>> you see a guy like that. we'd deal with that as a bomb. it looks like a bomb. it has web feet. it quacks, we will treat it like a bomb -- >> as cal said -- >> iemts. >> london police are not armed and they may have very little information. they may not know very much. when you say we would deal that as a bomb. tell me what that likely sbalgs. >> well, we would evacuate the people just like -- i've dealt with these cases for years, we don't know exactly what it is. it looks like a bomb to us. we evacuate the people. we bring in the bomb disposal. this guy's alive, that complicates your case tremendously because he could be hitting the switch or something. but if he's deceased we would bring a robot in, look at that, try to explore it, maybe pull a claw, robot pull that back out. the bomb technicians would see
7:46 pm
if they can evaluate what it is. i think the important thing to know here is that when you arrive at the scene and you see this, if you have no information at all, at all, you would treat this as a bomb. so this is a very suspicious thing when a guy with propane -- what i think -- appears to be -- could be anything but appears to be propane cylinders maybe in a desert tan vest or a belt around his abdomen which is very indicative of a suicide vest. they strap the explosives to their abdomen. they try to put fragmentation in there. here homicide/suicide bombers. they're goal is mass murder. they don't go there wanting to kill themselves. they go into the crowd for the purpose of mass murder and that's why they wear the suicide belt. so yes, this is very -- >> let me ask you something,
7:47 pm
jim. >> it elevates it for the police. >> you talk about propane cylinders. to most of us we think of propane as something we use for barbecues, maybe to work a car. propane is a commonly used crude device for an explosive that you would wear? >> well, i think a lot of times terrorists and bomb makers believe that they're going to get some sort of a gigantic blast by using propane cylinders. you can make that work. it's somewhat di. it's used to enhance splois. it's not that greatly efficient. >> right. >> they use it. they try to put -- you remember, i think, faysal shazad in times square -- >> that's exactly right. >> they try to use it to make the blast bigger. it's knots very initiate. but they try. they can take containers, empty the contents -- >> and use them -- put something
7:48 pm
else. >> there's a convenient shape to get on your body. it's small. they can pack it with tatp or h bhrvegs td and pack that slinld we are the explosive of their choice. it's a metal container. it can pack in a smokeless powder or a black powder if you can find it and make that like a grenade. it has other uses besides just the gas in it. so it could be used as a container for some other explosives, homemade, military, commercial, or it could be propane, ali, that they're trying to get some enhanced effect out of. we talk about it now. it's funny. we all talk about in the public of the ied. that was a very inside baseball term for 40 years. >> that's correct. >> we only talked acts that -- >> you're talking about improvising regular things. so our viewers know.
7:49 pm
we are not speculating for no particular reason. there is this picture and there have been numerous eyewitness reports of what sound like explosions that had gone on earlier in london. we do not have any reports of p bombings, so that's why we're discussing the possibility of controlled explosions. we're going to take a quick break. jim stand by. thank you very much for this. let's take a quick break. our special coverage of the terror attacks in lindh continues. have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ] brick and mortar, what?! [ music continues ] [ tires screech ] [ laughs ] [ doorbell rings ] when you bundle home and auto insurance with progressive, you get more than a big discount. that's what you get for bundling home and auto! jamie! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever!
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. currently, there were three attackers. but this is early on, so we've still got some inquiries to work through. >> there were three attackers in the vehicle. so the attackers from the vehicle have all been killed? >> this is a protracted incident that starts on the bridge and finishes in borough market. >> can you tell us anything more about the attacks? >> you're asking for a lot of detail there. we're still getting to the bottom of what's going on. we're still dealing with the fact that we expected there were explosives but that's now been ruled out. >> can you tell us about the people who were involved in the operation to bring down these terrorists? >> we've got more armed response vehicles.
7:52 pm
it's those out driving around london to protect the public. they responded quickly, bravely confronted these three individuals and shot them and they are dead. that's finished, thank you. >> this has just gained renewed relevance. police have said now six people are dead. plus, plus, three attackers who were shot by armed response teams in the london police. now, this corresponds to what the photographer who purportedly took this picture told the bbc, that three people wearing vests like this man lying on the ground were con fronted by police who stood between them and civilians and then shot these three men dead. this is now been confirmed or at least the fact that three suspects were shot dead has now
7:53 pm
been confirmed by police. six others are confirmed dead as well. we know that at least 20 people were transported to hospitals. we don't know where that if i wants -- fits into the six. london police confirming six people have been killed in this attack in addition to the three attackers. what we don't have was detail on exactly where those shootings took place, which would help us understand whether the london bridge attack and the borough market attack south of london bridge were perpetrated by the same people. we do not have that information just yet. around 10:00 a.m. london time, 5:00 p.m. eastern time, a van was driving south on the london bridge. south is from the top of your screen down. that van then veered onto the sidewalk and mowed down a number
7:54 pm
of people. we have had heard that van came to a stop. we have photos of that. eyewitnesss have said three men got out of that van and that's where everything becomes murky. in highly stressed environments like this, people's memories are affected. that's where the story becomes a little murky. that is a picture of the van that is alleged to have been carrying the assailants. shortly after that at an area a little bit south of that, borough market, there were other attacks, knife attacks on people who were sitting at the restaurant and the bars, which would have been very full at 10:00 a.m. on a saturday night. that is what we now know, six people dead, three attackers killed by armed response teams in london.
7:55 pm
we have discussed the fact that many london police are not armed. that police officer just said that in the last several years london has increased its patrol of armed response vehicles. so it suggests that some police on the site or someone called their equivalent of 911 and these vehicles that roam around town quickly got to the london bridge and confronts the assailants. >> i think that as we discussed earlier, i think this is still very much an active crime scene. look, it brings a lot of questions. clearly if in fact these were people with bombs strapped to them, that this could have been considerably worse. so there is that small glimmer in an otherwise terrible ordeal here, that this was somewhat contained. that being said, right now we're in reactive mode. where we want to be, whether you're law enforcement or the
7:56 pm
intelligence community, is you want to be the proactive part of this. that comes to detection. when it comes to counter terrorism, the thing that these law enforcement communities struggle with is how to balance -- you're an intelligence agency listening to someone in yemen, that person picks up the phone and calls new jersey. that's where unmasking comes in. when you're an intelligence agency, they don't collect evidence. this happens in the u.k. this is a problem. in many cases we've seen past attacks, these were british nationals, these were members with e.u. passports. it's a very difficult legal line they have to walk when it comes to this. >> stand by for me please because you've been very helpful in helping us interpret this. we do know now six members of the public dead, three attackers
7:57 pm
dead, shot by police in london. the all clear has not been granted. president trump has been kept up to speed. he spoke to british prime minister theresa ma. we're taking a quick break. stand by. . hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. mattress firmness? enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $700 on the temperature balancing i8 bed. ends sunday. go to for a store near you.
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breaking news. tonight british authorities say six civilians and three attackers have been killed in what they are describing as a protracted terrorist incident in central london. police report just after 10:00 a.m. local time, 5:00 p.m. eastern time, a white van traveling south on london bridge veered off the road and struck several passing pedestrians. police blooe three attackers then emerged from the van with knives and began stabbing people in nearby borough market. that's a busy area with bars and restaurants. armed police responded to the scene and shot andil


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