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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 1, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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thanks very much. >> okay. >> that does it for us tonight. we will see you again next week. we will see you on monday. that's right, july 3rd, uh-huh. msnbc live is next. good morning. i'm dara brown at msnbc world headquarters. it's 7:00 in the east and 4:00 out west. it is day 163 of the trump administration. repeal immediately and then replace it. the president's backup plan should the senate not pass its health care bill. pushback on request for voter data from the 2016 election, state officials telling the trump administration just say no. >> this is an alarming request. i don't know where it's coming from. >> so close to a major victory in the fight against isis. what needs to happen to drive the terror group out of iraq.
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>> we begin with politics and lawmakers are coming face-to-face with their constituents for the first time since the senate republican's efforts to repeal and replace obamacare collapsed. here is how republican senator bill caddssidy responded yestery in a town hall which asked if he would vote on the bill. >> step on their necks by kicking them off their health care at this point, that's cruel, sir. i think what you need to do as a louisianan is go back to washington, d.c. and stand up for the people and say, we need our health care. >> i am doing my best to make sure that we continue coverage, care for those with pre-existing conditions, eliminate mandates and lower premiums. >> meanwhile, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is pushing back against president trump's new idea to repeal and replace obamacare at a later date. he told reporters after an event in kentucky last night that republicans are going to stick
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with their current plan. mcconnell's comments come as a group of senators are asking him to cancel the august recess so they can work on health care and other priorities. meanwhile, more republicans are speaking out in the wake of president trump's derogatory tweets about two msnbc holds this week. >> the president is hurting himself and congress's ability to advance an agenda because it becomes a distraction. and the last thing that the congress needs is distraction when you talk about something as important as health care or what comes next on taxes or what comes next on the budget. so i think it's more disappointing. >> let's bring in gabby and it's great to have you both this morning. >> thanks. >> thanks for having us. >> gabby, first to you because you are reported reaction from inside the white house to the president's latest tweets and this week's controversies. what are you hearing? >> i spoke to someone yesterday who is close to the president who told me after he fired off
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that tweet this week about joe scarborough and mika brzezinski, he ran around the white house asking him staff what they thought and admitting that he knew it was presidential, but still wanted their reactions. it seems like he was trying to gauge the fallout of what the repercussions of sending something like this would be because it obviously was a tremendous personal attack on somebody. and there were some white house staffers who responded and felt that it was just what needed to be said. others kept their heads down and just didn't want to, you know, respond and get themselves entangled in this mess. but i really do think that there comes a point where we need to ask ourselves where tweets like that one we saw earlier this week connect the president with the american people as the white house has said all along. i'm sure that there are some folks who want president trump to fight back against media personalities who have been especially critical of him. but i know that there are plenty others who really think that the
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most effective way that he can punch back is by focusing on governing and really enacting policies that are indisputably positive for this country. >> ozzie, you have covered new york politics for a while now. how much is this in line with trump's actions before he was president and can anyone convince him to slow down on twitter? >> well, apparently he has a couple members of his family in the white house that were supposed to be moderating factors on his behavior, ivanka trump, jared kushner. and there were all these people who were supposed to somehow be whispering in his ear and guiding him to a more presidential path of action. but the idea that these trumps sort of connect him with the people, he plays on these emotional argument, you know? and him deciding to do this, knowing that it is not presidential, that it is sort of beneath the office, that it is in line with every attack that
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he's done before is really no surprise. and he has picked his targets. he's attacked people for how they look. he's not really making an argument about the policy discussion that's currently on the table, which is the health care legislation and he is hoping to get passed. when he distracts himself and others with these kind of personal attacks, it makes people wonder, where is his attention? is he really working to get legislation passed? and it makes people on the edges of these discussions nervous. >> and i want to pick up on that health care. the president is now tweeting that he's okay with repeal and then wait to replace. that didn't flooit fly with mitch mcconnell. what is the timeline now? >> i think mitch mcconnell made it clear that the senate is going to continue on the path that they're already on. but that doesn't mean this tweet yesterday from the president didn't complicate things for the senate. this tweet suggesting that they should repeal now and then possibly delay for a year as
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they find a replacement or replace just later, eventually, i do think that it certainly came at a time, the crucial time for negotiations and wasn't helpful for ongoing talks. because conservatives who were at the the table have long advocated for this approach that the president outlined yesterday, repeal now and replace later. if they now think that is an option, something that the president fully supports, they're going to be far less likely to come to the table and continue participating in current negotiations. >> azi, senator chuck schumer is challenging the president to come to the table and meet with senate democrats on health care. do you think that's possible or do you think it's posturing? >> it would be a great show. i think we all would love to see donald trump walk into a room full of democrats and have him try to sell his argument. what we're seeing right now about this health care debate is one side wants to speak about health care and wants to explain the details. the other side, the republicans,
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are crunching the legislation behind closed doors, they weren't sharing it with other members. we haven't seen hearings about this hinge. they don't want to discuss what is actually in the legislation. when the senators come out and they talk about, you know, we're going to roll back regulations, what they're really talking about are -- is providing health insurance to people and essential services. so to have donald trump sort of meet with chuck schumer, it was a wonderful limitation for people that want to see this kind of debate. it's not likely to actually.happen. >> gabby and azi, stick with me. some state officials are pushing back a request for president trump's voter fraud commission which is skd asking for details about voters in every state. peter alexander has more. >> growing backlash against a sweeping request for president trump's investigation of voter fraud. >> this is an outrageous attempt by this administration. >> following this letter asking
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all 50 states to provide their voter data, names, addresses, dates of birth, party affiliation and even in some cases the last four digits of social security numbers. >> will rhode island comply with the this the request? >> no. first of all, i think this is an alarming request. i don't know where it's coming from. >> from mississippi's republican secretary of state, my reply would be they could go jump in the gulf of mexico and mississippi is a great state to launch from. >> my question is what are you afraid of? it's publicly available information. we're going to analyze it and present it to the public. >> the white house calling it a political stunt. the administration's move is months in the making. after losing the popular vote to hillary clinton, president trump has alleged without proof that 3 million to 5 million people voted illegally. >> voting rights advocates
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question the entire process. >> not only should voters be skeptical of the results, but they should be extremely, you know, sir couple expect about the collection of this data and how it's going to be handled. >> peter alexander, nbc news, the white house. >> you heard them say all the information the white house is requesting is public, anyway. but both republicans and democrats are pushing back, so what is their biggest fear? >> a lot of this information, yes, it is public, but there is some sensitive data that hasn't been released yet. and i think if they question the motives of this commission right now, they're wondering why information that is obvious b in some cases would be needed to be sent to the white house for this investigation into possible voter fraud. i mean, there is an innocuous reason why some people are, you know, doubled up on voter data
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rolls. people move frequently. they die. and they're still kept on those. and these are reasons that have been around for decades. so for the commission to say we need copies of the last four digits of individuals' social security numbers, something that chris covack himself said kansas will likely not provide which is interesting and possibly a bit hypocritical win do think there are sensitive questions about the motives here. >> and azi, before i let you go, nbc has confirmed a new report that special counsel robert mueller hired andrew goldstein from new york to be part of his team. what is your assessment of that hire and how do you read it? >> mueller has taken this investigation incredibly seriously. and i believe people who had been the u.s. attorney in the southern district and very famously had a show yodown with donald trump where he ended up getting fired had praised the hiring, calling him a consummate professional. now, democrats are likely to see
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this hire and say it proves that this investigation is really being handled by professionals.. republicans, people like newt gingrich who are trying to raise doubts about what mueller is doing, is going to see this and say this is further proof that mueller is stacking the investigation of people that already have a motive and an idea about the outcome that they want. so when elected officials sort of take -- when they look at the investigators and sort of undermine their motives and call that into question, you really get the sense that whatever comes out of this result is going to be debated. irregardless of what the results are going to show. >> and gabby, last question to you, are white house insiders worried about mueller's investigation now? >> well, i think that you know what azi was saying, there are a number of individuals who have been brought on to this investigation who have a history of donating to hillary clinton's campaign, of backing democratic candidates. and so there is some concern about that.
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but we should also, you know, place our trust in this administration -- i'm sorry, in this investigation. the president himself said that mueller is a highly respected individual. he is -- you know, has decades of experience as a federal prosecutor and i think that that's something that everybody should be taking into account, whether they support this administration or are eager to see what this investigation determines ultimately. >> gabby, azi, thanks so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you. shouted questions president trump faced at a bilateral news conference with the south korean president had nothing to do with the number one issue, north korea. why some republicans say that is problem. the details, um next. how are your teeth whiter than mine?
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the july fourth weekend in new jersey at the golf club. nbc's kelly o'donnell is live near trump's golf club in new jersey. good morning, kelly. first, what is on tap for the president this weekend? >> good morning, dara. we can imagine that the president is going to have some time with family, maybe a little time at the golf. you know, he's at his golf club, so one might expect he would be doing some golfing. but at the same time, he's also probably doing a little preparation for a big trip that comes next week. that's his second foreign trip where he'll be heading to poland and to germany and that's for the g20 summit. .that stands out because it will be his first opportunity as president to meet with vladimir putin. so there's a lot riding on that. but there's been so much turmoil around his administration. and you talked about the tweets, that certainly got in the way of a big visit from the south
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korean president. and this holiday weekend may give his administration a little break from the controversy. >> the trump family version of an american summer tradition. with a presidential lift to get them to their new jersey home. a fourth of july getaway that leaves the biggest fireworks behind in washington. tweet fallout in the rose garden. and on morning tv. >> he appears to have fragile, impetuous child-like ego. >> the president's series of tweets with personal insults aimed at the msnbc host drew quick bipartisan criticism. >> he needs to put the twitter account away. >> but the white house described it as social media self-defense. >> it's incredible to watch people play arm chair psychologyist. >> host joe scar bureau row claimed three white house officials told him they could prevent an unflatering "national
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enquirer" story if they pulled back criticism of the president. >> they said if you called the president up and if you apologize for your coverage, then he will pick up the phone and basically spike the story. >> the "national enquirer" said it had absolutely no involvement. while the president hit back tweeting, he called me to stop a "national enquirer" article. i said no. president trump said no to any questions, despite inviting journalists to cover three separate event wes south korea's president friday. reacted to jostling for camera positions in the oval office. >> you guys are getting worse. >> so there the president was willing to talk with journalists to comment about the, i think, elbows that were being thrown in the oval office when you had the american journalists familiar with being in the oval office, but the contingent who was with and traveling with the south korean president. so they bumped a table and
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that's what prompted the president to sort of tease them about quote/unquote getting worse. the president will make a brief trip this evening back to washington and then back here to new jersey. he'll be speaking at a veteran's event that's part of the fourth of july holiday sell wragzs. dara. >> kelly o'donnell, thanks so much. and happy now skiing in july? the slopes at man muth mountain are still open just days before the fourth of july holiday. this has happened only one other time. joining me now, the weather channel's reynolds wolf. hey, reynolds. >> good morning, dara. let's take a look at the forecast. it will involve showers and storms moving through the eastern third of the country. dallas and atlanta, storms early, but looks better by the afternoon. chicago, 84 degrees. denver, fantastic. plenty of sunshine. highs going up into the 80s. and los angeles with 76 degrees. we go from today into tomorrow's forecast and what we're dealing with is another bout of severe storms this time across parts of the central plains into the corn
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belt. chicago, a bit warmer, too. bismarck, mid 80s. seattle, partly cloudy and 78. new york 91. atlanta 87 degrees. your monday will be fantastic out towards the west. still quiet. that severe weather a possibility across the parts of the plains. deep south, new york, hot times. 90 degrees and partly cloudy skies. back to you. so now you're looking at video of iraqi troops raising their country's flag in mosul. richard engle joins us next as the battle for mosul appears to be coming to an end.the. ♪ at johnson's we care about safety as much as you do. that's why we meet or exceed 15 global regulations for baby products. and where standards differ, we always go with the toughest.
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sgro a couple of top stories making news this hour. legal sales of recollection rectal marijuana begin today in nevada. the silver state becomes the fifth in the nation to allow the sale of marijuana. the state 10% tax on pot is expected to raise $60 million
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over the next two years. and the ntsb is now investigating the crash of a small plane on a busy los angeles area highway. the the terrifying moments of that fiery crash were caught on cell phone video. the cessna crashed moments after the pilot said he lost power at the last moment. and a developing story, hundreds of people are fleeing eastern mosul as iraqi troops pull out the last pockets of isis in the state. at the same time, iraq's prime minister has declared the end of the isis caliphate after government forces won back a key symbolic site. rich engle is in mosul with the latest. richard. >> we are now in downtown mosul with american and iraqi troops. they are working here in very spartan conditions and working extraordinarily closely together with the iraqis doing most of the front line fighting and american troops providing intelligence device ask calling
4:25 am
in air strikes. >> it's taken iraqi backed forces nine months after house to house fighting, but now they're in the final stages of clearing isis. >> that intat you see back there, that's uncomfortably close.. that's 20 meter gun fights. >> the colonel demands more than 1600 american fighters helping to fight isis. any idea how many isis fighters? >> no. in fact, i'm not even sure it really matters. the daesh fighters are in there are going to fight to the death. >> we went to see the fighters -- holed up in an area now in ruins. >> when you come to the front line one quickly realize how difficult this terrain is. this is the ancient part of mosul. it is a warren of small alleyways, perfect for hit and run attacks. many of the small streets are too narrow for american and iraqi armored vehicles to pass
4:26 am
through them. so it's clear to see why isis would choose to make this part of mosul its last stand in the city. caught the in this battle zone in mosul are thousands of families. many now escaping its isis of terror, its draconian laws and public beheadings. this man saying he was reborn, thanking everyone he saw, even us.. in a mosque not far from here three years ago, isis leader abu al bagdadi announced the creation of its so-called state, caliphate. last week, iraqi forces raised their flag on the spot. >> what does that mean for the war against isis? >> it's a setback for isis. >> just a few more blocks to go to clear mosul, but they could prove to be the hardest yet. >> american commanders won't put an exact timeline as to on when they think the mosul operation
4:27 am
will be finished, but they say it is likely matter of days. back to you. >> richard engle there. thanks for watching. next hour, an aclu lawyer on new travel bans. next, your business with j.j. ramburg. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ (vfirst ingredient?g food's corn? wheat? in new purina one true instinct grain free with beef, real beef is number one. no corn, wheat or soy. support your dog's whole body health with purina one.
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good morning. coming up on "your business," i visit the international franchise show where food trucks like these are becoming big business. we head down to monasis, virginia, where an union cue bader-like company is cashing in on this industry by providing trucks with everything they need. we ask them how they navigate mixing love with business and we talk to the chair woman of the international franchise association about what you need to know if you want to franchise your company. grow fast, two far, work smarter, coming um next on your business.


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