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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  June 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up our coverage including an interview with jon ossoff. >> on that note, i'm going to guess steve bannon doesn't have a mirror in his office. i'm stephanie ruhle. happening right now, the polls are open. the most expensive house race ever comes to a vote. democrats trying to steal that republican seat, this being the first big referendum on pruch. >> how have the last 24 hours been? >> exciting. there's huge e energy here. >> democratic candidate jon ossoff joins us live. and murdered in north korea. those words from senator john mccain as the president vows to do more after the american student returned from north korea dies. >> it's a brutal regime. we'll be able to handle it. plus, flynn flip. new details on the russia investigation. is michael flynn cooperating
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with the fbi? >> i think there's a fairly good chance that michael flynn is already cooperating with the fbi. >> that's a wow. we begin this morning of course with the big race happening in the deep south. georgians are headed to the polls as we speak in a special election that has national implications. it is the most expensive house race in american history. are you read for the number? $50 million and it could not be closer. republican candidate karen handel and democrat jon ossoff are now just two tenths of a point apart. the president chiming in via twitter tweeting this morning to try and push karen handel over the top. we'll find out does it hurt, does it help. this guy's got a 36% approval rating right now and you're in luck because we have the best panel in the business to break it down. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us from georgia. this is a district you're in right now that has been red for almost 40 years. what are the real chances it
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flips today? >> reporter: hi, stephanie. good morning. you're right. it was newt gingrich's old seat. democrats think they can flip this because donald trump barely squeaked out a victory against hillary clinton in november. a huge opportunity for the democrats. we've een a steady stream of voters this morning. many of them karen handel supporters and they think jon ossoff has a problem because they don't want to support someone who does not live in the district. of course jon ossoff has said he lives just outside of if sixth district as his fiancee attends medical school. in a sign of how close this race is, president donald trump tweeting this morning, "democrat jon ossoff who wants to raise your taxes to the highest level and is weak on crime and security, doesn't even live in the district." also, "karen handel for congress, she will fight for lower taxes ark great health care, strong security, a hard worker who will never give up. vote today." more than 140,000 people have
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voted early. that is unprecedented for an off-year congressional race like this. as you mentioned spending here has topped $50 million. a lot of people watching this across the country. >> $50 million. gabe doesn't realize he owes me two bucks. nobody can say uns predented in this hour. eddie glaud is a princeton university professor. david jolly served as a republican congressman from the state of florida. congressman, i want to start with you. if ossoff wins, what are the ramifications for the republican party? >> huge and if he loses they're huge as well. tomorrow somebody will come on your show, a lead democrat or heed republican and say this race didn't matter. but the reality is this does matter and frankly democrats need to win this race because all of the energy of the last five months, this is exactly the race they should be able to win. donald trump only won it by 1 1/2 points. seeing a surge in early voting from no party affiliates, from
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women, from people over 50. this will be a tight race but if democrats don't win this race, they have to re-evaluate what their message is going into '18. >> if democrats do win, if i am a sitting republican congressman, senator, in a district similar to this, in a suburban area that could be democratic, what do i do? retire? >> you're terrified. there wouldn't be a lot of republicans but this could be the sign of a wave. the other thing both parties are doing right now is message testing. i was elected in a special election when obamacare was historically up popular. right after the rollout that the websites were crashing, my democratic opponent couldn't figure out a message on obamacare. eventually it evolved to keep what's working, fix what's broken, but that took them a while. i think you're seeing that with republicans now. they're struggling with their message on trump and on health care. this is a test for them. >> democrats have a messaging
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problem too. for the most part it's resist. if democrats can't pull this off, they put 50 million bucks in this race and president only has a 36% approval rating. if they can't do this, then what? >> they need to go back to the drawing board. i think that's interesting about this election is it's a test case for a number of things. one-a gerrymander district. what does it mean to be in play. two, a demographic shift which brings the district into play. three, how will minority voters vote? what we're seeing on the ground, because the ground game matters right now, is that there are questions around cross-checking. a large number of african-americans have been registered. one organization said they registered over 86,000 voters. 40,000 of those remg administrations have disappeared. they've cross-checked. they don't know where they are. part of what we're seeing on the ground, you have the candidates, but what's happening on the ground? and so part of what i think that's going to happen, we'll
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see the question around the democratic messaging. we're also going to see what's the ground game, who's going to be locked out, who's going to be included. this is really important on a number of levels. >> in terms of being on the ground, how about where ossoff lives? this is one i can't get over. if you think about what people are going after him over the president tweeting about it this morning, this is resolvable. he just needs to get a house in the district. how big of a difference does it make? especially in a race this tight. >> my special election at the time was one of the most expensive in history. it was $12 million only three years ago. now it's 50. the pollsters were working every single night on your issues. i can tell you what they're telling ossoff, his pollsters, it doesn't matter, it's not showing up in the polls that voters care about this. they're going to vote on personal issues. it is a heart and soul issue. conflict one or two points which could be important. don't miss also something. republicans are lying on this message still of bashing nancy
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pelosi. and that's going to be an interesting thing as well. they don't have anywhere else to go but they're relying on it. i think democrats have to wrestle with who is their leader going into '18? if democrats have an opportunity to take back the house in '18, a historic opportunity, are they going to do wit the same speaker of ten years ago? that's a family conversation for democrats. >> at the end of the day, going back to my earlier point, it's the ground game. can the democrats get folk excited in the sixth district. will they turn out in large numbers. we're seeing there's excitement out there but can we turn it into folks going to the polls. >> money doesn't mean excitement. look how much hillary clinton raised. stay tuned because jon ossoff will join me in about ten talking about this race today. it is go time for him. now we turn to the other big story of the day. senator john mccain, who rarely minces words, calling it quote
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murder in reaction to the death of the university of virginia student otto warmbier. the 22-year-old's parents announced yesterday their son had died. warmbier arrived home in ohio last week in a coma with extensive brain damage after being held prisoner in north korea for a total of 17 months. president trump also weighed in. >> a lot of bad things happened, but at least we got him home to be with his parents. it's a brutal regime. and we'll be able to handle it. >> brutalkristen welker is at t house. president trump is not atrade to use aggressive words yesterday it was john mccain who called it murder, president trump didn't. last month he said he'd be honored to meet with kim jong-un. >> reporter: i was here when news broke yesterday that otto warmbier had, in fact, passed away, and i can tell you it was
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somber and frankly a lot of top officials were angry. one top official telling me this is a big deal. let me read you the president's statement and then do some analysis on the other side. in addition to what you just played, he released a statement saying "otto's fate deepens my administration's determination to prevent such tragedies from befalling innocent people from the hands of regimes that do not respect the rule of law or basic human decency." what are the potential next steps? some possibilities include turning up the heat on china. the president has been talking to the leader of china for quite some time, trying to get him to pressure north korea to stop its recent provocations. this will only strengthen that resolve. the question of military action, i think that would be difficult. of course remember north korea, a country that's trying to develop a nuclear weapon that can reach the united states. so that might be seen as a step too far. but the president has made it
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very clear all options are on the table. and secretary of state rex tillerson quite clear yesterday that they hold north korea responsible for this death. so there is likely going to be some type of retaliation not just in tone. now, also we are hearing that there is a movement in congress to potentially block off all american travel to north korea. of course, mr. warmbier was there as a part of a tour group that was run through china. so there might be an effort to block all of that completely. th there are also going to be latter calls from north korea to release the three remaining u.s. people being held there. >> this is tricky. with three remaining american citizens. congressman, just a few days ago, before we knew the grave state of his son's health, otto's father thanked president trump and said president trump brought my son home, obama didn't. what position does this put the president? in essentially north korea sent a deceased young man here.
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they didn't want him to die on their soil. >> and this is an important moment for donald trump. in some ways the father is right, that the new administration perhaps was able to get him home and perhaps north korea was dealing with a new administration in a different way. but this does not change the exceedingly complex nature of dealing with north korea. and my concern is that we have a president who has shown in syria that he can react almost emotionally and make foreign policy decisions based on imagery. my concern is that the president might move rashly on this issue as a result of the death of this young man when in reality everything has to go through china. we need to either get china to a place of neutrality and allow the u.s. to lead a coalition to address north korea or bring them to our side. but without working with china, nothing chapnges with our abiliy to deal with north korea. if it was easy, it would have been solved by now. >> eddie, do you believe it was
6:12 am
the new administration that brought otto home? or do you think it was north korea who didn't want him to die on their soil? >> my instincts lead me to believe it's the latter. but the political optics are what they are. my heart breaks for the warmbier family. this is just heartbreaking. >> awful. >> at every level. there are political calculations that go with this, but at this moment in time i think we should just simply send our prayers and our love to the parents who have lost their child. and the political theatrics to the side. >> you're certainly right. we have to take a break. up next, democratic congressional candidate jon ossoff, we've been talking about him all morning, joins me as voters in georgia head to the polls. plus, the investigation into president trump. did michael flynn make a deal with the fbi? either way, seth myers makes it sound like the president is a little bit concerned. >> trump has become so transfixed by the investigation he often insists out of nowhere that he did nothing wrong.
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democrats put a lot of money into this. i mean, not for nothing. a squirrel's going to get a pretty decent percentage of the
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vote if he has $30 million behind him. >> well, that of course was republican candidate karen handel. she is one two congressional candidates in the national spotlight today as voters in the state of georgia choose which one of them they'll send to washington. her opponent is democrat jon ossoff. he joins me right now. jon, this is it, the big day. you've had quite the last year. you got 48.1% of the vote in the special election in april. the latest poll average from realclear politics has you at 48.8%. that is tight, and despite spending a load of money, there are a lot of voters dug in. what are you going to do to get them over the top today? >> hey, steph. good to see you again. thank you for having me. today of course is election day. it's a very close race and that means it's all about turnout. so folks in georgia who have not yet got on the polls and made their voices heard need to make a plan. they can find out where and how to vote at
6:18 am
turnout remains high. there's a lot of excitement for fresh leadership focused on growing metro atlanta's economy, focused on delivering the kind of health care solutions that people are hungry for and focused on the accountability in washington. >> you were once branded by your own campaign as a make trump furious candidate be you haven't mentioned the president much. where do you stand now? >> actually, i think the concerns regarding the competence and integrity of this administration have only grown over time and it speaks to the need for greater focus on accountability, effective congressional oversight, not as a partisan matter but a matter of public interest. while i don't expect a congratulatory tweet from the president, he may not be my biggest fan, common ground to serve the needs of metro atlanta and i won't hesitate to stand up to him if he threatens our interests or values. >> can you do that? if you get elected you'll join a democratic party launching into a resistance summer. how can you join that party and
6:19 am
stick to that plan? >> well, i know that when voters in the sixth district want is representation that will work across the aisle, find common ground to serve local economic development, to make metro atlanta the silicon valley of the south, build this community into the economic powerhouse it can become. that'll be my priority. where bipartisanship is the best way to achieve those ends, i'll seek bipartisanship. we're standing up to proposals that aren't in this community's interest. i'll do that. the only test i'll apply to policy or legislation is does it serve the local community i represent. will it serve young people seeking jobs and training in the high-tech work senators. >> you said it earlier, every vote counts. i asked you the other day but it's extraordinary, one of the main points that karen handel and even president trump has pushed against you is something that's very easy to solve where you live. and if you get elected you're
6:20 am
going to be spending the majority of your time in washington. and while people respect across the board your desire to support your fiancee, she is in medical school, she walks to work across the street at 4:00 a.m., you're going to be getting a job that has you on a plane living in another part of the country most days of the week. with every vote counting, with every point counting, why not move, sir? >> well, steph, voters just aren't asking me this question. voters are asking what i'll do to improve our local economy, what i'm going to do to make sure they have access to health care, what i'm going to do to bring greater accountability to washington. folks here care about how their representation impacts their daily lives. frankly, this is the best argument my opponents have against me i'm feeling good about the outcome tonight. i grew up in this community, i live a couple miles down the road to support my fiancee while she fin ishs medical school. >> but, jon, since the special
6:21 am
election where you were at 48.1%, things have only moved to 48.8% with 50 million bucks under your belt. voters care about a lot. if you look back on this and things are that tight, wouldn't you say to youfrself, just get n apartment in the district, this race counts so much? >> well, if voters were raising that as a serious concern, steph, maybe i would. but voters care about how policy and how representation is going to impact their daily lives. they know i grew up here in the sixth district, they know why i'm a couple miles south of the line. it's not a major issue in the race. i'm focused on delivering representation that will serve our local economy, the daily needs of the people i hope to represent and i'm offering a fresh voice to bring that kind of sf to the sixth district. >> jon, across the board this is a winning day for you and look how far you've come, look how extraordinary this race is. and the national attention. as your last message to many who are heading into the votering booths now, what do you want to tell them? >> well, today is the day to
6:22 am
make your voice heard. as i mentioned, you can find your polling place at if to you look at the gridlock, the dysfunction, the chaos, the atmosphere of scandal in washington right now, i think it is clearer than ever that we need some fresh voices in congress who are focused on delivering results rather than more partisanship, that we don't need more career politicians in washington, that what we need are representatives who are going to be focused on finding common ground to deliver results that will improve life, that will increase economic prosperity. here in metro atlanta, we have nearly unlimited economic potential. we have the busiest airport in the world in the region. we're just up the road from a deep water port in savanna. we have medical technology, high-tech sector rapidly growing, all the ingredients to become a worrell class commercial capital but lit take fresh leadership and bipartisanship to make it happen. >> jon, good luck today. >> thank you. i appreciate it, steph. good to see you again. >> you too.
6:23 am
>> thanks so much. up next, a leading senator suggesting fired national security adviser michael flynn is cooperating with the fbi. how would that sway the investigation? but before we go, president trump hired his son's former wedding planner to the hud department overseeing some pretty important housing decisions. jimmy kimmel knew her true qualifications. >> on the weekend it was reported the president is planning to appoint the person who will oversee billions of dollars as head of the department of housing and urban development for the states of new york and new jersey and that person is -- drum roll, please -- his son eric's wedding planner. she has no experience in housing or urban development but she as incredible reviews on yelp. almost five stars. okay. got it.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you're watching msnbc and it is time for your "morning primer," everything you need to know to get your day started. the polls, they are open in georgia's sixth congressional district where democrat jon ossoff is head to head with republican candidate karen handel in the polls. a college student released from north korea last week after more than a year in detention
6:28 am
has passed away. otto warmbier's parents said in a statement monday he has completed his journey home and was at peace. our hearts go out to them. general motors will reportedly lay off 1,000 workers from a plant in kansas city by september. but in arlington, texas, the companies opened a new industrial park bringing back about 600 jobs from mexico by 2018. we are just getting word about an armed russian fighter jet coming within just a few feet of u.s. air force spy plane over the baltic sea. three u.s. defense officials tell nbc news an incident happened yesterday morning and characterized it as unsafe and unprofessional. vice president mike pence celebrated father's day this weekend by welcoming not one but two members of the family, an australian shepherd, harley, and a little gray kitten, hazel. not long ago, if you remember, their cat, oreo, passed away. two new members of the family.
6:29 am
a new bombshell this morning in that russia investigation. a key democrat on the senate judiciary committee now suggesting that fired national security adviser michael flynn may have made a deal with the fbi and will testify against president trump. listen. i think there's a fairly good chance just reading the tea leaves here as a former u.s. attorney that michael flynn is already cooperating with the fbi. >> hello. joining me now, tom dupree, served as tep ti assistant attorney general from 2007 to 2009 and has been a lawyer for george w. bush. and midwin charles, also an attorney. tom, i don't know how to read tea leaves. despite the senator's suggestions, there's no evidence that michael flynn has made any deal and will testify. but what is your reaction? is it plausible? >> well, first of all, i completely agree with what you just said, stephanie. this is reading tea leaves at the very best. i mean, senator whitehouse's
6:30 am
view is interesting. he obviously has some degree of credible with someone with a law enforcement background, but at the same time we're looking that the from the outside. if it turns out flynn is cooperating with the fbi, i do agree that it would be a very significant development in this investigation. but at the same time we've all learned we need to be very careful about speculation, anonymous sources and the like so i'd be careful not to get too far out in front of this one. >> senator whitehouse has a lot of credibility but he also has an axe to grind. i want to share more what he said about this. >> one of the more talkative people in trump land have gone deadly silent and what that's what prosecutors strongly encourage cooperating witnesses to do. >> just because he's silent doesn't mean he's made a deal an president the least, he's lawyered up and a lawyer would say, michael, no talking. >> that's right. at this point you can pretty much guess he's weighing his
6:31 am
options and taking the advice of counsel and deciding not to talk, which a lot of us are surprised about because we're so used to so many people talking involved in this matter. i think it begs the question as to what does michael flynn know and why is donald trump so interested in having everybody back away from michael flynn. remember, donald trump hired michael flynn to work in his administration despite the fact that michael flynn had been fired by the obama administration, and had been warned to stay away from michael flynn. and so at the end of the day, what does michael flynn know? and i think time will bear that out. >> tom, midwin's right. president trump was warned, it had been reported jared and ivanka turned a blind eye to some of the more negative things they had heard about mike flynn because of his loyalty to president trump. kellyanne conway has said time and again, president trump values loyalty, loyalty, loya y loyalty. if more comes out michael flynn didn't share information and was trying to set up a lucrative
6:32 am
consulting business on the side, why wouldn't president trump turn on him? he is no stranger to changing his views on people. >> i agree with that. look, if it turns out that flynn was doing all sorts of things that were not authorized, that were contrary to u.s. policy, u.s. interests, u.s. law, then he absolutely was properly fired. and i think the key points here, stephanie, is if it turns out that flynn in fact was doing things he shouldn't do, was he freelancing? we've seen his reputation in washington can be somewhat of a loose cannon at times and it wouldn't surprise me at all if it turns out he was doing things he shouldn't that he was doing so without authorization and essentially acting on his own. >> midwin, we know that as part of the russia investigation now some bitz associates of michael flynn have been pumed in. we also know that robert mueller, who has been on somewhat of a hiring frenzy and hiring some pretty high-level people, has brought in andrew weissmann, a veteran known for his ability of basically flipping witnesses.
6:33 am
what does this kind of hire tell you? >> i think he's hiring attorneys who are experts at what they do and i think this hire basically says that he unction understand people he's dealing with and there are witnesses that obviously have to be flipped. he's also hiring appellate attorneys and attorneys who are criminal investigators or basically experts in criminal law. he's assembling a wide and broad team in order to deal with whatever issue he anticipates is going to come up. so he's essentially playing what we call a long game. >> tom, before you go, it's been reported that robert muler is going to be meeting with dianne feinstein and chuck grassley tomorrow, and many people have said he doesn't need to say anything. he can keep his head down, mouth shut, and keep on chugging. what do you think of that meeting? >> it's a little unusual when i heard about it. we'll see if there are any reports about what he discloses but i think the bright line here is i certainly would not expect muler to disclose anything that could jeopardize the integrity of the investigation.
6:34 am
i mean, look, we have been plagued by laebs from every source, every way for the last few months, and i can't imagine that the special counsel would want to do anything that would somehow feed into that environment and let out information into the public sphere which should be kept confidential at this stage of the game. >> all right. thank you both. this investigation is not going away anytime soon. >> oh, no. up next, senate democrats seize the floor to complain about the way the new health care bill is being constructed. but can they really do anything to stop it? do they risk being called obstructionists? and what does that mean. a quick check on the markets. down slightly this morning but we are coming off an extraordinary run. the president met with tech leaders yesterday and while the president talked a lot about the wealth he's created since he's been elected, much of that credit has gone to the tech businesses. keep your eye on 12:45 today. paul ryan is expected to speak about tax reform. that is something wall street cares about. ♪
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or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. we're rushing something through that fundamentally affects life. >> our job right now is to make sure that this disastrous republican proposal never sees the light of day. >> to say to your constituents i'm not going to show you the bill because i know you won't like it, i'm going to keep it secret, and i'm going to bring it out at the last minute. >> why are my constituents not allowed to see the details of
6:39 am
what's about to happen to their lives? >> that was a small part of the after-hours talkathon democrats held yesterday. senators stayed past midnight to protest the closed-door process as republicans try to pull together a replacement for obama's signature health care plan before the july 4th summer reses. "the wall street journal" reports a vote could come as early as next thursday. we've got our panel here to break it down and nbc's casey hunt on capitol hill. what more can you tell us and how senate republicans are handling this? we heard bob corker say the senators would sit down tomorrow but it's the republican senators. >> this bill has been written almost entirely in secret behind closed doors. to the point you're able to catch up with republican senators in the hallway and say, have you seen the bill? rand paul said if you can find a copy of it i would love to read it. this process has been all about
6:40 am
mitch mcconnell keeping track of where his members are. they'll do this with just republican votes because they're using budget rules to pass this. so that means he can only lose two republican senators to get to the 50 votes he need. that way he could require bringing in mike pence to cast the deciding vote on this legislation. that's how this has been playing out. they are up against the clock. they have set essentially a july 4th resays deadline so, they're here this week, here next week, and then they're gone back in their home districts for the july 4th holiday. mccontinue them has said, hey, i want to get this on the floor before then. so that means that we're going to start to see the details of what this plan might look like this week. just a handle of days before those planned votes on the floor next week. here's what senator bob corker had to say about the plan for unveiling this legislation over the course of the next few days. take a look. >> my understanding is i'm going to see it on thursday. i think we have an all-senators
6:41 am
meet, all republican senators meeting tomorrow to begin talking about it a little more deeply. >> so there you have it. his way of explay by playing it there will be an all-senators briefing tomorrow that will go over the nuts and bolts overview of the bill. then legislative text potentially on thursday. this has to go to the congressional budget office. they have to tell the senate how much is this bill going to cost, unlike the house. they kind of skipped that step as they passed this. the senate can't do that. the rules say there's no way they can this on the floor without getting this score. that's the first piece. next week, watch for what we usually call a vote-arama, but any senator could offer any e amendments so there could be late nights next week if it goes to the republican plan. >> the cbo, which is nonpartisan, and the head of the cbo, was put in that seat by none other than tom price.
6:42 am
many republicans are talking down the validity of that number. i have to get my panel to weigh in here. eddie glaude and david jolly, let's talk about this week. they want to get the draft out by the end of the week. the cbo score monday, tuesday, and vote on it by thursday. it wasn't that long ago that obamacare went through and across the board republicans were so critical. i want to share a tweet from vice president mike pence back in 2010 where he said, it is simply wrong for legislation that will affect 100% of the american people to be negotiated behind closed doors. are republicans not doing the exact same thing? >> sure. this is utter hypocrisy by the republicans. there's no defending what they're doing. and, listen, i've been a part of some of these accelerated votes. i was on the floor about two years ago when the leadership was trying to pass a trade teal. they were pushing me for my vote
6:43 am
and i said no. i said why don't we go home and come back and vote on it. he said we wnt go home because we're losing votes by the week. we'll never be able to pass this. that's what the senate is doing. they have to vote on it before the american people know what t it's in it, exactly what we criticized nancy pelosi for. >> at the end of the day, do americans call whether it's called trump care, obamacare, repeal and replace? do they not just want affordable health care? if something is pased in secret that doesn't serve the majority of the american people, isn't that -- >> one of your phrases, you're exactly right. whatever this is, it ain't democracy, whatever's going on, we tend to think about the problem with our country, the crisis that we're in as trump flouting democrat morals. this seems to me to be a case study, a poster for flouting democratic morals. one of the interesting things about those of us that care
6:44 am
about democracy, is we want to change the context in which power operates. we want to get it outside of back rooms, where people are making deals, cutting deals that will hurt everyday, ordinary people. this is 5% to 6% of our economy. are they going to kick off 23 million folks? what are we going to do? and all this for what? >> if it's so bad, if this isn't democracy, why don't democrats just let it roll? if this is going to blow up in republicans' face at the end of the day, why don't republicans -- excuse me, why don't democrats step out of the way and say have at it and let republicans fall on their face? >> so democrats have an opportunity to lead with actually putting forward a pix fix and repair plan. the american people are hungry to say how do we fix it? and frankly democrats or republicans could lead on this. a republican plan won't do it. but let's also realize -- >> if democrats continue to fight it, trumps will say they're obstructionists, let them do it. >> the senate to keep their moderates are dpoipg to have to have a more centrist bill. conservatives in the house have already said to the senate we're
6:45 am
not accepting any bill that doesn't cut medicaid and doesn't defund planned parenthood. those two elements can't get through the senate. this is going nowhere in the end. >> didn't make the insurance cheap. >> that's right. >> one of the thins so ironic about this, we know this at the heart of it, obamacare was simply romney care, that it was a republican plan. what they're trying to come up with is something to the right of what republicans had already in some ways embraced. >> all right. if you're mentioning heart, do not remember last week all of the lawmakers talking about a call for unity? was that just talk or do we have a chance to see it? >> unity exists on a personal level within the halls of congress. it truly does. but on a political level, absolutely not. listen, i tried to lead compromise on heartiard issues guns to marriage equality. i couldn't get my party there but i couldn't get democratic leadership with me. they didn't want to work in a bipartisan way. >> the challenge is when we
6:46 am
disagree with folks to not let that disagreement lead us to the conclusion that they're bad people. >> without a doubt. >> but that doesn't mean we can't disagree, that we can't fight on principle. even as we call for unity, it doesn't mean the fight stops. >> you have to have respect before you get unity. up next, he speaks. the man this-in charge of everything from innovation to the middle east peace gives his first public comments. but what did jared kushner actually say? before we go, there was no on camera briefing yesterday by the white house. when the atlantic asked why brief rgs now routinely held off camera, chief strategist steve bannon, willie geist said this earlier, i have to repeat it because it's so crazy, it said in a text message "because sean got fatter." hello. did not respond to a follow-up. spicer will hold an on camera briefing today at 1:30 p.m. i assume steve bannon was joking. (dog barking)
6:47 am
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6:51 am
kushner in the middle east for peace talks tomorrow. he is working on diplomacy with china and mexico and visited troops in iraq and leading the efforts for the white house office of american innovation. but even with his high-profile role, he, himself, has kept a low profile rarely making any public remarks but we got to hear kushner speak with tech ceos. >> we are here to improve the day-to-day lives of the average citizen. that's a core promise and we are keeping it. >> the panel is back with me. eddy and david. david, you know, every week it was apprentice, you know, workforce development week. we had infrastructure week and not much came of them. yesterday they did bring the tech ceos in and these people wrote letters about the paris agreement and said something very, very positive after the meeting. take a look. >>i iu'm actually convinced a he
6:52 am
explosion in new opportunities because the platforms built on our industry. those will create huge, very large new business opportunities for which the entrepreneurs, technical talent and so forth understand. drive america very, very positively forward and it is going to happen soon during your leadership. >> that is a very positive message. eric trump sitting next to ivanka trump. they have been friends for years. could there be a real sort of connection. i mean, tech ceos are the most powerful. >> we were talking off set a little bit about this. while all the dust storm is occurring with the investigation and comey and everything we've been following, the reality is some very traditional republican things that are occurring behind the scenes when it comes to health care, labor, financial services, environment, a roll back of obama regulations that, frankly, industry had said had been crippling them for the past several years. these things are actually still transacting and you are seeing
6:53 am
republican principles move forward. there is always a balance. if you unleash industry, are you dampening labor protections and you are seeing the republican tilt now in play and i think that's what eric schmidt was referring to. >> many ceos felt like they were in a regulatory strangle and they do not like a lot of what president trump represents. tim cook said we need better immigration and we need to think about the hard-working people we bring to this country. do you think there is a chance we see some working together? as soon as we have positive momentum, when the tide turns against the president, he goes right back to bannon town. >> i think so. it has something to do with where those interests intersect. i'm always confused about regulatory strangleholds. you have to help me out here and i have to watch your show. it was confusing me. >> so many ceos felt like they didn't know what was coming down the pike. it was a matter of, tell me what the rules are. whether it was the vocal rule or
6:54 am
dodd-frank. dodd-frank, do you know how big that was? it took them months to figure out market making. they want ed to say, tell me th rules and then i can play the game. >> record cash. record profits. record cash. >> without a doubt. >> under these conditions. i am confused. do they want to have even more or higher records of cash? higher records. i don't -- part of what i'm trying to understand is how do we -- there are innovations coming down the pike. those innovations and those tech innovations will transform and offer serious profit opportunities and that will happen on your watch. i think we can partner. one thing is saying -- >> or maybe eric schmidt is playing the game. eric schmidt knows you get on the wrong side of president trump, it's game over. he's happy to show up and tap dance and say, great, don't get in my way. >> eric schmidt watched the cabinet meeting and followed
6:55 am
every cabinet secretary's lead and praising the trump administration. that's exactly what we saw. but i think eddy is right. we will see innovation that will occur from the private sector and rely on trump to either get out of the way or create a favorable environment through regulation. >> was the first time you ever heard jared's voice? >> yes. >> amazing. >> it was interesting. >> listen, he knows one guy likes the spotlight. all right, coming up, much more on today's special election in georgia. can john ossoff flip a red district blue? before we go, today is world refugee day. there are currently 22.5 million refugees. more than half of them, listen to this, under the age of 18. do you know what that makes them? the world's children. if you want to help, head to the u.n. refugee agency's website at please, today.
6:56 am
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7:00 am
vote this hour. the only one who actually can vote in the district. and she's getting kind of a twitter boost today from the oval office. no secret who the president supports. but you know what is a secret? whatever the senate is doing on health care. republicans ready to vote next week. so, what does it mean for your health care coverage? stick around because we have it all covered here on this show with our team of reporters here on set and around the country. so, let me lay out why you should care first about the special election in georgia even if you don't live there. a referendum on the president. gabe gutierrez now with karen handel, the republican challenger. >> i feel great today. >> great. >> karen handel walking in to vote right now as we speak here in the 6th congressional district. she, of course, the only candidate -- now high stakes, as you mention, hallie. so far the polling


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