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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 6, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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thank you for being here with us, and good night from new york. the war of words continues. president trump attacks the mayor of london after this weekend's terror attack. is the president's upcoming trip there in jeopardy? plus, hurting his own case. the president fires off several tweets calling for a travel ban, but legal experts say he could be damaging his chances in court. and it's day two in the bill cosby trial. jurors have already heard from one tearful witness who claims the actor drugged and assaulted her two decades ago. . good morning, it's tuesday, june 6th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside
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louis burgdorf and yasmin. a war of words began sunday when a tweet by the president seemed to mischaracterize a remark khan made saying there was no reason to be alarmed following saturday's terror attack. khan used the phrase in the heightened police presence and the president tweeted, pathetic excuse by london mayor sadiq khan who had to think fast on his no reason to be alarmed statement. yesterday the white house defended the president's tweets. >> the president directly misrepresented what the mayor of london said. >> i don't think that's actually true. i think the media wants to spin it that way. i think the president -- >> he said there was no reason to be alarmed by an attack on the city, do you think that's what he was saying? >> look, i think the point is, is there is a reason to be alarmed. we have constant attacks going on. not just there but across the globe. we have to start putting national security and global security at an all-time high. president trump has been very
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clear that's his priority and he's not backing away from that. >> sadiq khan is responding and suggesting president trump's trip to the state capital be canceled. >> to be honest, my focus since saturday working with the police and emergency services and government to deal with the horrific attack on saturday. so i haven't got time to respond to ininformed tweets from the president of the united states of america. >> i don't think we should be rolling out the red carpet to the president of the usa in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for. i think one of the things, when you have a special relationship, its not different -- no different to when you have a close mate up. stand with them in times of adversity but you call them out when they're wrong. there are many things about which donald trump is wrong. >> foreign relations committee bob corker was also asked about the president's tweet targeting the mayor of london.
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here's what he told reporters. >> we live in a world today where unfortunately a lot of communication is taking place with 140 characters. it's probably best to refrain from communicating with 140 characters on topics that are so important. >> president trump continues his push for a travel ban following the terror attack in london. on saturday night he tweeted, we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. yesterday morning the president fired off a series of tweets calling the revised travel ban a watered down version of the original and criticizing the department of justice. last night he tweeted once again saying, that's right, we need a travel ban for certain dangerous countries not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people. legal experts saying trump's tweets could complicate the administration's efforts to defend the travel ban. the husband of white house adviser kellyanne conway is suggesting the president's comments could significantly hurt his case. quote, these tweets may make
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some people feel better but they certainly won't help the officer of solicitor general get five votes. sad. he says he supports the administration and, of course, his wife. police in the united kingdom continue to carry out raids in connection to this weekend's london terror attack. we're learning more about the suspects amid questions whether police did enough to stop them. they say khurum butt was born in pakistan and redouane is a libyan. the third has not been named. as the search continues, london police announced they were releasing the 12 people arrested. they did not say why they were being released, the individuals or what they were taken into custody for in the first place. meanwhile, hundreds gathered near the site of the attack to pay remembrance to those who dies. joining us from london, lucy
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kafanov. what are we learning about more of them? >> reporter: you're right to point out the growing question of whether authorities could have done more to prevent this. not only was one of the attackers known to authorities here but he was, as you say, featured in a television documentary about radical islamist groups here in the uk. khurum butt, the 27-year-old pakistani british born citizen was known to police and domestic intelligence agencies, mi-5. he was part of a group, a fairly well known radical group on the fringes of british society, one that believes in a caliphate. he was featured in a film about british jihadis shown praying around a black islamist flag at a park here in 2015. he was also apparently reported on an anti-terrorism hot line in 2015. we don't know as much about the
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other attacker, rachid redouane, the other man who's been named, other than as you pointed out, that he was 30 years old and claimed both libyan and moroccan heritage. a lot of tough questions. authorities say they have 20,000 radical individuals they are aware of, 500 active investigations. they simply can't police them all. the fact this is now the third attack in which at least one of the attackers were somehow known to authorities at some stage raises lots of tough questions just a few days ahead of the election campaign taking place here on thursday. >> as lucy is pointing out, they're able to identify these individuals but tracking them, monitoring them and doing something about it seems to be harder than what ordinary people think. turning to a controversy that continues here at home. james comey set to testify in congress thursday, an event expected to be covered live by most broadcasting cable news networ networks. the white house now says the president will not assert executive privilege over his
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testimony and the head of the senate intel committee had this to say about what's in the director's e-mails. >> did you ask to see the comey memos? >> he knows what's in the memos. >> i think eventually -- i think washington stays locked up forever. >> meanwhile, senator burr confirms they have received some of the documents for which they issued a subpoena looking into michael flynn and his companies. deadline is close of business today. what remains to be seen is how the administration itself will react. the associated press was first to report that efforts to create a war room to handle all things russia has stalled. quote, the process has been bogged down by a lack of decision-making in the west wing over to you to proceed as well as reluctance from some of those the white house hoped to recruit about serving a president who keeps getting in his own way. the onus is expected to fall outside the white house and beltway to the president's
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attorney. the new york times says whether he's the right attorney for trump at a time like this. andrew ross sorkin describes kasowitz as a scrappy lawyer not a part of the city's white shoe legal machine. he's fok lar of a comparison the donald trump of lawyering. his firm has had a lot of connections to the white house. david friedman, and joe lieberman was considered the front-runner to become fbi director and later removed himself from consideration. that job still has not been filled. to florida and a deadly case of violence. orlando beliefs a man who shot five workers before turning the gun on himself yesterday. kerry sanders has more. >> reporter: deputies say a disgruntled former employee at a small manufacturing warehouse in orlando had one mission -- to
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kill. 45-year-old army vet john robert newman armed with a knife and a pistol targeted and murdered his former coworkers before then turning the gun on himself. >> a former employee of this business, he was fired some time in april of this year. >> reporter: seven employees escaped safely. >> how are you doing right now? >> keep the families in prayer of these people. >> reporter: the five victims range in age from 44 to 69. >> i have no clue why anybody would want to hurt these people. >> reporter: deputies believe the gunman walked past the front door and the side warehouse doors to a third entrance he knew was often unlocked. once inside, deputies say he began shoot agent his former coworkers, aiming at their heads. deputies say one recent hire faced down the gunman but neumann told her to leave. she had been in the bathroom and called her sister moments after that first shot. >> she just kept saying, i'm okay, i'm okay.
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my boss is dead, my boss is dead. very, very upset. >> reporter: the most recent statistic shows workplace shootings rose by 15% in 2015. >> no reason for security, so obviously this is a very troubled person that just went off. >> our thanks to kerry sanders for that report. day two of teflt gets under way for the sexual assault trial gel against bill cosby later today. he's on trial accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple employee back in 2004. cosby's attorneys claim it was consensual. during opening statements prosecutors say she was incapacitated and unable to consent. the state also called its first witness, a woman they claim cosby drugged and molested her back in 1996. cosby doesn't face charges for those allegations but the defense team pushed back on what they call inconsistencies in her story.
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one person who came to support cosby is his youngest tv daughter who played rudy huxtable. >> i don't take these charges lightly. i don't condone sexual assault in any way, shape or form. at the end of the day our court system is set up and the judge said plenty of times in the beginning of this whole thing that you are innocent until you're proven guilty. and the job now is for the two sides to prove their cases. and i accept whatever verdict is handed down. >> the tv legend later tweeted this note to the actress along with a photo thanking her for her support. cosby has repeatedly denied all allegations. testimony resumes today. america's top diplomat in china has resigned in protest of the president's decision to withdraw the united states from the paris climate accord. in a town hall meeting with embassy employees yesterday a charge d'affaires officer at u.s. embassy in beijing, david
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rank, explained his decision saying he was asked to support a policy that as a parent, christian he could not do. he's served in state department since 1990. former iowa governor terry branstad has been confirmed by the senate but has not arrived at his post. america's acting ambassador to the united kingdom tweeted his strong support of london's mayor, sadiq khan, in direct contrast to the president. and america's ambassador to qatar tweeted, increasingly difficult to wake up overseas to news from home knowing i will spend today explaining our democracy and institutions. it's been more than half a year of a deadly warehouse fire in california. the temperatures have been so hot in parts of the country that roads have buckled. i'll give you a hint. it's not in new york. bill karins will have a chance of the forecast coming up next. (vo) introducing
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a story we covered a couple months ago. two men have been charged with the deadly oakland warehouse fire. property manager derick almena and tenant max harris face involuntarily man slater, one for each victim of the fire and up to 30 years in prison. almena was the leaseholder and founder of the artist collective at the so-called ghost ship. almena's attorney disputed the charges calling them a miscarriage of justice. a man accused of facing an unarmed police officer outside of venetian is facing charges. officer kenneth la parra has
2:17 am
been charged after using a mixed martial arts chokehold on brown. the incident began when brown appeary sweaty agitated and sweaty approached him and patrol partner in a casino coffee shop and said he thought people were after him. a chase ensued through the las vegas casino and body cam showed him using a stun gun seven times before placing him in the chokehold for more than a minute. he could face up to eight years in prison if convicted on the two charges. severe storms rolled through the southeast once more in louisville, kentucky, trees came crashing down in neighborhoods and some cases crushing cars. so far, reports of no injuries. let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins with a check on your weather. good morning, bill. >> good morning. interesting times in the eastern half of the nation. it is gloomy, rainy and a heat wave coming in about four or fife days. you can't win sometimes. so far this morning the worst weather in the country is naples, florida.
2:18 am
thunderstorms, even a couple tornado warnings in alligator alley and it will push towards ft. myers, palm beach. thunderstorms from mobile to pensacola, panama city with heavy rain. looks like new storms are heading up towards tallahassee. florida is the hot spot for heavy rain. 1 to 3 inches of rain over the next two days. they need it. they've had a drought throughout the winter and early spring. they'll get their soaking. where we don't need any more rain is where we're still getting it, in new england. what an ugly morning from boston, portsmouth, cape cod, light rain through adirondack. one line pushing into new jersey be, but it's weakening. all these locations need their umbrellas. not a lot of heavy rain. in the next two days, maybe half inch to 2 inches at most. mostly in mountainous areas. most of these cities a light, drizzly, showery weather. warmth in the middle of the country. summer well in place here.
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108 yesterday in arizona and it will continue very warm today. 80s and 90s from el paso to houston, wichita, all the way to minneapolis. still warm around memphis. as i mentioned, slowly this building warmth will head to the east. 80s in the middle of the country wednesday. as we head towards this weekend, look at d.c. 79 friday. 84 saturday. 91 by sunday. that's a hint of things to come. des moines, 94 saturday. 96 on sunday. the heat's coming. you just have to hold onfor it. i don't know if you like it hot or gloomy but somewhere in the middle would be nice. >> i think having a few hot days would be nice. it's hard to believe we're in the middle of june and it's still chilly a little bit. still ahead, the national predators tie things up in the stanley cup finals. one couple couldn't contain their excitement. we have the video to show you next in sports.
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2:23 am
>> all right. so, that answered your question. >> lebron just giving that right back. welcome back. time for sports. game four of the stanley cup final. to nashville, penguins and predators down to a best of three contest after nashville evens the series two games apiece with a victory at home last night after the teams traded goals in the first period, free agent gaudreau nets the go ahead score in the third. pekka rinne goaltender turning aside 23 pucks as predators add another two goals for a 4-1 win. the teams will try to gain an edge as the series shifts to pittsburgh for game five on thursday night. it's an exciting time for fans in nashville after back-to-back home ice victories for the predators that have brought the team right back into the series. after last night's win, one
2:24 am
passionate hockey couple couldn't hold back that loving feeling. >> home ice advantage at bridgestone arena is as good as it gets. the predators are 9-1 at home in the postseason. it's where they live and it's where they get the job done. as you said, they have evened the series at two games apiece going back to pittsburgh. one thing it does ensure, there will be a game six here at bridgestone and the stanley cup will be in the house either way. >> that might be a world record for world's longest kiss. turning to the major leagues where baseball's best team is still streaking. the kansas city and astros not only boast the best record in baseball but own the mlb's longest win streak so far this season with 11 straight victories after tweeting the royals 7-3 last night. houston sits 14 games atop the a.l. west with a 42-16 record, including a record of 22-6 on the road. to milwaukee for one of the worst throws you'll see on a
2:25 am
diamond. giants' outfielder makes the play on the ball hit out to left center field and tries to nab the runner to home but the throw is a bit outside. the ball gets wedged between billboards allowing the second run to score. they could account for the only runs of the game as san francisco wins it 7-2. finally the women's college world series opened with a marathon game one, a normal softball game lasts about seven innings. oklahoma and florida went for 17 last night before the teams could finally go home. >> 1-2 pitch. and knightly knew it was gone the second it left her bat. a three-run home run for sooner. >> a three-run homer hit out into left field bleachers. the gators can only muster one run in the bottom of the frame and oklahoma takes game one of
2:26 am
the best of three series, 7-5. >> what was orlando aiming at when he made that throw? >> i'll tell you what, he definitely had the distance if not the accuracy because it went all the way over home plate. >> that couple, they knew exactly what they were doing. they looked at the camera, saw it was rolling and then they started to make out. >> i give them a lot of credit. >> there they go. wow. get a room, will you? still ahead, is president trump getting frustrated with jeff sessions? we're taking a look. president trump works to follow through with a campaign promise to improve u.s. infrastructure and lays out plans for air traffic control in this country. we'll be right back 37 got it. rumor confirmed. they're playing. -what? -we gotta go. -where? -san francisco. -when? -friday. we gotta go. [ tires screech ] any airline. any hotel. any time. go where you want, when you want with no blackout dates.
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back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. its the bottom of the hour. let's start with the hour's top stories. orlando believe a disgruntled coworker with an apparent workplace suicide. neumann was fired from the company in april. today's day two of testimony in the sexual assault trial against bill cosby. yesterday prosecutors called their first witness, a woman who claims she was also drugged and molested by cosby, who is not charged in those allegations but charged from charges in 2004. the star's attorney says it was
2:31 am
consensual. a report from "the new york times" shows drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for americans under 50. preliminary data from "the new york times" shows it rose 90%, likely exceeding 59,000. if the numbers hold up, the opioid epidemic claims more lives than car crashes, hiv and gun violence when those crises were at their worst. donald trump pushed for a travel ban, firing off a series of tweets yesterday which legal experts say could hurt his case. nbc news chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has those details. >> reporter: new questions about whether the president's own words could come back to haunt him as he attacks travel ban, now in the hands of the supreme court, describing the current version as watered down and politically correct. and, yes, the president's reiterating, it is a travel ban. >> i don't think the president
2:32 am
cares what you call it. >> reporter: his administration used to. >> its not a travel ban. remember, it's a travel pause. >> its not a travel ban. >> this is not a travel ban. this is a temporary pause. >> when we use words like travel ban, that misrepresents what it is. >> reporter: why does it matter what it's called? because the president's words can and probably will be used against him in a court of law. other judges in decisions to block the ban already pointed to the president's rhetoric on the campaign trail. even supporters like conservative lawyer george conway, husband of kellyanne conway, says these tweets on legal issues undercuts the president. >> many people would say it undermines their kriblgt before the justices as well. >> does the president support his own travel ban as it's currently written? >> absolutely. >> reporter: president trump's late es travel ban talk comes in response to the terror attack in london. part of a series of statements in which he slammed london's mayor. >> london will see increased
2:33 am
police support. no reason to be alarmed. >> reporter: the president appearing to take that phrase out of context tweeting at least seven dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and mayor of london says there is no reason to be alarmed. >> look, i think that the point is, is there is a reason to be alarmed. >> reporter: mayor khan unphased. >> i don't have time to respond to uninformed tweets from the president of the united states of america. >> reporter: advisers point out the president did called prime minister may to offer condolences and express support to the uk. >> our thanks to hallie jackson for that report. also in the president's twitter rant yesterday, at times lashing out at his own administration saying the justice department should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to the supreme court. the justice department should ask for expedited hearing of the
2:34 am
watered down travel ban and seek a much tougher version. jeff sessions and the "new york times" reports now the president is apparently discontent with jeff sessions, one of his earliest supporters. take a listen. >> we have a man here who really helped me. he was the one person i sought his counsel because he's been so spot on. he's so highly respected. has anybody ever heard of senator jeff sessions? he's like 20 years old. unbelievable guy. say hello. come here. >> thank you for the work you've put into the immigration issue. i'm really impressed with your plan. i know it will make a difference. and this crowd shows a lot of people agree with that. congratulations. >> then candidate trump on the campaign trail, "the times" reports, quote, in private the
2:35 am
president's exasperation has been even sharper. he has intermittently fumed for months over mr. sessions' decision to recuse himself from the investigation. he gave way to appointment of robert mueller. a senior white house official said the president has not stopped burning towards mr. sessions. president trump's tweeting for months has left his staff trying to keep pace with the boss. "wall street journal" reported aids organizations -- organized an official twitter intervention explaining certain kind of comments made on twitter would paint him into a corner. on may 7th the journal reported one major change under consideration would see the president's social media posts vetted by a team of lawyers to see if they needed to be curtailed. so the tweets don't go from the
2:36 am
president's mind out to the universe. the importance of president's access to social media has divided his supporters. >> this obsession with covering everything on twitter and little -- >> that's his preferred method of communication with the american people. >> that's not true. >> i think social media for the president is extremely important. it gives him the ability to speak directly to the people without the bisz of the media filtering those communications. at this point he has over 100 plus billion contacts through social media on all those platforms. i think it's an important tool for him to be able to utilize. >> amid all this the president is trying to get back to his agenda with, quote, infrastructure week. the president announced his plan to overhaul the air traffic control system and using it as an opportunity to slam the obama administration. >> we're proposing reduced wait times, increased route efficiency and far fewer delays.
2:37 am
we will launch this air travel revolution by modernizing the outdated system of air traffic control. the previous administration spent over $7 billion trying to upgrade the system and totally failed. honestly, they didn't know what the hell thewere doing. it's time to join the future. at its core our new plan will dramatically improve america's air traffic control system by turning it over to a self-financing nonprofit organization. this new entity will not need taxpayer money. under this new plan, the federal aviation administration will focus firmly on what it does best -- safety. a separate nonprofit entity would be charged with ensuring route efficiency, timely service and a long awaited reduction in
2:38 am
delays. in a ceremony befitting a bill signing, the president went on to sign not a bill but a memo to congress outlining his proposal which has no binding effects. the white house laid out its legislative timeline last night and an infrastructure bill was not on the lis. instead the administration's goal is to pass the health care overhaul before congress adjourns for summer recess followed by tax reform. let's head back overseas to the uk where police in that country continue to carry out raids in connection to this weekend's london terror attack. we're learning more about the suspects amid questions. police have identified two of the three attackers. they say khurum butt was british citizen born in pakistan and redouane is a moroccan and libyan. butt was already well known to authorities. british media is reporting he is also shown in a documentary by the uk's channel 4 last year about islamic extreme iic extr
2:39 am
unit kingdom. london policed announced they released the 12 people they already arrested following the attack. they didn't say why they were released or whether they were taken into custody in connections with the attack. mayor sadiq khan delivered a stern warning to those mulling future violence against his city. >> london stands in defiance against this cowardly attack on our city, our people, our values and our way of life. as the mayor of london, i want to send a clear message to the sick and evil extremists who commit these hideous crimes. we will defeat you. you will not win.
2:40 am
>> some strong words from the mayor. joining us from london, lucy kavanof. where are authorities at with naming more accomplices? >> reporter: well, they know the identity of the third attacker. they simply haven't released that to the public yet. we did see more raids this morning, but that is, as authorities basically search for other people who may have known the attack was coming or who may have potentially helped out. i want to draw your attention to the scene behind me. where i'm standing right now is a short walk away from both london bridge and borough market. obviously, the crime scenes where these attacks took place. this line of people waiting in the rain, both of those areas have a lot of offices there. there's been a lot of folks who were supposed to go into work who obviously could not go into work because of those attacks. so, they have been lining up here all morning in the pouring rain, as you can see it, trying
2:41 am
to show their identification in order to enter those areas. the authorities not allowing them to enter their offices without showing i.d. this is basically the new normal, unfortunately. life is returning to normal, to some degree. some bridges are being reopened but put up concrete barriers. this in a free and democratic society having to show identification to get into your place of work is a disturbing development. >> that city still very much on high alert. thank you. 25-year-old intelligence contractor has become the first person to be charged with leaking classified information under the trump administration. the justice department announced yesterday that reality leigh winner, an nsa contractor, had been charged with removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet. the official complaint against winner says she admitted to printing out a may 5th intelligence document describing new details about russian efforts to hack voting systems
2:42 am
in the united states a week prior to the 2016 presidential election. and then mailing it to the online news office "the intercept." barely after an hour after they published it, the charges against winner were announced. her attorney told nbc news his client is looking forward to putting this behind her and has no prior criminal history. montenegro officially joined nato, becoming the 29th member state and the first new member since 2009. the prime minister was at the state department yesterday for the formal announcement and greeted by vice president pence and reportedly did not meet with president trump. you may recall back in may trump appeared to push him aside trying to make his way to the front of the group. yesterday in a statement russia's foreign minister said, quote, the russian side reserves the right to take retaliatory measures and also echoed a
2:43 am
recent line used by president putin, for every action there is an opposite reaction. still ahead, new information on the diplomatic crisis in qatar taking a toll on the markets overnight. bill karins is tracking a big warm-up for us. he even used the heat wave expression, believe it or not. we'll get a check on the forecast next. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience.
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...and are on the verge of more tomorrow. welcome back. take a look at this security video showing a man walking into a 7-eleven but it's the way he walked out that caught the attention of a detective outside in an unmarked car. william jason hall is accused of stuffing 15 bottles of motor oil and several dvds into his pants. the detechtive apparently saw the whole thing and escorted him back into the store. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> that's a lot of motor oil. >> i don't know how you do that. >> that's a big pair of pants. as far as the forecast in the east, a lot of changeable
2:47 am
weather. people waiting to get back to summer and we'll do that in a hurry. here's the rain this morning. one batch just over -- entering now into philadelphia. it's going to try to make a run at new york city. it will be light throughout the morning rush hour. just ugly, drizzly from providence up to hartford. this weekend, feeling like middle of april today, then it will feel like the middle of july by the time we go through the weekend. look at d.c., sunday, 93. monday, 94. new york city may have a little cooling because of the water being close to it, but i still think new york city has a chance at 90 degrees possibly monday or tuesday. raleigh will be in the 90s. chicago, 94 sunday. 93 on monday. cleveland is in the 90s monday. you get the picture. like i said, we never get the beautiful 70s and 80s in the northeast. it's either the cool, dreary weather or goes instantly hot. the award for worst weather is on marco island to naples. thunderstorms, we even had a tornado warning earlier.
2:48 am
no damage done but a lot of lightning. these storms are drifting towards ft. lauderdale and west palm beach. panama city, pensacola, not a pretty morning on i-10 driving throughout panhandle of florida. a lot of hef rain for you. this is where the rain will remain over the next day or two. florida will get drenched. today's forecast, all the great weather from texas to minneapolis to chicago. that is perfect. 74 and sunny. st. louis is great, too. as i mentioned, all that nice weather in the middle of the country is headed east. >> i'm sure the people of marco island just love you this morning for that award. >> right now they're like, is there a tropical storm? it's nasty. still ahead, the end of an era for one of the nation's most popular retailers. is trump administration giving up comfort on for affordable driving business next.
2:49 am
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now to the latest political crisis in the middle east. qatar says it's ready for mediation. some of the arab world's biggest players now accuse kuwait of supporting extremists. we're told it's now been postponed amid reports is now trying to help solve the dispute. this seems to keep elevating day after day. what's at the core of all this? >> it's about a political division in the region. the countries that are involved in the sanctions and cutting off relations with qatar, saudi arabia, united arab emirates,
2:52 am
they believe qatar is supporting and fueling extremists, that al jazeera is fueling the flames a little bit. accusing it of harboring opposition figures they want. they've given a list of six demands to restore diplomatic relations. that's creating serious panic in that country. qatar is a small country, a lot of ex-pats. it only has one border with with saudi arabia. people yesterday were sending out images of the shopping markets, a shortage of supplies. people are nervous about what this means. this is one of the sharpest escalations of relations between these countries and the golf. it also comes on the heels of president trump's visit to the region where he called for combating extremism and terrorism. keep in mind, they've not only cut off diplomatic relation, but
2:53 am
banned flights from saudi arabia to qatar. it's a very tense moment. >> qatar is an energy-rich nation. for more on that part of the story, we turn to cnbc's carolin roth. how are the oil markets reacting this morning? >> markets are lower for a second day in a row. yesterday we saw a decline of rough hey .5%. this morning in london we're down by a third of 1%. let me tell you why oil traders are so nervous about this escalation between qatar and the other arab league countries. it's because it throws doubt on the opec deal to cut production. there's a lot of nervousness that this deal cannot be fully impleme implemented. the effectiveness of the deal, given the surge in u.s. shale production. as i said yesterday, qatar itself is not a major oil producer. i want to move on and talk about one big story hitting the retail sector this morning.
2:54 am
a major shakeup at j. crew, one of the struggling retailers. long time ceo mickey drexler says he is stepping down, though he'll remain at the company to be the chairman of the board. he's been the ceo since 2003, took it private to save it from bankruptcy. we'll see whether his successful has anymore success. >> carolin roth live in london, thank you. the trump organization announced plans for a series of hotels with a patriotic theme. donald junior and eric trump announced the american idea yesterday. they will be built in small and mid size cities stem from the crash coarse in america they got while traveling across the country with the presidential campaign. eric dan zinger said the chain will debut in mississippi and will have no connection to
2:55 am
president trump. the company planned a hotel expansion for about two years before mr. trump's 2016 bid. president trump tweeting about possibly hurting his own court case. robert costas has more on republicans growing more and more uneasy with president trump. e pnchtsa administrator scott pruitt is here discussing the fallout over the president's decision to exit the paris climb agreement. "morning joe" just moments away. (vo) introducing
2:56 am
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stay ahead of ibs-d with viberzi. pliemt. before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check on the stories you'll hear about in the day ahead. >> when we start at the white house, we find nbc's hallie jackson with a look at the presidents day ahead. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: here at the whois it's day two of what advisers like to call infrastructure week, the president pushing his plan to help rekbild the country essentially. he gets on the road tomorrow. today he's here at the white house talking about his agenda and priorities and meeting with congressional leaders. that's going to be something to watch. expect health care to be a major
2:59 am
topic of conversation, particularly as you are seeing some senators skeptical that any action can actually get done at some point this summer. despite that being the hope, of course, from some of the house as well as members of the white house here. we're also watching the see anymore fallout from those travel ban tweets from the president, whether those words could potentially come back to haunt him as the case makes its way through the supreme court now. big day here at the white house, lewis, back to you at 30 rock. >> our thanks to hallie jackson for that report. >> as hallie mentioned, president trump expected to welcome republican congressional leaders. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and speaker paul ryan will be in attendance. in addition to health care and tax and regulatory reform expected to be discussed. >> that does it for us on this tuesday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside louis burgdorf and ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. awesome force of a thousand planes and fighters to drop m men -- darkening the skies over
3:00 am
normandy. complete control of the air and cover the service forces as the troops pile in. they prepare to move in, 500 more ships lay down a withering barrage. troops move in aboard lcts and lsts. it's the beginning of the end for hitler's dreams for royal conquest. >> welcome to "morning joe." it's been called the longest day, june 6th, 1944, the united states and its allies storm across the english channel onto the beaches of normandy and up the cliffs of more nan difficult to free a continent and save a civilization. good morning, it's june 6th, as i said.


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