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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  June 19, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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personal lawyer. he said nobody notified the president he's under investigation. >> he is the guy they have put forward to be the main flack catchers on this. as you said earlier, they can't find anyone else who wants to do it. >> are you going to get sawed off at the knees the next time the president picks up his smartphone? >> much more on those stories ahead. first this hour, the president is going to host panamanian president juan carlo. messy business dealings in panama raising major concerns over conflict of interest. we're going to dig into the president's panama problem coming up. >> feels like turkey, philippines. >> that's where he has businesses. >> later this afternoon the president will participate in the first meeting of his american technology council. what is that? we want to find out as well. it is made up of ceos of america's largest tech companies including apple, microsoft and amazon. and the president is trying to advance his agenda by
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blasting -- at the same time blasting russia investigations tweeting the make america great agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the witch hunt. >> well, it is the president who continues to distract us, because, mr. president, we want to talk about that agenda but we're also going to cover your private attorney, of course, who repeatedly insisted on the sunday shows, all of them, that the president is not under investigation despite this tweet from the president himself on friday. quote, i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. here is what his attorney said yesterday. >> let me be very clear as it has since the beginning, the president is not and has not been under investigation for obstruction. it's that simple. the president is not under investigation. i want to be very clear about this, the president is not and has not been under investigation. >> talk about confusing. but then that attorney, his new
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attorney jseemed to say somethig else on another show. >> now investigated, special counsel regulations reports still to the department of justice, not independent counsel. so he's being investigated for taking the action the attorney general and deputy attorney general had him take by the agency who recommended the investigation. >> you just said he's being investigated. >> no, chris. let me be crystal clear so you completely understand, we have not received nor are we aware of any investigation of the president of the united states. >> sir, you just said two times that he's being investigated. >> no, the context of the tweet -- i just gave you the legal theory, chris, of how the constitution works. >> was that crystal clear to you? >> not crystal clear to me. might be crystal clear to somebody else. our reporter is with us now. ken, i can understand why this is confusing, because there are four distinct investigations
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going on starting with this one with robert mueller the special investigator, special counsel. can you just break this down for us prf sure. i'll try to be crystal clear. special counsel is investigating donald trump, investigating whether donald trump obstructed justice. that's one aspect of his sprawling investigation. to be clear, that investigation is much more significant than the three congressional investigations. they are important. but robert mueller is the only one who can command grand jurys, full resources of intelligence community to get information abroad. he's looking at and fbi is looking at this whole question of russia collusion, whether u.s. persons helped americans interfere, as part of that business transactions. paul manafort, michael flynn and jared kushner. now, the house and senate
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intelligence committees conducting separate investigations. their main role is bring before the public, holding hearings this week in the house and senate. the senate is doing to look at this question of what is the trump administration doing right now to protect the next election against the next russian hack. they be the final investigation, fourth one, senate judiciary committee expressed interest in investigating obstruction of justice, firing of fbi director james comey and conduct of loretta lynch, former attorney general over her handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, guys. >> to be clear, the house intelligence committee and senate intelligence committee, these are both run by republicans, correct? >> yeah, all of congress is run by republican. particularly in senate those leaders and to have worked out fairly bipartisan arrangement, seem to be on the same page, working together. so far there haven't been many partisan flairups at least on the surface. >> crystal clear.
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thanks. that's what's actually going on. to what's going on senate committee mark werner and richard burr seem to be working in a more bipartisan format than the house where devon nunn recused himself. >> they have trey gowdy in the mix. you say crystal clear, i'm going to continue to say confusing. we now have to turn to get another terror attack in london. this time targeting muslims. one killed and several injured after a van deliberately plowed into pedestrians near a mosque this morning. >> this is britain's fourth in three months. tensions are mounting following similar recent attacks attributed to islamic extremists. joining us msnbc terrorism analyst with keir simmons in london near the attack. keir, let's start with you. what do we know about the attack? >> the mayor of london, prime minister of the country both
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calling this a terrorist attack. the police saying they are investigating the suspected terrorist attack. if we just give you a closer look, what happened was a van mounted the sidewalk in the distance there. you can see flowers for one man who died and ten who were injured. one of the messages you see above the flowers, united against all terror. because while this used the same kind of m.o. we've seen in other attacks, a vehicle turned into a weapon here, it is muslims targeted leaving moscow after late night prayers. the leader of the police in london saying it was quite clear the muslims were targeted. >> i want to bring malcolm nance in. malcolm, these van attacks, we hear so much, lone wolves inspired. what are police doing to keep them from happening and what can they do? >> not much. these are very difficult types
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of attacks to predict and definitely to intercept. we call them as vehicles as weapons systems attacks. these were very popular in israel. there were over 50 there before we saw the attacks in nice and germany. now we saw these two in london, westminster and tower london bridge. now we have someone on the opposite side using it as anti-imgrant, anti-muslim attack deliberately take what we call a 2,000 pound weapons system and run civilians over. these are very difficult to get, unless you know what's in the mind of the attacker at the time. >> it's kind of interesting, stephanie, i don't know how you -- it's hard enough to find these people inspired by isis or al qaeda, how do you find people who are not inspired by a particular group? here is what theresa may, the british prime minister said about this type of attack, the anti-muslim type of attack. here is what she had to say. >> this morning, our country
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woke to news of another terrorist attack on the streets of our capital city. the second this month and every bit as sickening as those which have come before. it is a reminder that terrorism, extremism, and hatred take many forms. and our determination to tackle them must be the same whoever is responsible. >> so determination to tackle them is one thing. where would you even look in a case like this where someone has now said muslims are the cause of this stuff and i'm going to go after them. >> also someone who doesn't have knives or guns or hammers, they just need a car. malcolm. >> well, this is where you come down to street level and personal intelligence. believe it or not, we have many operations of this type in the united states carried out by neo-nazi and anti-immigrant extremists that just don't get to the point of manifestation,
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where they are intercepted by law enforcement, fbi. most of the time we get tips by local law enforcement from their relatives where you have very angry people, who may be mentally unstable, who say i'm going to go do x. in the united states we just happen to have a lot of weapons. we've had muslim communities that were planned to be massacred by people in this country. in england and this point, outside of a few hunting shotguns, burning dpuguns, ther are no real weapons. the terrorist whether white nationalist, muslim extremist, they can now know this preferred weapons system, which i said started withians, transitioned over to isis, you can just use it at the moment you decide to act. outside of putting safety bollards up and curb restraints, that's almost impossible to stop. >> that's what happened in theing that parade that's one
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day. >> every day is a different story. >> we mentioned paris. there's breaking news out of paris where authorities say they have arrested a man in a separate attack targeting police. officials say they drove into a police vehicle on champs-elysees as tourists and other on looks gathered. the motive is still unclear. no injuries reported. subway stations in the area re. we talked about this. think about this, a car going after a police vehicle or van in london. champs-elysees in the middle of june, imagine the amount of tourists there. malcolm, police say the situation under control, no injuries were sustained, but how would one handle a situation like this? what happened next? >> well, i was watching that situation very closely, because it just occurred within the last hour. we've just verified all the details of it. but it took place, as you said,
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in a very, very densely populated area. the champs-elysees, a long boulevard, avenue of champs-elysees between the area where the american industry is, all the way out. so that's a very dense place. tourists are all on the sidewalks. but there was also another attack carried out in that exact same area last year by an islamic extremist who gunned down a policeman at night on the same street on avenue champs-elysees. so we don't know. this person is reported -- it hasn't yet been confirmed by paris police to have been armed. french police did a massive rollout of bri, rapid intervention, s.w.a.t. team. the palace close by. they immediately put out hundreds of policeman into that area. that is doing to impact their tourism for as long as that
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place is closed. it's paris. it will go right back to normal tomorrow. >> what is normal, right? it's going to go right back to normal tomorrow. >> two attacks in the last two weeks. that's part of the problem. we'll come back to you, malcolm and keir. worth noting in the london attack there's been a tweet by ivanka trump. i think we might have that. >> we do. >> which we can put up, sending love and prayers to the victims in finsbury park, london. we must stand united against hatred and extremism in all its ugly forms. this was in the london attack where somebody seemed to have been targeting muslims. that's not something we've yet seen from president trump. >> we haven't seen a tweet or mention from the president yet. ivanka trump sending out her concern. extraordinary. as a backdrop, the dow. the dow hitting an all-time high today while frustrations and anger are clearly around the world, clearly a very different picture if you think about it. >> stand by. we're going to talk about
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president trump when we come back. he's set to welcome the president of panama this hour. we're going to bring it to you live. take a close look at donald trump's ties to that country. >> oddly enough, he's got a big, beautiful property there. pain can really be a distraction. pain is sometimes in my hands, right before a performance especially. only aleve has the strength to stop minor arthritis pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong.
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trump administration looking to fill jobs prompting this headline, why republicans won't work for the trump
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administration. the co-writer of that washington report joins us live. thanks for joining us. stephanie and i have been wondering first of all how big a deal is it? is there any work in government that's not getting done because these jobs are not filled? i'll put up a screen that talks about trump appointees for senior posts, 43 confirmed, 151 in obama's first term and g.w. bush had 130 at this point. >> donald trump made the point, washington is bloated, we're going to streamline it, cut it down. is there an argument to be made we don't need all those posts filled? >> well, that's a hard question to answer. but we anecdotally are hearing that because there are so few political appointees in place, there's really not enough leadership. so the civil servants who are in
8:18 am
acting roles running the government are in this kind of paralysis. they don't get enough guidance from above for the trump team, how they want their agenda to be carried out. so i would say certainly the day-to-day operations of government are in place, because that's what civil servants are best at. but even republicans have complained in a letter, actually, that we cite in our story. they are complaining to trump that if he doesn't get his political team in place at all of these agencies, from interior to state department to the defense department, that they can't carry out the agenda that they really got elected to put in place. >> president trump makes the argument it's obstruction, he can't get his people confirmed, democrats are blocking it. any truth to that argument? >> well, i think there are multiple reasons at the front end and back end why things are not moving forward.
8:19 am
so first of all, you have a really slow transition process where trump people dependent think they were going to get elected. so they dependent have a whole group of people who they knew they wanted to put in place. so back in january, february, and march, the process had slowed down. second of all, the vetting process has been, by all accounts, very slow. you've got to go through fbi background checks, the office of government ethics. there's a whole power center, group of top officials at the white house, from reince priebus, chief of staff, steve bannon, top adviser to jared kushner, president's son-in-law who all have to sign off on these positions. if they say know they have to start again from scratch. then you have senate republicans who are saying, look, the trump team will announce somebody for a top job at an agency. but then before we can consider that person in the senate, we
8:20 am
have to get paperwork. even senate republicans are saying, hey, the paperwork hasn't gone through. it's true that senate democrats, you know, have not been in some cases willing. they have slowed moving forward. but i don't think the president is accurate when he says that is the only issue holding up these nominees. >> ali velshi i turn to you. andy posner was the one who wanted to be the labor secretary. andy wanted the job. it wasn't the democrats that held it up, andy didn't get his paperwork through. think of the undercutting in the white house, whether h.r. mcmaster penning an article in "wall street journal, "-- >> if you had proper political appointees at defense and state, you wouldn't have to do this nonsense. >> ali, we report on palace intrigue every day, whether it's
8:21 am
steve bannon versus jared, jared being the odd man out, globalist versus nationalist, suddenly kellyanne conway back in the mix. there are so many people struggling in the mix with so much ip fighting. add in the fact all these people inside the white house are now getting their own attorneys. how much do you think that costs? >> just generally some egg not work being done from the highest levels of the executive through the -- it's funny, lisa, we also think about this in developed nations where a new government comes in. the schools are renamed and airports renamed and streets renamed because every government official changes. one of the beauties of our system we have a strong civil service and beaurocracy, so at least you can get passport done and regular permitting done. >> right. you can get your passport done. but the issue is if you're trump, and you came in promising a whole range of reforms, you know, from rolling back
8:22 am
regulations on clean air. >> that takes work. >> easier for energy businesses to do business, extract energy, it's hard because you've got to be telling these civil servants what you want them to do. but just to go back to your earlier point, the point we made in our story this weekend is that more and more because of the legal and political threats that are hanging over the white house, people, especially lawyers, but people of all stripes are saying i'm not sure it's really a good idea for me to work for this administration because it might hurt my career down the road. i don't know where all these investigations are going. maybe i'm not going to be able to make an imprint, that if i'm a republican i want to make on a government job. that's the point we were making in our piece this weekend. >> all right, lisa. thank you. ali, there are people inside that administration i speak to who aren't necessarily quitting.
8:23 am
if they had to do this all over again, not sure they would take the job. >> a certainly personality. this might be the most influential job they are ever going to have regardless of the fact, lisa's point, not where they are idealogically. >> they thought they would have influence then they get to washington and realize they are in an administration, can i please the president 24/7. speaking of the president, any moment now the president will be meeting panama's president at the white house. we'll bring that to you when it happens. a new look at the president's finances. a new look at the time during the campaign and first months of his presidency. >> i mentioned earlier we are watching wall street. the dow still going up this morning after a record opening. extraordinary. investors in the market feeling this positive momentum. those that are not invested feeling even more frustration. that divide we saw over the last few years only growing. >> there was a divide last week in the stock market.
8:24 am
the dow and s&p going up, tech stocks going down. later today president trump is set to meet with 18 top silicon valley executives for what they are calling an american technology counsel "roundtable" will that's 5:00 p.m. eastern. we'll bring you a preview of that. >> i have a feeling immigration will be a topic. 6 million unfilled jobs in the united states, many because of the skills gap. there's going to be a big talk about h-1b visa. >> what was going on there? grades? >> wow, ceos grading president trump. 1% giving him an a. from a variety of sectors at this yale summit. 1% gave him an a. half the ceos. >> come on. that's what my teachers gave me. >> here is what i like to point out. they are willing to give these grades in private. when the president invites you to the white house, they show up smiling. >> see you on the other side. >> we'll take a break.
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welcome back to velshi and
8:29 am
ruhle. a look at president trump's finances, a closer look. >>ish. >> friday u.s. government ethics department released president's most recent financial disclosure detailing what he made and what he owes. for fact's sake we want to dig into it more. we want to reveal what it says. from january 2016 to april 15, 2017, most of it was campaign, some preinauguration and some inauguration. president trump had assets of at least $1.4 billion. these are not audited returns, not tax returns, they are what he says. at least $1.4 billion. remember, he in the campaign said he was worth $10 billion or more. his liabilities, mortgages and loans, personal $315 million. >> ali just point out loans they over to deutsche bank currently facing fines. they don't numbers from the regulators.
8:30 am
>> worth chewing on. what happens when you owe money to a bank that is subject to rules you might make. financial disclosure form for the same period also showed reported income of $594.57 million. that's all right. let me show you some of the places where this income is coming from, which might give you pause. $27 million from trump's hotel, $37.2 million from mar-a-lago, $19.7 bedminster new jersey, that's the golf club he stays at. jupiter, florida, $20.1 million. >> ali, we have to point out mar-a-lago as he likes to point out white house south, $7 million more than the previous year. all that time he's spending at mar-a-lago, he's paying -- the government is paying -- remember all the people that stay there, secret service. >> the dues are higher. a lot of these places dues have increased. scotland golf course, remember, he opened that during the campaign, $14.4 million. this was the day after brexit.
8:31 am
the miami golf club $115 million and $7 million in book royalties. these are some of the answers. i caution people these are self-provided answers. >> they had it in marketing materials, just took it up, you may get a photograph with the president. >> he did that already. >> happened at mar-a-lago, bedminster last week. >> the question some people have, we still don't have tax returns. the majority of donald trump's businesses moved to a trust. >> stop right there. stop right there. the majority of the businesses moved to a trust. on the campaign he said, sure, a blind trust. what exactly is a blind trust. i will have nothing to do with it. moving your business to your sons is without a doubt not a blind trust. even the argument that the president has made, well, my sons are going to run the business and i'm going to be on the side of the government. i turn you to cable news. in the last two weeks alone, two of the most outspoken trump surrogates have been his sons eric and donald, jr. during the testimony when those
8:32 am
inside the white house were hoping and praying president trump wouldn't tweet, he didn't. don junior was channeling the president. >> they say they talk generally to their parents -- to donald trump about the business. so a blind trust with your sons can only occur if you're estranged from your sons, have nothing to do with them. blind trust, a lawyer, you have nothing to do wit. finally, donald trump says he has no access to his trust at any time. >> he has access to the trust. >> i'm sorry. >> he has access at any time and eric had already said in an interview i believe with abc a few weeks ago he talks to his father about profits. they have hotels in places like panama, in turkey. they have got a big development. >> philippines. >> without a doubt. >> why are we not getting any russia information from this? >> we do have to point out russia isn't mentioned anywhere in here not as a lender. but we don't have president trump's taxes. we know there's more investigations going on into ties around russia. the fact that jared kushner has
8:33 am
now got himself another lawyer, of the four verticals being investigated, sort of financial ties, financial crimes could end up being the most difficult one. >> i agree. you have some information, not full information. >> we are watching the white house all the time. specifically any minute now president trump will be greeting panama's president ahead of their meeting today. we'll bring that to you live. >> more on trump's ties to panama stephanie talked about. former president launched his first international property years ago. last week martinelli was arrested at his home in miami on multiple corruption charges he faces in panama. his two sons wanted by prosecutes in panama. hmm. >> ali is going to say that one more time. >> arrested. >> his two sons also wanted and former president of panama just arrested last week. >> stay with us. we have more when we come back. blatche
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tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. welcome back to velshi and ruhle. moments ago the first lady walking out to meet the president of panama. they are in a meeting and they are going to be discussing a range of things. >> a range of issues, including the fight against illegal drugs, organized crime and illegal immigration. panama is also where trump has a significant personal interest. the 70 story international trump hotel and power in panama city is the tallest building in
8:38 am
central america. it has a somewhat troubled history. >> including ties to panama's former president. >> i like that, ali. >> who was tape into custody, former president of panama. there we go. i think that looks like the current president of panama's car. the former president was taken into custody by u.s. marshals one week ago at his home near miami raising the likelihood he could be extradited to face corruption and other charges. not the people you're looking at here. this is the current first lady and president of panama. >> let's bring enhance nichol who joins us live from the white house. hans, tells us a bit more. tell us about the border wall, not just mexican immigration but talk about what's on the agenda for the meeting. hans -- excuse me, ali mentioned president's ties with the former president of panama but does he
8:39 am
even know this guy? >> trump obviously had a relationship with the former president. he's the one that has been arrested in south florida. now, he's claiming he is, for political reasons, to use the term witch hunt back at home. on the agenda whenever trump meets with foreign leader, there's a variety of things the actual diplomats, people prepare these briefing notes want him to talk about. immigration, migration, what the economies are doing, drug smuggling. then always an opportunity, especially with president trump for sidebar conversations. that's where this could get interesting. unfortunately we won't have a readout and two and two press conference like we did most recently like we did with the president of romania. that's when we got the news president donald trump does, indeed, endorse article 5. just quickly on some of his property interests there. trump basically has a branding operation there. he only owns 1% of that hotel. yes, it's a big sail ship flag,
8:40 am
tallest building in central america. income from most recent financial disclosures on that was around $800,000. earlier in the show you were putting up some of the other numbers, $37 million from mar-a-lago. the actual revenue he's getting from panama doesn't seem to be one of his main cash cows. guys. >> thanks, hans. this isn't the only meeting taking place today. we mentioned it earlier, this meeting taking place out of the office of innovation chaired by jared kushner. what's interesting ceos, tim cook, jeff besos making their way to washington. i was reading comments, the meeting is not about innovation. this is about how the white house doesn't want jobs to become automated. many tech leaders from immigration issues, so many jobs they are looking to fill they need it. tech is the one community president obama did embrace. many ceos had a close relationship. >> the white house putting out a
8:41 am
message that despite all the criticisms of the white house, these tech ceos are really looking forward to spending the afternoon with the president. everybody who goes to the white house has an agenda. your agenda may be as simple as getting a photograph with the president. that's not what's going on. that's not why the tech ceos are there. what you said is remarkably important. they need those h-1b visas for the engineers they hire from all over the world and they need to convince the president to separate his rhetoric about criminal rapist immigrants he's been put out there from the fact you cannot grow this country's economy, you cannot achieve economic growth of 3, 4, 5% he likes to talk about without increasing skilled immigration. >> is today's meeting going to be anything more than a photo opportunity? we've already seen some people drop off ceo manufacturing counsel's bob iger never attended a meeting and stepped off after paris, elon musk.
8:42 am
many tech leaders signed that letter pressing the president not to leave the paris accord, which he did. to kara swisher's point, this could be the most uncomfortable retreat of all time. >> an update on news earlier in the show. paris, france's interior minister saying the suspect that drove a van into a police vehicle on the champs-elysees is dead. the minister said a number of weapons and explosives were found in the vehicle. authorities say the suspect was lying on the ground immobilized after the attack. no injuries have been reported, other than his. the motive remains unclear. >> extraordinary. weapons, explosives, none detonated and no injuries. next, seven american soldiers who were found dead in a flood department of a u.s. destroyer after it collided with a cargo ship. we're going to take you live to japan. ♪ top speed fifty knots life ♪ on the caribbean seas ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri
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[vo] what made secretariat the grwho ever lived?e of course he was strong... ...intelligent. ...explosive.
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but the true secret to his perfection... was a heart, twice the size of an average horse. welcome back. you're watching "velshi & ruhle." multiple investigations how a u.s. destroyer collided with a cargo ship off the coast of japan. >> this as we're learning the names of the seven americans killed in the crash.
8:47 am
dakota kyle rigsby, shingo alexander douglas, ngoc huynh, noe hernandez, xavier remember martin, gary rehm carlos sibayan. are we any closer to figuring out how this exactly happened? >> reporter: not much closer. there are several investigations, at least three of them under way. japanese investigators did board the cargo ship that was involved in the collision. it's called acx crystal. they also talked to the crew and hoped to do the same with the uss fitzgerald. u.s. navy officials say they are going to cooperate fully with the investigation. they, too, want to determine what happened. the big question, of course, how
8:48 am
is it that an advanced u.s. warship with sophisticated communications equipment that was functioning at the time, with a watch crew on duty, collided with a massive container ship along a busy sea route in clear weather. so there's a time line they are looking at as well and some discrepancies. initially u.s. navy officials said that the crash happened at 2:20 in the morning but a japanese coast guard official told us yesterday that they believe that it was actually closer to 1:30 in the morning. that's going to be investigated, because it might help explain some of the moves by acx crystal in the hour around when the crash happened. marine traffic records show it made a number of course changes and then did a u-turn before heading back to tokyo. so they are trying to piece together this mystery as to how it happened. meanwhile, here in the port, the
8:49 am
"uss fitzgerald" is still listing in the harbor. it's severely damaged. we had a closer look at it yesterday. the starboard side is crushed, there is a huge gash near the keel. the damage is below the waterline, where the sleeping berths were severely mangled. divers had to go in to access those damaged spaces in order to recover the bodies of the seven sailors who had been reported missing and then who were sadly declared dead. ali, stephanie. >> sad story. thank you very much from japan. as we read names to remember those who put themselves in harm's way in the military across the world, it is interesting how diverse the u.s. military is. people of all backgrounds put their lives on the ground every day. >> while there is this huge nationalist thread raging through the country right now, we read those names and they are part of the international community. next, senate democrats are
8:50 am
threatening to block aid the chamber. it has a bit to do with gop closed doors meetings on health care. what can they really do at this point. >> president trump weighed in on the battle against obamacare po? >> quote, the dems want to stop tax cuts, good health care and border security. their obama care is dead, with 100% increases in ps, meaning premiums. to which he adds, vote now for karen h. >> i want to speak with ali and i about those tax cuts. >> we'll tell you all about them. >> biggest, best, let us know what it's in there. we're going to be back with more. you're watching msnbc.
8:51 am
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hey, welcome back to velshi and rule. cats in the senate threatening to block anything from taking place in that chamber in protest to republicans who are strangely drafting their health care legislation behind closed doors, they're pushing to pass this bill, they want it done before july 4. >> then why it let it ride? because the president is going to say, i can't get anything done because those democrats are blocking me. garrett, what exactly are they planning to do tonight? because they don't have much control here. >> reporter: no senate democrats have almost no control and
8:55 am
almost no power, but what they do have is the ability to shine a spotlight on issues. >> garrett, hold that thought, we're going to filibuster you while we watch the president's meeting with the president of panama. >> it's our great honor to have president and mrs. varella from pana, we have many things to discuss, we're going to spend quite a bit of time today, the panama canal is doing quite well, i think we did a good job building it. >> yes. >> things are going well the panama and the relationship is very strong. we are developing new things to do and only getting stronger. and also our friendship with the president is very, very good. so i just want to thank you very much and it's an honor to have you at the white house, thank you.
8:56 am
>> i would like to thank president trump for -- i would like to thank president trump and his wife for receiving us at the white house. he made it possible for me to be he here. we face challenges in the region. so we'll work together to face the challenges we have in panama, and the central american region. i'm looking forward to the meetings with the other cabinet members. >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> you hear the reporters asking
8:57 am
questions, this is always what happens, it's a set of pool reporters. in the early days, remember, donald trump used to answer one or two of those questions. it was almost his strong answer to everything. these days virtually never. >> we forget, because president trump speaks so much on social media, makes so many awkward statements, we think he answers questions, we think there's press conferences, but at the end of the day, there's not, the truth in the back and forth that we learned so much from, is when trump sat down with our own lester holt. you see reporters champing at the bit to ask anything and everything they possible can and i have a feeling none of those questions are going to have to do with panama. >> this is why the president, i guess now that he's got this whole series of personal lawyers have told him, don't talk to reporters. and by the way, just so you know, we're also not getting
8:58 am
regular daily press briefings from the white house. we're getting these audio only gaggle. >> and today sean spicer will be speaking and you're not going to be able to use that audio. kristen welker said previously, reporters can take it and use it, but they are not allowing that audio to be used. in part because they have to manage the president's tweets, because those are so unruly and those are being parsed. so the white house is saying the less information the better. >> garrett, can you continue your thought? because we interrupted you in the middle of it. >> reporter: the point for the democrats tonight is to try to force as much attention as possible on this health care bill. they're going to give speech after speech after speech and they're going to use a bunch of different parliamentary tactics, to make things as difficult on the republicans as possible. on the idea that they might be
8:59 am
able to force republicans into dealing with this issue out in the open. they're walking a fine line, because they want to make sure that the focus stays on the health care bill, but not preventing the health care bill. >> this fine line plays into president trump's bill. as part of this resistance, you're blocking it, i can't get my health care bill through and the those who are depending on obama care -- we have seen governors across the united states. h senators are saying we need bipartisanship. we need it, but good luck. >> are they going to let you go today? >> reporter: i don't know. >> i have a feeling they're not going to let him go. >> check out our social media, connect with our show at
9:00 am
#velshiruhle. >> right now on andr"andrea mitl reports" word games, the president's surrogates making the rounds. >> let me be really clear here as it has been since the beginning, the president is not and has not been under investigation for obstruction. >> but wait until you hear how he muddled that message just minutes later. and a van plowing into a crowd outside a mosque in monday. as the uk suffers it's fourth terror attack in as many months. >> terrorism is terrorism, it doesn't matter whether you're inspired by a perverse version of islam or inspired by other motives to try and terrorize others. the intention is the same. and collision course, how does a u.s. navy destroyer with the


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