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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 30, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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good night from all of us in nbc news headquarters in new york. president trump today attacked msnbc "morning joe" host mina say she came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row ands inned on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a faceli facelift. i said no. this brings us to a new segment called "i can't." i mean -- [ laughing ] -- i can't. >> this has been i can't. >> backlash after president
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trump takes a shot at msnbc's -- >> plus, hawaii challenges president trump's travel ban just hours after it went into effect. the question this morning who counts as close family? lawmakers are about to head home to recess with no health care bill in sight, but despite the delay, top republican leaders say they're still on schedule. good morning, everyone. it's friday, june 30th. we'll get to the firestorm surrounding the president's tweets in just a minute, but, first, the state of hawaii is challenging president trump's travel ban that went into partial effect last night for the six muslim majority countries covered in the executive order. the trump administration has issued guidelines stating that travellers with close family in the u.s. would still be allowed to enter the country. now, a state department has narrowly defined that as a parent or child, including
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in-laws, a sibling, or a spouse. initially fiances were not included on the list of who qualified, but the administration reversed that decision last night. the guidelines for who is considered close family does not include grandparents, aunts or uncles, nieces or nephews, cousins, and brothers or sisters-in-law. hawaii's attorney general filed an emergency motion last night asking a judge to decide whether the administration's list of unqualified relatives violates a supreme court order. in a ruling on monday, the supreme court exempted travellers and refugees with a "bonefied relationship with a person or entity in the u.s." >> in a win for the president yesterday the house has passed two bills cracking down on illegal immigration. kate's law and the no sanctuary for criminals act call for stronger punishment for people who enter the u.s. illegally and take away funding from so-called sanctuary cities that shield residents from federal immigration laws. the first bill kate's law is named after catherine steinly, who was shot and killed in san francisco back in 2015 by a
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repeat felon and undocumented immigrant from mexico who had been deported several times. under the legislation an undocumented immigrant previously convicted of a crime who attempts to re-enter the country could face between ten and 25 years in prison. the second bill passed just yesterday and would deny federal grant money to so-called sanctuary cities if they fail to cooperate with federal immigration officials. both bills passed largely along party lines of the republican controlled house. they now head over to the senate. the president made a statement saying, in part, "the implementation of these policies will make our community safer. i'm calling on all lawmakers to vote for these bulls aills and american lives." congress heads home for the recess withless direction. they had hoped to find 50 votes before lawmakers leave washington, but leaders say they're still on track with their agenda.
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>> what does that mean for the rest of the agenda? >> we're still on schedule and on track with our agenda. as we've said, we have tax reform that's later in the year and the fall. >> this is exactly what we did here on the house. we brought it to the floor and pulled it out and then brought it back and passed it. it's a sense of deja vu. i do think we're going to persevere through this this because we have a promise to keep. >> sources tell nbc news that republican senators are considering redrafrting the bill to include keeping an obama care tax on wealthy investors and adding money for people struggling with opioid addiction. others want to stick to their
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guns. senator pat toumey told the "new york times" i don't think anybody was going around saying, oh, except for these job-killing tax increases. and as it became evidence that the bill wouldn't get done by the july 4th deadline, the language became empassioned. political reports in their closed door meeting tuesday senator tom cotton told his colleagues one year ago nearly everyone in the room would have supported the republican health care bill. then according to sources from there with the exchange he told them "you're too weak to do what you should do." meanwhile, the cbo has released even more data showing the long-term prognosis of the senate health care plan. medicaid spending would be even lower after a decade. the nonpartisan cbo warns that projecting beyond the first decade is difficult, but the new report estimates that the slower growth rate would drive relative spending down even further in the second decade. in fact, by 2036 the government would spend 35% less on medicaid than it would under the current law. yesterday one of the architects of obama care hit the trump
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white house for their approach so far. take a listen. >> candidate trump said i want health insurance for all. i want everybody to be covered. i want costs to come down. i want to do something about drug prices. none of those are in this bill. i think that really is the basis for bipartisan support. start with the promises made by the president of the united states. >> all right. time and again the president has used social media to deliver his message. often divisively. yesterday was no exception as the president took on morning joe host joe scarborough and mika brzezinski. >> reporter: president trump touting his energy policy, and once again drowning out his own message with a tweet. this time lashing out at msnbc's "morning joe" for criticizing him. how come low iq crazy mika along with psycho joe came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row around new year's eve and nova scotiaed on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a
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facelift. i said no. well, the show does consistently take aim at him. >> he is covering his hands here because they're teensy. >> he doesn't know his own positions on health caa health he is passing where, he seems confused. >> reporter: it was the very personal shot at mika that prompted immediate condemnation from -- >> i think it's blatantly sexist. >> many republicans taking to twitter himself calling mr. trump's tweet beneath the office of the presidency. >> tweets like this are inconsistent with the greatness of the country and the office. >> there is no need for such uncivil language. >> what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone, the civility of the debates, and this obviously doesn't help do that. >> reporter: his tweet strikingly similar to this remark about nbc's megan kelly, then with fox news, after sharp questioning during the first debate. >> you know, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: then there was that
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""access hollywood"" tape. zroo grab them by the -- >> the president expressed regret at that time. >> i was wrong and apologized. >> not today. >> he fights fire with fire. >> white house spokes won sarah hucka b huc huckabee sanders digging in. >> does he have to meet a higher standard? >> i don't think you can expect someone to be personally attacked day by day, minute by minute and sit back. >> first lady melania trump leads an anti-bullying campaign, and after the recent shooting of congressman steve scalise when the president and others called for civility. >> the president views this as a street fight. it really hasn't sunk in to him that he now speaks for the entire country when he gets on twitter and degrades the office of the presidency. >> thank you for kristen welker for that report. joining us from catholic molly hill. do you think congress is sort of getting accustomed to the president's rhetoric and his
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unpredictability, or do you think we're really at a breaking point after yesterday's firestorm? >> i'm not sure if i would say we're at a breaking point, but the lawmakers that i spoke with and the republican lawmakers in particular, you know, they had had been sort of getting used to these sort of random tweets and the 10% that may go off, but yesterday a lot of them said this just wasn't appropriate. it just wasn't appropriate. in fact, paul ryan who basically took this new policy of i'm not going to respond to president trump's tweets anymore, the policy i think he put in -- it went in play maybe a few months ago. he even said this is just not appropriate. what's unfortunate for the lawmakers is on the house side at least they were dealing with a lot of immigration bills. a key issue for president trump during the election, one that probably won him, you know, the four key states of blue collar workers, and that message was lost in the whole twitter fire. >> molly, we are hearing a tone
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changing with the steve scalise shooting, and i want to read you what senator james langford, a republican from oklahoma wrote yesterday. "i just chaired a hearing with the u.s. capitol police about safety and the june 14 shooting attack of steve scalise, mike mika and officers crystal griener and david bailly. national and local leaders, including our president, should model civility, honor, and respect in our political rhetoric. the president's tweets today don't help our political or national discourse and do not provide a positive role model for our national dialogue." my question to you is has capitol hill been making an effort to be more civil since the scalise shooting? have you noticed a change in the tone if discourse? >> i noticed a change for maybe two days. then, you know, there's one thing that changed the tone and discourse. it's another thing to be more open-minded to compromising, to going across the -- going across the aisle and working with the other party. i think that a lot of what we hear in twitter or at least this
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is the way that members kind of gauge it, i was asking them about this as well. you know, those are all words. it's all people trying to make a statement. the real -- the real marker of bipartisanship and cooperation will come when both parties sit down and start creating bipartisan legislation and working with each other on issues that actually make it to the president's desk. you know, on one hand they might be toning down a little bit, but, on the other hand, again, we'll know that when -- we'll know that's happening when we see more bipartisan legislation on difficult issues. you know, another point to be made about that, the president's tweet, this one in particular, you know, one lawmaker, i believe it was david brought, it's okay to go after people for political positions, but don't go after them personally. don't do it. stay away from it. just skip it. you know, if i go after them,
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they're going to come right back after me permanently, and that's not needed in this discourse. >> all right, molly cooper. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> of course. still ahead, defense secretary james mattis says nato has to finish the job in afghanistan. the question is what does that mean for u.s. troops there? plus, president trump has tweeted that he doesn't have tapes of his conversations with jim comey, but a tweet does not seem to be enough for the house intel committee. we have those stories and a check on weather when we come back.
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alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. welcome back. president trump will meet with vladimir putin at the g-20 summit in hamburg, germany. it's unclear whether their discussion will be a full-fledged bilateral meeting. president trump will meet with german chancellor angela merkel who has been critical of the surs withdrawing from the paris climate accord. and the mexican president who trump met during the 2016 campaign but has not seen since winning the presidency.
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meanwhile, yesterday putin met with former secretary of state henry kissinger in moscow. this according to the kremlin. the white house is responding to a request from congress involving president trump's discussion last month that there were tapes of his conversation with former fbi director james comey. in a joint statement the leaders of the house russia investigation called on the white house to clarify whether there are any "recordings or documents" and they threaten to subpoena to fine out. initially the white house sent congress a letter pointing to the president's follow-up tweet from last week where he did rule out the possibility of recordings only saying he did not personally make or have that. that wasn't enough for the members of the intel committee. now the white house issued a new letter clarifying it has no recordings and just a side note here, nbc news has confirmed with national security advisor sizan rice had agreed a closed interview with the house intelligence committee. no date has yet to be announced for that meeting. and there is fall-out to another one of the president's claims that up to five million
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undocumented immigrants voted illegally in the 2016 election. he created a commission last month to investigate naming kansas secretary of state chris cobach to lead it. one order of business was to ask all 50 states to hand over their full voter roll data. that includes the name, address, date of birth, party affiliation, last four social security number digits and voting history back to 2006. potentially every voter. several states they pushed back, including virginia, whose governor terry mcauliffe had no intention of honoring this request. nato allies sent more troops to support the coalition, mattis vowed to stick with the war. >> looking back on it, it's pretty much a consensus that we may have pulled our troops out
2:18 am
too rapidly, reduced the number a little too rapidly, but the difference today is that the afghan army is actually able to carry the fight, and they've been carrying the fight for some time now. >> now, mattis refused to say just how long u.s. forces would stay in afghanistan or how many additional troops would be sent to that conflict zone. officials have said the u.s. is considering sending up to 5,000 more troops beyond what nato allies offer. now, the war in afghanistan is now in its 16th year with more than 2,000 soldiers killed since 2001. one more note on nato, former senator kay bailey hutchison of texas has been named nato ambassador. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, it could be a rainy dry 4th for some of us across the country. >> for brief periods. doesn't look like anybody will be washed out. we'll be typical. summertime hot, humid. you get the afternoon storms. you try to time them out and plan your barbecue plans and your fireworks plans. as we look at the morning, overnight we had the worst storms in areas of many month, come down out of iowa.
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kansas city to st. louis, a lot of thunderstorms heading towards tulsa right now and through springfield and joplin. that's probably the worst weather in the nation. today 37 million people are at risk of severe storms. not too many tornadoes. wind damage will be the big threat today, but not everyone is going to get hit. they're going to be scattered hit and miss thunderstorms, but from upstate new york to northern new england and back down to the ohio valley, including detroit, cleveland, buffalo, syracuse, down to indianapolis, a little bit around louisville, cincinnati, and also into areas towards peduca, and then a sliver back to oklahoma city. if we get any tornadoes today, likely they would be in northern arkansas or in oklahoma. doesn't look like widespread anyway. numerous storms yesterday in the southeast. now we're dealing with a little leftover rain. atlanta, you should be okay. these little showers will be heading out of here pretty shortly. then this afternoon you'll get a new batch of showers and storms. today's forecast if they're going to be major airport delays with a line of storms later today we do have to watch out around oklahoma city, chicago, atlanta hit and miss variety storms. we're okay in the airports today
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in the mid-atlantic. getting warmer today. d.c. up to 93 degrees. as we head through the weekend forecast, again, these are hit and miss storms. not going to ruin your beach plans. tampa, storms are going to head for you in atlanta and orlando. we will see storms on saturday afternoon and evening. d.c., baltimore, philadelphia, to new york. boston, you look okay. then into sunday the northeast clears out. should be a gorgeous summer-like sunday. lots of sunshine. warm conditions. great beach weather on the east coast and then the northeast on sunday. just hit and miss storms as we go into the south. as far as the weekend is looking, not bad. very typical for july. nothing too hot also. that's nice for anyone outside. that's good news for people celebrating the fourth of july. all right. >> bill, thaungs for thnks for . venus williams is involved in an accident, and police say the tennis star is at fault. (baby crying) ♪ fly
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green light, but didn't see the barson's car when she crossed into their lanes. police say witnesses told investigators that williams ran a red light. williams has not been charged. she is seeded number ten at wimbledon, which begins on monday. zpleenchts let's head to the nfl now where the washington redskins will remain the redski redskins. the letter to a federal appeals court, the justice department abandoned its legal fight over the redskins' name citing last week's supreme court decision that ruled in favor of an asian-american band calling themselves the slants. the court found that it would be unconstitutional for the u.s. patent and trademark office to discriminate against the band's name citing the first amendment's free speech protection. the redskins' case had been on hold in the federal appeals court while the band's case was being decided. as for right now, their legal worries are over. the u.s. patent and trademark office originally revoked the redskins' trademark back in 2014 saying the team's name was disparaging to native americans. the redskins name has been with a team since its origins back in
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boston in 1933. and one final story for you here. peewee football players in indiana joined forces last night to take on the mascots from around the nfl. the indianapolis colts mascot blue and his friends signed autographs before taking on the young football players at the second annual mascots versus peewee charity football game. check one there for the peewees. a portion of the proceeds will go to the make a wish foundation and the indianapolis colts foundation. looks like a lot of fun was had there. nice to end on a high note. >> i know -- >> just like go down. >> i know they're the nfl mascots. it's a good thing the new york mets mascot wasn't there. >> all right. >> that's so true. we don't want any bird flipping around that. >> still ahead, fighting fire with fire. the white house comes to the president's defense after he took a shot at msnbc host mika brzezinski on twitter. >> plus, we'll explain why some are calling it slightly controversial. stay with us.
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combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. . >> welcome back. it is the bottom of the hour. let's get right to the morning's top stories. the state of hawaii is challenging president trump's travel ban that went into partial effect last night. >> in new guidelines issued yesterday the trump administration concluded that citizens from the six muslim majority countries that have
2:30 am
close family in the united states wouldn't you lobbed to enter the country, but hawaii is now asking for clarification. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has been following the story for us and has all the latest details. >> it's been in effect only a matter of hours, and where it will make a difference immediately is overseas when people go to get a visa to come to the united states and are told they can't get one for at least the next 90 days. >> reporter: mustapha came to maryland two years ago as a refugee to escape the brutal civil war in syria. he had no relatives in the u.s., so if he tried to come here now, he would be blocked by the travel ban. >> it does not make sense to me how i cannot come to the united states if i don't have family member. i need a new place, a new life, like anyone in the world. >> reporter: for people in the six countries covered by president trump's executive order, the supreme court said they can still get a visa to come here if they have a "close familiaral relationship with someone in the u.s. the administration defined that narrowly as a parent or child,
2:31 am
including in-laws, a sibling, or a spouse. it does not include grandparents, aunt or uncle, niece or nephew, cousin, or brother or sister-in-law. advocates for immigrants say those distinctions don't make sense. >> how you get from a mother-in-law and a spouse affirmatively clearly being okay to saying that a fiance or a grandparent is not without any guidance in that direction is a mystery. >> reporter: the government says don't expect a repeat of the chaotic airport scenes of five months ago because anybody who has a valid visa now will be allowed to board a flight to the u.s. and to enter the country when they arrive. >> the challengers who got the executive order blocked earlier this year say they may go back to court over the definition of close family and over the kind of connection that refugees must demonstrate. >> all right. pete williams in washington for us. thank you. well, overnight the local newspaper in atlanta reported that the world's busiest airport
2:32 am
hartsfield jackson had no issues with flights coming in from overseas. while the talk yesterday was president trump's vulgar attack on the co-anchors of "morning joe" the front page of "the new york daily news" reads simply "humiliation." on capitol hill members of the president's party, many of whom his white house is trying to broker deals with reacted in dismay. senator lisa murkowski tweeted stop it, the presidential platform should be used for more than bringing people down. tweeting that the president office's handle, do you want to be remembered for youror your accomplishments. congressman barbara, republican of virginia, the tweets went too far. please stop. more spoke out worried about the agenda and the example being set by the president. >> the president of the united stat
2:33 am
states, the best of behavior. he should be an example for children. he should be an example for all of us. >> this is madness. it's maddeningly frustrating because this is beneath the dignity of the president of the united states, or at least it should be, and it's a distraction, and it really ultimately starts to undermine the president's ability to get his agenda done. >> this is not about policies. it's about the person. it's about president trump as an individual. i want to help him. i want him to be a successful president. tweets like this are inconsistent with the greatness of the country and the office. >> it doesn't astonish me. it isn't the first time he has attacked various people that he has disagreement with. i'm not surprised, but i'm disappointed. >> i don't see that as an
2:34 am
appropriate comment. what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone and the civility and the debate, and this obviously doesn't help do that. >> and yet the white house standing firmly behind president trump's comments. >> i think that the president has been attacked mercilessly on personal accounts by members on that program, and i think he has been very clear that when he gets attacked, i think the american people elected somebody who is tough, who is smart, and who is a fighter, and that's donald trump. i don't think that it's a surprise to anybody that he fights fire with fire. he is not going to sit back and be attacked by the liberal media, hollywood elites. when they hit him, he is going to hit back. >> meanwhile, a spokesman for first lady melania trump tells nbc news as the first lady has stated publicly, when her husband gets attacked, will he punch back ten times harder. in the wake of the president's tweets yesterday, many recalled the first lady's decision from the campaign trail to fight cyber bullying if her husband was elected.
2:35 am
in fact, days before the election melania trump gave a major speech centered on a call for civility for the sake of our nation's children. >> technology has changed our universe. but like anything that is powerful, it can have a bad side. we have seen this already. as adults many of us are able to handle mean words, even lies. children and teenagers can be fragile. they are hurt when they are made fun of or made to feel less in looks or intelligence. we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> when asked about the first lady's anti-cyber bullying either a spokesman told nbc news that she's continuing to be thoughtful about her platform. molly hooper, good to he so
2:36 am
you. speaker paul ryan, he quickly said the tweets they were not appropriate, but he seemed to let a lot of the president's behavior slide in the past as he did earlier this month in explaining trump's comments about michael flynn to then fbi director jim comey. take a listen to that. >> the president is new at this. he is new to government. so he probably wasn't steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between doj, fbi, and white houses. he is just new to this. >> do you think that the relationship could actually change here after all this that happened yesterday, and do you think people and members especially are looking to ryan to do more and say more really? >> and say more. well, the key here is that we have to go back to the election and that "access hollywood" tape. it came out where trump made the comment about grabbing women's you know's, and paul ryan took a risk, and he got in the conference call with the house republican conference and
2:37 am
basically said -- did not condone it and said i'm not supporting this. he said i'm not going to campaign with then president -- then candidate trump, and he really ticked off a lot of conservatives in the conference and conservative media came out questioning whether he would, in fact, be speaker in the next congress. paul ryan is a little gun shy when it comes to taking on trump for things that trump does. in particular, when it comes to the tweets, you know, at first paul ryan tried to speak to these tweets via the press conferences he has. >> what i would say is it would take a lot of members of his own conference writing a letter to him, signing on to it, and for him to actually say something to
2:38 am
the president. >> this person is going to talk to trump and maybe make a difference. paul ryan is really focused on getting things done, and he has learned in the past that he gets burned when he takes on trump for tweets like this and in situations like this. >> speaking of getting things done, i wanted to ask you as we enter the fourth of july weekend, how tight is the republicans' window to actually pass the legislation they promise throughout the past year? >> well, it's going to be a squeaker. it's going to be a squeaker. that's all i can say. when they get back from the july 4th weekend, it's going to be, you know, all guns on go because they have to raise the debt limit. they have to make sure that they
2:39 am
have a government funding bill that's ready to go when they get back from the august recess, and they want to pass this health care reform before they get on to tax reform, which is another issue that's out there. we have a few weeks before the august recess. if health care isn't done, i don't think that perhaps the senate -- if there's hope in sight that the senate can't come to an agreement, that we might see them in session for the first week of august, but really it's going -- they have a very slim window in which to get all this business done. all of these things are based on timelines as well with because for legislative reasons, there's technical timing, you know, issues that have to go with the tax reform. it will be interesting to see how it all comes out. >> yeah. we heard from senator pat toomey saying the tweets undermine the president's agenda as well. the "wall street journal" reports that investigators are looking into the russian meddling of the 2016 election.
2:40 am
they examine reports about how they look to get emails from a server and then have a middle man to return them to michael flynn. flynn was a senior advisor to then candidate donald trump at the time. the journal also reports that republican operative peter w. smith was convinced 33,000 emails missing from clinton's server were in the hands of russian hackers. smith had told multiple friends he was working with flynn on the e-mail project. the journal notes it's unclear whether flynn played any role in smith's kwets who died within days of speaking to the paper. we'll have more on this developing story as a reporter of this piece. sha shane harris joins "morning joe" next hour. zblierngs wall street is recovering after tech stocks fell sharply on thursday. we are joined live from london. the s&p and the dow suffer the worst -- their worst day in weeks. it's all also the second to last trading day of the quarter yesterday. it has a big impact.
2:41 am
>> yeah, it does. it means the trade is looking to essentially whether or not to -- or whether they're going to take profits outs. we look at the numbers. we saw the s&p 500 fell .9%. that fell below its 50-day moving average for the first time since mid-may. the industrial average down 168 points. that was largely due to apple, boeing, 3-m. the nasdaq composite was also down 1.4%. if you look at the tech stocks, they were big, big losers as well. we saw facebook, amazon, netflix, apple, and alphabet. all of them down. tech has been doing well this year. over the last month not so much. a company that has seen its stocks do pretty well after hours yesterday was nike. they reported fourth quarter earnings and sales that beat wall street expectations. it says international geographies and direct consumer businesses helped to grow those sales. it also saw strong growth in its jordan brand, sports ware, and running divisions and two other well known u.s. brands in the news, of course, walgreens and
2:42 am
rite aid. that two years of negotiation seems not to have worked. they're not going to have a merger. anti-trust competitors saying that's not a possibility. instead what's going to happen rite aid will sell 2,186 stores out of a total of 4,600. two walgreens for 5.18 billion dollars. that's, as i said, two years in negotiations falling apart. >> wow. all right. phil marks live from london. thanks so much. still ahead, we're watching another day of severe weather just in this morning. damaging hail from iowa pelting homes and breaking car windows. plus, lawmakers, they head home for the holiday break with health care in uncertain shape. keep it here. (vo) a lifetime of your dog's
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2:46 am
direction forward. casey hunt has more. >> reporter: calls still pouring in, senator jeff flake getting an earful. >> i don't think that the legislation as it was presented was -- was the right balance, and so we're trying to rebalance that now. >> he is one of the key votes for republicans scrambling to find a deal to repeal obama care before a holiday weekend. vice president mike pence dispatched to the capitol again to help, but the negotiations remain secret. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell refusing to say if there's been progress. >> is that a no? >> reporter: sources tell nbc news republican senators are considering redrafting the bill to include keeping an obama care tax on wealthy investors and adding as much as $45 billion to help people struggling with opioid addiction. those changes might not be enough for moderates who want to start over completely. west virginia republican shelly
2:47 am
moore capito. >> reporter: they're bracing to face angry constituents back home. >> live in our shoes. live off the same benefit plans and everything that we have. being diabetic, my prescription costs went up significantly. i mean, $3,000 for a three-month supply, you know, it kind of hurts your paycheck. get back in your seat and work for us. >> our thanks to casey hunt for that report. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, give us some good news on this july 4th weekend. >> as far as the 4th is going to go, hit and miss showers and storms will be dodging them all weekend long. the worst is going to be if it looks like in areas of the southeast towards the 4th. let's get to the forecast. as we look at the radar on early today the storms the strongest in areas near kansas city. that's now a proven for you, and it's heading down towards springfield and along i-44 corridor here from st. louis southward. down towards tulsa, we have strong winds overnight. also, another cluster up here right around columbus and detroit that we're dealing with some of the storms, and those
2:48 am
are missing the pittsburgh area, and it looks like they're going to clip to buffalo, new york, and in all we have 37 million people at risk. wind damage is the primary threat on this. we still have a threat of a tornado in arkansas and also oklahoma. not going to be widespread, but there may be a hit and miss storm out there that we're going to have to deal with. further down to the south, again, it's in the northern ozarks and areas of central oklahoma where we'll have the best chance of any of the storms. buffalo to albany, we're actually dealing with some of the storms even earlier today, and you can see on the radar here, just a little narrow line north of lake george area heading up to north of beddington in between burlington and back over towards -- notice we're fine in most areas of philadelphia and new york. straight showers around hartford. doctors a couple of storms that are dealing in those areas. again, it's hit and miss stuff. that's going to be the trend over the upcoming weekend. it's not something horrendous out there, where it's going to be hit and miss, and i think, the bottom line for the fourth of july, all the fireworks shows are just be patient. most of the storms will be in and out in about 30 minutes.
2:49 am
it's one of those duck and corps drills when they come through. then you can head back out. >> you're grilling. you run inside. >> you have to turn off the grill first. you don't want anything getting soggy. >> grill master. >> still for months iraqi forces have been trying to pry isis from the city of mosul. >> this morning new signs the mission is working, but with some collateral damage. a live report next. stay with us. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the
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2:52 am
welcome back, everyone. now to the battle against isis in iraq where government forces have captured the ruined al nuri mosque. >> the mosque is considered a huge victory. matt, the iraqi government appearing assured of its victory, but there is still fighting in areas of mosul populated by civilians. talk to us more about that. >> the iraqi government said yesterday that isis is finished and they and their american counterparts will continue.
2:53 am
he declared isis' devise yefr after retaking the al nuri mosque in iraq. as you mentioned, this is a major step for the entire coalition fighting isis. it was in this 850-year-old mosque that isis was declared a caliphate almost a year ago today. that was when the group was at the height of its power in iraq. this iconic mosque it is has been almost complete lly levele and an iraqi force blew it up probably to avoid giving them the type of victory that they claim today. all of this comes just as
2:54 am
neighboring forces have surrounded raqqa. there's still a lot more to be done. hundreds of isis fighters are still hold up in mosul's old city and many more are thought to have retreated to their desert readouts. the group's ideology remains a for midible threat not on to the east but to the middle west. >> iran says that baghdadi is debt. russia says he may have been killed in an air strike earlier this month. coming up next on "morning joe," will will be any tangible
2:55 am
ramifications? she tweeted "this is not okay. as a female representative, i am often criticized about my looks. weep should be working to empower women." "morning joe" is moments away. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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before we toss it over to morning joe, let's check on the stories you'll be hearing about ahead. >> kristen welker has the preview. >> president trump will start himself day with a joint statement with the leader from south korea. they've been discussing everything from trade to the environment but of course north korea and its recent provocations. but overshadowing the president's agenda, his series of early morning tweets on thursday at which he took directly at msnbc's mika brzezinski, her appearance and her intelligence. bipartisan outrage saying it was beneath the office of the
2:59 am
presidency, republicans saying it adds to the vitriolic rhetoric but a spokesman for the president saying he's not going to apologize, making the argument that he fights fire with fire. but the pressure is mounting for the president to take a step back from his tweet. the president stepping on his on tweet. yet again he is starting this weekend on defense. louis? >> christian welker, thank you so much. and the germ and parliament has just legalized same-sex marriage. this comes in a snap vote only days after chancellor merkel changed the longstanding position. >> in louisiana, the district attorney plan it is release their findings on last year's deadly ambush on baton roj
3:00 am
officers. >> and in louisiana senator bill cassidy will have a town hall. one earlier this year turned combustible. that does it for us. i'm yasmin vossoughian for louis burgdorf and ayman mohyeldin. >> i think the president is clear when he gets attacked, he's going to hit back. i think the american people elected somebody who is tough, who's smart and who's a fighter. that's donald trump. i don't think it's a surprise to anybody who fights fire with fire. he's not going to sit back and get attacked about media liberals and hollywood elightes. when he gets hit he fights back. >> joe a


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