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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 28, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ republicans retreat on health care after defections and days agreements party leaders have postponed a vote on the obamacare replacement plan. this morning, the fate of the bill is unclear. plus, a widespread cyber attack targets companies around the world including the business and u.s., businesses will have hostages after hackers demand ransom money. and downplaying reports that some officials were caught off guard. good morning, everyone, it's wednesday june 28th, i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. the future of federal health care policy is uncertain after
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republicans were forced to pull their overhaul plan yesterday. it became clear earlier that the votes simply would not be there to get the bill to the floor. and majority leader mitch mcconnell addressed the press. >> we will not be on the bill this week. but we're still working toward getting at least 50 people. in a comfortable place. >> is your effort to repeal obamacare dead? >> no, no, we're continuing to talk about it. it's a very complicated subject. i remember how challenging it was for the democrats. they were enacting a setback in 2009 and 2010. it's a complicated subject. we've got lots of discussions going on. >> will your ongoing discussions involve democrats at all? >> they're not interested in participating much. >> nearly all of the republican members of the senate then moved to the white house. video shows the white house being flanked by senators including lisa mccowsky and dean
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heller. >> we have no situation but to resolve the situation, obamacare say total disaster. it's melting down as we speak. rates are going up, it's very interesting, lisa, that you're sitting next to me because in alaska it was 206%. 206% increase in alaska. so we're going to talk and we're going to see what we can do. this is great if we get it done. and if we don't get it done, it's just going to be something that we're not going to like and that's okay and i understand that very well. but i think we have a chance to do something very, very important for the public. very, very important for the people of our country that we love. >> now comes the difficult part, pulling together the no votes. and those republicans still on the fence after mitch mcconnell announced the bill would not proceed. rob portman and shelli moore sent out a joint statement.
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susan collins offered this blunt assessment of why the president had come up short. >> with the big picture, settling on corralling republicans. it just seems like he doesn't have the political capital that most presidents do to kind of get the party in line. >> this president is the first president in our history that has no political nor military experience. and thus, it has been a challenge for him to learn how to interact with congress and how to push his agenda forward. >> here's an interesting note four, though. the house sought to pass the repale on the anniversary of president obama signing the affordable care bill into law. they missed the mark on that. today is the fifth anniversary of the supreme court upholding that law as constitutional. for more on this joining from us
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washington capitol hill reporter molly. he gave his own idea of how it could progress from here on out, hoping for a new agreement. he says in the next 72 hours if the cbo can start scoring during the july 4th recess. does that really sound feasible to you? >> no it's unclear. it depends on how much information mitch mcconnell has to order to turn the bill around. again, they're going to need 50 votes. 50 republican votes. can only afford to lose two. as you showed, the number of defectors increased buns it was clear this bill was not going to be going forward. mitch mcconnell, he's been taking the temperature of the individuals who are opposing it. and trying to find out ways that they can bring them on board. for example, rob portman and shelli moore capo, they have problems because they want more
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funds for the opioid addiction to be in there. 72 hours they will definitely be working with this both to see what they can do to bring more members on board. >> molly, this is a polarizing process as we saw in the house. republicans found a way to make a deal within themselves. now we're hearing lisa murkowski say let's work with democrats. we heard mr. mcconnell say they're not even working with us. do you think that's going to happen? or are they rallying from inside their own ranks? >> i think if the democrats come forward and work with republicans, it's going to be something very similar to what mitch mcconnell said yesterday after the meeting at the white house. you know, if we have to go to senator schumer and work with them, then the republicans are not going to like whatever we end up coming up with, because many of our, our mean republican ideas, will not be included. democrats, anything that
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involves repealing obamacare will not be on board with that. i think if the democrats do get on board it will be because republicans decided to nix the idea of repeal. and simply move forward with changing and improving, as democrats and republicans -- well, not republicans, have said, we need to this point. >> molly, let me ask you about an interesting dynamic played here. you heard lisa murkowski earlier make reference to the fact that president trump didn't have any military experience or political experience. that could be a factor in this. interestingly enough, senator mcconnell referred to interface with the vice president, noted president. what's the power dynamic like there? >> it's tricky because technically vice president pence is the executive of the senate. not only that, pence has experience with the governor. he's had legislative experience. he knows the conference, he
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knows the wheels and dealings with the senators. and they sort of feel as senator collins said, that trump isn't as experienced as he could be. and they aren't as impressed with getting a call from the president directly so, yes, this is a different dynamic in the senate. the cooling softer, as they say. now it's time for trump to get involved which is something sort of what he's itching to do. >> we're wondering if that's mcconnell's choosing to interface with pence? or republicans delegating to lead the charge here. we have heard the president delegate many of these sorts of duties to various in his cabinet. >> i think this is more of a delegating issue and senator mcconnell knowing how his own conference works again very difference from the house conference. the big lesson to be learned here if you want a major vote on something don't schedule it on
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the anniversary that is meant to soften the case. >> molly hooper, thank you. during the white house briefing deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders criticized the trump administration and what she called the trump hoax. she got into a tense back and forth with one white house reporter, take a listen. >> if we make the slightest mistake, the slightest word is off, it is just an absolute tirade from a lot of people in this room. but news outlets get to go on, day after day, and cite unnamed sources. use stories without sources. have, you know -- you mentioned the scaramucchi story but they had to have reporters resign. >> come on, you're inflaming everybody right here, right now with those words. this administration has done that as well. why in the name of heavens --
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any one of us, right, are replaceable? any one of us if we don't get it right, the audience has the opportunity to turn the channel or not read us. you have been elected to serve for four years at least. there's no option to that. we're here to ask the questions, you're here to provide the answers. what you just did is inflammatory to people all over the country who say once again the president is right. and everybody in this room is only trying to do their job. >> well, i disagree completely. i think first of all if anything has been inflamed it's the dishonesty that often takes place by the news media. and i think it is outrageous for you to accuse me of inflaming a story when i was simply trying to respond to his question. >> and the reporter seen in that exchange is brian karem, he's the executor editor for "the
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sentinel." and brian karem will be a guest later on on morning joe. and a widespread cyber attack hitting banks across the globe. chernobyl's nuclear site was also affected, forcing radiation checks to be manually carried out. ukraine's foreign minister said the government's system went down but vital systems were not affected. it appears ransomware that was used similar to the wanna cry ransom attack. and also locked until a bitcoin ransom is paid. experts say this attack is more sophisticated and more robust. creators of the malware have borrowed from the leaked agency code. yesterday, one of the biggest stories, the white
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house's statement on a possible syria chemical weapons attack. earlier in the afternoon, the trump administration downplayed reports according to nbc news that key government officials were left out of that statement. >> i think that the message from the statement yesterday was extremely clear. i don't think it was a gray area. it was pretty black and white. i can del you that leadership from the state department, dod, dni, the cia, as well as members of the administration within this building were part of that process from the very beginning. and i am fully aware. i know that there was a routine meeting that took place yesterday. i don't believe that there was anything beyond that yesterday. >> so, the secretary, as you know was at the white house yesterday. he met with the president. also a group meeting with president's national security team. and that's when this conversation was all had about that statement. i'm not going to get into our internal conversations. but the secretary was aware of
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it, folks here were aware of it and that's what's important and that's what matters. >> officials also say that intelligence indicates chemical weapons personnel have been visiting known facilities and that an aircraft was parked to one of those facilities. and a statement was issued as part of a fast-moving train. russia says it has no information about a possible chemical weapons attack. and any actions against assad would be, quote, unacceptable. yesterday, the syrian president was filmed getting inside a warplane and chief of staff. subway train derails in new york injures dozens of people. plus, a scandal for international athletes. those stories and a check on weather when we come back.
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new york transit officials say yesterday's subway derailment and power outage that injured almost three dozen people was caused by an improperly secured rail being stored on the track. >> at least 34 people sustained minor injuries including smoke inhalation after passengers said the train began shaking violently as it approached the station sending sparks flying from the rail. video showed the moments after passengers walked along the tracks in a dark tunnel. the nta admitted the incident was a result of human error. and crews are inspecting every inch ever the rail to make sure every replacement part is properly restored. and crews will be working to restore services. let's check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> the fire in arizona in the prescott valley flared up.
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only 1% contained. evacuated the town. this isn't too far away from where the 19 firefighters died a couple years ago in that blaze. so, yeah, the people in that area, people very fearful of fires this time of year. they can spread rapidly. there's the one we're talking about, the godwin fire. through the mideast severe tomorrows rolled through areas of nebraska and also south dakota. what's left of those storms heading for iowa. a lot of wet weather earlier in minneapolis, those will be drifting to wisconsin and die off once they get to kansas city. this same store system will regenerate. now we've got clash. at the same time a coolish air mass across the northern plains. davenport, madison, des moines, iowa, omaha. that's where the storms will be. all the way from areas, chicago
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back to areas of colorado, 16 million people at risk for severe storms. the same storm system stalls out tomorrow. 22 people people at risks. all of that said about the bad stuff there's a lot of great weather to be had today. d.c., enjoy this, not many days like this left. 83, low humidity, new york, baltimore, philly, boston. everyone in the mid-atlantic and northeast. this weekend looks hot. humidity increases today is the day to enjoy it. >> hoping they can contain that fire out in arizona. bill, thanks so much. we turn now to the growing sexual abuse scandal in u.s. gymnastics. investigators released a 100-page report that claims that usa failed to protect hundreds of athletes. gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: months after shocking allegations -- >> in my own room -- >> reporter: -- an investigator hired by gymnastics governing
2:19 am
body saying the number of victims is surely higher than the number previously reported. >> there's a whole environment that inadvertently suppresses reporting. >> reporter: among the failures no protocol for how to handle allegations of abuse, no way to report them to law enforcement. and coaches suspended for sexual abuse are able to get new jobs. dr. larry nasser is facing a slew of sexual assaults in michigan. more than 80 people have filed reports with police. he's pleated not guilty. >> we're extremely sorry that anyone in our sport can encountereded any type of abuse. >> how can an organization dealing with so many children not have a protocol? >> we did have a protocol. >> reporter: that's news to lindsey lanky, one of does nasser's patiences who said she was molested hundreds of time. >> we're so brainwashed, we're never taught to stand up for ours that just many of us were
2:20 am
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and the gators get their first college world series championship. >> there it is after 1203 years of baseball at the university of florida, the gators celebrate the school's first ever college world series title. welcome back. time for sports. in omaha, nebraska, florida wraps up a two-game series sweep of lsu, scoring four runs on the way to a 6-1 victory. tim tebow extended this congratulations to the team on twitter. the former miami quarterback making his way up through the system. and breaking news, new york knicks electrical parting ways with phil jackson. according to the team owner james dollman has been weighing the future of jackson, along with his, quote, fitness on the job after jackson's comments on trading kristaps porzingis ahead
2:24 am
of the draft. jackson has two years on his contract. he could reportedly make this announcement as early as this morning. and tennis champ is taking heat after emphasize in an anywhere interview on sunday of serena williams. quote, if she played the men's circuit she'd be like 700th in the world. even after williams fired back on twitter, mcenroe refused to give an interview on cbs yesterday. on the late show he told even seen kstephen colbert his comments earned the ire of those close to him. >> you told npr that serena williams would be like 700th in the world. listen -- >> it doesn't go over good with my daughters either. >> you cannot be serious. >> baseball in the capital, the
2:25 am
nationals went wild against the cubs last night stealing seven bases in the 6-1 victory with washington's trey turner heading a club record with four of his own. while many would look at the point for chicago capturing montero for all of the steals, montero reflected jake arrieta. >> it really sucked because of the stolen bases, if you look at it, a pitcher, yeah, everybody, you get a chance, that's the reason why they were running left and right today because they know. >> meanwhile, the champion cubs are set to make their second white house visit since winning their first world series title in 108 years. their visit is not reportedly as formal as last year's ceremony. however, joe 34maddon will make the trip and speak to
2:26 am
republicans. >> joe maddon is going to have to cool tensions in the cubs locker room especially after montero's comments. it's not common to see the catcher to throw out the pitcher there. still ahead, how governors across the country are working to preserve health care coverage from their states despite the cuts being proposed by senate republicans. plus, bernie sanders weighs in on allegations on how his wife committed bank fraud. those stories and more coming up -- next. (vo) a lifetime of your dog's nutritional needs... all in one. purina one. healthy energy, all in one. strong muscles, all in one.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian, along with ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top story. >> the future of republicans' push to repeal obamacare is up in the air. >> and in the wake of political defeat, tread trump looks set to have a hands-on approach. nbc garrett haake has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning, yasmin. a rare bit of bipartisan agreement to start the day. both parties say the fight over health care will continue. walking out of his meeting with donald trump last night, mitch mcconnell said the republican conference going to get right back to work on this bill, trying to cull up with something that's both on obamacare repeal that will appeal to the conservative factions of the republican party and something that will win over enough
2:31 am
moderate republican votes that will pass with at least 50 republican votes. they still say they don't intend to involve democrats in the process. and nancy pelosi tells democrats they need to keep fighting this bill. and republicans continue. we're learning what came out of that meeting with donald trump. some in the room say it had say pep rally feel to it. reminding the senators it's something they all campaigned on. and if they don't repeal it or put something better in its place it's going to be a problem for them going forward. now, we go back to the drawing board with the senate supposed to be in town today and tomorrow and then out all of next week for the july 4th holiday. we expect this the type of thing coming up being debated and debated. and then possibly voted on when the senate is back in work in july, guys. >> thanks to garrett haake for that report. interesting to know much of the pressure came from outside of the chambers.
2:32 am
republicans from states like arizona and nevada advertise that they're coordinating closely with their governors. dean heller reportedly told a town hall, quote, it's going to be very difficult to get me to a yes. have to make us an offer we can't refuse meaning brian governor sandoval. and here's senator john mccain earlier this week. >> 160 cuts to medicaid -- >> i know all about these things. but it's important to me to have the governor and i on the same page. we are the least expensive, most successful states. and i think with the governor of arizona. >> now, monday, democrats, manage ca mccauliffe of virginia and casey jr. asked republicans slow down. indicating that the bill is insufficient as is. >> this bill is unacceptable to
2:33 am
me. you know what you have to think about when you leave washington or you leave any elected position, did you leave people in a position of where they felt respected, lifted and given an opportunity? or did you just look at lines on a piece of paper and make a decision, because you see the lines are flesh and blood. see, it's written in ink, in print. but underlying all of that is the flesh and blood of the impact. it's time for the republican party and the democratic party to realize we are a potential meltdown, a division between the rich and the middle class, who are becoming more divided from the rich. we have to work together. >> now, "the new york times," casey, and others worked together to form a group of governors to lessen the severity of the cuts. >> joining us once again, reporters from capitol hill, molly hooper back with us.
2:34 am
mitch mcconnell kind of enjoys being a master technique tigcia this doesn't go his way. >> no, this doesn't go his way. keep in mind, i think he's met with 30 senators so far. this is a very difficult issue. this is not something that, yet, as you saw, john kasich discovering, this is flesh and blood. these are people going to be -- obviously, going to be affected by whatever the senate and house come up. and, you know, they will vote with their feet. and that's what -- and mitch mcconnell wants to keep the senate. he understands that it's going to be difficult for republicans like dean heller and other in states that tip the medicaid expansion, senator portman of ohio, that it's going to be difficult for them to vote for something is that severely cuts or limits that medicaid
2:35 am
expansion. >> molly, i want to get your reaction to this. "the new york times" is reporting over the weekend, after the super pac, with the pressure of senator dean hell here also faces an uncertain re-election in 2018. quote, the majority leader already rankled by mr. trump's tweets goading him to change senate rules to scuffle democratic filibusters. called the white house chief of staff reince priebus to complain that the attacks were beyond stupid. according to two republicans with knowledge of the tense exchange. mr. mcconnell who has been toiling for weeks mostly in private, to put together a measure that would satisfy hard-liners and moderates. i'm curious to get your thoughts on that. >> so, that's not really a phone call i'd want to take if i was
2:36 am
prince priebus. poor reince. for senator mcconnell, he's a hard worker, he works behind the scenes up more hours than i can tell. all the work he's done trying to get moderates and conservatives to some sort of an agreement. then to find that the president's -- a group associated with the president is airing ads that are going after one of his most vulnerable senators, it would be -- i can see how he would be very upset about that. because this is not just about the legislation. it's about maintaining the majority of the senate and the house. and, you know,m mitch mcconnell -- it's hard when people are working against you. and, again, i think this is a conversation i would not want to have been part of it. in addition to which it also puts the other moderates and conservatives on the front, who
2:37 am
are opposed to it, on notice that this could happen in their states. and, you know, either solidifies them one way or the other. and, again, i understand why the ads are pulled. >> that's why it's a per flexpl tactic because the parties are trying to come together. molly hooper thank you so much. the senate intelligence committee is set to hold a hearing on the elections over assess, as lawmakers there continue their role in moscow's election. john podesta's whose hacked personal e-mails were at the focal point of the election. during the two-hour interview, podesta was tight-lipped on what he told the panel on what he knew about russian hacking, take a listen. >> obviously investigating russia's attempt to influence the 2016 election. they asked me to come forward to give, to the best of my
2:38 am
knowledge, what i knew about that. and i was happy to cooperate with the committee. in their investigation. of russian interference with the democratic process in the united states. the chairman asked me to respect the fact that i would -- that the specific questions and answers would stay in the room. and not come out here to the cameras. >> meanwhile, the lawyer for the longtime associate of president trump roger stone has announced his client will appear before the house intel committee late next month. his lawyer said that stone had asked for a public hearing to address his communications last we're with wikileaks, the group that published podesta's e-mails. in a statement he wrote, roger looks forward to using his time in front of the committee to set the record straight and providing a time line based only on the fact that will clearly establish that those on the committee who have misrepresented the facts regarding his involvement did so
2:39 am
based on false information and infection assumptions. bernie sanders has responded that sanders and his wife had hired lawyers into a federal investigation into bank fraud allegations. stemming from a loan that jane obtained from bowington college while president. last night, the senator called a politically motivated attack. >> my wife is about the most honest person i know. when she came to that college it was failing financially and academically. when she left it, it was in better shape than it had ever been. five years later, just at the moment, coincidently no doubt, i'm a campaign for president, the investigation launched. it's a sat state of affairs in america. not only when we have politicians, you know, being destroyed, public -- when there are attacks against elected
2:40 am
officials. you go after your wife, people's wives, that is pretty pathetic. >> jane sanders was president of bowington college in 2011. the school closed in 2016. and meeting privately with the ceo of dow chemical before dropping the agency stance to wildly used pesticide has been shown to harm children's brains. scott pruitt met at a houston hotel back on march 9th. 20 days later, pruitt announced his decision to dan dow pesticide from being sprayed in food despite epa scientists concludes that just even trace amounts could interfere with the brain development of fetuses and infants. an epa spokesperson told the ap the two men were only briefly introduced at a conference and did not discuss the pesticide in question. she also stated that the signs
2:41 am
remain unresolved however, the american academy of pediatrics is urging pruitt to take it off the market. and the risk to infant and children's health and development is unambiguous. according to the epa, its next review of the chemical will be by 2022. the next deadline for mandating safety. let's turn to business where markets are down. jenna joins us live. the news comes after prices slightly recovered from last week. an increase in global oil exports as a contributing factor. >> that's certainly right. we had seen a five-day consecutive spree of higher oil price closes before the session's downturn. and in a report showing that u.s. inventors are again on the rise relating to all over again that the supply glut is far from over. analysts expected to decline in
2:42 am
inventors in the report. and the agreement agreed last month it's actually not as effective as had been hoped by the oil producers. let's turn to google being whacked by a record $2.7 billion fine for antitrust purposes by european authorities. complaints there of using their own search function. the tech group said it respectfully disagrees with the conclusion of the report will consider an appeal. and u.p.s. said it will freeze its pension program to 70,000 of its nonunion workers in the next five years. the biggest rate package to the company in the u.s. has said that plans to replace the existing program with 401(k) accounts instead. this move is very much in line with other large companies who
2:43 am
have phased out their pension program given that pension deficits by increased longevity and low market returns. >> thanks so much. and president trump is no fan of the so-called fake news. that is exactly what is being found at several of his golf clubs as "the washington post" reports a fake cover of "time" magazine featuring the former businessman was on display at least five of his clubs. it was first found by a reporter who noticed the use of several exclamation points on the headline, something that "time" magazine doesn't do. it highlights the trump reality show "the apprentice." "time" magazine has asked the trump organization to remove the phony cover. and they would not comment on whether the president knew it was a real cover saying they wouldn't comment on the president's golf clubs. >> i remember when you could go
2:44 am
to disney and create your own "time" magazine cover. maybe it's one of those. still ahead, last year's deadly standoff at a nature reserve. plus, 60 million people could be at risk for severe weather today. bill karins returns with the full forecast. stay with us. it's something that's always present. you're always thinking about it. what if my cancer comes back? i've been working on this therapy for 5 years now and we're getting ready to go to the clinic. my son definitely keeps me fighting.
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welcome back. an fbi agent is reportedly due in court this morning facing charges about lying about a deadly shooting of a rancher during last year's armed occupation at a federal ranch. the agent has been indicted on charges of making a face statement with the intent to obstruct justice. according to the paper officials claim that an fbi agent fired two shots at lavoy fincum's pickup truck. as officers were carrying out the operation to arrest the leaders of the occupation.
2:48 am
the oregonian reports that the bullets did not hit him. reports say that federal agents covered up the shooting by removing bullet cases. and a trial date has been sets for na alecer, reality winner made her second appearance in a federal court tuesday. the judge set a trial date for october. winner is accused of releasing classified documents to journalists on allegations of whether russia interfered with the campaign. she could face up to ten years in prison and a fine of $50,000 if convicted. let's get a check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, summer is returning to the northeast. but you still have fires raging out in the midwest. >> yeah, a little fire activity that's going to be with us all summer long. hopefully, they'll get smaller. we still have red flag warnings
2:49 am
as new fires quickly spread. 16 million people at risk for severe storms. last night storms in dakotas and nebraska. areas through the quad cities, omaha, des moines, that could be the strongest storms maybe an isolated tornado. as far as the warm trend goes i cannot stress enough enjoy today in the north and southeast. we don't get a stretch like this. we're almost in july, the hottest time of year. so it is nice but it will warm up days ahead. washington, d.c., you get 82 today. 91 thursday, a touch of humidity. friday, 93, with added humidity. today is the day of perfection. by friday, new york city will be back up to 90 degrees. even boston gets up to 87 by friday. the opposite is going to happen in the northwest. temperatures will be decreasing towards friday. kansas city going from upper 80s to low 80s by friday.
2:50 am
to our friends in the northwest you were really hot this past weekend, you'll cool off and then towards the holiday weekend. texas expected to be hot all the way thanks for that tip, appreciate it. >> and we'll go live to london on how the attack was pulled off on how the attack was pulled off and who may have been behind it.
2:51 am
2:52 am
on how the attack was pulled off and who may have been behind it. for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. another ransom attack has hit, including here in the u.s. it appears it's similar to an attack that hit about a month ago. it seems this is more robust than the last one.
2:54 am
>> the wannacry attack had a kill switch. this attack doesn't appear to have that. where it locked specific files demanding ransom for users to get access, this locks the entire hard drive, asking users to shell out $300 in bit coins. it crippled computers using microsoft. it rapidly spread across ukraine, russia, europe, even the u.s. among the targets, merck, the world's largest shipping container company and chernobyl was forced to witch to manual read yags monitoring. it's not clear who was responsible. some speculate it could have been a russian state attack designed to cause havoc in ukraine.
2:55 am
with you nbc expert said it's too recall to tell whether or not the attack is winding down. it's affecting big companies more than individual users. all the more reason to back up your files, keep your software up to date and not to click on suspicious links. >> coming up next on "morning joe", the big question is what's next? >> republican senator ron john will explain what he wants and dick durbin weighs in on l his party will get involved or mere live talk bipartisan. and adam schiff joins the conversation after speaking with john podesta about the russian election hacking. "morning joe" just moments away.
2:56 am
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2:59 am
are set to hold protests today. >> and a canadian man charged with attacking an airport officer in michigan is due in court this morning. he'll appear before a judge for a bond hearing. >> and the chicago cubs will pay a visit to the white house today. the team already visited the white house before president obama left office. their visit today is an informal one. the coach was previously nominated to serve as the deputy secretary. . i'm yasmin vossoughian along with louis burgdorf and -- >> i'm --
3:00 am
>> let's try it again, mika. >> mike barnicle is here, former democratic congressman harold ford jr. >> hello, professor. >> and on capitol hill, senior politics reporter from "usa today," heidi prizbella. >> prisba! >> that's a goody. >> geez. >> my morning is made now because we zoomed in on mark halperin. >> that was t.j. over at cbs news. come on, t.j., stop hacking the feed! god, t.j., what's wrong with him? he's the worst. in


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