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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that's going to do it for this hour. i'm chris janssen. katy tur up next. hi there, my friend. >> it is 10:00 a.m. in the west and 1:00 p.m. in the east. here is what we're watching this hour. twitter mackdown, the fallout from the president's tweet showing a body slam editing the media affecting his ability to do his job. >> diplomat in chief making calls to world leaders preparations ahead of his second overseas trip while in office. beach backlash. new jersey shorelines are closed because of a government shutdown for everybody except chris christie and his family, who enjoyed what amounted to his very own private beach this weekend. can his approval rating go any
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lower? we start this monday with president trump beginning his war on the media but awol when it comes to the republican agenda, even as republican senators are at home handling the fallout from that stalled healthcare bill. the president is on twitter again today continuing to attack journalist. on sunday, he posted an altered clip from an old pro wrestling appearance in place of the wwe's vince mcmahon, the president is seen tackling the cnn logo on top of a guy's face there. garrett at the white house and an analysis from our reporter panel, let's start with you, garrett. how is the white house responding to this? are they pushing donald trump along? are they saying this is a great idea? >> that statement from the president, let's remember what these are, statements from the president, came out yesterday morning in time for many of his surrogates appearing on the
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sunday morning talk shows yesterday to be asked about them, mostly policy experts on tv. almost all of them declined to engage with the specific content of the tweet beyond saying it's within the president's right to defend himself. we've not heard today from sarah huckabee sanders or sean spicer or kellyanne conway, any of those most vocally out there defending the president's right to attack back this way. notably, kelly, with the house and senate out this week, we've not heard from the chorus of republican lawmakers we usually hear from when the president's remarks are perceived to have cross adeline aed a a line and out. and then challenging the media to report on the republican agenda. i think we have it on the screen. the president says at some point fake news will be forced to discuss our great jobs numbers, strong economy, success with
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isis, a strong border. this president has been promising a news conference on the isis issue alone for months now. that has not materialized. a bit of back and forth about who's choosing to not talk about the issues. >> when he says they'll be forced to cover these things. what does he mean by "forced"? >> your guess is as good as mine. i don't know how the media are forced to cover any of those. those issues are happening in this country. i don't know anyone in the political press who are forced to cover it. you and i cover the healthcare debate on a daily basis. i have no idea what he means by that statement. >> we cover a lot and what the president tweets. more often than not he's tweeting attacks on the media or somebody. >> they are statements from the president of the united states as his spokespeople have said from the white house. >> we should start calling them statements and no longer call them tweets. thank you. ron allen, you're in bridgewater
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with the president. what is he doing today? is he preparing golf or preparing for this next foreign trip? do we have any idea? >> reporter: we know from his tweets or statements he says he's been in touch with world leaders preparing for the g20 semitic that happens friday and saturday in germany. tweets saying he had been in touch with leaders of france, germany and italy and he had conversations by phone with leaders of japan and saudi arabia. the white house was pushing this was a weekend of preparations for that important summit where he will encounter a number of important issues where he is diametrically opposed to other leaders around the world, particularly the host of angela merkel of germany, like climate change and free trade and we expect him to have the one-on-one meeting on the sidelines with vladimir putin and the big question whether he will bring up election issues, syria, ukraine and an informal
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discussion. and a tweet about a situation in the united kingdom, heart wrenching about a 10-month-old little boy named charlie guard, who has a rare genetic deadly brain issue. the president tweeted the united states would be willing to help this little boy. he said if we can help little charlie guard, as per our friends in the uk and the pope we will be delight to do so. the big issue is the parents of the little boy have been prevented from bringing him out of the country by european courts and authorities in great britain for this experimental treatment. why they blocked this from happening is intriguing. bottom line, president trump intervened in this. it's unclear where he heard about this situation or why. it's a heart wrenching situation about a little boy near death if
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he doesn't get this experimental treatment. why british authorities won't let this happen, unclear. one last thing, he had a busy day tweeting and making statements. we're told the president made a phone call to a world war ii veteran, lieutenant colonel dick cole, who is over 100 years old the head of the doolittle raiders after a pearl harbor attack in world war ii. not a lot of explanation why the president made this call. apparently the survivor is injured. these things are happening as well the tweets about the media. busy day for the president, moving in a lot of different directions. >> that's an understatement, ron allen. appreciate it. on sunday, president trump's homeland security advisor tried to defend his boss's controversial tweet. >> that seems like a threat. >> certainly not.
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i don't think anyone would perceive that as a threat, i hope they don't. he is beaten up in a way on cable platforms he has a right to respond to. >> joining us now is allen jacobs, political reporter and columnist and a columnist with business insider. the president himself tweeting out that video a few days after sarah huckabee sanders saying he never incites or condones violence in any way. >> which was statement which was inaccurate then as we all remember from the campaign trail. it was very strange video, came out of a reddit sub-forum. the idea of a president metaphorically body slamming the media september is a little bit loaded these days. >> i don't want to put you on the spot to this, as somebody who this happened to, what was
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your reaction? >> disbelief, as per i think many of us when we see occasional tweets from the president. there's a little bit of, did he really tweet that? that suddenly struck me the same way, suddenly the realization this would be a new focus on the incident and also the fact that in such a loaded environment it could be viewed as frankly and incitement to violence against journalists. >> jonathan, critics say that -- some critics say maybe he's trying to distract everyone's attention, doesn't want to talk about healthcare, doesn't want to talk about the "wall street journal" story about michael flynn, doesn't want to talk about backlash to the voter fraud panel. is that what you're hearing? >> it seems obvious to me that's what's going on here. the president has an agenda in congress that is stalled, he has investigations going on into
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him. he picks a fight with the media that rightfully don't fight back in the same way and tries to get them into this frey a little bit and goes, the media is not covering what's going on. i'm on a trip through the midwest on vacation right now through some of the industrial states reporting to his victory. people are talking about the healthcare bill and what it will do for them or to them in some circumstances. that's what they're interested in and what they care about. what's going on at conversations at dinner and ballparks. i think the president is looking for anyone he can get a win against. the media seem to be an easy pick, an easy foil because they're not going to fight back in the same way. >> allen, is that right or part of who he is right now, he can't take any criticism whatsoever so the folks who are criticizing him, he will go after, not necessarily that he's trying to distract but all he knows how to do. >> we've seen it from president
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trump since he started running for president. when someone criticizes him he will fight back like mika brzezinski and joe scarborough which seems like days ago but only late last week. this latest tweet, it's clear, even if he's not trying to make it part of his strategy, he can post this tweet, his second most re-tweeted tweet itself and a cycle in and of itself and he can say, look, the fake news isn't covering all these other things. >> let me play something from saturday night. president trump was giving a speech to a group of veterans organized by evangelical calls and the conservative salem media group. look at what he did at this veterans event. >> the fake media is trying to silence us. but we will not let them. because the people know the truth. the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house,
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but i'm president and they're not. [ applause ] >> sounds a little bit like chris christie, i get to go to the governor's mansion because i'm governor or the governor's beach house. they're not president, i am president. is that how a president runs a country, by saying the ones that aren't with him, he doesn't need to represent? >> this has been his strategy since day one, it targeted his base and supporters. the media, we are very easy foil, not terribly well liked in some corners. president trump has been harping on this over and over again because it's a message that clearly resonates with some people he is trying to target. >> let's put this aside because i'm getting a little tired of talking about the president and whether or not he wants to attack the media physically or metaphorically. ben, let's talk about healthcare. several senators are pushing a repeal now replace later. take a listen to ben sasse.
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>> i think we need to do both, repeal and replace. i'm a little agnostic whether they're paired or separated. >> here's the problem. i don't think we're getting anyone with the bill we have. we're at an impasse. >> sometimes when you lump too many things into one piece of legislation you doom its likelihood of success. >> they were all just there talking about potentially repealing and doing replace much later. is that a viable option? >> that's probably not a viable option but it doesn't look like there's any viable option right now. the attempts to build together a compromise on capitol hill are looking tougher and tougher and it's harder to get moderates. this repeal and replace maybe some time later may be something to rally conservatives, folks like rand paul who have been skeptical and conservatives in hopes of doing something for this long standing campaign promise that looks further away
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than ever from accomplishment. >> senator majority leader mitch mcconnell nixed that saying repeal now and we place later won't work. quote it's not easy making america great again, is it? that's not a very subtle dig at the president, is that, jonathan? >> no, it's not a very subtle dig at all. i'm surprised the majority leader was surprised to see what essentially was a white flag of surrender on the flag of repealing and replace the other day, maybe repeal first and try to replace later. i think senator mcconnell is wise enough to know threatening the american public with having essentially no healthcare plan in place of obamacare to get senators to vote on something they haven't been able to agree on proposed for 7 years is a bad idea as well as the policy level of leaving all those americans
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in the cold. kind of a disaster now. what you're watching in congress is congress walking around in circles. the republican house and senate passed a repeal bill, basically a straight repeal bill. and the only reason they got the vote it for because they knew he would veto it. they're lost now and they're looking for leadership and i don't think senator mcconnell has been very helpful. >> remember, republicans control the house, senate and white house. jonathan allen smith and my friend, ben jacobs, thanks very much. the president's commission investigating voter fraud is running into republicans in as many as 30 states, several republican leaning states as well. is it a waste of resources? getting rally against a republican bill that could be voted on in the senate in the
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president trump's commission investigating so-called voter fraud is running into increased republicans from individual states today. so far 30 states are refusing to provide the data requested by the panel. that includes kansas the home state of commission chairman kris kobach, who also serves as the kansas secretary of state said the social security numbers requested by his commission are not publicly available according to kansas law. let's bring in bob bauer, former white house counsel and he co-authored the bipartisan report in this country. why would states not want to hand over this information? >> any number of reasons, in
10:19 am
that it's not legal that secretary of state is asking for. it's not at all clear to election experts what it is the secretary of state and his commission intend to do with this material. if one guesses it a, they're going about what they say they want to do in a wrong way and rather than enhance voting rights, likely to be threatening to them. >> what do you think they're trying to do with this? >> i think they're operating on two levels. one, a messaging level trying to send out -- this is typical of these sorts of tactics, some general dark message there's significant voting fraud in the united states and presidential level commission that will look into it and do something about it. part of it is a public relations stunt, quite frankly. the other part of it is they're probably trying to figure out a way to create a record there's something wrong with voter
10:20 am
rolls, untold 3 to 5 million voters president trump talks about who are illegal voters voted in the last election and likely to voted in the next but they're not set up to do anything like that. so they're left with the messaging. now, what we see is extraordinarily clumsy execution and states refusing to execute. it's really a debacle. >> president trump tweeted he would have won the popular vote if it wasn't for what he said was widespread voting fraud. said deduct the millions of people who voted illegally and i would have won. the non partisan center for justice tweeted the bcj report found a total of 30 cases of possible non-citizen voting. that's 30, not 30,000, 300,000 or even 3 million, just 30 cases. if there's no wide scale voter fraud what exactly is this panel
10:21 am
trying to do? are they trying to, as critics might worry, get into voter suppression? >> for a long time it's been clear from the scholarship there isn't anything like the voting fraud president trump suggested there is. this commission is intended to cast some doubt on that scholarship and findings and create impression maybe there is. at that point, they may be looking to go to congress to say we have a significant problem with voter fraud. there are legislative measures that need to be taken to stop it. it's taking a very bad situation for those who are of the view there is voter fraud, no facts to support it and create an alternative reality to use for legislative and other matters. >> they could try to make the argument this is a partisan thing. the problem they're having a lot of republican states and republican governors are saying
10:22 am
absolutely not. here's craig melvin a short time ago on msnbc. >> if donald trump asked for not only your address but your date of birth, your political affiliation and your entire voting history along with the last four digits of your social security number, would you give it to him? the answer from kentucky and states around the united states is resounding, no. >> that's quite a lot of information that they're asking for. >> yes. including for example information by law they cannot provide, information by law cannot be put on the public record and therefore is not the way most public records -- most records of the advisor commissions like this are supposed to be made public. all in all i say it's a debacle because, really, in a long history of election administration advisor commissions we've never had anything quite like this. a combination of an illegitimate purpose coupled with rank incompetence. >> asa hutchinson the governor
10:23 am
of arkansas is hesitant about this. take a listen what he said. >> by and large, i would be very hesitant to send out voter data available here in arkansas into a national database. i think we handle it well in arkansas. we'll wait and see what the letter says, i'm a little hesitant about it. >> given all this resistance, what will happen next? will they have to pull the plug? >> it would be best if they did. i don't know given his commitment to show he was right all along, whether there's any option for them to turn tail and run but to save themselves further embarrassment that's what they should do. >> how can they come up with the millions of votes fraudulent to them if they don't exist? how will they back it up for him to save face. >> i think we're in the realm of
10:24 am
alternative facts. i think we will take misinformation and weave a tale around it and misrepresent it. this is not an understudied area. there is a bipartisan effort to look at these issues. they're not going to persuade anybody that they have useful information. >> former white house counsel bob bauer, thanks. still ahead, new jersey state beaches are closed on one of the busiest weekends of the year because of the government's shutdown. that did not stop governor chris christie from enjoying the shore. must be good to be gov. there's a lot of cash in here. ♪
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. as bruce springsteen said down the shore everything is all right. except not really today. down the shore in new jersey the state beaches are closed because new jersey is one of nine states that have not passed a budget. chris christie, new jersey has, decided to shut down the beaches and state parks, most of them. he has come under heavy criticism after he and his family were photographed enjoying the sand while it was shut down to the residents. >> the governor has two residences in new jersey. one down at the beach at the state park and one other.
10:29 am
the governor is allowed to go to his residences. i'm at my residence. i'll tell you this, i said last monday a week ago today no matter what happened we were coming here as a family this weekend. this is where we live. >> christie has a 15% approval rating, just listen to one of his constituents. >> he just doesn't care anymore. he's at a point he's checked out. that's fine, that's his prerogative. there's six months left. i hope he focuses on it. it just doesn't feel that way. >> a statehouse reporter for the record joins me now. chris christie is sitting on a beach with his family while the beach is closed essentially making it a private beach for him after he shuts down the state run beaches and state parks. his office was asked if he got any sun. he said, no. when confronted with these pictures taken from a plane, by
10:30 am
the record the spokesperson say, no, he didn't get any sun, he was wearing a hat. >> right. i didn't get that response from the governor's office. that was given to "the "star-ledger."" >> ""star-ledger,"" what i meant. >> they took the photo. i'm not sure if it was a joke or dismissive response or serious. it doesn't sound like it was very serious. very clearly he was sitting on the beach with his family under the sun. >> why this is governor -- does this show, if you're a critic or living in the state of new jersey and frustrated you can't get to one of these beaches and you have a low regard for your governor, after all, he has a 15% approval rating, does it show as that one gentleman said a moment ago, the governor doesn't care anymore. >> yeah. i think if you're somebody who has a negative view of christie -- >> which is the majority of the state. >> which is a lot of people in this state. a vast majority of people in
10:31 am
this state dislike governor christie. and so this really is very off putting to them to see the governor lounging on the beach with his family while this particular state beach is closed down to them. now, there is over 100 miles worth of beach that residents and visitors can go to in new jersey, so it's not like they lack for options. it's all about the appearance of it. the governor shut down the government and he gets to play in this big sandbox basically. >> yeah. the governor made that point a moment ago about the other beaches open. tweeting, another beautiful day at the jersey shore. our beaches are open, full of people, come and see for yourself, and you can hit the boardwalk. that followed his tweet earlier where he said new jersey beaches are open and 119 of our 130 miles of coastline. come and enjoy them but use sunscreen and hydrate. he is making the point a number of beaches are open.
10:32 am
the reality is there is a government shutdown. he shut down the state beaches and parks, including liberty, across the bay from the statute of liberty. people are pouring in for fourth of july to try to use them, they're closed and the governor of the state looks like he's enjoying a vacation. will the tweets say look at all the other beaches open help gird his argument it's not as bad as it looks? >> well, i suppose you could interpret them two different ways. one way governor christie is putting out information to let them know beaches are open except for island beach. the other is chris christie is trolling the public of new jersey, saying, look at me, i'm at the beach. you can go to all these other places, because he started doing this today when he came under really heavy criticism and the image of him and his family on the beach was splashed on the
10:33 am
ledger of the "star-ledger," the state's largest newspaper. >> does he have a history of trolling the beaches? >> no. that could be one interpretation if you were more cynical. he doesn't have a history of trolling. the governor does have a sense of humor. none of this is lost on him that people are on twitter and elsewhere totally castigating him for this. >> dustin from "the record." thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. demonstrators calling on impeaching the president. that's just one of many since he took office. will all these gatherings have an impact. and in california, this one is fighting against the healthcare bill. a live report next.
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president trump is reaching out to foreign leaders as he gears up for the g20 summit in europe. trump and vladimir putin are set to meet face-to-face for the first time where they're expected to discuss the war in syria and the war on terror. 15 people are dead following a battle with iraqi forces and isis. and a fight to gain control the historic city nears its end. an arkansas manhunt is under way after a man opened fire on a nightclub injuring 25 people saturday morning. little rock police believe the incident is gang related. to california, where hundreds of people are gathering at this hour to demonstrate against republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. activists are gathering outside of torrence just outside los angeles. they are protesting against
10:38 am
proposed medicaid cuts which could cause millions of people to lose their healthcare coverage. steve patterson joins me now from that rally. what are you hearing? >> reporter: hey, katy, there is a palpable sense of fear here in this crowd of hundreds. we're talking protesters with planned parenthood, on all sized of this healthcare debate, doctors, nurses, nurse-practitioners and people who have employee-backed healthcare and who don't and have taken advantage of the aca and now worried about a lot of benefits and protections taken back. we were just speaking to a nurse practitioner. she tells me she's scared about people dying because of this gop backed healthcare bill. she's scared of people coming to her office with stage 3 and stage 4 cancer instead of stage-1 and stage 2 because they're not able to catch it as early as they'd like to be.
10:39 am
i will keep walk back. we will see speakers and expect senator harris to come. i spoke to a mother who has a daughter with a heteroplastic heart, half of a heart, a pre-existing condition she's worried about under protection with the aca and worried about will be revoked and won't be able to get her daughter the proper treatment she needs. i want to play this about what she's so scared about with this gop proposal. >> what scares me is that her life could be threatened because they could take away -- her medical bills covered by insurance has surpassed over $3 million. if they put on caps, where is that going do leave her? it will leave her without any coverage. what if they put into place, a lot of her organs are flipped
10:40 am
and affected, almost every single organ in her body, she has half of a heart. will they put preexisting conditions in place making us unable to get insurance? >> reporter: again, this is a crowd of hundreds. we have been hearing chanting about fix the aca, don't repeal and replace, that this is consistent message we have heard from people in this crowd worried and with that worried turns obviously to anger. we're talking to a lot of people in this crowd and expect to hear a lot more. >> you said they want to fix the aca. what specifically do they want to fix? are they happy with the coverage right now or do they think it does need some improvement? >> reporter: i think the sense you get from especially the medical community, there can be improvements obviously. the people who just come out here, who are patients backed by the ac a for a little while are scared of their basic protections being taken away. obviously, that sense of fear
10:41 am
we've heard here basically since we got here. >> steve patterson in torrance, california, thank you very much. today's rally follows anti-trump protests across the country. dozens of demonstrators calling on congress to draw up articles of impeachment. they say president trump has violated the constitution and obstructed justice in conjunction with the russia investigation. not everybody agrees. in many places protesters end up clashing with reporters. here to talk about this from and the senior advisor from the 2004 cheney-bush campaign. ben, obviously, there have been quite a few marches since donald trump was inaugurated. we've seen at least four special elections where democrats had a chance to unseat a republican and so far they have not done
10:42 am
so. >> it's true. but if you look at those, those are the most deep red districts. the impact of the resistance movement across the country has been extraordinary, almost impossible to predict. republicans had voted 60 time in the house to appeal the affordable care act. they said they would do it on day one of the trump administration. because of the people in the streets fighting for their lives, republicans are in disarray from ripping away health insurance from tens of millions of people. that's a remarkable accomplishment for tens of millions of people that are not in congress. >> does it matter if it happens day one or day 172? >> as a parent of a child who has a preexisting condition every day my child has protection matters to me. it would absolutely be a tragedy if republicans ignore the
10:43 am
demands of their consistency and ignore demands of public and doctors and nurses and pass this terrible bill. that's why they're in the streets. they'll be in the streets every day outside of congressional offices until republicans drop this plan and do what matters to people improving it, not taking it away. >> and one of the reasons senator mitch mcconnell wanted to have a vote before republicans went off for recess and got to hear from the constituents. the president's approval ratings are hovering between 35 and 40%. he's come under fire on his tweets. he hasn't had significant legislative achievements so far. where is the point the gop starts turning its back on the president? >> i think two things. firsty the president's tweets, in terms of the tone of them are completely uncalled for. a lot of republicans are on record saying this is a
10:44 am
distraction, this is beneath the presidency, please, mr. president, stop. that's bucket number 1 or bucket a. bucket 2, not really about being a republican or democrat here, really about being an american and putting the country first. if in fact we as americans believe that this country is going down the wrong path from a constitutional standpoint we all need to stand up here. john f. kennedy once said sometimes your party asks too much. i agree with him. the fact of the matter is if in fact there is some treasonous activity going on, i'm not saying there is right now, if there is an investigation that bears fruit, meaning director mueller, there is truth out there that the president or his administration did something that causes us to stop and say, this is a bridge too far, i think that's when we put the country first and maybe seek alternative solutions. >> the line right now is not trace son, not the -- treason, not the president attacking
10:45 am
journalists, not the president attacks on policy, not the president revealing classified information to the russians? that's the line now, treason? >> i read the constitution a few minutes ago on my iphone and based on my interpretation it is a political matter not a judicial matter. it's very vaguely worded on purpose. the question then becomes for the house of representatives in the senate to ask that question, the question you're just asking. where is that political and policy line that the president has crossed? based on what we know now. again, you're still innocent until proven guilty here. director mueller is going through an investigation now. if in fact there tends to be a little more teeth to the matter perhaps those answers to your questions need to be asked. >> i'm not trying to beat up on you about this and forgive me, but the president of the united states is tweeting videos where
10:46 am
he's body slamming what essentially is cnn. he's body slamming reporters, badie slamming journalists if any other other president had done this -- >> katy -- >> i'm not saying you, i'm saying republicans in congress or the opposite party in congress would be saying more than i'm just disappointed. >> katy, let me be very clear. >> i'd like to -- >> robert, just go for it and then we'll get. i'm sorry, ben, we'll get to you. >> let me be very clear. what the president is doing is highly deplorable. i think it is disgusting, beneath the office of my president. i wouldn't treat my dog the way he's doing. to be really clear, this is really bad. the question becomes whether or not these are impeachable offenses. i don't know the answer to that. what he is doing right now is tearing this country apart the country you and i both love.
10:47 am
i am not condoning this. as a republican and american it is breaking my heart to see what we're going through right now. >> i wasn't implying you did condone it, thank you, robert. ben, you were trying to jump in. >> the tweets are horrible and inexcusable and rightly called out by people across the political spectrum. it's worth remembering he fired the director of the fbi in order to obstruct an investigation into possible collusion with russia. whether or not he colluded with russia, he told the russian government in a private meeting that's why he did it and he announced it on national television. richard nixon was removed ultimately or stepped down from office after it was demonstrated he tried to obstruct an investigation into his administration. trump has done that, admitted to it. there's a profound risk to the country if he's not held accountable for that. and the one involved in investigating the government can worry they'll be removed at any time with total impunity.
10:48 am
republicans need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask whether they're serving the constitution and honoring their oath if they don't exercise a check on this president who grossly violated his own oath of office. >> it's notable republicans only started to turn their backs and start to talk about drawing impeachment papers once they lost a special election during nixon's term. that seemed to be the moment where the straw broke the camel's back, to use a tired cliche. robert and ben, thank you guys very much. >> thank you. >> happy fourth. >> happy fourth to you guys. the whole world will be watching to see what happens when president trump meets with vladimir putin for the first time. what should the two leaders be talking about? that discussion is next. nearly fifty years of experience has taught us that we're not so different. we all want to be healthy humans. we all want strong bodies for our families, who we love... most of the time. the drive to whip up a gourmet dinner...
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president trump goes to europe this week for meetings with leaders from the world's 20 largest economies. the white house says the president will hold his first face to face meeting with russian president vladimir putin on the side loolines of the sum. they have plenty to discussion syria, you rain, north korea, and maybe the russian interference in last year's election. coming me now is malcolm nance. author of "the plot to hack america." how they tried to steal the 2016
10:53 am
election. how did you get that book done so fast? i will put that to the side as we have more important things to talk about. >> i don't think he will at all, back in the old days in the intelligence community in the cold war, we used to have people qualitied sovietologists. how they would behave at conferences and speeches. i think we will have that at both sides. putintologists who will be watching the body language and behavior of both parties to see if putin puts on a charm offensive and whether or not trump falls for it. >> i'm curious if we will see two versions of the meeting. i don't know what sort of photographers will be there.
10:54 am
one from the russian and one from the american photographer. photos from the russian photographer of donald trump smiles and happy and the photos released by the white house were donald trump very stern. body language would reveal a lot. >> that's right and you have to understand these are methodologies. the way they do media is strictly from the old communist era. they will play to the strength of vladimir putin. him being smiling and charming and donald trump shaking his hand to feed into the image they want for the russian population. trump will want to make it look like he is not working in or in league with the kremlin. he comes up with an
10:55 am
interpretation. >> the russian ambassador and the foreign office. adam kinsiger is talking about what he has to discuss during this meeting, take a listen. >> let's try to discover areas that are a world power, a great power, you're bombing with munitions in syria. it is isis and it is not responsibility for us. >> besides the hacking, will any of that stuff come up in this meeting. >> i think it will come up at his deputies.
10:56 am
>> is that a good thing. let him smooze with the deputies. >> i don't think so, and it's donald trump's strategy for everyone. he comes out and plays the grand hander and lets it smooze. >> we'll see what happens. we'll try to gauge what we can kel from a few of the photos. happy fourth of july. >> same to you. >> in the next hour,ly speak with chris christie's spokesman about the pictures of him enjoying a state beach hours after they were closed, by him, for a government shut down.
10:57 am
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it is 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. on the east. tomorrow is independence day and we're talking about trump body slamming the media. he posted this wwe video of him body slamming a man with a cnnlogo put over his ahead. so our word of the day i


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