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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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cnn. this one showed an edited video of himself punching a man with a cnn logo over his face. criticism of the behavior unbecoming a president. no doubt that president trump has ratcheted up his attacks on the news in recent days, and despite widespread criticism, the president defended his use of twitter as modern day presidential. the president now gearing up for that g-20 summit this week. any indication at all he plans to let up on those media attacks and those tweet storms as he heads into what is going to be a very important foreign policy week. >> reporter: there was only one tweet that mentioned fake news, that was in response to the cnn video, saying at one point, for example, the media, at some
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point the fake news will be forced to discuss our great jobs numbers, jobs, economy, success with isis, the border and everything, and there was also the response to the video. but there have also been a number of tweets today about his conversations with world leaders gearing up for the g-20. example he said we'll be speaking with germany and france today, we also spoke to the king of saudi arabia about mid east peace. so he is signaling that he is -- we don't know exactly what the substance of these conversations was and we don't expect a readout said, he also tweeted out that he had conversations yesterday with the leaderings of japan and china. the bottom line is that the summ
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summit coming up will be challenging for trump, because he will meet with leaders that are die metically opposed to trump. his blocking of refugees coming in at a time when germany for example has taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees from syria. so there are those issues, there's the issue of globalization there's also going to be this meeting for the first time between president trump and president putin of russia. the white house has been asked whether he will talk about the election hacking issue, the push back is there there are going to be discusses about issuings like syria. so a lot of range of issues that the president will confront on this world stage with so many nations, we'll have to see how he handles it. but there's going to be a lot of head winds as he tries to keep his policy of america first as his priority moving forward.
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because that is seen by many world leaders as isolationism, something that other world leaders are against. >> let me go to the white house so garrett, the folks there are always left in a position to defend the president's tweets, to say why he's saying what he's saying and at least in terms of inside the white house, and a number of other people who are close to the president, they're not backing down at all, are they? >> no, chris, they're really not. i mean the president's closest advisors have always defended hissal pushing back against the media is something he needs to do to defend himself. the white house has been saying for a while that some folks would like to see we in the media talk more about policy, not these presidential tweets, but if you look back at the people they made available this weekend to speak for the white house, these were all policy
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folks, you had the director of legislative affairs, you had a national cyber security expert and you had tom price on "meet the press." all of those people were asked about these tweets and all of them were defending the president. these are not the president's keeperings of the flame, today we don't have an on camera briefing or any briefing scheduled here at the white house, and it looks like there won't be one tomorrow. but the white house structurally isn't engaging proactively to come out defending his tweets. they're preparing for the g-20, that will be an enormous test and an enormous spot like on this president. >> the questions being raised, where does the president stand on that? >> again, the president's last comment on this was the president's tweet on friday that
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if we can't get repeal and replace together, we'll get repeal and replace separately. so in both of these cases, chris, you see the white house l line that the tweets speak for themselves, these two tweets being held up as having to speak for themselves for the last several days without a lot of cover from the white house or big events to change the subject. >> a lot of members of the senate, almost all of them have november public events scheduled, almost no town halls. let's bring in republican strategist -- there's a lot of ways to look at this, rick, one would be that this is the president trump that voters
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love, one that would tweet a video of himself back when he was closely aligned with the wwe, going after vince mcmahon, now using that as a front for the media, it is the -- i guess the middle ground would be this is kind of a fifth grader saying i'm the president and you're not. and journalists say he's inciting potential violence against the media, this is an attack on the first amendment. what is it? >> neither. >> neither? >> i don't think trump meant it to incite violence. >> is it only about what his followers take away from this? >> he's not president of his followers, he's president of the united states. and he has to appeal to a large group of people and we know that's particularly true if he wants to get a large legislative
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strategy going. people think that trump should stop tweeting, but i don't think his tone is very helpful and this attack, a lot of people criticize the media on both the left and the right, and they can take it and do their job. but the president acting like he's a victim all the time, when you're president of the united states, in order to get a large piece of legislation through, you have to speak to a large group of people. >> i'm not sure that anybody is saying that the president shouldn't ever use twitter, if they say that, it's because they're concerned about the kinds of things he tweets, that he doesn't self-edit. >> i think he understands a bunch of different things. he understands, as rick correctly said, he's president of all the people, not just his followers, but he does understand that these kinds of
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tweets really resonate with the hardest core of his followers and they rev them up and actually that can have a positive impact in terms of that base that republican members of congress need to worry about. i think sometimes he doesn't recognize, i don't know what that health care tweet was about. it didn't speak for itself because it was exactly the opposite of what he had been arguing just a few months before and he kind of lobs this grenade in the middle of a very dicey conversation in which he needs to be wooing republican senators to vote for the bill not saying okay, well, maybe there's another way to go about this. so what was that all about? so i think the tweets are both strategic sometimes and really not very well thought through other times. and i don't think any of us -- he talks about us in the media, wanting him to stop tweeting, i
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don't think we want him to stop tweeting, but i am very confident that the vast supermajority of republican members of congress would like him to stop tweeting. >> if you're secretary of homeland security, the timing could have been better yesterday. apparently he was shown that video in the green room while he was waiting to go on a sunday show and of course he gets asked about it. take a look. >> i want to ask you, is that the kind of communication that you want that he's beating up on sn somebody? >> i think that no one perceives that as a threat, i hope they don't. but he is beat up in a way on cable platforms that he has a right to respond to. >> so is that the company line? >> he must have taken the video as a threat, he's like a
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sycophant, be president of the american people. >> it what's his role in health care, for example, i hear your frustration, i have heard it on the hill privately from a number of republicans last week when they were trying to get this health care bill done, does the president have any role in this especially when he's tweeting things that are the exact opposite of what he said he was going to do on the campaign trail? does he know what he's selling? >> he has no idea. if you took what the president said on the white house lawn when the health care first passed, he called it a terrific bill and then turns around and calls it mean. he said it's going to be great and terrific and wonderful and all but he doesn't sprain wexpl so you have to -- the fact is the president doesn't seem to be interested in the policies that are making their way through capitol hill, but he's more interested in his public image and what he's being said about him on cable news. and all the things about the
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tweets, i mean, i've been traveling around the country, i was recently down in mississippi, no one's talking about russia and russian investigations in mississippi, they're not interested in that. but he's the one that keeps bringing them up. >> you have a president who says i'm president and you're not when he was talking about the media saturday night in washington, d.c., you have on the other hand chris christie, who gets caught in a photograph at the beach while state beachings abeach ins are closed because of a budget impasse and he basically says run for governor and you can have a residence too. you have wnyc on the phone with us? here we go, so then you have his lieutenant governor, rick, of 7 1/2 years, he has a facebook post sighing i sure wouldn't be sitting on the beach if
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taxpayerings didn't have access to state beaches, it's beyond words. >> i'm a jersey girl and actually i'm from chris christie's hometown and going down the shore, as we say, is what we do in new jersey. >> it's a time honored tradition. >> and we really care about it on the fourth of july and he's governor and we're not. but what is his goal here? to go out of office with a lower approval ratings than he has now? i mean this is just the height of political insanity and the height of political arrogance on his part. and even if you're leaving office, it's not what you should be doing. >> he has to leave office because he can't run again, he has a 15% approval rating, but he also has an understanding that his lieutenant governor want his job. >> i think ruth is being unfair.
9:13 am
why shouldn't new jersey's governor enjoy new jersey's beaches all by himself? it looks like he's having a whale of a time. i don't understand why, what's the fuss, ruth? >> i'm not even going to point out that you said whale. >> all right, he says, now in the meantime after he said if you want -- i'm not going to touch that. if you're governor you can have a beach house. his spokesperson's response, ruth, and this is a little bit of jersey chutzpah, was to say he wasn't sunbathing because he has a baseball cap on. >> okay, it's really good to wear sun protection when you're on the beach in new jersey, but when you're on the beach in new jersey and your constituents can't be there, you have a little bit of an appearance problem and that seems about as convincing as a defense as the i'm sure he didn't mean to be threatening anybody defense that we have heard about the
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president's tweets. >> i'm just told, breaking news here, rick, apparently chris christie, one of the criticisms against him is that he has not been promoting tourism, so he's doing a lot of tweeting a picture of a beach and saying yeah we're open. so he's getting back on 3w0rd. >> this is the thing that chris christie would have pointed out and did point out as a presidential candidate. you remember the date and he would stop and he would be above it all and say this is why -- because it's all elitist and it's all -- and so he knowings better. >> i wefbt to campaign events, and one of the things he did do well to rick's point was he would point out the absurdity of certain political situations and he got the crowd to respond to it. and he's right, this is exactly the kind of thing he would have made hay with. >> he would say this is what people hate about washington, i think he knows, this is what
9:15 am
people hate about politicians, a sense of entitlement that you get something that regular people don't. and sure, no one begrudges the president having camp david or air force one, i wouldn't begrudge the governor for having a beach house. >> up next we have the g-20 agenda. the first meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. what will they talk about? and keeping the fourth safe, what homeland security officials are preparing for as america gets ready to celebrate it's 241st birthday.
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it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. well president trump has
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been under fire for his recent tweet storm. saturday he fought back, tweeting my use of social media is not presidential, it's modern day presidential. make america great again. but while trump was attacking msnbc host mika and joe, "the washington post" points out what other world leaders were saying, justin trudeau tweeted we are truly great to live in this great country, canada 150. russian president vladimir putin posted a picture of his meeting with secretary of state henry kissinger all while president trump gets ready to go to the g-20 in germany where he will meet with vladimir putin. how is the world viewing all of
9:20 am
this with the president involved in some tweet storms, i just happened to notice that that wrk we video was on the front page. >> just like americans, i think a lot of people are getting used to the president's rather muir cure yal social media habits, it's something that a lot of people were getting used to in germany last year. remember president trump has come out and made some insulting comments about british people, about british people not being able to go into certain parts of britain because there are certain neighborhoods run by violent jihadis. and whether it's been tweeted or whether it was said outloud in a rally or at a press conference, it doesn't really matter, a lot of people see the meeting of president trump's very off the cuff kind of speaking habit. so a lot of this is seen as very immature and as you mentioned, newspapers here put that image
9:21 am
of president trump beating the sort of the human manifestation of the cnn, and they put it on the front of their newspaper and it's been getting a lot of laughing and jeering about the president. people here used to be a lot more critical of the u.s. president. and a lot of the public here are seeing their own far right populist groups, political groups and candidates surging, so a lot of them are a little more loathe to criticize a lot of these politicians like marine le pen and others. they're definitely more decor rum when it comes to social media. >> the president's going into g-20, a lot of serious issues roiling around the world. how does this affect what they see when their local media covering of what they know of what this president has tweeted and communicated. how does this affect their view of him going into these important meetings? >> i think it damages the
9:22 am
credibility of the united states in these meetings and i think it sends a message to other leaders that they're not quite sure how to have a stable and consistent relationship with the president of the united states because he just comes off as too impulsive like he's winging it and the kind of crowd that he's playing to in these tweets are the sort of folks that actually don't believe in this sort of international deals and the kind of global social contract that america has been about in the past. angela merkel was out there trying to hold the trance tligs relationship together. there's a climate change pact and that has to go forward and there are also rules of global trade that have largely benefitted many of these western liberal democracies and that's very tense so it makes him look unpredictable. and when you look at the latest pugh polls, you saw donald trump's ratings and america's ratings plummet dramatically and part of that is fueled by these
9:23 am
tweets. >> his folks say he's not going to be talking about russian interference in the election, h.r. mcmaster said we have no agenda, it's whatever the president wants to talk about. a, they're going to let him go into this meeting with no agenda? be, vladimir putin is a former kgb officer, disciplined. >> he's the case officer as the head of russia right now, managing the donald trump account. and general mcmaster is a pro. general mattis are pros, the peop people around the president are proings, maybe they're fooling us, maybe they're pretending that the president is going to casual, not have an agenda, go in and have an engagement with putin and maybe beneath all of that show there is a well thought out plan of the strategic objectives that donald trump has that he's going to try and convey in this loose way. that would be brilliant if that were the case. i don't think that's the case,
9:24 am
but i would be the first one willing to say, you know what? that was a very interesting bit of stage craft if the president were able to pull that off. but the negotiation that h.r. mcmaster is saying we don't have an agenda, it's whatever the president wants to say is a very scary thing because vladimir putin does have an agenda, he does have a well thought out game plan about how he wants to split the trans-atlantic alliance, how he wants to stroke donald trump's ego and how he wants to get things that russia wants and we need to be very, very cautious about this meeting. >> in the meantime, people suggest that he should be preparing for this g-20, the president among the many things he's tweeting about put him squarely in the middle of a hotly debated end of life issue, tweeting just a while ago, if we can help little charlie gard we would be happy to do so. >> this is an issue that's been
9:25 am
big news here and has been almost unheard of in the united states, charlie gard is a 10-month-old baby boy and he's afflicted with a very rare genetic condition called mds, it's debilitating, the parents want to keep him on life support. there's been multiple appeals, saying he must eventually be taken off of life support. the courts are saying they might be able to extend that. you probably haven't heard of mds because only 16 children worldwide are thought to have this disease. essentiallitis a mitochondrial genetic condition, it causes muscle failure, deafness, blindness, this child, charlie gard will not be able to go back on the debilitative brain condition that he already has.
9:26 am
the parents have been able to raise 1.3 million pounds to seek a doctor in the united states that says he's able to offer charlie something like an experimental therapy, not a cure, but something that could help extend his life a little bit. but the court in britain and indeed the european court of himan rights say they won't allow charlie to seek medical attention in the united states because that would only delay the agony of charlie and his parents, you can see president trump coming to the defense of a very, very sick little baby and his parents or you can see the president exploiting a very, very sad situation and two parents who are simply hard wired to keep their baby alive and whether go to any lengths to see that happen. >> tragic. thank you so much matt. coming up, presidential distractions could the tweets from president trump take a
9:27 am
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in the last five days, the president has tweeted 11 times for example about the media, once about health care. health and human services secretary tom price defended the president's tweets on "meet the
9:31 am
press." >> i'm just asking you as a father, if your son tweeted about a woman like that, what would you say to him? >> chuck, this is really remarkable. you got incredible challenges across this nation, incredible challenges around the world. the challenge that i have been given is to address the health care issues, and your program, a program with an incredible history of "meet the press" and that's what you want to talk about? >> mr. secretary, with all due respect, you're blaming me for what the president of the united states has spent his entire week focussed on? >> no, listen to me with all due respect, the american people are tired of a health care system that's not providing choices. >> so you're one of the democrats who's taken to twitter to show your outrage over the president's tweet, asking people to remember, professional wrestling isn't real, but 22
9:32 am
million americans losing their health care is. on the other hand, republicans say we're focusing too much on the tweets, democrats won't work with them on this, chuck schumer is disingenuous, is there plenty of blame to go around? >> there's blame to go around, but on the other hand, thespend lot of time attacking the free press. instead of that, i think he should be focused on how he should be -- i think the president should just put it on ice, come to the table with democrats and move forward for the american people. >> let's be realistic here. you can't even get republicans on the same page, and they have
9:33 am
very deeply held beliefs, like on one side you have, you know, the republicans who say this is going to cost us way too much money, the rand pauls of the world, who are just completely against it. you have more moderate republicans who are worried about their constituents losing coverage. >> i'm the ranking member for health care on the oversight committee. and i and the republican chairman presided over bipartisan hearings to tackle skyrocketing prescription drug prices, this is an area where the president has actually taken a positive position with regard to the issue, someplace where we can actually find some consensus between republicans and democrats in terms of how do we tamp down prescription drug prices, which are otherwise skyrocketing and threaten to bankrupt our system. i have also heard good ideas on the other side about how do we
9:34 am
attract more monyoung people to join the exchanges because we immediate more young people to spread the risk pool and reduce the costs. >> democrats, at least some of them will never let this happen because they don't want to give the president a win, i know you have heard that, what do you say to them? >> look, i'm just tell you what some republicans and i did about a week and a half ago, we came together on a bipartisan basis to basically pass a bill unanimously through the u.s. house of representatives, with regard to the reauthorization of technical and vocational education. hopefully this law passes the senate, and the president will sign the bill. if he takes credit for it, great, but it's going to help all the american people, that's why both democrats and republicans supported it.
9:35 am
>> what are the chances that something gets done in terms of making this bill better, of making obama care whatever you want to call it in any new iteration better? >> i think it's better than 50%. >> really? >> basically what i'm seeing in the senate, is basically the bill that is currently pending has stalled, because there are too many people in the senate on the republican side who are not willing to go forward at this point with that bill, stripping 22 million people of their health care. because of that and because of the fact that we do need to improve the system right now for the working families who are on it, i do see some improvements in the offing, but, you know, obviously it's got to go through the legislative process, i hope we do that in a bipart san way. up next, inside mosul, nbc's chief correspondent richard engel behind the lines with the iraqi security forces.
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and now to the fight against isis, iraqi troops locked in fierce street to street combat with isis fighters in the northern city of mosul, all in a final push to seize control of the city from the militants. richard engel joins us now from mosul. >> reporter: we're now in the city of mosul, and you can see there is smoke rising from everywhere on the skyline, most of that is where there's been air strikes called in by iraqi forces. this is iraqi forces like this man right here who are doing the front line fighting, they're clearinghouse to house, and when you go in some of those houses, they a booby-trapped, some of the soldiers aren't in there right now had to be evacuated, had to be literally carried across this rubble.
9:40 am
this is a tough fight, but iraqis say with the american support they are winning it. they say there is only a little bit to go in the city, a little bit still more to clear before all of mosul is free from isis control. there are still people here, there are still some civilians, a lot of the civilians have previously left, but the civilians that are living in this area, many of them were trapped because they were so close to isis fighters they were effectively hostages. now that the iraqis are advancing, it is opening the way for some of those militants to leave the area. the iraqi command that i have been speaking to think the battle could be over in a couple of days. >> obviously we're talking about the war on terror, on isis, the president tweeted this morning, at some point the fake news will be forced to discuss our great job numbers, the economy, success with isis, the border and so much else. so let's talk about it, does this represent some success against isis.
9:41 am
>> i think without a doubt there's some success against isis, this has been happening over time, but certainly you have seen isis's hold on territory shrinking, certainly mosul will be taken by iraqi forces with u.s. help. great reporting by richard. >> time and time again, he puts himself in harm's way so we can see what's happening on the front line. >> certainly in syria, you see forces aligning around the capital of isis in iraq. >> isis is next, they're going to finish there, and they can sort of redeploy their energy and thought processes. >> if you look at the map of the territory that isis has controlled over time, it's getting smaller and smaller certainly. the challenge is this, though, chris, what comes next. you saw the destruction and rubble, what happens in places where isis has been dislodged. you have isis establishing itself in other parts of the world, you have seen this siege in the southern philippines
9:42 am
where isis flags have flown against philippine forces, and you have seen the terrorist attacks in europe. the battle space is global and it's different than in the past. >> also joining us now is ambassador michael mcphaul. the president scheduled to go to the g-20 summit later this week. general mcmaster said that they don't have an agenda, that trump is just going to go in there and win it. how do you see this meeting going? >> well, i agree with you. the meeting between prime minister president
9:43 am
trump. he has two things to get done. one he wants a quote unquote good meeting with president trump, he wants to show that they have a rapport and that they're going to work together in the future. i don't think that's in america's interests, but that's what wants. i think he'll try to get some of the sanctions lifted, particularly the ones done very lately in the obama administration, when president trump said great job putin, i knew you were smart for not responding, putin now wants pay back for not responding back in november. >> critics have said vladimir putin is absolutely great at reading him. he's going to go in there, he's going to flatter him, he's going to manipulate him. are we overstating either president putin's abilities or
9:44 am
president trump's naivnaivete. >> he always does his home work, he looks back to things in their past, he is going to appeal to him. he's going to say you and i are allies against the deep state in your country and fake news in your country, i wouldn't be surprised if he used a phrase like that, and pragmatic strong men like us, we need to work together to get things done. that's how he's going to frame it. whether he gets to substance or not. but that is the way he wants to frame it and how the president will respond, that to me is more mysterious. in other meetings he has had with other officials he has been swayed and he sometimes put the goal of the meeting of a good rapport and that shouldn't be
9:45 am
the goal. it should be about american interests and not just happy talk. >> one of the department's -- just resigned and posted i think on one of the social media sites that it was just impossible to do her job holding companies accountable for ethics and compliance when she works with an administration that engages in conduct that would never be follow rated in corporations. she mentions a lawsuit pending against the president suggesting he's ethically challenged, although no outright accusation of wrong doing, what is this about this administration, is this just sort of an out there kind of incident, or does it speak to something larger about the difficulty they have had in keepi keeping -- >> i do think it's troubling in a couple of ways, one, in the sense that the ethical challenges of the administration, affecting the eight of the u.s. to actually
9:46 am
implement the law. i have heard some d.c. oj officia -- doj officials talking about how to apply anti-corruption laws and standards internationally and impose those standards if in fact there's a perception at least that we're not adhering to those standards at the highest levels. that may be unfair in terms of those perceptions. the second problem is to the extent of the political divides that we're seeing that are largely political dates are going to the heart of our administration of justice, to career prosecutors and others, that's troubling because we would hope that they would remain sort of beyond the effects of the political dialogue and would be able to do their job, that's the argument, that's certainly my hope. to the extent that this is a canary in the coal mine of others that are going to have trouble doing their jobs, that's not a good sign. i don't know who this person is
9:47 am
personally, and i don't know what their political -- those are two signals that i would watch that are potentially problematic. >> ambassador mcfauphaul always good to see you. and coming up, power plays, chris christien the beach, president trump on the golf course, both hitting back against their critics. that's next on msnbc. i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause
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by now you have likely seen the pictures of new jersey governor chris christie at a beach during a government shut dourp even as carloads of families were turned away from beaches. his response to the criticism, not much different than president trump. >> because the governor has a residence at the beach. others don't. that's the way it goes. run for governor then you can have the residence. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house. but i'm president and they're not. >> joining me now, nirk johnston and media reporter at "politico." -- nick johnston. >> i want to lay this out. you have new jerseyans up in arms about this. one writing on facebook. he and his family should not be allowed to stay in the house or use the beach. government facilities are close
9:52 am
for everyone. get out. his own lieutenant-governor running for governor responded this way, if i were governor i sure wouldn't be sitting on the beach if taxpayers didn't have access to state beaches. it's beyond words. then, she just posted this on twitter, saying it's hurting business on the shore. in fact, she names a particular tavern at the entrance to island state beach park that would be full if the beach was open. the governor defending himself on a local news station this morning. >> the governor has two residences in new jersey, one down at the beach at the state park and one another. the governor is allowed to go to his residences. i'm at my residence. i'll tell you this, i said last monday a week ago today no matter what happened we were coming here as a family this weekend. this is where we live.
9:53 am
what a great bit of journalism by the "star-ledger." they actually caught a politician being where he said he would be with the people he said he would be with, his wife and his children and their friends. it's really a bit -- i'm sure they will get a pulitzer for this one, they caught me doing what i said i was going to do with the people i said i would be with. >> nick, what do you make of that response. it's perfect chris christie. kudos to him for owning it. he said he was going there. they took a picture of him and he said, yep, that's me. that sounds like a politician that is not running. he's not sweating this at all. if he runs for office i guarantee you this iconic picture will show up and he went to the beach with his family and been planning for this. >> he has but he has a lieutenant-governor who has been his lieutenant-governor for 7 1/2 years now in the position
9:54 am
of putting out statements and tweets essentially saying, stop it already, if i was governor i wouldn't do this. >> right. she has to distance herself from him. the optics, whether or not you agree he should have access using that beach because he's governor, the optics are horrible. the "star-ledger" chartered an airplane and knew he would be there and made a couple passes over there. chris christie clearly saw they were there and there were pictures of him looking up in the camera. he knew it was coming and very sick christie of the way donald trump speaks. nick is right. it doesn't matter for chris christie anymore but does have ramifications for politicians who attached themselves to him in the past. >> and ramifications about democrats in new jersey probably pretty happy about that front page story. i have to ask you about news steve bannon told colleagues he wants to raise taxes on the
9:55 am
wealthiest americans to pay for steep, middle and working class tax cuts. what else can you tell us. >> talking about classic chris christie, classic steve bannon, zigging when republicans zag, getting a way to pay for the taxes. republicans hate this idea. no one will go along with this idea and it rivals any tax increases and it will be a battle in the trump white house and on the hill later this year as trhey try to get tax reform done. >> tax reform had been on the back burner and trying to get healthcare. now you a talk we do a repeal bill and worry about replacing it later. where is that going? >> there's not a lot on that.
9:56 am
there's a lot on how to approach the healthcare. they had plans to have action before the fourth of july recess. obviously it hasn't happened. it's unpopular. you look at a lot of coverage in the last few days, a lot of the press haven't been focused on donald trump's tweets against cnn, they have been focused on the impact on local communities. >> no doubt about that. thank you so much. good to see you, nick. appreciate it. we have a lot more ahead on msnbc. stay with us.
9:57 am
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that's going to do it for this hour. i'm chris janssen. katy tur up next. hi there, my friend. >> it is 10:00 a.m. in the west and 1:00 p.m. in the east. here is what we're watching this hour. twitter mackdown, the fallout from the president's tweet showing a body slam editing the media affecting his ability to do his job. >> diplomat in chief making calls to world leaders preparations ahead of his second overseas trip while in office. beach backlash. new jersey shorelines are closed because of a government shutdown for everybody except chris christie and his family, who enjoyed what amounted to his very own private beach this weekend. can his approval rating go


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