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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  June 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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even, taking to the streets, protesting the lack of food, immediate single, the lack of political freedoms and also, the social fabric of venezuela which is deteriorating. >> thank you very much. and thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. eastern. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. reality bites donald trump. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in aspen, colorado. after months of denying, side stepping or otherwise down playing russia's role in interfering in the 2016 election, president trump finally appears to accept at the kremlin's involvement. the president's about face had little to do with protecting our country from a future attack and everything in this case to do
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with knocking his predecessor, barack obama. on monday, president trump said without any basis that it was obama who colluded or obstructed on russia. not him of the until now the president had offered only limited recognition that russia might be responsible despite the consensus of the intelligence community. in january trump bepointed the russia. >> as far as hacking, i think it was russia but i think we get hacked by other countries and other people. we talk about the hacking. hacking is bad. and it shouldn't be done. but look at the things that were hacked. look at what was learned from that hacking. >> nearly four months later, the president again expressed his skepticism that russia was to blame. >> you don't think it's okay
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that the russians meddled in the election. >> that i don't know. if you don't catch a hacker in the act, it is very hard to say who did the hacking. with that being said, i'll go along with russia. it could have been china. it could have been a lot of different groups. >> well, trump's apparent agreement that it was russia comes as multiforeign policy experts testified today before the senate intelligence committee that they all said they have no doubt at all that russia president vladimir putin himself was personally behind the effort to subvert our election. >> do you have any doubt that russian interference is driven by putin himself? start with you, ambassador burns. >> no doubt. >> ambassador? >> the same answer no, doubt. >> no doubt. >> none. >> any doubt that russian interference is or has happened
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in the u.s. and european elections? >> it has happened systematically. >> this comes amid new developments relating to the investigation. trump's former campaign chairman, remember him? paul manafort has retroactively registered as a foreign agent for the work he did for kroounl. according to the filing, his firm received $17 million over two years between 2012 and 2014. we're talking major money. furthermore, nbc news confirms the senate intelligence committee will be granted access to those now infamous comey memos which the former filibuster director wrote after his meetings with president trump. this is big time. i'm joined by the ranking democrat, senator mark warner of virginia. thank you for joining us. that is to me a couple big stories. what do you make of the fact president trump is saying, he's using it to take a swat pat his
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predecessor, that russia did get involved. and number two, that there was american collusion. >> first this is grudgingly months after all the intelligence agencies, every senate democrat and republican that i know of, and frankly foreign leaders like the president of france who have been strong against putin. so the fact the president may have begrudgingly acknowledged it, what i worry about is that he, and his administration, is not doing anything that make us safer from the future russian attacks. so why isn't he supporting the 97-2 vote that came out of the senate on stronger russian sanctions? why isn't there a more organized campaign the way the french engaged with the social media companies like facebook and twitter and frankly, facebook took down 30,000 fake accounts before the french elections. we need that same engagement
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with facebook, google is twitter to make sure they're working with us on fake news. and third, why do we have 21 states that have their electoral systems at least attempted to be probed by russia, why isn't there a more organized effort, and frankly, let's make all those states come clean. unfortunately, dht may have contacted the election vendors but they didn't even contact officials in some of those states that were attacked. we donal have a whole of government response on the this. that bothers me. it seems like it has been the president who has been so slow the acknowledge the exist tense of this attack and taking it seriously. >> wave president under investigation by a special counsel on possible cloogs with the sxrugss we have a president who has shown no interest in trying to prevent them from
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doing it again. he won't do anything about it now and he may have been involved in helping them during election. >> you can draw those conclusions. i have to work through the evidence. we're going on get a chance to look at the comey memos. whether you like him or not, this is a pretty solid case, that he had to protect himself from this kind of very event. and we are now starting to talk to some of the more, some of the figures that have been affiliated with the trump campaign that may have had some of these contacts with russians. i want to not prejudge them until we have the conversations. but boy, there's a lot of smoke. >> will we get to see them, senator? the memos he? the public? >> i'm not sure. i think at this point, the committee will get a chance to take a look at them. we'll have to cross that bridge
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in terms of public access later on. >> where are you on that? should we get to see them? >> i think that jm wrote these memos in a way that they'll be unclassified. if after appropriate review, there's not classified information, then yes, i think that the public ought to get a chance to take a look at it. that will be something for the committee to work through at an appropriate time. >> well, president trump is in action on russia after promise in the january. this is trump. that he would deliver a full report on hacking defense within 90 days. let's watch what he said. >> within 90 days, we will be coming up with a major report on hacking defense. how do we stop this? the united states is hacked by
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everybody. >> that deadline he posed himself and put gown red line passed in april. and the nbc news reports the trump administration has taken little took he prevent hacking since then. what do you think that he promised to give as you 90-day report to defend ourselves against hacking and hasn't done so? >> well, i think this president made a lot of early stage promises. i think he was going to solve middle east peace process. he was going to have obamacare repealed and replaced. he was going to have this hacking report, a cyber security report. i'm not sure any of those items have happened. what is important, and this is why i'm engaging with the intelligence committee, we've got to learn lessons from 2016. we've got learn lessons from the french elections, the dutch elections. they are currently intervening in the german elections.
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we have to make sure we are prepared. we have elections in 2018 across the country. as you know, in 2017, we've got state elections in virginia and i'm worried that we're not fully prepared. >> thank you so much. i'm joined now by ken delaneyian, and a senior writing on national security at the "wall street journal." in order, what do you make of the fact we'll now see the memos? ken? >> well, i think senator warner made clear we won't see the memos. i think i think really important, we heard james comey' story. i think they'll look carefully through the memos to see what else is there that they didn't talk about in terms of evidence of obstruction of justice. >> he did say, do you think knowing the intelligence world, do you think there would be
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anything to classify, after a suspicious meeting with the president, a political note to himself more than anything? would that normally be classifies and unable tobs transmitted in. >> probably not much. those he left for the fbi in proper channels. most of it won't be and hopefully he will we'll see them. >> what do you think, manafort's firm dharnlgd political party of ukraine? that seems like bringing in macro money here. it seems like people making that kind of money were interested in dwees the russians. >> he is filing this retroactively which some people who are associated with trump have been doing as well.
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i saw that he was very quick to thank all the people at the justice department for being so helpful in making the filing. it is a very large amount of money. the business with the ukraine and that goes back to the kremlin. it is quite significant that he is now coming out and putting a very large dollar on it for the work which will be so closely scrutinized. >> well, mr. manafort is now the second trump official to file, following michael flynn who filed this march. the filing serves as a retroactive admission that he performed work in the united states on behalf of a foreign power. without disclosing it at the time as required by law. furthermore, trump's had adviser
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is scheduled to appear in a closed hearing next month. back to you. it seems like we're getting the interesting part of this investigation in the senate intelligence meeting. these dark figures like roger stone, that would be a strange time anywhere. to be almost unlimited. loves it. >> the most important thing was he admitted he had a back channel to wikileaks. i'm sure they'll ask him about that. in terms of manafort and flynn, i think this shows the justice department has leverage here. to prove a crime, they would have to show that they intended to fail to disclose they were
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foreign agents. you only want to be situation. it shows they're in legal jeopardy and the fbi maybe some deucement. coming up, do democrats see president trump as less strong than they thought he was? that's the talk among republican who's say he is neither revered nor feared. as john weaver put it, when your approval rating sare low and you're under fbi investigation urgs don't have a hammer. plus, the return on saturday night live. they're both joining me near tonight. they had a lot of fun with their weekend host. tonight they're back with us on "hardball." and president trump likes to talk about fake news. how does he explain the fake "time" magazine cover?
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just a short time ago we got this video in of protesters marching outside right now the u.s. capitol. 2,000 people taking part in that demonstration against the republican health care plan. they're being joined, have been, by democratic members of congress who are also out there rallying against plans to repeal obamacare. but in the end, the democrats may be the least of his worries. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations
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criticism. mcconnell is hoping to have a revised version of the health care bill by friday. he is still trying. according to nbc news's latest the count, at least eight senators remain opposed to the republican plan. when it comes to the president's help, the "new york times" and "washington post" report the majority leader and other republicans are keeping president trump at arms' length. that's interesting. according to the "new york times," trump teams tactics have been ineffective in the senate and they've made it known they he would rather negotiate with mr. pence, the v.p. they are also reporting on capitol hill trump is not taken seriously. they're exhausted at times, exasperated by his hopscotching from one subject to the next and they have come to regard some of his threats as empty. including that crossing the
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president posing little danger. when you have a 35% approval rating and you're under fbi investigation, you don't have a hammer. when an off camera press briefing are pushed back. their the president has been very engaged in this process, as have multiple members of his administration. and he's made a lot of calls directly to members. we've said before, i would never underestimate this president. if he is committed to getting something done, he will. >> for more, i'm joined by the author of two of those articles. and an msnbc political analyst. and phil, the white house bureau chief at the "washington post." i'm also joined here if aspen by the bureau chief for usa today. so let's talk about this. glen, tell me what you think. i don't like projecting what will happen two weeks from now with this president. are you saying right now, or into the future, you see a
4:20 pm
weakness? >> well, look. i think at the beginning of this negotiation, mitch mcconnell told trump to back off in a polite way. to keep out of the business of certain negotiating. this is a chamber full of, what is it? four? people he ran against is ridiculed so he is not widely loved. i think the senate is a totally different ball game than when he was able to strong article, finesse, and here's the other thing, we're not sure how this happened. but with his tacit approval or certainly his knowledge, trump-related super pac was going to run some ads against dean heller and that blew up big time. and our sources tell us that in a very heated call last saturday mr. mcconnell called up the white house chief of staff and
4:21 pm
said it was beyond stupid they were doing that. and they brought it up in yesterday's meeting in the white house. >> there is a phrase in politics. it is called breaking your pick. you try something and fail. and it sends forth the word that you're weak. is it that bad or just about snark where is it limited to? or is it limited? >> i think it derives from the fact he does not have a real vested interest in the policy. you have one of the three players in this who doesn't have a stated policy objective. it's one thing to be flexible in materials of the way it is wrichblt it is another thing to not have any position to stake out. today was really interesting. trump was asked a detail question about medicaid. he that brushed it off. what are the no fly zones on the
4:22 pm
bill? what are his red lines and she totally punted. it doesn't seal like they have any set principles in terms of what they want out of this bill. >> let me ask but this president. do you have a expense this is a permanent problem that has now become obvious? >> i think the reality is that not only does he not have set principles on things like health care. i don't think he has the depth of understanding about how these interparts work. most of them do. they've been dealing with this for a while. they're trying to see what little things can you do to put together 50 votes. it makes trump's skills, and he does have some skills as a negotiator, it makes him irrelevant at this point. >> you know, lbj, the great manipulato manipulator, he knew everybody's button. he knew what they cared about. how to get them. that takes years to figure that
4:23 pm
out. trump isn't interested in that micromanagement. he probably has a little baseball card on each member that says this guy cares about what or doesn't care about other stuff. how do you see him as a power man on capitol hill? if he can't get stuff through congress, we're talking about a seriously weak president down the road. >> he is not terribly effective. and our reporting has shown the republican senators are not afraid of defying him. they feel like his threats are empty. he doesn't have the political in the country and the home states to really be a threat and a force to be reckoned with. he is getting on the phone saying i want a win. i want a victory. but he is not diving into the details and the senators are not really engaging with him on the
4:24 pm
details. well, mastering the art of the deal was what he said. it was central tenet of candidate trump. he talked about it. >> i will bring norfolk a new deal. i will negotiate deals nobody can negotiate like i do. nobody i'm running against, nobody can do the things i can do. >> don't forget. i've been in business, i've made a lot of money which i will do for the country now. i've been focused on money and deals. that's what the country needs. >> it is supposed to be, you the get along with congress and you go back and forth and everybody gets in a room and you end up with deals. >> you're supposed to gather people around and make great deals. i want to make great deals. otherwise you'll have a stagnant country like do you right now. you have washington in total gridlock. >> if i get elected president.
4:25 pm
i'm not leaving. who wants to leave? >> you know, people like mohammed ali, they liked him. when helped he would knock somebody out in the sixth round, he did it. and babe ruth had with the home run. this guy does the babe ruth bragging before hand and doesn't seem to have the ability to execute. >> and at this point in his presidency without a major legislator victory. >> or even a smaller one. >> he's repealed a bunch of obama regulations. i think the republicans are ready to ignore him. the core of the republican party, the most enthusiastic members of the party are still trump. >> you mean voters. >> yes. so there is some danger in defying him. but i think there's an increased
4:26 pm
willingness to look past him. >> republicans now were asking if he had a complete grasp of the health care issue. here's what they said. >> do you feel confident in his real understanding of this issue? >> i get the sense this is not maybe the president's wheel house. he is much more focused, and like lot of people in congress. >> let me go back to glen. it looks line they're not afraid of him. they're starting to talk on camera about him. >> yeah. >> if you go back to susan collins, that is something you rarely hear. the body language last night. trump i think told a lot of people that he thought it went
4:27 pm
really well. mitch told him to clear out. and pence is the whunl had the really serious meetings last night at the naval observatory with four or five senators. so pence they respect for a couple reasons. first is, he worked from indiana. and he has mark short who is arguably considered to be at least on the hill, democrats is that republicans alike, and just the most confident had member of the administration. the chief of staff. so in a lot of ways, this is mike pence' negotiation. mcconnell's, the president, not quite as much. >> the president went after the press this morning. here he is tweeting some of the fake news media likes to say that i am not totally engaged in health care. wrong. i know the subject well and want
4:28 pm
victory for u.s. by the way, your paper is not failing. they write false story after false story about me. they don't even call to verify story. a fake news joke philadelphia. i tweeted back. i spoke to a lot of people in the administration and we did run everything we had by the people that we were supposed to on his communication staff. he has to check with his own people before making that kind of tweet. >> i thought it was great talking about the thing i noticed on capitol hill. he used the phrase, popping up. that's when somebody who never liked you waits for you to get weak. i noticed john mccain the other day bombed up. the republican health care bill passed by friday. he said yeah, if pigs could fly.
4:29 pm
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a juicy burrito. >> no. i would not ever eat a burrito. a brush fire burning in burbank, california, is
4:33 pm
approaching close to holes. a dangerous combination of heat, wind and dry conditions are fueling the fire. there are more than 20 wildfires burning in the west. you can see they are demonstrating against the republican plan. the darrel of homeland security is tightening on laptops and devices bound on all international flights. back to "hardball." >> i know i've said this last week. but this week was crazy. obviously trump did not done yet. let's say mike pence is definitely warming up in the bullpen. >> it was revealed in that same meeting that he revealed classified intelligence. of course he definitely he is excited to let people know he knows stuff. i'll bet everything he leaks
4:34 pm
about russia starts with russia, girl, sit down. >> co-anchors from saturday night live. and trump has been the gift that keeps giving for the show. we discussed donald trump's skills as a showman. let's watch that. >> people like joking about trump even if they're voting for him. >> didn't you buy my line? my latest theory? >> the theory being trump likes trouble. >> he likes noise. >> he likes ratings. like reality moment. >> he liked the booing. >> a master. then he showed up to get applause. >> when we come back, they'll
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welcome back to "hardball." these are boom times in the age of comedy. saturday night live wrapped its 42nd season last month giving the world melissa mccarthy's version of sean spicer and alec baldwin as trump himself. >> your staff has been insisting that you didn't fire him because of his russian investigation. >> no, i didn't. wait, what? >> i fired him because of russia. i thought, he is investigating russia. i don't like that. i should fire him. >> and you're just admitting that. >> uh -- >> that's obstruction of justice. >> okay. >> so did i get him? is this all over? no.
4:39 pm
i didn't. nothing matters. absolutely nothing matters anymore? >> that's so true. that seems to have particularly gotten tunneled consistent of donald trump. just tried watching saturday night live. unwatchable. totally biased. not funny. the baldwin ill personation just can't get any worse. sad. and he wrote, are nbc news is bad but saturday night live, the worst of nbc. bad television. first, my compliments to you. the thing you were doing there, the script was so today. trump in the last several days has admitted there was intervention in the campaign and said there was collusion. of course he said it was obama.
4:40 pm
and one of my producers said, don't count him two weeks from now which said there wasn't any russian investigation. as your guy was telling you in the ear. it doesn't matter what he says. it doesn't relate. >> i think everybody is just semied that he's just tweeting as he gets it. as scary as that is, he is just saying it as it comes to him. >> that he's accused of colluding with russia and then what he does is defend russia. it's like if o.j. defended the idea of murder. did you murder somebody? i'm just saying, is that that bad? >> anybody would have done it. >> let me ask you, i think the impressions are devastating. i think melissa mccarthy, who comes one that stuff? you have kate mckinnon doing jeff sessions. this is, they have to watch it. do you know that they stay up
4:41 pm
saturday night and watch this? >> no. does she have a jeff sessions -- >> let's watch it. it was amazing. >> yeah, i wanted to ask about the travel ban. >> it is not a ban which makes it not a ban. >> you just called it a ban. >> i'm using your words. >> the president tweeted and i quote, if the ban were announced with a one-week notice -- >> exactly. you just said that. he's quoting you. it is your words. he is using your words when you used the words and he uses them back, it is circular using of the word and that's from you. >> this is a level deeper than satire. this is so close the reality. i can see spicer or sanders,
4:42 pm
huckabee sanders talking like that. >> glen was just on too. he complained about the first one. they thought he was too big to play it. the next time we did it, we gave him the fat suit. >> we made him fatter and fatter. >> when are you coming back? >> prime time. >> you're going to do four events. thursday night. >> starting august be 10th. a half-hour, hour update. >> there will be some people back. >> surprises. >> some surprises. given out. maybe we'll see a chris matthews there. it or he? >> they doubted me for five years or something. i missed that. >> you missed five years?
4:43 pm
he was always kind. he was never nasty. what do you think, you guys walk around the streets of new york where you live. and people react to you. i told you before. i was at a barbara stris andy concert and she was surprise that had half the audience voted republican liable her. do you hear from pro trump people who say i voted for trump and you're funny. >> here's what we hear on sunday. we'll do eight jokes about trump and one joke about hillary. on sunday, three people will come up to me in new york city and say i love that joke did you about hillary. people want something on both sides. they don't want it to be trump, trump, trump. they want that. >> even liberals like that. >> i don't know if they were liberals. i think even liberals like it. >> i think even conservatives like trump jokes. they're funny people. no matter whether you agree or
4:44 pm
not, they're funny. i like my parents but they're funny. >> i've been watching politics since i was a kid. i said earlier, the biggest news every morning is that trump is president. you can open up your eyes and go, my god. trump is president of the united states. it is still news. >> it seems like the whole country is going on in spite of that fact. the stock market, it is all in spite of it. >> he didn't just come alone. he came with an entourage. every time you think of going in the helicopter, there's ivanka. it's strange, like a royal family. >> like they all got elected. >> he is not a politician. so i feel like he has the people that he trusts and it is usually his son-in-law and his daughter. it is who makes him comfortable. when he did the show, he had his family with him.
4:45 pm
>> how baltimore before he was sfles. >> he called me one of the good ones. >> it is better. >> he thought you were voting for him. >> like sarah palin came. i liked talking to sarah palin. i just didn't think she would be vice president. i thought she would be great as an aunt but not a vice president. same with trump. i can walk the this guy. you might not want him to be president. >> when you gave him scripts and stuff and you worked sketches, besides performing you give him sketches. did he play the part? >> he would do anything as long as he could wear a suit. >> a suit. >> he wore a suit in every sketch. in almost everything. >> he has tie. he must special order his ties from somewhere. they're really big and really long. and he opens it up and he walks
4:46 pm
around like strut really. >> he has a brand. he is into branding, i found out. >> that's the look. that's the power look. >> it worked. he won. what can you say about the guy who won? >> i like your supplication? >> we'll be right back. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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criticizing what he calls the fake news. all the while he's had a phony magazine cover hanging up in his properties. as the "washington post" reports, this is unbelievable. this fake issue of "time" magazine has been hanging in at least five of president trump's clubs. his golf clubs. the big headline reads donald trump, the apprentice is a television smash. they're phony. across the top it says, trump is hitting on all fronts. even tv. too bad the whole thing is made up. time has already asked the trump organization to take down the phony "time" magazine covers. if ever there was a time you needed "snl," this is it. and weekend hosts collin jost and michael che. ffic? can we push the offer online? brian, i just had a quick question. brian? brian... legacy technology can handcuff any company.
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4:51 pm
night weekend update. you might have noticed pronouncements. >> we're living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. the worst trade deal ever signed in the history of the world. believe me. >> there has never been a movement like that. what we're doing in the history of this country. it is the single greatest political phenomena they've ever seen. >> we've had one of the most successful 13 weeks in the history of presidents. >> we have assembled one of the greatest cabinets in history. that i believe so strong. >> we have done about as much as anybody ever in a short period of time for a presidency. >> in history, nobody has gotten rid of so many regulations as the trump administration. >> manufacturing confidence is at an all time high. just came out, the highest level
4:52 pm
of confidence in the history of reports. >> they said it was the best meeting they've had. >> we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you've ever seen. >> you know, mom didn't teach him humility. >> the greatest trade in the history of the world has to be manhattan. wasn't that like 15 jelly beans or something like that? >> have you read the art of the deal? >> no. i read it. i read that every deal in it was a failed deal. like the deals in it are, he made a deal for the usfl. >> where that today? >> not great. >> he made his casinos which all went bankrupt. the one deal was the ice skating rink. what about trump university? >> not great. >> the book sold, look at every deal. they're all bad. it's crazy. no one looks at i.
4:53 pm
>> people love him. i'll ask you this. why did he win? >> i think people wanted a change. they didn't see hillary as change. we had a cool black president for eight years. >> easy. >> let's get a white jerk to balance it out. >> turning over the pillow to get the cold side? >> yeah. that's it. we've got one guy who is action. >> now for something completely different. >> yeah. >> how come no one predicted it? >> we said as soon as he got in, he's going to win. >> tongue in cheek. >> no. we said it real. we go around theory and do stand up and listened to people in the audience and they want something different. >> we have the greatest audience. it's awesome. >> so let me think. what do you make of the "time" magazine cover thing?
4:54 pm
>> i like it. >> i think he just wanted a clock. >> it is the kind of thing you get in six flags or something. you go to o'a universal studios tour. it's probably a father's day gift. the world's greatest dad. world's greatest tv host. >> this you're getting -- >> you're going to be 35 tomorrow. >> 35. can you believe it? >> it's over. >> you must pinch yourself to be on saturday night live. i watch it every night. these guys, and women, what they're doing here is in the whole country, how many people watched? $10 million? just watched. and john lennon once said the center of the consciousness of the universe. you have alec baldwin there just to watch you.
4:55 pm
>> it never freaked me out until right now. >> it's a moment. >> thank you so much, chris. >> a talent genius. >> thank you. weekend update will be back with a series, prime time specials on nbc. see what it did for the jay leno? when we return, we'll finish with trump watch.
4:56 pm
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4:59 pm
trump watch, wednesday june 28th, 2017. donald trump has admitted the russians interfered in the 2016 election. the election that made him president. he has also claimed americacollh the russians. that again made him president. throws powerful admissions for an american presses to make even if his reasons for making them was to blame the 2016 russian interference on his predecessor. they are powerful admissions because they can you be firm the investigation now underway by special counsel robert mueller and the senate and house intelligence committees. they complain the huge media interest in the russian story, how could the american media not give strong coverage to the russian government trying to undercut our democracy. well, a pair of news accounts out today bore witness to this story's power. one, that paul manafort's
5:00 pm
company was paid $17 million from a pro russian ukraine political party and never disclosed it. two, that former director james comey's memos which he wrote and filed after his meetings with trump are headed to the senate intelligence committee. president trump's admission that there is something here to investigate is one statement that few americans he will question. thank you for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. >> with public support nearing rock bottom, republicans race to find votes for the health care plan. >> i think if we can't reach an agreement by the end of the week urgs probably won't get one. >> the pressure helping? and how many does he know about the bill? >> i get sense this issue is maybe not the president's wheel house. health care. >> i think this has chance


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