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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  June 30, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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contest held by mountain dew became a pr disaster. we can't even read you some of the top names on television. the people spoke in 2007 when greenpeace held a contest to name of the whales it tagged as mr. slashy pants. sometimes voters get trumped. sometimes they don't. that will do it for me tonight. we'll be back on monday with more mtp daily. have a good weekend. in any other white house, the headlines tonight would be north korea and health care. president trump meeting with the south korean president discussing the nuclear threat from north korea and senators leaviing washington without
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getting a deal on health care and with the president floating an entirely new strategy. repeal obamacare without a replacement. two major stories but what is issue is the white house still scrambles to clean up, the demeaning comments to mika brzezinski. >> do you regret the tweet that you said. >> no response from the president on whether he will apologize for these tweets here where he called mika low i.q. and crazy and said he saw her on new year's eve bleeding badly from a facelift. she said she is fine personally but concerned for the country. will the president respond? >> some have suggested that maybe it is time pr the president to have another news conference and perhaps answer these questions himself rather than subject spokes people such as you and sean to questions
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about recent kmcontroversy. is he having a news conference? >> peter alexander is at the white house. there's very few republicans who have come out in defense of the president. there's been a few. sarah huckabee sanders. the head of the rnc, but very few. many republicans are highly critical. because they said it was mean. it was beneath the dignity of the president's office. >> it was unanimity by the people who work here for the president. you heard sarah huckabee sanders both saying this situations like this they heard before the president he's a counter puncher and will hit back ten times
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harder. with so much in stake, the deadline looming it backfired for this white house. it's what they have been focusing on. they felt like narrative wise they had a bit of ammunition this week after cnn let go three of its employees after news the president described as fake and news that cnn said didn't meet its own standards. the briefing was for just 16 minutes. that focused on the hand grenade that president trump threw into that whole conversation, this idea of repealing. they have focused on doing this independent of the president this go around as opposed to when the house did the process.
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all this ahead of the g20 where putin will be back in the headlines again. >> great to see you. thank you so numuch nor joining us. the president floating this idea of repealing obamacare and not replacing it neimmediately whic has got to come as a surprise to
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mitch mcconnell. i said no. bad show. >> who could imagine. he more or less said he was in a position, if he chose to broker the content of the national enquirer. that's an aspect bears a little consideration. that said whatever the white house system for them calling and if this was to work then would have a number. there's no white house i've ever covered where people could just call up and have those kinds of conversations without something being known in advance.
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you have the notion that the president is saying he is in a position, if he chose, to broker the con tent of the national enquirer and that's one for the history books. he's got to get the south koreans on side. for those republicans senators not prepared to vote for various reasons.
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>> we have yet to see any republican senator who is do more than say they don't like what the president is tweeting about and then try to move on. there were many of them, yesterday, in the house and senate who said please stop. this is beneath you. that hasn't translated into any real effect at any point. when the access hollywood tape came out a number of them unendorsed him. many of those same people will continue to be working with him as president-elect and very supportive of his agenda. will this make a difference on health care. it puts the situation that's been a mess with now a pr disaster on top of it. really encouraging that when a situation, if it occurs with north korea or any of these hot spots they are dealing with
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become even more complex. imagine if we're in a situation when the north koreans decide to do a missile test and that will raise the prospect and we'll be wondering if the president will get a health care bill through congress and is he going to tweet about mika brzezinski gengen again. >> think about this. president trump depending on what numbers you choose to look at in the polls has between 34 and 40% support. it's low. it's consistent. none of them seems to be hurting him with that base. >> none. the tweets i get from people who are part of that base still have anger at the media and somehow say that the media has made this into more of an issue than it should be.
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you have to take seriously what the president decides to talk about. this is where there's really no reconciling in the short term between the base and people who don't, in good faith like the reporters that we are just want to explain and report on what the president is talking about. it is remarkable what he is doing these last two days in focusing on cable talk show hosts who he has a beef with. i would think if he needs to grow past that 30%, days like this and attacking mika for her looks it's someday he hay need
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the good will that he squandered with the lawmakers and the people beyond his base. >> that fight with the media is going on. there's been too on camera and two off camera briefings. they've all had a theme. the on camera ones, it's been a very hot week between the media and sarah huckabee sanders. the you're following the nar ti -- narrative, the fight is not entirely out of the blue. >> there's a political benefit that outweighs the cost they may be considering about this. white house aides talk about how they have no control over
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trump's tweets and what he decides to tweet about and it often just happens. that being said, i think there's a level of predictability to this unpredictability. we know that the president was upset about what kind of coverage he was getting out of morning joe. he know that he feels like he was betrayed by them. they had a relationship with him, a friendly relationship and that leads to what is a very, at this point predictable response from him. a tweet that's personal. that goes after a woman for her looks and calls her some version of crazy or neurotic. this is what happens out of this president. i think we have learned that there is a pretty predictable course. >> who ever said may we live this interesting times has been
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granted that wish. >> absolutely. >> great to see you. have a great holiday weekend. >> you have a good 4th. we have an update on today's breaking news from earlier. gunman is now dead after killing one and wounding six others in a gruesome attack at a new york city hospital. the suspect dressed in a white doctor's coat. he first tried to set himself on fire. sources say he's a former employee of the hospital. >> multiple victims at this location. multiple people shot at this location. perp is armed with rifle. >> an update on the shooter. he's a male black with a white doctor's coat on. >> two males. two victims at this time. >> witnesses described to nbc news the horrific scene at bronx
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lebanon hospital center. >> on the 7th floor is where he had shot. i was hiding in the bathroom until we felt it was safe to come out. what i heard was more than seven gunshots. it could have been more. >> you heard gunshots and then basically you heard like there was blood on the ground and one of the doctors got shot in his hand. >> they locked the doors. kept the patients in there. >> she text me a doctor got shot and she had blood on her hands. >> a doctor was found dead when police arrived on the 17th floor of the hospital. the six hurt are in critical condition. one has a gunshot wound to the leg. health care chaos. senator mcconnell is scrambling his repeal and replace plan. with one tweet, president trump
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this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. enmy first day in congress i am going to ask congress to send me a bill to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. >> it will be repeal and replace. it will be essentially simultaneously. it will be various segments you understand but will most likely be on the same day or the same week. could be the same hour. >> that didn't exactly happen on day one. it's now day 162 and president
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trump's repeal and replace roms is -- promise is on life support. the plan to repeal and replace obamacare at the same time but surprise, this morning when he wasn't tweeting about joe and mika, with just one tweet that plan came crashing to a halt. a big reversal and disruption by the president to the senate strategy. he said if republicans can't get this bill passed then they should immediately repeal and then replace at a later date. why the change? the white house responded. >> the president hasn't changed his thinking at all. i mean he's campaigned on, talked about since he was elected repealing and replacing obamacare. we're still fully committed to pushing through with the senate at this point. we're looking at every possible option of repealing and replacing obamacare. >> democratic strategist lynn
3:19 pm
smith. we're going to work out health care ourselves at this table. it is really, really complicated but there are solutions to this sort of thing. why at that moment where the president's weight is required to try to help mitch mcconnell do something would he throw this into the mix? >> i think it's a shiny object to change the conversation and he saw ben out with it. he was watching tv. >> the senator came out with fairly detailed, come what complicated proposal to say repeal immediately. fulfill the promise to your voters and work through the summer to get a new bill. the repeal doesn't take effect for a year. in that time you build a new bill. >> we've had seven years to do it as the republican party and we haven't been able to do it. it should be easy because that's one thing you left out of the opening clip there. the president said it would be easy. not so easy.
3:20 pm
what i think that this does allow is if there's this big kind of conversation in the sky then maybe we can have some is that rights in a bipartisan way start working together under all the noise. they want to. at the end of the day, the president will take credit. even if it's just changing obamacare and improving upon it, he'll say we repealed and replaced it, so let him have that. >> republicans need to say they repealed it. democrats need to say they saved obamacare. the reality is in the middle. there are things about obamacare that could use repair. >> oh, yeah. >> if some democrats could be okay with the name going away and satisfying their republican friends, what if everybody were to come up with a new bill. >> even president obama said i have no pride of authorship. take away the name, keep the majority. >> i was on the 2012 campaign
3:21 pm
when he finally said he loved it. republicans try to deny as fact but democrat, for months, for years have been saying let us fix this bill. if you look right after the 2012 election, sorry, 2016 election. you had moderate republicans from red states going out there and saying we're willing to work with you on a replacement. republicans never put out an olive branch to do this. now you have chuck schumer doing that. part of the problem is the well has been so poisoned by both the president and to some extent by mitch mcconnell who uses bipartisanship as a threat against the president. >> a bunch of them have said let's do it. >> you also have the side of the party of the bernie sanders who says let's forget all of this.
3:22 pm
>> bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have made the suggestion about going to single payor. >> they are saying the candidate should run for it. they want this to be part of what they run on in 2018. sgr politi >> politics is about the art of the possible, not the perfect. it would be very similar to republicans for seven years -- >> try to repeal obamacare. >> your point is that democrats also have to be cautious about making unrealistic promises. >> let's try to find way to fix this law.
3:23 pm
>> a lot of republicans were saying the cbo score is not reliable. it came occupant and it didn't help anybody. there's no republican who is able to say i'm better off because of the cbo score. >> that's the fundamental problem with where the republicans are right now. there's no independent validator out for the solution. there's not republican elected official who is are supporting this. we're going to take away you have with something that may work. it won't help all of you and the people who have mothers in nursing homes, they're going to come back and live with you because their medicaid will be taken. they don't have a good plan to sell it. one of the things that president obama did was really try to sell this for a year. there were ups and downs with
3:24 pm
it. there's no question. i have yet to see anything in the cbo that there's much good news. there's that tax cut. you can't justify taking away a benefit it's not a good sell. >> good conversation. one of these days we'll have the conversation about the details of the health care bill and how we will figure out way to move this country in the right direction on health care. thanks a million for being here. have a great holiday weekend. we're just days away from president trump's first inperson meeting with vladmir putin. new details on how the kremlin plans to deal with president trump. president trump with a stern ultima ultimate for kim jong-un.
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day 2 of crucial meetings between president trump and south korea's brand thu president. they delivered joint statements at the rose garden. comes as kim jong-un continued with threats. president trump was blunt. he was at timesa agngry. his patience is at its end. >> together we're facing the threat of the reckless and brutal regime in north korea. the missile programs of that regime require a determined response. the era of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. many years that it's failed. frankly, that patience is over. we're working closely with south korea and japan as well as partners around the world on a
3:29 pm
range of diplomatic security and economic measures to protect our allies and our own citizens from this menace known as north korea. >> with me is retire army colonel. president trump standing beside the brand new president of south korea. they have different approaches to how to deal with north korea and the south korean president trying to impress on president trump today that this is our neighborhood. we have very, very big concerns and at the same time president trump seeming to discuss the trade relationship with south korea implying that if south korea doesn't do the u.s.'s bidding maybe some of the military support starts to drop away. what was that? >> i don't think military support will drop away. we can't afford to do that.
3:30 pm
he was elected on a platform that said we're going to work it out. that's proved to be totally unworkable in the last 60 years. i think the united states is at a point now where it perceives that kicking the can further down the road with north korea. procrastinating even more is going to put everybody in a difficult position. they may be able to put a nuclear weapon on top. >> whose approach do you endorse then? president trump's much more aggressive staff or president moon's more conciliatory approach? >> depends on what trump is planning to do. we haven't exhausted the capability of putting economic
3:31 pm
sanctions on north korea. we haven't put the screws to any of the countries that are doing business with north korea including china who would like to see it all go away but it's not willing to do anything about it. there are others this the region and elsewhere many the world who are trading with north korea. against whom we can put sanctions and put the squeeze on them. >> the biggest of those is china. the leader of china and the leader of america said we're going to work something out and now that hasn't happened. now america has put economic sanctions on a chinese bank that deals with north korea and we just made an armed deal with taiwan. we're decide that china may not be as helpful to us as we thought in implying the economic and strategic pressure on north
3:32 pm
kor korea. >> i think we have come to the conclusion that china will not be helpful. anything that happens on the korean peninsula other than the status quo is terribly disadvantageous to china. we don't talk about very much. it's not necessarily economic means. indeed anybody who is trading with north korea without using military means or even economic means, it remains to be seen whether or not we'll take the next step. >> always important to remember. we have 23,000 u.s. troops
3:33 pm
stationed in south korea. good to see you. all right. coming up it's highly anticipated the this meeting between president trump and vladimmir putin in person next week. we're learning more about what the kremlin is planning and why spies are getting concerned. the end of the isis caliphate in iraq. what now? what happens to the fighters in the area? we have the perfect guest on this subject joining us on the other side. lent times, do you focus on today's headwinds? or plan for tomorrow? at kpmg, we believe success requires both. with our broad range of services and industry expertise, kpmg can help you anticipate tomorrow and deliver today. kpmg.
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i'm not going to tell putin what to do. why should i tell him what to do? i've got nothing to do with putin. i don't know anything about him other than he will respect me. >> that was donald trump last summer. he clearly did not want to con front putin when he was running for president. will he do so now that he is president? will president trump challenge vladmir putin about russian meddling in the u.s. election? if not, what's the point of the meeting. what is vladimmir putin eet's a?
3:38 pm
he thinks he can outmaneuver trump at the summit. >> some think he interfered in the 2016 election. ask he go into the meeting and address the elephant in the room if he's not willing to acknowledge that we know the russians interfered in the u.s. election? >> well, i think it would be a huge mistake for president trump not to bring up the issue, not to discuss the issue. i think he needs to let putin know what he knows. after all, putin knows what he did. i think he'll be surprised. he will think it a sign of weakness or ignorance if president trump doesn't bring up the issue. i think he expects to have to
3:39 pm
talk about it. he has to signal there will be repercussions. it will be considered weak in putin's eyes. that's not good for trump. that's not good for the united states. >> vladmir putin said if russians were involved it may have been patriotic russians doing it, not at his direction. donald trump said it might have been a 400 pound guy and the chinese. sean spicer said president trump thinks some russians might have been involved but it might have been others. you can't really tell. at this point you have both guys on the same side of this conversation that we are not speaking with certainty about russian involvement in the election. >> it's frustrating and it's wrong. let's just be clear. the facts are overwhelming. the u.s. government, the intelligence community confirmed them. vladmir putin, himself, i'm glad you brought that up.
3:40 pm
when he's denying it kind of smiles. they kind of like the fact they got away with this. it reminds me a little bit about the volunteer soldiers that went into ukraine this 2014. they were just on their holidays when they were there. he understands. he knows that what we know about him, what he's looking for is how will trump talk about it. again, i think if he doesn't talk about it or he avoids the issue, that's a sign of weakness and that is not a good way to start your relationship with vladmir putin. >> this daily beast article suggesting that some european agencies are worried that vladmir putin believes he can outmaneuver trump at the g20 summit. are you trying to get concessions or the sanctions lifted? that's a lot of thinking that the influence that the russians have tried to gain with the trump administration is to get these punishing economic
3:41 pm
sanctions as a result of the russian move into crimea and the ukraine removed. >> i think there's two different sets of issues. the bilat with putin and trump and the overall of the g20 more prodly. i've heard it we don't have an agenda. we're getting to know each other. that's what mcmaster imply the other day. putin is going to be very prepared for that meeting. he's going to be seeking certain kinds of concessions. everywhere for the very short term thing of getting their properties back in maryland and new york, remember we confiscated those for punishment for what they did. he thinks it's illegal and he's going to make the case to president trump to give those
3:42 pm
back and the president better be ready to answer that. all the way up to lifting sanctions that were done with respect to ukraine and much more ambitious agenda about dividing the world into spears of influence. don't make any mistake, i was in these meeting with president obama and vladmir putin. he comes prepares and he's a formidable interlocator. you have to be on your best game. >> also a veteran intelligence expert. president trump likes the deal. won't it be interesting if in the negotiations president trump gives him a concession and we don't get an acknowledge of the interference. don't turn your phone off for the next few days. okay. still ahead, this is kind of incredible. a defining moment in iraq. the iraqi prime minister declares the end to the isis
3:43 pm
caliphate. what now. what impact will this have on terrorism. a former fbi agent joins me. vice president pence wants your voter data. a lot of states are saying no way. a state official leading that fight will join me. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of. researchers of technologies that one day you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team. lobster and shrimp are teaming up in so many new dishes.fest, like coastal lobster and shrimp, with shrimp crusted with kettle chips. or new, over-the-top lobster and shrimp overboard.
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does the end o f the isis caliphate mean the end of the isis threat? iraqi troops in mosul have captured what was left of a historic mosque. it was in that mosque, this is the picture, that the isis leader declared the caliphate back in 2014. no one knows where he is. there's some reports out he may have been killed. in syria u.s. forces, u.s.
3:47 pm
backed forces have now completely and circled the capital of isis in raqqah. joining me is a former fbi agent, former head of the joint terrorism task force. it's a must read if you want to understand the future of the terror threat and in that book, you make the argument very clearly that don't be distracted by this bright shiny object of the end of the caliphate, of the reduction of property and land that isis controls because the influence they have now is psychological. >> absolutely. we probably will finish isis the caliphate but isis will mutate and the threat will take a different form. we have seen that with al qaeda. we kicked them out of afghanistan. they lost their territory in afghanistan. we destroyed the taliban and al
3:48 pm
qaeda shifted to being an dangerous organization to a message. we battle isis in the physical spaces. it's important to defeat them in the physical spaces. that's only half of the battle. we have to defeat them in the spaces they occupy in the hearts and minds of the alienated and the true believers. only when we win that battle, we will start to win the war. >> for westerners that's where the battle has moved. isis claims that they were behind it every time and yet there's very little evidence now of material connection between anybody operatally and a terrorist. >> isis doesn't need raqqah or
3:49 pm
mosul to inspire attacks in mosul or san bernardino. it's becoming a message. isis losing the caliphate and their that's extremely important. unlike al qaeda when bin laden was killed many of the top leaders were still alive. >> they could just fill that spot? >> exactly. most of the number twos and number three ts have been killed. it's the last symbol that existed from isis. we have no idea who they will appoint after him. there's a big thing going on. that is the only ideological difference between the al qaeda. >> al qaeda and isis are two different organizations but a lot of their adherence are mad
3:50 pm
at the same people for the same things. >> they are not really. now they are two different organizations but they believe in the same isis used to be the al qaeda affiliate in iraq. the difference between isis and al qaeda is just the idea that isis declared the state and they have a califf. if the califf doesn't exist, they have the same ideology and wouldn't be surprised to see them inspired by isis on a later day. >> if you think, it's great, it's important mosul has been taken back and raqqah will be taken back and isis will be defeated but if you think that the world is suddenly safer as a result, that's naive. >> absolutely. because we are fighting an ideology and that ideology will continue. raqqah will cease to exist.
3:51 pm
mosul will cease to exist. isis will cease to exist, but guess what? that message will continue to inspire people around the world. >> around. the author of the new book, it is called, tell me again? >> anatomy of terror. >> excellent book. i read the book, just not the title all the time. kentucky secretary of state will not comply. i'll tell why after this and saturday show tomorrow, "velshi and ruhle." i'll be back after this. our grandson. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse, ask about once-a-day namzaric. namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients taking donepezil. namzaric may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change
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♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. believe millions voted illegally in this election and what evidence do you have of widespread voter fraud in this election if if that's the case? >> the president does believe that. he's stated that before and he stated his concerns of voter fraud and people voting illegally during the campaign. >> why not investigate something? >> maybe we will. >> the trump administration is now investigating donald trump's fully unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud. the president created a so-called election integrity commission. demanding that every state turn over 10 years worth of data on all registered voters. lock at what they're asking for. names, addresses, birth dates. last four digits of social security numbers. voter history. military history.
3:56 pm
all sorts of things. the man leading this effort is the right side of the screen and the former kansas secretary of state. when i interviewed him earlier today, he defended the commission's request. >> this is publicly available information. the commission is only requesting what any person on the street in california can walk into a county election office and get. >> though he does admit that some of the stuff is not legal for states to hand over. there's already backlash, election officials in 24 states saying they will refuse to comply with some or all of the commission's demands. joining me is kentucky secretary of state sallison grimes who sad they'll not release to the commission. thank you for being with us. some of this stuff is public, by the way, so he could just go and get it. >> well, the, what the secretary is stated there is quite overly broad. that's not what the request actually asked for. the request, as you noted, asked for information that no
3:57 pm
individual, no american in their right mind would hand over, let alone hand over to president trump, someone who likes to tweet 140 characters at a time. >> there's two problems here. whether or not you want to give that information over, and the other one is that they seem to be looking to put together some sort of database and given all we're talking about is hacks into our election, it seems to be a lot of information to collect for no particular reason. we're trying to prove a negative he here. >> there's not enough bourbon in kentucky to make this seem sensible. at the top of the broadcast, numerous other states followed not on my watch, are we going to be releasing sensitive information that relates to the privacy of individuals? not on my watch are we going to be turning over something left to the states to run. elections are left to the states under the tenth amendment, to the federal government, and not on my watch are we using a system that's an unsecure web site. they wanted us to actually up load the sensitive information.
3:58 pm
the american social security numbers, dates of birth. wanted us to up load it, a site that as of last night, not even working. we haven't even covered, as you noted, the entire sham reason this commission was created and that's to try to find evidence to support the lie the president continues to perpetuate. >> chris kobac in president said a lot of people in america are dead on the voting rolls and went after the dead guy and said they were shown to have voted and found the dead guy wasn't dead, he was alive mowing his lawn. what are we trying to achieve here? the beginning of the letter to you talks about asking you for 7 recommendations about how to make our, how to preserve the integrity of our voting system. what are you thinking about? >> famous for actually attacking a world war ii veteran and telling him his service in the
3:59 pm
war wasn't sufficient enough to generate his citizenship. that's not the basis for our democracy. we need to be making sure we break down barriers to the ballot box and not build them up. there's room for a conversation here and i'll note under president obama, there was a bipartisan commission that came together to produce a presidential commission on election report. that's a group worth reigniting. that's a group that engaged in constructive discussions about enhancing election administration and ensure election integrity. they're instructive measures secretaries like myself have been taking. that's what we need instead of a national voter registration database. same reason the nra doesn't want a national gun database. every american if you ask them, do you want to turn your social security number, your date of birth, your history of voting over to the president? their answer will be regardless of their party. >> your history of voting. it's remarkable the stuff they're asking for.
4:00 pm
allison grimes, kentucky's secretary of state. good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, ali. before we go, we want to recognize the hard work in this chair during this hour by greta vann z van sustren. "hardball" is next. trump's back for round two. let's play hardball. good evening, i'm steve kornacki in for chris matthews. trump fired off crude tweets about the iq and the looks of morning joe host mika and tweeted again calling it low


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