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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  June 4, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how. death toll stands at seven, 48 injured, 21 remain in critical condition. good to have you with me, i'm thomas roberts at msnbc headquarters in new york. police are sweeping parts of the city looking for anybody connected to last night's act of terrorism. here is the first look at the van used by the attackers to create carnage. the front end is bashed in, doors are open. it started at the london bridge and we have new video of the bridge as people ran in fear, a car hitting pedestrians. the three attackers fleeing the van, starting to attack people on foot in bars and restaurants and a nearby market and at this hour the investigation stretches beyond the city. nbc's matt bradley with the
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latest from there and nbc's gabe gutierrez in the london district of barking, where police made fresh arrests. matt, what can you tell us from the scene and the investigation? >> reporter: well, looks as though the police are fanning out across east london. they've made several raids just in the hours since this actually the attack began, and as you can see, the police are kind of letting out information in a slow trickle. they've discussed in detail the police response in a press conference a while ago. this is from scotland yard. take a listen. >> we have established the van used during the attack was recently hired by one of the attackers and eight police firearms officers discharged their weapons. while this will be subject to an investigation by the iptcc, our initial assessment is in the region of 50 rounds, in the region of 50 bullets were fired
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by those eight officers. the three attackers were shot dead. a member of the public also suffered a gunshot wound. although the injuries are not critical in nature, they are in hospital receiving medical attention. >> reporter: thomas, this is going to be seen as somewhat controversial here, because remember british police are famously unarmed. now, seeing the police responding so quickly with such decisive authority to such a critical incident is really inspired quite a lot of pride in london, but at the same time 50 rounds and it looks like one bystander was also shot. this is going to be something the british police will be talking about for quite a while. thomas? >> also what about london tourists, the sense you're getting from people of things getting back to normal in some sense since the man hunt portion is over. we had confirmation the three individuals killed on site are the main focus of this terrorism
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act. >> reporter: well, i can tell you, thomas, right now the mood is really one of defiance here in london. people are really talking a lot about the emergency services, which i just mention acted with such decisive authority to contain the situation, shot all three of the perpetrators within eight minutes of the beginning of the attack, or the first emergency services call, but people here are talking a lot about the ordinary heroism of regular people, and this was, you know, just a night life scene, tons of people around, and you started seeing and hearing stories about people sort of throwing themselves in front of these attackers. and remember, these people weren't just armed with knives. they had fake suicide belts, so there was reason for quite a few people to be scared. but people really acted above and beyond to protect strangers who happened to be around them for an evening out. thomas? >> taking, you know, their own lives at risk to guard others with chairs or tables. all of this in advance of thursday, which is the uk
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general election. matt, i want to go to our colleague gabe gutierrez who is in barking, east of london, where the raids have been happening and the arrests took place. we know the london mayor has condemned these attacks, but explain what drew police to this neighborhood. what have you learned? >> reporter: hi there, thomas, good afternoon. we're here at the apartment building where at least one of the attackers is believed to have lived. i want to show you what's going on right over here. you can see down the street police just pulled out of here. we just saw some of the investigators bring in some evidence and place them inside one of those police cars. police say this is still an active search area in parts of east london. again, at this building the raids went down around 7:00 a.m. local time. i'm joined here by one of the neighbors here who was here at the scene. sir, tell me what happened this morning and how chaotic was the situation? >> it was about 7:00 in the morning, and i was sleeping and i could hear some shouting from my window, and at first i didn't
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realize what was going on, because i thought probably some drunk people or something fighting, and then the noise still kept on going, and i looked through my window and i could see a man down and he was, you know, he was on the floor. and then there was this lady next to him, and then as i came out in my balcony i could see three more guys lying upsidedown next to that, and the lady was sitting on one of the stones there, and there was, like, police cars everywhere, like, on all these streets. this street there, everywhere, it was just full of police car. there was counterterrorism forces, as well, they were just there all around. >> reporter: a lot of the neighbors are asking what brought the police to this building in particular. we still don't have con tfirmatn on who these suspects were, there was some talk they might be family members, but at this point we don't know. what do you know, if anything, of the people who lived inside that were taken into custody? is there anything that seemed suspicious? >> for what i've seen while i
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was around outside, like, those four men and that lady i've never seen them before, and i didn't see them coming out from the building or anything. but later i saw one of the guys who lives downstairs, i think flat number four on the ground floor, his mom was brought out on the stretcher and she was taken into -- in the ambulance, and then afterwards i saw that lady who was outside was taken out, like, you know, taken by police and all those four guys were taken out. i didn't see anybody else coming out, but it was just them taken out. >> reporter: certainly very terrifying few moments for you this morning. thank you so much for sharing. again, a lot of unanswered questions at this point. we don't know what relation the people taken into custody may have had to one of the attackers, but again, according to neighbors, who many have told us they recognize the man on the ground and that photo that's been circulating with what appeared to be the fake
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canisters, they seem to recognize him. they say he lived in this area. again, metropolitan police being very tight-lipped as to what, if any, connection the people taken into custody here may have had to any of those suspected attackers. again, 12 people detained, arrested in this part, this suburb east of london. back to you, thomas. >> gabe gutierrez on the scene in barking, roughly outside of london. the investigation continuing. meanwhile here at home, early this morning we saw the president react to the london mayor, and the london mayor condemned the attacks, describing the response plan being put into action. listen to his statement. >> we will never let them win, nor will we allow them to cower our city or londoners. just like terrorists are constantly evolving and finding new ways to destruct us, attack us, the police and all of us are finding new ways to keep us safe. londoners will see an increase in police presence today and over the course of the next few
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days. no reason to be alarmed. >> so, this again in reaction to an increased police presence. so president trump reacted to those remarks saying at least seven dead, 48 wounded in terror attack and the mayor says no reason to be alarmed. do we have fresh reaction from the president or this back and forth, kelly, on the context of what the mayor of london was actually saying? >> reporter: actually, we don't, thomas. president trump is in virginia about 30 miles from here at one of his trump national golf clubs, so he's been out of the white house since early this morning, but prior to leafivinge participated in a burst of tweets where some of this was coming from, so white house officials haven't said anything and we can only go by the president's twitter feed for any of his comments since last night and learning about the incident. the white house put out a separate official statement that he had had a phone call with
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theresa may, the british prime minister to offer u.s. resources and, of course, support from their american ally, but on this what is really standing out is it is very much the tone of donald trump talking about terror events, talking about the different approaches. what's notable is that usually in political discourse there's divides about how to best approach these things aren't happening in real time while there are events unfolding, whether it be concern about ongoing attacks or the initial investigation, and certainly the mayor of london has been a critic of donald trump, so there's already a rivalry there. and trump has just a different view about this notion of when people should feel safe. at the same time, you know, republican george w. bush also encouraged people to go about their lives and to go shopping and live their lives after 9/11, so it's just different approaches and what is so striking is president trump is doing it sort of right in the moment when londoners are dealing with this. the london office of the mayor
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did say that the mayor there has more important things to do than to respond to donald trump's tweets, and at the same time one of the president's social media sort of mavens who puts out a lot of content for the white house also sort of jabbed at the london mayor, referring back to a previous tweet of the president talking about sort of his strong position. so you have the sort of sweep of different ideas from the president. yes, he offered prayers and support, but his first instinct was to go at some of the politics of this, advocating for his executive order on the travel ban, also talking about political correctness being a hindrance to tough security, and saying from his point of view the nation has to be vigilant and tough in order to prevent these kinds of attacks. we have not seen this recently in the trump presidency, an attack of this nature inside the united states. we've certainly seen the united kingdom be hit back-to-back now with manchester and what's happened in london. and, of course, it was over a
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week or so ago the president was with theresa may, as both of those leaders were involved in some of the events of his overseas trip, so they had a chance to get to know each other personally. that could be useful going forward as they try to share some of the intel or help on these matters. thomas? >> quickly, there had been early rumors or rumblings the president was planning to travel to the uk next week. the general election is on thursday. have you been able to speak to any sources that can firm up or deny any travel plan like that? >> i have spoken to sources and no one is saying there is such a plan. the president has some other travel plan for this week that could certainly be adjusted. the thursday election would be a very unusual time for an international event. we do expect that the president plans to visit the united kingdom at some point, but he also has some plans to be in germany this summer for a summit. so no one at the white house is
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saying that there is a hurry up get to london trip in the works, at least not that they are acknowledging to us at this point. >> kelly, thank you. i appreciate that. i want to go back to the scene in that london suburb of barking. duncan is there for us. duncan, first i want to go back and if we can do the splits to show everybody the live scene of where in borough market near the london bridge that the van went off the streets. we're getting our first images, police have said and the scotland yard confirming this is some type of rental van that was used by these assailants. what have you felt the sense of the neighborhood and community where police are saying one of these suspects live and where the raids and arrests went down this morning? what's it like there? >> reporter: so, the community here is actually quite deeply shocked by what has happened. we've had people out on the streets here saying that this is quite a quiet neighborhood, this particular block we're in at the
10:15 am
moment, and that they are quite surprised by what's happened, because, you know, they've been playing ping-pong ball in the room mibehind me with the individual they believe was arrested and he seemed like a kind of pleasant guy to them, but in the background of that there's a longer history in this area of islamic extremism that dates back at least ten years and probably a bit more than that. and that there have been a number of individuals linked to a number of prominent preachers over the years, have been spilling that kind of bile either online or in person to young impressionable recruits. >> from what we're hearing and theresa may, the prime minister and her remarks, suggesting that this could be copycat terrorism, do you think authorities feel that this was inspired potentially by the westminster bridge attack that we covered earlier this year? >> reporter: yeah, certainly. and since that attack in the middle of march, the security
10:16 am
services have foiled two similar attacks involving knives and involving plans to attack people in central london. so we know that that particular attack and the attention it got has inspired other individuals to follow along the same route. i think sometimes it's tempting to think that there's some all powerful force directing these attacks, but there doesn't seem to be in this case. >> when we think about what law enforcement is still doing in the community right now, duncan, do we know of the 12 that were arrested, are they all from this pocket? because it's only one suspect that's believed to have lived in the apartment that's behind you, correct? >> reporter: well, we're not entirely clear on that, because the police are keeping a lot of the details to themselves at the moment, but we do know they've arrested a large number of individuals and we understand the raids haven't just been in this apartment behind me, but other locations nearby, but it
10:17 am
appears the cell of three individuals that launched the attack have mainly come from this area. >> all right, nbc news' security analyst there in barking. this is where police performed raids earlier today, making arrests in connection with the incident from the london bridge. coming up next, inside the mind of the attackers. what really drives them? i'm going to talk to a counterterrorism expert on what they've learned in the past from the minds of attackers like this. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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new details now on the london attack last night. police say that is the van three suspects used to mow down pedestrians on london bridge. this is a rental vehicle. the three individuals then went on a stabbing rampage before being shot and killed by police. seven people were killed in this attack, 48 wounded.
10:21 am
police have now made 12 arrests. meanwhile, new reaction from a neighbor of one of the suspected attackers. take a listen. >> generally a really nice guy. i never had any sort of suspicions or anything. yesterday i'm actually in the process of moving home at the moment and hired a van, moving some bits and he came up to me and he was a little bit overnice, if you like. and it was quite strange. he's quite inquisitive about the van, saying where can i get a van from, asking details, how much was it, and just asking where he could get a van, basically. and he said to me, oh, i might be moving shortly with my family, as well. so i was like, oh, all right then. yeah. that was it. >> there is a big piece of the puzzle, asking where i can get a van from. police confirming, scotland yard saying this was a rental van used. joining us, spokesperson and policy adviser with the
10:22 am
counterextremism project. help us get in the mind of the attack there. that neighbor saying he was a nice guy, i would never think anything like this. is that the type of individual that falls into this profile, the m.o.? >> usually there are some signs. those close to this individual probably may have seen signs unless this was done really under the radar. usually radicalization signs can perhaps be seen through online activity, through the types of materials individuals are viewing or sharing with associates. the interesting thing here is, we don't really know if these individuals were in contact with terrorist affiliates, if they were inspired. we don't know if they were acting alone, the three of them, or if they were a part of a larger cell in the uk or how they might have initially come into contact with this radical extremist ideology. it's too early to say. what we do know is this is coming on the heels of two other attacks in the uk, which were clearly inspired by ideology
10:23 am
from terrorist organizations in the manchester case we know that individual traveled overseas and now we know that individual was in touch with isis. again, too early to say here. could be a copycat style attack, could be in a similar light as the other attacks, but isis has been calling for these attacks. they've been calling for individuals to take knives and take vehicles and do this type of destruction, so, unfortunately, while tragic and horrific, it's not actually surprising. >> no, they've said to improvise, but it was the prime minister today who came out with language, again, this is three attacks they've had in three months with the general election on thursday saying enough is enough. take a look. >> while we have made significant progress in recent years, there is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. >> far too much tolerance of extremism. you've been cautious about how this specific instance might be somehow connected to religion.
10:24 am
many people might think that this is, and also the prime minister saying that this could be copycat expression. so if she's saying, you know, enough is enough, and tolerance of extremism, what can be done on a community level? because i think that's what she's getting at, on a community level, so that when you see something you say something, that you thwart this kind of behavior. >> sure, you're absolutely right it needs to take place on a community level both in terms of law enforcement and public vigilance, but prime minister may has also said repeatedly and what i think is extremely important when looking at these cases is the role that technology companies are playing in all of this, because there is a lot of propaganda that violates their terms of service and it's on these platforms and it's radicalizing individuals in their home countries all over the world. and it's content that if you report, they will take down, but they have not dealt with it in the most efficient way. and the uk they are getting very serious about it and there is technology. my organization has been
10:25 am
promoting technology that exists that can get a lot of this content down. the technology companies do this in the realm of child pornography. they don't currently in the realm of counterterrorism, and i think it's really important to recognize a lot of these individuals aren't necessarily traveling to mosul or raqqah. they are getting this through their phones, the radicalization material on their home computers. it is one area we've seen dramatically change in a lot of these cases. the online component across most of these cases is a significant factor, and it's a common thread that runs through these cases, whether here in the united states or in the uk. >> if you get something, you know, like this, you have to phone, you get all this information coming to you and act where you are, as opposed to going maybe to where these battlefields are, you take the battle wherever you physically are. but doesn't this also work to the benefit of the intelligence community in the reverse direction, tara, for people within the fields that you are to drive out folks and get ahead of their plans because of social
10:26 am
media? >> well, in terms of, honestly, law enforcement is probably relying more on monitoring individuals that are under sort of surveillance for a particular reason and that would be more their communications. what we're talking about is the sort of out in the open propaganda used to recruit, being used to show graphic, brutal violence, beheading videos, calling on the killings for specific individuals and basically driving a lot of these attacks. it's no coincidence these attacks are happening during ramadan, a point of time when isis is releasing videos asking people who may or may not be affiliated with isis to do these attacks. whether or not these individuals had direct ties to isis, whether they are inspired by isis, whether they happened to see the last two attacks and think they should go out and do this, it really doesn't matter at the end of the day, because as we see, the loss of life and causalities and the havoc that this type of attack can create in an urban area soft target is the same, no matter how affiliated with the
10:27 am
terrorist group the individual was. >> devastating loss of life and ripple effect this has is large for the community of london, and we know we're just two weeks beyond manchester, who's reeling from the loss of life there. tara, thanks so much. coming up in a moment, more on the new information just learning about that vehicle, that van used in the attack last night in london.
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hi everybody, welcome back, i'm thomas roberts here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. at the half hour this is what we're watching for you, and new video just in and live images of the van police say was used as a tool of terror in the heart of london. investigators are now scouring for more information about the three attackers who used that van to kill eight people and nearly injure 50 others. i want to bring in msnbc's christopher dickey who's in paris for us. chris, we know this is the third attack in britain in three months. police say they have foiled roughly about five other plots,
10:31 am
but explain for europe why the uk is so heavily targeted. >> reporter: well, i think partly it's a question of opportunity. i think that it's gotten a little bit harder to attack in france. we've seen the terrorists taking the initiative in germany, for instance, where they hadn't been active before. we saw that late last year. and now we see them really going after britain again and again. now britain, of course, has a significant military presence. it's part of the coalition fighting isis, and it's also in the middle of an election campaign, so there's a hope i suspect that this kind of terrorism can impact the election in one way or the other. >> and do you think -- and that's such a way of thinking that really voters need to consider, you know, how this is going to affect how they want to live in a democracy and the impact that these elected leaders have on these attacks,
10:32 am
because it's almost normal behavior now in europe for folks and family members to have to live through something like this or have a friend that has gone through an incident. is it becoming some type of normalized behavior, chris? >> reporter: i wouldn't say it's normalized behavior, but i think you have to realize in europe, particularly in france and in britain, there is a long history of terrorism that goes back far longer than al qaeda or any of the other organizations that we talk about today. you had the ira carry out really horrific attacks year after year in great britain, and in france you had islamist terrorists very active in the mid 1990s. so people -- i won't say they get used to it, but they know they can live through it. >> so does this type of attack certainly frustrate officials from both countries? i mean, we know that france has been a very viable target for
10:33 am
terrorists to not only plan their attacks, but to operate, to kind of hide and thrive. >> reporter: well, i think what we see is that when these kinds of attacks surface, usually they are related to some network that the police and authorities had some notion of before, but maybe didn't focus on enough. that was clearly the case in the manchester attack. there were a lot of indications about the individual involved and the network he was connected to that should have rung more alarm bells than it did. we don't know enough about this particular group to say whether that's the case here, but when you have three people involved in a concerted terrorist attack, usually you would expect that they had talked to enough others in their community and had enough other connections that good intelligence work would have found out who they were and
10:34 am
more or less what they intended to do, just as, in fact, was the case with five other attempted attacks in britain. this one somehow slipped between the cracks and a lot of people are dead as a result. >> we know right now with those raids that happened earlier this morning 12 people, as we understand it, have been taken into custody. who knows whether or not they were on any type of radar by police prior to this, but we wait for details on that. christopher dickey, chris, good to see you, thank you, sir. we know of the difficulties of stopping these attacks before they happen is extremely difficult, but what are the tactics being implored and explored? that's next. their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of. researchers of technologies that one day you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team.
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you know what i could go for righhmmmw? some sweet barbeque. (over speaker) - or spicy! we got a craving! go go go!!! crashing cravings in the crave van. jack's gonna crash your crave! here, try my barbeque bacon cheeseburger with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce topped with bacon and onion rings. thanks jack. ha ha! piece of cake. oh, jack! you crave it, we serve it. my new sweet or spicy barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. crave van! so former secretary of state john kerry is weighing in on the london attack this morning telling my colleague chuck todd on "meet the press" just how hard it is to prevent this kind of violence. take a look. >> the fact is that if people want to kill themselves, this is really hard for law enforcement.
10:38 am
i know from my own law enforcement days how hard people work and how significant the intelligence gathering and coordination component of this is. but if someone is ready to just go out and meet a fuselage of law enforcement bullets and die, you can take people with you. >> so i'm going to bring in john finer, former national security council staffer. john, explain why it's so difficult as the secretary was explaining there, basically people like this, individuals of what we've seen in the london bridge attack being on some type of suicide mission, but being willing to take out as many innocent people as possible on their way. >> well, i think one of the biggest challenges we face now is terrorists who have shifted their focus away from what we would consider harder targets for them to hit. things like military installations or government buildings, which we've done a better job of protecting and towards softer targets, which is
10:39 am
a term of in the trade, places where civilians gather and they are hard to protect all at once without some form of advanced warning or notice. and this is quite important, which is this is why collaboration among multiple countries that can share information, share intelligence about threats is so important, and why the relationships with our key european partners that the president strained last week during his visits to brussels for nato and the g7 and italy really come into play. we need close working relationships with these countries so the information sharing works so we can get ahead of these threats. >> where does that come in right now under president trump or secretary of state rex tillerson? >> i think they have some work to do to try to build back some of the damage that was done to these relationships when, for example, the president called into question america's commitment to collective self-defense under the nato charter. you know, the president this morning, i think, sent one tweet out that got the message basically right. solidarity, resolve, strength in
10:40 am
the face of adversity, but the message was totally overwhelmed by the four others he sent that basically addressed sort of side issues in a political context, things like political correctness, taking shots at gun control, or advocating for his travel ban, which are frankly not totally relevant to this current debate. we don't know who or where this person came from at this point. >> just before 7:00 p.m. in london. john, i want to point out to our viewers on the scene there as the white van is being removed and retrieved by investigators working the scene all day. you can see folks in blue, they are covered from head to toe as not to injure or contaminate the scene as that van is a very important piece of property, as it was used as a weapon to kill and injure people on the london bridge before delivering those three suspects to the borough market where they went on foot with knives to then attack and injure as many people as they can. in all, seven people dead.
10:41 am
john, when we think about theresa may and britain's prime minister saying this morning that there is far too much tolerance of extremism in her country, the president also saying that we need to get smart before this gets worse. what is the message that these two and theresa may again helming brexit, donald trump voted in on this wave of populism this kind of isolationist role when you're saying we need to be sharing more than ever? >> well, i think the big question is leaving aside those rhetorical comments by the president and by prime minister may, what are the policies that are going to actually flow from those comments, and i think what a lot of us who are watching the domestic debate here in the united states are wondering is the president seems to be seeking an opportunity to take even stronger, more extreme steps, you know, in the name of defense against terrorism. that is how he has justified the travel ban that our courts have stepped in and stopped, at least as of now, and there's now an appeal potentially to the supreme court, which may make a
10:42 am
final decision on this case, but there are very extreme policies that are justified in the name of counterterrorism. i think the question is where will this question go, using some of these justifications based on these terrible tragic events that have taken place in europe and could potentially happen here, as well. >> john, great to have you on. thank you, sir, appreciate it. the other headline of the day, lots of reaction to the president's decision to withdraw from the paris accord. coming up, i'll speak to the governor of colorado, who is pledging to support the global climate battle plan, but who can sta states turn to and look to, because it's not this administration, to really make a difference beyond our own borders? ♪
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10:46 am
went on foot, a stabbing rampage through a borough market. there is the van. this is what the suspects, three of them, used driving across the bridge, using it as a weapon before they pulled over, they ran out, and then into a crowded marketplace, bar, and restaurants. bars and restaurants nearby that were filled with patrons and began indiscriminately attacking people. all three were shot and dead. i want to bring in colorado governor john hickenlooper, who is a democrat. governor, i do want to talk to you about climate change. obviously, the news over the last 24 hours is major and a big concern, considering that the uk has had to suffer through three attacks in the last three months. from your position as governor of colorado and witnessing what's taking place, what concerns you the most as you fully understand and deal with security issues of your own state? >> well, we've been aware of the risk even in the interior states like colorado, the risk from terrorism for a long time and
10:47 am
we've taken a lot of precautionary methods, but we've got to redouble our efforts both locally, but also internationally, obviously, you want to strike them, strike out and find the people that are organizing terrorist attacks, wherever possible. but you also want to try and marginalize the people that are thinking about following them or the people that have come out publicly and say this kind of violence is a good thing. you've got to kind of fight on both fronts. >> when we think about fighting on both fronts, the british prime minister, theresa may, blaming the islamist extremism for the recent swath of terror in the uk. as you understand the security threats that we face here domestically, are we in the same boat as what we've been witnessing for our cousins in the uk and throughout europe? >> no, i don't think we are in the same boat, but we have still a great deal of risk and i think that our intelligence community and our first responders, our local police, our national guards, our military forces,
10:48 am
they have to be alert. and we've got to be very vigilant to make sure these kinds of attacks aren't successful in the united states. >> we know that the president used what happened in london as momentum to bring up his travel ban via twitter, saying that this needs to almost be a catalyst of why we need our rights back and for the travel ban to go into place. also saying it that if we don't stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our own people, if we don't get smart, it's only going to get worse. what do you make of those tweets, those statements? >> i think we want to marginalize. we don't want to provide fuel to the arguments that the terrorists use against the united states and our western allies. i mean, at a certain point when you tell people that are seeking asylum here, refugees that have been through the most vigorous vetting process in the world, that many cases were allies of the united states and afghanistan or in iraq and suddenly we turn our back on
10:49 am
them, i think that does add fuel to the recruiting of terrorism. and i think that's a mistake. >> we know that the president is in much favor of states' rights. certainly, when it comes to issues big and small, but especially when it comes to sanctuary cities, as you brought up. that really doesn't fit their agenda of state rights and they are not for funding them, but when it comes to the paris accord, you and several other governors have pledged to go out of the way of the president and abide by the agreements that were drawn up. how much reaction is there to this just being about party politics, or is this something else for you? >> oh, i think this is well beyond partisan politics, and i think you step back and look at it, we did an alliance between three western states, between denver, utah, and nevada to set up electrical refuelling stations for electric cars. utah, gary herbert, very
10:50 am
conservative republican, brian sandoval, a conservative republican in nevada, and a liberal democrat, or so they call me. we have an alliance. we're all making we're all making sure we do less pollution. i was in a pow-wow yesterday with four mayors around the country including mayor hancock here in denver, mayor turner from houston and mayor rothchild from tucson. again, different parts of the country, certainly, maybe not all different parties, but they all felt it was very possible that climate change is something we all have to step up on. it's also a real question of public health and clean air and clean water. i don't see how any of that can be partisan. >> the other thing that's a baseline is believing whether or not climate change is real or a hoax, and we don't really have a straight answer from this white
10:51 am
house. ambassador nikki haley tried to respond to whether the president believes in climate change. hear her response this morning. >> president trump believes the climate is changing and he believes pollutants are part of that equation. that is the fact. that's where we are. that's where it stands. he knows that it's changing, he knows that the u.s. has to be responsible with it, and that's what we're going to do. just because we got out of a club doesn't mean we don't care about the environment. >> but the only people who aren't in this club, governor, is syria and nicaragua who doesn't think the deal went far enough. so if this president believes in climate change and pollutants, the american contribution to that within our environment, then why would we be backing out of the paris accord? >> i couldn't answer that question, but i do think the repercussions are going to be worse than what people have been saying so far. here we are re-evaluating our
10:52 am
trade agreements. just imagine the european union, if they end up with a cap and trade or some sort of carbon program that everyone is a part of except for us, some are say we have an unfair advantage and they'll start slapping a tariff to everything we try to export to europe and the rest of the world ultimately could have a significant negative impact on our trade balance. >> why do you think, though, it was the u.n. ambassador that could give one of the more direct answers, an almost affirmative answer about climate change and the president's feelings on it, when we can't get one from the actual president or the epa and the director of the epa or anybody else within senior leadership roles of the white house. why do you think it would fall on nikki haley to deliver this message? >> well, i think there have been a number of earlier statements from a number of people in the administration that reflected and said they were skeptical of climate change, and yet when the administration announced we were going to withdraw from the paris
10:53 am
accords, i mean, the business community overwhelming against it. if you look at the people that support it, all of large business, most of small business, most of the non-profits, i mean, not every governor but many, many governors of both parties, many, many, many, almost every mayor, not every mayor but many mayors, it wasn't such a burden on our economy that our business community and a large part of our local, municipal and state governments all felt this wasn't too big a burden. i'm not sure i understand what the benefit is that the administration is trying to find. >> john hickenlooper, governor of colorado. sir, thank you so much for joining us. i really appreciate it. stay with us. we'll take you back to london and the very latest in the terrorist attack, after this.
10:54 am
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straight back to london now and the images we're getting from authorities as they're about to remove that white van. that's the vehicle the three
10:57 am
assailants used as they started eight minutes of terror from the london bridge to the borough market. we have seven people that were killed, 48 others that were injured. and in these raids east of london, 12 arrests. i'm tom roberts. "meet the press" is next. julie is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor- positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ♪ ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. and ibrance plus letrozole shrunk tumors in over half of these patients. patients taking ibrance can
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this sunday, terror in london. a van mows down pedestrians on london bridge and then the three occupants stab customers at nearby bars and restaurants. >> i see people running and screaming. people were injured. it's been the worst day of my entire life. >> seven people are killed. dozens more wounded. prime minister theresa may responds this morning. >> we believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face. >> we'll have the latest. plus, the u.s. pulls out of the paris climate change accord. president trump says the agreement helps other countries at the expense of the u.s. economy. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> the reaction is swift. >> it's an extraordi


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