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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  June 30, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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ton the backlash after the president unleashes a hit jobs on the brains and physical appearancen of an anchor oh this network. as the white house defds the boss many of the fellow republicans are saying it's beneath what should be the did dignity of the office. and the russia investigation, a "wall street journal" article out ton brings michael flynn's name roaring back into the news that we are covering as "the 11th hour" gets under way. well good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. day 161 of the trump administration. another day dominated by the president's cell phone and the damage it can cause. today it was a personal attack aimed at an anchor at this network. this is what the president wrote in the early morning hours, quote.
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i heard poorly rated "morning joe" speaks badly of me. don't watch anymore. then how come low-i can crazy mika, along with saiko joe came to mar-a-lago three nights in a year around new year's eve and insisted on joining me she was bleeding badly from a face-lift. i said no. later in the afternoon sarah huckabee sanders deferred the indefensible saying the president hits back when hit and the media have been unrelentingly mean in the coverage especially the morning program on this network. >> did the president go too far with his tweet in it's dopely personal nature? >> i don't think so. i think the president has been attacked mercilessly on personal accounts by members of that program. and he he has been clear when he gets attacked he is going to hit back. >> where does the president draw that line on the dignity of the office? >> look, i think that he shows that every day in the decisions
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that he is making, the focus on the priorities he has laid out in his agenda. i think the president is pushing back against people who attack him day after day after day. >> doesn't he have to meet a higher standard than capable news anchors. >> look i don't think you can expect someone to be personally attacked day after day, minute by minute and sit back. look, the person people elect add fighter >> there was a poll this week that said 68% of registered voters said the president he is a tweets are reckless and distracting. only 22% say that they're effective and informative. >> i think any time the president has the chance to speak to the american people directly it's a good thing. look everybody wants to make it this an attack on a woman what about the constant attacks he receives or the rest of it i'm a woman i've been attacked by the show multiple times but i don't cry foul because of it. >> you have talked about your family from this podium.
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are you going to tell your kids this behavior is okay? >> look, i've been asked before, when it comes to role model as a person of faith. i think we all have one perfect role model and when i'm asked that question, i point to god. i point to my faith and that's where i would tell my kids to look. >> the first lady's office put out a statement in response and it's something the first lady has said publicly, quote as the first lady has stated publicly when her husband gets attacked he will punch back ten times harder. the president's attack on mika brzezinski comes in the middle of tense negotiations among republican members of the senate who are trying to kobl together 50 votes on the so far unpopular health care plan. even as members of congress leave town for the july 4th recess. and they come two days after he sat between two critical senators on the health care front, both women, collins of maine, murkowski of alaska. now again the president has alienated members of his own party in the senate.
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>> particularly if you're president of the united states of america, the greatest country on earth, you have a special obligation to be above this. and that's why i was really disappointed and zmaed dismayed by the president's between it's appropriate and wrong. the my tweet speaks for itself. >> should the president i apologize. >> if it me one i wouldn't have done it if it were me. that's up to him but if it were me i would. >> i'm just embarrassed. i mean, embarrassed isn't the right word. i just regret it. >> well say nothing of the democrats. a lot of the republicans to be fair condemned what the president did today. and this afternoon at the start of her own broadcast our friend nicole wallace formerly bush 43 communications director and lifelong republican opened her broadcast with a personal comment that probably speak for
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a lot of people. >> before i open this up to my table a couple thoughts. one as a formerly communications director there is a single press strategy for the white house it's called an apology two as a woman fortunate to work in the white house as a public servant all the women collecting paychecks from the u.s. taxpayers dean 'powell, kellyanne kwai, betsy did he voss urk you should go on the record and condemn the comments and you should work behind the scenes to educate him about how offensive they are. three. as someone who once probably called myself a republican, the party will be permanently associated with misogyny if the leaders don't stand up and demand a retracks. finally most importantly as a mother of a son i ask any woman who is defending the comments how that he plan to raise good men if the most powerful man in the world gets away with this. >> with that, let's bring in our starting panel here ton, bloomberg white house correspondent shannon petty, chief washington reporter for the boston herold a atkins and
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nbc katie tur covered the donald trump campaign from the beginning. welcome back to the broadcast shannon because of your job title i'll start with you. the white house had a stark choice today to as we said defend the indefensible. and while it took invoking god sarah huckabee sanders chose to do so and went out there. it's been said over and over again for an audience of one. >> right. and showed this pattern of this white house, and this president never apologized, never backed down, the bar is never too low. and i think in also speaks to bigger trait that we can probably see more -- there is a lot of traits people have been talking about that this says about the president. but one the reason that has the gotten under his skin so much is people have talked to him -- you know, this criticism from mika and joe is because he felt, oh
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they were his friends he had done them favor and there should have been this loyalty in exchange. that in exchange for the friendship neshd have never criticized him and always defended him. and he expects this from people around him. he is going to expect this from world leaders. he is going to expect it from members of congress. when people he considers his friends or allies don't come to his defense or criticize them is this the time of response we can expect to see continue from him? and until he shows any signs of changing i think that's a risk further down the road that he will lash out against others in -- on the world stage or in his own party. >> and shannon while you were talking we saw the leader of south korea arriving today. the two couples had din are tonight in the would you say we can only guess what that was like in the midst of all this. kimberly before i come to you i want to play something as we say in television, this is not the first time the issue of donald trump and women has been an issue because of his own words.
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>> you've called women you don't like, fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. your twitter account. >> only rosy o'donnell. >> she gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever. >> donald trump said the following about you. quote, look at that face, would anyone vote for that can you imagine that the face of are our next president. >> i think women all over this country heard clearly what mr. trump said sfla one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest. he loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them. and he called this woman miss piggy. then he called her miss housekeeping because she was latino. >> that person was a miss universe person. and she was the worst we ever had. she was the winner and you know
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she gained a massive amount of weight. and it was -- it was a real problem. >> you know i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women i just start kissing them it's like a magnet. >> and when you're a star they let do you it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the. [ bleep ]. >> do you expect the latest incident changes anything. >> absolutely not. i think one point that sarah huckabee sanders made at today's briefing is the american people new exactly who they were electing. and that's absolutely true. the president made no -- it made no secret of his thoughts and his ability to say really offensive things to women. i think the problem moving forward -- look i don't expect anyone in the white house paid by this administration to stand up and go against him. but i mean i think that nicole made a great point about the republican party. i mean i think this tarnishes
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them. yes we saw a lot of people come out and give strong statements and twitter and on television condemning the statement but even susan kohl o collins who on this network as you played condemned his statement when asked what she was going to do about it she said she was going to work with the president, respect him as the of the of the united states and work with him on the agenda. if that's what happened then there is no consequence and this is normalizing that behavior. i think republicans are the only people who are really stand up to him and say look this is unacceptable you you have to stop or we're stopping advantage advancing your agenda. >> last but certainly not least to our friend katie in the studio. before i get to you i want to play an exchange that didn't get a lot of play yet this we can. mts in the oval office on the phone with the newly elected leader of ireland when he singles out a visiting irish journalist here is that exchange. >> come here. come here where are you from we should all of this beautiful irish press. >> i'm from rt news. >> ka treena perry she has a
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nice smile on her face i bet she treats you well. >> the latest exchange. a couple of points and one really important one. tonight's story deals with a friend of ours. >> yes. >> a colleague of ours. mika has been a very loyal friend to so many of us. however we should note, mika herself asked that we cover this as a news event. she is going to address it tomorrow morning on "morning joe." given all of this, the question to you is, is there anyone in his life or circle who can talk to him. >> ivanka. ivanka is the one that can talk to him about this. but ivanka only has so much influence over her father. and that has been proven time and time again. because her father has made no secret of doing this time and time again. his behavior is not just a bun-off. there is a pattern to it. you just played multiple times on the campaign trail and before
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that where he would go after women. he would go after people he felt attacked him. listen, this president is very easy to understand. if he doesn't feel like he is being treated with respect or he doesn't feel like he is being treated fairly he feels like it's fair game to go as low as he can go to make you feel small, to make you feel little and to belittle your position. and he has done process with mika arbors ski before. our colleagues before. the male colleagues as well process this is a pattern of behavior donald trump is not going to change because he is the president of the united states. kimberly put it perfectly. there hasn't been any consequences for his behavior. when he was on the campaign trail there weren't any consequences then his poll numbers didn't tank. he kept on winning primaries when he came out and the "access hollywood" hollywood tape was revealed the sequences were the republican party tried to throw him under the bus but the poll numbers didn't tank they got back onboard and supported him.
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and many of them voted for him. and now that he is the president of the united states you can have republicans come out and condemn his language and say no i'd never say that. but if the next day they're going in and working with him and get a bill passed there are no consequences he can continue doing what he has been doing. >> shannon you've written about the effort to get the cell phone out of the hands of the president of the united states. >> his close personal friends are urged him to stop sweat are tweeting. his lawyers have urged him to stop tweeting. he is not going to stop. i think as i've talked to people about this there is a belief on his part that i need to stay true to who "i," that people elected me knowing all these things. kately a and kim letterly both said there are no consequences. i don't want my base to think i went to washington and i changed. i want them to think i'm still the same fighter same politicly uncorrect person they voted for.
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i don't want to come off like i became a swamp monsters or politician as soon as i came to washington. he is trying to maintain the image, if there is a strategy behind this. but then there is a lack of impulse control which his friends admit as well, they don't know what to do about that. >> that being said, the white house may not want him to tweet any longer. but i had a long conversation with those close to donald trump and close to those in the white house who say they feel like they're under attack. you know when donald trump has a platform and legality him use it because this is the only way he is going to get true. he needs to be a fighter needs to say what he wants to say. the media is out of control and they point to what happened withen cnn as evidence of that. they don't feel like there is any standard any longer they don't feel like they need to live up to one either. >> kimberly i watched a lot of cable news tonight and watched no fewer than half a dozen anchors ask half a dozen print journal itic loo you what does this do to the president his
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agenda, miss administration on capitol hill where relationships are everything. >> i'm sure republicans are not thrilled to have to stand next to this president now at a time where he is doing things that is really beneath the dignity of the office. but as i said i think what happens is they move on. they move on to health care. they move on to tax reform after that. i think as much as possible i think mitch mcconnell did a great job staying behind the scenes working on his bill and avoiding this altogether. i think you'll see a lot of that. i think they don't want to miss this opportunity, having controlled of the white house and congress. to try to move you know -- they called this a distraction as opposed to really standing up to it. i think they're going to push it aside as a distraction, move on with the agenda and pretend like it didn't happen. >> and katie our friend and coworker mika of course just buried her dad a long-term
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public servant and now must deal with this. on-air mika wants this to be dealt with as the news story is. you know what this is like to be under attack from donald trump and have to deal with it while people watching you publicly sfl. >> no adjournist wants to be a party of this story no journalist wants to be called out first and foremost you're trying to do your job and the problem with donald trump is doing your job can put you in the line of fire. doing your job come at him and asking him fair questions about policy request did put new the line of fire. doing your job and holding him to account for his inconsistencies can put new line of fire. doing your job and saying hey that -- what you just said right there, that is not true, demonstratably, that can put you in the fire. none of those things are fair in donald trump's mind. he expects people to give him a lot more credit for what he has done. he expects people to be friendlier to him. and if they're not he feels it's
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folatesly fine to go after you as a reporter who it has happened to. it's uncomfortable. but what are you going to do lift your head upkeep on reporting just as mika will do in the morning. >> a nasty topic to begin the broadcaster. a our thanks to shannon, kim we areally be katie tur coming up after the break. will the latest attack represent some kind of breaking point for members within his own party? we'll take on that question when "the 11th hour" continues.
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>> are these comments out of line. >> you're talking about the morning tweet. i saw it a little bit ago pmt that's not an appropriate comment p what we're trying to do is the improve the tone and civility of the don't this doesn't help do that. >> okay that was speaker ryan today addressing the comments the president made about mika this morning on twitter.
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republicans have been forced to answer questions about donald trump's comments and behavior since the day he became their nominee. it has not always been an easy line to walk. >> what did you think of trump announcing the other night that you don't get along with him you pay a big price and what does a comment like that sflug i watched it live sitting in my office watching it live i just laughed out loud i think. sometimes reality is stranger than fiction around here. >> do you believe it. >> i already answered the question about whether the wiretap a i think devin nunes and adam schiff. >> as the question of one running for president do you think that there would be rights if someone with a clear lead. >> nobodied should say such things in my opinion. because to even address or or hint to vienlts is unacceptable. >> the question has arisen again
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today and tonight what will the breaking point be for republicans? with us tonight kelsie snell covering congress for the "washington post". and david joly, former republican congressman from florida welcome back to the broadcaster both of. >> you thank you. >> congressman, we'll start with you. number one about paul ryan whose job is in addition to keeping his caucus, his party together to kaerp the water for the administration through congress and to you personally david how did today feel as a former but proud republican office holder >> heart breaking. and many us are looking for answers and leadership within the republican party. listen hill republicans are answering to the same base donald trump is. it's the same voters thap. that's why nothing will change today. donald trump is a man with hate in his heart. a small and weak man with a special time of cruelty to insult a woman on the world stage over her appearance.
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and he owes mika brzezinski an apology but he is not going to do it. the impact internationally is leaders are looking him as the voice on the on the hill senators are cringing and distancing themselves. and ultimately sticking with him but we can't overlook the fact that the donald trump is the face of the republican party the party once proudly boefrted of isaac and tr and the bushes and reagan. he insults women and war heroes and immigrants and the disabled. that is donald trump that is today's republican party. >> kelsey i heard someone put this sarcastically tonight. what are elected republicans waiting for if they're waiting for a president apology at 36%, a health care bill apology at 12% or a party that goes after an incumbent senator of its own party for failure to fall in line on health care? all those three things have already happened.
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>> let's be clear. republicans absolutely do not want to be talking about this. it was clear all day longitude trying to talk to them about health care that this -- they couldn't escape the conversation about the tweets. they don't want to be talking about it anymore. they want to talk about health care even though as you guys already cited that health care plan is not particularly popular thp they would havesly prefer to have a conversation about the policy. to be pair fair as the day want on people shifted to talking about health care melania trump of the conversation by the end of the day had drifted away from the tweets. but it's alwaysious beyond the surface and they doesn't have a good answer for what they could possibly say to the president because in fact many of them owe the re-election to the president propping up republican numbers. he is the person who will sign the bills they want to pass. it's a very difficult relationship. >> david qb can you imagine the following things, mitch mcconnell's job in trying to soften all the resistance from
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are zprat faxes in the senate? can you imagine tonight's dinner with the leader of south korea in the white house? can you imagine this bilateral meeting next week between trump and putin? >> so this is trump's party not mcconnell's party. and frankly republicans have to deal with the fallout of that every day. and so look mitch mcconnell is a vote counter he has an agenda to pass. and in many ways he is trying to do that. one of my big surprises from the hill, mitch mcconnell paul ryan and others for years under obama we would say we are a coequal branch with our own job to do. well we were stronger under obama than we are now under donald trump. in erms it of congressional republicans. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell need to own the article 1 authority, pass a republican agenda put it on the president's desk and say take it or leave it because we can't follow you in areas of policy or integrity. >> kelsey we could rewind the question i asked you last time you were on.
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what remains of their agenda, especially where you are on the hill? if you had to name their priorities and their target dates? i would say their only priority right now is getting some of the nomss done in the senate. and getting health care through. it's very hard to see what else is on the agenda. they do at some point in time in the very near nurt have to get a spending bill passed. they have until september 30th to figure it out. but you know it's very complicated right now. because there are so many disagreements within the republican party about what their priorities are. it's -- there is a lot of discontent among republicans that i speak to about not knowing what the path forward would be. we were heard all through the obama administration that republicans wanted leadership from the white house. they wanted direction. they blamed the obama administration for not providing that. but frankly the trump administration isn't providing much of that either. and there is a little bit of wayward loftesnes lange. >> kelsey, david one covers
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congress, the other has skaebd from congress to great success. >> nice to be with you. >> thank both. up next guess who the president will sit down with face-to-face at the summit in germany. i'm afraid we gave away the surprise but we'll talk about that meeting when "the 11th hour" continues.
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>> but i want to ask about this
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meeting with president putin coming up next woke that has been can confirmed by gary cohen and hr mcmaster and whether the president will bring up election interference. the fact that moscow mid-meddled in the election is the president going to press utsen oh that. >> obviously i'm get getting ahead of the conversation. i would imagine we'll have a read outafter the conversation take place. >> well back to "the 11th hour" that was the confirmation of something we mentioned earlier. the president will indeed meet with vladimir putin next week. kind of a side bar conversation as part of the larger g 20 summit in germany hosted by merkel of germany. there is also this tonight from the "wall street journal," quote gop operative sought clinton emails from hangers implied a connection to flynn. while joining us tonight politico seen year foreign affairs editor michael crowley published a piece on the worries about the trump putin meeting.
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more on that that. formerly department of justice prosecutor these days a georgetown law professor paul butt remember who we know has skaebd washington for thes confines of our studio in new york. welcomes to you back, gentlemen. michael you're tasked tonight for members of our office who are have not read and digested the flynn story in shall we say a different publication, walk us through it on the dangers in it. >> well, brian, this story in the "wall street journal" by shane harris, a talented intelligence reporter is i think really significant because it provides us with potentially the most -- it's the most specific potential evidence of collusion between trump associates and the kremlin. and that potential evidence is that a -- a republican opposition researcher -- a man in his 80s who passed away in the may apparently -- was trying to make -- it's amazing story when you say it out loud you can
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hardly believe it. made contact with russian mackers who he believes might have hacked into hillary clinton email's server found the emails, extracted them this buy kwanted to get in touch with the hackers get the emails. he was telling people he was affiliated with michael flynn who we talked about so many times on this program, who was a top foreign policy adviser to trump during the campaign and became the national security adviser a and was fired about giving inaccurate statements about his dakotas with the russian ambassador. it's still murky. the trump campaign says they don't know anything about it if there is any truth to it. flynn was acting not in a campaign role. what toes that really mean? but brian i'll citizen by faying i think the most interesting here thing -- being oits a marc murky story the journal has a passage in there saying investigators are looking at intelligence reports that seem to have captured conversations among russian hackers saying
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that they did want to get clinton's deleted emails and transfer them to michael flynn through an unnamed intermediary. there is this sort of corroborating evidence in the intelligence reports that i think takes the story to another level of credibility. and, again in conclusion, this would be the most specific potential evidence of in collusion that trump and white house officials are saying left and right simply does not exist tp it could be a game changefer it has legs. >> michael which is why we have a justice department veteran and law professor here with us. and the question to you, professor is what of any of this would be illegal? >> so this is size mick. what we know before today is that trump campaign primaries had all the weird contacts with russians. that's not illegal. today we learn that in trump supporter reached out to russians and asked about hacked emails, was very interested in hillary clinton's deleted emails
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trying any way he can to find them and also in close contact with michael flynn. at the same time, we have candidate trump allegedly joking about, gee, if the russians have the hacked emails i sure would like to see them. so again we didn't know before today that there was collaboration between trump campaign officials and russians about these emails. >> and that's what puts this in a different league from all the other campaign dirty tricks and research that's been conducted going back for years and years and years. that's what would make this illegal. >> hacking is a crime. conspiring with anybody to try to subvert american democracy to try to take over a national election is a federal crime sfl well you put it that way it sounds serious. michael back to your journalism tonight, that is the warnings prior to this meeting with putin.
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we owe it to you to run through what you've written. >> well it's going to be extraordinary, bringen after all this wind up after maybe 18 months now of talk about the trump putin relationship these guys are going to meet the first time process. the white house determined it at the g 20 summit i guess we knew they would be in the same room and have some contact. but the white house is saying although they were a little vague about what it looked like. it sounds like they are going to sit down privately and have a conversation. and i think the concern is that what the white house said today is there is no particular agenda. trump really -- what they more or less a said was trump is going in there and say what he feels like saying. and we know donald trump kind of unchained liable to say about anything. whereas vladimir putin has been, number one, studying the u.s. russia relationship since basically the 1980s. >> for a living. >> a trained kgb operative.
1:37 am
i'm sure there is extensive psychological profile on trump how to play him. also put isn't sure to come experts told me in reporting today he is come with a specific agenda, a to do list he has a mission he wants to accomplish and the concern is trump is going in there -- there is empty devgs at the state department, the policy making process in this administration is not functioning. there is not a clear russia policy. to put it bluntly trump is going and wing see how it guess. putin will come with a master plan who downing will come out ahead in the exchange. >> as they say what could go wrong? paul, a final question to you i've never asked you as a veteran public servant, are you concerned about the lack of urgency going into another election cycle or two that our system lays expose sfwlood absolutely we know the russians are not only trying to subvert our democracy they're doing this in western europe wherever we can it's not a question of whether this is going to happen again.
1:38 am
it will happen again. the question is, what is our response? and the president simply does not seem concerned about collusion. he does not seem all that involved in the fact that the russians tried to take over the national presidential election. >> professor butler, counselor, thank you machine, my knowledge "mad dog crowelly thanks for you. >> walter isaacson and john meacham together at last when "the 11th hour" continues.
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while the president spent the first part of his day on twitter, more bad news for the republican health care bill as members head home for that ten-day shall we say extended 4th of july break. medicaid spending would drop 35% by 2036 under the latest version of the bill according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office.
1:42 am
the "washington post" writes a stark question faces the gop, how vulnerable americans, the poor, help -- help rather, vulnerable americans the are or the rich. in this city the protest against the travel ban in effect. ineffective tonight. there was some uncertainty for travelers from the 6 affected appear named countries. grandparents and grandchildren, for example, among the relatives who will have a harder time getting a u.s. visa. and in eye catching headline in politico. president at the destruction, how rex tillerson is wrecking the date are state department. quote ago speechwriter to former secretary johnier, this is how diplomacy dies, not with bang but with a whimper. it's a lot to take in as it is here every night to help us to that tonight joined by two great minds, walter isaacson. president of the aspen institute.
1:43 am
author, biograver are you ready franklin einsteinen kissinger and this fall da vingy. >> presidential pull it'ser prize winning jefrd, jackson, fdr churchill. apologies if i left anyone hout walter isaacson to you to start us off. how do you keep yourself appraised of how far off of plumb, dead center normal we have grown? >> this is a totally uncharted waters here. every single day something is coming along. and i almost find it puzzling that there is not more of a rebel onin washington who is are going to be judged by history. we can look how eisenhower. was judged it's almost like the frog in boiling water, we've
1:44 am
been inured to things unthinkable it seems to me day in and day out whether it's about the character of the president and the way we have to explain it to kids or the way the government is being operated. >> john meacham you can go all your life and not hear more than one mention of the frog in boiling water experiment. yet i used in conversation today to describe exactly what's going on. same question to you. >> new orleanswork new jersey being l.b.j once say the presidency makes any man however small beggar and no man big enough to meet all of its demands. and i think the truth of that remark is quite resonant right now. if you look at the -- if you look at the tweeting and the -- even to see it's beneath the dignity of the office to insult to the phrase beneath the
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dignity of the office. but the other issues you raised the travel ban which the skort will review in the fall. the health care bill which they've had seven years now to plan how to repeal and replace process. and obviously senator mcconnell took the better part of wisdom and sent everybody home. i think, to me one of the things that the republicans -- walter mentioned this -- and whether they're thinking about how history will judge them -- i don't think they are. and i think that's probably a mistake on their part. my own sense is that what's going on right now in the republican party is that the elected officials, many senators all of us like and respect in particular, simply don't understand what's happening at the base. they don't know how many trump voters are going to be there in republican primaries and general elections. do they need to stay on the
1:46 am
right side of those voters? i remember talking to a governor of a southern state right after the republican primary in 2016 who said that he look at presingts where in previous cycles they had had 100, 110 republican voters in a presidential primary. they were having 600, 70 oh come out to vote for trump. i think the fear of those folks is what's keeping a lot of republicans silent. >> walter, can you name or remember another president who a, did not expect constant attacks to be part of the job, and b, could not take them on without hitting back? >> no, i mean it's -- it's not just his inability to stand the heat of the job. it's sort of an inability to focus. and to comment on what you know john said, very wise, but at a certain point i think you quit doing the political calculus. you quit saying okay maybe this base voters will do this, that
1:47 am
or the other. and you say wait, this isn't right i got to stand up. i throw to john even whether members of the bush family we know so well -- you know at a certain point just have to say i'm not wrd about the political calculus here. i'm just saying this has got to end. >> we're going to just pause our conversation fit in a breck and mar with walter isaacson, john meacham when the loafth hour" continues. .
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1:51 am
>> i've been saying it, the american dream is dead, but i'm going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. you watch. >> stark to hear the american dream is did he tell you not used to hearing from from the president. no other presidential candidate ever released a campaign book called "crippled america." 306 electoral votes later his title is mr. president. i want to show you the front page of new york daily news which they distributed tonight. walter isaacson and jon meacham remain with us. jon, i keep thinking of presidents who have exhorted presidents for whom that has been their fallback. that's all they know how to do, cheered us on, urged us to accomplish great things, and
1:52 am
never had a dark view of america. >> henry adams said the president has a course to steer and a port to seek, and you want a president thinks big and thinks brightly. jefferson was a master of talking about how the son of progress was going to go over the continent, and no one would know when it set. president reagan improved on jesus when he talked about a shining hill on a hill, but reagan's visual imagination made that even more vivid. so walter used a good phrase a moment ago. it's unchartered waters. it's odd and disconcerting moment to say the least. my own hope is when we look back on this it will simply have been a waste of americans' time and not the beginning of a serious cataclysm.
1:53 am
>> put it that way, sounds a little dark. walter you're at the aspen institute at this annual gathering of the smartest and most talented people on the patent, including but not limited to several of my friends and colleagues from here. what must it be like to hear that conversation knowing as both of you gentlemen do, that it is exactly one half of the two conversations going on in america. >> the conversation here we try to step back a bit. in fact elaine chao was speaking today, but there was sort of a whistfulness for what jon referred to as the optimism, the sense we can rebuild america. talk about the infrastructure bills and the future of work. and the weird thing is that if trump had wanted, to he could have governed as a true independent who came in to
1:54 am
change the way washed worked. i don't see why anybody would start with a health care bill and do it strictly on partisan lines, instead do an truck bill and try to put together a coalition, forward looking republicans and democrats. then he would have transformed american politics by big the first truly independent president, somebody who could rise above things. he did just the opposite, and that still baffles me. >> i want to thank you both by way of sharing with you and our audience we have an item on this hideously named notion of infrastructure, which may be of interest and very timely. again, jerks thank you both for joining us. coming up after our final break, why a big problem for the stiff
1:55 am
new york could actually be a big opportunity for a nation looking at it a little bit differently when "the 11th hour" continues. .
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1:58 am
so this last thing before we go tonight has to do with the way 5.7 million americans get to work and home each day. they ride the new york city subway. last year they took 1.7 billion rides on the subway. while this is not just a story about the new york city subway system, while we're on the subject, the governor of new york this week declared it a state of emergency. new yorkers have come to accept crushing overcrowding and delays every day, say nothing of the dirt, the heat, the odor, the deafening noise and the routine sight of rats.
1:59 am
the system is over a century old. some of the signals in use today date back to before world war ii. and dozens of the train cars in use today were built in 1964. it's because not enough people and mayors have cared over the years. after a derailment injured 34 people just this week, the governor has stepped in with billion dollars and demanding answers on improvement in 30 days amounts of project like this also goes by the name infrastructure. in a white house grasping for arn agenda, imagine a president from new york focusing cameras and attention on transportation from new york all the way west to san francisco urging a great nation to go to work and snun spirit of the days when our railroads of all things were the envy of the world. that is our broadcast for tonight.
2:00 am
thank you for being here with us. good night from all of us in nbc news headquarters in new york. president trump today attacked msnbc "morning joe" host mina say she came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row ands inned on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a faceli facelift. i said no. this brings us to a new segment called "i can't." i mean -- [ laughing ] -- i can't. >> this has been i can't. >> backlash


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