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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  June 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> i think they should call up vice president biden and have them come talk to they will. thank you both. thank you for watching. see you back here at 6:00 eastern. follow me on twitter @greta. or check out my facebook page. you need to go. there is a lot going on on that facebook page. "hardball" starts right now. >> see no evil. let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris matthews from washington. on capitol hill, dramatic testimony about russia's interference in the american election last year. and warnings that they could do it again. the house and senate intelligence committees both held hearings on russia's influence and among the people testifying was the former department secretary jay johnson. and his was a dark picture of a serious and continuing threat. let's watch him. >> in 2016 the russian
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government at the direction of vladimir putin himself orchestrated cyber attacks on our nation for the purpose of influencing our election. that is a fact, plain and simple. >> this was a, my opinion, a well planned, well coordinated, multifaceted attack on our election process and democracy. >> are we prepared today to say how many states were targeted? >> as of right now, we have evidence of 21 states, election related systems in 21 states that were targeted. >> russia continues to engage in exploitation. >> i am deeply kerneled about the danger posed by future interference in our elections and attempts by russia to undermine confidence in our whole electoral system. >> fair to assume you were concerned if not worried about 16 and 18 elections and all others going forward?
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>> yes. >> testimony was a dramatic rebuke to a white house that has consistently dismissed that threat. yesterday, sean spicer said he couldn't even say the president believes russia was behind the plot. let's watch spicer in action. >> does president trump believe the russian government interfered in the 2016 elections? >> i think i have not sat down and talked with him about that specific issue. i would be glad to touch base. >>enly speaking, this conversation about russian interference, there are 16 intelligence agencies that say that they did. the former fbi director said without a doubt -- >> i understand. i've seen the reports. >> does the president share those reports? >> i have not sat down and asked him about the specific reaction so i would be glad to touch base. >> president trump has consistently hedged on the question of russian interference. he's called it fake news and an excuse by the democrats. let's watch. >> very interesting. once they hack, if you don't
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catch them in the act, you're not going to catch them. they have no idea if it is russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. personally, it could be russia. i don't really think it is. but who knows? i don't know and they don't know. >> do you accept their opinion that he vladimir putin ordered the hack of the dnc, the attempted hack of the rnc? >> i think it was russia. but i think we also get hacked by other countries. and other people. >> you don't mean to tell me the russians tried to meddle in the election. >> that i don't know. if you don't catch a hacker, okay, in the act, it is very hard to say who did the hacking. with that being said, i'll go along with russia. it could have been china. it could have been a lot of different groups. >> what's with the hedging? joining me, a member of the tension committee. jonathan swan of axios.
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i want to go to you, we have a commander in chief, part of the role as president, i've never heard of a country who has been attacked where the commander in chief says maybe. you're supposed to have a guy like that. you have no fire except, what is he hiding? >> it is a huge problem. the response is really important and quite frankly, president obama, though he had some measures to retaliate, they did not make an impression on vladimir putin. when there is ambiguity on the part of united states president about whether it even happened, the republicans are lapping that up. one of the things that needs to happen, of course, the president sl alone in his assessment. by the way, he is not wrong. it is hard to attribute cyber attacks. it is not easy. we do it and we do it well. there is no question about this. one of the things that needs to happen is that he as the president of the united states needs to join the effort of count whaerg the russians did. if he doesn't do it, it is
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happening again. >> this is not an opinion question. do you like lower taxes, higher taxes, do you want more socialism, less socialism. those are all honest pinopinion. is there? did someone make those dinosaur bones and bury they will in the ground and paying the it for somebody? is there no climate zmang kilimanjaro is melting and the seas around florida are rising. the polar bears are looking for new places toley. now this. it is not a question of the president, of having an opinion. it is a question of him denying fact, everyone of our 17 intelligence agencies. why does he deny it? what is the policy of denial? i have one theory, deny everything, everything, and maybe he your people back in the places that they love you let's you're strong. >> well, you've cited a bunch of examples as come pair sons where people ignore it.
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>> go ahead. >> in this situation -- >> he hasn't evolved. >> the thing that is remarkable, is that his surrogates aren't even discussing it with him. >> sean was supposed to check with the boss on that. how many days do we have to wait for that? >> we may have to wait a lot longer. we're five months into the presidency, more than six months cynic we started talking about it. if the president hasn't said i believe the intelligence community's assessment. today was one of those unique days, we're really just talking about the russian threat posed by hacking. usually when we talk about, that we're talking about the allegations of collusion between the trump surrogates and the kremlin. a reason to resist this. it is almost impossible to separate these two except for like today when we're really focused on the russian threat. if the president hasn't gotten into lock step with everyone nelson washington, i'll not
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holding my breath. >> you expect the kids to come racing down to get gifts, he ran down to get the gifts. >> anyone who spends any time around the president, the people we talk to on a daily basis will tell you privately, is president does not believe that russia is behind this. he thinks the whole thing is fake news. and he is always sounding off about this. so there's no good answer for sean spicer. i'm sure, if sean spicer is spending any time in the president's vicinity, he is hearing this. that's just the incontrovertible fact. and james comey said that the only time trump spoke about russia was when he asked him to lay off flynn. >> okay. i want you to answer this. the president showed little interest in the cyber attack. here we go. >> did the president in any of those interactions that you've shared with us today ask you what you should be doing or what our government should be doing, or the intelligence community to
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protect america against russian interference in our election system. >> i don't recall a conversation like that. >> never. >> no. >> do you find it odd -- >> not with president trump. i attended a fair number of meetings on that with president obama. >> meanwhile the attorney general testified he never received a briefing on russia's activities. this is sessions. >> do you believe the russians interfered in the 2016 elections? >> it appears so. the intelligence community seems to be united in that. i have to tell you, senator king, i know nothing but what i've read in the paper. i've never received any detailed briefing on how a hacking occurred or how information was alleged to have influenced. >> you've received no briefing on the russian active measures in connection with the 2016 election? >> no. i don't believe i ever did. >> speculation from you, sir. why would the president refuse to even learn what's available to him?
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he can bring anyone in the world really, into the oval office if he wants it. the world is ready to brief him. he doesn't want to know. his attorney general doesn't want to know. what is reasonable speculation? >> it is clear that donald trump these as impugning his victory. the fact is there is no political leadership and therefore there has been no response. we learned that we are still undecided and unprepared for the next wave of attacks that officials say is coming in 2018. >> what can do you to protect us? we have the special elections, that was small potatoes, what we used to call the reds. i don't think they're involved. but i think they have an interest in screwing it up next time. >> the frustrating thing is that a good response would start with the commander-in-chief saying,
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this happened, this was a serious attack on our democracy. that would help the hearing. nobody wants this hearing to be dragged out. i would. rather focus on immediate concerns. i know the white house would like to not be talking about this investigation. sadly, the white house' approach has been exactly the opposite that would you expect if he has nothing to hide. >> so what is he hiding? >> i don't know what do you think it is? something his son-in-law said to the russians about sanctions? some mixing of economic, personal economic motive with his government responsibilities during the transition? was it something flynn said to kislyak? something said oh a period of time by carter, page, manafort? >> i have my suspicions. the president is not taking this seriously. it is pretty important that everybody else takes this seriously and not start speculating about where this may
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end up. you and i know there are all source of questions. they weren't reported by pretty much everyone. we have a long way to go and it would be assisted and helped and moved much more rapidly if the president would get on board and say nothing to hide here. >> if you had flynn ready to spill the beans tomorrow morning, would you give him immunity? you say you want this over with. you put him in the hot seat and say you go to jail for 20 years or you tell the truth right now with president trump. would you do that as a deal right now? >> only if he has something to offer. >> you don't think he has anything to offer? >> if he doesn't -- if he's clean, do you think he might be clean? >> i'm not saying that. i'm saying you wouldn't give immunity unless you knew he had something to offer. he offered to testify. >> would you give it to him? >> i haven't heard what he has to or so i can't make a judgment there. >> but you won't speculate.
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i want to move this forward tooflt some people, are ready to sing. i would like to hear them sing. i don't care if a guy goes to jail for five years. i want to ahead what the president did. >> you have to answer what each person has to offer with the next person. >> the problem is -- you're being careful. my question is if you want it to move faster, let's move it. >> i'm getting a little tough here. what we're going to end up with -- >> there is really important. >> they talked months ago. >> you have to be careful. >> has flynn flipped? >> i don't have any particular insight into what's happening with the fbi but my guess is that michael flynn has had a number of conversations with the department of justice investigators. >> has he filmed? >> i don't have reporting on
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that. >> i think representative heinz makes sense there. >> which is? >> let me hear it again. i need that. >> i thought, i'll just getting a little tired of it. >> when your lawyer says a statement saying my client has a story to tell you, you can assume -- >> this guy flynn has so many charges coming, so much in all the forms. saudi arabia now. turkey now. russia now. and not one time in any incident has he been cleared in honest in fill out the forms. each one has five years against him. i would say it is time to sell what i have. >> no offense to the congressman, it is not really the house' call. if you want to see it. it is happening between even of the committee heads and the members. >> you know, john dean was a
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good rat. before the times we had john dean. talk, somebody. somebody has to give him some rat food so he'll start talking. >> oliver north was given immunity and it screwed up the prosecution and they don't want that to happen here. >> there is something else the congress is trying to do. the senate just passed a sanctions bill which is hugely, hugely popular that is dying on the foot steps of the house right now because of technical problems. the question is, are there other things they can combat the threat? >> with governments with weaker konls institutions have fallen by inaction. the greeks. greek democracy wasn't working. at some point our government has to perform. thank you. you're such a grown-up and i'm
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ridiculously crazy. thought for putting up with me. coming up, the russian investigation that favors blackmail concerns, they still briefed him on top, they came in late from the times last night. we'll get it now. why would the head of the ceo sit there and listen to everything going to flynn all the time they knew he was a bit corrupted? slightly. that's ahead. plus more with the 130 members of congress have signed a lawsuit against trump. we'll see where that's going. they say he's violating the constitution. we'll hear their case tonight. what is next? with all the hype about this guy will win, he lost. one democratic congressman says his party's brand is worse than trump's. democrats have to find a way to win in the age of trump.
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this is a sad day. this is a way to expose with a little humor to expose this time. right now there are literally americans fearing what might be in this bill. for this to be happening in privacy and secrecy is absurd. we didn't get a bill here but what we got is a further affirmation that this is a really destructive process when it comes to working through senate. >> welcome back. that was of course cory booker of new jersey yesterday after he went to the congressional budget office with a group of other democrats to attempt to see the republican health care bill. well, while lawmakers on both sides of the aisle haven't seen the bill yet, nbc news has learned there will be a discussion draft tomorrow morning. i'm joined by senator booker.
4:18 pm
give us a sense as you meet in the caucus how you think you can protect obamacare and perhaps improve upon it over the next couple months. >> it will all come down to a handful of republican senators deciding not to go along with this. i've had coverings with my colleagues. a lot of they will think this process is wrong in and of itself. we've seen some of they will defect before. this allowed us to block things. this is a core american value. our country is about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. critical to life. essential to life is quality health care. and we know even before seeing this bill, what the intention here is. to be biggest gut of the social safety net that we've seen in a lifetime or two with cuts to medicaid. we know they're trying to end planned parenthood. a lot of things that make this a toxic bill before we've even seen it. and i think that will be the question. will we be able to get a few republicans to stand with us against something that will hurt blue states, red states,
4:19 pm
republicans, democrats, it will hurt america. >> for them to repeal, replace, they need 50 out of 52. i think that's unlikely given that a couple people on the right are not on the team. let me ask you a follow-up question. i know you are a concerned democrat. what are we doing to make sure obamacare doesn't die on the vine? i think one of the bad outcomes of all of this is the republican there's fail. nothing will be done. but they'll sit there and watch with great joy the gradual dissolution of obamacare because of different states. how do you stop that from happening? that eventuality? >> they're not just sitting back and watching it. literally the white house is trying to choke obamacare dead. and cause the so-called death spiral. if they were just stepping back and doing what the law requires, forcing the individual mandate, doing common sense things like advertising. they pulled advertising even and
4:20 pm
funding it. this, we even saw standard & pours right before the trump administration began, okay, these markets are strong. what they've done in a short few months is causing so much damage that insurance companies, in light of all this uncertainty, lag of guarantees are beginning to pull out. and they're causing some of the markets to see some problems. in fact, in new jersey, i'm estimating that we'll see some pretty high increases in the individual market places. remember, 80 plus percent of folks in the margaret place get subsidies. we do have some problems. i hope you're right and this thing doesn't get to 50 he votes. if it does, the next big fight is to get the trump administration to do no harm and not kill obamacare. >> remember, you promised we'll have dinner some night. talk about all these issues off camera is that learn about this challenge we face. you're a comer. people are talking about you, sir. i want to learn about you. a lot of talk about cory booker.
4:21 pm
>> i appreciate it. would you eat vegvegan? >> no. er i'll have a steak and you can have your carrots. we'll find right restaurant. >> up next, new information that the cia knew the former national security, this is great. michael flynn was a black mamai target. they sat there, filling this guy with information even though he's tainted. america's beverage companies have come together to bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar.
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did you have any if indication, secondhand, any sense at all, that the national security adviser might be vulnerable to blackmail by the russians? that is a yes or no question. >> it's actually not a yes or no question, senator. i can't answer yes or no. i regret that i'll unable to do
4:24 pm
so. >> mike pompeo refusing to say whether he was aware that michael flynn was compromised by russia. now "the new york times" reports overnight that people at the cia and other intelligence agencies knew flynn could be a security risk. quote, career officials agreed he represented an urgent problem. yet nearly every day for three weeks, the new cia director sat in the oval office and briefed trump on the nation's most sensitive intelligence with mr. flynn listening. they said they wouldn't be surprised if mr. flynn was cooperating with investigators already. let's watchful. >> all the signals are suggesting that he is already cooperating with the fbi and may have been for some time. >> the likelihood of his cooperation is very high. if not right now, at some point, very soon in the future. because of the very, very heavy legal culpability and potential penalty that he faces. >> well, senator blumenthal is
4:25 pm
also looking into whether the president has any financial links to russia that may interfere with his doing his job. i'm joined by a former federal prosecutor. a political reporter with the new york times. i have so many questions for you. you are great to come on and i appreciate it. first, what do you think? i know this is a question i put to earlier people. if could you get flynn to talk about the president, and what he knew and when he knew and it what role he played in any possible collusions with the russians -- >> what i would do is work a deal where his cooperation might mean no incarceration or limited incarceration. but only, and this is the essential condition, that he be completely truthful and forthcoming. and i suspect that's the give and take. >> you think a threat of 15 years in federal prison might be enough heat?
4:26 pm
>> well, it certainly would be for the ordinary rational person. especially if he thought that donald trump was failing to be truthful and helpful to him. and remember -- >> he calls him once in a sghil sort of cuddles him. trump is doing that. >> what is key here, the reason this is so important about the russians, and about obstruction of justice is, remember that trump demanded of comey that he let flynn go. why did he insist that comey let flynn go? and what did flynn know about that conversation before and after? >> you're on the same avenue i'm on. >> and it involves the russians, because as the times reported, the cia almost certainly, in fact, did know about flynn being susceptible to blackmail. and yet flynn stayed in those briefings -- >> did you get that from the
4:27 pm
"times" or did you already knew it? >> well, i asked for flynn's security to be looked at before he was hired. there was enough for the trump administration to say no, flynn does not belong in this administration and certainly not in a room where there was classified information being discussed. >> tell us about that story. it ran overnight. our colleague rachel maddow got it. where the president allowed deliberately allowed what's his name, flynn, to sit in the room while they're doing this latest, hottest intelligence coming in from pompeo. and pompeo sat there and did it, apparently he knew it. and all the time they're acting like he is clean when they knew he was susceptible to blackmail. >> what my colleagues reported here is troubling on a number of levels. and there are two scenarios, neither of which should inspire a lot of confidence among americans in the nation's intelligence gathering. one is that the cia knew about
4:28 pm
flynn and chose not to tell pompeo because they didn't trust pompeo because he was a brand new craft director. so he didn't know. he is getting these briefings unaware that flynn was compromised. potentially. the second scenario is that flynn did know and he was given these briefings any away in flynn's presence and that is equally troubling. so i don't think we're looking at a scenario where our intelligence community comes off as terribly functional. >> let's talk about jared kushner. he is so rich in possibilities. he has the president's love, apparently, he is the son-in-law, the president pushed like mad to give him a role in the west wing. and he's now given him a portfolio to solve the middle east problem. he has the biggest portfolio, the biggest freedom to say anything. he doesn't say much to us. but he has a lot of power. he was able to talk with
4:29 pm
kislyak, all of that and he's one person the president wouldn't throw under the bus which makes him very interesting. how do you see his security and how he should be treated by us? >> i've asked today, as a matter of fact wrgs two of my colleagues. and on the house side. crank cummings, that his security clearance be reviewed. first of all, among others, that he had these clandestine conversations with the head of the major bank in russia who had ties to putin and to the intelligence community in russia. and second, this effort to establish a back channel using russian diplomatic facilities. so those potential errors in judgment, not to mention divulging confidential information, require a security clearance review for him. and i think that there's an untold and unused term here. which is very important to understand. and that term is conspiracy. because if flynn and others in
4:30 pm
the white house in any way agreed or even cooperated, or some of them agreed and others cooperated, there could be a potential conspiracy charge against any one of them or all of they will. >> one thing that is important, the public knew none of this. they never knew that jeremy -- that jarrod was meeting with the russians, the top bank guy, sanctions, they never knew about flynn. this administration has told us nothing on the record. they've complained about leaks but everything we know is a rolling disclosure, when you only admit things when they're already out there. you broke all these stories. and then trump has to defend the utter secrecy offering they've been doing. and i think that's an important role, the press should be commended, don't you think? there's so little. all the russian shenanigans from day one. ought meetings with carter page and manafort and his son-in-law and sessions, his attorney general, all these people, and
4:31 pm
flynn, all these russian things going on all the time. the only reason we know about it is the press. >> when the history of this era is written, i mean this very sincerely, just as in the watergate era, the heroes will be the free press and the judiciary. the press has given us information we need in congress to know where the corruption is and where he there should be investigations. when we filed our legal action against the trump administration, we used information divulged by the press. >> you are a great guest. thank you. did you hear that? get that on tape. thank you. senator richard blumenthal, connecticut. up next, a lesson the democrats need learn after the defeat in georgia. let's call it what it is. a defeat. they need to figure out how to win in the trump era. that's coming up next. this is "hardball."
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a 50-year-old man from canada used the phrase for god is great in the attack. the officer was stabbed in the neck but is in stable condition. jared kushner is in the middle east trying to jump start the peace process. kushner met earlier today with
4:36 pm
benjamin netanyahu before meeting mahmoud abbas in the west bank. back to "hardball." rblt you happy that peace is at hand? last night republican karen handel defeated jon ossoff to claim 56th rein the sixth district. it was a special election. the democrats have lost 0-4 after $23 million into that race. and georgia hoped it would be a statement on president trump's popularity or unpopularity. but last night, karen handel seemed to throw out that notion right out the window. >> i need to also thank speaker ryan and the house leadership and so many of the members across this country who also
4:37 pm
united to help us hold the sixth. and a special thanks to the president of the united states of america. >> in fact, a super pac affiliated with speaker ryan spent $7 million on handel's behalf on a very clear message for georgians. >> the truth is nancy pelosi's friends bank rolling ossoff's campaign because ossoff will rubber stamp her liberal agenda. >> nancy pelosi's liberal agenda put america $20 trillion in debt. and jon ossoff is on her side. >> there's a reason bay area liberals have contributed more to jon ossoff than people in georgia. he's one of us. >> ossoff and georgia? a dream team. >> off yaus race better be a
4:38 pm
wake-up call for democrats. business as usual isn't work. another congressman, tim ryan of ohio told "the new york times" bluntly, our brand is worse than trump. speak up about that. explain. i heard from a lot of progressives, they were all hooting and hollering, we're going to win this thing in georgia. i say this as no fan of the president's. he's been underestimated. the people go in and vote for him. i'm going to say over and over, they make that point. i'm not telling you how i'm voting but i'm voting for trump. and everybody is always surprised by it. >> in the four races, they get the trump proxy. these were clearly races donald trump against the democrats. and we're 0-4 and we need to figure out the strategy. and i think the national brand, ossoff was a good candidate. archie parnell in south carolina. i spent the day with him on saturday. >> he ran a good race. better than this guy probably.
4:39 pm
>> yeah. two candidates. but you're carrying the baggage of a toxic national brands. >> the democratic party hasn't changed much in my life although i think nhl hillary went too far on abortion rights. she talked about late term, funding, it cross that had peace line that's been there. okay. make not opinion on abortion. anyway, some democrats are openly questioning nancy pelosi's leadership and one of our colleagues told politico, i think you would have to be an idiot to think we could win the house with pelosi at the top. nancy pelosi is not the only reason that ossoff lost. but she is certainly one of the reasons. >> you want to put yourself in the best position to win and it starts with economic message, jobs, wages, pensions. the bread and butter stuff average people were thinking about. >> what has nancy gun takes you away from the democratic issues,
4:40 pm
basic stuff like haik health care? where is she taking it away? >> i'm not saying it is fair. i'm saying the perception in the world now is that democrats are liberals, elitists, from the coasts, don't connect to working class people. >> what does san francisco say to the person you're trying to get? is at this time gay culture? what is it, when they say san francisco, is it still himmies? i used to work for the payment out there. a regular paper. wasn't some different cultural lifestyle in the newsroom. i can tell you that. >> certain things become just symbols. >> are you going to run from a symbol? >> well, i think this is what i'm saying. we have to rebrand. if that's what the brand is, right, wrong, indifferent, you need a new brand. our brand needs to be -- >> who would be a good leader for the democratic party in the house? i mean -- >> a loaded question. >> it's you that wants to take
4:41 pm
over. >> you. >> i think joe crowley. >> you're not going to -- >> we have a lot of internal politics. the reality of it is, i want to win. i the want to be in the majority. you look at the news member. they've never been in the majority. there's nothing like it. >> we're about to see a race between biden and bernie. you're right. you have a point. i like nancy. >> i like her too. >> in fact i think she has been stronger than tip o'neill. she's really good at getting the vote. and a lot of people like her. about pr. the substance is very good though. isn't she good? >> she helped me get to where i was. i was there for the health care. there's not a better inside game player than nancy pelosi. >> a nice person too. congressman tim ryan of ohio. up next, the "hardball" roundtable and what the democrats need to do to get back in the game. listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits.
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welcome back. the democratic party's loss in georgia's sixth congressional district last night was just another gut wrenching reminds per taking back control from republicans is still an up-hill battle. as democrats are licking their wounds, donald trump tweeted, the special elections are over and those who want to make america great again are 5-0. the question is what happens next? for more, i'll joined now but our round table tonight. a white house reporter from bloomberg and of course, our opinion writer and author of the "washington post," right turn blog. everything here has a different point of view. i don't even know all your points of view. it seems there was a lot of progressive i'm about a guy who wasn't running as a progressive. he was running on basically,
4:46 pm
let's get together and be normal or something. i don't know what he was selling. you can argue on the left, he should have been a real progressive. or you can argue he was not a good candidate. or i will argue, there is a hidden trump vote. the polls are no different than now right before the election. high 30s. they haven't changed. oh, we have him beat. ginger? what did democrats learn from last night? >> the democrats will have to remember this was a seat held by republicans. and i think we've seen this play before in 2009 and 2010. look at republicans who didn't pick up the special elections of seats that were made vacant by obama appointees and then republicans went on and won the mid terms in 2010. i think you have to remember this is one district in one state that went for trump. >> if it the went for ossoff, you would be saying how great a victory it is. i know you're smiling. i know how people play politics. if you lose no, big thing.
4:47 pm
if you win, yay! which is it? >> it is an anomaly if a democrat wins that seat. it is not an anomaly if a republican wins that seat. that's what to remember. >> scott brown from massachusetts, kennedy country, it goes back to warren. >> so the democrats are in leadership are saying this is just one seat. this is a republican seat. they didn't lose a seat. they just did not pick up the seat. >> they're 0-4. >> you're hearing from leadership. >> where's all the back lash against trump? >> they believe the margin has shrunk. >> where is the back lash going to show itself in numbers? >> they believe the margin has shrunk. >> do you know what the phrase is? no cigar. i'll just talking here. i was ready, we called our producers last night. it was about 50/50. they're pretty sophisticated and nobody knew.
4:48 pm
i knew, every show, leading with -- i'll sorry, everybody is loving this thing. it was a real win for this guy ossoff who didn't even live in the district which i think is a little strange. >> my husband has an expression, scoreboard. did you win? did you lose? >> we used to have a thing called scoreboard here. >> i think the democrats have a problem. one, they really didn't drive home this message on sxhark on economics that they could have. this guy was running on being polite, being nice. >> cutting government waste. >> i don't think that's a motivating issue for anybody. >> nobody will believe that. >> so listen, in 18 months, they're either going to have trump care which i think will be a disaster, or they're going to have nothing. >> let's look at rahm emanuel. and bruce reid, a smart liberal who took over the house in 2006 had some friendly advice for democrats. democrats don't have to make
4:49 pm
2018 a referendum on trump's impeachment. if they want to win the majority, they need to order to hold trump accountable. make it politics again. i think everybody is hoping on the left. oh, there will be impeachment. the courts will take over. how do i get back? cory booker is a smart guy. a very smart guy. they think a lot of this is about making fun of the republicans. maybe that will boring in the short run. but where's the chance to improve obamacare so most americans say great, let's keep it. >> i think something for republicans to remember, the thing got the biggest cheer was i'm going to do something. people want action. and they're not getting it from anybody. >> are you sure they're not getting it from trump? >> congress will be on the ballotful are they passing bills? can they fund the government come september? >> i think little thing like the cuba thing and getting that guy back from north korea, even though he died here, showed some action. something.
4:50 pm
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trump watch wednesday, june 21st, 2017. the defeat of the democratic candidate in yesterday's special election in georgia should be a yellow light for those who think they have the trump thing all figured out. i say this as each day thinking the most important news has already happened. the presidency of donald trump
4:59 pm
is more stunning than anything that happens later. please join me now in the undeniable fact trump won in a favorable rating of 35%. 35%. for all the talk, all the luscious news that he's finished, the thing is over, the storm has passed, donald trump's current gallup approval number is 38%. and how can this be? how can he win polls showing him at 35%? how can he be now at 38%? the answer to the first question is is two part. first we elect presidents by the electoral college and trump was strong where he had to be. the second is that more people voted for him handle the told pollsters they were going to vote for him. they may have been too embarrassed to say they were voting for him but not too embarrassed to actually vote for him. the answer to the second question, how can he now be at 38%? could it be the democratic party hasn't offered an earn thety
5:00 pm
yet. they've been so intent to donald trump. to trump him with better ideas like how to improve obamacare. you figure out that one. i'm still struck with how he got his allegiance in the first place. and personal bad behavior to keep them. that's "hardball" for now. thank you for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. we can whimper about it, we can fight back. i'm fighting back. are you fighting back? >> just one day before the public finally gets to see the secret senate health care bill, the democratic resistance ramps up. >> fight this bill. >> it is outrageous. >> no hearing, no vote. >> we've got to be all in all the time. >> tonight, just what is in the bill? and what is the plan to stop it? plus, new details on russian


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