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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 7, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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and good night for all of us from new york. new claims the president is pressuring in the wrong places. dan coats will testify today. new revelations he asked him to testify in the russia probe. and a candidate scarce off, one comment about minimum wage raising eyebrows this morning. good morning. it is wednesday, june 7th. i am ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian.
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james comey set to testify tomorrow. we get to new reporting on that in a moment. first today we will hear testimony in the senate intel committee from some of the nation's highest law enforcement intel directors. rod rosenstein, andrew mccabe and director of national intelligence dan coats expected on capitol hill. the hearings will be overshadowed by another report breaking late last night. "the washington post" reports march 22nd, the president asked dan coats to intervene with fbi director james comey to get the bure to take the heat off national security adviser michael flynn in its russia probe. the meeting a week after coats was sworn in, two days after comey testified on capitol hill that the fbi was investigating the trump campaign and possible collusion with russia. coats was at this briefing with a number of other officials across government agencies. according to the paper as the meeting was concluding, the president asked everyone to leave the room except for coats
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and cia director mike pompeo. the paper cites that coats discussed with other officials and deciding interfering with comey would be inappropriate. since michael flynn was asked to resign and james comey was fired, director coats said he never felt pressured by the president or anyone else in the administration to influence any intelligence matters or on-going investigations. the white house has referred comment to outside lawyers. believe it or not, it was three weeks ago a memo belonging to james comey was revealed, claiming the president tried to pressure the fbi director to end the flynn investigation. now "new york times" reports comey told jeff sessions he did not want to be left alone again with the president. the paper cites current and former law enforcement officials that say comey approached the nation's top attorney in february, the day after being pressured by the president. comey believed sessions should protect the fbi from white house influence and pressure from the
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president was inappropriate. times reports sessions couldn't guarantee the president wouldn't try to talk to comeylone ain and comey didn't revealhy he was shaken by the president. the fbi declined comment and the doj said it wasn't appropriate to comment on on-going investigations. when he appears before the senate, comey expected to layout a pattern of what he believes led to the russian investigation. according to sources close to him, he is not going to accuse him of obstruction of justice. meanwhile, they're preparing for thursday's testimony. >> i wish him luck. thank you, everybody. >> tell us where the president will be, what he is going to be doing thursday at 10:00 a.m. is he going to watch his testimony on capitol hill? >> the president has a full day thursday, an infrastructure meeting with mayors and governors to talk about some of
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the projects that need -- and the public private partnership. he's giving a speech midday to faith and freedom coalition downtown. a busy day as all days are. focus is pursuing the agenda and priorities he was elected to do. >> "the washington post" reports the president has been glued more than usual to the shows from his private quarters or from the 60 inch flat-screen in his study off the oval office. paper reports even though lawyers and aides urge him to resist from engaging, trump is keen to be a participant rather than another viewer. two senior officials said including the possibility of taking to twitter to offer commentary. >> as head of the fbi, james comey put politics over protecting america.
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after the fbi banned terms like radical islam for political correctness, comey allowed dangerous practice to continue when terror attacks were on the rise last year, comey was consumed with election meddling after he testified before the u.s. senate, comey's own staff admitted some of his answers were flat out wrong. james comey, just another d.c. insider, only in it for himself. >> but despite bipartisan complaints, the white house is defending president trump's continued use of twitter. here's what press secretary sean spicer told reporters yesterday. >> are president trump's tweets considered official white house statements? >> the president is the president of the united states, so they're considered official statements by the president of the united states. the president is the most effective messenger on his agenda and i think his use of social media, he has a collective total of close to 110 million people across different platforms, gives him opportunity to speak straight to the
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american people which proved to be a very effective tool. i think the same people critiquing use of it now critiqued it during the election and turned out pretty well for him then. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is weighing in on twitter usage, it is a message we heard from him before. >> so much domestic focus, today especially on the president's tweets. >> on what? >> the president's tweets. continued tweets by the president. can you discuss this? >> yeah, you know, i can only say what i've said before, i'm not aan ofhe president's tweets and that still remains my view. well, i've been pretty candid with him and all of you, i'm not a great fan of daily tweets. not been a fan. extra discussion he likes to engage in. we're going to soldier on. >> i think we do end up having a
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lot of collateral matters to talk about as a result of the president's desire to tweet. i'm more interested in what he is doing than tweeting. >> you have said you wish he would spend less time on twitter, there could be less drama out of the white house. >> obviously i said to him i thought we could use a little less drama, you can see how effective i have been. >> president trump is reportedly mulg a shakeup of his communications team, according to "the washington post," robert costa, the president voicing displeasure with current staff. he and several top advisers, including jared kushner are considering a range of option tos to overhaul the team. morel was the pentagon press secretary more than four years under robert gates. scott reflects, was also
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approached about taking a communications role, and conservative radio host and trump friend laura ingraham, but she would rather remain outside due to broadcasting and media commitments. there hasn't been the wholesale shakeup that was rumored. >> the clock is ticking for republicans in their push to get the health care bill over the finish line before the august recess. looks like that goal may not be met. according to politico, growing number of senate republican leaders are growing increasingly doubtful they'll be able to piece together a bill in time. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was one of the leaders to meet with the president to bump up the deadline to vote on new legislation. "the wall street journal" reports republicans hope to send a bill to congressional budget office by the end of this week to vote on it before july 4th break. adding to pressure facing
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republicans, anthem is pulling out of obama health insurance exchange in ohio. insurers previously warned lawmakers there will likely be further exchange withdrawals and sharp rate increases in plans if they aren't given certainty about the future of obamacare. also not yet resolved, tax reform, concrete plans on the infrastructure roll out. now to breaking news, twin attacks across iran, most information coming from state media and unconfirmed. several attackers reportedly fired shots in parliament. one of the attackers has blown himself up across town. a suicide bomber targeted the shrine of ayatollah khomeini. it is not clear who is behind the deaths. more casualties to come. more on this as it comes in. during last month's nato meeting in brussels, president trump failed to back article five that states attack on one
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is attk on all. national security council and state department before being taken out at the last minute. politico reports the president was expected to say we face many threats, but i stand here before you with a clear message, the u.s. commitment to the nato alliance and article 5 is unwavering. >> we are at a nato article 5 commemoration. the idea we would recommit ourselves to something we were clearly there to celebrate seems silly, i don't know about contents of the speech, frankly it is a bit of a silly discussion. i would argue there's a lot of things that go on behind the scenes in terms of every speech, every meeting the president has in terms of preparation. >> article 5 controversy is the latest moment that has given america's allies pause about the u.s. on the world stage. here is canada's foreign minister reacting yesterday. >> the fact that our friend and ally has come to question the
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very worth of its mantle of global leadership puts into sharper focus for the need for the rest of us to set our own clear and sovereign course. >> meanwhile, the president's upcoming state visit to the uk is still on according to foreign secretary boris johnson. london mayor said they shouldn't lower the red carpet for trump after tweets criticizing the mayor. president trump addressed the escalating diplomatic crisis involving qatar by twitter, during my recent trip to the middle east, i stated there can no longer be funding of radical ideology. leaders pointed to qatar. look. good to see the saudi arabian visit th the king and 50 countries paying off. th said they would take a hard line funding extremism, all reference pointing to qatar. perhaps this will be the beginning to the end to the horror of terrorism. "new york times" reporting the
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tweets were posted without any policy deliberation. secretary of state rex tillerson said the u.s. could play peace maker. they have two command posts, a center used to conduct air attacks in iraq and syria. still ahead, the woman's accusation led to bill cosby's sexual assault trial, testifies in a pennsylvania courthouse. those dramatic moments coming up. jeff sessions falling out of favor with the president. new reports he offered to resign amid tension with president trump. those stories and a check of weather when we come back. got it.
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welcome back. proceedings in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby are set to resume today after a dramatic day that saw cosby come face to face with andrea constand, she spoke publicly the first time, detailing her allegations against cosby.
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stephanie gosk was in the courtroom. she has more. >> reporter: andrea constand arrived in court serious and determined, sitting across the courtroom from bill cosby, she described her initial impressions of him, while working at temple university. a friend, somebody i trusted, a mentor. in january, 2004 she went to cosby's house to talk about her career. the comedian offered her three blue pills saying these will help you relax. moments later feeling unsteady and panicking a bit, said cosby moved her to the couch. with a shaky voice, constand told the jury i was trying to get my hands and legs to move but i was frozen, unable to fight back, she says cosby molested her. i wanted it to stop, she told the courtroom. they say they were sexual assaulted by cosby as well, and are here to watch the trial. >> i thought she was extraordinarily authentic. >> for me it was an emotional
2:17 am
moment. >> reporter: cosby faces three felony charges of aggravated indecent assault. dozensccused the ones beloved actor of unwanted sexual contact. many say they were drugged. cosby denies all charges. >> this entire case comes down to credibility. the defense needs to know every single statement she made that's inconsistent with another statement she's made later. >> reporter: constand admitted she spoke to cosby several times after the alleged attack, even attended one of his shows with relatives. she says i did not have the courage at the time to tell my family so i just went along with it. >> and thank you to stephanie gosk for that report. let's check the weather with meteorologist bill karins. bill, a very rainy day in florida. >> florida had drought and fires in the spring, needed rainfall, just didn't need it in 24 hours. yesterday, it poured in areas from ft. myers, marco island, everglades city. this is pictures from
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everglades. it was raining enough streets were flooded, yes, they were trying to water-ski behind a quad. not the safest thing but they were doing it successfully. this morning heavy rain continues. 8 million under flood watch, northeast florida, jacksonville area and south africa under flood watch. this goes over 12 hours. thunderstorms and heavy rain over southern portions and miami area, going to get another drenching the next couple hours. for miami, we picked up 8 inches of rain, ridiculous amount in a quick time. june average is 9.5. almost done that in the first ten days. as we head to the northeast, this is the region that yesterday had about as worse of a june day you would expect. it was cloudy, cool. still cloudy, drizzly from portland to boston. we dried up a little from philly to new york to albany. slow improvement during the day today. instead of 50s, we'll keep you in the 60s from d.c. north wards
2:19 am
through new england. all the great weather in the middle of the country. minneapolis, chicago, st. louis. the heat that's been in the west is going to head east. thursday we start to warm up. by the weekend, expect a heat wave. still expecting chicago to have a heat wave, d.c., as far north as philadelphia. get ready in the great lakes and northeast. the heat is coming this weekend. slow improvement until then. >> crazy to think could be a 30 degree jump between now and end of the week. >> 50s to 90s. >> thanks for that, bill. the candidates in georgia special congressional election faced off last night. prime time televised debate that brought some tense moments. race between the democrat and the republican karen handle watched as potential referendum on president trump's policies. one exchange during the debate on wsb tv over raising minimum wage getting a lot of attention this morning, particularly from the left. >> the minimum wage should be a living wage.
2:20 am
i think we can raise the index to the cost of living because the cost of living varies widely in urban and rural areas in different states across the country. >> this is an example of the fundamental difference between a liberal and conservative. i do not support a liberal. >> on health care, things got personal after he said she approves protections for pre-existing conditions. >> secretary handle supports a gill that guts protections f americans with prexisting conditions. >> my sister has a pre-existing condition. she was born without an esophagus. for you to suggest that i would do anything that would negatively effect her is absolutely outrageous. >> early voting is already under way. according to "new york times," he is outpacing early voting. legislators decided the governor can unroll unpopular
2:21 am
budget cuts. they overroad a veto of a tax plan, estimated to bring a billion dollars over two year span. bipartisan majority voted to undue sam brownback's landmark tax cuts from 2012 to fix the state budget and provide additional funds for public schools. kansas faces projected budget shortfall totalling 889 million. state supreme court ruled education funding is unconstitutionally low. still ahead. lots of baseball action, including the moment a diamondback player almost scooped up something other than a baseball. we'll tell you what that is next. hey allergy muddlers
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the most common side effects of viberzi... ...include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d with viberzi. welcome back. time for sports. nba and nhl had the night off. we'll get right to major league baseball. to cincinnati, second baseman scooter jeannette enters the history books. four home runs against the cardinals. that's the 17th player to accomplish that, hitting five for five, including a grand slam, 13-1 victory. in kansas city, trying to extend a leading win streak to 12 games, last night's matchup with the royals, tied at 7 in the bottom of the ninth. >> slider. there it goes. deep into the night and the
2:25 am
royals come back. >> send ago two run shot to left field. walking kansas city off with a 9-7 win there. in los angeles, a masterful performance from nationals a's scherzer, struck out 14 batters. heated altercation at the conclusion of the game after glover earned a strikeout of puig for the final out. players exchanged words as he walks to the mound before both teams rush the field and break up the near dust up. a small bird gets in on the action, nearly interfering with first base man as he charges the field, scooping up the ball with a bird on the grass. the d-backs beat the padres 10-2. >> that was a close call for the
2:26 am
bird. and luckily not interfering in the double play. >> what's the bird doing on the field anyway. as washington braces for what james comey may say tomorrow, the white house says the president may not watch. talk about plans for responding to comey's testimony. the president makes a joke about his son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner, but was it really a joke? we'll be right back. dear son, i know you worry i can't keep up with our weekly tee times. but i've been taking osteo bi flex ease. it's 80% smaller, but just as effective at supporting range of motion and shows improved joint comfort in seven days. which means you're in big trouble, son. you will bow to exquisite short game. cower at my majestic drives. i will me you question everything, son. so don't worry about dad's joints. worry about your dignity. love, dad. 80% smaller, just as effective. osteo bi-flex ease.
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welcome back. i am yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. let's start with the top stories. breaking news out of the middle east, attacks across iran. most information coming from state media and unconfirmed. several attackers reported to storm parliament and fired shots inside. state tv says one of the attackers has blown himself up. a suicide bomber targeted the shrine of ayatollah khomeini. it is not clear who is behind the attacks. more on this story as it comes in. they identify thean t attack a police officer with a hammer near the notre dame cathedral in paris. they tell nbc news the attacker was described as a journalism student of algerian descent, unknown to french authorities at the time of the attack.
2:31 am
in the uk, police arrested a man at heathrow airport in connection to the manchester terror attack. they say the 38-year-old charged with terror offenses, his arrest part of a planned operation. so far seven people are in custody in connection to that concert bombing. just a day remains before james comey testifies before congress. three weeks ago a memo was revealed claiming the president tried to pressure him to end the flynn investigation. this morning, "new york times" reports comey told attorney general jeff sessions he did not want to be left alone again with the president. the paper cites current and former law enforcement officials that say comey approached the top attorney in february, the day after being pressured by the president. comey reportedly believed sessions should protect the fbi from white house influence and comments from the president were inappropriate. sessions couldn't guarantee the president wouldn't try to talk to comey alone again, and comey didn't reveal why he was shaken
2:32 am
by the president. the fbi declined comment to the paper. department of justice spokesman said it wasn't appropriate to respond to inquiries that may be related to an on-going investigation. >> joining us from washington, white house correspondent for the hill, jordan fabian. good to talk to you. it has been reported the president is not going to use executive privilege over comey's testimony. so what is the administration's plan dealing with the testimony on thursday. how are they reacting to , we are hearing he may not be watching testimony. >> behind the scenes, there's effort to push back former fbi director james comey, groups like republican national committee and outside groups are preparing television advertisements to question comey's integrity, calling him a show boat and things like that. white house staff is hoping the president himself stays out of it. they're stressing that he has a busy day thursday, giving a speech around midday. as you've seen, the president does what he does, sometimes disregards the advice of staff.
2:33 am
there's a chance he might be watching on thursday morning. there's nothing yet on his schedule during the time comey is going to start talking, might get on twitter and start sharing thoughts about what director comey is saying. >> what do you think the over under is that he will tweet, if so, what do you think the position of the white house will be on the james comey testimony? we heard yesterday the president in brief remarks to the press say i wish him luck, which sounded somewhat like a positive toned message. could be somewhat different on thursday. >> that's right, ayman. i have given up predicting when the president is or is not going to tweet. it's certain that the president, look, he watches a the althoulo tuned into the news. i am willing to bet he is going to at least catch some of what director comey is saying. we know from talking to sources that he has been kind of consumed with the situation
2:34 am
surrounding director comey. i think it will be hard to hold back commenting. >> what can be the fallout from all of this? >> well, we've seen the president's words on twitter get him into trouble in the leg realm. we know his lawyers have been recommending him that he not talk about on-going investigations on twitter. we saw even this week with the travel ban, something the supreme court is going to take up next week trump saying some things that, you know, his white house counsel can't be happy with, so depending what the president says or what he might not say will have a big effect on what happens. obviously the big question with director comey's testimony, did the president try to obstruct the investigation. if he keeps saying or doing things that make him look guilty to that effect, that could have a negative effect on the white house to say the least. >> hard to imagine the president not weighing in on what is the most watched testimony so far in this presidency. thank you very much for joining
2:35 am
us this morning. >> we're going to talk about the president's reactions friday morning. attorney general jeff sessions the latest member of the trump inner circle reportedly to fallout of favor with the president. at one point sessions even offered to resign. the top law enforcement official said he needed freedom to do his job, back in the days leading to that. the press secretary gave a less than full endorsement of the attorney general yesterday. >> how would you describe the president's level of confidence in the attorney general? >> i have not had a discussion with him about that. >> last time you said that, there was a development. >> i'm answering a question, which is i have not had that discussion with him. zb >> confidence in the attorney general? >> i said i have not had discussion on the question. if i haven't had a discussion about a subject, i tend not to speak about it. >> you said on many occasions from the podium that the president's tweet speaks for itself.
2:36 am
yesterday a series o tweets, the president faulted department of justice for its defense of the president's executive order on immigration. given that he has faulted doj, does he fault the person that leads the doj, attorney general jeff sessions? >> i think i answered that question. >> a white house official says he was frustrated with session's decision to recuse himself in the russia probe, in part because the president doesn't think sessions did anything wrong, also because a lot of his agenda flows through the attorney general, a source close to the administration describes a quote huge level of frustration that goes beyond the recusal. source described it as monday morning quarterbacking by the president, displeased with hiring of rod rosenstein, complains the new version of the travel ban is watered down. during a meeting with congressional leaders at the white house yesterday, president trump made a comment about son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner that's getting a lot of attention.
2:37 am
take a listen. >> jared, jared has become more famous than me. little bit upset about that. >> back in january, president trump made the same comment about someone else in his administration. >> let's -- james, he has become more famous than me. >> that was president trump with former fbi director james comey on january 22nd. comey was fired on may 9th. the joke referring to kushner comes among reports that the relationship between the president and son-in-law is showing signs of strain, according to "new york times," one serio point of contention took pla lt month when his sister nicole meyer pitched vabltd of eb-5 visas to chinese investors willing to spend $500,000 or more on his condominium project. cnn reported in march that president trump was upset when kushner and his wife ivanka
2:38 am
trump went for a ski trip as the gop health care bill floundered in congress. let's go back to the breaking news report we're getting from iran this morning. most of the information comes from state media and is unconfirmed by nbc news, but several attackers stormed parliament in tehran. one of the attackers blew himself up. while the suicide bomber targeted the shrine of ayatollah khomeini as well. let's talk about this. the significance of this. this is not the headline we normally see out of iran. given it is the parliament building, highly symbolic, well secured, how significant on this morning? >> i think it -- i can't remember there is the last time there was a terror attack in iran, if this is. it has been decades. strict gun policies in that country. if people were carrying guns, how they got guns into the country comes into question. the significance as you bring up
2:39 am
of two targets. parliament in the center of the city. parliament was in session during the attacks. really secure building. there's so many different levels of security. people were able to infiltrate borders, get in that parliament building, that's also significant. you think about the shrine of ayatollah khomeini, other top clerics buried there as well, inside a place that is a huge cemetery south of tehran as well. so you think about the significance here of going after the government it seems of iran itself, the governing body. we all know comain ee is the father of the iranian revolution. wait and see who claims responsibility for the attacks. >> we're still getting details. we will have more as we learn more. new found tension in the middle east involving qatar has gone from a boil to a simmer, but the situation there has been complicated by president trump's tweets. as andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: good morning,
2:40 am
ayman. president trump again roulg the diplomatic borders on twitter, siding with an awed oh ee led coalition against qatar, a key military ally. only weeks after the president heralded success at uniting the arab world in saudi arabia, a growing diplomatic crisis among the same arab leaders, could be a critical set back to the president's war against isis. back then, the president lavishly praising the emear of qatar. >> we have been friends a long time. >> reporter: the president turning against him, praising saudis who in a sudden move lead an arab coalition cutting off qatar by air and sea, including no commercial flights. saudis claim qatar supports islamic extremists which qatar strongly denies, the president siding with the saudis, tweeting they said they would take a hard line funding extremism and all reference was pointing to qatar. perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the
2:41 am
horror of terrorism. the crisis critical to the u.s., qatar home to a key u.s. base with 8,000 u.s. serviceman, flying air strikes against isis and missions in afghanistan. secretary of state rex tillerson has offered to mediate in a region where any new conflict not only effects our ta, could also impact oil prices. ayman? >> andrea mitchell reporting this morning. meanwhile, remember that massive $110 billion arms deal with saudi arabia president trump announced on his foreign trip. according to brookings ins institution, the deal is a bunch of letters of interest or intent, more akin to proposals and wish list that quote the saudis will be interested in someday, and contains no actual binding contracts. many proposals have been on the table since the obama administration. in addition, it is unclear if saudi arabia can afford the weapons package due to fall in oil prices, in addition to payments the saudis are making to the u.s. for the $112 billion
2:42 am
in arms deal the obama administration brokered. npr shows $250 billion in commercial investment also announced at the time are also nonbinding preliminary proposals, claims faulty accounting, including doubling the amount of one investment, adding one announced in october with a japanese company. the white house referred questions to the pentagon. the house of representatives last night unanimously passed resolution condemning violence against peaceful protesters outside the turkish ambassador residence in the capital. in may, video shows president erred wan looking on as members of the security detail attacked a group of protesters. the resolution calls for those involved to be brought to justice. president trump has yet to address that incident. still ahead. a frightening scene from one driver in georgia as her normal day is turned upside down by one man. police are now on the hunt for him. that incredible story and
2:43 am
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welcome back. going to take you to a scary scene in georgia where police are looking for a man they say committed an unusual crime, all caught on camera. the driver was leaving a grocery store, out of nowhere, a man rushes toward her car, jumped on her hood, smashes her windshield with his foot. look at that. the driver told police she uses a dashboard camera as a result of her job so she did not know why the man did it. she was okay, although likely shaken up by all of this. bill, pretty scary video there. >> windshield cracked easily. >> very easily. talking about a lot of rain in florida but also a heat wave hon the horizon which i am happy about. a lot of people have heat on in their homes in the great lakes and northeast, it has been chilly. then you have to blast the ac
2:47 am
for three or four straight days. let me get into this pattern change. we had this upper level low. this is the culprit from cloudy, dreery, rainy weather for the last mth. all of the warmth is located in e west. it is going to head east. one more unseasonably cool day today. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average. 69 in d.c., nine degrees below average. by the time we get to saturday and sunday, major warmup, especially midwest, great lakes, spreading to the northeast. by sunday, get your beach plans and pool plans ready. chicago up to 90, st. louis 94. cincinnati at 90. even up state new york in the 80s will feel hot considering how cool it has been. d.c. jumps to 91 sunday. "new york times" 88. boston up to 85. then it gets warmer monday. monday is a heat wave, tuesday warm, too. other stories, keep an eye on
2:48 am
heavy rain in south africa aflo. 8 million under that flood watch. we will give updates through the morning on morning joe. >> thanks for that, bill. a new scandal facing the trump organization. details on the new report. sears taking the ax to more stores as financial troubles continue. that story and the others driving the business day ahead when we return. got it. rumor confirmed. they're playing. -what? -we gotta go. -where? -san francisco. -when? -friday. we gotta go. [ tires screech ] any airline. any hotel. any time. go where you want, when you want with no blackout dates. [ muffled music coming from club. "blue monday" by new order. cheers. ] [ music and cheers get louder ] the travel rewards credit ca fromank ofmerica. it's travel, better connected.
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welcome back. sears is closing 66 more stores unfortunately according to cnbc sources as the store faces a possible bankruptcy. the closing will include 49 kmart stores and 17 sears stores with most closings happening by september. for that and much more, let's go to cnbc's carolin roth live from london. what more can you tell us? >> you said it. 66 new store closures at sears. you said 49 kmart and 70 sears locations. don't forget this comes on top of the 150 store closures that have already been announced by sears since the start of the year. this really is an effort by the company to shore up its finances. obviously it's not the only retailer struggling in this current environment. you've got macy's and jc penney
2:52 am
closing stores as well. according to the "wall street journal," uber has fired more than 20 workers. this is based on an investigation on claims that there was sexism and sexual harassment within the firm. the company's own law firm reportedly investigated 215 claims relating to workplace behavior but decided not to pursue 100 case uber itself had no comment on this story. that makes you think uber really is in need of a major rebranding, reimaging. that's exactly what it's doing. it's getting a new executive from apple to do that. st. john is the former marketing head at apple music and itunes. seems to be leaving apple on a eye. during her tenure, apple music got 27 million subscribers and seeing original content and app integration. whether she can actually make a difference at uber, that remains to be seen. that is a big get for uber.
2:53 am
she will be the chief brand officer at the ride sharing app. back over to you. >> that company is struggling. see if they can turn around that branding image. the latest debate over funding for the proposed wall at the u.s.-mexico border. the president trump is considering covering the wall with solar panels as a way to pay for the wall using money generated from the panels. the idea may come from the proposal submitted from the wall's design. the president said the vision is a wall 40 to 50 feet high and covered with solar panels so they would be, quote, beautiful structures. the winning bisds could be announced this month. up next on "morning joe," the anticipation for james comey's testimony is building. senator mark warner says nothing is off limits for comey.
2:54 am
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a highly classified document was leaked and suggests that russia may have hacked into our voting system before the election. you can see it was highly classified because it was marked "don't show trump." actually russia hacked the company that makes our voting machines which is why when anyone pressed on hillary clinton, they heard a voice saying "try again. >> here is a check of the stories in the day ahead. >> president trump takes his agenda on the news. nbc's hallie jackson has more from the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this morning president trump is getting out of the white house. he is hitting the road and heading to ohio to talk infrastructure. it's day three of what the white house framed as infrastructure week. the president in the buckeye
2:58 am
state is expected to talk about rebuilding the nation's roads, bridges and in particular inland waterways in cincinnati. back at home, the capital seems consumed by james comey, the firebi director set to testify on the hill i just over 24 hours from now. that discussion, that white hot spotlight seems to be in some ways jamming up some of the president's legislative agenda. that's the plan for today, lois. >> thanks to hallie jackson. >> as she mentioned, anticipation growing over james comey's testimony tomorrow. today officials will likely face questions on the fbi's probe into russia and comey's firing in a senate hearing. likely slated to collect laws for collecting foreign intelligence information. rod rosenstein signed a letter recommending comey's dismissal faces testimony. >> i'm yasmin vossoughian
2:59 am
alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts right now. >> can you tell us where the president is going to be and what he's going to be doing, is he going to watch former fbi director's testimony up on capitol hill? >> the president has a full day on there was. there's an infrastructure meeting with mayors and governors to talk about some of the projects that need to get out, the public-private partnership i just discussed, giving a speech midday to the faith and freedom coalition downtown. i think his focus will be on pursuing the agenda and the priorities he was elected to do. >> president trump what message do you have to jim comey ahead of his testimony? >> i wish him luck. thank you, everybody. >> welcome to "morning joe." it's going to be a busy day, willie, a busy day on thursday. 'sot so much stuff going. how does he know wt he's going to be doing, right? it's crazy.
3:00 am
>> meanwhile bob costa reports that donald trump maybe live tweeting the comey hearing. he's either going to be way too busy or live tweeting. >> we have so much to cover today. jeff sessions says he doesn't want to be left alone with donald trump. sessions saying, hey, you don't like what i'm doing, buddy, give me space or i'm going to quit. it's kind of like -- phil griffin called and said i cannot believe the pace of events. i said, i know, we wake up every morning and say it's got to get normal soon. it's kind of like mad men. don draper comes home with lipstick on the collar and betty is mad, that's great but you can't do that every day. you're like, at some point it's got to calm down. then don draper comes in with a little blood on his collar.


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