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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  June 27, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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thanks at home for joining us on what is a really big night. we did not know this is going to happen on tuesday. this has turned into a huge night in practical american politics after protests in senate offices around the country and in the halls of capitol hill and at the senate last night both on the floors where democrats held the floors for hours and they went outside held the capitol steps and impromptu protests that started with senator cory booker and soon to be hundreds of people deep into the night. after a score from the congressional budget's office that says the republican bill to kill obamacare would kick 22 million americans off their health insurance? >> and not just off the health
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insurance you are on now, it will kick all forms of health insurance and leaving them unensuu uninsu uninsured. today it became too much for the republicans to bear. they hold the lines and they can stop their own senators from peeling off the bill. they knew they lost dean heller and susan collinss a. and they thought they can still pass the bill by having vice president mike pence coming in and casting a tie breaking vote. not only did they hold that line of those two senators allowing them to pass the bill, that line collapsed today. it was not just heller and colli collins. it was the third and fourth and fifth and seventh and ninth. yeah. >> again, this is not
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republicans trying and failing to get democrats to vote with them. this is not some negotiations between parties ta failed because of partisan differences between the parties. republicans were trying to repeal obamacare without talking to democrats about it and without trying for a single democratic vote. they probably would not want a democratic vote if they can get one. they're trying to do this with with vote os on their own membership. as republicans today, they fail which means it remains a strange hallmark of the trump's era in washington and with a new republican president and a large republican majority in the house and republicans controlling o the senate, too. it has now been more than 150 days of this new administration of unified republican control in washington and they have yet to pass a single substance of piece
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of legislation of any kind. there is one new bill that this president has signed that's involved making it easier to fight people who works at the pa. that's a bipartisan part of legislation that was agreed during the obama add minute vacation a administration and carried over. beyond that, they have had nothi nothing. as of tonight, they're not able to kill it either. it is a big night in practical politics in america. the republicans effort to try to kill obamacare once again has collapsed under the way even republicans not being able to support it. we'll have senator cory booker joining us live to talk about the big day for democrats and big day for people who want to hold onto obamacare.
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we'll be joined by senator mark warner of virginia is going to join us live. this is his first interview on t "rachel maddow show." i am looking forward to speak with him of the news. as of tonight, there are two high ranking officials of the trump's campaign. first one, of course, was trump's national security, mike flynn, he resigned in february, just three and a half weeks in the new administration, he resigned on contacts of conversations, he has had with government officials that he did not disclose or publicly lied about them. we learned that the acting attorney general of the united states had gone to the white house, physically, herself in the first week of the new administration to warn the white house urgently that their
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national security adviser michael flynn had been compromised and he was vulnerable to russian blackmail and coreercion. flynn was flying about those things. they had that over mike flynn. they could cohearse and behave in ways that's not good for the united states. after the warning, they remained today of a lot of questions of the white house basically having no response of warnings for several weeks. the white house did not correct the record on any of the things that flynn or the white house had been lying about. they apparently did not limit his access to highly secret and highly sensitive information despite of what they have been told about him. they allowed flynn to sit in on
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a call between the president and the united states and vladimir putin. this is after the white house had been warned thatt flynn had been compromised by putin. so there is a lot of questions of flynn's ties to russia. 18 days after, the washington post exposed the warning had been delivered to the white house and the white house had not acted on it. 18 days that flynn did finally resigned. it was mid february and then the month after that in march, flynn registered as a foreign agent. he registered after the fact as having been on the payroll of the government of turkey during the proceeding year when he was
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working for the trump campaign. what compel michael flynn to register that far after the fact? >> in march, that was not him deciding or declaring he wanted to become a foreign agent. it is something happening in those weeks that he had to resign of a storm of controversies and the justice department lit up like a flare gun when they learned what he was doing. something happened in michael flynn's life that made him feel he had to go back and register for this thing that he was legally radio legally required to do. not long after he registered as foreign agent is when michael flynn's lawyer publicly would like to request immunity for prosecution in exchange of his testimony of russia. that's when his lawyer says
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quote, "michael flynn certainly has a story to tell." it is not i am plausible that he just needed to start to get his legal docks in a row. we have learned that flynn's foreign business ties are not just the subject of congressional investigation, they are being investigated by special counsel of robert mueller at the fbi. when that kind of thing is going on in your life, does not seem unreasonable that you want to tighten stuff up. burn off all the loose threats with the cigarette lighter and hopes that no one notices it. that happens with michael flynn in march. he quit in february and decides it is time to register as a
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foreign agent in march. a couple of weeks after that, in april, they're starting to be all these news reports that a second person from the trump campaign had registered as a foreign agent. starting in april, these news headlines started to appear of suggested and some case flat out said in addition to mike flynn's paul manafort has registered as a foreign agent. paul manafort has not registered as a foreign agent despite all of those headlines in april. all through this month you see headlines that manafort has registered as a foreign agent. he actually has not. >> it is an interesting contract of what has happened to flynn. he did not resign in the trump administration of the huge cloud of scandal related to russia and
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after, presumably because he was getting good advise or pressure from the people overseeing the justice department, for some reason he made sure to file that registrati registration. that's flynn. paul manafort has a lot of foreign ties and business ties. we all had to learn how to pronounce of the putin's ollegard. there was his own business partner from ukraine, a guy that used to work for intelligence who met with manafort multiple times in the united states. there is the proputin dictator for ukraine. manafort has tons of foreign
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business ties. he had to resign under a huge cloud of scandal with russia. he and his businesses have been the subject of federal grand jury subpoenas over the past couple of months. you would think that would create for him all the same pressure that michael flynn felt to get his legal ducks in a row and take care of things that the justice department oversees and things like filing his foreign registration act paper work. you would think that manafort would feel the same pressure. but despite all these press reports, he did not file those registrations. it is weird. attorney general jeff sessions who said he was recused from
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all matters and of the investigation of michael flynn. we discovered when we are trying to pull this paul manafort thread whether he's recusing of the investigation involving manafort. he would not say one way or another. why is that? why won't you tell us yes or no? it is been weird all this time. tonight, washington post reports that trump campaign chairman fort, officially as of today finally register a as foreign agent. his registration reportedly covers two years from 2012 to 2013. we are going on the washington post details here, we have not been able to get our hands on the piling. according to the post, he reports that he and his firm got
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$17 million from the proputin political party that he worked for in ukraine. why paul manafort felt compel today to register for something he says he stopped doing three years ago? >> we don't know. what's going on in your life that makes you want to tidy that up? >> we have reports of special counsel robert mueller is consolidating on all investigations on the election. so now two top campaign folks finally registered. we'll talk to senator mark warner in just a moment and we'll talk with him about the one other news story that broke on this today and that's next, stay with us.
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virginia senator mark warner is here in just a moment. that intelligence committee is leading the investigation in the nate into the trump/russia connection. the russians attack of our election last year. toward that is end, may i introduce to you of the trump's international hotel tower in toronto, in canada. i should tell you that it will soon not be called that anymore.
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the canadian press wire service reported of this trump property in toronto is about to sever itself relationship with donald trump, they're going to chizsel his name off the building. the project is a financial disaster from the start. they announced this was a joint project, the first major loan that was for the party was defaulted on. this project has not gotten easier since then. wall street journal reported that part of the reasons this place maybe standing and up and running is because of an infusion of cash that happened three years into that project. in 2010, after they already defaulted on their first major loan aseessociated with this
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property. the project got saved because trump's business partner got an unexpect unexpected gigantic influx of money. it operates as an arm of the russian government. all the people on the board for ve bank are current officials of the russian government. vladimir putin was the head of the report at the time they fund this huge pile of cash to trump's business partners. that accredited in keeping trump's tower afloat. the trump tower opened its doors two years later. today we learned they'll keep it
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but they'll strip their name off of the trump company. now, given what veb is, it is a bank sanctioned by the u.s. government, it is wholly controlled by the russian government and linked in multiple ways including threw his chairman who met with jared kushner and that includes an operation, that was run out of veb's branch in new york to include americans to be spies in new york city. given what they are and what their history is, jared kushner ahead of the veb, that's a notable meeting for him to be taken. in terms of the investigation, it is all the notable that jared kushner did not disclose that he had taken that meeting until it
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was reported in the press. we learned that jared kushner did not disclose a massive $285 million loan that he got one month before election day from a company called deutsche bank. this is the same bank that's refused to answer questions with democrats of the terms of trump's loans. they have already paid hundreds and millions of dollars in fines and conjunctions with russian money laundering scandal. >> what we can report tonight in the middle of these new
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revelations, about the nearly $300 million undisclosed and guaranteed loans of deaustche bank has as a bank over their affiliation over billions of dollars. in the midst of all of that. the bank made an interesting new hire. we can report tonight that yesterday was the first day of the job at deaustche bank for an accomplished lawyer named richard weber. where they got him from is the irs. richard weber is the chief of the criminal investigation of the irs. before that, he was the chief of the major economic crime bureau of the manhattan district attorney's office.
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before that he was the money laundering section of the criminal department of the united states of department of justice. why do they need him? >> maybe he's also good with like mortgages? >> frankly he sounds like the kind of lawyer that robert mueller has been hiring with the investigation. now he's going to this bank. it is the bank on the corner at the intersection of all the roads you have to go down if you are the investigators who's following all of this scandal. one of the man leading the investigation, joins us next. g. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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mueller and james comey are lifelong republicans. above and beyond that, they are both of course, lifelong law enforcement officials. that background makes it hard for republicans and the conservative media to envey against these two men and discredit them as terrible l libera liberals. that's what they are trying to do now. people got to make a living. >> one of the problems of conservative efforts to smear james comey and discredits what he said happens with his intersection, not only he said
9:28 pm
he took notes with the president and notes that he handed over to the special counsel. he briefed other people on what happened in his conversations with the president at the time those conversations happened. he told a whole bunch of senior fbi officials at the time. those fbi officials, we know who they are and we know their names and titles and today under a completely hearing of the senate, we got confirmation that those guys are going to be witnesses for comey's side of the story. >> former fbi director james comey stestified on june 8th of the conversations that he had with president trump. james comey says he discussed
9:29 pm
some of these conversations with his fbi leadership team, without getting into what it was said, were you involved in any discussions of president trump's interactions with director comey? >> a yes or no is sufficient. >> yes. >> i don't want to get into details now but the committee may want to talk more with you about this. will you commit in getting the information that we need. >> we'll work with the committee, senator. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. carl gattis. the top fbi officials at the national security branch of the fbi. today carl ga mattis confittis did talk to james comey and he will work with the committee investigating that. >> tomorrow the intelligence is going to have their next open
9:30 pm
hearing of the russians attack. the committee will take testimonies tomorrow on other countries. we think about how the country responded, it is unsettling of the response so far of the attack on us, at least by your executive branch, the response is limited to top white house officials securing the services of private defense council, that's pretty much the only thing doing to response. that's where we are and that's th what they are doing. joining us now of senator mark warner of the top democratic in the senate which is investigating the attack. it is nice to have you with us tonight, thank you for taking the time. >> thank you rachel, thank you for having me. >> you said your committee is at an early stage in your investigation, we mention tomorrow's hearing how other
9:31 pm
countries have dealt with russians attack in their elections. should we expect to hear more through the summer? >> i think you will see more public hearings. we reconfirming what most of us believe that clearly the russians intervened our elections in a massive way and all the intelligence committee believes that and all the senators that i know, democrats and republicans i know believe that. one official in washington that says it is a witch hunt or hoax or whatever it is, depending on the day seems to be the president. we have shown that 21 states have election systems attempted to be hacked into. we are trying to make sure those states are fully revealed and only two states have gone public. we think the country is not making safer by keeping that information secret. obviously, i wish that we were further along in terms of talking to some of the trump's
9:32 pm
affiliates or associates, some that we talked to tonight. none of us predicted that the president fired the guy in charge of the investigation, james comey, we had to bring in before our committee as well as the attorney general had to recur recuse himself. >> i played a couple of moment ago of senator feinstein, she expressed in strong term s of hr concerns that she felt that the president was going to start firing more people and he may try to fire robert mueller and department attorney general and rod rosenstein that the president publicly attacked. that would also start going through that ranks of the justice department who was still in charge. we have seen this week of conservative media training their fire not just on director comey but andrew mccabe.
9:33 pm
i don't know how much conservative media telegraphs the president's actions. do you share senator feinstein's concerns that the president is gooeri g gearing up to fire these people? >> i hope that's not the case. i also thought this administration could not surprise me anymore and they went out and fire jerome any and th and -- james comey and they talked about firing robert mueller. he got grave reviews and counsel member is going about this in a methodical appropriate way. my hope is the deputy attorney general rosenstein who says he will not fire mueller unless we are seeing a "saturday night"
9:34 pm
watergate approach. let us go through our effort which is facts finding and investigations and special counsel mueller go. he's got a lot of threads to follow. we still go a lot to follow. we got to do this in a way where i hope and pray at the end of the day, we have bipartisan and consensus because there is a lot of facts that we need to get out to the public. >> paul manafort today has registered as having been a foreign agent. he's registering for having been agents of a foreign power of 2012 and 2018. that's your reaction of the timing here? >> this is a declaration that ended three years ago and why now? >> great question, it is why got a request of first round of
9:35 pm
documents. we received the first round, i think we'll ask more. it does seem to be a pattern here. michael flynn not disclosing ties to affiliates or others. but there seems to be a pattern of folks that are not coming clean in terms of ties to russia. we now got flynn fired and mr. manafort now coming forward, why he's taking him so long and those are tquestions that me an other members of the committee want to ask. >> senator, i want to ask you in ways o f the investigation works. i don't want to cast the version of the way i am ask this. i am asking in a position of complete ignorance. don't hate me for asking this way. >> rachel, i am not sure i am
9:36 pm
going to buy that but fire away. >> this is about banks and money and real estate and money laundering. we have been trying to follow this trail, for example of the veb bank and the ties that its got to vladimir putin and the russian government. we looked at the deutscha bank. we have been trying to follow the trail here. do you have the kind of expertise, and your staff, you got professional staffs that you need to follow the complicated money trails? >> well, first of all, the russians have a play book and we have seen this in other countries whether it is officials or the government or the quasi bank or certain cases
9:37 pm
russian allegards that's close to mr. vladimir putin, or investing in individuals where they hope to lure people in some levels and financial compromised. we got questions in terms of some individuals affiliated with mr. trump and we made requests to the treasury department who has responsibilities. we received over 2,000 of documents just reviewing. i believe we have that expertise. if we don't, we'll obtain it and make sure we'll go through it in an appropriate way. when we are talking about something this serious, we got to do it right. it will take a little more time that ill like. getting it right than getting it
9:38 pm
done quickly. we are proceeding ahead. >> senator mark warner, a tough democrat on the senate committee, viece chair of the committee. thank you very much for talking to us and i hope you come back and keep us updated. >> at the end of the day, we got to get the facts zoout and prepe ourselves because the russians will be back. it is not a one off event, they'll be back in 2018 and 2020. we need to not only hearing from the president but the administration a willingness to take this issue with a level of seriousness that we don't have to feel so far. >> senator, thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you, riech. rachel.
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see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru. the note went out tonight of members of the antitrump groups. members were given two tasks. celebrate big tonight, you are missed. this is a real victory from trump care that senator mcconnell thavoids. quote, "have a drink." that was just task one of a two task list. number two, start planning for 4th of july recess action. immediate feedback is crucial. the message from this actor
9:43 pm
group is basically be happy right now but get back to work because the effort on the republicans part to kill the affordable care act is dead tonight but it does not mean it is dead forever. chuck schumer said the same thing tonight minus the beard. we know the fight is not over. nancy pelosi tweeted something similar. we must continue to pull on the pressure. >> this effort by the republicans to kill obamacare. before the cbos came out showing 22 million people were going to lose their insurance on this thing. senator heller already said no to the bill and senator collins. those are already votes that
9:44 pm
they could spare. those were not all the votes they're going to lose. a bunch of other senators started to say no. more came out today and said they would oppose it after the vote was pulled. senate republican leaders today yanke yanked. last night we highlighted the protests going on. rob port man of ohio has been the protest of trump care. portman came out and saying no on this bill. >> you know what? people in kansas who have jerry
9:45 pm
morand, he's surprising everybody by also coming to this bill today when the republicans started to fall apart on this. >> this is not like the republicans are getting close and then losing. >> this is them losing baddeley. this is them getting boworst by the minute and it continues to get worse over the course of this day. >> there will be some drinks tonight for people who have been fighting to save obamacare because as of tonight, they saved it. >> but, there is also a real worry because people who have been trying to save the affordable care act have seen this before. same thing happens with the obamacare appeal with the white house this year. the republicans did have to pull the bill before a vote in march. remember the classic headline at that time? >> republicans punching healthcare to their own face. >> that was a big victory for everybody trying to save obamacare
9:46 pm
>> after that, everybody fought that victory was won. house republicans went away and worked on it behind closed doors. they brought it back. six weeks later with no warning and that's when they pass ed it. >> that's what happened in the house. the question is, is anybody going to be able to stop the senate republicans from doing what the host is doing. >> cory booker of new jersey, he's been very vocal. senator, really appreciate your time tonight, i know this is a tiring time, thank you for being with us. >> i am grateful and thank you for having me on. >> what do you make the balance of happiness on your side of the part that the bill was pulled today by republicans. >> well, clearly again, this is happening in the same way during
9:47 pm
the house because of public protests and incredible out cry of folks and not a partisan way, this is people who are democrats, independence republicans just really telling the truth. we don't want to see medicare gutted or ta tens of billions of it getting tax breaks. in the house, whey they did was came back and bunched it through. >> i don't feel a sense of celebration right now. >> i feel this is a pause and a fight. >> there is going to be another round of this. and know this, mitch mcconnell, he pulled this to give himself more time. not for more time to hold hearings but listen to what the american public had to say. >> he did not ask more time of billing this. >> he's getting more time so he can put more information on senate republicans who said they were voting no.
9:48 pm
>> twisting their arms and cutting background days. >> if anybody know mitch mcconnell, you are making a distake when you under estimate him. >> this is not a time where we think -- he's going to win more votes. we need public pressure. he's going to twist more arms. we need to wake up for folks. >> my theory on what's happening here strategically, they did not work all that hard to get it past this week? >> they did not twist their arms as has as they could. >> senator, are not going to go home with the recess of 4th of july. >> this will relief some of the pressures on senate republicans
9:49 pm
who fell susceptible to it than they want to. if they bring it back, they're after, once senators are not facing of a long period of time, they'll have to face pressure, they'll be able to get through without senators worrying too much of the election efforts. >> if he's trying to save them over the pressure of resource, should that change at all? >>. >> i think we need more of what we are seeing now. >> i was so bullied last night when just a few of us were sitting on capitol steps and hundreds came out where we bought rallies and there were thousands of people down in the capitol protesting and on top of that as you showed early, there are folks who are protesting and pushing and calling and letting their voices be heard. >> there is an old staying, you know the only thingtriumphty.
9:50 pm
who do we resistant for? >> the rich or the powerful or healthcare of all of us. >> children being born and people with disabilities. we can let a bill that's truly a in justice reign in our country or we can do something about it. for people that's sitting in the sideline, and for people to sit back and hopes somebody else stops this or wait on their senator to make the right decision, that's never how a great moment have been crafted in this country. fighting against'ville a evil a standing up. daughter or son is not a speculator sports. >> you now have two more weeks
9:51 pm
of fighting so they too get it into the game. every senator knows, democrats and republicans, there will be consequences if you don't fall on the right side of people >> cory booker who's a leader on this subject not just inside the suspect but creative ways of what we saw last night. senator, i appreciate you being here. >> thank you for having me. >> senator booker, we'll be right back. stay with us. we're so glad to have you here. ♪ what if we treated great female scientists like they were stars? ♪ yasss queen! what if millie dresselhaus, the first woman to win the national medal of science in engineering, were as famous as any celebrity? [millie dresselhaus was seen having lunch today...] ♪
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it is been a big night here,
9:55 pm
we had senator mark warner, the intelligence committee breaks the news here that the treasury's department financial crime units has handed over more than 2,000 pages of documents to the intelligence committee investigating the russia attack. senator cory booker moments ago alluding to the big impact of the big political impact that these protests around the country has had stopping the effort to kill the affordable care act, today. >> we got news on that front, next, stay with us.
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south carolina's two never married bachelors suddenly have a lot of people who want to marry them. ♪ a swarm of sing along marriage proposals for their states for two unmarried senators. >> republicans are going to kickoff 22 million people off of health insurance. >> quick, everyone marry a senator, that'll work. >> protests happening all over the country today, not just in carolina. they strung them on a reef to
9:59 pm
give to the senator. outside senator pat toomey's office in downtown pittsburgh about 100 people is chanting and protesting today. members of the local chapter of adapt refusing to leave. adapt is the legendary disability group found in colorado and they do not mess around. >> the video of the senator's phone ringing off the hook while they were there. signing a pledge not to cut medicaid. >> protesters made inside the arkansas senator, right behind the supreme court of tp centehe. >> by the afternoon, they pulled it because they did not have the
10:00 pm
votes. the republicans and the trump white house, this is the pie in the face today for protesters who have been hammering their senators for weeks and opposition for the bill is a huge victory. there is a reason why people are celebrating tonight conceding it is too early to celebrate. that does it for us tonight, we'll see you again tomorrow. >> that was good, too. it looked absolutely dead and over. here we are again in the senate, but bringing this back in the senate will be even harder than it was to bring back in the house, but you're right. it is not over until it's over, but this is a very big day for people who want to preserve obamacare. and tactically, it's interesting to have seen the senators learn from the house.


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