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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 5, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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morning. terror in london. at least 12 arrests made after an attack that left seven dead ask 12 injured. >> vladimir putin's perspective. russian president addresses russian allegations that the country interfered in the election. accuses countries in metaling in elections around the world. anticipation building ahead of james comey's capitol hill testimony this week. one senator previewing plans for the public hearing.
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good monday morning. it's monday. june 5. britain prime minster is agrees dramatic change is needed in her country. deadly terror attack in london. seven people killed and nearly 50 people hurt when a van began swerving into and hitting pedestrians on london bring on saturday night. three attackers then began stabbing citizens at the nearby bureau market. officials say within 8 minutes of the attack of being reported, police reported and fatally shot all three suspects. one bystander shot and expected to recover. officials say the vests they were wearing which looked like suicide bomb turned out to be fake. saturday's violence marked third trogs attack on british shoil in three months. speaking yesterday. prime minster theresa may called on citizens to unite against attacks like these.
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there is to be frank. too much tolerance. we need to become far more robust in identifying it in stamping out out across the sector and across society. that will require difficult and often embarrassing conversations, but the whole of our country needs to come together and take on this extremism and live our lives not in a series of separated segregated communities, but as one truly united kingdom. we cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. things need to change. >> late yesterday it will isis fill affiliated claimedhe attack. not yet verified the claim.
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>> what is the latest into the terrorist attack. police continue to carry out searches, are we learning more about what they're looking for in particular. the authorities do know the identity of the attackers. they have the background to the attacks. meaning they understand the motive and why the three men carried out and conducted the atrocities that they did. they're very tight lipped about the details to the public. just as a reminder in the manchester attack a few weeks ago getting a lot of the information through leaks. not lgetting leaked this time around. very fresh ongoing investigation. early hours on the morning. focusing on the east london neighborhoods. took in several people. no arrests as of this hour. on those 12 people arrested
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yesterday, one was released. seven were women. five were men. the ages ranging from 17-60. we are seeing new measures this morning for example, more armed and unarmed officers on the street as well as new security barriers on some of the bridges. >> after the manchester attack there was threat level increased. interesting to see what the justification for that is. >> ariana grande joined bid some big names at her concert. 50,000 fans packed the cricket stadium for the one love manchester benefit concert. joined by artists like miley cyrus, pharrell williams, cold play and legendary band oasis. >> so, she knows it's too late as we're walking on by.
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my soul slides away, but look back in anger, i heard you say. >> liam gallagher made appearance. said more than $3 million was raised for the we love manchester emergency fund. supports families of 22 skillki and dozens injured after the concert. donald trump's response. the president attended a gala. in his remarks he said he had spoken with british prime minster theresa may and offered condolences. >> america sends their thoughts and prayers and deepest simple thinks to the victims of this evil slaughter. and we renew resolve stronger than ever before. to protect the united states and its allies from a vile enemy
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that has waged war on innocent life and it's gone on too long. this bloodshed must end. this bloodshed will end. >> in the hours after the attack, president trump also posted a series of tweets. began by saying, quote, we need the courts to give us back our rights. we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. minutes later offered condole e condolences saying whatever the united states can do to help out, we will be there. we are with you. god bless. then yesterday morning president trump criticized the mayor of london tweeting at least seven dead and 48 wound instead attack. mayor of london say there is is no reason to be alarmed. president trump referencing an interview the mayor gave yesterday morning. here's what he said.
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>> london will see an increased police presence today and in the course of the next few days. no reason to be alarmed. >> a spokesperson for the office released a statement in response to president trump's tweet saying the mayor has more important things to do than respond to donald trump's ill informed tweet that libtly takes out of context his remarks. urging them to not be alarmed when they saw more police including armed officers on the streets. just played you that contrast between the president's tweet and what the mayor of london said. you flagged an ad that supporters are rolling at this week. >> president trump's first trip abroad israel. saudi arabia, the vatican, nato, g 7. it's historic. promoting a bold vision. uniting forces for good against evil. embarking on a mission to drive
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out terrorists from every corner of the club. president trump is reestablishing american leadership. strengthening ties with foreign allies and taking on isis. you won't hear this from the media. president trump is making us safe again by putting america first. >> help us unpack that a little bit. why do they need to see air support on something like the issue of terrorism. >> the judgment and by the way, this ad was obviously not tied to any of the events over the weekend. several weeks in the making. the group supporting donald trump on the outside, this is not an ad designed to persuade anything who doesn't like donald trump to support donald trump. what is desired to do is reenergize all these people who voted for donald trump and playing to both their i guess anxieties and also to some extent the grievances. you saw the shot at the end about the media.
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tell you this, that's a very powerful message for a lot of donald trump supporters and one of the things that picked up in polling is that one of the most powerful things donald trump could do for a lot of people who have become disengaged since the election is make them feel safe. about rallying the troops. getting behind them and potentially this is where it is heading in the next few weeks. channelling them into policy fights like health care. >> what do you think the president has learn sod far about other political battles and messaging out there. >> i think what there has been a recognition within the white house that there is i think maybe they came into the administration thinking they could persuade a lot of people who didn't vote for donald trump to come over. i think that has started to wane. i think they've seen a very entrenched part that is going to never like donald trump. there seems to be a pivot to
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some extent to reengage with the base. make sure they're delivering for the people who voted for donald trump and firing them up. i think we're seeing combative rhetoric from the campaign. if any come back. >> trying to keep supporters they already have versus get new ones. thank you very much. appreciate it. going to be another high wattage week on capitol hill. the main event thursday fired fbi director james comey speak in many sessions. what's on many senators mind is pressure to end investigation of possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia and how much he's going to be allowed to actually say. >> there's going to be able to testify. >> there's been talk. my hope is i believe this morning the white house has backed off from some executive privileges. clearly the president himself has commented about this.
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frajly no matter what he thought about gjim comey, the fact the president disparaged himself is unacceptable. i want to know what kind of pressure, appropriate, inappropriate. how many conversations did he have with the president. did some take place before the president was sworn in. i think jim comey deserves to have his day in court. >> the treasury department has not yet fully cooperated on document request. meanwhile, a prk repop reportin special counsel that includes paul manafort. exclusive interview last night vladimir putin down played. national security adviser. take a listen to that. >> when i cam to the event for our company, russia today, and sat down at the table, next to me there was a gentleman sitting at one side. i made my speech. we talked about some other stuff
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and i got up and left. afterwards, i was told, you know that was an american gentleman. he was involved in things. he used to be involved in intelligent certifies. that's it. i didn't even really talk to him. that's the extent of my acquaintance. >> also came back that he interfered in election. saying agencies and the public were being duped. >> they have been misled. they are analyzing information in its entirety. i haven't seen once any direct proof of russian interference in the presidential election in the united states. hackers can be anywhere. they can be in russia, asia, even in america. latin america. they can even be hackers, by the way in the united states. very skillfully professionally shifted the blame as we say on to russia. there is a theory that kennedy's assassination was arranged by
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the united states intelligence services. if this theory is correct and can't be ruled out, then what could be easier in this day and age than using all the technical means and disposal of the intelligence service and using those means to organize some attacks and pointsing the fringfringe -- finger at russia. >> went on to use a decade old theory to justify that claim. you may recall -- you probably already know, i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but the united states all over the world activelily interferes with elect torl campai -- electoral campaigns or other countries. put your finger anywhere on a map in the world and you hear complaints. doesn't sound like a justification. it sounds like a statement of fact. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. i repeat, you don't have to do
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that in the grand skacheme of things. we don't care who is the head of the united states. we know more or less what is going to happen. even in this regard, if we wanted to, it wouldn't make sense for us to interfere. >> the warriors prove to be unstoppab unstoppable. taking a 2-0 series lead. >> works to move the message away frjames comey. these stories and a check on weather we come back.
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>> that was president trump honoring payton manning at a reception last night. earlier sunday trump and manning responded after a round at trump national golf club. enhance the nation's waterways, electrical and air travel. president expected to call for privatizing air traffic control system. few hours from now in the rose garden. takes pitch to ohio to talk about levies. dams and friday take on roadway regulation. push includes calls for public and private funding. democrats have long said infrastructure is a potential place of agreement for the president. >> a lot to watch. let's switch gear. check on weather with your meteorologist. what is the situation like outside. >> saving a lot of money on
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sunscreen. we're stuck once again. started yesterday with the rain moving in. some people lingering this week. not just the northeast. really very rain yesterday. louisiana flash flood watch. very murky all through the southeast. a lot of people need the umbrella today. rain forecast, anywhere that has the green at least for the chance of rain. definitely the carolinas, kentucky, tennessee. along the gulf coast. little section here. get a line of storms. not too much severe weather today. just a lot of people have to use the umbrellas. here's the timing of it. mid atlantic region up through the northeast. including southern new england. access to the noon hour. rain moving through the mountains of tennessee to virginia. arriving near d.c. around noon
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today. pretty dry throughout much of the new england area. nothing too heavy. a lot of clouds. temperatures on the cool side. right after school activities or work activities this evening. still rain down here from richmond. scattered showers around charlotte and rale lee maybe breaks of sun around d.c. tuesday morning, more scattered showers. storms going to linger and spin over us here for two or three days. cloudy with occasional rain. not a bad lawn to be found. new jersey north wards. such a rainy day. here's today's forecast. great weather you want to go from st. louis to chicago to minneapolis. scattered storms in texas. a chance of rain. on the west coast it was this weekend too. 77 in la. 73 in seattle. by the end of this weekend. patterns flipped.
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defending champion least for now. game two the warriors. steve cur back on the sidelines last night after missing 11 games of complications for previous back surgery. warriors undefeated in absence looking to stremp perfect run to playoff to 14-0. there's no reason to stay up for the end of this one. golden state moves a game closer to history. another sweep in both seasons. defeating easily the cavaliers. 132-113. kevin durant. highest scorer for the warriors. steph curry scored 32. triple double. meaning also hosted by lebron james. golden state looking to win tonight. cleveland needs to win the game. turning now to audience for penguins and predator gearing up for game four of substantially cup final. first learning a little more about what sparked an
2:25 am
altercation. during the predators game three win on saturday. >> what was said between you and the leader of the other team as the game was ending? >> he told me my breath smelled, but i don't know. i used some list reen before the game. i don't know what he's talking about. >> i don't know. he may have said something. i don't know if he said his breath smelled. he told reporter he never made any remarks about an opponents hygiene. made it up for attention. if he did, well done. let's do some baseball. to detroit t white socks and tigers tied at four. bottom of the ninth. >> a chance to win it. two of seven. strikeouts against robertson. swing and a drive. deep left field. we have a game winner. >> justin upon the sends all three one walk.
2:26 am
7-4 win in a three game sweep of the white sox. >> talk of hygiene reminding me of wwe cross talk. happens on the wrestling. >> exactly. still ahead, does president trump believe in climate change. dodges the question again. play you that exchange coming up. plus have more for you from vladimir putin one-on-one interview with megyn kelly. the one rumor he called a load of nonsense. we'll be right back after the break. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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welcome back inside the studio. it's bottom of the area. start with the top stories. >> bill cosby trial set to g underway in a few hours. facing charges of drugging a woman in 2004. he has denied all the allegations against him. trial is expected to last around two weeks. >> president trump roll out a series of initiatives. looks to breed life into domestic agenda. president expect to push for $1 trillion to overhaul roads and bridges and waterways and electrical and air travel. president is expected to call for privatizing air traffic control system today in the rose garden. >> facing backlash over his response to the london terror attack. over the weekend president fired off a series of tweets in one instance. in the wake of this violence. even visit sizing london's mayor and mischaracterizing some of his comments on the attack.
2:31 am
>> staying at the london terror attack, top story today. prime minster vowing to bring change in her country. police continue to carry out raids this morning in the wake of deadly terror attack in london. seven people killed and nearly 50 people were hurt when a van began swerving and hitting pedestrians. stlee attackers began stabbing citizens at the nearby market. within eight minutes of the attack being reported police responded and fatally shot all three suspects. officials say the vests the attackers were wearing which looked like suicide bombs turned out to be fake. marked third terrorist attack on british soil in three months. so far 12 people have been arrested in east london in connection with the latest attack. theresa may called on citizens to unite against attacks like these. added more needs to be done to tackle extremism in her country saying there's far too much tolerance for it.
2:32 am
isis a mock media claimed the terrorist group was responsible for it. has not independently verified the claim. good to talk to you once again. prime minster theresa may saying that enough is enough following this later terror attack. she says just days before voters are set to go to polls to cast their vote, how are people responding now to this. >> >> she's been criticized a little bit for politicizing the terrorist attacks. the comments supposed to be a day of suspension of campaigning for the thursday election, the june 8 election and those comments were seen as frankly campaign statements. she didn't vow to conduct a sweeping review of britain's counterterrorism strategy saying there's been far too much tolerance of extremism in the uk. she also suggested there could be an increased prison terms for terrorism offenses including
2:33 am
relatively minor ones. another thing she called for was basically new international agreements to effectively regulate the internet saying not allow, quote, not allow extremist ideology the safe space it needs to read. push back from good and will facebook. large internet company saying they are already working with law enforcement agencies to try to stamp out these kinds of points of views. she was as i mentioned criticized. another criticism was how do you effectively get these kind of suspects. kind of radicalized individuals before they commit acts. it would take a lot of manpower. already 500 active investigations. 3,000 people under investigation. to be able to police everyone is too much resources necessary. and that is something the dpoft is being criticized for today. >> there's a sentiment we're not
2:34 am
unfamiliar with. a politician being criticized for a terror attack happening in the country. in an exclusive interview, russian president vladimir putin reacted to allegations that russia has damaging information on president trump. >> this is just not a lot of nonsense. where would we get this information from? why, did we have a special relationship with him? we didn't have any relationship at all. there was a time he used to come to moscow. i never met with him. >> the russian president was most animated when talking about possible meetings between the trump campaign and russia's ambassador, washington ambassador. there were no meetings. you understand? there were no meetings. when i saw this, my jaw dropped. >> no meetings between am bar dor between the trump campaign. i have no idea. i'm being completely honest. you think from all over the
2:35 am
world or the united states, the ambassador reported who he met with. do you even understand what you're asking? do you think i have time to talk to our ambassadors every day all over the world. complete nonsense. for me, this is just amazing. created a sensation. out of nothing. this is, you know, you're just you people are so creative over there. good job. your lives must be boring. >> nikki haley said as far as she nows the u.s. is keeping sanctions. contrary to recent reports. ambassador also responded to criticism the white house is going to punish the kremlin for russian interference. >> going through the motions of the investigation. i can tell you we've taken action against russia and the security counsel. at the same time trying to have
2:36 am
talks with them to better come in line with the syrian conflict. working with them on counterterrorism. if we see russia doing anything wrong, we're going to tell them. >> nsa head mike rogers wednesday. it is thursday that will be a block burster day on the hill. james comey will testify joining us from washington, d.c. once again. good to see you. you reported at the trump team. preparing for the first this coming thursday. now concerns in the white house about the president's outside counsel. talk to us about that. >> so donald trump's long time lawyer. he is known one of the top republican washington lawyer described to me as a street roller. that's the theme you hear from a lot of sources inside the white house close to the white house and the washington legal community. there's a good deal of concern the fights he fought in the past for donald trump, things like
2:37 am
sexual harassment claims. definition, lawsuits, fraud lawsuits. this these battles don't necessarily translate naturally to what is going to be an incredibly high stakes fight against the national security apparatus in washington. >> you mentioned earlier in the program the trump administration is planning on rolling out a series of projects particularly on infrastructure. what would a pr win look like for them this week. given the testimony head of tsa and others on capitol hill. >> well, this little segment is a pr win if your network on thursday decides to move away from the comey hearing and screen some images of bridges. >> i think it's going to be playing on everything.
2:38 am
>> i tend to think the same. that's what a pr one would look like. >> >> president trump's decision to exit the paris climate agreement remains top of mind over the weekend. former secretary of state and vice president both criticized the decision. when donald trump says to the world, well, we're going to negotiate a better deal. i mean, he is going to go out and find a better deal? that's like o.j. simpson saying he's going to to out and find the real killer. everybody knows he isn't going to do that. he doesn't believe in it. if he did believe in it, you wouldn't pull out of paris. >> it makes no sense to me. i think it was a reckless decision. indefensible decision. i think it undermines or nation's standing in the world and isolates us and threatens to harm humidity's ability to solve the crisis in time. >> meanwhile, epa scott pruitt
2:39 am
defended the decision to leave. saying the u.s. had an unfair deal and even refused to say whether president trump believes in climate change. >> why can't the president say whether or not he believes in manmade climate change. do you know what the president believes? >> well, frankly, i think the whole question is an effort to get it off the point. the issue whether paris is good for this country or not. the president has indicated climate changes. >> but are the changes manmade. >> what matters is what you do about it. what matters is what steps you take to reduce the o 2 reductions. >> our discussion, george, has been about the agreement they have. you have to see the agreement. that's what he spent the last several weeks focused on. >> certainly a heated exchange there. that is for sure.
2:40 am
>> thousands coming together to stand defiantly in the face of terror. massive concert for the victims of the manchester bombing attack. >> back home leading to this dangerous situation in north carolina. all the details coming up in the forecast next. excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that?
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now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. check out scary scene across charlotte south carolina. completely destroy the vehicle and leaving the driver unfortunate with live threatening injuries. driver was trapped in seat and emergency workers had to pull him out of the back of the car. scary moment there. let's get a check on the foreclose. saw the conditions in north carolina looking nasty. what else can you tell us. >> isolated storms. show you the picture from over the weekend.
2:44 am
alberta california. most picturesque tornado we had. only difference with the picture, if you look on the bottom right, guy is just mowing his yard. hanging out in the backyard with a twister in the background. >> it's incredible. >> i guess he needed to finish the long court range. >> authenticity of that picture. >> there's video of that tornado. looks like that because it was actually picking up brown department of homeland securidi >> that truck there driving right towards it. >> got to get to destination. >> i guess. >> you know better it's not dangerous for those people to be out there. >> it didn't hit anyone or do any damage. i would go the other way. everyone is different. >> let's talk about this storm that is going to affect us today. umbrella weather this morning. rained hard overnight. flash flood warnings out there. little dotted showers and storms all over the place. some boston. other storms still lingering here and there north carolina.
2:45 am
umbrella weather here in the east. some portion of the day you'll probably need it. rainfall forecast. no one is going to get flooding out of this. not widespread. after this mess, here's what we have to look forward to. tuesday and wednesday. i think we're done with this. chilly weak ahead. this is hudson bay. down here in the u.s. all of the cool air is going to sink. great lakes back to the northeast. going to stay schocool in the n couple of days. look at tomorrow. 56. boston. 58, 53. what month is this in. april? even new york. d.c. not quite as bad. wednesday is a cool day. get the picture here. it's going to take a while to warm up in the east. going to be at least another 3-4 days. >> if you lived in new york long enough. carry an umbrella all the time. it's going to be sunny one minute and raining the next. especially this time of year. >> part of the game. you got directions this morning.
2:46 am
united kingdom faces another terror attack. estimated 50,000 people joined some of pop muchk's biggest stars to honor the victims of deadly manchester bombing. also marked arianna's grande return to the stage. defiance and hope to fans. nbc news has more from manchester. >> >> 50,000 people facing the fear. >> you looked fear right in the face and you said no we are manchester and the world the watching. >> ariana grande back on stage 13 days after the bombing that injured and killed so many young fans. >> 16-year-old didn't think she would survive that night. in her wheelchair she couldn't get to the exits. >> >> she helped to replace
2:47 am
those memories with something better. >> we got to show them we're not going to be scared. >> her tickets hasn't come through. thousands came early. nervous, anxious. thinking of london. >> something happened begun last night. it's really upsetting. >> police closed the streets, guarded the gates and searched every bag. two hours before show time. >> you made it. >> i'm really excited. >> you're going to see her. >> i know. can't wait. >> with tickets and a brave face. >> a chance to make new memories. to heel. 15-year-old olivia campbell one of the first victim's to be named. >> i had the pleasure of meeting olivi olivia's name a few days ago. she told me she would have wanted to hear the hits. they're singing along and sending a message. >> it's so emotional for everyone and showing everyone
2:48 am
that we're unbleak lk. >> i was wondering if the concert was going to go on. >> it sent a very important message. defiance and resilience of people. >> absolutely. still ahead. sudden escalation. several nations sever from qatar. what it means for stability in the region. >> lives lost fighting for democracy in the china nearly 30 years ago. look at the vigil after that. >> >> farmers, we've seen almost everything. we know how to cover almost anything. bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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welcome back, everyone. it's quite the day in history. let's start with it 50 years ago when the six-day war began with israel preemptively striking in syria. expanded territorial holdings, capturing much of the sinai, jerusalem, west bank. 50 years later, continue to shape disputes over land there today. palestinians want the area captured in the six-day war including jerusalem, gaza, west bank as territory for an independent state. "the new york times" reporting sourceing a brigadier general at the time that israel had a secret plan to detonate a nuclear weapon on the mountain in the sinai peninsula in case it looked like they might lose the war. the onpom would be sent as a message to the nations they were fighting. 1989 tiananmen square massacre in beijing, some
2:52 am
110,000 participated in a vigil, holding candles, singing songs, calling on beijing the crackdown pro democracy protest. the number of fatalities unknown ranging from several hundred to several thousands killed. egypt, saudi arabia, bahrain, saudi arabia have severed ties with qatar. egypt accusing qatar of supporting muslim procedure hood which it views as terrorist organization. bahrain says qatar has been interfering and giving citizens 14 days to leave. uae set 48 hour deadline. comments on state run media contributed to -- called for
2:53 am
easing of tensions to iran describing hamas as, quote, legitimate representative of palestinian people. qatar says those were fake remarks posted by hackers. however, that has been rejected by several gulf states. ambassador to qatar retweeted a tweet from u.s. embassy in qatar from last october which says, quote, u.s. supports qatar's efforts combating terrorism, financing and appreciates its role in coalition against isil. couple of things playing here. have you a major u.s. base in qatar. now we're on the heels of the president's visit to saudi arabia. qatar trying to sort of play a proer with iran as we've seen over the last couple of years. >> qatar does not see eye to eye on regional issues particularly post arab spring that the countries of gcc, have supported
2:54 am
mubarak regime, keep iran at bay, believe iran is meddling in a lot of the region and causing destabilizing factors. the truth of the matter is qatar believes a real for them try to do that not the way other companies see it created diplomatic spat. keep in mind this is the second tame they have had an incident like this in the last couple of years. interesting how it responds particularly on the markets, want to turn our focus, cnbc's carolyn roth joins us live from london. what can you tell us how this is playing out on international markets. >> look, when it comes to international markets, one commodity we always look at is oil prices. we saw quite a jump in oil prices. that moderated a little bit. oil prices up by half of 1% when it comes to crude. because of the geopolitical risk premium added to the price of oil. obviously this is a result of the lopping simmering tensions
2:55 am
seen between qatar and other gcc states. i should add, though, qatar itself is not a major producer of oil but it is the biggest supplier in the region of liquefied natural gas and big supplier of condensate. doha main equities index down as much as 8% at one point this morning, last time i checked off by 7%. quite a big hit there. when it came to equity markets across the region in europe, we are lower. hard to say whether it's the qat qat qatari impact or terror attacks. back to you. up next on "morning joe" more on the london terror attack as police continue to carry out raids in the search for accomplices. the latest from nbc news chief global correspondent bill neely on the ground in london. plus former nato, joining us
2:56 am
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"morning joe," let's get a check of stories you'll be hearing about in the days ahead. lawmakers in the senate set to get back to work after spending last week on break at memorial day holiday. as they do so facing increasing pressure for mike pence po' pass repeal of obamacare by this summer. the vice president will actually be hosting health care listening session from female owned small businesses. criminal trial of comedian bill cosby for criminal assault charges set to get under way. charged with drugging a woman in his home. before that assaulting her. he denied all the allegations against him. >> that's it for us. "morning joe" starts right now. america sends our thoughts, our prayers and our deepest sympathies to the victims of this evil slaughter, and we renew our resolve, stronger than ever before, to protect the united states and its allies
3:00 am
from a vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life and it's gone on too long. this blood shed must end. this blood shed will end. >> president trump speaking at a gala at forbes theater in washington. he said he had spoken with british prime minister theresa may and offered condolences for saturday's terror attacks in london. but it's his response in the immediate aftermath of the attack that pits him against the mayor of that city. we'll talk about that. plus we're three days away from perhaps the biggest political event since the election. fired fbi director james comey testifies on thursday on capitol hill. good morning, everyone. >> we ned one of those cnn countdown clocks. >> we have our own. trust me, we do countdown clocks. >> do they have one already? i love it. it's great. it makes me


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