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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 5, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ escalating the threat, north korea's fires off an intercontinental ballistic missile bringing them close to the range of alaska. plus, president trump leaves for his second trip today. but the focus this morning is on his high stakes meeting with russian president vladimir putin. and spends the july 4th holiday in afghanistan. coming up with a new strategy to end america's longest war. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, july 5th, i'm
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ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. tensions on the korean peninsula are reaching new heights as concern grows that missiles for north korea are growing closer to reaching the united states. now in a joint military exercise as the united states and south korea have fired warning missiles into the territorial waters off the south korea, it comes after what secretary of state rex tillerson confirms was an intercontinental ballistic missile. south korea's newly elected president says reacting nearly in a statement of its own. in a series of trumps, president trump tweets, north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with this life? hard to believe that south korea has anything and japan will put up with this much longer. it appears to be a test of icbm by the north korean regime.
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the missile flew for about 39 minutes before crashing into the sea of japan within japan's exclusive economic zone. or state-led media, north korea says that the nation is now, quote, a proud nuclear state. officials say they believe the test was of a two-stage missile, with a range of at least 3,500 miles and possibly 4,100 meaning alaska is now win its range. joining us live from london. ali, good to have you with us. obviously, this is the headline this oranmorning all around the world. does this mean that north korea now has a missile capable of reaching the united states? >> good morning, ayman. the nuclear missile technology certainly has advanced to the stage of where it can travel to a lot farther than before. whether that missile can deliver a nuclear warhead is still a question of when it has a re-entry vehicle still yet to be
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seen. the north koreans don't seem to 52 the technology needed to miniaturize a war head. pyongyang claimed the rocket carried a heavy warhead and accurately hit the waters but that hasn't been confirmed. nonetheless, the fact that north korea tested a missile ned to the first time that they've significantly done so marks a significant advancement in their missile program. some expert says they believe they have the capability to have a missile that can hit alaska. proudly defined the north korean state tv quoted kim jong-un the leader of narc saying this was a gift to america on their independence day. the report warned of the possibility of more territories saying that he's ordered his officials to, quote, frequently send big and small gift packages to the yankees. now, in response, the u.s. and
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south korea conducted a massive joint military exercise, firing a barrage of ballistic missiles into the ec according to the joint chiefs of staffs. self-restraint which is a choice it all that separates armistice and war and they're able to change their choices. by bringing alaska into ring, the new missile test is considerably up to stakes. as you mentioned secretary of state rex tillerson described it as a new escalation as threat to america and the rest of the world. ayman. >> all right. ali arouzi live in london. amidst the tensions, president trump is set to depart this morning on his second overseas trip as he prepares to meet with world leaders at the g20 summit. the president will stop in poland before heading to hamburg, germany, tomorrow for the two-day meeting while in poland, nato will be looking for
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reassurances from president trump with support of nato after he explicitly did not support back in may. he may not get a warm welcome from european allies who signaled they will likely confront mr. trump over his america first policies. the president spoke with angela merkel and the italian prime minister. the white house says mr. trump and merkel discussed topics including climate change and trade, two issues that ms. merkel raised as points of contention with the president while speaking to germany's parliament just last week. president trump is meeting with world leaders while in germany. no meeting is going to be bigger than between him and russian president vladimir putin. the length and subjects have not yet been announced last week security adviser h.r. mcmaster told reporters that there is no specific agenda. it's really going to be whatever the president wants to talk
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about. at question is whether the president will discuss the russian interference back in the 2016 elections. and whether he's boxed in by the federal investigation into russian meddling to make progress in any of those relations. now president putin's foreign affairs adviser has said that the battle against terrorism and the conflicts in syria and ukraine are likely subject of discussion. another topic that's important for putin, return of the russian compounds in new york and maryland. they were seized late last year in retaliation for the alleged cyber attacks including the ones against hillary clinton's campaign. clinton declined to respond to it. with capitol hill still debating the issue of health care, many lawmakers spent the fourth of july holiday in their districts attending parades and events with a whole amount of public votes heard from their constituents. only one issue along her parade route, that's unusual, it's
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usually a wide range of issues she said, adding i heard over and over again encouragement for my stand in the senate health care bill. and senator dean heller was on horseback as he greeted voters in nevada. voters there asked him to get behind the republican bill. and majority leader mitch mcconnell has vowed to continue negotiations despite suggestions from the white house for a repeal vote before a plan is actually in place. with attention going to senators ted cruz and mike lee, who want more deregulation in the bill. and the ability to waive the rule protecting preexisting conditions. senate republicans, they asked the congressional budget office to score the bill with and without cruz's amendments. he got an searful in mckellen, texas. protesters' signs said ted wants us dead and cruising for a bruising cog to the texas
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tribune. congress is pushing to quietly halt irs enforcement of the mandate. the tax count for not having health insurance. a provision to stop the internal revenue service from implementing the penalty and collect other information towards its enforcement. the draft is something of a backup plan that supporters say is designed to weaken the 2010 law signed by president obama. let's talk about this more. co-author of the politico playbook. daniel, welcome to you. thanks for joining us this morning. so, there was a significant development in one of the senate races over the holiday with a top-two republican candidate sitting the race out in missouri. tell us about that race. and as the landscape for lawmakers as they look towards the midterm elections. >> sure, congresswoman designed to challenge senator claire
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mccaskill. wagner is just going to do her re-election for the house. this comes as a poll was released recently which shows that the voters in a number of top states like colorado, iowa, and north carolina, they actually oppose this senate bill by a large margin, only about 30% or so in all of the states support it. most people say they should fix obamacare. so that makes it harder for republicans to pass the senate bill when clearly not many people back them. >> daniel, let me ask you about foreign policy for a moment, particularly what congress could possibly do. obviously, the developments in north korea, dominating the president's foreign policy agenda as he saids overseas. but what role does capitol hill have in terms of how they are reacting? are they asking the trump administration to do anything in particular against north korea at this stage? >> i think there's a feeling on capitol hill that trump's tweets
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aren't really cutting it in terms of pressuring north korea. remember, a few months ago, president trump tweeted that north korea will not -- it won't happen that they will launch an icbm. well, it did happen a few days ago. and so, it makes it much harder for the u.s. to look strong and decisive when, clearly, trump was not successful in that. lawmakers on the hill are asking trump to pursue diplomacy, and work with the south korean allies to try to stop north korea. and also put more pressure on china. so, maybe more sanctions on chinese banks, related -- that operate and work with the north koreans, that's what the hill wants trump to do. >> that's not often you that hear that a president's tweets are not quite cutting. looking ahead to the next couple days, the big meeting that we're anticipating that we're going to talk about after it happens, there's going to be a lot of pictures emerging from that
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meeting. former ambassador michael mcfall offering his advice to president trump with his meeting with vladimir putin this week. in an op-ed to the post how is he advising him to raise the issue about the meddling in the election of 2016. >> that will be a big test. if trump doesn't talk about it, it raises real questions why isn't he bringing up the most important subject in russian/u.s. relations which is the fact that they meddled in the u.s. elections. so trump would probably be behooved to actually address it. that's what nick fall says in this op-ed, because to do otherwise would be to look weak. and putin is a guy that respects strength. and so, that's what trump probably should do in this meeting. mcfall as says that trump should not offer sanctions relievrelie unless there's a big deal to
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stop russia from interfering with ukraine. overall, it's presenting a strong message to putin. >> all right, live in washington, d.c. heading overseas, a bipartisan delegation of senators spent the july 4th holiday in afghanistan. the group led by chairman john mccain met with several top government and military officials in kabul. according to the "the new york times" the senators were critical of the trump administration for not yet filling a number of diplomatic vacancies in afghanistan. the senators are calling on to put forth a new strategy, the winning war that has now lasted 16 years. >> the strongest nation on earth should be able to win this conflict. >> the time for a strategy has come. we need a strategy in the united states that defines our role in afghanistan. defines our objective and explains how we're going to get from here to there. >> senator lindsey graham urged
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secretary of state rex tillerson to come to afghan quickly, saying in part, all of us rel z realize it's more than just dropping bombs in afghanistan. an update on airline security measures. passengers, they can now bring laptops aboard the middle east's largest airlines. dubai's airport authority announced on twitter this morning that the ban imposed by the trump administration on amor rats which flies to 12 u.s. cities has been lifted. and a spokesman for the company reportedly had said it met with u.s. security to meet the requirements of the new security guidelines. and the trump administration banned laptops in the cabins in flights to several countries feeling that bombs may be concealed in them. the uk issued a similar ban shortly after. the ceo of turkish airlines tweeted this morning that he expects britain's ban to be
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lifted soon. >> good news for travelers cupping from that part of the world. still ahead, joey chestnut defends his title, destroying the competition at the nathan's hot dog eating contest. plus, new citizens welcomed at ceremonies across the country this fourth of july holiday weekend. those stories and a check on wher weather when we come back. in our house, we go through a lot of toilet paper.
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what an awesome sight to see here. >> yeah, incorrect. >> that was just a look at some of the fireworks celebrations that took place last night to celebrate the fourth of july. yesterday, the president paid tribute to the armed forces on the south lawn of the white house. including a special guest, take a look. >> there's one military family today i'm especially excited to recognize. our great vice president mike pence and our second lady, never heard that term before, but that's what they say, and she is some lady, that i can tell you, of the united states karen pence, are here along with their son marine first lieutenant michael pence. where is michael? great.
2:19 am
it's great, michael. >> for the holiday, feerl 15,000 people became citizens of the united states. according to u.s. citizenship and immigration services, this year, there will be more than 65 independent naturalization ceremonies from coast to coast. a number of them took place on july 4th. in a ceremony in los angeles this week, senator kamela harris took a veiled shot at president trump. she said in part, whenever you feel that future is threatened whenever those values of liberty and justice for all that drew us here that seem under assault, you need to speak up and speak out. that's the whole point of the freedoms we cherish. >> i've got to say it's got to be pretty incredible to become a citizen of the united states on the fourth of july. let's check in with the meteorologist steve sassa. >> we have heat and humidity. if you don't like heat or humidity, you don't want to be in the southeast.
2:20 am
check out the temperatures. 101 in tallahassee. how much meanwhile, across tennessee and ohio valleys a fear and potential thunderstorms you'll see that on the map this morning. from areas of texas all the way up to the midatlantic states, we're looking at possible flash flooding. keep that in mind for today's plans if you are traveling. in fact, if you didn't want to deal with the nightmare on the roads with the traffic and you're trying to get out here today, will you be looking at thunderstorms, 70, 44 and 40. anywhere north of atlanta, and south of chicago for today, you have the threat for some heavy rain and also some slowdowns. meanwhile, the northeast, picture-perfect, you couldn't order a better forecast for many of you, enjoy. >> the world's second oldest veteran was honored 103-year-old lieutenant jim downing served in the "uss west virginia" he's actually seen on the back left
2:21 am
side of the convertible. downing says that he wasn't on the ship at the time of the attack but raced on board when he saw what happened. it was hit with mine torpedos and caught fire. downing said he immediately grabbed the fire hose to try and put out the flames. still ahead, free agency, rumors, big news out of the nba. plus, roger federer sets a new record at wimbledon. we'll tell you that. and joey chestnut claims another crown. you don't want to miss this one. depend real fit briefs feature breathable, cotton-like fabric.
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welcome back, everyone. time for now for sports, and what a busy day in the nba. and a major move, free agent all-star gordon hayward is signing with the boston celtics on a four-year deal worth $128 million. hayward had played the entire. and now joins brad stevens. a lot of folks there anxious to see him. and the los angeles clippers have signed dan.ilo gallinari agency part of a deal that involves the atlanta hawks. and a maximum deal with washington wizarded forward otto porter jr. who is a restricted free agent. but it is expected that is to be matched. and heading across the ponds, roger questioned and
2:25 am
novak djokovic both advanced to second round after their opponents retired. on the ladies side top-ranked angelique kerber is heading to the second round after heading in straight sets. venus williams broke down after her opening round match. police recently found her at fault for a fatal car accident which occurred last month in florida. the victim's family has filed a wrongful death suit against williams. peter sagan has been disqualified after causing a massive crash during yesterday's stage 4. some troubling images there. sagan was seeking to tie for the three best green jerseys. one other rider involved, mark cavendish suffered hand injuries. this is yasmin's favorite here, joey chestnut consumed 72 hot
2:26 am
dogs and their buns in the nathan's july 4th hot dog eating contest. it's the tenth time that chestnut has won the mustard belt, in typical fashion, the champ said he was happy and knows he can do better. yasmin wants to give him a run for his money. >> how do you think he's feeling this morning? >> he's probably hitting the pepcid ac a little. and secretary of state rex tillerson calling for global action. we're going to have a live report coming up. plus new jersey governor chris christie is facing criticism for vacationing at a closed beach when everyone couldn't. but christie is brushing it off. we have those stories -- next. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common
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welcome back, i'm yasmin vossoughian and ayman mohyeldin. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. the passengers can now bring laptops on u.s.-bound flights, dubai's airline announced the ban imposed on emirates which flies to 12 other cities has been lifted other carriers getting the okay as well. in march, the trump administration banned laptops in cabins of flights to several middle eastern countries citing concerns that bombs may be concealed. and in an unprovoked attack, police say an officer was sitting in an unmarked vehicle
2:31 am
in the bronx at 12:30 when the suspect opened fire on her and her partner. they found the suspect a 34-year-old man trying to flee the scene and shot and killed him after he allegedly took out a gun. and a bipartisan intel gags sent the fourth of july holiday in afghanistan stap, they met with top military officials in kabul according to the "the new york times" the senators calling for the trump administration to put forth a new strategic to win a war that has lasted 16 years. let's turn back to the major story out of the korean peninsula where the united states and south korea have fired warning missiles into the territorial waters off the coast of south korea in retaliation for yesterday's test for an intercontinental ballistic missile. the missile in japan exclusive economic zone, we should add. it appears to be the first successful test of an icbm by the north korean regime.
2:32 am
and represents a significant step forward for that country's weapons program. and north korea-state-run media says the nation is now a, quote, proud nuclear state. officials say they believe the test was of a two-stage missile with a range of 3,500 miles and possibly up to 4,100, meaning that alaska is now in range of those missiles. >> joining us live once again from london, nbc news chief ali arouzi. u.n. baemgs nikki haley is calling for emergencying meeting of the u.n. security council. how is the commission reacting to the latest provocation by pyongyang? >> good north, yasmin, that's expected to take place later today. the strongest response has come from united states and saeb who fired a warning shot across the bow by conducting a massive joint exercise, launching a barrage of ballistic missile into the east sea, according to
2:33 am
the joint chiefs of staff. a statement by military warned that self-restraint which is a choice is all that separates armistice and more and these drills show that they're able to change their choice. the south korean parliament adopted a resolution condemning the missile launch. saying that the north korean authorities themselves will have to bear the price for their provocative behavior and warned that it could result in the aiming at kim jong-un. and russia call on north korea to suspend its ballistic missile program but they also called on the u.s. and south korea to halt large-scale military exercises in that region. obviously something that didn't
2:34 am
happen this morning. the u.s. and south korea sending a clear message to the north that they're not going to be to tell rating this anymore. we have to see what the outcome of that u.n. security council meeting will be today if any additional sanctions are imposed. yasmin. >> all right. ali arouzi live in london. many lawmakers spent the fourth of july holiday in their districts attending parade it's and events where the holdout votes were heard from their constituents. senator mcconnell of maine said there was only one issue along her parade route. collins said i heard over and over again encouragement for my stand against the current version of the senate and house health care bills. senator dean heller was on horseback as he greeted voters in ely, nevada. in fact, voters there asked him to get behind the republican bill. the post reports that majority leader mitch mcconnell has vowed to continue negotiations despite
2:35 am
suggestions from the white house for a repeal vote before a plan is actually put in place. now with attention going to senators ted cruz and mike lee who wanted more deregulation in the bill and the ability to waive the rule protecting preexisting conditions senate republicans asked the congressional budget office to score the bill were with and without cruz's amendments. cruz got an earful at fourth of july celebrations in the democratic stronghold of mccallen, texas where a protester's sign said ted wants us dead and cruising for a bruising in 2018 according to the texas tribune. ginning us again, author of the political playbook. obviously, health care has turned into a stumbling block for republicans. many of them criticized for both the house and senate versions according to a report by the indianapolis star, the republican party in vice president pence's home state asked for obamacare horror
2:36 am
stories. surprisingly, they were flooded with positive comments about the law. have republicans made any progress in health care and are they winning the public over in trying to move fore? >> i don't think they have made much progress. they wanted this issue to be done with in the first month or so of trump's tenure. and the fact that it's july and they're still not able to come up with a strategy to get it done, suggests that they have recognized through their own polls and issues like what happened in indiana, that if they go ahead with this repeal and replace strategy, that takes 24 million americans off health care, then that will really kill them politically next year. and, so, they are at an impasse, because there are very few options that actually would work for them to repeal it, without taking those people off their health insurance rolls. >> daniel, i wanted to move to a
2:37 am
conversation about president trump's trip overseas now. he's meeting with several world leaders at the g20 summit but none more important than the meeting with russian president vladimir putin. you eyes on that meeting as well. what do we know as far as the president's agenda? do we know what they're covering? and tell us about the stakes here. >> so, the white house hasn't released the agenda first meeting. but the russians have suggested that they're very eager to get those diplomatic compounds that the u.s. had seized last year back into russian control. and so, this is kind of an assertion of power dominance by putin, suggesting that he really wants, you know, what he thinks is rightfully theirs. these were spy compounds. that's what the u.s. said last year. other issues include ukraine and probably the election meddling. but the stakes are very high because if trump doesn't do eye a good job in his first meeting with putin, thenally will get
2:38 am
widely criticized probably by democrats and even some hawkish republicans. and so, the message that is sent by the body language of their photos and also any statement is going to be interesting to see. >> daniel, we were talking earlier about the developments in north korea. in fact, back in january, trump tweeted that north korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. it won't happen. this morning, though that may have changed. how is congress reacting to what is happening in north korea? and what do they want to see come out of the white house besides tweets? >> so, a lot of members and congressmen and senators didn't even issue statements yesterday. either their staff were on holiday, or they didn't find it particularly important to actually respond to the north koreans' provocation. but the people that did suggested that the u.s. should either directly engage with the north koreans or put more pressure on the chinese.
2:39 am
trump has said he's a great negotiator with china. and so they want them to work with the chinese to get north koreans off of their provo indicati cations. >> thank you. just in time for the north of july holiday, not before photos turned chris christie into the subject. late monday the impasse between governor christie and the d democrat controlled. and that assure this is will be back open for the holiday. sunday a local newspaper flew over island state park where governor christie has a residence and was spending time with his family. but that stretch of the beach had been closed to the public under the ongoing government shutdown. the governor was defiant in the face of questions about whether
2:40 am
his beach trip was appropriate. and criticism from his second in command. take a listen. >> whenever i get done tonight, i'll go back to the beach. that's where my family is, and that's where i'll go back to. now, you know, it's been really clear, that's our residence. and we have a right to be there whenever we want throbe there. i don't count going out on the beach after i've been working all morning to sit and talk with my wife and our guests for 40 minutes before i had to leave to come back to work. as getting sun. that wasn't what i was out there to get. the way i took the question was, hey, were you out laying out getting a tan today? that wasn't what i was doing, that's not what the pictures show, sitting there in a baseball hat in shorts and t-shirt talking to my wife and talking to our guests. i don't apologize for it. i don't back away from it. and i think my poll numbers show
2:41 am
that i don't care about political office. what i care about is what is right and wrong. what i care about is for me to be with my family and to be with them. >> i'd tell you what i would do if i was the governor i certainly wouldn't be on a beach at a park that was closed. it's beyond words. it's insensitive to people who can't use the park. >> christie said that he opted not to cancel the trip to the beach because his son had invited friends. they were told they would have to leave friday night. new jersey is not the only state dealing with a shutdown over the budget on the holiday. maine reached a bipartisan deal about 1:00 a.m. tuesday morning. the disagreement centered around an increase in a lodging tax imposed by republicans while
2:42 am
democrats wanted more money on head start and behavorial health illnesses. and illinois bruce rauner said the senate overrides his veto. but also raises income tax agency the state tries to avoid further cuts to services. the state downgraded to junk status, but that has been avoided for now. let's turn to business where asian markets closed higher despite the missile launch. with an early look at markets and how they're reacting to use out of the korean peninsula, caroline. >> good morning to you. initially asian markets were lower on the back of the news out of north korea. but as you pointed out, managed to be higher by the end of the trading day though gains were cap. it does show you that asian markets seem to be immune to what's happening coming out of
2:43 am
north korea. that said, though, we do think it's a bit higher with safety assets such as gold and the yen moving high. >> carolin, major changes coming to two of the world's biggest automakers. what can you tell us about that news? >> okay. i want to kick things off with volvo, now owned by a swedish company. it will phase out the conventional car by 2019. that's big news. the news is the first by a traditional car make tore announce it will abandon the combustible car engine. and has previously announced that it plans to launch electric hybrid vehicles by 2021. and volkswagen has said it's re-entering the inin ining the after sanctions were lifted there two years ago. they will start selling around
2:44 am
august to a number of local dealers. it had exited that market back in 2000. even though as a whole that market is quite profitable, it's not the first international carmaker to enter that market. again, the french have beaten the germans to the chase here. back to you. >> big news from volvo and wo volkswagen, caroline roth, live in london, thank you for that. a deadly fourth of july holiday, as the federal government looks to step in and crack down on violence. and mother nature setting the stage for severe weather across the country. the details of who's at risk and just how bad it will be, when we return.
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2:48 am
60,000 aerial, nearly 20 pounds of explosives being launched from the city's east river. all to celebrate america's 201st birthday -- i should say 241-of-the-birthday. apologize. let's get a check of the weather with nbc meteorologist steve sosna, steve. >> we have nature's fireworks across the southeast even though it's july 5th. showers and storms in the southeast today, while there could be damaging winds and localized hail i think the heavy downpours will be the big story here and these are the blinding downpours. so if you need to travel, giver yourself extra time. last half hour, we talked about the baking heat in the southeast. this half hour, the refreshing air in the northeast. a gorgeous day as nice as it gets in areas like new york city, up towards boston. now, the humidity will start to increase tomorrow night and through the day on friday.
2:49 am
so, enjoy this beautiful stretch while it lasts. and finally let's look at the country for today. because it is a nation divided in terms of weather. we have the beautiful weather but the southeast is hot with spotty storms here. and the big story is the western heat wave, it continues. while it relaxed a week ago, it will be back in earnest it looks like the rest of the week. have your point of action, whether it be ice cream, the pool, whatever, you'll have to find ways to beat the heat. chicago facing a deadly july 4th holiday. 60 people shot, and that's compared to recent years past. the paper reports that police officers have been added each day since friday. on friday, president trump tweeting that the city will be getting federal help. the city is getting the help of 20 atf agents and a handful to try to bring an end to the
2:50 am
killings. still ahead, president trump is heading back overseas as he prepares to meet with european leaders. and to poland, why some allies may be giving president trump the cold shoulder. trump the cold shoulder. and the
2:51 am
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get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. welcome back. president trump set to depart this morning on his second overseas trip. the president will stop in poland today before heading to
2:53 am
handle germany tomorrow. >> and following mr. trump's failure to endorse the alliance defense treaty back in may, that will be a subject of the talks there. so we are talking about president trump getting a second chance of sorts if you will to try and ease concerns among allies. what are are you hearing about the expectations from his visit? >> reporter: well, here in warsaw, trump is just making a pit stop really on his way to hamburg. and there have already been protests today and donald trump habit even arrive hasn't even arrived. police are having to subdue protesters against the g-20. here in warsaw, he will kind of
2:54 am
get to eat miss r hhis dessert e poland loves america and the leadership tends to be ever a far right populist ild that see themselves aski kinsmen with trump. they are suspicion of regulations and glups liroups l european union. so the center piece will be trump's speech that he will be giving at the site of a 19 will 4 uprising. so that will be allowing donald trump to create a very heroic posture. and the leadership here will be greeting him with open arms. they are hoping to benefit politically, too. in fact the media has been saying that many of the political leaders are actually busing in supporters from the countryside in order to give trump a very, very warm welcome. >> all right. matt bradley live in warsaw,
2:55 am
thank you. force s fighting isis in syria claiming victory after breaching a wall in their battle to retake the area. the u.s. central command revealed that u.s. backed forces struck two small portions of the wall. officials say that has allowed kurdish-led forces to advance into the most heavily fortified portions of the city by passing booby-trap booby-traps. they had planted explosion suffers at several openings. coming up next on "morning joe," much more on the president's trip to you're rap, what u. europe, and whether he may change his tone in an attempt to ease their policy concerns. plus the latest on north korea's later enter ter conditiente intercontinental ballistic missile launch. and a look at what the united
2:56 am
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2:59 am
let's get a check on the stories you'll be hearing about today. >> the united nations security council is set to hold an emergency meeting on north korea. u.s., japan and south korea have requested that meeting in the wake of pyongyang's latest missile launch. and the president is kicking off his four day trip to europe that will include his meeting with vladimir putin on friday on the side lintsz lines of the g- summit. >> and spacex is heapi ihoping time is the charm. they had been forced to scrub the previous two with just seconds go. >> that does it with us on this wednesday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. good morning, it is
3:00 am
wednesday, july 5th. we have frank rooney, morning joe economic analyst, and birthday boy steve rattner. >> 39. >> happy birthday. >> no, no, i'm medicare age. i'm going to find out -- i don't look 65, though, right? >> of course not. not at all. >> i want your opinion. my wife thinks that i should get my eyes done. what do you think? >> just a little tweak. nobody will notice. trust me. >> nobody will talk about it. >> columnist for "the daily beast" and author of "nuclear showdown north korea takes on the world, gordon chang is with us. and washington bureau chief julie pace and former nato supreme allied commander now dine of the fletcher school of law, retired four star navy admiral. >> i actually feel guiltybo


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