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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 30, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. i'm klieg -- colleague cakatie taking over. first, this our, attack and response. "the morning joe" hosts responded today first in an early morning op-ed and then on their own msnbc program. >> i'm very concerned as to what this once again reveals about the president of the united states. it is strange. >> so many people saying hope you're okay, hope you're okay. calls and texts and e-mails, we're okay, the country is not. >> i knew in realtime that the president would be tweaked by
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that, and i wondered in realtime, will there be a response. it is alarming that this president is so easily played by a cable news host. what is that saying to our allies? what is that saying to our enmys? that this president is so easily played? >> trump's social media assault sparked bipartisan criticism. then there is this powerful image on the cover of the new york daily news. our word of the day is backlash. the criticism he is facing from both sides of the aisle from those tweets. >> the concern now is about the character of the president that increasically this tweet relies on the sense that they can rely on the character of the president of the united states. >> he is using behavior that would get you tossed out of any
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company that you were working at. >> it is reckless, juvenile, and a distraction from the standpoint of legislative activity. >> the president is not backing down. as he tried to get his white house back on message, he returned to twitter this morning to hit back. watched low rated "morning joe" for first time in long time. faik news. he called me to stop a national inquirer article, i said no. we're waiting for a briefing to finish at the white house with sarah huckabee sanders. we will bring you that with highlights in a few moments. first, let's hear more of what mika and joe had to say this morning on msnbc. >> i'm fine, my family brought me up really tough, this is absolutely nothing. i think for me personally, but i'm very concerned as to what
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this once again reveals about the president of the united states. >> calls, texts, and e-mails, we're okay. the country is not. >> nbc kristin welker is at the white house, does the white house feel any differently today than they did yesterday or do they still feel like it is a fair battle. >> i think they will continue to dig in, katie. that is for sure. we saw that earlier today when top officials were before the camera and president trump was back on twitter today, effectively saying that some of what mika and joe were alleging on the show today was false. striking that he went back to twitter even after that bipartisan backlash. saying these types of tweets are
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be neneath the white house. sarah huckabee said he was elected because he fights fire with fire. this is what kellyanne conway had to say earlier. >> bottom line, his ability to connect on social media with americans and i endorse him firing back when he is attacked. the good i hope is that we change the conversation. respect for the office of the president and we have a full conversation on policy. let people disagree and stop the personal ininvective. it is toxic. not helping america. >> and some of the critics and reporters want to see him off twitter. and the first lady, before she was first lady when the president was still a candidate, said she wanted to get the
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president to stop tweeting. he continues to think that is his best way of reaching the american public. now there are other serious substantive policy issues to press sarah huckabee sanders about north korea. he made those remarks in the road garden earlier today said the era of strategic patience is over when it comed to north korea. how seriously are we considering options. they are willing to give him a range of military options if it gets to that, and the treasury secretary anounlsed a new round of sanctions. this continues to be one of the big pressing issues here as we await sarah huckabee sanders arrival. >> and the question that you asked yesterday was completely on the money, should the president of the united states be held to a higher standard than cable news hosts, and the answer from sarah huckabee sanders was no, but thank you
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that was the question of the briefing. i know that we're hearing a lot from the department about how they believe this is the right avenue to take to allow the president to go after his critics, but are we hearing anything from the other high profile women in this white house from ivanka trump, dina powell, anyone else that might be championing women's issues. are they saying anything about this. >> we have not heard anything from ivanka or dina. the spokesperson would not comment specifically on the tweet, but did refer reporters back to a former statement that the first lady made. when the president is hit, he hits back ten times harder. >> what happened to her cyber belie bullying initiatives. that continues to be a priority, but there is no doubt that the
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tweet that the president up leashed yesterday, a lot of people would argue under cuts that anti-cyber bullying message. and ivanka trump decried the viciousness in washington. that under cuts the message as well. that is another one of the question that's we will try to get from sarah huckabee sanders today. >> thank you. >> here with me, joy reid, host of "a.m. joy." and also roslind wiseman, ladies, it is wonderful to have you, joy, especially you here onset with me. this is not the first time that the president has gone after women. he said that number of things over the years. he said hillary clinton doesn't have the look, the stamina.
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for carly fiorina, who would vote for that face, and rosie o'donnell, i would look her in her fat, ugly face and tell her rosie, you're fired. and what is, we know the president seems to have a problem with women according to these tweets, but why? >> this goes all of the way back to the '80s and '90s donald trump. he treated all of his wives quite terribly. some of the comments he made about their weight. the way he treated marla maples, and the way he embarrassed her, he has never been good to women.
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he was a cat while married to the wife he is married to now. donald trump is just a borish person. if you listen to his interviews with howard stern, the interviews he gave, he has always been vulgar and horrible to women. >> why do you think the majority of white women voted for him. >> because they're republicans and they decided they didn't care about the character of the person they're voting for. as long as it wasn't her, i talk to people on the campaign trail that not only set aside what donald trump said, but excused the behavior specifically toward women. we saw him at donald trump rallies where t-shirts that said trump can grab my -- and i won't repeat it. they debased themselves for him. it's a cultish mentality.
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they want what he can deliver more than they care about the dignity of the office. >> what's your take on that? >> thanks, katie, the things that he said on twitter and throughout his campaign, they are disgusting and unacceptable. it's not a question of women's issues, this is just human decency, treating all people equally with respect and decency. i have to remind you that donald trump won this election not because he had some sort of overwhelming republican support, but because folks that traditionally voted democrat in some rust belt states decided they could not bear to vote for hillary clinton. the statements that he made, by twitter or anything else, they are disgusting, they're not republican, they're not conservative, but trump won this office by, you know, american voters who were not just republican.
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>> speaking of that, who draws the line here? if his comments are rep reprihensble, who holsds him accountable. is it his female advisors? those in congress? the american people? is there anyone that can tell him this is not appropriate for the office that he is in. >> i have to believe there are a lot of people, men and women, in his circle telling him this is inappropriate. i have always believed they are held accountable by the american people. i think that we're seeing with this president, because to be clear, he is advancing and the republicans in congress are advancing good policy, why are we not talking about these other
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things. it's because donald trump himself has stepped on his own message again. it's because donald trump is not listening to those people around him that are probably giving him the best advice. >> he will not stop doing that, how does the republican party move forward? >> well, katie, first of all, i think there is one of the things that is happening because of this, unfortunately, is that it puts a lot more responsibility and pressure on the members of congress. the american people didn't just send a republican to the white house, they sent a republican majority to both houses of congress. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and all of, you know, we have seen a lot -- we have seen great response in the last 24 hours from people like senator ben sass. a lot of republicans standing up and making it clear that we're here to do the business of the people and the responsible will fall on the members of the house and senate to make sure that we focus on what it is that the people voted for to begin with
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and that we get that work done. >> you wrote the book that was the basis for the movie "mean girls." you said that trump is absolutely operating as an intelligent manipulative bully that does not care about the consequences of his actions. do you believe that is still the case? >> of course, but i think that there were so many people in this country that voted for him that are good decent people that would never advocate to their children to fight fire with fire. they would be able to handle this in ways we treat each other with dignity. we have got ton a place where we have to take back decency from our president because he is incapable of acting that way. really what we have to do is acknowledge that the people that voted for trump are decent people, and they want to raise their children well just like everybody else does, and if is
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affecting our cultures and our families and we need to fight for the fights that matter. we're distracted, and mika can handle the horrible things said, some men say obnoxious, sexist, horrible things and women can take it, unfortunately. but we cannot lose sight of the important health care that we're losing for people of all ages in this country and we have to focus on that. we're being stripped of our rights and dignity every day. >> roslind makes a good point. you can't just say they're all deplorables, but i will tell this one story. it was on the trail, it was melburn, florida towards the end of the came. the access hollywood tape just came out, and there was a protester replaying that portion of the interview all of the
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time, an older woman said who hasn't said that, and i said i haven't, and she said aren't you so special. and i said have you said that? and she said of course not. there is a disconnect here. they're willing to let him slide with this, but it is not the standards they would uphold themselves to so is the problem not donald trump, necessarily, but the extreme distaste and lack of trust that the american public has for washington and congress and for in effect the democratic party right now. >> one of your guests tried to pawn trump off on democrats, but he won about 8% of democrats. he didn't suddenly ov overwhelmingly when over democrats. >> referee: how do democrats
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find the independents they need to win in 2020? >> there are a certain about of people thatment to see the other party as a tribe that needs to be defeated, rather than one american tribe. you definitely have this partisan tribalism where people don't care as long as it is to the other. democrats have a hard time reaching anyone on that side. these two parties are at war. if you look at a out of the polls, they don't agree on anything. they don't want to live near each other. people would be more upset if their child married someone from the other party than in some cases people from another race. we're so bulkenized in some cases. >> donald trump compounds it. he is someone that even his own partisans can't say they would want their children to emulate. we have already seen degradation
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in schools. my children have talked about anecdotally seeing this happen. we're seeing the erosion of personal morality in favor of trump, allowing them to get away with things they could not get away with in their own home. perso americans need to take responsibility for the morality in their votes. i'm not sure even vote would have voted to lose medicaid or health care or to have planned parenthood -- >> he said he wasn't going to touch medicaid. >> and a lot of people who for whatever reason set aside all of the things we have known about donald trump for 30 plus years and that is something they have to reckon with. >> joy reid, and i love the outfit today. >> i work around the country and
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what i'm seeing are parents who, at pta, people volunteering, the bread and butter of our country. the people who do the work. who are really concerned and are working towards talking to each other. and they're talking about that a lot. and i just came from the national pta association, and it's what we were talking about is that we have to be able to regroup and talk to each other because the stakes were so high. and what i see around the country where ever i go is young people who are being bullied and teachers don't know what to do, we're working with teachers to know how to stand and speak out appropriately. what i'm seeing around the country is people understanding that the stakes are incredibly high and we have to be able, and what i do every day is be able to reach out to people who might not necessarily agree with everything, and maybe disagree with me about things, but that we're going to be able to be the village that we need to be, that
11:20 am
we're able to talk to each other, and not let this political system bring all of us down and degrade all of us from the president to all of the people doing that who are wanting to separate us and make us want to hate each other. that is not what people in this country believe, they want to be able to talk we just don't give them the voice to be able to do so were our educational system is getting decimated. parents need to step in and speak to each other to really value and claim what is important to them which is their children and the education of their children and their health, and the health of their children. so this is the stuff that i'm seeing, adults of all different kinds of people, trying to talk to each other, but it doesn't help that we have a president that trips the presidency of it's dignity and gravitas.
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jen horn, you're sticking with us, roslind and joy, again, nice outfit. you can catch her on weekends on "a.m. joy." i will be there on sunday at 11:00 a.m., so please join us. we're also watching this off-camera briefing with sarah huckabee sanders. we'll give you the highlights once it is over and look at another tweet by the president today. this could impact about 32 million people and their health care coverage. president trump called for republicans to immediately repeal obama care and replace it at a later date. is his party willing to heed that call? we're going live to a town hall where he could get an ear full next. (baby crying)
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11:26 am
past this bill. repeal now, replace later, would you advise that? >> it doesn't sound like a good idea to me. >> are you for it? >> i'm fine with that. i would be fine with that, i don't think that we have the votes in the senate to pass that, but i would be okay with doing it that way. >> this has lawmakers return to their home states for a ten-day recess. what would they hear from their own constituents? bill cassidy is holding a town hall, how are they feeling? >> he slated this town hall for awhile to talk about flooding, but he just said he is going to
11:27 am
take the second part of the town hall to address health care. many people are concerned because in 2016 he expanded medica medicaid. you have millions who depend on medicaid. and one person that came, it's her first time to a town hall, her name is helen. >> i'm young, i'm 23, and i have had an auto immune decide since i was 19. t costs $10,000 a month when not on insurance. if i am kicked off of my parents insurance, i have to find a way to pay for it. >> i'm trying to start my career, and i want to work an stay in baton rouge, and
11:28 am
hopefully he will vote no. >> many people like her out here today katie hoping to give the senator a message, and we have been areaing from some c constituents here. >> the new strategy might be to sprat rate the repeal from the replace, can they do that? >> technically they request repeal a lot of obama care and not have a replacement ready. the rules they are working on here under the senate side. politically i think it is highly unlikely they will. it comes from a letter from ben sass who tweeted out his support. rand paul jumped on to say he
11:29 am
supports this, too. that is mitch mcconnell's job and he made it very clear they're emotionally interested in fornled a consensus around doing these two things simultaneously. it is what donald trump and rand paul supported back last year. they have a huge problem if they separate it. the last time they scored a straight separation it would be 30 million plus people without insurance. then they have to go back to the house they already made one really difficult vote and said nevermind, let's start over and vote on this. >> thank you, i appreciate it, thank you very much, happy fourth of july weekend. joining me now, jonathan cohen whose book "sick," the untold story of america's health care crisis and the story of the
11:30 am
people that pay the price. and also with us, he served as health care advisor for the romney campaign. now president for the foundation of research for equal opportunity. the president said he would repeal it and replace it. just repealing it, would that be a betrayal to the trump voters an he is the one that brought the voters to the republican dance and got them control of the republican house. >> what is old is new again. when he won that election, the original idea that they would repeal obama care with 50 votes. and the bipartisan process with democrats that once you repeal it with the facts on the ground you can have a discussion about how to replace it next.
11:31 am
it would create uncertainty while they figure out how to replace obama care, so they they settled on repeal and replace at the same time. so they're stuck a little bit trying to hammer out some of the details. >> if they were to repeal or cut it, what will happen to the millions of people, the estimated 20 million people, that would lose their insurance under obama care? without balm care. >> that is why repealing alone and not having a replacement was considered politically impossible. you create so much uncertainty for the individuals on their insurance and as obama care taught us, people don't like their insurance arraignments being disrupted. i think it is important they stick it out with the process they have and tweak the bill if they need to, but stick with the process and get to the finish line. >> republicans are trying to tear down obama care with their rhetoric saying it will implode,
11:32 am
it's unstable, it can't be sustained, they need to fix it. it is viewed favorably by the number of republicans, is there ways to fix the aca without getting rid of it entirely. >> that is not the conversation that we're having right now, you think about obama care and there is two big parts for expanding health insurance. there is the medicaid portion. conservatives don't like it, they have their criticisms, but that part is working. then you have exchanges. . working in some states, not working in other states, good for some people, not so good for other people. they stabilize the parts that are not working. the people that find that premiums or deductibles are too
11:33 am
high, but to do that in a way that doesn't take coverage away from people. it doesn't take away the protections from pre-existing conditions nap is an easy conversation. democrats who are willing to have that conversation, but before they can get there, they need to say look, we're not just tearing down this whole thing, we're working on fixing the problems rather than taking back the progress that we have already made. >> we talk about the fracturing, and how there is that lot of ideas about how they should be going ant things. there is a lot of fracturing as well. some senators think that there should be singer payer health care. so should they work to make fission that's will be palet palletable to their congress. >> bernie sanders can make a very compelling case, one there
11:34 am
is a short-term strategy. fix where it is not working, keep the part that's are working and strengthen them, and in the long term, they would like to see a single payer system, they have at least elements they would like to add on. they say wait, let's make sure we keep the affordable care act in place, shore whereupon up wh weak. >> former romney campaign advisor, thank you very much. >> we're just past the half hour, and here are our headlines at the half. first, the president hosting south korea's president at the white house. the visit came one day after newly imposed sanctions on north korea. >> the link between our countries cemented in battle is now tied together by culture,
11:35 am
commerce, and common values. together we are facing the threat of the reckless and brutal regime in north korea. >> trump's controversial travel ban paretially went into fekt o friday night. they asked for further clarification of the ban if no reports of other major disruptions or confusion despite a change to who will be allowed into the u.s. and they voted to legalize same sex marriage today after chance la merkel softened re ssistanceo the election. at the white house, an off-camera briefing just got under way. we're keeping an eye on that and we'll have the highlights as soon as it is over. >> first, this story might have been the lead if it wasn't for
11:36 am
the president's tweets. how many days do we say that? the wall street journal reporting russian hackers discussioning how to steal hillary clinton's e-mails and transfer them to trump campaign advisor michael flynn. more on that story, next. their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of. researchers of technologies that one day you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team.
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11:40 am
last year's campaign. peter smith contactth hacking groups about if they could get e-mails delaeted to hillary clinton's private server. smith implied that he was working with flynn. important to note there was nothing nefarious in regards to his death. national security advisor susan rice will testify before a closed session about unmasking names of trump associates in the campaign. and the white house will meet with vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g 20 summit in germany next week. joining us now to break all of that down is matt miller, nbc justice and security analyst,
11:41 am
and former justice department spokesman. i'm glad you're here with me to talk about all of this. if the wall street journal report is correct, will it provide evidence between the trump campaign and russian officials? >> i think there was one big piece of news and one potential bomb shell. the just intelligence overheard russian intelligence officials discussing if they could hack into hillary clinton's deleted e-mails and make those available to mike flin. that is what trump asked them to do. >> i was there. >> yes, i remember you there and he told you to be quiet and you did not. since then he tried to say that is a joke, but it obviously wasn't a joke. and vladimir putin didn't think it was a joke because they tried to do.
11:42 am
the claim by the researcher that he was talking to flynn, and if it is true, it would be a bomb shell, it would show an official from the trump campaign that knew he was working with russian intelligence operatives. >> how would robert mueller get to the bottom of that if the gentleman is passed away. >> there is a number of people that peter smith was working with, several of them are quoted in the story. i think mueller would talk to all of them, sit down with them, or subpoena him. mike flynn could cut a deal with the special prosecutor and tell him what he knows. and if this story is true, it might answer what has been one of the biggest questions about
11:43 am
the entire russia case. why has he gone so far to protect mike flynn. >> no one really knows concretely what that -- whether why that is. the best answer i have been able to get out of those close to trump, is that he was the first general that decided to endorse him. the first general that got on board and he feels a loyalty to him, but trump's loyalty has never extended he did talk about robert mueller, the first time i think we heard him talk about him, here is what he had to say. >> mr. mueller is someone that i have known for a long time and i had confidence in him over the years. >> over the years, but what about now? >> i feel confident in what he will do,s that all i can say
11:44 am
about that, he has a good reputation, he knows his business, hopefully we can see the matter move forward sooner rather than later. >> will that put to rest the arguments or worries for him? >> i doubt it. first of all, it is good to see attorney general sessions do an interview even if it was soft. the first time he talked to reporters since comey was fired. he has been hiding and refusing to take questions. i think he needs to do some more. if is good to see him say he has faith in bob mueller. he is one of the most ethical, h h honorable public servants. the only ones that question him are those protecting the
11:45 am
president. if we get to another crisis like tri trump firing jim comey, it will be up to jeff sessions and rob rosenstein to sigh away will not be involved in the situation. we have seen the president unfortunately raise those questions with some of his tweets about director mueller already. >> do you think the president will bring up russian interference at the g 20? >> no, i don't. >> matt miller, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next, the president's tweets offer an insight into his priorities. so what are they? legislation or revenge. eart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain.
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julie calls it her "new" normal. because a lot has changed, but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance, the number-one-prescribed, fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. i think the president would love for us all to focus on the legislative agenda more. the coverage in the last month between may and june, all of the major networks if you look at their coverage and what they're talking about, they spent one minute talking about tax reform. 3:00 on structure, 5:0 0 on
11:50 am
economy and jobs, 17 minutes on health care, and 353 minutes attacking the president and pushing a false on russia. >> the white house likes to blame the media for not focusing enough on the president iagenda, but what about the president, himself? we took a look at his tweets from this past month and this is what we found the president tweeted 182 times from pay 30th, that is not counting his retweets of others. taking the subjects, sarah huckabee sanders brought up on taxes, he has tweeted once, infrastructure three tweets. the economy,oeight tweets. health care ten tweets and then there are his attacks on others along with the russia investigation. those tweets 60. 60 of those tweets. joining me now former chairman of dnc, former governor and
11:51 am
msnbc contributor howard dean. and chair woman, guys, thanks very much. welcome back. the white house says we're not talking enough about policy. we talk about policy every single day. most days we're leading the policy t. president also isn't talking much about policy on his own personal platform the white house says is so invaluable to him. jen. >> oh, i'm sorry, i didn't hear the very end of that katie, i apologize. >> don't worry. go ahead. >> yeah, i think i got the gist of it. i apologize, you cut off there for a second, yeah, the president as i said many times over the -- since january 20th becomes his own worsten my, he doesn't blow up the conversation, he distracts everybody from it. the truth, the president has no one to blame for this but
11:52 am
himself. it's very discourageing to me as somebody who is a lifetime conservative republican that the american people have finally given us this great opportunity having the house and the senate and the white house to advance the agenda that this president campaigned on and that his own actions and his own words get in the way of that so often. >> howard, the democrats jump on these tweets as well whenever they can, the democrats to put it bluntly, haven't won a special election. should they be focusing more on their agenda ideas, their policy ideas, fixing problems with obamacare, et cetera? >> well, i think you posed two questions, which have not the same. i don't think the special elections are a bad tine, here we take four very republican districts and come within four or six points in all the seats where we were behind 20 in the last election. i'm not concerned about that the special elections prove we can,
11:53 am
in fact, win in red districts. just not quite as red as the ones we have been in. on the other hand, i think your point is well taken. eventually, we have to have a positive program that is based on economic success for everybody in america, tax fairness, and a sense of, of the notion that we understand what it is to model for our kid t. danger of donald trump is not just the crazy stuff he tweets the biggest example is he is a terrible example for the children or all of us, whether a conservative or liberal or whatever you are. we don't want our kids to behave like that. i think that is the sort of horror show, joe and mika being the latest ridiculousness, we should be talking about policy. believe me, it's not the democrats or the media's fault, if trump wants to talk about policy, he should tweet about policy. >> guys, i have to cut it short. jen, quickly. >> jen, let's just be fair on that, chuck schumer and nancy
11:54 am
pelosi made it very clear from day one they were in washington to resist this president and resist the republican majority. there has been no interest expressed on the democrat's side to talk about policy and to come to the table -- >> we seen a lot more democrats lately come out and say they want to have some bupartisan agreement on health care. hold on. >> we seen some republicans come forward lately as well to speak up to the president. >> and we have you are absolutely right. i'm sorry to cut you off. but it's a 2:00 p.m. hour. we have the briefing at the 2:00 p.m. hour. kristen welker is standing by in the briefing room west virginia have we learned? did they address the tweets? did she address health care. >> reporter:p she addressed health care. she didn't address the tweets against the msnbc's "morning joe." service a short briefing. it was off camera. sarah huckabee sanders pressed on whether trump is changes his
11:55 am
strategy because he tweeted earlier today about the virtue of repealing obamacare that portion, not talking act the replacement part of it. she pushed back that he was in anyway changing his strategy or thinking on this. the second headline came over north korea. she was asked what specific options the president is considering. she didn't get specific there. katie, these briefings are held off camera. she says she wants the president's message to dominate today. he was speaking earlier in the rose garden. he is going to sign an executive order in moments from now. >> kristen welker, thank you. after the break, we will have one more thing for you, and bear with me, it's friday, it's a holiday weekend, it involves me saying body mcboat face repeatedly. and who wouldn't want to stick around for that. hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go.
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one more thing before we go, a mission accomplished for body mcboat face, an unmanned under water research vessel that just completed a voyage into the abyss. british scientists sent him to the coldest quarters of the south atlantic some 2.5 miles below the surface. bodie returned with 69 tick data. why does this matter? scientists want to understand the complex currents and tides, what happens when they collide and how does it affect climate
12:00 pm
change? why the name bodie pittsburgh boat face? usual officials held a contest to name a ship a few months back. officials not wanting to sulli the name of a full plane ship with that title decided that this little guy could have it instead. which begs the question, shouldn't that be stub by mcstub face? no one asked me, though, i guess it doesn't really matter what i think. >> that will wrap things up for me this hour. we appreciate you giving me the license to talk about bodie mcboatface before i talk to you on this holiday weekend. >> before you talk to me angry mcangry face? have yourself a fantastic afternoon, katy tur, all right. as president trump prepares for his trip to new jersey for the fourth of july weekend, he is shaking up the conversation on health care in a very big way.


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