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tv   Lockup Cleveland - Extended Stay  MSNBC  June 18, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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purposeful, and ari had a witness on earlier that read the script of the witnesses transcript on air there, and the witness said that he heard thump, and then the screech, and the thump and then the screech. that means that the vehicle hit something, and likely a pedestrian or a lamp post or garbage bin or something, and hit something before the braks s were hit h. in a traffic accident, that is significant if someone hits or assault if someone hits the brakes first, it means they are not trying to hit the item or the person or rather than i hit the person and then the brakes. so is it dleliberate, witnesses believe they have driven into the crowd of people, and it is consistent where it is seven, a small group of people injured and killed. so, it is an important night for london to get the answers out. you know, information is the key to keeping people calm and
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informed on the right side of the law is key. they have to do that, the met and the government there. >> and jim, they are listening to you. because we just got many more details that were released by london metropolitan police. just within the last bunch of minutes here, and perhaps because of the reason that you bring up. we are at the top of the hour here in the united states just at midnight, and closing out father's day here in the united states, and it is sunrise in london england and as the lon der londonners alondon er ers are getting up, they are thinking that, they need to get the information out to the public to not worry about what the incident is. so this is the latest at the top of the hour. i want to read from their statement that juscame out. it says that the investigation into the circumstances of this incident in seven sisters road
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and the pictures here in finsbury park is ongoing. this is after they were reporting earlier that a van hitting pedestrians, and they did not understand whether it was intentional or not. or whether it is terror-related or not. nbc news being able to confirm the result of the collision, one dead, according to london police, and eight injured in this incident in london. the statement goes on to say they became aware of it about 12:20 on an early monday. the officers attended alongside with other emergency services including both the fire brigade and the london ambulance, and they tended to a number of casualties, and the statement goes on the say that one man was pronounced dead at the scene, a tand the officers now are in th process of informing the next of kin, and postmortem examination will be scheduled in due course. this is what the statement says from london metropolitan police.
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they going on the say that eight people were injured and taketone three separate hospitals. two people were treated at the scene for minor injuries. they are also saying that at this stage, no reports of any persons having suffered any knife injure i res this is despite various reports on the social media and others anecdotal ally that the we at nbc has not confirmed, but now london police saying that so far, no knife injuries. the driver of the van a man aged 48 found detained by members of the public there on scene. when police got there, they the then arrested that the individual in con nnection with the incident. the statement from london metropolitan police saying that he has been taken to hospital as a precaution, and will be taken into custody once discharged. he wil also be subject to a mental health assessment in due cour. a number of police units are at
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and managing the cordons around the crime scene. including local officers, and we can see it from the pictures as well as the neighboring boroughs in the space. the investigation of the incident is being coried out by the counter terrorism command, and th and this is who is leading it now. at the early stages of the investigation. no other suspects at the scene have been identified or reported to police, and however, the investigation continue, and due to the nature of the incident, extra police resources have been deployed in order to reassure the community especially those observing ramadan that we talked about. then they go on the ask for more tips if they are available, and that this is ongoing. that is the latest information just coming in from the london metropolitan police. i believe that lucy kafanov who
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is on site has been with us reporting all evening on this break breaking story. lucy, we were waiting for information. we have the unfortunate news that one person confirmed dead. we have the unfortunate news that at least eight are injured. is that news? is that being circumstanlated a there on scene? >> well, the news is being percolated here in the press and not yet spread to the crowd behind me, and richard, i am standing here, and quite hard to see. and some of the crowd had been d dissipating and daylight here, and people are returning back to work, but this is the if full update from the authorities in five hours when the attack took place, and the eight people injure and one pronounced dead and the 48-year-old man arrested after he had been pinned down by the crowd. that is actually going to match up with what some of the
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eyewitnesses had been telling us that this gentleman was tackled by the locals and then the police arrested him and took him in. they will be examining whether he has had any mental health iss issues, but not calling this terrorism at this stage, although most of the witnesses that we have spoken to, a lot of the locals here on the ground say that they believe that this was a terrorist incident and not something that the authorities are willing to call just yet. that investigation is still ongoing and we know that importantly that counter terrorism officers are on the scene, and that is a critical step in that investigation, richard. >> lucy kafanov is on scene, and watching the progress in this latest report, and also with us is the nbc ablist, and grif wittingly the washington post bureau chief there in london, and i want to get quick
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responses from the analysts. and first, naveed jamali, the new pieces of information and your thought? >> well, i think it is interesting, first, richard, it is the command that you read off in the police statement seems that they are staying with the london met, and that is curious development, and to me, that is sort of says that this is pr probably a localized event, and the met believes it is perhaps not a terrorist attack, and that it is mirroring the met. >> and so they are not call it as lucy said, they are not calling it a terror-related incident. >> right. the terror incident command is part of the met and leading the investigation, and so they may not necessarily split it off, trying to gather all of the facts. the commander was at the met was in charge first when they thought that it might be terrorism, and so maybe they are following through. it could be handed off later.
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it is hard to read too much into that. the thing that i saw, heard when you gave that report, rifd, they were sending him off for a mental health evaluation, and so that is a significant part. usually, if you think that somebody doesn't need that, why would you do that? we didn't send people off routinely for mental health evaluations when they committed horrendous crimes unless they needed to have them medically evaluated. so something must have been during the evaluation or the speech or something they found out, and so that is why counter terrorism command may not be getting rid of it either, because who knows what the guy is saying to them. so, naveed is right, it does not ramp it up for us much, and we don't have all of the answers. they are seeming to be on top of it, and they did kill down that witness saying that there were o other players, and they believe this is the only player at the scene. it does not mean co-conspirators
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couldn't be in another location, but they say that this is the only player at the scene. so that answers that the question. i think that you have, and lucy have effectively reported one dead and eight injured so we have a number there. so as the daylight approaches, we are getting a clear picture. >> and the londoners are getting the information they will want to know as they are asking the questions. gr griff witty is with us. and now, as folks are getting up now, and getting the latest pieces of information, and this may be the first time they are hearing about this story if they went to bed before midnight. >> that is right. for a lot of people, it will feel all too familiar, and of course, two incidents in the past few months in which a driver has intentionally rammed into pedestrians. the incident on westminster bridge in march when four people were killed when a driver hit a group that was kros ing tcrossi
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bridge, and then one passenger got off to kill a police officer, and then in may, the incident on london bridge in which eight people were killed and three assailant s s in that case hit pedestrians on the bridge and got out to start stabbing people in borough market, and this is similar in that you have a vehicle as a weapon. we had reports that there was a follow-up knife attack, and those reports appear to be wrong at this point. the police say they have taken the individual into custody, but obviously, this is going to be feeling familiar for a lot of londoners, and it is coming upon tragedy upon tragedy. we had a fire last week in which dozens and dozens of people were kill and this is the fourth perhaps if this is a terrorist attack, the fourth one in four month, and so london and britain in general are dealing with the
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tragedies they are not accustomed to. >> griff standby. and naveed, one of the amazing things here as e was reading the information, the suspect aged 48 who was taken to the hospital as we were talking about it for a mental health assessment taken down by members of the public, and that really gives you a sense of what happened, and also if you will, the mood in the neighborhood as all of london that griff was talking about, and this is happening again, and those heroes they will be caledd this morning in london stood up and did something about this. >> undoubtedly. i know that there is a report and video circulating around the social media about this, and you are right. it is certainly really nothing else to the add to that, but that it is seeming that people stepped in and they were able to
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fr frankly apprehend this guy, and ultimately until the met showed up, and to jim's point the fact that they are not seeing the terrorism directly, but releasing mental health evaluation, and frankly, that is speaking volumes. if we are moving away from the sort of the terrorist attack as we are seen leading up to this, and take the vehicle part out of this, it is probably less similarities to the coordinated terrorist attack, and that is what seems to be the narrative emerginging, and clearly, a larger unfortunately one dead is awful, and this is clearly could have been a lot worse, and seems that some people could step up and clamped it down. and so you are right, we will be hearing more detalils bt the acts, and stilt noneless heartbreaking, and the uk have suffered in the last few day, and it is very much the rest of the londoners are on edge, and that is what we are seeing.
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>> naveed ja mmali, a former fb double agent, and i know that you have been with us all night, and thank you for your time tonight, and great to have your perspective on this story as a it is evolving now. we know that you have to get going, and we go back to griff witte, and the neighbors who stood up to this person, and tell me about this neighborhood? >> it is diverse, and this attack took place around the kocorn er from my local area ofy tube stop, and so i am familiar. and it is very multi cultural and not rich in the economic sense, but culturally diverse and rich place. immigrant communities from around the world. east african and west african and you have arab communities
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and a lot of the native brits, and it is a really sort of london in a microcosm. it is a neighborhood in finsbury park that the reflects the full diversity of the city, and it has poor parts of the area, and wealthy parts of the area. so it is a very active and of course finsbury mosque which is, you know, the worshippers had n been leading the mosque that years ago it was very much associated with extremism in london and seen around the world as a place that had been linked to terror attacked. the mosque has completely transformed the image over the last decade, and now the leaders are seen as advocates for interfaith dialogue, and they are perhaps remembering the f m
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former mosque associated with extremism, but it is a very different place than it was back then. >> back then, and this neighborhood when you say, griff, it is crossroads for many individuals from many backgrounds if i understand the history properly here, because of the finsbury park station, itself, that it has a major bus, rail and tube interchange right there, and that is, this city kind of grew up, and not city, but this ward grew up around that, because of the access to easy transportation. >> yes, it is my local tube station, and so people are out at all hours of the night, and if you are wondering why people
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would be out at that hour, and it is of course ramadan, and there are two mosques in the area, and right next to where this incident took place. and people were in the process of leaving the mosque. there were apparently hundreds of people out on the streetsk and packed sidewalks which is the moment of perhaps if it were intentional, you know, that is the moment that the driver chose to ram this vehicle, this white van into a crowd of pedestrias.s and of course, we don't know yet exactly that the police have not said definitively that this is intentional, and that is the indicationhat we are seeing based on the fact that the counter terrorism command has taken charge of the terrorism. >> and one of the thoughts of the view mers the united states is what kind of neighborhood is this? when i looked through the scenss of about five years ago, as well as other sites that were describing different neighborhoods in the london area, but specifically, the data
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out of the census, and seemed to be that sort of young fun and good pubs according to what it said in one description, gritty in some parts, and 20s, 30s, and very diverse as you were describing, and so it reminded me of brooklyn 20 or 30 years ago. >> yeah, and the best way the describe it is that it is london. it is everything that london is, and the richly diverse, and multi cultural place that london is, and it is rich, and poor and n naytive brits and immigrants, and young and old. it is a very, i think that it is a neighborhood that accurately reflects the cities as a whole, and some areas that are extremely wealthy and some that are extremely poor. it is a neighborhood more gentrified and affluent neighborhood, but still a number
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of immigrants in that area. and the finsbury mosque is the most popular mosque in london. so you would have had hundreds of worshippers going to the services last evening or early this morning for ramadan. the streets, and you have people out, there and you know, selling the goods. a lot of the shop kekeepers andu know, street stalls out there, and so these are vibrant and active streets. these are not desolate streets. this this is a place where there would have been life and community and a sense of vibrancy even after midnight. >> all right. griff witte and also mr. cavenaugh, and the news coming out one dead, and at least eight injured and also, one suspect a taken in a. they are not looking
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for others at the moment, but they continue the investigation, and that all just coming into us at msnbc and nbc news. we will take a short break and then go right back out to london. stay with us right here on msnbc. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. i was outside of the mosque about two minutes away from the mosque and we were sitting in the coffee shop, and we hear somebody reporting an accident, and he said a van or lorry driving into the mosque. so when we come back here, we see the ambulance and police officer, and everything, and then i see some of the ambulance taking the people. >> one of the witnesses there on the breaking story that we are following out of london, and van, a vehicle driving through
9:23 pm
and colliding with pedestrians. and now, coming in the injured is 8, and now in last couple of minutes we have moved to 10 injured that the we understand at the moment. it continues to change. a lot of developments, and potentially, here, because the london police, the met, they have been working very hard for the last three or four hours without saying anything, and then the releasing a lot of pieces of information and one of those is the number of injured and that one is confirmed dead. jim cavenaugh, griff witte is still with us from "washington post" and so, jim, we took a little quick break here, and we have had already another development. this is affairly quiet period for two to three hours.
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>> yes, the police are starting to release the the information and get on with the interrow gash -- interrogation and maybe moving the 48-year-old suspect there, and slowly picking up on the pieces of it. ho hopefully more forthcoming to the community about what is behind this, and what is motivating this. what is driving this whole event. is that the purposeful event. is the man suffering an emotional episode? is he a person seeking revenge? is he, you know, tied to some group? is he an individual actor? so many open questions, richard, that just aren't there for us right now. >> and what phase are we in now, jim, now that they have released the pieces of information and saying that the suspects have been taken from the scene, and they have one suspect as you
9:25 pm
were describing there. what phase are we? >> well, set early stages for the detectives, but they have certainly have a direction they are going. when they would have this man in custody for that many hours, and be able to go through the van, and his personal effects, and his phone, and maybe contact some associates and relatives and neighbors, so they know a lot of information, and they have quickly gathered. so they know the direction that they are going. they know what, you know, what he is about. they know what he is about, and who he is connected to, so they can see that. they have that gathered pretty quick. and they are going to have to sit down with the pros ecutors, you know, to decide what the charges are going to be on this guy, because clearly, you nknow he is not going to be release and have a murder charge probably, and assault charges, but he may also possible have terrorism charges. so they will have to sit down with the prosecutors there to decide that, because he has to make an appearance to the court,
9:26 pm
and they have to lay out the proof in the initial appearance and hearing. >> what is happening right now, griff, according to what the met is telling us, is that those injured were take n to three ara hospitals, and where might those hospitals be? are they the very close by? >> yeah, there are a number of them, and it is a densely pop u populated area, and so there are a number of hospitals in the area. one clarification that the police have said that there are 10 injured total, and eight taken to the hospital, and two who were treated at the scene and were not deemed, and it was not deemed to take them to the hospital. so 10 total injured and 8 people taken to the hospital. >> right. you are saying those hospitals are closeby, and we did update that 10 were injured in the incide incident, and you clarified what they said in the release that eight people were injure and
9:27 pm
take tone three hospitals and two other people treated at the scene for minor injury, and again, no knife injuries related to this incident. so, there'ses a number of hospitals that we were thinking about, and the met, itself, and so what has been the tone recently as you havinterfaced with the met based on the attacks that we have had to k r cover, and just the last one at london bridge, a shock at london bridge after an attack the at an arianna grande concert. >> yes, britain is on a threat level that is not the absolute highest, highest, but it is one down from that. and after the manchester attack, it was taken to the highest level which is severe, and at that point, we had soldiers out
9:28 pm
guarding the important installations such as downing street, bucking aham palace, the palace of westminster which is where the parliament sits. so, after a few days after the manchester attack, the terror threat level was taken up to severe, and then brought back down to critical, and since then, you have had the london attack of course of a few weeks ago where the van was used to ram pedestrians on london bridge, and the driver and two passengers got out and began to knifing people at borough market, and this attack, if that is what it is, and it seems that it is an attack, it is going to raise concerns even further. are we seeing some kind of, you know, i think that one real question is here is if we are seeing a hate crime. is this a hate crime against muslims? that is a view of people who were gathered out on the street
9:29 pm
after the incident. they were saying that they very much believed it was a terrorist attack that was targeted at muslims, and islamic phobe attack. and whether that is the case, that is something that we will find out as the investigation unfolds. i think that it is an incident that is going to be is certainly escalating what is already a rather tense suation, and raising concerns about whether we are seeing after a couple of attacks or three attacks in which the islamic state the responsibility, and muslim extremists were implicated in those attacks, and are we seeing an attack potentially aimed at the muslim community that is a hate crime. >> and the attacker in britain saying that he is motivated by islam phobia, and we do not have at this hour any information that would indicate that as of yet. that nbc could independently n
9:30 pm
confirm. maybe you have been able to listen here, griff of the witness who came to the camera saying that he saw three individuals, and two ran away, and the london police are saying that they have again the one 48-year-old that they have been able to apprehend, and saying that there are no other suspects that they were able to apprehend at the scene. from your reporting or from your bureau, are you hearing anything about two others that might be out there considering as suspects? >> well, it is certainly not from the police. and certainly, the police are very clear in saying that the single individual, and they are also clear that they are not out there hunting for other individuals at this point. in the hour or so after the attack, there was a police helicopter hovering overhead that i could hear from my home,
9:31 pm
and actually, et was gone after an hour or so after the incident, and unlike previous attacks where you had police very clearly conconducting a manhunt for a considerable amount of time afterwards n this case, they are clear on the fact that they do have the only suspect that they are interested in apprehending at the moment, and so, you know, there were these, you know, reports or testimony that perhaps there is one person, and never clear to me that these were direct eyewitness, and this this seemed to be based on the rumors and the second-hand information and information that was picked up on line, and as far as i know, there have been no credible firsthand eyewitness at accounts, that yes, two the or three attackers than simply one. >> if you are just joining us here on the msnbc, we are following the break news at the bottom of the hour 12:30 a.m. eastern time here in new york
9:32 pm
city, and we are following what is happening there in london, england, and specifically finsbury park mosque where a van collided with p des triians and we were just will learning within the last 30 minutes that the london police were able to confirm the specific item, and this is after two to three hours of no specific information released by law enforcement, and just learning this. one confirmed dead and now 10 confirmed injuries and there could be more, because that could change. they released that information within the last about 30, 40 minutes to us. we have been able to also learn that this suspect, the driver of the van from the met, they are saying that he is 48 years old, that he has been taken into a hospital for evaluation here, and that specifically related to his mental health, and that is
9:33 pm
what was done they are saying as a precaution. they are also saying that, that one suspect that was taken into custody and at the hospital, that there and i will read it specifically. no other suspects have been identified at the scene or reported the police, however, the investigation continues. the way that the 48-year-old suspect was apprehended is that people on the street, everyday community citizens there, held him down until the police were able to arrive. the police were called at 12:20 a.m. according to the met. that is when they then responded. so this incident is therefore about five hours' old at least there in lond. isery early on. an jim cavenaugh and griff witte is saying that the fact
9:34 pm
that no other suspects have been identified or reported to the police, and however, the investigation continues, and the reason i read it is because the witness that we were talking to earlier said that he saw three individuals, and two of them coming out of the van and then running away. could it be that they are looking for two others even though we don't have confirmed information related to that and we just have what the witness says on that? >> no, i would believe the police in that incident, and if we are going back the look at the facts, we know that the citizen ises at the scene, the hero citizens really captured the driver. so likely the van hits the people on the sidewalk, and nearby citizens swarmed the van. they are getting the driver out, and going inside to get the driver. and the man that is a witness, this is in a cafe a few doors
9:35 pm
down, and claim hes ran out of the cafe, but by the time he runs out of the cafe, maybe he is seeing the people exit the van, but those people may be it is zens who swarmed the van, but that is what he is seeing. that is what we will find from the witnesses is that they tell us what they saw, but then we have to put it in a time line of when they saw it. so, if you are putting it in step, he can say, i saw it, and maybe he is going to say that his example, i saw two people get out of the van, and they melted into the crowd. well they may have been citizens responding to the the emergency to get the driver. so i think that i would believe the police on, that and they have it nailed down, you know, from the detectives and other witnesses whether anybody was else in the van. theyeel pretty cfident that there is not, and building on, that they are sending him for the mental health evaluation. you know, it may be -- and it is
9:36 pm
hard to get some of the other co-conspirators in your mental health problem, and a lot of time those people are acting a alone, and we will see fit holds now. >> for now, jim cavenaugh and griff witte, when we come back, we will talk about the injuries related to this and we will get some perspective from the people there on site. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah!
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we continue to follow the breaking news out of london. this is just coming in from the london ambulance services. the statement is a little bit more information about what they are doing and have done in the last four or five hours there in london, there in finsbury park, the neighborhood affected by the van that drove into the pedestrians and causing with one to die, and causing at least at this moment 10 injuries. they sent over 60 medics to the scene. this is the london ambulance service again. it included ambulance crews, and advanced paramedic, and specialized team, and advanced trauma team from london's a air ambulance, and they are saying that the incident is being
9:40 pm
dedicated by a team in a special operations center. this is again coming from the london ambulance services. they have got calls from 12:15 a.m. on the early monday there in london. and that is about five minutes earlier than the police got their call, and then they deployed to the seven sisters road area, which is what you are seeing here in the pictures. they have treated eight patients a at the scene, and took them to three london hospitals, and they also said that they have treated a number of patients at the scene for minor injury, and it is sounding like at least this moment, that they were let go. lucy kafanov is there on the screen, and there reporting over the last bunch of hours there on the developments there. and lucy, now that the sun sup, and people are going to the work, and what are you seeing at this hour now that we have morn
9:41 pm
formation? >> richard, in terms of what i am seeing at this hour, the crowd has dissipated and more media on the scene than ordinary people, and that is lodgical. the sun sup as you say, and people are going to work, and more details coming in from the am plans, and the prime minister theresa may who said that it is being investigated as a possible terrorist incident, and that left some conflicting numbers there, because we believe 10 people injure and the ambulance service is saying eight, and so a conflict in the
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
and the prime minister, theresa may is calling this a potential terrorist attack, and we were not hearing that from anybody in the government from the uk using that word terror, and can considering it to be a potential terrorist attack, and she did the same, and she also was the first that you mentioned here during the london bridge attack on june 3rd. this must be heightening the tension there in what is already a difficult time for the muslim british community, and others
9:44 pm
during these now two van attack s in the just this month of june. >> and yes we would see them blamed as a whole of what has been taken place by of course individuals, and what you are seeing today, and what you are seeing here is that these people here in the community of finsbury park saying that this was a hate crime, and it is a terrorist attack directed at the muslims, a an and no coincidenc that this man drove his van into a group of muslims as reported
9:45 pm
by the metropolitan police who did believe this is a potential tryst attack the. and it is very similar to what was said by prime minister theresa may saying it is a potential tryst atta potential terrorist attack, and that is what she is saying now. and that also, it is politically motivated or political violence, and potentially, that this is an attack against muslims, a hate crime. >> griff as a "washington post" bureau chief, what story are you pursuing today heading into the auoffice if you are not alreadyn a office and the team? well, quite a few. one is exactly the witness accounts, but right now, we have not heard from the people who
9:46 pm
are, a lot of people directly there. one of the big questions now is how the people respond. we have already seen appeals for calm, and people saying that this is a community, and there can't be a violent reaion, and the has to be a calm and measured response even though people are clearly angered as they should be. there is a lot of ainnger and fear, and there is a lot of sense of tension in the sense that, you know, this is now the start of a trend of some sort of attack, and whether they wake up thinking that they need to be concerned about people who are carrying out violence against muslims or whether it needs to be condemned under any circumstances or whether it is going to be the fear that it could spiral, escalate.
9:47 pm
the islamic state is going to be very pleased with this kind of the thing, because it is just feeding into the narrative and feeds into their, you know, the ability to stoke grief. and so there is a real contest come morning between these saying it is yet more to stoke is the flames and promote this idea of a c-- of a clash, and others saying that we need to stand up to this and defy it. >> thank you, griff witte and i know that you will be having a very busy day ahead of you with it only being 5:40 in the morning. and also, we are getting the shots there on the left-hand side of the screen which is focusing in not only right below that a tent. whether it is related to the medic services, we are getting a
9:48 pm
daylight view now sh, the firste after this van attack in the finsbury park area. and whether that is the van that is in question, we dot no that, but what we are getting now are finally some daylight pictures coming in from this chopper cam, and you can see the white tent there, and what is a white van or the white truck up there. we do not again know whether it is the suspected or the alleged van involved in this. this is what is going to be so helpful for those on the ground, now they can look at all of the detail, all of the forensics, and daylight as they were unable to do when this happened right after midnight there london time. we will take a short break and go to jim to find out what we are understanding to see from the new live pictures. [vo] what made secretariat the greatest racehorse who ever lived? of course he was strong...
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we continue to follow breaking news coming out of london, and we are getting in a statement from the mayor of london sadiq khan. he reached out to the forum there in london saying that the london police are responding to a horrific attack against innocent people, and he alludes to the specific community that it is directed to very close to the mque there, and the finsbury mosque, but he used the word terrorist attack, and so along with theresa may saying it is potentially a terrorist attack, and at this hour, we are for the first time hearing the officials there involve in question of it being a terrorist attack. so we go to jim cavenaugh has been with us, as well as u lucy kafanov who has been on the scene. the language is changing. >> yes, richard. you have heard from the london
9:53 pm
mayor calling it a terrorist attack, and the prime minister calling it a terrorist incident, but i am standing here with a local resident, and i know that it has been a long night for you and you have not slept in 24 hours, but you witnessed the perpetrator waving his hand saying he was proud, and can you describe what you saw? >> after the bangs, and some crashes, and people shouting and some people trying to help the victim, and there was men there underneath the van, and there was a man in the wheelchair and is some children -- >> underneath the van? >> yes, a man underneath the van, and people were terrified. most people, we have had the different months terrorist attacks in different place, and we had a feeling that this would not stop. so basically, it is terrorism, and the terrorizing the entire community. >> and what did this attacker
9:54 pm
look like? who was he? >> he is a white man, and some people say different nationality, but i have no idea. see him waving the hand like a proud like he is shaking his hand like he is a proud man, and like he had achieved something, and not like a man who committed an incident or something. >> he was not horrified? >> no, he was not horrified, like i did this thing, and waving his hand. and some people took him outside and held him. one man was sitting on the man. >> reporter: the locals tackled him basically? >> yes. he got help from the other people, and standing on the corner, because people were scared of another explosion or aftermath or thing likes that. and so, people were terrified, because it is a night where we are praying the midnight prayer at night, and people were scared. usually at night, the women and the people like that, because one of the elderly man publicly
9:55 pm
say that things cannot go on like this, because the whole media saying islamic, and islamic and he targeted here, and we saw this stuff on the news, and this is why they targeted the mosque, but they came exactly timed when most people would be coming to the mosque, but luckily some people were finish and a little bit behi behind, but people pray outside. so he expected to get the most casualty of the people, they left very quickly, and that is why he got some of the people standing. most of the people, but we have to get the status to calm down. >> reporter: if et a had happened earlier, it would have been more casualties? >> yes, a few minutes more, it would have been high casualties and this is why this man came to the mosque, because it is the main gate, and he drove over, and people were praying up there, and they had finished, and people were on the corner,
9:56 pm
and like the old man and the children, and the people outside and so, the whole thing happened so very quick second. and then turning there -- >> reporter: and then the police came and arrested him? >> yes. i can tell this man had agenda, and he wanted this thing to happen. >> reporter: hue h sane, i know it is a long night for you and traumatizing night, and thank u for y ti this is hussein ali, and this is of course an incident on the heels of three other terrorist events here in the uk, and residents here very shaken witnessing this unfold before their eyes. richard. >> live on site, lucy, and that eyewitness, and that witness who gave you the account detail by detail, and if it turns out to
9:57 pm
be true, it really did avoid, but just by a matter, as he described moments of minutes what could have been a horrific result, and right now, for those joining, one dead and at least ten injured in this london incident. if indeed, they have, they were still in prayer, it could have been much, much worse. lucy, thank you so much for the interview. very, very insightful in terms of how the to understand what is happening here. naveed jamali is still with us, as well as jim cavenaugh, and naveed, you may have heard what hussein ali was telling the reporter lucy kafanov, and we have new detail which is new, and also what is new is the pictures on the left-hand side now that we have the sun in the sky, and we are getting pictures of what is actually on the ground. that is something that we did not have a little bit earlier. we can see the tent there which
9:58 pm
looks to be part of what law enforcement is using. you can get a sense of the lay of the land right now. and what is standing out to you coming from the not only hussein ali, but also the pictures that we are getting live there on the side of the screen, and the third thing that is new in the half hour is that we are hearing the word terror or terrorist being used in both descriptions coming from the mayor of london as well as the prime minister as a potential terrorist attack are the words that she used. >> well, you no, i will go with the third one first, richard. i think that terror or terrorism in the context that sit is bein used when you are looking at the lead agency the met and not the national counterterrorism group for exale is telling. what theresa may and0 downing street, and the mayor are trying to do is to assuage the fears and address the gravity of this type of attack. it is clearly an attack, and most likely not isis-inspired is
9:59 pm
seeming to be the story that is emerging here. so e thii think that the use of terrorism is correct, but it is not the traditional terrorism in the terms of al qaeda or isis. it is stay thing at the metropolitan london police instead of the national is telling first and foremost. in regards to what the eyewitness said from lucy's interview there, it is seeming that in a lot of cases lone wolvs or somebody wwolv s wolves, and when you are looking at the actual part that they do is spur of the moment. it is very much not necessarily planned in that second. it is certainly seems that it was a larger tragedy may have been avoided, but clearly again, what we do see here is target thing of the soft targets. it is a disturbing thought that somebody is coming out of a house of worship, and this is
10:00 pm
what happens. so, again, though, i want to hammer that point in that even though they are using terrorism, the lead agency is still the met. i the think that is perhaps the most telling thing that we are direction this investigation is going. >> jim, what are you seeing in these new pictures, 6:00 a.m. now london time, stuff that we did not have earlier? we did not know what they why going through, law enforcement. now we sort of get a sense what was they've deployed. what are you seeing here? >> they're processing a homicide scene. the tent is likely over a spot where a person was killed. the van just in front of it that we saw earlier is likely the killer's van. there's some markings on the side. there's a small white van -- i couldn't read the side of it. that's sort of in front of the tent. so if that's the killer's van, and it likely is, because they would not move that while they processed the crimescene. there you can see the tent, the white tent, that's where


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