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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  June 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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all in bob mueller's hands now? >> it is. i mean, there's still a lot of road to be coved to get this nearimpeachment and referred to article iv of impeachment and did not get through the senate. >> it did not. >> it was rejected and article i impeachment of nixon was much more detailed. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. >> matthew, you get a c-plus. >> what? >> room for improvement. working harder next time. >> didn't fail. >> exactly. >> she is a -- >> is there extra credit? >> take that home with you. >> best line i have heard since the doctor passed away. tributes of bobby. she said, he read an article that he wrote and the doctor wrote him a quick note and said, very well argued. weak conclusion. bobby said it was the greatest compliment he ever got. >> we are heading to church to remember my dad today.
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>> we sure are. >> stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks, good morning. i'm stephanie ruhle with breaking news to cover and breaking the silence. the president finally responds to james comey's testimony. >> those were lies, plain and simple. >> as his lawyer takes on the most damning allegations. >> the president never directed or suggested that mr. comey stop investigating anyone. >> as new revelations, jared kushner set to meet with the senate intelligence committee as the special counsel kicks into gear. >> do you sense that the president was trying tobstruct justice? >> that's a conclusion i'm sure the special counsel will work towards. >> tale of the tapes lrks the white house release them or even admit if they exist? >> lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> can you comment on whether or not there are tapes? >> i can't comment.
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i work in the white house. >> we have to lot to unpack beginning with president trump firing back at the former fbi director james comey, of course. we have learned that the outside counsel will file a complaint over the leaking and i have a great team to break it all down with me. nbc's kristen welker at the white house. what do we know? >> reporter: steph, let me give you the latest reporting and peter alexander got this news, steph. according to peter, a source close to the outside legal team tells nbc news that marc kasowitz will be filing a complaint with the doj's inspector general and the senate judiciary committee given former fbi director comey's statements yesterday that he leaked out his own memos. steph, expect the leaks to be a key focus here for this president and for his surrogates in the wake of the comey testimony. we heard from president trump today. of course, yesterday was remarkable, right? because we didn't hear from him
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about any of this. he didn't take to twitter. he didn't even comment in public statements. but this morning, he broke that silence. here's what he tweeted. he said despite so many false statements and lies,otal and complete vind dags and w. comey is a leaker. so there's the talking point again that comey's a leaker. to the first part of his statement, though, he says complete vindication despite so many lies. well, in this instance, it seems like the president is trying to have it both ways. how can comey be a liar and also vindicate him completely? among the questions that the press corps will have for president trump holding a joint news conference later on today with the president of romania. that takes place in the rose garden, steph. the other questions are going to be do tapes really exist of the president's conversations with the former fbi director? of course he floated that as a possibility. and also, he's going to be pressed on the fact that he has countered some of comey's statements, in particular, the fact that he asked for a loyalty pledge so a lot to talk about
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with president trump when we see him in a few hours from now. >> kristen, i spoke to a source inside the white house this morning who said many view yesterday as a very dark day. they said there's great concern that president trump has snapped back into campaign mode and it was clear yesterday according to the source that he shifted back into that combative place, you know, surrounded by steve bannon, steven miller and now if you look at media today, it is sort of like the campaign all-stars. hr mcmaster, mattis, are there concerns? we talk so much about the palace intrigue that we're going back to campaign trump? >> reporter: there are concerns. think about it this way, steph. yesterday the president's schedule packed. he started with a meeting in the oval office with the secretary of state, hr mcmaster, other top advisers and we're told he popped in and out of the dining roomhere theal counsel was
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watching the testimony and he met with governors about infrtructure yesterday. what happens over the weekend when he really has time to process some of these headlines, to process cable news? will he, in fact, lash out even more? this morning's tweet may be an indication of things to come, steph. >> i got to bring my panel in here. mid win charles, an attorney from the firm mid win charles. ned ryan, ceo of american majority and former presidential writer for george w. bush. eddie gloud from princeton university and jennifer palmieri served as the white house director of communications under president obama and was a top official in the clinton campaign. mid win, i want to start with you. president trump's attorney looking to go after james comey as it relates to being a leaker. walk us through what's legal. he was a private citizen and what he leaked wasn't classified information and even if it was a conversation he had with the president, the president did not ever invoke executive privilege at the lime of that convo.
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>> that's the points i was going to make. >> bam! bam! >> you basically said what i was going to say but essentially you are right. i mean, at the time that james comey as we learned yesterday, which i thought was quite interesting, that he turned over his notes, contemporaneous notes after speaking to donald trump to his friend who's a professor at columbia university because he wanted to sort of basically back door away into a special counsel appointed which i thought was quite explosive but he did that as a private citizen. these were contemporaneous notes after meeting with donald trump and gave them to this person and they were not as you said didn't contain classified information. these are his impression of conversations with donald trump he turned over. i don't see it as illegal. i think, again, this is an opportunity for marc kasowitz, donald trump's attorney, again to deflect from the main issue at hand which is the fact that -- >> help me with that. that's his personal attorney. if what james comey did was a
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violation, illegal, isn't that an action taken by the u.s. government? >> that's why he's recommended it to the office of the inspector general at doj. i don't think they come after classified or wasn't. they're going to come after government property. that he took and was not allowed to use and then release it to the public. i thought that it was interesting. >> weak argument. >> really quick, he said i don't like leaks. i'm the leaker. i did it in hopes that i would spur special counsel. >> masterful. >> the thing that really struck me yesterday, stephanie, and i have to say it. conniving, very good politician. this was all very well orchestrated. >> okay. >> thought it through. >> yeah. >> and then he said, yep, i did it and for this reason because i wanted a special counsel. >> we are going to play some of it. it is noteworthy across president trump career before being the president he is a known leaker. fyi. has been. >> really -- >> but white house is leaks. i mean, you know? >> and videotaper.
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and a videotaper. it is known that before donald trump became president he would often record people on his phone when he had meetings with them. this is not -- >> what does that have to do when what we're doing? >> people in glass houses should ptd throw stones. that's the point. you have donald trump accusing comey ofhings that he -- >> we are dealing wh the president in the white house with the fbi director. >> he said there also might be tapes which lordy comb my hopes exists. >> we are going to share some of james comey's testimony and you're right, ned. maybe -- let me get my thoughts together. i understand the point you're making but the president is walking a very difficult line accusing someone of leaking, accusing people of being politically motivated when he himself said watch out for the tapes that we have not heard anyone in the white house back that they even exist. let's look at some james comey yesterday. >> i take the president at his word that i was fired because of
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the russia investigation. something about the way i was conducting it the president felt created pressure on him he wanted to relieve. >> do you believe donald trump colluded with russia? >> it's a question i don't think i should answer in an open setting. although the law required so reason no fire a fbi director, the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi. those were lies, plain and simple. >> i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. >> i took it as a direction. i took it as this is what he wants me to do. >> the president was asked whether he had urged you to shut down the investigation into michael flynn, the president responded, quote, no, no. next question. is that an accurate statement? >> i don't believe it is. >> jennifer, what stood out to you? >> i think that the big problem to worry about, i understand that the white house thinks that their supporters stay with them but what matters is what bob mueller thinks and he -- i saw
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he is very masterful and he laid down, comey laid down a lot of traps yesterday. i mean, any timealking about a conversation with the president, the president's going to be asked about that. in front of bob mueller and if the president lies about it, then he can be prosecuted so this is -- that is what -- you know, it doesn't matter. this is why it was so reckless for his attorney to put out the statement that he did. because he not only said -- he not only contradicted comey but he also brought coats an rogers into it. coats and rogers, the day before refused to answer questions from the senate intelligence committee about their conversations with the president on comey. and then -- but the lawyer is still -- it is not. >> in order, in order -- in order -- >> coats and rogers, saying this. >> they'll find, call them become. >> no. absolutely not. when coats spoke the day before, he said he was not under executive privilege. >> let me just say this. we don't have to posit the
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purity of former director james comey. i was going to call him coats. in order to make this claim. the thing that we know for sure is that this is all prologue and talking about how beautiful the narrative is. this is just the beginning. >> yes. >> all just a beginning and what mat earls -- >> the argument that president trump or don jr., who was tweeting yesterday, he is in the clear, you don't buy it? >> not at all. not at all. the tweet this morning, vindicate him and a leaker, he lied. so in effect, the president said comey perjured himself. people move back quickly. the president said that the former director -- hold up. the president just said that the former director of the fbi perjured himself. >> bob mueller will get to the bottom of that. >> is your response? >> nobody wts to talk about yesterday -- chris matthews, the russian collusionfairytale that i liked to talk about died yesterday and the part of the fairytale is somehow obstruction is next fairytale, there is no
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crime under the executive branch and comey admitted this. >> no. no, he didn't. >> legal authority to direct or not direct investigation. >> used the words carefully. >> he said i'm going to turn it to robert mueller which is why james comey leaked it. >> he said what was interesting about senator reach, have you seen anybody charged with obstruction based off the word of hope. comey said, no, i have not. >> there's been -- comey i think precise in the language he used and direction was really important, what his impressions were. that's what's taken into account considering obstruction of justice. the fact he said -- that guy knows what he is doing. the fact he said asked about trump's involvement and whether he made -- with russia, i need to do that in a closed session. >> here's what we know. the case is not closed. we are taking a break. next, much more on yesterday's monumental hearing, a former
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member of the trump transition team joins me. does he agree with the president that the testimony vindicated president trump? but first, as you all know, the major networks took the comey hearing live yesterday interrupting the regular programming but according to jimmy fallon, some got creative. >> so that one network actually decided to show both the hearing and soap operas and it was pretty interesting. take a look at this. >> the russians interfered in our election. that's what this is about. and they will be back. >> oh my god! >> and so they're going the try to run it down and dirty it up as much as possible. >> tell me more. starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near al and automatically deploying countermeares. keeping the world of business connected and protected.
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the fbi has been in turmoil. you know that. i know that. everybody know that is. >> those were lies, plain and simple. and i am so sorry that the fbi workforce had to hear them, and i'm so sorry the american people were told them. >> former fbi director james comey calling the president out as a liar and the reaction is intense this morning. i want to bring in former trump transition team member and founder of sky bridge capital, anthony scaramucci. i haven't seen you in a while. glad you're here. >> one of my favorite places. >> part of the transition team and campaign. you are currently up for a job as part of the administration potentially, an ambassador. is that correct? >> well, i mean, the white house
6:18 am
hasn't confirmed that. i think that's one of the problems. there's all kinds of leaks. ypt to comment on it. >> what i want to establish, the president is obviously watching, anthony. we hope he's watching. you stand to benefit having a positive -- you sold your company in order for you to get deferred tax treatment you need to get that job in the administration. is that correct? >> yeah. that's correct. but why is that a big issue? i don't understand. >> you certainly want to please the president because that would be a lot of money for you. >> okay. so hold on a sec. this isn't about money for me. i mean, people don't back the president based on money. okay? this is about philosophy and loyalty and it's about believing in the mission that the president has. you guys probably don't believe in the mission here at msnbc. >> that's not true. >> there are lower and middle class pele struggling in the united states. i saw that firsthand on the campaign. the president has an economic agenda, a tax plan. a health care reform plan that
6:19 am
will help those people. but instead of focusing on that, what we focus on is scandals incorporated and nonsense. >> then let's focus on president trump. >> yeah. let's go to trump. >> president trump this morning, his lawyer said they'd like to go after james comey for leaking. do you agree with that? >> listen. that's got to be a strategy that marc kasowitz makes a decision on. not myself. i think it's a shame these sort of things are happening. at the end of the day, i think the leaks are very, very damaging for the government, very damaging for the american people. and so, i really wish that the people would stop leaking, whether it's at nsa or fbi or even inside the white house. because at the end of the day, the people should be there to serve the american people as opposed to the grand standing and the peacocking that goes on so that's my personal opinion. >> do you think james comey told the truth yesterday? >> i hope so. i mean, it's a felony not to tell the truth to the congress in a situation like that. i hope he told the truth. i think some of the things he
6:20 am
said are opinion based as to, you know, what he said about the president, you know? i don't agree with what he said about the president trump. >> you don't think he lied? >> again, it is a felony to lie, stephanie, in a situation like that. i'll take him at his word he's telling the truth. >> do you believe the president was vindicated? >> i do, absolutel th president is a hen honorable person. the president's a stand-up guy and honorable and i think that came through yesterday. >> he did suggest that there may be a special counsel. he didn't necessarily say not an obstruction of justice and while he wasn't investigating the president at the time, he might not have wanted to get himself in that position because the investigation could get broader, even between that conversation he had with the president and now, there's a lot more people, whether we're talking jared, mike flynn, paul manofort, there's more happening and
6:21 am
robert mueller is in the game now. >> what do you mean by all that? >> in terms of the president's vindicated, he wasn't being investigated. it's not like it's over and done with. >> well, i think it will be over and done with. but the problem with washington is that it's never over and done with. and so, so for me, i find the thing very frustrating because he has an amazing tax plan. he's got a great idea in terms of how to reform the health care system, doing amazing things with the american military, bolstering the national defense. the will be the president to solve the north korea crisis and focused on this sort of stuff and this happens in washington and it's unfortunate. but these people should really be more focused on what they can do to serve the american people than to shoot peas at each other. >> i've spoo people inside the white house in the last 24 hours that are worried that that great agenda you are talking about, worried they won't get to them because the president's response to this, he's going to snap back or is snapping back
6:22 am
into that isolationist, nationalist mode flanked by steven bannon or steven miller and not necessarily those working on health care reform, tax reform. >> yeah. so i mean, i take a little issue with that. i don't know who you spoke to inside the white house saying those kind of things but i would say to those people you spoke to is dial it down a little bit and coagulate around the team and around the mission, coalesce around the team and the president. i hear this sort of national stuff, nationalistic stuff about steve bannon but he is one of the smartest guys in washington if not the country. steve bannon has a pulse on what is going on in middle and lower middle class america. and i think the president respects him and wants him there because he knows that there are policies that he's going to be helpful with. >> just because he's very smart and he is doesn't mean he wants to help the country. in terms of dialing back -- >> he wants to help the country.
6:23 am
>> -- do you think that -- steven bannon said he's a lennenist that wants to wipe things out. >> we sound check and snip off little pieces of words here here and there. if you really didn't oosh district words they have used themselves? >> but you're cutting it. i was on another network where i said the 5,000 years of world history and i meant to say -- i said earth's history and meant to say human history and calling me a new earther. >> i can't speak for anyone but myself. >> i understand that. we're cutting people's words. i know steve very, very well. i was in the white house with him on wednesday. i spend a lot of time talking to him. he loves the country. and he loves the american people. and the american first thing does not necessarily mean that we're not going to be part of the global community. the president said, i think to lester holt, an america first person and a globalist. >> then why would the president have taken article v out of the
6:24 am
nato speech and surprised those around him, members of the nsa there?ho thought that was in >> reaganesque thing and why he left in, mr. gorbachev, tear down that wall. i think the president is trying to send a message to fellow allies you have been under as it relates to national defense expenditure like germany 1.2% and sign add contract they would be at 2%. i think the president's trying to send people a message he wants people to be accountable to the treaty and so then by taking that out -- >> article v -- >> is a symbolic message. okay? it's one of the queen yuss of the president relating to negotiating. wants them held accountable and good for -- >> good for america he didn't mention article v? >> it is. good for the american taxpayer, as well. shouldering a tremendous burden with global security and i think all the president's asking for is that our partners in this thing ante up to what they
6:25 am
agreed to. i think that's genius. >> we'll leave it at that. >> good to be here. >> i appreciate having you here. up next, all eyes in the country focused on comey, a dramatic outcome in last night's election in the uk. why prime minister may is scrambling to form a government this morning. but before we go, senator ted cruz was speaking at the faith and freedom coalition conference. he paused for applause to die down and leaders of the conference apparently they heard enough. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage the southern regional director of faith and freedom coalition, virginia galloway. you doyou'll see whatet but in you're really made of.
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welcome back. time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to start your day. this afternoon, president trump will hold a news conference for the first time since former fbi director james comey's dramatic testimony before the senate intelligence committee thursday. we'll bring it to you live. and house lawmakers passed a bill thursday to roll back dodd/frank. a set of wall street regulations signed into law by president obama after the 2008 financial crisis. the bill now moves to the
6:30 am
senate where it is not expected to pass. the 25-year-old nsa cob tractor accused of leaking a top secret document pled not guilty in court thursday. reality winner was denied bail after prosecutors suggested she had more plans to leak more classified information. day five of bill cosby's sexual assault try is under way. a statement, the comedian described his side of the event. cosby denied these and all allegations of sexual misconduct. and the golden state warriors hope to make nba history tonight looking to sweep the cavaliers in game four of the nba finals. now the british election bombshell and a shocking results with major implications for the united kingdom and the relationship with the u.s. i want to take you live to love don and nbc's lucy cavanaugh.
6:31 am
break down what happened. it's confusing. >> reporter: it is but you can lose or win big when you gamble. theresa may called for a snap election thinking she would get a landslide win to strengthen the hand in theup coming brexit negotiations. he conservative party losing 12 seats, falling short of the 326 needed to have a majority in the house of commons behind me. the opposition labor party gaining ground to win 262 seats. a surprise win for jeremy corbyn who galvanized the youth vote, calling for may to step down, resign. fat chance of that. we saw may this morning saying she will stay on as prime minister and brexit will not be derailed and she will be forming a minority government and basically she will be in power with the help of the small party of northern ireland. this is a shaky alliance, a conservative party.
6:32 am
they're for brexit but not the kind brexit thee rhee sa may wants and the fate of brexit, the timeline, a you will of that now up in the air. stephanie? >> confusing day in london. thank you, lucy. we have the take you now back to this country. you remember former fbi director james comey, his testimony was just yesterday and, of course, must see tv. here's a question. how was it received outside of washington? nbc's gotti schwartz has reaction out west. when's the word? >> reporter: well, so many different opinions on what happened in that testimony yesterday. we have heard from people across the country, people that went to the comey watch parties a. lot of them were in favor of comey before the testimony even started but here in arizona we have been going up to people on their way to work, people that have been going about their day to see what they think. and for the most part, overwhelmingly most of them tell us that they think that this is
6:33 am
just gotten to a point where it's a he said/he said situation and don't know what to believe and wish they could hit fast forward until they have some solid facts and answers and politically minded people here that said that they were struck by what comey said. they said that his testimony seemed to be credible and believed him over the president and others said that the president's office should be respected. they didn't believe comey, thought it was a witch hunt. here's what they said yesterday. >> i think that comey did a great job defending himself. and i feel like he was very honest about his answers. i don't feel like he covered anything up. >> i thought mr. comey was crying over spilled milk, upset he got fired. quite frankly, i thought he was a disgruntled employee. >> who do you believe, the president or comey? >> i don't believe trump for a second. on anything he says. >> reporter: now when it comes
6:34 am
to the specific credibility, a lot of people were struck by the talking about the leaks. they said the ones that supported comey said that that was a case in point on why he should be trusted and self incriminating and disclosed it and others on the other side of the debate said that they did not like that. they thought that he should not have made those leaks even though he was the one that wrote that memo and so they said that from his own words he should not be trusted. back to you. >> all right. gadi schwartz from arizona. coming up, the special counsel takes over the investigation. what clues did we learn in that comey testimony about where robert mueller may be looking to investigate? before we go, we have to get a quick check on the markets. four minutes into the trading day. up just over 40. so we're having a nice day in the green. people aren't holding their breath over the theresa may vote anymore. looking to clear markets. company says they'll only payyoe
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♪ ♪ ♪ sfx: engine revving ♪ (silence) ♪ welcome back. you're watching msnbc. i'm stephanie ruhle. a source tells nbc news president trump's attorney will file a complaint with the department of justice's inspector general and the senate judiciary committee after comey revealed he leaked that most of his memo conversation with the president, how that all happened. if you want to get to the bottom of it and new reaction of president trump tweeting this morning, quote, despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication and
6:39 am
wow. comey is a leaker. joining me now, msnbc terrorism analy analyst malcolmantz. and with my panel. the complaint of president trump's personal lawyer about the leaks? >> yeah. it's awesome how you can leak your own thoughts. out to your friends. you know? and then go and put them in a memorandum. and what i want to know is, what was vindicated? his lies or his misstatements? i'm not quite sure. >> i'm vindicated three times not part of the russia investigation. but i think that's what he was referring to. >> then that was based on the leaker and the liar. what is -- are we to believe here? i believe the guy that said the straight things he told the nation, he put out the report and right now he is never up to this point been found at fault. >> it is fair to at least say james comey does have some sort of political motivation here,
6:40 am
malcolm. >> sure. he was fired from his job. but he also has a political motivation to defend the nation and deserves the respect and to carry out the integrity of the investigations doing wherever it goes, even going to the president of the united states. >> we didn't get every question answered and at least about what he said relates to attorney general jeff sessions. take a look. >> our judgment as i recall was he was very close to and going to recuse himself for a variety of reasons. >> how could he know that james comey -- excuse me, that jeff sessions was going to recuse himself? >> because -- i mean, he is putting out there information into the public that he wants people to know and he is doing this very purposely. i think he would know from being fbi director and from the informion, intel they have gathered on sessions, sessions was more compromised than we
6:41 am
knew. that's what he is suggesting there. but what everybody should remember is how close bob mueller and jim comey are. he was picked to be the replacement. don't think that james comey is putting out into the public things that bob mueller is not comfortable with him doing. they're leaving bred crumbs and setting perjury traps for the president and the staff and the president and his lawyers are just not -- they have no idea the game that they're playing. >> i think that's more comey perjury trap. i don't know if bob mueller plays that same game. >> trump interviewed by bob mueller. who at this table thinks that donald trump is going to say the truth to the special counsel? >> the thing that is interesting about yesterday, though -- >> yes? >> my question to be asked and loretta lynch telling james comey, i want you to change the investigation of clinton e-mails from investigation to i think matter. >> matter, yes. >> the word he said. let's get that question answered, too. >> what does that matter? >> no, no.
6:42 am
but you know what? was the attorney general colluding with james comey? i don't know. maybe. a question to be answered. >> relates to lynch, paul ryan's explanation for president trump's actions was he's new to politics. he didn't know better. >> terrible defense. >> how do you make that argument when after the loretta lynch incident i saw president trump on the campaign trail over and over, he seemed to know to the letter of the law exactly what loretta lynch should be doing an how she should be doing it and paurnl paul ryan going gosh darn it he didn't know better. >> double standards, triple standards, hypocrisy at work here. one of the interesting things for me out of the testimony yeerday is that there was a general and i think devastating assessment of the character of donald trump by james comey. there's a sense that he said after he first met him his gut told him, whatever you think about his character, comey's character, that this guy lies, he will misrepresent this meeting, i need to take notes. let me give you a sense.
6:43 am
he painted a portrait of the character of donald trump. >> do people care about that portrait? >> seems to me -- lies consistently. >> doesn't matter. >> gad -- >> may go away as an issue. at one point, donald trump's going to walk into a room with bob mueller and he is going to lie to him. and then the congress, the republican congress is going to have to decide what do they do with that? do they continue to back him or walk away from this guy? >> i don't think -- >> republicans don't want a civil war. trump is a nightmare for them but once they get rid of him they've got a civil war on their hands. >> for the clinton republicans, sill trying to figure out who donald trump is. the thing about paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, they're not exactly on trump's team and paul ryan says, again, further proof that you're not on the same page and i think calls into the question what's the agenda and schedule looking like moving forward? mitch mcconnell made it clear he doesn't want to do much. >> let me tell you what he should worry about.
6:44 am
>> maybe he should say i hope you're loyal to me and then know, then he would know. >> dispute that is he said that, though. i did n ask -- >> call them in and said, i hope you're loyal to me, maybe he would be able to figure out which republicans are on his team. >> everybody's saying there's no evidence of collusion and that he was vindicated by director comey. let's keep in mind, this is a spy hunt in the white house. this is the fbi's counter intelligence division that is now believes that there may have been american citizens, some of whom may have been in the trump campaign in communication, extraordinary amounts of communications, with russia and russian intelligence. >> but because it's a hunt -- >> that's what it is about. >> -- doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to get the conclusion that they're looking for. can the white house continue with any sort of agenda while this hunt -- >> hit on the point that i think -- i have to be honest coming from the light looking at
6:45 am
the left and many ways i'm looking at this as an intent to disrupt trump's agenda, throw confusion on it. >> hold on. hold on. trump disrupts his own ding dang agenda. hold on. no! this is infrastructure week. monday morning, i didn't hear president trump say word one about infrastructure. so if anybody disrupts his agenda, it's him. >> i think the trump white house could be better at is a narrative, driving a narrative and more on message. we know in polits - >> the white house has a message. the president doesn't. >>ighting against the attempt to disrupt. let's move on. get it done. thinkty mueller thing under the radar. hopefully be able to focus. figure out what takes place with this. i still think -- collusion's a fairytale. no evidence. i don't think it's -- >> whatever the left is, i want -- i want to get a hold of the republican agenda. i want the republican agenda to come forward. while the circus of elephants dancing in the testimony, during the hearing, you guys were
6:46 am
dismantling dodd/frank in the house. i want to get clear on whether or not the 23 million people, americans, kicked off of health care and get away from the smoke bombs that are actually turning our focus away from -- >> i'm going do agree with you. >> a liar in the white house. >> conversations about is this agenda, what the american people want or not instead of what's taking place. the political theater on d.c. -- >> it's a problem. >> i'll say this. >> totally right. >> able to get tax reform through based on the designs i'm seeing, i want a more fully fleshed out tax reform plan but i think the 2018 elections could be fairly successful for republicans passing tax reform. >> i recommend you dial up the white house saying, hey, on the next media appearances, don jr., eric, kellyanne, pick your poison, go for it. bring it on. >> same page. totally agree. >> call back ned. he is ready for you. hillary clinton's name came up dozens of times yesterday. how many times did the word
6:47 am
russia come up? we'll break down james comey' hearing by the numbers. steven colbert thought james comey's intro toyesterday's hearing could have used a little help. >> and now, your former fbi director standing 6'8" out of the university of chicago, and out of a job, james comey! will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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[vo] what made secretariat the grwho ever lived?e of course he was strong... ...intelligent. ...explosive. but the true secret to his perfection... was a heart, twice the size of an average horse.
6:51 am
he asked for your loyalty. >> loyalty. >> loyalty. >> loyalty. >> the loyalty pledge. >> political loyalty. >> i need loyalty. >> that of course was james comey's hearing yesterday where the idea of loyalty and who asked for it was front and center. how front ant centd center. break it down by the numbers. the word loyalty was used 21 times. honestly loyalty three times and this one -- >> you said you would. loyally honest. >> honestly loyalty. >> once. the idea of obstruction of justice was tossed around. obstruct or obstruction was said five times. and how about this familiar
6:52 am
name. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> clinton. >> clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton's name came up 34 times and she wasn't the biggie bogey man of the hearing. the words russia or russian were mentioned 140 times. >> let's talk now about the general russia investigation okay. >> russia. >> russia. >> russia context. >> russian spies. >> the russia investigation. >> i was fired because of the russia investigation. >> it's like the new marsha marsha. how many questions could the er fbi director not answer. >> is that correct?? >> it's correct. i want to be careful in an opening setting. that's a question can't answer. i don't have a answer for the question. >> well it was a total of 23 times and the president remained remarkably quiet during the testimony. however his son don jr. made up for his absence shooting out 93 tweets and retweets in the last
6:53 am
24 houshs. and while james comey swore his oath to god before his testimony, it was his one other mention of the higher power that set social media on fire. >> lordy i hope there are tapes. >> well, there you go. coming up, much more on yesterday's monumental hearing, two republicans with absenator and a congressman will give their thoughts. plus the white house called this week infrastructure week. we're going to take you inside a state in serious decline with two big projects and several jobs hang in the balance. dd let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy.
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6:57 am
one last word with eddy. his mom watches and she gets angry when we saw gloud. jennifer and need ryan. not where do you want him to go. where does the president go from here? is he staying on the leaks? getting to agenda? what's next for him? >> i don't know. he's so unpredictable. you think it would be the agenda, infrastructure week. i don't know. i can't predict this guy. >> can i say all of the above? >> that's probably true. >> and i think you'll see a little bannon flavor to some of this. but i do think that there is some urgency in the white house to say trump needs to go to the hill, get behind the agenda, health care reform, they have a
6:58 am
good idea on tax reform and say you have to lean into this. but honestly all of the love. >> is trump going to go to the hill or back on the campaign trail. >> both. >> campaign trail. >> it's ridiculous to think that this white house -- it's hard to get legislation passed. and the idea that this white house -- >> that's why he has to lean into it. >> it's hard for a competent white house to do it. but this white house has the discipline and the talent and the skill to get the major bills passed, it's a joke. >> you're going to see him on the road once a week and then more in d.c. pushing this. >> and there's going to continue to be leaks in the information an he's going to get distracted from that. >> i have a hard time thinking that mueller is going to put up with leaks. >> do you think he's going to dial back on the tweets? >> look at the discipline he showed yesterday. >> don jr. tweeted for him. >> all you know is donald j. trump did not tweet.
6:59 am
you can make the argument that his sons did but he didn't tweet yesterday. >> the bar. the bar. >> and i think he can be successful to stay disciplined on message. there you have it. you're going to talk bar, i'm going to talk discipline and go to the break still talking. >> it's friday. i think people need to go to the bar. i'm stephanie ruhle. i'll see you again at is 1:00 a.m. with ali velshi and anytime on twitter. first of all, thank you, thank you, thank you. spirited, honest conversation. i appreciate all of your hard work and your thoughts. coming up now. more news in d.c. i need a breather. with my friend hallie jackson. thanks to all of you for joining us. tgif. and this friday is full of news already. like leak talk. new this morning, our reporting that james comey is going to face a leaking complaint filed by team trump. that's just some of the fallout as we wait to see the president later today.
7:00 am
our top two questions for him and on where this russian investigation goes next. happy infrastructure week. yes, that's still a thing and it's a thing the president will be talking about very soon next hour laying out his vision for new roads and bridges. with president trump, perhaps a decent chance for a detour. election results not a lot of people saw coming. sound familiar? prime minister teresa may is on defense and defiant. we're talking about all of it this hour. pete williams in the washington bureau, garrett make on capitol hill, in washington, former national security council official michael allen, and onset today, my friend and fellow white house correspondent kristen welker and white houseth reporter for "the wall street journa journal". this seems like classic campaign trump. he's pouncing on the people he feel wronged him. now we're


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