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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  June 27, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> the president promised the, republicans promised to repeal and replace obamacare faded today. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is an inside player
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and a good vote counter. he does not do this often but today he pulled back on the bill. it is been delayed until after the 4th of july recess. the senate republicans got on a bus and went on the white house where they sat around the giant table with the president who was noticeab noticeably. collins of maine no vote. >> i thought i ask you folks to come sto say hello and we'll discuss healthcare. we have no choice but to solve this situation. obamacare is a disaster. rates are going up and it is interesting. alaska was 206%. a 206% increase in alaska. this will be great if we get et
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done and if we don't get it done t something that we are not going to like and that's okay and i understand that very well. i think we have a chance to do something very, very important for the public, very, very important for the people of the country that we love. >> as the senators left the white house, mitch mcconnell laid out what's next or this bill. >> we'll continue to work on the agreement that'll involve the discussions. we'll not return to the bill until a couple of weeks after this week. >> the headline of "who's afraid of trump." >> trump had hoped for a swift and easy win on healthcare this week.
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the latest reminder of the limits of his outcomes. the president's style along with people like steve bannon was not helpful to the process in the senate. republicans own the majority. their effort to appeal and replace obamacare started the day president obama signed the affordable care act along with its marking slogan and its promise to the american people. >> i can tell you with the regard to the campaign that we'll continue with the american people. the slogan is repeal and replace. >> repeal and replace. >> we have to do everything we can to try to repeal this bill and replace them with common sense reforms. that'll bring down the cost of insurance in a span access and more. it is critical that we'll replace and appeal obamacare. >> we need to repeal and replace obamacare with a better system.
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we should be repealing and replacing obamacare. >> tonight i am calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. [ applause ] >> a look at where we have been march of 2010. lets bring in robert costa for the washington post and host of washington week on pbs and phillip rocker for the washington post, by the way, it was robert and phillip and ashley parker who wrote and reported tonight's washington post piece. we welcome eric warner to the broadcast. robert, is it too early to do what the pentagon calls the
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battle damage assessment and sums up what has happened here today. >> it is many leader mcconnell's hands to figure out if he can get moderates of senator murko murkowski. he needs more time and this is a problem of the nate, tweaking how the waives happen and different aspect to be changed. >> phillip, your headline asks the question of who's afraid of trump, i would like to hear what you uncover along the way. >> the answer is nobody. not enough republicans for now.
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a lot of presidents in order to be successful in history have been feared and revered. there is a consensus forming here in washington from republican fixers that bob and ashley and i have been talking to all the times is trump is neither. the president is not able to govern with the hammer on capitol hill with the senate and to be able to dictate the term of what's done and rather the senator making their own personal calculations and making their own decisions about these policies. >> we think of a modern day example of lyndon johnson. an outside texan and former majority leader of the senate, used to call his friend dick russell and he was popular in the polls, of course, coming out of a national tragedy and all the members of the senate were were ari of crossing it.
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>> we don't have that right now. >> in part of it is the president's approval rating, at 39%. more americans disapprove of his performance. that's not exact lay political threat to some of these senators. it is beyond that. it is a lack and a clear of coherent focus on a specific issue. he's not driving the message and explaining to the american people why this particular healthcare bill is powerful. another thing to keep in mind is what he had to say after the house bill. he privately said that bill was mean. that sent a signal to the lawmakers that he's not necessarily going to have their backs. >> erika, what a bus ride that must have been for all republicans in the senate down to the white house. you were in the room when the
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media is allowed in until you were not allowed in there anymore. we were looking at the video for body language. describe what you were able to see? >> i was covering the hill. in the room, kind of a strange set up with the large table and all of those senators around it, not a lot of happy expressions there. kind of grim aes and long faces. the president sitting between senator collins and murkowski. senat senat senator murkowski, trump making a comment that well, it is great to pass it but if we don't, oh well. we have seven years worth of
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clips and promises that they're going to get i want done. until recently, until the president was e lelectelected. they never thought they would o have to and they still don't know how to, we'll see what happens. >> i was walking out with senator collins. the president has a problem in understanding the concept. she said in her respect, the president has not been here in washington and does not understand how to make the case. not that he's necessarily making the wrong case, he's not making the case in the normal way these senators expect from the white house. you saw some perplex faces that eric was describing. these republican senators were all talking to are a little bit
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confused by the president's statement, maybe if it all falls apart that republicans can just blame democrats ahead of 2018 and 2020. most of them don't buy the arguments that's come fing frome other side of pennsylvania avenue. they'll have to have answers because they are the party in power. >> i want to ask in our control room with senator murkowski. while i read this piece of almost anticipatable reporting from our friends at "the new york times" tonight. the senator who supports the bill left the meeting at the white house with the sense that the president did not have a grasp of some basic elements of the senate. mr. trump said he plans to
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tackle tax reformulater, ignoring the repeal tax implications. staff members added, how alive or dead do you think this senate healthcare plan is? >> um, imd s would say it is in limbo right now. more dead than alive. senate leaders really want to get it done this week. senator cornyn, republicans pledging those votes would happen this week. that's partly because they are heading into a recess, the 4th of july recess when a lot of lawmakers will be home in their districts and attending parades and etcetera, a piece of legislation like this does not tend to improve overtime. it is going to get harder for lawmakers to get as they encounter push backs in some case frs thes of their constitu
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home. >> and of your point earlier of the president's comment of the house version that in the end, he found it to be mean of the cooped of neutering remarks. if we cannot get a deal then we'll live with that. >> that must be driving some of the republicans crazy. >> it is. the other thing that's bothering some of the republicans is the president does not have command over policy details and that piece you just read, we hear it in our report, too. he wants to win and have something to sign and want to be able to tell people in he change obamacare. they tend to focus on the sort of big picture macro aspect of this so a win or a loss of the
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politics without getting into the nitty-gritty. some are confronting it and dealing with it day-to-day. >> robert, i want you to react to the following. this was something of a moment heard on live television today, senator of alaska, murkowski, our buddy of the washington bureau went there on the b word, bipartisan, what if the democrats got involv involve, i question on her answer. >> you still have folks in your caucus that who wants to repeal obama. would you be willing to work those mixes as opposed to say we have to start over.
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>> when did we get to the point where no, we are not talking with democrats. we should be working with our colleagues. >> robert costa. >> senatoor murkowski, the affordable care act is becoming a major healthcare law that's likely here to stay and republicans may want to take it out as gary said by ruby branch. that's not a reality. if that's the case, can they make the argument to the republican base that's not possible to do everything to take it all away and maybe you can come back the table especially with the non ideology president wants to cut deals and do something incremental. that seems to be an ambition and an out come of this flawed,
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stalled process in the secenter. >> erika, i saw you nodding know. >> they may end up with no choice if they are not able to pass legislation, they're left with obamacare and obamacare needs to be fixed. everyone agrees. so they are may have to do that. >> how is energy week going at the white house? >> that was this eweek's theme? it is a way to focus the white house's agenda and drive something that's not russia. >> we heard little about energy that the big performance today was by rick perry, the former governor of texas but he did not make the noise.
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>> great, thanks to our lead off, robert costa and erin, thank you all. as we approach our first break, will republicans come back with a bill they can agree on. we'll talk with the senator who met with the president in the room and will it happen today. how he's feeling of his chances tonight when "the 11th hour" continues.
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welcome back to "the 11th
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hour." >> mike rounds. senator thank you very much for being with us. first off, did you leave the white house meeting with any concerns about the president's level of details and knowledge? >> i was surprised that he had a pretty good handle on a number of items that were in the bill. he did not have a handle on everything but nobody does. we are still trying to get questions and answers. he clearly understood the basics d the number of items that we are trying to pit in and trying to get more people to buy insurance that he had obviously involved in that. >> i went on your website tonight, i don't see a town hall of any kinds scheduled for the upcoming break, perhaps that's going to change? >> what do you expect to hear when you go home to south dakota and more importantly, what do you have to tell the folks of
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south dakota of the single mom worries that her breast cancer is going to come back and the senior citizens worried about diabetes and the cost of treatments in rapid city and so so on and so son. a couple of things. a number of those items come up in the costs that we do around the state. when we do it, we want to do this one right, we'll actually read the bill. if we are going to do it right, we want to respect all of the difference segments of our society that's impacted by it. 18% of gdp means there is a lot of people out there impacted. people on medicaid or people that are not on medicaid but have a low income. individuals that have a high
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income that have an illness that's keeping them away from insurance. all of those different types of things fall into this thing. the plan that we got is to bring premiums down. the plan and nobody is claiming it is perfect. this one does reduce premiums by the 2020. we got some room to work on this one. when we talked to folks there in south dakota. they're concerned of cancer. renewability and if you have a preexisting conditions and you stay with your insurance policy, you will never have to worry about that preexisting condition. >> finally if off major illness, our plan provides that you will have continuous coverage when you cannot lose the maximum amount. if one policy, we'll go to
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$2 million. there is the contract behind which is very standard within the industry. >> i don't need to tell you of south dakota. if it does not end up flying with them. i guess you won't fly back to washington for another term. if you read and believe the cbo that this is going to end up with a net loss of 22 million. we never really done that before, taken away an entitlement there because people become entitled to the benefit. that's a tough conversation and you will hear it right away, i imagine. >> and we have heard part of it. you have to remember in south dakota, we got under this proposal right now before we make additional modifications to it of over 12,000, 13,000 south
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dakota having access under our plan that don't have over obamacare. 77,000 individuals who have the individual markets who are at a risk right now and of a projection of 40% increase next year. >> in both cases, there is a large settlement. that's almost about 17 or 18% of our total population of the entire state that's impacted if we make this bill happen. . there is a lot of things that we can make it better. group insurance is a good way o deliver healthcare. some of us like to see tax credits on individual markets. we think that should be available on individual dependence in a group market. that's not covered under obamacare. we think that's an advantage that we'll try to build in on this particular plant. we think there should be competition on the market. i know that some people say well, that's easy to say, we
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only got 800,000 people in the state. we have 13 companies offering group insurance and we are down to three now. we are down to two now. we think we can put together of better plan that we got today. the one we got today is better than obamacare. senator, we are out of time for now. with great thanks for joining us live, senator rounds, with a very big job and a big decision coming up on this topic. coming up for us, the white house's reporter who has heard enough of fake news and fired back of today's briefing. he will be lehere live when we continue.
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we have been going on this with no evidence of anything and things of the success of the ba barely get covered. this story gets covered day in and day out. i think america is frankly looking for something better. they're looking for something more and they deserve something better. welcome back, that was press secretary hucklebee sanders. she went into that room with live audio, prepare for the
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media. her sharp words core led to a blunt response from a reporter. >> if we make the slightest mistake and the slightest word is off. it is just an absolute tirade from a lot of people in this room. news outlets get to go on day after day and cite unnamed sources and used stories without sources and have, you know, you mentioned the story where they had to have reporters resigned. >> come on, you are defaming everybody here right now and right now. anyone of us if we don't get it right, the audience have the opportunity to turn the channel and read it. you have been elected to serve for four years, there is no option on that. we are here to ask questions and
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providing answers. what you just did is inflammatory for people all over the country looking at and see, once again, the president is right and everybody out here is fake news and everybody in this room is only trying to do their job. >> i disagree completely, if anything that's in flamed is the dishonesty that takes place by the news media. it is outrageous for you of accusing me explaining a story when i was simply trying to respond to a question. >> brian is live with us tonight and also anita is with us. welcome to you both. brian, i have to say, watching it live, it has a sense of moment. to your point, a government employee saying to the people who are many of them are predisposed and nothing to see here. this is a hoax these people are
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covering and that's when you chose to speak up. i have been in that room for three days a week and i respect sarah and sean spicer and the job that they do. >> they have to put up with us. the point of it is, it really wrangles because i know reporters have been beatened a died. i have been jailed and there is others that's been jailed longer than i have suffered to provide information for the public simply because something does not agree or match with their particular mind set, they call it fake media. in that meeting, sarah recommended that we watch a video and she was not sure of whether or not it is accurate but urged us to watch it. you are urging me to watch media that you cannot vouch for and
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claiming the people in that room has androg agenda and the only agenda that i know is for the people. the whole agenda is trying to get the facts out and ask questions. it is really kind of -- you know, as i told my wife this evening, it was like dealing with my children. after a while, you haenough is . >> you can speak for yourself but watching you of a big concern to you was this kind of negative affirmation for the audience of the information that comes out of the news media believes we are all in a tank. >> they believe that -- the plan, the only agenda is, is trying to get facts. you are under minding the first amendment that you claim you
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support and time after time, they told us in that room how they supported the first amendment, they don't like the people that are practicing it. that's very disheartening. it is disingenuous and they inform never admitted of a mistake. we are led on with the path of comey, i have tapes and i don't have tapes. there is no accountability and they want to flip the script and holding us accountable and not accepting responsibilities themselves. it is a child maneuver and it is what my kids used the do and i did not like it then, i don't lie it now. >> brian, when you go to the billi building and scan your id, do you think it is going to work. >> i hope so. >> you don't tell us how to stage the news and we won't tell you how to report it. that's fine. >> it is up to them to put the
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best face on the news for the president. i don't be grudge them on that. that's what they are there for. we are there to ask questions and seek questions and find out the truth. if you are going to tell me and the entire world that we are fake media and only those who agreed with you are real, well, i got a problem with that. that's not right >> anita, of today's briefing of live audio, what's going on in the brief room. >> as we talked about before, they have said from the beginning that they'll have some off camera briefings but it is becoming more r and more common. i think they have three off camera briefing last week. attended yesterday, it was off camera and the audio is on but you cannot broadcast it live. they are basically saying and
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they have said id over and over that they're not going to have an on camera briefing when the president speaks. they want his speech or remarks to speak for himself and carry the day. carry the message of the day. which has worked. obviously, sometimes he does have a press conference and a statement. more and more they're using it when he barely speaks. he says a few words and they use it as an excuse to go off on camera. what you did not see yesterday was there was not a quite dramatic of flare up in yesterday's briefing. there was a moment where cnn reporter jim acosta did call out and scream out why is this off camera and he said it over and over. there are these tense moments, there is many tense moments and you cannot see half of them. >> and fox news tonight devoted one segment to jim acosta. brian, go ahead.
11:37 pm
>> one of the things we need to do is stand up for each other. the fact the matter is, jim, he's not been called on for two or three weeks. this big change came after the president came back from his first over seas trip and the russian investigation ra chynowe ratcheted up. an attempt to keep us from those particular events, they are staging the stuff and that's fine. that's what they want to do. the simple fact the matter is, we are seeing less and less of them and asking fewer questions of them. >> you spoke for a lot of people today, most importantly your reiders and customers, anita, thank you. if democracy does in darkness, i don't know if they include audio or not.
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you just had to be against it. now in three months' time we try to go to a government jeing pare we had to get people agreeing with each other how we do things. >> he was forced to pull the house bill to repeal and replace obamacare before it passed the chamber. >> tonight senate republicans are feeling that same pressure. lets talk about this tonight, joining our broadcast pollster kornell and working on both president obama's campaign and a number of senates in the
11:42 pm
democrats and david frum, these days a senior editor at the atlantic. it leaves out people who are the bosses. the people who need and want healthcare and scribnnervous ab. but, if you are democrats, do you continue to watch this and stay away as not to own it? >> well, here is the problem. it is a broken process, right? >> we have this thing where it is a majority of the majority. i think that does not work for the american people. but, the problem is politically,
11:43 pm
they would pay a heavy price for it and typically in the gerrymandering democratic, what's best for the american people often becomes politically problematic and typically when you have a base of the republican party, you know hates obama and his legacy, so much that repealing this and wiping this away becomes important for the based republican party. however, in reality, it is really tough to repeal obamacare and replace it with something else. i am amused by the republicans. >> mike brown. >> what he says right now is better than obamacare, if it is better b better than obamacare, i think they would pass it. politically, it is so tough. >> the town was broken long before donald trump got there. he does bring with him a set of unusual circumstances and challenges.
11:44 pm
is this a congress problem or a trump problem or both? >> i don't think it is a problem. tt it is the way we get to better results. take rand paul, kentucky has seen the largest improvements of anything since 2010. back then of 20% and 7%. rand paul's vote is correspondence traconcentrated from the coal country. that's also where the state's medicate population is concentrated. a fifth of the population would lose coverage under medicaid if the aca were appealed. >> what does rand paul doing? >> he wants to protect the aca
11:45 pm
and find a conservative reasoning for opposing the aca. you see that with senators from arkansas and pennsylvania. they have been pushed by the national party into positions where they are compelled to oppose something where constituents get benefits from. >> this is how we'll get to the productive conversation cornel. >> it is a proverse way to get around it. you can see david's point. this means the system is working because something bad is not being able to come out of that building behind you. >> that's absolutely right. >> david, but, this is where we need partnership aside, radight? >> brian, i know you don't want to get too much into this. gerrymandering, it really is
11:46 pm
hurting our democracy. so the partisan ship and polarization becomes more increased. you know what, in the end, this is -- obama is republican ideal, lets tweak it and make it better. >> hey, i want each of you writing down o f the three things of a things of the aca bothers you the most. i am going to write those and fix those twohree things and it
11:47 pm
would pass and you have something to show for it. he's trying to do this moon walk. to do something with 52 votes that is the kind of moon walks that americans can only do of the national consensus that had 70 votes behind. >> i would be remissed if i am not asking you -- one of the tweets today from our president, so they call it fake news, cnn cold. what about nbc and cbs and abc, what about the failing "washington post," they are all fake news. this is the president of the united states using twitter but to diminish the news media as a free press and society. second had to do with the fact that you are a proud canadian.
11:48 pm
>> this is freeland, the minister of canada. >> freeland questioned u.s. leadership, canada must set its own course. the fact that our friends and alliey has come to question the very worth of its mantle. don't make me talk about this fact of americans died together at normandy beaches. what is a sad statement affair of that quote is. messing up with u.s./canada relationship is beyond a donald trump. but, similar things have been said and much more ominous by the chancellor of germany.
11:49 pm
kim just released a poll showing global at constitutes of the united states. collapses of 80% in respect for american leadership. one of the most omnivoinous is h korea. >> he's doing it while denouncing tdenounc denouncing outside of korea and of the free trade agreement. more negotiated and not south korea. >> he's everyday doing terrible damage to america's global leadership. >> i thought you are -- my commitment to a uss world order. this order does not stable size itself. it needs american commit and american power and military force and donald trump is weighing ways one after another to the faces of america's leadership of the world.
11:50 pm
>> lets have both of you gentle me back on. we'll keep on talking about this. >> thank you both for coming on tonight. >> we want to turn to the white house ominous statement about syria. >> just before we came on the air last night, warning that assad of syria would pay a quote of heavy prize for a chemical attack. this new warning was crafted by a tight circle includin including -- acknowledging the events were fast moving and they. >> reporter: minimal deliberations about the bold move. >> assad today staged a photo opt of an air base used by russians. russia is calling this new us warning a provocation. joining us tonight to talk about
11:51 pm
jeremy bash, former chief of staff at the cia and the pentagon. jeremy, we talked about this and none of us have seen anything hike this. this is the consequences of when the world gets serious meeting to communicate seriously as a white house and as a country, what did you make of it and how, perhaps, it had been born? >> here is what happened. monday morning, in the binder, there was imagery intelligence. aircraft of the assad regime in. our spots allies cannot tell exactly what was happening under the hanger. >> now there are chemical weapons attack. i think it was productive and it was important for the united states to make a force full
11:52 pm
determent that if you conduct another act we are going to act. >> basically what he's saying is you are going to pay heavy price. to me is tax against regime elements and headquarter and military elements and of the assad regime. we have to put pilots in the skies of syria. to do that, we have to push russia out of the way. >> i think the white house is unwilling to cross russia's deadline. >> is it important to note that red lines especially in that country can be a tricky business? >> slopestyabsolutely. >> i think this current administration have been a change of history of president
11:53 pm
obama declaring a red line. >> i do have to say that when they conducted the operation in april, it was proportionate and limited and only 59. but, you know here we have now a state body administration planning a broader fight against syria. >> what we have seen is syrians continue to gets in the way, their fighters have been firing on forces on the ground that we have been funding and tranning that's our ground force on isis. >> we'll have to take the assad regime forcefully. >> it is going to require tough actions and i am not sure if this team is up for it. >> do you think we just pledged or signed up to or stop every future chemical attack in a place that's seen way too many
11:54 pm
of them, of courbviously. >> if they go to that step, we'll hit them. i think our deterrence have slipped and our goals evapora evaporated. >> jeremy bash, thank you for being with us. another break for us, up next, a tradition that's so porn to donald trump when "the 11th hour" continues.
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i have been on the cover of "times" so many time and the cover of everything. "times" magazine, although i have been on the cover a hell of a lot today. >> i have been on their cover like 14 or 15 times. i think we have the all times record. >> last thing before we go. candidate donald trump mentioned his "times" magazine cover more than once during the trail. as you saw in front of the cia memorial wall, the president was wrong of making an all time record, president trump has been on the cover 14 times, our friends a the washington post came across some fake news in this regard of a fake time cover featuring donald trump was hung
11:59 pm
on the wall according to their reporting at at least five of president trump's golf clubs. the fake copy was dated march 1st, 2009. there is some telltale signs of the fake bar codes and in effect, it is a novelty item. the folks at "times" have asked the resort to remove all of the fake magazine covers from their walls. with that, that's our broadcast on a busy tuesday night, thank you for being here with us and good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. tonight on "all in --" >> this will be great if we get it done.
12:00 am
if we don't get it done, it will be something that we won't like. >> the republican attempt on jam a health care bill through the senate for now. >> we will not be on the bill this week. >> tonight the up-hill child for republicans. >> even trump voters the don't like it. >> but the bill isn't over yet. >> this is not over. the house bill died by a two-vote majority. and it came back to haunt with us an even worse bill. >> then the white house really wants the russia investigation to go away. >> we've been going on this russia-trump hoax for the better part of a year now. >> and things get heated in the white house briefing room. the president is right and everybody else out here is faking it. and everybody out here is only trying to do their job. >>" all in" starts now. >> evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. there will be no vote this week on the senate republiclt


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