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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  June 24, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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ositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. i'm alex witt here at msnbc. it's 1:00 here in the east. let's get to what is happening out there. president trump is criticizing democrats as senate republicans are encountering obstacles in trying to pass their version of a health care bill. here is part of his weekly address. >> my administration will never stop fighting for you and for the health care system that you deserve. we'll get it done even if we don't have any help from the democrats. we'll get it done. >> in just this last hour, i spoke with congressman titus on why she thinks her counterpart in the senate dean heller is
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against police pahis party's bi. >> it's interesting. i voted for obamacare. it cost me an election. i came back and the tables have turned. now people have the benefits, they don't want you to take them away and the overall sympathy in nevada is for keeping obamacare and they see how bad both the house and senate bills are. i think he realizes that he is in a box. he has to keep his base motivated, but he knows overwhelming support is for keeping obama care. and if you have a popular governor like sandoval taking that position, that is why i think he came around to where he is now. >> meanwhile mike pompeo is responding to a report alleging that the cia has intelligence confirming that vladimir putin directed the u.s. election hacking campaign. in fact here is a clip from an interview this morning on the
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hugh hewitt show. >> we are decades into the russians trying to undermine american democracy. so in some ways there is no news, but it certainly puts a heightened emphasis on our ability to figure out how to stop them. >> the news was it putin personally directed it. did he do that? >> i can't confirm intelligence represented to that. >> director com pay o's comment on on the heels of this, the obama administration knew far in advance of november 8th about election meddling by rufsh sssi did nothing. why? kelly, what is the president trump say battleground state health bill. >> this is a time for a real push by the white house and mostly senate leaders in the -- republican leaders mitch mcconnell and so forth because they have a limited window of time. they have put out a discussion draft as they call it, sort of a
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working document that they think could be the senate version of the health care overhaul. but they have to get it locked in by tuesday in order to vote on thursday. and then of course the nation pauses for the 4th of july holiday and the senate will be gone for a week. so there a time clock. but there is also opposition from within their own party as those clips just indicated where there are some on the conservative side who feel that it is not doing enough in the framework they have seen so far and then you have someone like dean heller of nevada who is concerned about changes to the medicaid expansion which brought many more people into the insurance sort of system under the obamacare law. so changing that could put those people who need insurance at risk. the president is talking about this, but he is using what i've been calling a lighter touch in trying to influence republican senators and to get public support. here is how he described the sort of go to alone approach that the republican party has to
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take given their numbers and their position in an interview he did with fox news. >> i think it's doing just are fine and it will be a good bill. and we have to remember obamacare is dead as a door nail, it's a fame you'rfailure. but it would be great if the democrats and republicans could get together, wrap their arms around it and come up with something that everybody is happy with. it's so easy. but we won't get one democrat vote on. not one. >> reporter: and of course back when the affordable care act was passed under the obama administration, that, too, was just democratic votes. and the democrats then had a bigger majority, they had 60 votes when president obama came into office. and health care was the big agenda item they tackled. of course a signature achievement for president obama. now republicans have just 52 senators in their party and there are five right now saying that they are not on board with this bill. there is time to try to convince a few of them, but it's expected
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that they will have at least a couple who will not vote for it. it will be a real nail biter conclusion. they have a vice president to cast a tie breaking vote if they lose two of their senators, but any more than that and this will not pass. >> well, there are five so far that they have to convince. thank you so much. let's get to more on the president's efforts to thwart russia election middling. joining me now, greg miller, a welcome guest right now. thank you so much, gereg. it is an explosive report. first up, was there anything in your news gathering for this piece that shocked you? >> that shocked me? i guess there are plenty of surprises for me throughout this story. i think one of the biggest ones is just that we knew when obama announced the punitive measures against russia in late december that they were fairly mild.
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but the white house would sort of lay a few hints that there was a sish component, a secret component. and to learn more about what that was was one of the more interesting aspects of the story for us, the idea that he authorized u.s. spy agencies to basically 34r57b9 siplant cybere the battlefield for future presidents including donald trump. >> and are measures to put those in place, are they still ongoing? >> yes. as far as we can tell, he they appear to be moving forward. i mean, it would take trump issuing a counter hakount tecou to reverse the prod is the way it was explained to us. so this is a covert action finding that obama signed. it would take a specific action by trump to reverse it. >> you connect august tll the d
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you make it clear that it was a serious and prolonged cyberattack on the u.s. why do you think that more intelligence agencies didn't quite catch the gravity of it while it was happening? >> well, i think that we start our story talking about the cia getting this blockbuster piece of intelligence and bringing it to the white house in early august. but that other intelligence agencies were slower to endorse the agency's view that putin was running this separation and had a specific objective in mind. helping to elect trump and defeat hillary clinton. and part of it is just sort of petty bur kraeaucratic position. so other spy agencies tend to be reluctant to be as enthusiastic about their rivals' findings. the materials that their rivals uncov uncover. it's not something coming from their sources, they have less confidence in it, it takes them longer to sort of kick the tire, check it out and come to some agreement. >> i'm curious why -- you heard
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mike pompeo on this morning and he said that he would neither confirm or deny this intelligence that was presented in early august to the president. why not? >> i thout that wght that was r odd. he's saying he can neither confirm or deny that putin was directing that campaign which is something that the entire intelligence community including his own agency agreed to in a declassified report that was released in early january. that is a public report that is out there with high confidence of judgments from his agency and others that all reached consensus on this. why he's now saying that he can't confirm or deny it is really odd. >> so the white house did not take a public position on the russia threat before the election. but you wrote that a briefing with keys of congress devolved in to a squabble saying that the intelligence didn't support the white house claims and you captured the real from
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us trace among democrfrustratio since the white house wanted to block any pre-election move. did your sources think that mr. obama dropped the ball? >> many of them did. those who were closest to bocob still believe they made the best decisions under the circumstances. and they were difficult circumstances. but when you talk to democratic lawmakers liking adam schiff who is quoted in our story, they clearly feel that the ball was dropped here. they were so frustrated that the white house in its entire to avoid politicizing this and its insistence to getting inting bn support for everything basically gave republican as veto for any action looet leading eading up election. >> and wrou as the white house prepared to transfer power, susan rise said we're not tapt talking, we're acting. and then the clock started ticking again while treatings intelligence where the same high level of secrecy given to the
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raid on the bin laden cam pound. do you have a sense of how security officials must feel that the trump administration is giving getting back the seized u.s. compounds to the russians? >> i think they are aghast. i think they feel like the punishment that has been inflicted on russia so far for this really historically troubling sbhfrns in tinterfere u.s. election was light to begin with and to signal that you might be inclined to lift some of those measures is astonishing. >> do you think this administration is doing enough to prevent any meddling by russia in any shape or form in the future? >> i have to say i can't really -- i'm not sure that they could point themselves to any specific measure that they have taken so far that is aimed that the outcome. at shoring up the security of our very precious and
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increasingly vulnerable seeming voting infrastructure and basically our basic mechanisms of democracy. >> all right. greg, we just barely schismed t skimmed the surface. everyone should read this. greg miller, i'll look forward to seeing you again. >> really appreciate it. it is a matter of survival for many americans because republican health care plan break a promise president trump made to the very people who put him in office? that's next. >> i'm not going to cut social security like every other republican and i won't cut medicare or medicaid. every other republican will cut.
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health care is heartless. >> it is a tax bill disguised as a health care bill. >> these cuts are blood money. people will die. let's be very clear. senate republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with american lives. >> you've heard of the movie dumb and dum edumber. but the republican health care movie is mean and meaner. >> well, you heard it there. obviously congressional democrats are not happy with the senate's new health care bill with some even going so far as to say it will cost lives. let's bring in the republican from north carolina and guest on this broadcast before. welcome back, sir. >> happy saturday. >> thank you. let's get to a lot of things there that we have to react to. the first one for now, how do you respond to senator's claim
10:16 am
that ite's blood money. >> what we have today doesn't provide health care. you havehumana, aetna, pulling out. in north carolina, blue cross has threatened to poult and they have already pulled out of several other state as premiums in north carolina have gone out 176% just since 2013. nationwide that amount is 105%. so reality is american people don't have health care. it reminds me of that song by johnny lee the can you think western song looking for love in all the wrong places. there is no love found in obamacare for the american people. >> well, two points, sir. first of all, senator ted cruz says this bill won't consult premiums and you list the insurance companies that are leaving states. do you expect with the pass average senate bill that
10:17 am
ultimately all would return? >> yes, ma'am, i do believe that the market will open up and i think that we'll have access for the american people. remember, this is not going to be a federally mandated program. the american people will be able to buy the kind of health insurance that they have warrant to b want to buy and not be forced to purchase something they don't want. so plans will be catered to the american people. and it also allows the states to direct this. nothing that the federal government does is managed well. you can look at the v.a., post office, so many things that we have real struggles with. we have passed a bill this week to reform the v.a. to create t ccat accou accountability. so we'll give this back to the states. >> what about the states that are already financially drowning and they rely on federal money to help support them? >> well, there be tax credits in
10:18 am
this bill. the ability particularly in medicaid, i've worked on medicaid now for 15 years. medicaid fraud. it is pervasive throughout the system. in north carolina, we brought in major efforts, software, to look at those who are exploiting the system. the problem that the structure the way it's set up at federal government funds all the medicaid and the states determine who is eligible. they have no incentive to see who is really should be receiving medicaid. if we take all this back to the states, they will have the ability to prioritize the funding and frankly to put it in accountability procedures that will allow them to reel out the people who are ex34r0i9iploitin system. >> the reality is that medicaid fraud amounts to about 3% to 10% a year, but there are all sorts of judgments as you know where that money is returned. i can look at 2015 according to
10:19 am
the fbi the government recovered $2.4 billion in fraud judgments. since 1997, according to the fbi, the government has returned over 29 fwh$29 billion? false judgments. >> i've seen reports from providers, in north carolina we have 60,000 providers, and they know how to exploit the system, but there is software that can enable you to look for improprieties, look for people who are going into the system and they are in a position to exploit it. so we have here in north carolina there is about $400 million of savings that could be achieved threw medicaough head . so the 2%, 3% is not a factual number. i've had many reports written by cpa national firms that show that it's closer to 15% to 20%. >> what about the new poll if you want to talk about those numbers in which only 20% of americans support the health care bill that was passed in
10:20 am
your chamber and even for republicans that number still under 50%? how do you move forward with an agenda that even republican voters don't appear to report? >> there is a lot of confusion out there. i do respect and understand the questions people have because frankly they don't know what reality is. they do know reallity currently of obamacare. and it is failing. so if you look at the pre-sun you position that obamacare is failing and we have to rescue it, that's what we're trying to do.position that obamacare is failing and we have to rescue it, that's what we're trying to do. the public sdfrdoesn't have a c understanding of either the house bill or the senate bill, but it will. it will be a market driven bill. if you're making $50,000, $60,000 a year and your deductible is a,0$5,000120,000 you're paying $1,000 a month, you don't have coverage ever less those who don't have the access to it in their own market."new york times" came up
10:21 am
with a recent report that there is 45 counties in the country next year already that they know that will not have any coverage whatsoever. in north carolina, 95 of our 100 counties is covered by one provider and never threatened to leave the market. >> and in term of the your own state, nearly 20% of the entire population is covered by medicaid or c.h.i.p. but i do want to talk about the president who back when he was still just a candidate, he made a lot of promises about medicaid and medicare. let's take a listen. >> save medicare, medicaid, social security without cuts. have to do it. i will take care of everybody. i don't care if it costs completes or not. everybody will be taken care of much better than now. you will have great health care at a fraction of the cost. and it will be great. i'm not going to cut social security like every other republican "wonand i won't cut medicare on medicaid.
10:22 am
>> what happened to those promises? >> reality, again, you take medicaid back to the states. you will have accountability in the structure. when the states are able to spend will i be liberally and p on the roles in terms of eligibility but zero accountability when the federal government is paying the larger amount of the bill, that doesn't -- it's not a good process. and what we will provide now is for the states to be in-sevece e incentivized to use the grants. we're a country who cares deeply about people who are struggling. we want to be a safety net for 240es who really have a need. but we don't want to be exploited. and i think that is really the bottom line what the president is trying to say is for those who really have a need in this country, we will be there for you. >> all right. well -- >> reality for those who exploding the schl, and there a
10:23 am
system, and there are a lot, question will take care of that. >> last month you said that people should move to a different state if they have pre-existing conditions and any can't afford the health insurance in their own states. in retrospect, do you think that is unrealistic especially for people who have cancer and can't work? >> let's pull it into context. the reality is if we have a felony mfell federally man datsd progrdated will a failing program pip anybody who doesn't have hair head in the sand realizes that the current structure is not working. what we propose is take it back to the state. there will be options that states have. it is very unlikely that somebody would have to move, but that is a worst case scenario. we move because of tax reasons or educational reasons. many reasons why people move and want to on locate to a state. so that is not unusual for that to happen. but frankly, it will be very
10:24 am
unlikely because i think what you will find out is that there is ample funds put in there particularly for those with pre-exists conditions. or bill fully funding pre-existing conditions and the senate bill will, as well. so that is the major concern people have in the market and this will be funded back in their you states. it is so unlikely, but worst case scenario was my point and i don't think that that is ever really going to be a meaningful factor. >> well, republican from north carolina, thank you very much for your time. appreciate it. the voice of the people is a powerful enough to get change in the latest xwgop health care pl? a town hall will be getting under way and we'll take you there next.
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unoccupied daycare center earlier this morning. the single engine plane went down just you can after take off. and in china, a land slide smashed into a village of more than 60 homes. authorities believe more than 100 people were buried alive. a rescue team is searching for any signs of life. happening right now, voters about to weigh in on the republican health care plan in maryland. senator hole la senator who holland is haulill a town hall. why does he want to hear from constituents? >> reporter: we've been across the country, and the situation has come down to hear that senator chris van hollen, a democrat holding a forum, he has
10:29 am
ministers over the church can behind me, he has state officials, county officials, health care officials that are all coming here to answer questions among concerned citizens as to if the senate bill ultimately with the house and president's signature, what it would mean for them. the new executive minister here is andre christian. he's one of the individual just met here talking to the senator. but for now we're talking to individuals out here beforehand. and you were telling me you were just hired here. you've actually been unemployed the last couple of months. tell me about your health care situation, where you were and where you are now. >> after 20 years of being employed with health care, i found myself unemployed and through the affordable care act and the maryland health exchange, i was able to dwauf for medicaid. and by being unemployed was able to qualify for health care program that i wouldn't have been able to afford. plans would have been $900 a month and with no income, would not have been able to afford that.
10:30 am
>> the church doesn't offer insurance. >> and now the plan would allow me to purchase a plan flu tthro the forward i'laffordable care . and so you never know when you will need it, so events can occur without a solid plan in place by the federal government, i would have no insurance. >> alex, we'll be interviewing the senator at the top of the 2:00 p.m. hour in the events the actual forum will be taking place at 2:30. >> all right. we'll look forward to that. thank you so much. we'll see you then. joining me right now, politics report ir for the "los angeles times." and also senior political reporter from huffington "post." ladies, welcome. laura, there are these five gone senators who are declaring no on this bill. senator heller says it goes too far in making cuts and the other four say no far enough in rolling back obamacare.
10:31 am
does the white house expect there will be some sort of a way to reconcile these somewhat opposing differences and if about so what is going to change to satisfy these different views? >> i can't imagine a change that would actually work to satisfy everyone because we're seeing opposition as you said from both sides of the spectrum in the republican party and those five who have publicly come out against the bill aren't even the only once wavering. you also have murkowski can and collins both said they have problems with tdefunding planne parenthood and medicaid cuts. so if you push it to the right, you lose senator collins and senator muheller. and if you try to roll it back, can't really afford to lose more than two votes at this point. so i think they are between a rock and a hard place and i'm interested to see what any come up with. >> we had senator schumer who
10:32 am
brought out the poster with the remarks that the house bill was too mean and schumer dubbed the senate proposal meern meaner. so do democrats think that they came stall the bill? >> seems like they are counting on it, but as laura said, the republicans normally lose two votes. they have already lost five. so something has to change in the next week. but? this also reflects what we saw in the house earlier with the first version which was unsuccessful because of the same forces. conservatives arguing that it didn't go enough and moderates this will affect a lot of my constituents. so as we saw in the house, first version didn't pass, but the second verse did pasverse didn' >> and you have to keep in mind if you go too far to get a couple of them back, others may fall off the support wagging on.
10:33 am
so still looking at a pretty solid five. >> and there is a number of people we don't know where they stand. they said that they need to read the bill. >> let's get to the president who campaigned on no cuts to medicare or medicaid. and by many accounts that this would dramatically cut back on medicare expansion by 2021 and by medicare overall by 2025. so how does the white house account for this? >> it's really interesting because now you're starting to see president trump tweet about this at dean heller, pro trump pacs are starting to slam herl for opposing these medicaid cuts. >> yeah, a million dollars. no small potatoes. >> exactly. and it's interesting because trump himself campaigned on not cutting medicaid. so there is squlais just you a his pock accura
10:34 am
h hypocrisy here. >> all right. let's switch to the tapes. he said that he suggested it is a strategy. >> when he found out that there may be tapes out there, whether governmental or anything else, who knows, i think his story may have changed. you'll have to take a look at that. because then he has to tell what actually took place at the events. i did not tape. >> a smart way to make sure he stayed honest in those hearings. >> well, it wasn't very stupid, i can tell you that. >> is there reason to believer the prospect of tapes changed anything comey would have said? i mean i guess you have to interpret with the who knows, i don't know how to interpret that. >> i don't know, but reading the president trump's original tweet which was about five weeks ago, it seems like he was clearly implying that he was taping. and now he's saying that there could be some sort of surveillance or wiretapping going on. but now he's saying i wasn't personally taping.
10:35 am
but he did seem to be hinting that this was part of his strategy. >> that would imply wiretapping within the white house, so a whole other huge -- >> as we have like a million more problems that we need to discuss. >> so laura, is there concern in the white house that the president could be forced to testify under oath to robert mueller about the comey firing? >> what is stunning about the interview that he just gave is that he's acknowledging two things. one, that he intimidated a witness, which is illegal, and two that what he said was i believe that it made comey more honest. and so now he's acknowledging that comey was being honest. and what comey said in that hearing was that trurm wmp was over and over and over. so if trump will acknowledge what he said is true, then he will have serious problem ons and certainly going to have to testify under oath. >> well, just to be farks legir experts have weighed back and forth whether that was officially intimidation.
10:36 am
but we'll leave it at that. i appreciate your comments. he lost and now she is taking the heat. up next, does house minority leader nancy pelosi have to fight to save her job because jon ossoff lost his battle for congress? >> you want me to sing my pri praises? well, i'm a master ledges late tor lens late tore and astute leader. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa?
10:37 am
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dait was a make or break moment for democrats, but they could not pull out a win for jon ossoff. silver lining, they just lost would you a few points in a part of the state republicans usually hold double digit leads. they wanted to send a message to the administration. joining me now, former director
10:40 am
of strategic communications for hillary clinton. let's get right to it. this message that democrats hoped for, it did not happen. it seems like we've been talking about a way forward since the election. so why do you think it's been so difficult? some of these special elections were supposed to be winnable. >> and first of all a lot of these special elections were taking place because they were held by republicans who then went to go work in donald trump he's administration on they were typically very republican solid seats. but eventually some point democrats do have to win, but in the case of georgia 6, this was anxio an uphill lim hilhill climb. >> and it's clear that they did raise plenty of money. can dems continue to count on this level of fundraising and if money is not the answer, what is? >> well, first of all, to the point just made about the report level of fundraising, candidates party committees, dnc, dsc, are
10:41 am
raising so much money right now because americans are frustrated, they are concerned that the resistance is in full force and people are coming together to activate their networks and to put money into resources so that we can hopefully take back the house and senate moving forward in 2018. but look, you can look back at this race. just because you raise money doesn't translate to a win. and as much as the special elections have been upcan hill cli climbs, we do need to win eventually. >> so what is the answer how best to do it? what needs to change or what needs to be refocused upon? >> sure. well, i think moving into 2018 as the democratic congressing al campaign committee are recruiting candidates, one of the most important things is recruit candidates that fit the profile of their sdrisktdistric. i worked for rahm emanuel when
10:42 am
democrats took control of the house and one thing we did is we recruited candidates that truly fit the profile of their districts. you can look the a keith schuler from north carolina, he was pro-life, pro second amendment, he was a very conservative democrat, but those are the kind of democrats that we have to recruit in order to win which will allow us to then eventually retain the majority of the house. >> after the loss, the ossoff cited several reason for the loss. they did not mention president trump or health care. two things that critics say he should have campaigned on more. do you think that will influence strategy for the midterms? >> i do think that it is important when candidates are running, and i don't know that this particularly translates to jon ossoff's campaign, but you have to lean into what the democratic party stands for and right now there are so many americans not just democrats, independents and republicans as well, who are concerned about overturning obamacare and
10:43 am
trumpcare taking over the entire health care system. so anybody whether a special election, whether even down to the state and local races, if are you not campaigning on the fact that we have to protect health care for millions of americans urks that americans, that is a problem. >> all right. thank you so much for weighing in. president trump thinks the republicans will get their health care plan passed through congress. but what makes him think so? we'll take a closer look at that. and next hour, the caregiver ca. how did nurses view the plan?
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this years. people have worked on health care for many years. it's a very complicated situation from the standpoint that you do something that is good for one group but bad for another. it's a very but i think we're going to get there. >> president trump in a new interview admitting the senate health care bill won't necessarily be an easy sell. five republican senators have already come out against the bill, including two, ted cruz and mike lee, who helped to write it. let's bring in elise jordan, nbc political analyst and a contributor for "time" and peter, a veteran of three democratic administrations. with a big welcome to you both. peter, do you agree with the president? do you think the gop will push this bill through? >> no, i don't. i think they may get very close. mitch mcconnell, i think, may be one of the great majority leaders of the all time in the sense that he knows how to play the inside game. he's got a goody bag, a bag full of all sorts of wonderful candy for those recalcitrant senators.
10:51 am
he's going to be doling them out over the next couple of days but i still think it's 60/40 against that that bill will past. >> i've heard that sentiment but i've also heard from someone who i respect a lot who says mitch mcconnell's going to get this through because republicansment to get on to tax are reeform. what part that? >> i think there's a good chance he's going to try to do everything he can and he wants to because they're in a great position to diminish the number of democratic senators in the 2018 elections but at the same time i think it's going ton difficult for him to do so so if you want to call it 50/50, i'm happy with that. >> elise, if this bill does not pass, how much of a black eye do you think it is for the president? >> the entire time president trump has not seemed incredibly invested in a market-based reform to health care. if anything, throughout his entire life, he has talked about supporting universal health care, some kind of single payer
10:52 am
system and gave democrats an amazing attack when he called the plan "mean." so i really do not see this as a bill that really has the full force of the approximately behi -- president behind the policy. i think that he's politically savvy enough to know that the result of an abrupt, you know, drop in care for so many americans could negatively affect his approval rating. >> well, coto that end, peter, the democrats have been vocal in their opposition to this bill but they're a minority in congress so how much can they really do to stop it. >> very little and even worse, we don't even have a message as a party. so, this anti-trump has now played out unsuccessfully in five special elections. if the fifth election that we just lost in georgia isn't enough to suggest the democrats better have a message of their own, then we're really adrift in the seas. i think one important point to make is that mitch mcconnell, like a lot of other people, are
10:53 am
waiting to see what the congressional budget office decides is the score for this bill. meaning what are the tax savings, the number of americans that are affected, and by that, then he may gain more ammunition or he may not. >> so, what exactly, peter, is the democrat's strategy to oppose donald trump? i mean, what's the message? because to the casual observer, doesn't look like they have one. >> no, there is none. there is none. we have no message. i just got in the mail an envelope and on the front of it, in bold, black letters, it says, our values are under attack. that's not a message. so, fellow democrats, if you're watching, we don't have a message. anti-trump doesn't work. it's very clear, too, that democrats who thought that the trump election in november was a fluke, it's not. the majority of americans do not trust government. they don't trust their leaders. consequently, democrats better figure out what the message is, and it better be an emotionally
10:54 am
resonant message, which is usually jobs and health, to be able to even think about moving forward. >> i'd like to get your reaction to that, elise. >> peter is absolutely right. it's comical to me as, you know, so many democrats are coming out in support of nancy pelosi and how dare bring down our great leader and they just do not understand how effectively republicans in georgia's sixth used the nancy pelosi attack, who has lower approval ratings than donald trump, to the benefit of the republican candidate who wasn't an incredibly strong republican candidate. so, i think that if anything, the georgia election shows that the democrats can have all their resources, all of the money in the world, and they aren't going to make inroads if they don't have a real message, and just being against donald trump isn't enough. it's not enough to turn the tide of the anti-establishment voices who really do want to see washington being taken on and to see the, you know, the special interests stronghold that has been under the lock of
10:55 am
washington for so long, to see it broken down and i think that's coming to play in this health care bill, just because you see who likes this bill, and it's the insurers. it's, you know, the health care industry. it's these very powerful entrenched lobbies that this bill does not take on in any form so you're still seeing a lot of -- the opposition that we're seeing from some conservative senators is just that it doesn't go far enough with free market reforms. >> all right. i want to turn topics a bit here because last night the president again tweeted on russia, writing, "the obama administration knew far in advance of november 8 about election meddling but russia, did nothing about it. why?" how effective of a strategy is that, peter, to throw the blame back on the obama administration? is anyone buying it? >> yes, they are. so, let me just remind all of us that president reagan said, tear down this wall, mr. gorbechev. barack obama said, knock it off. that was a self-reported quote
10:56 am
that obama claimed he had told mr. putin. which do you think is the strongest? i mean, i'm aghast that my colleagues, so to speak, fellow democrats, decided not to do anything. our democracy was under attack. you can't get more political than that. and so i think there is a strong message there. i know a lot of democrats that are very upset that the obama administration did not come out and declare that our democracy was under siege by a foreign entity. >> all right, you guys, we're going to leave it there. i had another question about jared kushner and his security clearance and all that for you. elise, i'll have to write it to you in an e-mail. we'll talk about it again. thank you so much. appreciate both of you. they are not just protesters, they're people whose very lives depend on medicaid what future do they face if the republican health care bill becomes law? i'm going to talk about that with andy, former acting
10:57 am
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♪ tresiba® ready ♪ hey there, everyone, i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters here in new york where it's just about 2:00 p.m. here on the east coast on this saturday. just five days before senate majority leader mitch mcconnell hopes to hold a vote, a bill all 142 pages long revealed just two days ago. that bill yet to receive a score from the congressional budget office and a bill already opposed by at least five republican senators who have gone on record with it. president trump is now throwing his weight behind the legislation, making personal calls to republican senators and taking to twitter to blast obamacare. and ceo director mike pompeo, what he tells plng about the russia investigation and his interactions with president trump. we're going to start this hour with the battle over health


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