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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  June 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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thank you. thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow night. follow me on twitter @greta. stay with nbc all night for full coverage of this exciting georgia special election. "hardball" starts right now. >> unreality tv. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. it's 7:00 p.m. and that's what it is. eastern. and polls are close in the georgia for that special election. we're expecting the first results within this hour and this has risen to a may know test for both parties in the age of donald trump. democrats are hoping to claim momentum heading into the 2018 election. republicans are hoping to simply stop their momentum as they did
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in montana. we're following the latest and we'll bring it to you and the results come in as soon as we know them. the other major story is russia. sean spicer said the president will make an announcement, probably this week about, the exist tense of taped conversations between him and james comey, the fbi director that he fired. i don't believe they exist. this comes as one suggested he may have already been flipped with the fbi. and jeff sessions became the latest to lawyer up. he is joining others in retaining personal legal counsel. we'll get to that huge story in a minute. first to that race in georgia between jon ossoff and karen handel. is there any way to know which way the wind is blowing right now? >> well, i'll tell you where the wind was blowing all day. it was blowing intense in the
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la area. there was flash flooding. so turn out is questionable as polls close. there was heavy turnout in the early voting. 25% came out and voted early. but there was a lot of rain today so you wonder how it plays out. >> who needed the election day vote the most? who was winning going into election day? do we know? >> this is a democratic tough district for democrats. republicans needed to tushl out regular voters. those who may be a little wary of president trump. but jon ossoff is running the up-hill battle. the most expensive race in history but it is not enough just to have energetic grassroots democrats. he has to get suburban republicans to flip. >> tell me about the residence issue. i think it depends where you live. they call it mattress dragging
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in massachusetts where you look for a district to run in even if you don't live. there he saw an opportunity. he ran in this district even if he didn't live there. is that in the first or the second paragraph when he loses. >>? we'll see tonight. it is a key issue, when i talk to republicans, even democrats. that's been a key burden for ossoff. he lives outside the district with his fiance. as he political novice. in a district that's wealthy, that has a lot of manicured lawns and coffee shops, being outside the district could matter. >> let me ask you an analytical question. when people ask, does it matter if your candidate lives in the district or not, they say no, it does not, are they being honest in. >> i think it is a revealing question about the depth of challenge for democrats as they
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look to the mid terms. they don't have senators and state recommends. that's why they're turning to millennials like ossoff. a lot of these rising stars got wiped out in 2010 and 2014. >> nobody is in the on deck circle. thank you. we're watching those results throughout this hour and later throughout the evening. sean spicer told reporters he didn't know if trump accepts that russia did try on influence our elections. he doesn't know whether trump accepts that or not. that's the latest. he said he'll get back to us. here he is today. >> does president trump believe the russian government interfered in the elections? >> i have not sat down and talked to him about that specific thing. we've been dealing with a lot of other things today. >> generally speaking thshs conversation about russian interference in our elections,
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there are 16 intelligence agencies that say they did. the former fbi director said without a doubt. >> i understand. i've sustain reports. >> does the president share those views? >> i have not sat down is that ask him about his specific reaction. i would be glad to touch base and get back to you. >> sean spicer said the president would likely make an announcement disclosing whether or not he had tape-recordings of the conversation he had with former fbi director jim comey. last week the president said he would disclose whether tapes exist in the very near future. thought as special counsel robert mueller came to capitol hill to meet with top members of the committee. i'm joined by jeremy bash. i sometimes say to myself when i get up in the morning, the biggest news today, like all days in the last six months, is that donald trump was elected president. that is still the biggest incredible news.
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the behavior makes it even more incredible every day. he is out there saying, i don't even know spicer. but i don't blame him for not being able to interpret what the president is saying when it doesn't make any sense what the president is saying. how can you interpret nonsense? here's the problem. if he doesn't believe 17 intelligence agencies on this and he was running around saying obama was an illegal immigrant for eight years, what basis does he have in reality? do his feet ever touch the ground? >> the intelligence community is based in fact. basically the president has tweeted himself into a corner. if he acknowledge that's russia has been a threat and is a threat, then he is going to give credence to the argument that he fired dom get rid of that investigation. >> the investigation in russia is complete. they know russians were involved. the question is did trump's campaign people cluollude with e russians. >> that's right.
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but if he gives cedence that russia was a let the, his firing of comey looks all the worse. >> let's talk about stone walling. you just deny everything all the time. so he just denied everything. he denied everything that there was an investigation of trump. he admitted twice there was one but main when i talking points. so trump denies, or sean spicer said he doesn't admit that there was an attempted influence in the campaign. and now we have the lawyer saying i don't believe trump is under investigation. somehow reality will conform. that 30% will guy nonsense. >> that's why it is so hard these days to be a spokesperson for the president. >> as we saw, he is trying to come out and stay president is not under investigation but he
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is having to go up against a tweet from the president saying i am under investigation. they're between a rock and a hard place. we're seeing spicer try to crawl away from that. >> what a job it is. i don't know what it is. is he supposed to, without cracking a smile, refer to these tapes that nobody believes exist? >> he would get fired. he can't step out of line. you have to tell the truth. once his credibility -- >> he is also a mouthpiece. >> if he holds himself out there as an attorney for the president of the united states, and he just states misstatements. >> we don't have to live in that reality. if that sounds familiar, it fits a pattern with donald trump going back to the birther
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nonsense in 2011. just to get trump in your vision again, the focus, watch this performance. >> i have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they're finding. >> you have people now down there searching in in hawaii? >> absolutely. and they cannot believe what they're finding. >> everybody knows there was nobody down there in hawaii. they couldn't believe what they're finding? here's aer person, an anchor woman trying to talk to a person make nog sense and just making it up. nobody believes he sent investigators down there. nobody believes -- >> people believed at the time and they may believe him now. the birthers. he is trying to sow a seed of doubt into people's minds. just like trying to undermine the investigation of robert mueller. wee see people bring up whether or not he has a conflict of interest because of wilmer hale.
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it is not about coming out with hard evidence but just enough to underminute fact may be enough. >> this is supposed to be balanced news reporting. on the one hand president obama says he's american born in this country. born in hawaii. on the other hand, trump says he doesn't. we want to make sure we're fair and balanced. they're pushing hard against the ongoing investigation into the ties with russia. the chairman, the midnight ride. he is telling california voters that the russian story was made up. he said i was telling the truthful there was never any collusion between donald trump and the russians. we have to stop chasing russian goefts around the closet and actually get to real work. >> we have to question the entire process that brings in these head hunters who are very high powered lawyers. they won't believe until they
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get somebody. >> this has become like russia, trump conspiracy birther conspiracies. truthers. >> this is all a political circus. democrats and sadly much of the liberal media are using this as an excuse just to attack the president. they want this president to fail. they want the administration to fail. >> what a hoot. did you just hear hannity? he just compared to it birtherism. nau in other words, nonsense. >> it is a great clip. doesn't he know that was trump's birtherism. doesn't hannity keep a file cabinet is this is trump's crap. this isn't somebody else's. amazing. >> of course, it is not a democratic hoax. these are three investigations. one led by the fbi. one led by the chairman in the senate. one by the republican committee in the house.
4:12 pm
these are three professional allegations. >> show the white house, a very calm senator, was asked, he's already flipped. let's watch. >> i think there is a fairly good chance, reading the tea leaves here as a former u.s. attorney, that michael flynn has given to the fbi. the business of going back and cleaning up his foreign agent registration, his unaccustomed silence for months, the subpoenas all being one hop away from michael flynn. that all suggests that he's already in play. >> i would think, joey, that he is definitely in play for the simple fact, we got new evidence. not only did he deal, now he's
4:13 pm
talking about putting nuclear power in saudi arabia. he hasn't reported anything. three stripes you're out with this guy. is it a bad memory? like sessions? i don't remember? >> i've talked on people who represent either people from foreign countries or foreign governments. they say it is a no brainer. >> what is the downsize to being honest? >> if you're trying to get a security clearance, these things could be hard against you. >> why not just say it so you don't get in trouble. >> i think what white house said today, if they can get flynn to flip. they're looking like they could be in trouble too. i think people wanted to turn it in. coming up, why is there so much
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secrecy to repeal obamacare? they want to hold a vote before july 4th. could they be rushing this through in secret because they know it is unpopular? that's what i think. plus, very good rumors of sean spicer's imminent demise for months. now the president may move him to a role behind the scenes. in other words, kick him upstairs. and spicer is leading the chase for his own replacement. back to the special election in georgia, we'll see, it may be the most expensive race in american history. $50 million. i has a lot of water down there. finally let me finish with the legacy of last week's shooting at the potomac river. this is "hardball." he
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his approval rating among republicans has dromds 11 points. still pretty strong, 72% among republicans.
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the house has passed a bill. and now the senate is very, very hard and specifically the folks in this room, i appreciate what you're doing. come out with a bill that will be a phenomenal bill for the people of our country. generous, kind with heart. >> he is a good salesman. the president, that was him last week pushing senate republicans
4:19 pm
to pass legislation to repeal and replace the affordable care act. that legislation is currently being drafted behind closed doors by a working group of 13 senators. the details are shrouded in secrecy and few have seen the draft. it is unclear how it will differ from the house legislation that could take $30 million. i could strip 23 millions american from health insurance. they said they will release it thursday and they will have ten days hence. not even tom price who is in charge of implementing the bill has seen it. let's watch him. >> have you or anyone in your department seen what the senate republicans are working in terms of their version of trump here? >> i've had multiple conversations with senators who are interested in making certain we have a health care system that works for patients. my staff has provided technical
4:20 pm
assistance. >> democrats have slammed republicans for a less than trans parent process. >> there's only one reason they're doing this. they're ashamed of their bill. >> there's a group of guys in a back room somewhere. that are these decisions. >> the most important discussion that is happening right now, which is not in this committee, it is not anywhere that the american public can see. it is behind closed doors. there are a certain number of snoors are perpetuating a fraud. >> well, ratcheting up the pressure, the recent "new york times" poll estimates the bill that just passed the house is one of the most unpopular business in decades. >> jeff, thank you, quickly, do
4:21 pm
we know, how many people are in on what is going on in terms of this bill will replace obamacare? >> a small group of aides to republican leadership and a few senators who are in republican leadership as well. for all the talk about the secrecy surrounding this bill, the real secret of the actual policy is that it looks a lot like the bill the house passed. it repeals the mandate. what is different about the senate bill, and thing based on the conversations with staffers and some lobbyists, what it does is it gives more money for tax credits so that older and poorer people won't go without coverage. and it also slows the eventual phaseout of the medicaid program and cuts funding for the medicaid programming. >> all eyes are on the minority group of republican senators who have been competing, who offer competing visions of what they
4:22 pm
want in this bill. i'm joined by a physicians. and with us now, democratic senator of missouri. let's start with senator cassidy. you're a doctor so you know this. >> what i found hard is the appeal. aren't they contradictory? you're getting rid of the government's commitment to have people have health nshinsuranced then you're replacing it. that means you're accepting a now government responsibility for health care. >> the premise of your question is that there's only one way to cover folks. >> americans don't want the federal government telling them what to do. >> what i propose is automatic enrollment. when you're 65, you're on medicare. you can call them and say you don't want to be but otherwise you are.
4:23 pm
i don't think the americans,s american do want coverage. they just don't like the mandates and some of the things went along with the affordable care act. >> what about reducing the people, the poor? usually the people we all root for. >> this would take away, all these republican plans take away a lot of that coverage. >> ubld the act with susan collins and i put up, if you move somebody from medicaid to private insurance. the exchanges, sure, they no longer have medicaid but they are still insured. and some of the original proposals were to cover folks up to 100% of poverty. one of the things that is not well understood. states are on the hook for 10% of the population by 2020. states cannot afford that. in california, that's $2.2
4:24 pm
billion. in louisiana, 310 million. so under status quo, it is not sustainable. >> so you're devoted to keeping the same people covered under medicaid. >> i don't know what the bill is. in principle if we could move somebody, john kasich suggested we move back eligibility to 100% and put those others with cost sharing payments until we can transition to something else into the private insurance market. that's what they've done in florida. as a high uptake of the exchange population being -- >> and it would cover as many people. >> if you do it, it could. price in our conversations said tunneled waiver process, states could apply for the feature. so you could insure those folks but just do it differently. >> thank you.
4:25 pm
>> i saw you were pretty tough on the floor. what are the democrats doing, complaining with the lack of transparency? it seems to be what's going on. watching them fail. >> we would like to have the same tunneled that republican hs in 2009 with the affordable care act. where we had dozens of hearings. there were over 150 republican amendments added to the bill. in committees. the health committee and the finance committee. but there are no hearings. no chance to amend. no chance to weigh in. let's be clear. at its core, this is a tax cut for wealthy people. to pay for it, they're going to cut medicaid. >> how do taxes get involved? >> we increased taxes in order to pay -- >> which snaxs. >> investment taxes. for people who make more than
4:26 pm
$250 a year. there are other faxes were put in. but they all impact the 1%. these aren't taxes -- >> so that's part of the republican bill. >> absolutely. over $1 trillion in tax cuts for wealthy folks to pay for an $840 billion cut in medicaid. >> and remember, it isn't just for people who are young. in my state, you the can't be able bodied and get medicaid. it is for rural hospitals and nursing homes. the people in this country are being cared for. >> here's why i think you'll win. it is the reason why conservatives don't like it of any kind. >> once you establish the prince, the government's response for health care, it is up to the republicans. it is up to the country to come up with another way to do it. i don't think you'll get to 50
4:27 pm
votes. >> i can't tell. if they go too far one way. >> do you know what i compare it to? husband and wife fighting over the same blanket. one person pulls it the other way. the other person's feet are freezing. how is that? >> there's common ground and you could snuggle. >> that's a very good marriage. anyway, thank you. up next, sean spicer was back at the podium at the white house today. first press briefing in a long time but sword his days are numbered. this is "hardball." so you miss the big city? i don't miss much... definitely not the traffic. excuse me, doctor... the genomic data came in. thank you. you can do that kind of analysis? yeah, watson. i can quickly analyze millions of clinical and scientific reports to help you tailor treatment options for the patient's genomic profile.
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i think the briefing is one aspect of what we do. we're here really early in the morning and really late at night, available to all your questions by e-mail or in person. this is one avenue to do that. i understand you always have issues, you always want more and that's fair. >> welcome back to "hardball." that was sean spicer in his first on camera briefing in about eight days, trying to explain why the white house is holding fewer and fewer press briefings like his. in an historic title, the white house press briefing is slowly dying. steve bannon of all people showed how little regard the white house has for the press and the briefings.
4:32 pm
asked why the briefings are now routinely held off camera, white house chief strategist steve bannon said in a text message, sean got fatter. he said the guy is too fat to respond. this comes amid reports that spicer's time in the briefing room may soon be coming to an end. they keep leaking on this guy. spicer is searching for his own replacement as part of a larger plan to shake up the white house communications operation. among replacements, catch. this laura ingram. during his five months on the job so far, sean spicer has had to go to great lengths to push against the president's critics and defend even his most outrageous claims. let's take a look. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. in person and around the globe. the default narrative is always negative and it is demoralizing. >> he is using the words that
4:33 pm
the media is using. is he confused? no. it is iron noke matter how many times he talks about, there it is never good enough. bureaucrats have had a problem with it. i think they should get with the program or they can go. if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that's a russian connection. >> the transition officials were not overly concerned -- >> it is not a question of overly concerned. do they provide them avenue they were supposed to? i'll sorry that disgusts you. you're shaking your head. i appreciate. but understand this. at some point the facts are what they are. >> someone as despicable as hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons. >> the president used the word wire attempt in quotes to mean wiretap. he meant surveillance. i think the president's comments speak for themselves. i think the presses's tweets
4:34 pm
speak for themselves. >> does he think it is appropriate to threaten someone like mr. comey not to speak? >> i don't think, that's not a threat. he stated a fact. the tweet speaks for itself. i'm moving on. >> the national politics report we are the "boston globe." peter baker, chief white house quornlt "the new york times." is spicer gone? >> gone but not forgotten. he is on the way up. you get promoted upstairs. sometimes for good reasons. sometimes not. the spin that he is leading the search for his own replacement is to some extent spin. that they don't want him out there. they have a problem which is finding somebody to do job. someone willing to do and it who might be willing to do and it good enough for the boss.
4:35 pm
>> i don't know how you translate trump into rational. >> that's the thing. how much license do you have to take to get it straight? he's talking about times. it sounds like he has a screw loose. what are these tapes? what is he talking about? >> no times. >> i think sean spicer -- sarah sanders hasn't fared much better than sean spicer has. it is an impossible job when the president is tweeting when he is doing this. sean more and more says i haven't talked to the president about that. many it speaks for itself. >> that was a great point. what about, i haven't talked to the president about whether the russians influenced our election. that has been the topic for months now. he never said, what do you make of this russian connection? >> nobody asked. he never asked him? what do they talk about? >> he said he was unaware if the
4:36 pm
president had seen the senate health care bill. that leaves to you wonder, what are they talking about? are they talking? or is this a strategy on sean spicer's part to evade the sges say i'm pushing this back on the president. >> that's like sessions saying, i don't remember. he doesn't remember anything. >> you know a press secretary in trouble when he uses the words, the president said. >> a criminal lawyer's way of talking. it can't vouch for it yourself. how many times has sean spicer or other members of the white house gone out on a limb and discovered the limb cut out from behind them. the president has given a completely different statement. >> a lawyer for criminals, and a mouthpiece is someone who says what isn't true. because the client has to say something. >> the problem is to maintain your own credibility.
4:37 pm
>> unreality. the president doesn't accept there's a russian investigation. he puts out this guy over the weekend who said, there isn't any, he's not even being investigated. it is stone walling. all the evidence that we get. he just denied. what is the strategy? to held to 30%? >> at least to the point, is there a person who could even do that job correctly good the pleasant say things like, i have the biggest inauguration of all time. it is not a matter of spicer being up there. >> laura ingram has book coming out in the fall which will prevent her from taking the job. >> she has personality. does he really want somebody with a character up there that has a personal identity separate from his? >> that's always been a problem in any trump world. when you get too big for the boss. >> comey is bigger than i am.
4:38 pm
>> even jared kushner, right? you don't want to be on the receiving ends of that. and laura a long established identity which predates donald trump and would presumably post date him. >> i was talking to a congressman and the one thought we agreed on. trump is probably not peachable now. if he keeps reacting, someday he'll get to the point where he will do something he shouldn't have done under the constitution. does he behave in a way that is erratic point the that it could be totally out of control in. >> what is the pattern? what has been his pattern? has it been an explosive pattern of behavior? its keep getting more explosive. >> why does a president not fire his fbi director?
4:39 pm
if you do it you're likely to generate the kinds of controversy that donald trump has generated. you're going to make things worse. not better. he doesn't seem to understand the "hardball" rules. and i think it is very possible to see him do things that trip wire. >> he doesn't care what the rules are. he ignores them. everybody knows nepotism is a bad idea. >> kushner was there when he decided to fire and many encouraged him to do so. from my reporting has pinned the blame how badly it went on the communications department. he thought they could paint democrats as hypocrites because they hated comey before they liked comey. >> who was that? jared. >> why did he ask his son-in-law to be, you get a guy, an old pro. who has been around. a little blood on him.
4:40 pm
he's done some fighting. you don't bring in your s son-in-law because he's cuter. >> everybody who was supposed to be anything was wrong. >> but kushner didn't get him elected. >> he served as the de facto campaign manager. >> i didn't know that. >> on inauguration night was driving to had my way. that has been his theme through the presidency. he believes he has the best ideas. >> up next, these three will tell me something i don't know. you're watching "hardball." bever or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar.
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this is very early, of course, i'm caveating that. the early vote from fulton county. karen handel is winning in an area where she is from and should be doing well.
4:44 pm
tell me something i don't know. >> here's a trend worth watching. the president has used his personal twitter account to condemn terror attacks done by muslims but rarely when muslims are victims. he has not tweeted about the attack in london and going back recently, criticism not saying anything about the kansas bar shooting. >> you're saying he doesn't care about muslims. >> that's what you're saying. >> i'm listening. that's all i'll doing. >> jared kushner is off to israel tomorrow for a one-day trip. the advisers, green blatt and friedman no longer share trump's confidence that peace will be easier than they thought. they're losing a little confidence and some think jared kushner hack sent there so he can be the one to tell trump. >> friedman is our ambassador, right? >> right. >> go ahead. >> the president today tweeted that he greatly appreciates the efforts of china to influence
4:45 pm
north korea, but it didn't work. just like that. who was surprised? the chinese were surprised. the north koreans were surprise examined the white house staff was surprised. they had no idea the president would tweet something like this. they said the policy he's for four months the use china to pressure north korea, or not, nobody knows and the president isn't saying. >> that's what i was saying about explosive behavior. we have gotten the early returns so far in a highly anticipated race in georgia. we'll get an update when we come back. p, you didn't know we had over 26,000 local activities listed on our app. or that you could book them right from your phone. a few weeks ago, you still didn't know if you were gonna go. now the only thing you don't know, is why it took you so long to come here. expedia. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better.
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we continue to watch the results of the special election if georgia sixth comingal district. and the special election south carolina's fifth congressional district. that race to replace nick mulvany. that race was against archie parnell. trump carried the fifth district last year by 19 points. keep your eye on georgia. georgia is a real nail biter. we'll be back from georgia after this. reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected.
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the race between jon ossoff and karen handel.
4:50 pm
the race has gained national attention. president trump tweeted this morning, democrat jon ossoff who wants to raise our taxes to the highest level and is weak on crime and security doesn't even live in the district. later he added, karen handel for congress. she will fight for lower taxes. great on health care, strong security. the issue flared up today in the final hours of the race. here it goes. >> bits the voters and the people who can come out and vote today. the people of the sixth district will be looking for someone who will be part of the community for nearly 25 years. >> folk in georgia's sixth district care about how the representation will impact their daily lives. if this is best argument the points have against me, i'll feeling pretty good tonight. >> jason, what do you make of this?
4:51 pm
maybe that was too flippant to say it doesn't matter where you live but that's the system we have. how will it matter tonight? >> chris, i have to be honest with you. the people i've talked to here, they don't care. he lives six miles out. he is living with a fiance. she's in medical school. every single person i've spent on to here, they're not that excited about handel or about ossoff. this is a race where they're talking about how they feel about donald trump. the district issue on where he lives, it hasn't mattered to anybody i talked to on the street. >> so you're betting on ossoff? who are you betting on? >> i think handel will end up winning this. this is a plus nine district. there was torrential rain which always depresses had turnout. i think she'll pull it out in a squeaker. >> i like your thinking. let's bring in steve corn
4:52 pm
actioni. a guy we look to. i don't know if you're as gutsy as jason but he just called it for handel. >> we've got some real votes here. they may be telling us something, maybe, maybe not. you put the headline on the screen here. handel early with this lead over ossoff. the key question is, where is this coming from? and when was the, were these voefts cast? all those votes we're showing you, fulton county is part of the they have counties. this is the biggest county in the district. what we're showing you on the screen, that's the early vote from fulton county. let me take you through a series of numbers. these are some ominous numbers. if he wants to win the district, his target in fulton county, he probably needs to get close to
4:53 pm
50% of the vote in fulton county to twin district. maybe a hair under it. probably that is his target. what we just showed you. it looks like he is coming in under that at about 48.6%. so that's lower than he would like. and then the extra kick in this. it is the early vote. it was supposed to be more favorable. voting early, being organized. being motivated. was that ossoff would be higher in the vote. what we're seeing is that in this early vote he is landing at about 48.6. i am not calling this by any stretch of the imagination. this is early vote. that's the first indication we're getting in the numbers here. it is an ominous first indication. a lot of suspense to come.
4:54 pm
we'll keep you posted. that's what we had so far. >> three questions. how much is the weather affecting the election? worse for the people who are democrats or republicans? and is was it worse for today? the bad weather? >> what we're showing you about before today. in fulton county. that's a bit of a surprise. the expectation was ossoff would come close to winning but in the end. >> thank you very much. you know your stuff. we'll be following that race throughout the night on msnbc. when we return, let me follow up on the shooting right here across the potomac river. ♪
4:55 pm
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let me finish tonight with the legacy of last week's shooting across the toll tome river. i'm speaking about the shooter who arrived at that early morning practice of a congressional baseball team. while the u.s. congressman steve scalise remains in serious condition, it is clear that it could have been far worse if it weren't for the police officers. i take pride in being a member of the capital police. i remember the danger that comes with the unit form and what i
4:59 pm
consider the very symbol of represented democracy. i remember the officer told me one time how he would certainly take a bullet to defend it. i remember sitting near the escalator at the capitol that leads to the senate. a friend of mine, there a building engineer, meld about the one liberal u.s. senator who made a point of always greeting the capitol police officers as he passed. his name was robert kennedy. even back then in the 1960s, there was a division between progressives and police. that's why i enjoyed hearing about what senator kennedy did. isn't it interesting that the man who was most identified with the concerns about minorities was also the one with the most regard for the comes? i was always found to have served my time with the comment police but even more so after what a couple of though great people did last week. they rose to their duty is that saved lives. that's one of the several divisions that it would be good to close, the division between police and people.
5:00 pm
thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. >> everybody will have an adequate time to take a look at it. i think this will be as transparent as it can be. >> election night in america. polls close in georgia as senators craft a bill so secret, even they don't know what's in it. >> i haven't seen the bill. >> i have not seen a final proposal. >> tonight new reporteding on what is in the bill. what is being done to stop it. with senators chris booker and cory murphy and how the elections results in georgia could change politics in washington. then the attorney general lawyers up. >> does president trump believe the russian government interfered in the 2016 elections? >> i think i have been sat down and talked to him about that specific thing.


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