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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  July 2, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. it is 1:00 in the east, 10:00 a.m. in the west. the trump administration defe defending this new tweet and the video with it. it shows trump from his old days having shown up on wwe specials attacking vince mcmahon with a cnn logo. placed over his face. the video also was sent out via tweet from the official potus account. here's what thomas bossert, white house security adviser, said in an interview this morning. >> i'm pretty proud of the president for developing a twitter and social media platform where he can talk directly to the american people. >> you're in charge of homeland
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security there. >> yes. >> that seems like a threat. >> certainly not though. i think that no one would perceive that as a threat. i hope they don't. i do think he's beaten up in a way on cable platforms. he has a right to reto. >> so in a statement cnn says it's a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. clearly sarah huckabee sanders lied when she said the president had never done so, instead of preparing for his overseas trip, his first meeting with vladimir putin, dealing with north korea and working on his health care bill, he is instead involved in juvenile behavior below the dignity of his office. meanwhile, for a second week in a row, health and human services committee tom price is spending his sunday defending the senate gop health care bill. here's how he responded to its progress with colleague chuck todd. >> repeal now. replace later. is that your official stance now? is that an acknowledgement that
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the senate bill is essentially unworkable as it stands? >> now, we don't think so. we think that leader mcconnell and his senators within the senate are working to try to get this piece of legislation on track. their conversations are ongoing as we speak. and so we look forward to hopefully them coming back after this fourth of july recess and getting the work done. >> so also new today, people are gathering in a number of cities calling on congress to begin impeachment proceedings. here's a video of a march taking place in austin, texas, where democratic congressman al green who has been ramping up impeachment talk, is scheduled to attend this event. the vice chair of the senate intel committee says he thought they'd be further along with the russia investigation. here's senator mark warren talking about it this morning. >> in terms of contacts and collusions, i've never seen so much smoke and so many possible threats. at the end of the day, if there is no fire, i will be the first
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to say there's nothing there. but it is way too early to make that conclusion right now. >> all right, so let's go to bridgewater, new jersey, and my colleague kelly o'donnell is there. kelly, lots of reaction this morning to the president's latest tweet. what can you tell us about his public schedule today or what's on the schedule for the president and senior staffers? >> well, being this is a holiday weekend, no surprise, there aren't public events. the president was in washington for a few hours last night where he spoke at a gala for veterans that was hosted by a dallas-area mega church. so he has done a public event today. nothing on a public schedule, but they have told us that this evening, given the time difference, the president will be making calls to the leaders of japan and china. those foreign leader calls as we tend to refer to them are a regular part of his interaction and it of course comes just days before he travels to europe,
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where he will be part of the g-20 summit of the economic powers. so there are lots of issues to discuss there. it also comes right after south korea president, president moon, was in washington for several days, and was at the white house for meetings, for a formal dinner, and so after those conversations, it makes sense to then speak to the prime minister of japan and the president of china when it comes to north korea. so those are serious issues that the president will be dealing with tonight. so behind the scenes, that work will continue. on independent day, we expect he will also do the tradition of being a part of the fireworks and hosting a party on the south lawn. that's before he gets on the plane. first to warsaw, poland, and then to hamburg, germany, for those stops on his second foreign trip. so there's that work that is happening. but there's also time with family and some time with -- some down time today and tomorrow. the reaction to the video that he put out on his twitter feed has certainly been a driving
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conversation today. and we have seen the president use that ability to try to stir things up, to try to get attention on something before. this is a bit different. as you described it. it's sort of a flashback to donald trump, the entertainer, a decade ago, when he was part of the shtick at the wwe. and then now putting it in a context of his running feud with the media. namely cnn but other media outlets including our own. so the president is challenging sort of up-ending the relationship you typically see from a president and the media. always a tense somewhat adversarial, can be contentious relationship, he is taking it to a new level, and we've had members of his administration say it's the right thing for him to do, to try to fight back in his own way. democrats of course see this with a different view. and ted lew of california, congressman who is also an air force reservist, put it in the context of the menned an women
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in uniform and how they might view the president based on this video. here's ted lew. >> i serve in active duty in the u.s. military because i love america. when we send our troops into harm's way, they need to know the president is of sound mind, rationale and doing it for the right purposes. and these tweets make us question that. >> ted lew is frequently a critic of the president and he put it in that very personal context of his own experience, having served and continuing to be a part of the reserves. so lots of different ways of looking at this, thomas, as we've seen. and so much of the conversation is deeply partisan. and both sides are really clashing over this. and then there are questions about how best to try to interpret what the president has said. we've reached out to the white house. his use of this video. what did he mean. what was behind it. we have not heard officially back from them yet. we will see if they response as the day rolls on.
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thomas. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell there in bridgewater, new jersey, kelly, great to see you, thank you. joining me is congressman zellen of, no. congressman, thank you for your time. your reaction to how the president is spending time over his holiday weekend. the latest one in this video where he is fake wrestling, body slamming, vince mcmahon, but has now updated it, superimposing cnn's logo over mcmahon's face. your reaction? >> well, a few thoughts. first off, i'd love to be here, able to answer questions about, you know, the policies that are -- the challenges that are before our country regarding health care and tax reform and taking care of our veterans and wh whatnot. but with regard to the tweet itself, i do believe that the president of the united states is held to a higher standard and should be. i remember growing up, you look up to the president of the united states, and you'd say, you know, some day i want to be
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the president of the united states. or as a parent, you say you want your son or daughter to, you know, aspire to follow that leadership and that standard of being a role model. so i would say the tweet is a modern day something. but, you know, as far as modern day presidential goes, i don't know if, you know, my 10-year-old daughter, i would necessarily be showing the tweet and saying this is, you know, some day you should be president and be following it. now, continuing on with that thought, there is a adversarial relationship that exists, and i think that there are many members of the press, media journalists, who are doing good work to report on the news and unfortunately a lot of the media these days it is based on ratings, you know, websites, hits and clicks. and you're trying to get people to watch and, you know, the more that emotion is stirred, people, you know, tend to tune in a little bit more.
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so for some people who are in the media, i think it's important for them, too, to be better leaders so that, you know, if i was talking to my 10-year-old daughters and i said, some day, if you were going to, you know, be a host on tv or be a newspaper writer or a journalist, this is what you should aspire to do as well. so i think everybody can up their game to be better role models for those kids trying to, you know, understand right from wrong and develop that strong moral compass to the leaders in the world when they get older. >> news is something typically when you break news or you're doing something to investigate, news is typically described as information that's being suppre suppressed. everything else is just pr. when it comes to what happened with cnn and the story they ran with, without it going through editorial vetting before it hit the web, there were consequences. so i would hope you would tell your children as you probably do when you're instructing them right from wrong that if they don't do their job correctly, that there are consequences. for the president who some might
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say is not doing his job correctly and you'd rather be here to talk about health care and veterans affairs services, how can you follow the credible idea or credible lead of your gop president when he would rather spend his time doing this then talking about those very weighty issues you first discussed? >> well, and he -- over the course of this weekend has been talking about other issues as well and last night he had his speech with veterans, talking about another theme. but the fact is this morning he did put out a tweet that has us here talking about that. twitter is an effective tool. one thing to point out, i don't look at the president as, you know, just a standard bearer for a party. i look at the president of the united states, whether it's this president, the last one or the next one as a standard bearer for my country. and that's first and foremost. you know, but regards to
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twitter, it is an effective tool. and he can be using it, i believe, very effectively to deliver his message on his legislative agenda, on the policy issues that got so many people to vote for him last november who they have real concerns about our economy, and health care and infrastructure and that's where i personally would love to see, you know, where the direction of social media use goes. he does -- he has managed to have, you know, quite a big following on social media. a lot bigger than i do. i would suggest, though, that he can do it more effectively than he is now. as far as keeping his agenda on track. >> when "newsweek" did a story and someone on twitter did this yesterday, about the amount of millions of followers that donald trump has. a good portion of them, almost a half, are bots. as we continue to watch the ex-ex ex-pa ex-pa deny chul growth of the president's following,
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there's questions about how valid that really is. but when we have discussing the very important idea of health care in this country and now the president promoting the idea of repealing the aca without an immediate replacement for it, i just want to play for you and get your reaction to how senator ben sass described that today. >> i'd like to say let's do the repeal, then let's try to get 60 out of 100 senators. let's bring everybody into the room. let's do this full time, 18 hour also a day, six days a week. let's cancel the august state work period. let's do it in full public view. >> what do you think about that, sir, about the approach right there, cancel august recess, do it in full public view? talk about what it means especially to the constituents that would affect the area you represent. >> el wiwell, i mean, that stra could work. there's no guarantee for success. it's certainly a strategy that can work. it's not the only strategy that can work.
10:15 am
so, you know, we'll see what the senate produces over the course of this upcoming week as they get prepared to come back. >> would you be worried about the gap that would be created? about just a repeal with the intention, maybe, of a replace? that gap period where people would fall short? >> oh, absolutely. it's important that you're not lifting the rug out from anyone and you have a smooth transition. there's a difference between having a one-page bill that says repeal immediately and a one-page bill that says repeal at some date in the future. what i wouldn't want to see is for someone who's undergoing cancer treatment at sloan-kettering and they're going in for their chemo next week, for them all of a sudden to get news that congress passed a bill that means they don't have insurance coverage for their chemo. that is not an option. so the time line, if you were to talk about the strategy the senator is talking about, i would strongly oppose the idea
10:16 am
of immediately repealing right now. because that would cause a tremendous amount of a damage to the market. but most of the insurance market, most importantly, what that means is the impact on people who are relying on their insurance coverage today for health care services that they're receiving right now. that if you rip away their insurance coverage, they can't afford to continue the treatment. >> right. >> that shouldn't be an option. >> that would leave a lot of people certainly in dire straits. as we know, the cbo has put out its scoring information, saying that the senate bill would reduce revenue by $701 billion. and then the top 1% house holds earning the $75,000 or more would be the biggest winners in this with the type of tax break, tax cut that they would be getting. for society as a whole, much good for it, how does society benefit from the already wealthiest americans getting such a large tax cut for those
10:17 am
poorest americans, some of the most in need for health coverage, losing out? >> well, i mean, first off, with regards to this whole effort to repeal the aca, just like the original effort to create the aca and the creation of the aca, there were all of these new taxes that when you talk about repealing aca and its taxes and its mandates, that is what it means. is you're getting rid of what was there in the aca. when you start drilling in to what those taxes are, you know, there are taxes like the dad k cadillac tax, tax on the policies themselves, on small businesses, on employees, the medical device tax and prescription medication. so when you start getting into the weeds, i mean, the impact of the aca's taxes are being felt on a much larger population then, you know, the top 1% as
10:18 am
you asked and pointed out. so that the path forward as far as the aca goes, when you talk about repealing, repealing aca, that's what it means, it's taxes, it's mandates. it's a lot of good too that can come with working the legislatist process. i'm someone who would love to see more bipartisan involvement but beyond there being a partisan political divide between the parties, there's also an ideological divide on whether or not to have an individual mandate or an employer mandate. what should -- >> one thing that most people do agree on in this country, certainly blurs all party lines, is americans need to have affordable and accessible health care coverage. we'll see where this goes. after the holiday weekend. and certainly into the summer before the recess. have a great holiday weekend with your family. thank you for making time for msnbc. appreciate it. more than 2 dozen states refusing to turn over voter
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this is publicly available nfths. the commission is only requesting what any person on the street in california can walk into a county election office and get. why not look at the data. it's publicly available data. and put the cards on the table and show the american public how significant the issue is. it's just fact finding. >> so pushing back on state's refusal to hand over voting dat to the president's election integrity commission. joining me is the former president of the naacp. also, new candidate for governor of maryland. are you with me? do we have ben? there he is. >> yes, hey, hey, thomas. >> former msnbc contributor, excuse me. because you have to be former as you're running for governor of maryland now. >> exactly.
10:23 am
>> when we talk about what chris coback is saying there and he's saying that most of this is all public data in eway, is that true or entrue? >> he's been flip-flopping all over this. first he asked every state to give him all the data including the last four digits of all voter's social security numbers. then in his role in kansas, he said oh, no, we can't do that. now he's out there saying, you know, this is all out there and it's not. people's social security numbers are very serious. and this is why you've seen states across the spectrum say no, we are not going to give them this data. right now, my state has not. that has us very, very worried. >> the premise of all of this is founded on the fact that the president, you know, suggested that millions had voted illegally. but right now we have a look at the state's as you talk about maryland also involved in this, refusing to turn over information. the states that are undecided on
10:24 am
this, they're ones -- we have a full screen on this, if we can put this up, about which ones are refusing, which ones are the ones that are potentially questioning this. ben, do you think the government can really be trusted to keep this secure and that this is not being used in some type of other nefarious way to benefit the next election? >> the real question is can donald trump be trusted. he came out and lied and said millions of people had voted wrongfully. and that just wasn't true. and then he appoints chris kovac who is known as the king of voter suppress. and then von supaski, who's known as the godfather of voter i.d. all this in a week where he's already started raising money for 2020. and this very much looks like this is about frankly scaring voters, suppressing voters.
10:25 am
the good news, this can all backfire on this. if folks stand up, frankly as with did against the koch brothers when i was at the naacp in 2012, you can use this to organize, to get folks to focus on their vote, how important it is and the need for them to be active. and that's my hope. that's what my campaign is focused on, is actually getting people to see that their vote is very, very important and they need to use it to make sure that they do have a government that can actually have their full faith. >> do you think this is a device of intimidation? we're looking at the different tweets of our president, the tone of intimidation they carry, whether it's towards joe and mika, cnn today, comey, is this really just an administrative arm of intimidation? >> well, look, there are several trends with this president that
10:26 am
are very, very disturbing and not dissimilar from what you see from tyrants across the world. and so for him in this context to be asking for everybody's, you know, last four digits of their social, to be put on a big database, first thing that would be made available to the public, then backing off of that, is frankly very, very worrisome. and that's why you saw the secretary of state in mississippi saying they could go jump in the golf and that's why i've said they should go take a leap off the bay bridge. you know, this is just very, very bottom line, you know, not something that we do in this country. we don't give millions of people's socials, any part of it, to a database that could be hacked and then also frankly could be used by groups like true the vote to try to scare voters from voting. >> i think certain questions many americans would like to know is why spend so much time
10:27 am
on this when the premise is not foundationally set in evidence and the intelligence community is saying that russia meddled in our election, yet this administration has come up with no set plan to secure the elections for the midterm or 2020. ben jealouss, great to have you here, former naacp president. candidate for governor for maryland. i'm advancing your titles. ben, thanks so much. >> appreciate it, thomas. take a look at this, it's the tweet that everybody's talking about today. the president sending this out from both of his accounts. leading up an image of -- brand image of cnn, an old video of him tackling vince mcmahon. does this really resonate with supporters? we'll explore. noo
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10:31 am
refugee camp in lebanon. just take a look at these images. this is the height of the fire. it has taken a deadly toll. nbc's matt bradley gathering information, the very latest. matt what more have you learned? >> thanks, thomas. well, we did hear that this fire spread about 20 minutes, destroying this entire tent city in lebanon's baca valley. about a 40-minute drive east of beirut. about 80 tents destroyed. workers on the ground said they believe this was caused by a faulty appliance, that then ignited or sent out sparks that ignited some of these gas cooking canisters that are prevalent throughout this camp. but this means that about 600 people, 600 to 700 people, have been displaced. these people were already homeless because of the war in syria and now they're homeless again. they're going to be housed in temporary shut shelters amid soaring temperatures in eastern
10:32 am
leb mano lebanon. lebanon is only 4 million people and it has to take in 1 million refugees and it's struggling with incidents like this. it's just the latest thing to afflict this massive population of refugees that have been spread throughout the middle east. thomas, you can expect a lot more tragedy amongst this group of people, thomas. >> yes, victimized, just looking at these images, it's heartbreaking. mad, keep us posted, thank you. so what to expect. that is the question about president trump's meeting with vladimir putin. which is coming up at the g-20. has the administration told us what they're planning? we'll talk about that straight ahead. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories.
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president trump taking his feud with the media to an all time high. a new level here. this edited video showing him at a wwe wrestling match back in 2007. where he's thuggishly tackling vince mcmahon. mcmahon's face has been covered
10:36 am
and the cnn logo put over it. president trump retweeted this from the official presidential account. joining me now is democratic congressman rubin diago of arizona. sir, it's great to have you with me. obviously the reaction to the president's tweets, reporters were constantly asking all electeds to react to this. but it really doesn't matter. it's stupid. and it's not important to what the american people really need to be worried about, which is their health care, their security. because -- >> absolutely. >> -- you are a democrat, do you see this as an opportunity to reach across the aisle and work with disenfranchised republicans that are probably disappointed and angered by such behavior from the president to do the business of the country? can you do that? reach across the aisle? find republicans to work with? >> look, we tried reaching across the the aisle. these are the same republicans in the past have condemned all the other issue, all the other things he's said. then turned around, supported almost alled heinous bills.
10:37 am
for all the tom about being -- feeling disgusted about what he's doing, they still voted for his health care bill. they still voted to gut a lot of the civil rights they were working, trying to protect right now. obviously we'll keep on trying to reach across the aisle. at the end of the day, it's just all talk. it's all lip service. they're going to continue saying they're disgusted with him and turn around, support alled policies. and that's really the most dangerous thing about this. this is distracting for the fact that, you know, close to 23 million people are going to get kicked off health insurance should trump care pass. medicare will be capped. people that need medication will be capped. people who need medicaid to stay in nursing homes will be kicked off. to make matters worse, we're being distracted by these types of fights whether it's with this reporter or this news station. >> yes, trying to incite violence against the media, that's not anything new from donald trump. that's something he tried during the primaries.
10:38 am
t they were calling the media disgusting and liars. there's different work going back and forth now between the house and senate. i want to get your take on immigration bills. your colleagues passed one this week. this is the president. and what he had to say about it during his weekly address and a message to the senate. take a listen. >> this legislation presents a simple choice. either vote to save and protect american lives or vote to shield and comfort criminal aliens who threaten innocent lives. and they've been shielded too long. >> so referring to the issue of crimes by immigrants. sometimes those that are here illegally that are then sent out of the country back to their home turf only to return to repeat offenses. kate's law is something that's been talked about and pushed through, which is to punish those types of criminals, whether they're u.s. citizens or
10:39 am
undocumented immigrants. how do you think the april tied is on the hill for moving forward with those types of bills like the president just encouraged the senate to pass? >> well, i think there's some appetite among some republican colleagues of mine because they need a distraction from the fact they've actually accomplished almost nothing in terms of their agenda. but as somebody who lives, you know, in a border state and has worked on this issue, the two issues they passed aren't going to bring us more security. as a matter of fact, it will probably bring us less security. >> don't we need more american security? something under the premise of kate's law? why repeat folks that have gotten into this country who have been turned to crime and then pushed out only to return again and commit another offense? don't we need something to stop that? >> oh, absolutely. well, to be clear, there's already some laws on the books. the problem with kate's law is that it's grabbing one horrible
10:40 am
situation that occurred and it is a horrible situation, and expanding it to the point it's going to cover people with misdemeanors. people that are not violent criminals. people that, you know, are just trying to reunify with their families. and then you have century cities ban, which is actually going to make us less safe. the cities that have sanctuary city policies on the book are the ones people feel safe because people feel comfortable calling the police. cities that have revoked there, where there's been a 40% drop, people because do not want to call the police on their partners because they're afraid their partners will debt deported. the point being is this is not an easy issue. and what the president's doing, his allies in congress, are trying to make an emotional issue to scare people when, in fact, we should work together to come up with commonsent laws both to protect the country, protect our families and also make sure we're getting ready.
10:41 am
>> letters to states asking for sensitive voter information. some states are willing to work with them. other states are refusing. but this is the only action that we've gotten from this administration when it comes to the promise of integrity around our elections while there is no stance about what this administration feels on the collective findings of our intel community, that russia meddled in the election. as the president prepares to meet with vladimir putin at the g-20, do you have any expectations from the president and that face-to-face? >> well, look, if this is a normal president, my expectation would be a warning to not interfere in our u.s. election system. a reassurance to russia that we are going to back up article 5 of the constitution, i'm sorry, of our nato treaty. and that we are going to also be in support of ukraine to keep their territorial integrity.
10:42 am
i suspect that putin is just going to play to the base nature of donald trump, remind him how he won his election, just to try to placate him, and probably not do anything. will get played by vladimir putin and president trump will not express any of our national interests to our adversary in putin. >> congressman, sir, thank you for your time today, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> so trump calls his twitter use modern day presidential. but could the words, the images, what he says, actually be a risk to national security? chuck todd talks health care on "meet the press," that's coming up in the next hour. stay wuts. stay with us.
10:43 am
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10:46 am
as we dig in further to figure out who that was, it's a 2007 video of trump on the wwe with vince mcmahon. mcmahon's face superimposed with the cnn logo. joining me now, hada gold, media reporter for politico, kevin sareli, bloomberg news. i was checking twir ining twitt second ago so i had to take my glasses off. because i can't see my phone with my glasses on. i know kelly o'donnell's been chasing information about who made this and how the president got his hands on something like it to tweet it. have you heard anything about the origins of it? >> right, as far as we know, this gif or video surfaced on redit which is a popular online site which a lot of people know about, sort of a message board. it was posted about four days ago from what i understand. ended up getting tweeted this morning. we know, kevin can probably speak to this, that dan skovino, the social media person for the white house for donald trump, has been known to borrow tweets
10:47 am
or memes that show up on these types of message boards that are very supportive of the president and also post these types of memes so we don't know for sure how it came into the president's twitter stream but from what we understand it started from this pro-trump redit thread from somebody who posted an edited sort of video of it. >> and so kevin what you know about this, is that what hadas is saying, what you know as well, that the origins come from redit and was most likely co-opted from there? >> hey, thomas, yes, i think practically speaking, that is where all of this came. from a rhetorical standpoint, i think this is rooted in the president trying to tap in to american's distrust of institutions as a whole. whether it's media institutions, whether it's political institutions, and, you know, look, i spent my mid-20s covering practically more trump rallies than not and i can't stop thinking about these rallies. and i can't stop thinking about
10:48 am
going to pennsylvania, arizona, wisconsin, michigan. it's really the twitter account that we're seeing is really the re rhetoric we all reported on on the campaign trail. that said, i mean, it was just, what, a couple of weeks ago, when the president stood in the white house after the congre congressional baseball game and said, quote, honestly, we'd be doing a lot better, and i know the country would be doing a lot better, end quote, if we all tapped into that unity that was displaced. so, i mean, it's the fourth of july weekend and the president is entitled to use his bully pulpit or his twitter account however he wants, but, i mean, i think if you're senator lisa murkowski or senator collins, two prominent republicans who are, you know, the swing votes on a major piece of health care legislation, they've got a lot of questions they're going to answer to, not about health care poll i is but now about these tweets. >> are you hearing -- because, you know, this is basically borne out of the president getting an easy advantage, a moral high ground over cnn,
10:49 am
because of a continuation of some issues that happened, whether it be kathy griffin or reza aslan or different folks that departed from the network, as well as the story they had connecting the trump associate with the deal in russia that only had one sort that got on their web too quickly, they took it down and three people lost their jobs. there were consequences about this. but are you hearing from anybody inside the white house or those of the inner circle of donald trump that this is kind of going too far, that he can have the moral high ground about this, but taking it to this level is only going to come back to bite him? >> so regarding the tweet today with cnn, as far as i understand, we haven't seen any sort of statement from the white house. when it came to things about, for example, mika brie skin zi and joe scarborough, i did hear from some of the president's staunchist allies privately telling me, you know what, they
10:50 am
agree with the sentiment, but they thought it wasn't helpful. because listen, his base loves this. that tweet that trump tweeted with body slamming, the cnn logo, it is by far his most retweeted, most liked tweet i've seen in probably i checked had 100,000 retweets and even more likes. his normal tweets get maybe 10,000 to 20,000 retweets. this is resonating with a lot of people. the thing is with his base they support him no matter what. this might help his base or help the president feel good that he is fighting back. it's not helping him legislatively get anything done and instead of tweeting about health care since june 30 i think he has posted one tweet about health care and a lot more about the media. this is not helpful. i'm sure the white house will talk this away. the president has never advocated violence. if this video is not advocating violence against reporters then i don't know what is. >> this has been retweeted
10:51 am
152,000 times and liked by 236,000 folks. great to have you on. have a good holiday weekend. hope you enjoy some time off. what foreign spies are seeing from the president's twitter feed? a former cia operative will join me next to talk about that. it certainly makes me feel a sense of pride the tenacity of not only that he showed in his life but was given to me through the slaves that i'm birthed through as well. it makes me think that there's really no excuse for me in any area of my life to not be able to conquer anything. ♪ "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem
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10:54 am
so as we have been reporting active weekend for the president's twitter feed. what are potential consequences globally? >> joining me now is former cia intelligence operative who served 23 years. with the president and the tweets from your opinion how are foreign adversaries able to use this to their benefit? >> it is a gold mine. there is the obvious step of understanding where he is thinking and what he is doing and how he sleeps, what moods are and what sets him off. that is very important. there is also indications about
10:55 am
plans and intentions which is the main thing in collecting intelligence. you always want to know what is in the person's mind and what he or the government will do. and then there are things we don't see as easily. this is like a musical organ of different notes that foreign intelligence service will play by media placements and by false information or emphasizing other bits of information all of which will either provoke or support but always manipulate the target. >> how do you think that our national security apparatuses view this behavior? >> it's deeply alarming. this is what my colleagues and i spent our time trying to divine. it's a hard thing to do to get into the head of someone and know their plans and intentions. when you lay it all out in this test or painting like manner of thoughtless and emotional laden
10:56 am
tweets you put everything out there for the foreign intelligence service. you will see obvious steps such as saudis putting a building sized portrait of donald trump so as to flatter him or chinese granting patents to trump's daughter prior to bilateral agreement. those are the obvious things. the things that you don't see that are more profound all the kinds of message manipulation that shape public opinion in the united states and donald trump either to provoke him, anger him or control him and support him in directions that they wish trump and the united states to go. i guarantee you that this is happening at multiple levels every day. >> we see how easily he can be engaged and easily played to respond and react. former cia operative graut eat see you. that will wrap up this hour
10:57 am
of msnbc live. coming up next right here health and human services secretary tom price joining chuck todd on meet the press. (bell rings) with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i kept looking for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i was doing okay... then it hit me... ...managing was all i was doing. when i told my doctor,... ...i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease... ...even after trying other medications. in clinical studies,... the majority of people on humira... saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability... fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;... have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where... ...certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb,...
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because a lot has changed, but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance, the number-one-prescribed, fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. this sunday obamacare repeal and replace is on life support as republicans peel away. >> the bill needs a lot more than tweaking or tinkering around the edges. it needs a major overhaul. >> i didn't come here to hurt people. >> and if republicans can't pass their bill -- >> the markets will continue to collapse and we'll have to sit down with senator schumer. >> my guests this morning, health and human services tom price and two senators who say a bipartisan bill might not be such a bad idea, democrat tom carper and republican bill cassidy. plus, dignity of the office. that presidential tweet storm aimed at two msabc anchors. >> i'm appalled. this is the president of the unitte


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