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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 21, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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. okay, it is 2:00 p.m. eastern and we begin with breaking news from flint, michigan. a police officer was stabbed in what appears to be a possible terror attack. he is now in critical condition, and the suspect is in custody. >> two separate hearings today on russia's efforts to stop the democracy. >> prepare today to say publicly how many states were targeted?
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>> as of right now we have evidence of 21 states with election related systems in 21 states that were targeted. >> our word of the day is hacked. robert mueller is making his rounds. >> is the president obstructing justice? >> i think everything is on the table. >> mitch mcconnell says he wants a vote on health care by next week, but does he have the support he needs to pass it? we will debrief with our reporters and analysts. we have learned that the fbi is investigating a possible terror incident at the airport in flint, michigan. let's bring in ken who is monitoring developments in
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washington. bring us up to spaed, what do we know happened? >> the officer has been upgraded to stable condition, but we're told that he was stabbed at the airport. the fbi is taking the lead in the investigation because they're considering it a possible terrorist incident in part because he screamed akbaar while he was stabbing the officer. the fbi is now trying to learn if the suspect was known to american or canadian sports. do we have any idea if he was acting alone, if officers or agents are looking for anyone
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else that may have been in that airport at the time or do they believe it was a loan attacker? >> it looks like a loan attacker. the airport was evacuated, though. >> malcolm, with the news coming out, i know it is a slow trickle, but what is your assessment so far. >> it is very interesting. we have an attacker from quebec, who is french speaking coming to the united states to a town that is significant like flint, using a individual weapon, a bladed weapon, to attack a policeman. which is sort of the mo of the self inspired attackers. we have steen in london and other places where they use a knife. it is unusual because the very fact that he had about 500 other places high pressure could have
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gone to do to cothis, but the mo is, if he was yelling and attacking, he attacked a symbolic person, that is who isis tells you to attack first, it could be pretty solid. >> what would you be looking for now? >> his background, why did he come from quebec? why did he prefer to travel all of the way out west in canada and then across to michigan. the psychology of his target tiering. was it the first place he chose to target, and how did he get is weapon in. there is a lot of questions we'll need to answer. >> yeah, i'm sure the details are l come in throughout the
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day. we'll update you when we get them. thank you guys both. meanwhile on capitol hill, russia was front and center again today. hearings held by the house and senate intell committees and witnesses testified that russia is not don't with their -- done with their questions. >> kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill, also eli is joining us. kelly, let's start with you, what did we learn today? >> this was a way for those paying attention to this hearing to try to bring it back to the most basic thing, not the trump questions, not the sort of characters that we have been talking to in the last few months, what was happening at the scene of the crime, if you will. the various estates under
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assault. ato the temperatustimony, was i possible for coup country to really get it back in 2016. there was a lot of issues around that. there was a lot of noise in if the campaign, the demands on public attention in that moment, and concerns about how much should the federal government do to go public with the classified information, and the elections, equipment, and officers around the country are not supposed to be directed by the federal government. there was a bunch of reasons why maybe the bell was not ringing as loudly. here is jay johnson, talking about one of the issues that may have made it hard. he was trying to alert everyone to the danger and here is what he said got in the way. >> we made the statement on
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october 7th and i'm glad we did, but it did not get the public attention that it should have, frankly. the same day the press was focused on the release of the access hollywood video. >> and katie you well remember how controversial the access hollywood tape was. he was making some salacious comments that dominated the headlines for awhile. it was that kind of thing, the normal, how do you not look at an issue like the "access hollywood tape. it was something that we could not easily see, but even though today, again, officials said that the russian hackers and perhaps other countries as well, but it was focused on russia today, are always trying to break into u.s. systems.
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the risk is real today, it was real in 2016. the other note able feature is that jay johnseh johnson said t not want them to have any access to their systems after the hack. they chose to say no to federal help when they had a breach. >> and the president, president obama, could have gone out and tried to bring more public attention to this at the time, eli, this comes a day after sean spicer was asked yes or no, have you asked the president, does he believe that russia hacked the election, jeh johnson was pretty defin five, why is this white house still tripping over themselves to not give a full fledged answer to that. >> sometimes it is fruitless to ask why the white house does what it does. what i have come to understand
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is believe the media is out there looking for gotcha moments and they have decided to dig in and continue to say that we have not asked about that, we can't tell you about that, and we don't want to give you answers that are obvious, but the hearing does force everyone to step back and reevaluate the things that we heard about this administration and this president's sort of stunning indifference to the russian hacking of election and to the indegty, the election process, the pillar they asked if they're having any concerns about the russian hacking. there have been several interviews with this president going back to the early administration where he changed his tune. we don't really know, i'm not sure, but he was always quick to
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brush past that and say we get hacked by lots of people, it's hard after the fact to determine whether or not the hacking happened or who did it. doesn't want to deal with these things because it gets at the questions of legitimacy of his presidency. he has a responsibility to worry about our national social security and the integrity of our elections. >> referee: is that a g . >> is that a gotcha question? >> they think it is, they think is about tapes. they continue to sit there and say "imthe press secretary, and i have not found time to ask the president about that." that answer is stunning and not believable on it's in this case, that is the mode, the destruction they are choosing to
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go. >> okay, kelly o'donnell, eli sto stocke stockels, thank you so much. michael, what we know from jay johns-- jeh johnson's testi is they targeted election processes in 21 states, break down the significance of that. >> we don't know what that mean by targeted. it could mean getting into them to access data, it could mean getting in to exfiltrate data. it could mean changing voter registration data, so when they go to vote they're not on the list, or the record says they have moved.
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we don't know any of that yet, it was not discussed in this open session. >> is it being taken seriously enough by our lawmakers? >> not even close. there is a big build up of attention to this after the 2,000 election. this is far more serious and yet there is resistance on the part of the state officials. many of them not having a moment at all, they're saying we got there, there is no problem here. >> what would you do? >> i would make sure they get good intelligence about the sorts of methods and attack vectors that our aggressors are pursuing. there was one effort to provide federal funding and no follow up. so even the states that want assistant are not getting it. >> how does jeh johnson's
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testimony change the probe. >> what it does shed light on is that this is not just banks, it is personal investigation, we do not have a national kpre s comprehensive -- >> do they just not understand it, they don't know thousand protect against it? do they not really believe it's as big of a threat as it is. >> it is all of those. people view this as an i.t. problem, and it's not just an i.t. problem, it's all aspects of the company. it's training employees, when to look for the e-mails that are very difficult to understand and find unless you have been trained properly. there is a whole series of things that can be done, it has
11:14 am
to start with the federal level. >> they have to make it an issue and bang the drum on it? >> it is a national problem, not something that states can deal with themselves. you have the same intrance agendas they think that there is something wrong with the fall government getting involved. >> bob mueller was on the hill today talking about it. >> we heard from chuck grassley come out and say after that meeting that he believes everything is on the table regarding a question that was a question whether or not ob instruction -- obstruction is on the table. i'm sure he was not talking about his investigation and what he was finding. normally it is a one-way treat.
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he is taking information from them, but he is not giving them information, no. >> very interesting. thank you so much for joining me on this wednesday, appreciate your time and exper ceatisexper. next, health care, mitch mcconnell says he will let us a of us in on the secret bill tomorrow. and there are already signs that his fellow republicans are not on board. we're so glad to have you here. ♪ what if we treated great female scientists like they were stars? ♪ yasss queen! what if millie dresselhaus, the first woman to win the national medal of science in engineering, were as famous as any celebrity? [millie dresselhaus was seen having lunch today...]
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after drafting a health care bill in senate, mitch mcconnell says he will reveal details of the plan tomorrow. the reporters yesterday claiming that including democrats would have only made things harder. >> everybody will have an adequate time to take a look at it. i think this will be about as transparent as it can be. no transparency would have been added by having hearings in which democrats offered endless single payer system amendments. >> jake sherman, senior writer with politico joins me now. i want to read you this comment made by john mccain. he has not seen it and he says no american has seen the health care bill, but i'm sure russia has. a bit of a jokester.
11:20 am
>> i'm not even sure russia has, frankly. republicans killed democrats back in 2008 and 2009, and 2010 for what they considered a closed process to develop the affordable care act. i was here in 2009 and i'm here now clearly, i think it is fair to say the democrats have a longer and much more open process for a longer period of time back in defi2009. they made changes behind closed doors late in the game to make it pass, but they have been telling me they don't have much of an appetite and they don't want to take the political risk of voting for a bill that was crafted like this. they think it is tremendously risky, difficult, and tricky to do something like that. we have not seen the full story yet, this is a long way from being a done deal. >> it is risky in the public perception of them not being open about it, but they have
11:21 am
other republicans coming out and saying they don't feel like this is being done fairly. they need more time to review it, and republicans are saying now maybe they will not go along with it. jake, does mitch mcconnell have the votes he needs? does he know if he has the votes he needs? >> i would say if anyone can count votes and put together a pill that will pass is mcconn l mcconnell. they don't have a score, they need to have the numbers at hand. if it comes out and it is bad for republicans, it is easier for them to be against the bill than for it. i think that mcconnell is very savvy, he knows how to get things done, but since it is all happening behind the scenes, it is very difficult to say what the reality is.
11:22 am
>> they could lose two republican votes and still get it past. say they lose susan collins and rand paul, if they lose those two, our democrats are really trying to put the pressure on someone like lisa mercowski to not vote for it. >> yes, they will do whatever they can to put pressure on the negotiable republicans. the senate right now democrats have a tfer time in 20618 than democrats do. this is a fortuitous time to be passing this health care bill. when it comes back to this side of the capital, any steps to the mid he looks like be met by
11:23 am
incredible resistance by those who are more conservative than their senate colleagues. it is like pushing on a balloon, you push on one side and the other gets bigger and it will pop. >> jake, we just saw a few moments ago, robert mueller leaving capitol hill. he was meeting with high ranking members including chairman gr s grassley. grassley came out saying he believes everything is on the table. >>. >> they say this is to deconflict this. making sure that congress is not investigating things, that the special council is investigating. these are coordination meetings. so i would not read too much
11:24 am
from it, but if he is meeting with the judiciary committee, it is widening. they have jurisdiction, so i think it would be seen as a bad thing for the president. >> certainly not a great picture for the white house. >> thank you very much. >> next, a update on the breaking news of an airport in flint, michigan. a stabbing is now being investigated as a possible terror attack. we'll be back with that right after a quick break. i know if the pain comes, i'm not gonna get my job done. pain's kind of self-defining. when it hurts, it hurts. when i can't do something, it makes me feel isolated.
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going back to our breaking news from michigan, the fbi is investigating a potential terrorist incident at the airport when a police officer was stabbed. stephanie parkinson with weyi, what is the latest where you are? >> reporter: yeah, we are waiting to get a lot of new details, right now they will not
11:29 am
confirm to us if this is or not being investigated. they say at this point they just don't know. they're telling us that the president is being questioned by law enforcement right now. we have a update, the officer's condition is stable, his condition is improving right now. i will step out of the way to give you an idea of the scene right now. this is a very small airport, but a lot of people in the area use this airport. we have law enforcement here at the scene helping investigate this, but the fbi is leading this investigation and we're getting very little from them right now. they will not confirm that for us at this time, but we're expecting to learn more from a news briefing where we expect to be able to speak with and ask questions of all of the agencies
11:30 am
here. what i can tell you is we know there are passengers and travelers around the terminal. we're seeing them outside with their suitcases. we are seeing officers going around to all of the parking lots using their k-9s to go around the scenes and they're sniffing everywhere. >> unfortunately we lost stephanie with our michigan affiliate weyi, always good to get a local news reporter on our air to paint a picture of what is happening on the ground. the fbi is saying this is an isolated incident. here, in the meantime, some of the other headlines that we're following. steve scalise has been updated to fair condition. earlier the fbi updated their investigation into that attack.
11:31 am
they confirmed that the gunman acted alone and there was no connection to terrorism. in the gulf coast, warnings have been issued for tropical storm cindy. heavy rain and lightning through tomorrow evening. out west, flight cancellations and massive power outages because of hot temperatures. 119 in phoenix, arizona today and 122 in california's death valley. and uber needs a new ceo. he will remain on the board of directors. >> coming up, the question that sean spicer can't answer. does the president of the united states believe that russia hacked our election? trying to get answers from jeh johnson today and joining me next. ♪ fly
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11:36 am
and a policy maker in residence at gerald ford school of public policy. you need a shorter title, that's too long for me. i'm not very good at this reading thing, harold, what options do the democrats have other than posting facebook videos, doing live chats, taking cabs to go see a cbo score -- to go see what bill looks like. >> i think what they -- did was a nice stunt, but what i think they should do is this. this bill will come out, we'll have a score for it. that's how the message was won the first go round. i would align the republican governors that expanded medicaid, show the positive impact in their states, and then
11:37 am
look at the counties that president trump won by big margins. if you do that and the bill still passes, then maybe they just want a massive change from obama care. that would be my approach. >> why do you have a definitive approach and why can't i hear that from them? >> it may be secret. i hope this is the direction that we're headed. >> republicans are complaining, john mccain says maybe russia has seen it. i don't fully buy into republicans complaining about it. if they were really upset they could change things, right? they said this is completely unacceptable. we're not going to vote for anything, they would have to take it out of the dark. if more than two republicans said absolutely not. >> you're right, yes and no. you have to look at this -- john
11:38 am
mccain is voicing his disdain on this. if he was okay with this i think he would have gone another route and they're doing it behind closed doors. a lot of theeng strong republican senators are not going to follow suit and think this okay to do it behind closed doors, they can't act like they know what will be taken and not taken. they left them in the dark and they lookbafoons trying to do this. >> this massive piece of legislation that seeks to restructure one-sixth of our economy is being written behind closed doors without input from
11:39 am
anyone in an effort to jam it past the senate and the american people. >> there is no negotiations and no conversation, and no one knows what is in this bill but one senator. >> don't call me naive, but this is depressing to me. that they can say one thing when they're in the minority and do the exact thing they were decrying when they're in the majority. and it goes for both sides of the aisle. and they're doing the same thing. what does it take to get anything done in washington to reach across the aisle to say it's not great for all of us to just try to mess over the other person when we're in the majority. >> don't you think we will be forced to in the end? don't you think it is coming to a head where they have to do it.
11:40 am
now they don't even know if they can pass it so they're meeting in a closet pretty much, and then they will open it up and table it for discussion. i think in order to get anything passed we're all going to be forced to come together to get something? >> i would like to think that. >> the question that you ask about why they don't demand to see it, you ought to have one on the shot and -- >> i would love to have senator mccain or anyone on. >> now, the only person consistent in the video there is mccain. >> yes, he has been, he needs to now ask to your point, it seems he has more standing with mcconnell than he did with nancy pelosi. so ask the leader to show you the bill. leader mcconnell says you'll see it when we finish. i understand what mcconnell is doing, he doesn't want it out in the open, it gets beat up and
11:41 am
pounded by both sides, and democrats, we should not kid ourselves. >> do you think there is enough time? >> the number of people that will score the bill and analyze -- >> the republicans are not going back to districts, not hearing from constituents. before that, it is barring local news reports and phone calls to their office -- >> i'm not advocating they keep it to the very end, but when it coming out you need a strategy to deal with it. it has a huge impact on the economy and we will have an understanding. it won't just be democrats concerned, the john kasichs of the world will say this is not good for my state. >> it is -- it's health care, it's not even a political issue. >> i will take a left and my producers might hate me for doing this, but the supreme court will look into whether or not they have jurisdiction and
11:42 am
should rule on jer mary jethat not going to favor one side or the other? >> i will be curious to see the decision, but the way we do open primaries, you combine that with the way you draw the districts, i think you will get saner politicians. at least talk with the other tide to get things done. >> look at the money being spent. the georgia race. >> does that mean money doesn't mat sner. >> it means it didn't buy a seat or anything else. >> money didn't buy trump's seat. >> we spent, as a country, $50
11:43 am
million or more. >> think about the people that, can use this money, and we're throwing it away for trash ads that when you see the ad, you're like get that off of the air, it's trash, on either side, people were sick of it. >> take it away from georgia, until we get one, we'll have a lot of nights like with have last night. >> i have to say, i love having you guys here. genuinely. i like that you can back me up for my story and optimism. >> call me a visiting professor. >> i'll just call you harold. he's a star. take over my seat every once in awhile. >> harold ford jr., noel niccord, thank you for joining
11:44 am
us. jared kushner is in russia talking peace in the middle east. when we come back, the russian investigation, member of the house intel committee made it and we'll ask him about jeh johnson, next. there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it, with great summer deals up to 40% off. visit booking.yeah!
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why do you think that president trump will not state that russia was involved in our elections. >> you'll have to ask him, sir. a secretary of state depends on the -- sfwlf the homeland security officer confirmed once again that it was russia that interfered in the election. the intel community was united in that assessment, but the president refuses to stay whether or not he still believes. congressman, welcome, thank you for making the time for us. >> thank you for having me back
11:49 am
in. >> you asked jeh johnson why he won't say that russia hacked into the election, and he did not have an answer, do you have an answer? >> we need a president who understands that we were attacked, and the best way to solve a problem is to acknowledge that you have one. i think out of today's hearing we all understood that it will be worse in 2018 if we do nothing and if the president of the united states doesn't have that awareness or will to protect us going forward, we will be in a happy of trouble. >> why can't sean spicer ask the president about this, he has been in office for five months. >> this is not sean spicer's responsibility, it is the president's responsibility. he is the president of the united states, it is his responsibility. >> did the obama administration
11:50 am
do enough at the time to warn americans and make sure they knew the severity of what was happening before the election? >> no, i wish they had done more. we had done. not wanting to affect the outcome of the election. donald trump himself claimed that the elections would be rigged. he made that for different reasons. i wish the obama administration had done more. >> the chairman of your committee, devin nunes has reportedly said he never recused himself from the russia investigation. at the same time, congressman conway has stepped in to take over. is devin nunes still in charge? >> he is not there in body and
11:51 am
we want to make sure he's not there in spirit. it's been reported he has gone over to receive briefings on this investigation. if that's true that would be a problem. it would only be appropriate if he has truly stepped aside, that he is fully out. not half out, not looking at the subpoenas. we need him to step outside this investigation. >> do you have any recourse? >> speak er ryan, if he wants te house intelligence committee to conduct an honest, credible investigation, he should fully pull chairman nunes out of this investigation. >> tapes, sean spicer said we could get an answer about tapes at the end of this week. friday is the deadline that your committee sent to see these tapes, to have them handed over.
11:52 am
has there been an answer as to whether they exist? >> the president intimated that they did exist. at this point we have not received them. i hope if they are not, if our request, which is a voluntary request, is not complied with, the committee would agree by friday we should compel them by subpoena. >> talking about what happened in georgia last night, osso if. f losing to handel. you sent out a tweet, losing a house seat sucks but losing your job, health care or opportunity for your kids' future is worse. back on the field tomorrow. given that, congressman, do you think that the house and congress in general should be focusing on issues like health care, job creation, infrastructure, et cetera, rather than having their time consume bid this russia investigation and chasing obstruction? >> i thought one of the most remarkable things that jeh johnson said today was that the
11:53 am
cost of russia's attack is that we are talking about its interference in campaign today rather than focusing on, he said, health care. so, yes. and the fact that we have to ask the president if he acknowledges that they did that. the cost is every dales americans' concerns. >> you go home at recess and talk with your voters, what are you going to say that you brought them? >> we leveraged their concerns when we had to pass a spending bill about a month and a half ago. defund the state department, take away the work study program, department of education. we did no harm. we have to win seats, provide
11:54 am
opportunity for all americans. >> finally, congressman, i heard bono was on the hill, going to meet with the staffers from steve scalise's office. did you get a chance to say hello to him? >> i was conflicted. i saw him walk by but had this obligation. instead of being a fan boy and chasing him down, i honor this had commitment. >> you have earned yourself a permanent space in the heart of this show. thank you. vths could cuts to the poor end up benefiting donald trump?
11:55 am
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the proposed white house budget calls for reduction to programs that combat homelessness and shelter the poor but leaves a rule in place that lines the president's pockets, subsidy paid directly to private landlords and that's where a potential conflict comes in. back when president trump's father passed away, his children inherited the nation's largest subsidized housing complex. recent financial disclosure form shows trump's 4% stake in the complex earned him over $5 million in the past year or so. now, as the post points out, there's no indication that trump himself called for the program cuts in his budget, but it no doubt reveals how his financial
11:59 am
interest can rise or fall on the policies of his administration. that will wrap things up for me this hour. you can find me on twitter, tweet me a fish reference or two. tweet jake sherman also. he always likes those. ali vels hichlt. >> i'll definitely tweet you a fish reference. good afternoon to you. i'm ali velshi. the clock is ticking closer to a senate vote on health care. where is the bill, you ask? cloak of secrecy on that bill has not been lifted. we did learn a few moments ago, senate republicans will be given a discussion draft of the bill during an all republican closed door meeting at 9:30 am. you know, guys, we'll all have to see this bill eventually. why not just show it to us? i'll talk to one of the organizations demanding to meet with mitch mcconnell over what cuts would mean for the 29 million americans with diabetes. also on capitol hill today, house and senate designed to
12:00 pm
pinpoint russia's role in the hacking of the 2016 general election and how we can be spared from having the same what happened conversations in future elections. secretary of state rex tillerson, secretary of defense james mattis holding a press conference alongside chinese leaders at the capitol. perhaps the most important topic of the discussion today, the big one, north korea. and we're following breaking news in flint, michigan. possible terror attack at the airport there. th this, after a police officer was stabbed in the neck and the suspect allegedly yelled ala akbar. ken, what do we know about anything to do with the suspect, motivation, what do we know? >> ali, details have been slow to come in on this one. i can tell you that the fbi has issued a statement saying it's too soon to know whether this is terrorism. they're investigating whether it is. we are reportingt


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