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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 4, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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the pentagon is saying. reporting out of the ap reporting that china and russia proposed this idea of having a missile test on north korea. if the south koreans and the u.s. don't do joint military exercises. in the past that has been a nonstarter for this administration. hallie? >> hans, anything from pentagon officials on that aspect of it or too early to say for that? >> you know, in the past the pentagon has been very clear that they do not want to get into and, as well as the state department. this for that negotiation. >> got it. >> what they think is that they need to be able to conduct military operations with their south korean allies and that is not a bargaining chip. >> kristen, hans gave us the overview from the state department and white house overnight we saw the president reacting to this. raising eyebrows with this idea that china will have to do a heavy move. what does that mean? do we know? >> first, let's look at the president's tweet, hallie. north korea just launched
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another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. we've reached out to multiple white house officials. they are not providing any further context. but here's what we know about how the administration, how the president is approaching this situation with north korea. obviously, their strategy, hallie, has been to turn up the heat on china tapo put the pressure on north korea. he had a series of meetings and phone calls with the president of china really trying to foster a personal relationship there. now, a little bit of a reality check here at the white house. for this president realizing that only so far that china has gone in the past. they have not gone much further now. over the weekend, president trump had a tough conversation with the president of china about north korea. but it comes as there are
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increasing tensions between these two countries. last week the administration announcing sanctions against a chinese bank. doing an arms deal with taiwan that enraged the chinese and also labeling china one of the worst countries when it comes to human trafficking. so, there are tensions that are increasing as the president prepares to meet, of course, with the president of china. the leaders of japan and south korea, as well as once he gets to the g-20 summit. it still seems this is the leading strategy here to turn up the heat on china because the last resort is the military option. the administration doesn't want to go down that path. >> kristen welker there at the north lawn. happy birthday, belatedly to you, my friend. the president has arrived this morning at trump national golf club. and we also know north korea when he heads to g-20 one senior administration official telling me that is going to be a renewed and important focus. almost certainly. colonel, this morning we're
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seeing as hans mentioned the leaders of russia and china calling for restraint. kristen laid out how china and putting pressure on beijing has been the u.s. best option they believe for a long time now. how much influence do you think china could exert over kim jung-un if he wanted to put the pressure on and will he? >> years ago china could have put much more pressure on north korea. because china and we ignore the problem, it's now much more difficult to exert any influence on north korea without precipitating some kind of war. north korea very easily can launch artillery strikes on south korea. china does not want to see any deit stab destabilization on the north korean peninsula. it is probably unlikely that china is going to exert much more influence on north korea. unless and until the united states exerts more pressure on china. we may see that soon, hallie. >> so, i'm looking here at a
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release here from the foreign secretary of the uk boris johnson, who essentially says this is another reminder of the grave danger that north korea poses to her neighbors, particularly japan and south korea. how much can european allies like the uk play into this here? >> well, very little, as nation states. but both europe and the united states can make a much larger effort punishing those countries, those entities and those individuals who actually trade. with not only with north korea, but we also have to remember that north korea is not prevented at all from using international payments system which permits them therefore to trade with those who are doing things against what we perceive as the best root to stop north korea from carrying on its expansionism. so, i think both the united states and the european union
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could go a long way in agreeing to lean on those entities, those banks, which are making it easy, which are enabling north korea to carry on. >> as kristen mentioned, new sanctions on one of those banks just last week. jim, you wrote diplomacy is the best issue for resolving this. that, obviously, hasn't really worked before. why do you think it will work now? >> i think it did work during the agreed framework. if you look at a map that details north korea nuclear and missile test. you notice a big gap between roughly 1994 and 2002 where there are no tests. while i'm sympathetic people love sanctions and a real disconnect here in the timelines. how fast can north korea advance its missile program versus how fast it will take a sanctions policy to have any effect. we've been having sanctions now, including some financial sanctions for a long time. it seem ts to me they're able t
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advance their missile program faster than we can impose sanctions that can matter. at some point we'll face up to that fact. >> status quo. is it sustainable, jim? >> in some ways these tests put more pressure on the other parties to try to initiate a dialogue or a negotiation because, clearly, it would appear we're early days here. but it would certainly seem as if the north koreans are advancing their ibcm capabilities. if that's the case, the sooner we can freeze it, the better. >> jack, kristen, hans, thank you for joining us here. we want to bring in our second half. fr thanks for joining us here. cameron, i want to start with you. as we have been talking about china is going to be crucial to anything here. put your time machine forward to me. you know what i mean. friday, saturday when president trump is set to meet with
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president at the g-20. what is he going to say to get china to do something about this. >> well, judging from what we know about president trump his style has been to insult and to kind of offer verbal threats to get people to do what he wants. i anticipate that will be the tool box he reaches into this week. but whether that is going to work is going to be another question. i mean, what china is probably going to need from the u.s. is more creative diplomacy. i think the u.s. would probably need to offer china something in order to increase pressure on north korea. what can the u.s. offer china that would make that an attractive idea other than the kind of insults that donald trump has been answering? >> what is the answer to that question you are rhetorically offering? >> there are details and people suggest the big thing china is concerned about is destabilization in north korea.
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the idea that the north korean regime would collapse and threaten china's border with north korea. some suggest the u.s. should guarantee north korea's stability in some way. basically say that they wouldn't, they wouldn't push for reunification for south korea if they were restabilized. they don't want u.s. troops on any border in any scenario like that. you can make that kind of assurances and maybe china increase pressure if they knew they didn't have to be concerned about those possibilities. >> one more to you because when you talk about what the administration could do to bring china onboard, seems there is something that could push china away. if the president makes this decision to put higher tariffs around the country including from china. i was told from an administration official no decision is final yet. i don't think anything is expected before g-20, obviously. if the president were to go in that direction, that seems that
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might have for that relati relationship. >> that's the question. is pressure the way to go in terms of changing china's mind? that may be what they try. the tariffs would certainly put some pressure on china. but, you know, that hasn't worked until is basically the point. >> let me play a little bit for you the rhetoric from this administration on this over the past few months. we'll do a little bit of a flashback tuesday. check it out. >> strategic patience has been the approach of the last american administration and beyond. the era of strategic patience is over. >> it's a big problem. it's a world problem and it will be solved at some point. it will be solved. you can bet on that. >> he will not accept a nuclear power in north korea and a threat that can target the united states. >> so, the president will not accept a nuclear power in north korea. the era of strategic patience is over. it will be solved. guys, has the administration
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kind of painted itself into a corner here? does it now have to do something or do you see them having wiggle room? >> what would they do at this point? you and i have heard it in the white house press briefing room over and over again. the president isn't going to tell his options. so, whether this is something militarily or you would ask before what kind of pressure they could put on china potentially to do. already we've seen the president back off on labeling china as a currency manipulator. we have not seen them take some of the steps on trade that he could have taken so far. those are some areas that we can put the pressure on china. we'll see him this week at the g-20 meeting not just with xi jinping and also meeting with japan's shinzo abe. we will have more clarity on those matters. >> unpredictability with this president and an unconventional
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guy in kim jung-un in another way. >> some people have said that is even a mark in president trump's favor that no one really knows how he might react to some of these things and that makes the whole calculation on both sides a little bit different. but i think it's -- the reason it hasn't been solved at this point is because it's a problem with that and solution. we were talking about china before. the issue is not just military instability, but economic instability on china's border. humanitarian instability with the possibility of any sort of change in the government there. and there's also, in addition to the problem with nuclear weapons, a huge problem with potential conventional barrage of south korea and any potential conflict between north and south starting up, again. so, the problems just layer on top of each other one after another. and there is much more than president trump's personal feelings about this at stake. >> yes. scott and fran ches cu.
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i'll ask you to hang out with me. cameron, you are dismissed. thank you for joining us on your fourth of july. we're talking about the meetings president trump will have later this week highlighted by that meet and greet americans cannot wait to see. not with president xi but with president putin. face-to-face for the first time. new reporting on when that will happen and how the white house just today is now characterizing this talk. and what the president might say or tweet when he gets overseas. needles. essential for him, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection.
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so, in just the last couple minutes here new word from the white house with that meeting with vladimir putin. they are now calling it a normal bilateral meeting after first characterizing it as a bilateral, i get it, it sounds like sematics and describes the diplomatic nature of this first face-to-face. we know the timing, friday afternoon. one top official acknowledges
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the meeting is crucial, calling it highly anticipated but the white house so far hasn't laid out their agenda for this thing. joining us now to talk about national affairs correspondent joan walsh and noel. guys, thank you very much for joining us on this holiday. noel, i'll start with you and i'll start with, i think, the big question surrounding this meeting. the question reporters have been asking and the president's critics want to know. will he bring up russia's interference in our election. >> that is the big question that everyone is wanting to know. i have no way of knowing. but my feeling is that he's not. you know, the big, the big thing about the g-20 is who is actually going to drive the conversation. who is going to be the powerhouse here? you know, you've got tareo real that putin is very experienced on this stage and you are dealing with two men. you know, trump is going to want to have all the attention and very centered around everything
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is around trump. it is going to be very interesting. i feel like the conversation on the agenda is going to deal with syria. it's going to deal with crimia. you know, dealing with the annexation of crimia and then touching on iran. those are pretty hefty subjects. everyone is going to want to know if he's going to be touching on the russia elections. that's going to be very interesting. if you look at the agenda. that is pretty packed with those countries that he has to discuss. >> we know that is exactly what they want to talk about. the situation in syria and the situation in ukraine and arms control and certainly the fight against terror. as well as, frankly, the u.s./russia relationship. in my administration with administration officials over the last 12 hours or so the idea that perhaps the president will acknowledge vladimir putin, joan, the state, the current state of that u.s./russia relationship. the president, just last month or the month before called it it
7:18 am
essentially at a low point. i want to get your take on that. how you see this meeting going. >> i have no idea. i know i am not supposed to say that, hallie. >> you can say anything you want. i was depressed to hear noel say she doesn't think russian interference is going to come up. i think that has to be the top agenda item. it's independence day. we should be talking about why our president won't do more about this and why so far we heard that they may just leave it entirely off the table. i don't think you can defend our interests without talking about that. and without threatening more action if it happens, again. or maybe more action the more we learn about it. but, you know, everything we hear from the administration, from the intelligence agencies is the president doesn't ask questions about this. he's not in the least bit interested in getting to the bottom of it. so, he may not even know how to confront putin. but i think he is unlikely to do so, like noel.
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but i think it's unconscionable. >> when its come to s to the effectiveness of bringing this up. the argument that has been made to me that in the cyberrealm, actions speak louder than words. does that argument hold weight to either of you? >> i mean, are those people suggesting we should secretly retaliate -- you know, with the cyberattack? i don't quite follow that. >> i think the argument is there are things that could happen behind the scenes that would still send a warning signal or shot to putin regarding the meddling. >> if we haven't done it so far, i don't know why we would do it now. i'm somebody who doesn't think president obama did quite enough. and i don't expect, you know, i don't expect more from this president. but i think we kind of have to start raising the bar for him because it's really, regardless of whether they helped him or not, i'm not going to weigh in on that. there has to be a way, even if they did for a way for him to
7:20 am
represent the fact that this is unacceptable to us and we will continue to retaliate if it continues to happen. we remember that iconic picture of president trump and putin like glaring at each other and it sent a signal of strength, i don't know that it really ultimately meant anything. but i think a lot of americans are going to come away very appointed if they learned that their president hasn't stepped up and defended their president in that way. >> not a neofight on the international stage. he traveled a lot for his business did a lot overseas. obviously as president in this administration this will be something new to him. vladim vladimir putin is an experienced diplomat. walk me through how you see the dynamics playing out in a meeting in a very small group. you know, we don't expect to be in there. the members of the american media, although it's not clear if we'll get in to get a spray of this bilateral or not. walk me through how you see this shaking out. >> well, you know what, you
7:21 am
touched on something that i touched on before and that is the fact that putin has got, you know, he has experience on this stage. this is old hat and he has commanded a lot of attention on him with this. so, he is used to it. this is his old stomping ground. this is all new to president trump. but what is going to be new to the whole g-20 experience is the trump tweet experience. get ready, hallie and get ready for everybody. i wonder what he's going to do with twitter. he may, he may come off his speech and putin may come off his speech. and trump may have the last word with the twitter effect. >> but why not have the last word with putin right there. the idea that somebody would take to twitter. that's what you do when you're a coward. when you have the opportunity to confront somebody for good or bad to have a conversation. i'm not disagreeing with you, noel, at all. i'm just saying it's crazy to me
7:22 am
that we're even talking about this. >> we're going to see what happens. >> look what's been happening. we have been talking about twitter while dozens of bills are being passed. tort reform and everything else that's been passed and we focus on, you know, what president trump has been tweeting. so, the g-20 is not going to be any different. i actually look for him to do a couple crazy tweets. >> noel and joan, i'll send you back to your respective corners for now. thank you very much for being here on this holiday. much to come, much to look ahead to on friday afternoon. thank you very much. ahead on this show, looking at another state telling team trump no after the administration requested that voter data from every state in the country. but this time, it's actually a state that at first said yes. what's up with arizona's about face? we're talking about it after the break. online u.s. equity trades...
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we are back now with a look at your morning headlines. ins arizona, the aerkt secretar state reversed her decision for request for voter information. that state grows a list of places that do not want to hand over data, including sensitive info to the integrity commission. also a little supreme court tea leaf reading about the future of justice anthony kennedy. telling applicants for the upcoming term he is considering rer retirement. that's not a huge surprise. but if. it happens, that would be huge. give president trump yet another
7:27 am
opportunity to nominate another justice to the court. nothing firm yet, but we're watching that. also watching what's happening in court. federal prosecutors want a gag order against this guy nicknamed by the tabloids. shkreli is on trial for security fraud. the feds say his off the cuff remarks risk tainting the jury. skhreli became jacking up the price of a life-saving drug 500%. back here to washington where it is warm and muggy. that is not stopping a lot of folks from checking out the national mall and checking othut harbor today. millions of people all across the country enjoying a little outdoor time. and bonnie schneider is here with predictions of clear skies for tonight's firework shows. >> except for maybe d.c. that is where we can see a
7:28 am
storm. most of the country is going to see a nice fourth of july. we'll keep those fingers crossed that showers won't interfere with any fireworks. let's look where we do have some storms. lightning in oklahoma city and pushed to the south and impacted dallas but luckily the intensity dissipated as it worked its way to the south. as we look towards the rest of the day today. a stationary front along the mid-south. memphis you may see a storm pop up and a little bit of rain right along that boundary. as we look to tomorrow and many people may be traveling and the storms will push east impacting areas in ohio and north korea and something to keep watch on as we go into the fifth of july. how about for infourth. looking great for the macy's fourth of july spectacular. nice weather here in new york. warm for sure with temperatures in the 70s, but mainly clear skies. so, that is good news for the fireworks along the east river. very nice. here is our high pressure really
7:29 am
dominating much of the country. so, we've got seasonable high temperatures. definitely comfortable conditions in philadelphia, 84 degrees. cleveland at 78. but those temperatures will start to warm up and go above normal as we go through the latter part of the week. we'll start to get warmer. not as hot as what we're going tas to see in the southwest. thursday to sunday and tomorrow through sunday, look for an excessive heat watch into parts of california and arizona. temperatures especially in arizona will be well above that triple-digit mark. strong storms today just in the central southern plains. hot conditions as we look towards the west and warm, but scattered storms across parts of the east for today. not much of a change for tomorrow. just those scattered storms pushing more towards the carolinas and the heat not building just in the southwest but in the rockies. high temperatures into places like salt lake also heating up and a warm one over the next few days and generally speaking, hallie a nice, really nice fourth of july. >> bonnie schneider, thank you much for that good news.
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much appreciate it. the beaches are open down the shore, but the memes live on for chris christie. the budget drama there is over but not the political fallout. we're dissecting his new defiant and dismissive response, next. a? be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems
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could be preventedrrent with the right steps. and take it from me, every step counts. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. so new jersey beaches are back open just in the nick of time. governor chris christie signed a budget deal overnight to stop the state's shut down of a bunch of parks and beaches. including the beach where christie was photographed hanging with his family and nobody else. a lot of backlash for him but do you think the governor cared? spoiler, he did not. >> listen, i think i have proven over the last eight years that i don't really care about political optics. i care about right and wrong. and if i have a choice to make,
7:34 am
i think i have proven over the last eight years that i have a choice to make between my family and political optics, i'll pick my family. >> adam reece joins me from liberty state park in new jersey and bring back francesca chambers. adam, you first. you have been talking to folks there in jersey down the shore. what do they think about their governor and all of this? >> hallie, good morning. they say they are angry. the reaction have been swift. many say he is being selfish and unfair and thinking about himself. when they saw the pictures of him lounging on the beach why they couldn't go to state parks and state beaches. yet, he is remaining unrepettant. unapologetic. he is saying he doesn't care about the optics. if it is a choice between family and politics, he is going to pick family every time. >> investigating and found out that a politician was where he
7:35 am
said he was going to be with who he said he was going to be with. if they had flown that plane over that beach and i was sitting next to a 25-year-old blonde in that beach to me, that's a story. >> okay. well, right. i guess it would be a story. adam, hang tight for a second because, scott, here's the thing, right. chris christie does not care, he says about political optics. zero pinocchios on that. he clearly doesn't care. should he when how this is perceived by the people in his state that adam are talking about? >> a couple things about that. he may be saying that now and a lot of evidence in the past that chris christie does care deeply about political optics. after he was elected governor of new jersey, he made his national rise on the back of some very professionally packaged videos of his town hall appearances around the states where he got in some notable confrontitations with constituents.
7:36 am
he was willing to speak truth but also i think that's evidence that he does care a lot about optics. secondly, i'm baffled that this is happening in the middle of his lieutenant governor running for election this november to succeed him. christie's running mate has been forced to disavow him going to the beach in a middle of a hard-fought race democrat phil murphy she is currently trailing in the polls. >> how much should other republicans in the state be worried about what scott is talking about. hurting other republicans on the ballot and lieutenant governor, et cetera? >> he is putting them in a situation where they have to distance themself. the lieutenant governor said this is not something she would have done. he has a 15% approval rating in the state. you can argue these he's on his way out, why should he care? at the same time, if he has anything else he can do in his term that is something he should be worried about and, also, what
7:37 am
is he going to be remembered for? what is his legacy? we just talked about the confrontations and there is also bridgegate and talk about the optics he doesn't care about. there is the hug. we all remember the time he hugged barack obama and how that turned out for him and how that affected his presidential race. christie might want to start thinking about legacy and accomplishments. >> is this one of those things that, you know, we're talking about today. it's a thing. six months from now, it's going to be a blip. what is your sense? >> i think it's entirely possible. i mean as we just mentioned, he doesn't really have much further to fall in terms of approval rating. i think, ultimately, his style and his re-election in 2013 and then his fall during bridgegate is going to be what people remember about him more so than anything else. and, also, we'll have to see if there is another chapter to be written here if he ends up in the trump administration in some capacity after he's done being
7:38 am
governor. >> bottom line, where does christie go from here? do you see this impacting his play on the national stage, if there is one? >> the move would be into the trump administration. potentially into a cabinet position. if one becomes available in the next four years. four years after that, also, on the table for president trump, as well. so, that would be his next move, obviously. he's not going to have an opportunity to run for president any time soon within the republican party. >> and, adam, before i let you go here, governor christie took a little page here out of the donald trump play book by sla slapping at the media this is gotcha journalism, this plane flying over the beach. arguably not the case given this is a local paper doing some work and going to see where the governor was and making sure, in fact, he was where he said he would be. that's not a new strategy for the governor. he likes to get into it with
7:39 am
reporters. we know that is a hallmark of his. >> he has remained defiant. he said he will be back out at the beach with his family today enjoying the sun. in fact, you know they came to an agreement late last night. close to midnight. this park is just opening up now. people are coming and looking forward to the july fourth fireworks. >> beach day part two for governor chris christie. adam reece, i'll let you go and perhaps join him there covering that. xhnchlthsi . coming up next, a federal court ruling in favor of the environment. rules from the obama era on gas emissions. it sounds maybe a little bit boring, it is not. it is significant and we're going to tell you why, coming up.
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cohigher!ad! higher! parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again. we are back now looking at what can be considered a blow to the trump administration agenda when it comes to the environment. here's why. an appeals court has ruled that the environmental protection
7:43 am
agency cannot actually suspend rules to restrict methane admission from new oil and gas wells. the three-judge panel wrote that scott pruitt did not have the legal authority to delay the rule from taking effect. so, in essence, the epa can review the rule but while they review it, they can't actually push it off. the original rules were put in place by president obama. back with me to talk about this, guys, give this one to either of you. i want to get a sense of how big an impact this might have for what the trump administration has been trying to do on the environment. we have seen this president work to roll back regulations from the obama era before. this has been one of the areas that he has been able to get something done. unlike legislatively where tax reform looks unlikely this summer and so on. so, scott, i'll start with you. walk me through on how you see this playing out for them? >> i think it's interesting to look at the epa particularly and how it's been run under president donald trump. as you mentioned, there's been a
7:44 am
lot of focus on what's been going on in congress or not going on, depending on the day. a lot of focus on the russia investigations and there's been a lot of focus on some cabinet members who are in government for the first time. at the epa, you've got in scott pruitt a former oklahoma attorney general, someone who has been working on the issues that he's now regulating for a long time and clearly came into office with a plan to undo a lot of regulations that took place under the obama administration. and there have been dozens already that have been affected by his actions. now, the courts are stepping in on some of them like one you just mentioned. that is going to be, that's a road block that we've seen come up for other trump administration actions and maybe it makes sense that we've seen them in one of the areas where the administration has been most active so far on the environmental rules. but this, i think this is going to be a theme over the next four years. this pruitt is a very aggressive administrator over at the epa and he, for a long time was
7:45 am
involved in legal fights against the agency on their pollution rules, their other environmental rules. so, i think we can expect to see this sort of thing continue. >> another thing that is becoming a theme here, hallie, this trump administration caught in battles on some of the president's biggest promises. we saw that with his travel ban and now seeing it with this. he said he will roll back the obama era regulations when it comes to the environment and also expects to take years for him to pull out of the clean power plan that president obama had also put into place. that is something that was critical to getting out of the paris agreement. when it comes to this new, this talking about methane and greenhouse gas. 25 pim times more potent than carbon monoxide. this will be good news to them that this rule will have to stay to place. >> if this is a blow to the trump administration and that is saying something, how much of a
7:46 am
win is it for environmentalists or is this sort of the beginning of the road for them? >> i think it's certainly a win and they'll take what they can get at this point. they're locked out of power in congress and at the white house right now and for the number of states we should mention. but, again, i think this is part of the process. there are more rules that the epa is going to try and undo. there are going to be additional court fights. i mean, this particular decision that we're talking about is an appeals court, right? more levels. you could see some of the stuff end up at the supreme court as it did under the obama administration. so, i think, you know, certainly they can certainly take heart at this particular court decision. but in terms of the larger ebb and flow what is going on environmental regulations, environmentalists are still fighting from behind at this point. >> so, let me pull back for a second here because we're talking about the environmental situation here in the united states. but coming up in just a couple
7:47 am
of days we're going to talk about the climate situation global globally. specifically when the president meets with the chancellor of germany angela merkel and a serious disagreement on what happens with the paris agreement. this is one of the big sticking points and angela merkel has said, i'm not going to shy away from it. she knows these are potentially difficult, differentiating points for these conversations. little chilly at g-7. do you think we'll see some of that moving forward on g-20? i'll start with you given the deep differences from a policy description. >> most of these are going to be bilateral pull asides. unfortunately we won't be able to see the conversation between them take place and see their interaction, but we can expect angela merkel to continue with the line that she's been saying. they're going to rigorously defend the paris agreement and president trump has made it clear that he doesn't support the paris agreement. now, he has said that he would be willing to renegotiate it and
7:48 am
potentially get back into this deal he just wants a better deal for the united states. so, we can potentially expect to hear a little bit more on that. and we'll see for the first time whether that's something that they would even be interested in. european countries having a conversation about what the u.s. are entering or what a new deal would look like. >> that seems so difficult, scott, just given how long it took and how much discussion there was to come up with it in the first place. >> absolutely. i think the one other thing i would add to that in terms of what we might expect from the next interactions between donald trump and angela merkel is that merkel has an election of her own coming up in germany later this year. and i think we've seen recently in europe that is standing up or being seen to stand up to trump is turning into a bit of a political tool for some candidates there. so, i think that just adds kind of an extra layer of intrigue on top of this next meeting. >> layers on layers on layers,
7:49 am
my friend. scott bland from politic oo. >> happy fourth of july. >> thank you. talk about a post-match conference that became more about than just tennis for american star venus williams. you may have seen some of this over the last 24/48 hours or so. venus williams won her first round match at wimbledon and hit a breaking point when asked about a deadly car crash she was involved last month. here's kelly cobia reporting from london. >> reporter: venus williams scoring a first round victory at wimbledon. but the joy quickly turned to tears. the tennis great breaking down at a post-match press conference after being asked about her involvement in a fatal car crash in florida last month. >> yeah. i have been completely speechless and it's just --
7:50 am
>> reporter: overcome with emotion and wiping away tears. >> maybe i should go. >> reporter: she briefly left the room. on friday, she posted on her facebook page. i am devastated and heartbroken by this accident. my heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of jerome and i continue to keep them in my thoughts and prayers. in a car crash june 9, jerome was injured and died two weeks later. williams is now being sued by his family. in a statement, williams attorney called the crash an unfortunate accident. and said venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one. according to to the police report, williams was at fault for violating the rite of way. she was not issued any tickets at the time, and police say there was no evidence williams was under the influence of drug and alcohol or distracted by a cell phone. williams has known tough times. her parents divorced, the murder of her half sister, and she
7:51 am
battled an autoimmune disease for a decade. now, she's pulling herself together once again. >> reporting from london. we are back in just a moment with today's big picture after this break. so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far. are you there? he's probably on mute. yeah... gary won't like it. why? because he's gary. (phone ringing) what? keep going! yeah... (laughs) (voice on phone) it's not millennial enough.
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you might be catching up on your morning news right now while you're programs getting your cookout supplies ready for the fourth of july, i know later tonight you are going to watch fireworks. it's about as american as apple pie, right? we have fireworks right here on nbc. the fourth of july fireworks spectacular later on today. it's going to be hosted by kristene lei i had who is the host of american ninja warrior. kristene, this is such a fun tradition, 41 years this has been going on. anything particularly special or different about this be year's spectacular? >> i'm sorry i'm hearing mixed channels here. can you tell me again what you
7:55 am
asked. >> sure, just fill me in on what we can expect for tonight. >> tonight's going to be such an amazing show. i think that fireworks will last for over 26 minutes, there's going to be a live band, a lot of great musical performances, jennifer lopez, kaylee, lady antebellum, we're so excited to have this really amazing show tonight and you have to watch. >> i think that folks certainly will, kristene there for us, host of tonight's macy's fireworks spectacular. tonight on nbc. so as you know, we have been rolling out a new segment here on this program we called big picture. it's an image that we think tells a story, important one or funny one or one that has not been covered enough. fittingly comes from western pa as we all celebrate independence day, check this out, i love this. navy blue angels flying past the stars and stripes. brings together a lot of what we all celebrate as americans, our
7:56 am
patriotism on this special day. photographer here, steph chambers for the post gazette, as always, i will post this on my facebook snapchat, twitter pages, i'm also on instagram as well. i actually will not be seeing you the rest of the week. i hope you're having a great way. i'm headed overseas, but i will see you from warsaw and hamburg reporting and then right back in studio on monday. big week coming up, big day for you as well on this holiday. we have lots more news to come on this hour of msnbc live. i'm hallie jackson, but i want to turn it over to yasmin. the pentagon assesses north korea's stunning claims saying it's launched it's first ballistic missile. the rocket traveling hundreds of miles coming closer to the u.s. kim jong-un celebrating the moon, president trump condemning
7:57 am
pyongyang on twitter. a crucial meeting president trump and vladimir putin will meet face to face on friday. what we know about that conversation also coming up. and sorry, not sorry, chris christie not apologizing for that private beach to the beach. all beaches are back open. our team is all here despite the fact that it is july 4th. kristen welker, we're talking about north korea here, want to get the reaction from the white house that you're hearing there. >> reporter: well president trump responded forcefully overnight, let me read you what he had to say and tell you what white house officials are saying. today he tweeted out, north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life, presumably a reference to the leader of north korea, of course. hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. i've been pressing white house officials throughout the morning to clarify specifically what the
7:58 am
president meant by the tweet. they are stressing that the tweet stands on it's own. here's what we know about the president's thinking when it comes to north korea. his strategy has really been to try to pressure china to turn up the heat on north korea. you'll recall in the early days of the trump presidency, he met with the president of china, spoke to him by phone, really trying to foster a strong relationship with the leader of china, initially expressed optimism that china was in fact moving towards putting more pressure on north korea, but that tone has changed in recent weeks, particularly after the death of otto warmbier in the wake of the nuclear tests, provocations, and now you have tensioned mounting between the u.s. and china. just last week, the administration announcing new sanctions on a chinese bank, arm's deal with taiwan which engaged china. they labeled china one of the worst countries when it comes to human trafficking. so what next? well the reality check here is
7:59 am
that the administration has a series of bad options to choose from. they could ramp up more pressure on china. turn to more sanctions. the president has been clear, all options are on the table including a military option, but that is really a last resort, particularly because they are dealing with a nuclear armed country. so the administration trying to hold these meetings and figure out what their next steps will be. it's important to point out the president will travel to the g20 summit where he will meet with the leader of china, south korea, japan, and talk about this. >> we're going to talk about that g20 summit along with what can be done with china to pressure north korea in just a bit. kristen, stand by, hans nickle here for us, following the u.s. military assessment. hans, what does the pentagon know so far about this major escalation from north korea? >> well, they know the distance the missile traveled. they know the time, which is concerning, 37 minutes. they basically shot it straight up in the air, and when you think as a normal trajectory.
8:00 am
that could travel some 4,000 miles and put alaska into range. what they don't know about it yet is they're aware the claims they tested an intercontinental missile. the spon calling this an intermediate range missile. the initial reports, this was something similar to what they launched back may 149, remember that one also went quite high. and the pentagon also doesn't know what shape the missile was in, any potential warhead would have been when it reentered the atmosphere. they fired it so far up into the sky, into the atmosphere, they have to have reentry challenges. for a long time, reentry was the big hurdle, one of the hurdles, the other is marrying a nuclear tip warhead, miniaturizing and putting it on the miss. sop it appears they got it higher than last time. flew longer than last time, but we don't know yet what shape it was in when it reentered. >> and of course, they are still assessing whether or not they have the


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