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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc world head quarters in new york. it is day 142 of the trump administration. we hear from the president for the first time with his take on former fbi director james comey's capitol hill testimony. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leaker. >> the president also new reaction with how the public might learn if he has dock ucumd
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oval office by tape. >> will you tell us? >> in a fairly short period of time. > >> legislators now demanding those tapes in they exist. now will the president have to give them up if they exist? we have former vice president joe biden weighing in on what happened in the election. what did he know and when did he know it? plus the sudden burst of summer regard hicord highs. it could break the records from the 1800s. details coming up right now on msnbc live. we begin with president trump meeting friday with the romanian leader, but ended up fielding more questions from the press on russia than he did on romania. take a look. >> he did say under oath that you told him to let the flynn -- you said you hoped the flynn investigation. >> i didn't say that. >> so he lied about that? >> i didn't say that. i will tell you i didn't say it. >> and did he ask you to pledge
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loyalty? >> there would be nothing wrong if i did say that, according to everything i read. >> if robert mueller wanted to speak to you about that? >> one of the people investigating russia's role in the 2016 election and involvement is not buying the president's defense. >> it's a sad time in america. you compare what we saw yesterday as sobering serious testimony from james comey with interactions from the president and a clownish performance by reality show star who isn't acting presidential or didn't look presidential. to tease out whether or not he has tapes like a season finale for reality show is unpresidential. >> the senate intelligence committee has requested copies of comey's notes on his meeting with the president. those memos comey testified
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wednesday that he asked his friend daniel richman at columbia law to leak the memos to the press. and npr reported that robert mueller was on the white house short list of candidates to replace comey as the director of the fbi. as we all know, he is now the special counsel charged with investigating any possible ties between trump campaign and russia. in another late breaking 2016 development, joe biden saying yesterday he knew hillary clinton was going to lose the election after he campaigned for her in several key states. we'll dive into that. first, president trump is at his golf resort in new jersey. kelly o'donnell is with us. >> reporter: i am golf course
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adjacent, tomorrhomas. >> it seems like the white house is in constant defense of actions. has the conversation shifted away from the russia story or intensified? >> reporter: it has intensifien. the white house is trying to compartme compartmentalize more. we saw infrastructure being one of those. they got less attention, there were a number of events related to infrastructure from roads to bridges to rivers and dams and all kinds of different things the administration says it is working on. they had governors and mayors coming to the white house. other types of officials who interact on the subject matters. coming forward to work on it. there is a case to be made they are proceeding on the trump agenda. no doubt the oxygen is so often
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taken up with what is happening with the russia investigation. in part, the president in the way he responds to the questions only enlarges that curiosity and interest. the underlying notion this is a long investigation and we still don't know the twists and turns yet to come. one of the big questions is something that the president, one would think, would be able to resolve for everyone is one he chooses not to resolve. the question of tapes. it is something he introduced in quotes as you recall with the first tweet after james comey -- when that bubbled up. saying he hoped there would be tapes. we know from the president's private business history, he often did record meetings he had. a basis to think he might want to use tapes. we have no evidence other than that. that's hardly evidence. it is the words of the president suggesting it. no indication. we talked to advisers in the white house. no one will give us any answer
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about this. so it is a persistent question that the president has not yet answered. this is how it played out in the rose garden friday when he was asked about this. the timing and what would happen and he left even more questions. here is how that interchange played out. >> do tapes exist of conversations with him? >> i'll tell you about that maybe some time in the near future. >> when will you tell us? >> in a fairly short period of time. >> are there tapes, sir? >> you are going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer. don't worry. >> reporter: what does that mean? disappointed? yes, there are tapes and they are going to tell a different story? there are no tapes? people would be disappointed? it has an inscutible quality to it. i have been asking him directly in person about the tapes. he has not responded.
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part of what congress wants to know and the investigators want know and they have the power and authority to find this out from the white house if such tapes exist and if they could be produced. there is the argument that if tapes exist and they refute what james comey said under oath, that would be a powerful piece of evidence that the president could put forward. i think there are twists and turns yet to come. at the moment, it is frustrating for reporters and by extension the public wanting to know the answer. the president is using his words carefully to delay the disclosure about the truth. are there tapes? no tapes? was that some sort of diversion or deflection? he locked in the following. we just don't know. the team that represents him on the outside. his private lawyer was not described to us the status of tapes. it remains one of the mysteries, thomas. i believe here we are.
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little truck going by. glad it was not aimed for us. thomas, it is one of those things we are anxious to have an answer and the president is taking his time. >> we think of tapes and think of nixon and we all got the smartphone devices and we have voice memos and recording applications that could be used. it could be as simple as that or they don't exist at all. as you point out, we are in suspension. nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: one thing we know it is not the big reel-to reel tapes in nixon's era. >> i think with his tweeting, it is a modern approach. kelly, thank you so much. this seems to come down to the fired fbi director's word against the president with both men questioning the other's honesty. >> the nature of the person.
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i'm concerned he may lie about the nature of our meeting. i felt it important to document. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leaker. james comey confirmed a lot of what i said. and some of the things that he said just weren't true. >> joining me now is cynthia oxney. former prosecutor. the president has said he is 100% willing to testify under oath as part of bob mueller's investigation. can trump agree to talk, but refuse to do it under oath or is taking the oath the only way that mueller might accept his testimony? >> i think mueller will be flexible. he is a reasonable guy. i want to tell you this from the point of view from prosecuting a case. trump hurt himself in the rose garden denials. it is one thing if it is -- if he follows senator from idaho's
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cross-examination. it was very workmanlike. what if he said and hope. >> he said this is a great writing. i'm sure you got an "a" in your english law briefing writing class. drew him in only to say let's drill down on the specific word. the specific phrase. >> very well done. a good cross-examination. i recommend it to young law students. if trump had done that and said i did say i hoped. i told everybody that. i tell people in the oval office or out of the oval office. if trump had done that, we have a gray area. it is more difficult to prosecute. when he says no, i never said that. didn't happen. now we have a credibility battle. thing truth of the matter is in credibility battle between trump and comey, comey will win. trump has had so many different lies. i think the president really hurt himself in that.
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>> cynthia, when it comes to this boiling down to he said-he said moment. we know that donald trump has gone up against the federal government before. he has gone through other types of civil cases before. he has been deposed. he has gone under oath many times saying i don't recall. in this instance because he has given such public statements of interaction. how does that set him up almost for a pitfall with bob mueller? >> i think he hurt himself a lot. i think a smart person or with a smart strategy is follow the senator from idaho's strategy. bob mueller is very deliberate and it will be done very slowly and i don't recall is not really going to work. >> yeah. >> i think he hurt himself a lot. there are a couple of other take
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aways from the comey testimony that are importantly. two others that i would tell you about. one is that it seems that sessions has a larger problem than he thought he had. we learned that. i think that's important and that will come out in the next couple days. especially since he is testifying on tuesday. >> cynthia, from the legal perspective, alan dershowitz has powers and stop the investigation. we know back in the nixon case, congress threatened to impeach. and pressuring the fbi to stay the hell out of watergate and the burglary investigation. is this on par with that or not? >> i would think this is worse. alan is a very smart guy. i'm sure he is smarter than i am. he usually finds things where everybody is innocent. he is not the bellwether person to make the analysis on the
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prosecution case. this is worse than watergate in my view because it involves a foreign government injuring our voting process. i agree with comey on that. it strikes me as more important. >> this is not about a party going against a party. this is a foreign actor and intrusion. we break apart the layers and we peel back the interference of russia in the 2016 election season. michael flynn and his independent role of having those kind of off the book meetings with sergei kislyak and not telling the full truth to the vice president about it. they said he was canned because he lied on that fact. we have to peel back the layers because specifically with the comey and president trump discussions and interactions nine times over a period of months. it seems as if there was
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specifically in the oval office that comey testified to that hope of letting the flynn thing go. would that be a signal of trying to sew up the entire russia investigation and button it up? >> i think it is too early to tell that. we don't exactly know why trump felt so strongly about closing down the investigation. what we do know is the building blocks of obstruction case. the building blocks here are he asked comey to let it go. he did so in a way he knew he was doing something wrong by making everybody go out. he spent several days focusing or weeks figuring out if comey would go along with him. will you be loyal business. when he did not get what he wanted, he fired comey and threatened him. that is the building block of ok obstruction. it is different from watergate. it is him directly threatening the fbi director.
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>> we also have nbc's and lester holt with the exclusive with the president right after the firing of james comey. the president said it was about russia. >> that's the point. that's one of the points. he, knew he was doing something wrong and he knew he was doing something wrong because they made up some phony reason of why they were firing him. trump has no governor in his mouth. >> cynthia, great to have you on. i appreciate your time. >> good morning. thank you. first widespread heat wave of the season. the northeast is where it is heating up. the highs in the northeast soaring into the 90s on sunday. the high temperatures will last for several days. today we will get an early taste of what is to come. take a look at this. temperatures finally rise above 90. look at phoenix at 102. it will be cooler in las vegas than in maine.
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i hope you can let this go. now those are his exact words. is that correct? >> correct. >> you wrote them here and put them in quotes? >> correct. i took it as this is what he wants me to do. >> i didn't say that. >> he lied about that? >> i didn't say it. >> it is boiling down to who is telling the truth? james comey or president trump? investigators are taking new action to find out. demanding the president hand over recordings he has of c conversations with james comey by june 23rd. the house intelligence committee sent a letter to james comey demanding he turnover his memos. joining me now is political reporter eliza collins and wash
5:20 am
bureau chief gabby morrongiello. he refused if he has the recordings with james comey. if they do exist, why not get them out there and extinguish this? >> it was a cryptic comment in the press conference. acknowledging he said there were tapes that he may reveal something soon in the near future about whether or not there are or the statement he made on twitter a few weeks back was true. i really am wondering why the white house wouldn't be willing to release tapes if such recordings exist to help corroborate what the president is now saying. that james comey lied under oath about certain conversations that took place in the oval office and over phone calls between he and president trump. if there are recordings to help
5:21 am
serve as evidence to support the president's testimony, this is something in that you would think he and the white house counsel would be working on releasing. >> we know the house intelligence committee wants the president to hand over the recordings in they exist by june 23rd. while we wait for that, eliza, the president said he felt vindicated and his attorney is coming out strongly. his personal attorney about the comey testimony. saying the president feels vindicated and at the same time calling him a liar. how does that paradox serve him well? >> it is confusing. that is something james comey -- i don't know if you remember -- during the hearing is why should we believe you over the president. comey said you cannot cherry pick what i say. if you like what i say, you need to agree with all of it. that is the question posed to the white house. if you believe that he said that trump wasn't under investigation
5:22 am
three times, then you also need to believe this, this and this. this is interesting because the white house is giving that argument. lawmakers are giving a different argument. they getting the senator rich argument which you were talking about earlier. trump may have had the conversation, but he wasn't forcing him to do anything. he is a businessman. he doesn't necessarily know how to have the conversations. they are still defending the president. they are doing it a different way. i think the way the white house is doing it is muddled. >> he is one of the most litigious business men in modern day history and also as a politician, republicans used to have to come to new york and get his blessing and anointed in roles in running for presidency. he is not a total stranger to how this would all work. especially when it comes down to the basics of something so serious as this.
5:23 am
knowing this investigation exists and knowing the severity of the claims against james comey. gabby, we have the democrats saying the comey testimony states the president really pressured him to let up on the investigation. the russia investigation continues and it continues now and now a special prosecutor which comey revealed by giving his memos to his friend to go against the president's tweet. also kind of puts comey in the position of looking like he is trying to play politics. he was trying to force this moment on the president of a special prosecutor which he got. >> right. that's what the white house is definitely pounced on since thursday's testimony of james comey. the fact that he not only lea d ed something to a close friend of his and hoped it would make its way into the media. he had the intent as he admitted
5:24 am
that he hoped this would probably lead to the appointment of a special counsel, which it did. this is something that the white house is using again to help support president trump in this situation. it is something that questions comey's credibility. a lot of what he said during his testimony on thursday again goes back to what eliza was saying. there are things that don't serve the president well and make it seem he may have had some influence or tried to influence the way this investigation into general michael flynn was going and those are questions that president trump is going to have to answer whether that is under oath in a congressional hearing or going forward in press conferences with reporters. >> eliza, i want to talk about your article where trey gowdy takes over the committee.
5:25 am
is that good or bad with the implications with the wins in d.c.? >> i think it depends how you feel about trey gowdy. he is a prosecutor. he is known for never lost a case. a long career and people in south carolina, democrats and republicans i've spoken with, respect him for the job he has done. he led the benghazi investigation that we remember. during the campaign, kevin mccarthy said the benghazi is successful. hillary clinton's numbers are dropping. immediately that tied the investigation to politics and hillary clinton. democrats here in washington probably around the country are not too fond of gowdy. he knows law. he knows how to question. he is very well respected within his party. that is why he got oversight. there is a little bit of maneuvering. he is close to paul ryan and close to leadership.
5:26 am
he is also respected by the freedom caucus. that is the farther right part of the party that is kind of the rabble rouser. gowdy is the attempt to compromise. he worked with elijah cummings. >> benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. we will see how the intensity he brought to benghazi. see if that shifts to now what isenraptured d.c. we have house speaker paul ryan saying trump is new to government. trying to justify the wireird stuff that is happening. is that a legitimate defense for the president? we will talk about that ahead. what's that?
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welcome back. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc world headquarters in new york. this is what we are watching for you. after declaring vindication, president trump accused the former fbi director of lying under oath. during the press conference yesterday, the president was willing to testify himself under oath to dispute the comey comments. >> he did say under oath that you told him to let the flynn -- you hoped the flynn investigation he could let go. >> i didn't say that. >> so he lied about that? >> i didn't say that. i will tell you i didn't say that. >> did he ask you -- >> there would be nothing wrong if i did say it according to everything i read today. i did not say that. >> joining me now is john yarmouth ranking member of kentucky. what do you think of the president willing to testify? do you see that happening? >> this president is incapable
5:31 am
of telling the truth. there is no -- i don't think there is any difference between testifying under oath and just speaking on an every day basis. >> you are saying you believe he would lie under oath? >> i don't think the president of the united states is capable of telling the truth. i think he is a pathological liar. >> you, sir, believe if the president went under oath, he would lie in respect to comey's testimony? >> i think he would say whatever he thought would benefit him. whether it is true or not. >> all right. as we talk about that testimony of james comey i want to read your statement. you say republicans throwing around the word vindication is proving the low standard to which they are holding this president. explain that. there have been republicans and certainly republicans we saw during this testimony that actually competed against donald trump for the gop nomination in
5:32 am
the primary. one being marco rubio. explain what you mean their standards have gone so low especially about this type of accountability. >> again, if you think it is fine to pressure whether you are ordering at that time the fbi director to shelf an investigation or whether you just suggesting it or whether you say you wish it would go away. there's no way to defend that behavior. particularly there's no way to defend it the way paul ryan did. i think, as a matter of fact, speaker ryan admitted the president did something wrong when he said he is new to this. >> congress member. stand by. i want to play that for you so you are up to speed on what you are talking about. >> sure. >> the president's new at this. he is new to government and so he probably wasn't steeped in the long running proptocols tha
5:33 am
established between the doj and fbi and white house. he is new to this. i think what i got out of the testimony is we now know why he was so frustrated when the fbi director told him three times there's no investigation of him. yet that speculation was allowed to continue. we know why he was frustrated. >> for paul ryan who has been around the hill for a very long time. he takes his integrity and his job seriously. to boil it down to the fact that the president never saw schoolhouse rock and understood how these three executive office works along with judicial and works along with the congressional side of things. is that really a justifiable defense? >> of course not. you don't get to be an apprentice president. there is no apprenticeship for the presidency. >> typically that's the vice president, right? >> you're right. the president, you know,
5:34 am
consistently on the campaign trail talked about everything he would do in the first day and first week and month. he promised the american people he was ready to do the job. that means understanding the constitutional basis for responsibilities and also for the basic function of government. >> sir, do you think with paul ryan saying that because america elected and electoral college elected this outsider president who ran on the fact that i didn't have to go into d.c. with the specialized relationships. again, that would go to not a big working knowledge of how d.c. really works. that is paul ryan taking a shot of the people working around trump informing him on how to be president? >> you can interpret it that way, thomas. that is the big problem we have in the white house. not only does the president not know anything about the job or much of anything else, but he doesn't have people around him who do either.
5:35 am
that is a tragic failing of any leader. i guess that's the way he ran his companies. he didn't have any people around him advising him. he did it all himself. you cannot run the presidency that way. >> as we think of the thursday hearing, are you comfortable with james comey having the unclassified memos given to a froend pa friend then pass on to the media? >> yeah. i'm a little bit uncomfortable. i don't know why he went through that contortion to get that information out. maybe it was as simple as that. maybe he didn't know the proper way to leak it or to whom to leak it. i think it will arouse suspicion. i don't know the problem with the information and getting it out. >> he said it would be like
5:36 am
feeding seagulls. that the press would come back to him and we would seek more information. >> yeah. that's a possible explanation. i would accept that. it's obviously true. again, as a former journalist, i understand that's true. as a matter of perception, i don't think it looks good. >> i always feed the seagulls at the beach. i'm -- you get back what you give out. congress member yarmuth. thank you. what did james comey not say in the week's hearing that could be very key to the russia probe? even more key than what he did say. that's ahead. garfunkel (instrumental) [ snoring ]
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breaking overnight. police in london making another arrest in the london bridge
5:40 am
attack. new details emerging of the timeline of events. i want to go to lucy kavanaugh on this. le lucy, what have you learned? >> reporter: thomas, this could have been a deadlier incident. the ringleader of the terror attack. the pakistani born citizen tried to rent a 7.5 ton truck according to british police indicating they were looking to carry out a larger scale assault. he went online to book the truck last saturday, but payment did not go through. plan b was the white van. deadly, but on a smaller scale. it seems the attackers were killed before they were able to carry out part two of attacks. police found bombs and molotov cocktails and two flammable liquid blowtorches.
5:41 am
police releasing a pink ceramic kitchen knife. these were very unusual knives which are 12 inches long. some found with tape around the handles and one with a leather strap. the police are asking for the public's help. they want to know where the knives have come from. it could provide a crucial lead in the investigation. i should add, thomas, one more arrest in the early hours bringing the total number of people in custody to seven. thomas. >> lucy, thank you. keep us updated with new information. we have james comey dancing around certain questions at the week's hearing which is really not that unusual in certain affairs like this. but msnbc analyst eugene robinson said that comey avoided topics that may give a hint about where the investigation is really headed. is what comey did not say in the hearing thursday just as important as what he did say? that's next.
5:42 am
and in the next hour, did the president have the constitutional power to tell comey to back off mike flynn? dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony.
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use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. i've seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. i was honestly concerned he may lie about the nature of our meeti meeting. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leaker. james comey confirmed a lot of what i say and some of the things he said just weren't true. >> how many preachers will say lordy, i hope there are tapes. for now, we have the he said-he said testimony. the president responding in the press briefing from the rose
5:46 am
garden yesterday. joining me now is jeff watkins and political analyst with zerlina maxwell. now director of progressive programs for sirius fm. joe, we have comey on the record thursday. president getting his moment in the sun from the rose garden yesterday. what is the take away? >> my biggest take away is james comey is a credible witness on the stand. he is credible in terms of what he had to say. it doesn't help him that he shared unclassified information with the friend that he passed that on. i don't think that helps him. it gives the trump forces an opening. >> joe, apples to apples. president trump or former fbi director james comey. who is more credible?
5:47 am
>> i think james comey is more credible of the two. at the end of the day, james comey is more credible to the american public. donald trump is a fighter. you know, saying from the rose garden that he wants to testify and wants to sit before a special prosecutor and testify is counterintuitive to me. he has managed to succeed this far by being counterintuitive. who knows. >> rick, msnbc learned that comey in the closed session told senators about a possible third interactions with jeff sessions and russian officials. one that sessions did not acknowledge. he only acknowledged two. what does that mean for the attorney general? >> i think thomas, if that is true, the attorney general is in real trouble. the attorney general is due to testify on a budget matter on capitol hill next week. he will -- >> he will be on the hill tuesday. >> he will be asked that question. he better have a good answer to it. we don't know. supposedly it took place at the
5:48 am
mayflower hotel. we don't know the nature of the meeting. even if it qualified as a meeting. comey was smart in several ways. one is he made the -- this is about credibility between donald trump and james comey. he made it about credibility. in that, comey will win. the washington post is a very interesting story. back in 2007, donald trump got himself into a deposition situation because he sued an author for under estimating his net worth. lawyers went through and confronted him on 30 occasions with his own words and documents and sayings. in each case, he was proven wrong. he has a terrible credibility. the second thing that james comey did was put him in a cul-de-sac of the tapes. if he doesn't produce the tapes, we have to assume that donald trump is not telling the truth. if he does produce them, he
5:49 am
could show that he has told the truth. he hasn't produced them. i suspect they don't exist. >> what if the dog ate them? they don't have a dog at the white house. they can't blame it on the dog yet. zerlina, the investigation versus the matter when it comes to loretta lynch and comey said he went with the order of saying it was a matter. everybody knew the media would pick up and call it an investigation. we have nancy pelosi saying it is not such a big deal with comey saying it gave him a queasy feeling. for democrats, doesn't that demean comey because he had a queasy feeling after that private meeting with trump in trump tower as president-elect. he goes to the car and starts drafting the memos to log it all. it is the same gut instincts he is describing with loretta lynch. shouldn't they zip it on that if they want him as the credible
5:50 am
source from rick and joe? >> look, for democrats, this is a tricky moment. we are talking about a serious investigation and certainly james comey is not our favorite if you favorite if you're somebody who worked on my campaign like i did or supported hillary clinton. >> isn't that his job, though? the left and the right don't like him. james comey comey, you're doing a great job. >> i think that's correct. as a real independent leader of the fbi, not being the fan -- not having fans on either side of the aisle, i think that's appropriate if you're really and truly independent as comey really projects and tries to be. that's his goal clearly. but what i think the bottom line here is we learn a number of different things on thursday that are damaging in the long term to the president. so while there are a few nuggets they're chary picking from comey's testimony that they like, there's a lot of what he said that down the road is going to be a very serious legal
5:51 am
problem for the president. >> also, the nuance in what he didn't say and how he was able to not say it. take a look. >> is that correct? >> that's correct. i want to be careful in an open setting. >> that's a question i can't answer. >> i don't have an answer for that question. >> i can't answer that question. >> okay. so can't answer that question. joe, what do you think about how comey pivoted from getting on the record in public on certain responses? >> i think he again was very credible. for anybody watching, if you didn't have an opinion, and i think a lot of people do have an opinion. but if you didn't have an opinion, i thought he came across as somebody very believable. he was honest,i thought he was very honest, very candid. i want what's best for america. i want to find what happened in this russia probe, like all americans do. and i believe the fbi director is being honest with us when he
5:52 am
gives his testimony before the senate committee. and so i believed what he had to say. i thought he was, again, very, very credible as a witness. >> rick, what's the biggest thing we didn't learn from comey actually saying the words? >> what's the biggest thing we didn't learn? well, i'm not sure, thomas. i thought he was, as joe pointed out, a very credible witness. we also learned he's a very sophisticated operator. we learned donald trump is not a sophisticated operator. i think the one thing trump is in trouble for, are there perjury traps being laid if he does testify under oath with mueller, that could be a real problem for him because, again, he's not strategic and not a sophisticated operator, and there are people who want to catch the president in his own words. he, as we know, it's documented many, many times, he doesn't
5:53 am
always tell the truth. he misstates. he examining rates. he's prone to conspiracy theories. but that could have a real legal consequence. >> zerlina, we lived through clinton and having to learn what is and is. when it comes to donald trump, is the biggest problem is he will spit it out and tell you like it is, but if found accountable, he could swaparoo the story. >> i think that is a problem for donald trump. going back to the clinton era, ken starr was appointed over a year before bill clinton met monica lewinsky. >> he started in a different direction. >> exactly. >> that's what they phrase as a witch hunt that led them down the monica lewinsky trail. >> that's a good example. you start looking at one thing. as comey said, when you turn over the rock, it's not like the fbi investigators will ignore a
5:54 am
crime they come across, whether it be money laundering or collusion or anything else. i think donald trump and anybody working in the white house certainly should be retaining attorneys at this time because this is going to be a long slog here. the bottom line, as joe and rick have said, the underlying issue, the russia attack on our election is something so serious that we have to get to the bottom of it. donald trump trying to interfere in getting to the bottom of that question -- he didn't even ask comey at all what's going on with russia, how do we prevent this? >> that's the other thing comey said in his testimony, they'll be back. we can expect that in our next general election. zerlina, rick, joe, thank you. appreciate your time. looking ahead to where the vision goes next, we'll dive into that coming up in a moment.
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to james comey's testimony
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