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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 5, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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appreciate it. >> it is 11:00 a.m. out west. 2:00 p.m. in the east. we're just one hour away from an emergency u.n. meeting. the council will meet to discuss the july 4th test launch of adequate another missile. they are one step closer to developing a missile that can reach the u.s. so our word of the day is icbm. incontinental ballistic missile. >> you will see icbm quite a bit today. >> the intercontinental ballistic missile, we have seen their able to range it
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potentially as far as alaska and hawaii. we know they will take the missile and exchange the range. >> the u.s. delivering their own warning shot, they teamed up to launch missiles off of that east coast. will china step in? at the beginning of his presidency, he laned on north korea's nuclear ambitions. that has not happened. trump vented about xi on twitter saying trade between north korea and china grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much for china working with us, but we had to give it a try. let's start with hans nickels at the white house. talking about this icbn, what to we know about it and it's
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capabilities? >> it is distance, and that t is 5500 kilometers. that mean it's can reach a large part of alaska. a distinction that gives you an indication of how far it can go. number up with, the time aloft, 37 minutes. it is on a mobile launcher. they're moving things around all of the time and it is hard to get a sense of when they will do something because they have these mobile launchers. one thing on that, it was a lick quit fuelled missile. that means they can see it loading it up or gasesing it up. you don't want a missile bouncing around with jet fuel in it but the intell and looking at all of the things, you can't
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monitor the entire thing, that seems to be the sheem of the last hour or so. >> can they attach a nuclear warhead? >> the initial assessment is that it reentered the at most fear. and one that is on a more frat cur -- flat curve, so the decision to do this was about 5:00 in the afternoon. we'll see if they will repeat a second day of training exercises. remember the eighth army down there and their motto is ready to fight tonight.
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>> and the president will be touching down in just a little bit, back in january the president talked about how they would not be able to get an icbn. they certainly got one now. much of the response is coming from this state department, what should with we make of that? >> we're hearing from the chief diplomat that posted a statement saying he would hold north korea accountab accountable. he said it is a global threat, and he did not name all of these countries, but saying anyone that helped north korea was in his words aiding and abetting a dangerous regime.
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you read off one of those tweets that he shared just before departing. here is another one that he posted just a short time ago. yesterday, after the icbm, that intercontinental ballistic missile was launched. he said they launched another missile, does this guy, referring to kim jong un, have better to do with his life. he said hopefully china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. >> do we know what a heavy move is and do we have any indication of what that will be when he meets with the president at the g 20? >> this is not clear, and often times the white house says that his sweeks speak for himself.
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it was right before the air strikes in syria. it appears there is now frustrations with this president with president xi that more has not been done. the president reached out, to president cc asking them and making sure they would implement the secure council resolutions. and also trying to get four nations to crack down on allowing north korean guest workers in their country including china. that's one way they're able to get that access to foreign currency to bring home and propel or fuel this missile campaign. >> the u.s. and south korea have answered, what other options does the u.s. have in order to end this crisis or to try to
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deescalate it. >> they always refer you over to the state department. there is a very real sense that if you did deescalate, it would be such a last resort. and one of the strategies is to involve the other countries in the effort. don't just have the china centered approach. if you look at secretary tillerson's comments, he is talking about a global approach. one proposal floated by the chinese and the russians, for them to halt it has been rejected out of hasz here at the pentagon, and last height nay had joint training sergss.
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>> joining me now is christopher hill. he is also an nbc diplomacy expert and an expert for outpost. also with it steve clemmons and an msnbc contributor. hans was talking about the options and saying that diplomacy is the best bet right now. is it the best bet according to your assessment trying to reason with the dictator out there? >> i think it is clear that hi is not interested in diplomacy or giving up his nuclear am sbig ambitions. we don't want a situation to job where people in south korea think we have closed the door. secondly i think we need to letter down and work with china. the president suggested it has not gotten us there, has not made much progress, but if we're
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able to put pressure, it's not because of china, or being able to outsource it to china, it's that we have been able to come up with means to perhaps address directly the progress that the north koreas have made with their program which is through a cyber attack or something else. i think we need to continue that and i think rex tillerson is not just china or the world east problem. i think this call to the rest of the world to take notice is appropriate. the question is what will the answer be. >> does china want to help with that and if they did wouldn't they have done so already? >> as much as people in america call china a dictatorship, it's a country that operates on consensus and they have a lot of
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disagreements. they talk about them worrying about north korean refugees, it is more if north korea go down and the successor state is south korea, it is a win for the u.s. and a defeat for china. i think they are prepared to do more on sanctions and we should be certainly pushing them on that, but i think they're quite there yet for direct pressure and attacking there means, the north korea program. that doesn't mean we're not working hard on it, and i think the tweets by the president of the united states. >> whether or not that would be successful, and the new york times raises doubt about that saying a pre-emptive attack would likely fail to wipe out north korea's arsenal because of of their facilities are deep in
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mountain caves or under ground. or they're middle on mobile launchers. >> that's why chris hill is one of the great dip llomats. we have not solved t a long time ago because it is less than 250 depths. so that is what has focused the mind in the path to try to find some other all terntive track. you have other parties there, they're all key in the area, and we just have not been able, yet, in many years, not just in the trump administration, to fend a way to look at them.
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sometimes we pay off the extortionists in north korea. it's a very complexion miss. >> what do think would motivate china to intervene, is there a red line? >> i don't think it is that simple. i think there are opportunities for common cause. others around this problem. but trump's tweets, you know, challenging china and the wto. kicking the thin on this, telling them they have to pay for their missile defense. basically at the same time you want allies and friends to work with you and realize they can have common cause. at the same time you run away and kick them in the shins on
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something like that, that is not serious and that is trump's biggest problem. he thinks he can have this bravado and plbluster and force china to be our agent. he made the united states far weaker and less able to go in these countries. there is no read line. china will never be our full agent. we could be covering right there with them if we didn't have such a blustery president. >> and we're just showing some of north korea's arsenal. this is coming right before trump goes to the g 20 where he will meet with world laters where he needs to meet with to try to mitigate any problems coming out of north korea, to deescalate the situation over
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there. you heard steve talk about the bravado. he has been talking the isolationist policies, not fully behind article five. what sort of challenges will he be facing at the g 20. >> i think frankly he will have a lot of challenges. you don't really have friends or love interests. i like you, i like what you stand far, so i think the president goes into this meeting very challenged in terms of people coming forward and wanting to work with us. he will want to dial it back and figure out how he can work with people. in the defense of the united states. i think we have the attention
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that this issue is front and sen tefr. this is the real deal. we are looking at a country that could deliver nuclear weapons intercontinentally. i think we should be able to get more people's attentions. i think we need to not create a situation where we say look, you have a great idea. we'll see if we can freeze north korean test. i think it is not a good outcome. we have a real alliance with the south koreans, not just a haper alliance. >> and you wrote about that in your op-ed. north korea's real strategy. take a look at it, a great read. thank you for joining me.
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i think putin has been a very strong leader for russia. >> if putin likes donald trump, that is an asset, not a liability. >> it would be fantastic if we got along with putin and russia. >> donald trump made no secret of his affection for russia and they're strong man president. will that change when they meet face to face. hr mcmaster said there is no specific agenda for that meeting, it is whatever the president wants to talk about, but is that the risest approach.
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after all, no one expects pew tin to be as free wheeling. he is known for being a leader. he once got a labrador to a meeting with angela merkel because he knew she was afraid of dogs. >> chief justice for the spokesman department and the justice and security analyst. francesca, big welcome to you we have not senior face in awhile. is there an agenda for mcmaster and are they trying to come up with a strategy to meet with putin one on one? >> it is clear he has north korea on his mind, and russia made it clear they would like to
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talk about it as well. ukraine and syria are topics on the table for this agenda, but as you noted, it can be whatever president donald trump decides to bring up at the time. as you say, one thang they want -- thing they want to talk about is sanctions. sanctions on russia from the interference in ukraine, and sanctions for the meddling in the u.s. election. the question will be who brings that up, russia or will it be donald trump? >> matt, how much will this meeting, this very first meeting they're having face to face, going to set the tone for relacrelac relations for america and russia going forward. >> i think one of the things you can expect in this meeting is vladimir putin figured trump out very early. he saw him as an easy mark and he flattered him, called him
11:22 am
brilliant, talented, and he got the clips you showed in response. what remains to be seen is whether or not trump can figure th that this flattery is not because he is brilliant and talented genius. can trump figure out his objective and act on behalf of not his own ego, but the country's interest. that would involve bringing up russia's interference, actions in ukraine, actions across europe, but it's not clear that he cares about those things or is willing to bring them up with putin. >> does the white house realize the psychological profile on him like putin has on trump? >> you know certainly some of
11:23 am
the top national security advisors are aware of this and have been trying to prepare him for many weeks now to get ready for this trip. it depends on how trump is feeling. he doesn't like to follow a script. he wants to go into the meeting and improvise and be a dealmaker. it is important to remember the heavy political backdrop here, not just the u.s. and russia relationship at stake, it is all of those that will expect trump to be tough and continue fronting putin over the hacking and the medaling of last year's election? >> what happens if he doesn't? >> we trouurn to business as us. trump has been reluctant to admit that it happened. mike rogers told investigators
11:24 am
he is still trying to convince trump in private that it happened. it is not yet clear that trump accepts that. if he doesn't, it will be hard to see how he will push putin not to do it again. >> and what will he be willing to give up to be a deal maker like he auk talks about. there is reporting out there that trump boxed himself in. according to press reports, trump asked a list of concess n concessions that could be offered to hamburg including the two properties that were stripped by the obama administration. what does the trump team want
11:25 am
from putin? is there a clear idea of what we're trying to get out of this relationship? >> talking about the north korea problem, but also with what is going on in syria. russia is a key ally of syria's president, and the just is trying to resolve the situation there. but i want to return to the sanctions you hit on in congress. congress is in recess this week. so that will not land on the president's desk assuming the house does pass that bill until after he gets back from the trip. the u.s. has not been clear on weath whether the president would sign that sanctions that president obama put into place in reference to the compounds you were mentioning. so that is one ace that he still has in his pocket going into this meeting with putin, he can
11:26 am
sign the sanctions legislation or not. >> congress has vowed to override it if he vetoes it. >> phil rucker, matt miller, thank you for joining me. >> thank you, coming up, the push to impeach. more democrats are signing on with zero control over any government. ly ask jamie raskin who is sponsoring the effort, next.
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welcome pack. we are 30 minutes awa from an emergency un security council regime. it is regarding a rocket that could reach american shores. 300 isis fighters remain in mosul. lit the low numbers, thousands are still trapped in that city. >> and the new york city police officer was killed in the bronx last night in what they're calling an attempted
11:31 am
assassination. she was shot in the head through the window of her marked police car just after midnight. the suspect was pursued, shot, and killed by police near the scene. >> and democrats in the house are taking a new approach to get president trump out of the white house. two dozen have signed on to determine if president trump or any future is determined fit for office. it is inspired by the 25th amendment to the constitution. the bill was proposed in april, but support as grown after the president sent several controversial tweets aimed at cable news hosts and reporters. congressman, welcome to you. start off by laying out what
11:32 am
your bill plans or proposes to do. >> thank you for having me. the 25th amendment sets forth an expectation for presidential incapacity. it has been invoked six times in different scenarios. and powers were temporarily surrendered to the president. the president of the united states can contact with a majority of the cabinet or the vice president can act with the majority of any body to be set up by congress. congress never set up the body that is called for in the 25th amendment. this is essentially following through on our constitutional amendment to set up body in the event of a presidential disability and that is something that would be determined by the
11:33 am
body but only with the vice president of the united states. to only one that is indent into it would be in the most extreme cases where there is a consensus that is developed and that the president is incapable. >> so it includes 11 members appointed by the leaders, it would be 11 members appointed by the house and senate leaders. do you believe this has a know ball's chance in gets passed? >> of course it does, the body is contemplated by the constitution in the 25th amendment. we're in the an -- anniversary
11:34 am
of our constitution. >> but so far, it has only been signed on by democrats, they don't control the white house, do you think this is a good use of time? >> things in congress take time to happen, it has been 15 years the 25th amendment as been in place. it would be activated on action by congress, so there is nothing for anyone to be afraid of excemee except for a presidential incapacity. it was adopted after the assassination of president kennedy, and we had multiple assassination an assassination attempts take place in our history. we have had presidents incapacitated, so we need to be
11:35 am
prepared. >> do you believe this bill would end up, resulting in the removal of president trump? >> i have no idea, it's not my call or interest. we have an interest to discharge here, setting up the body called for in the 25th amendment. >> so, my question who to you democrats are losing state legislatures, special elections, at least four of the five special elections thus far. hay don't control the house or senate, they don't control the senate or the presidency. is this basically giving the sense that this is an anti-trump, anti-this president bill and not something where the democrats are saying "here is what we believe in, here is what we will do for the american people." are you risking giving more f
11:36 am
fodder to them acting to make sure he does not succeed. >> i have not heard that from anyone except the media. the democrats billed party, social security, medicaid, medicare. they're trying to reduce prescription drug prices and it's the republicans that want to throw 22 million people off of their health care, and it's president trump's agenda and program. so this is no fetish with us, it's a constitutional respondent that we have to execute, but we're trying to move forward on the real mandates of the american people and we want to expand health coverage and build and invest in the structure, we want real tax justice and a real tax plan. we're not getting any agenda from the president and as you correctly note, they have control of the house, the senate, the white house, but there is no agenda that is happening there. this is part of a broad picture. we need every tool in our tool kit on the table to make
11:37 am
progress for the american people right now. >> congressman, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next up, republican senators, they're playing hide and seek. but to help others, they first had to protect themselves. i have afib. even for a nurse, it's complicated... and it puts me at higher risk of stroke. that would be devastating. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. once i got the facts, my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®... to help keep me protected. once-daily xarelto®, a latest-generation blood thinner... ...significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. xarelto® works differently. warfarin interferes with at least 6 blood-clotting factors. xarelto® is selective, targeting just one critical factor interacting with less of your body's natural blood-clotting function. for afib patients well-managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® compares in reducing the risk of stroke.
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a place for mom. you know your family. we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. senators are home for the holiday, but if you're trying to find most of them, good luck. halfway through their break, only half of them have made public aexperiences and this may be why. >> senator ted cruz in a city that voted heavily for hillary clinton got a face full of fire works at an event yesterday. susan collins was met with cheers, they both opposed gop health care bill. ted cruz wants a fuel repeal but collins is fighting to fix it's
11:41 am
flaws. she said i heard over and over again encouragement. people were thanking me over and over again. thank you, susan, stay strong, susan. joining me now, charlie sikes whose book "how the right lost it's mind" is due out later this year. also joining us, "rules for patrio patriots" author, steve days. charlie, collins and crews both oppose this bill, what can their opposite receptions dell you? >> well, i do think that it is interesting how so few senators are out there meeting in this particular segment. i think collins is a pretty firm no. but what really strikes me, katie, is i spent time trying to find any conservative media that
11:42 am
is supporting the senate bill or touting the senate bill or making arguments for the senate bill, and you can't find any. there are folks that will rip obama care. i notice the senate committee is launched a pre-emptive strike, but it is interesting we may be weeks away from the vote on this and there is no one making the case for the republican bill at all. >> steve, do you agree with that? >> with all due respect to the protestors, they have a right to do that, but it looks similar for those early on in the scott walker area. i doubt almost anyone voted for donald trump or any republican in their life. they have their own base. essentially what they want to have is to not keep a promise they made to americans for eight years. and they want to replace it with getting rid of the employer
11:43 am
mandates, we'll keep the individual mandate, so when your employer kills your insurance, and you're caught without it, you'll pay the penalty for that. that is every democratic campaign commercial ever. i see why there is no conservative media support for this. >> can't you argue that the voters you're seeing out there, protesting senators, who do have the whatever you want to call it to go out and do town halls, it is essentially the same thing. among the vote for obama care and the tea party, and they lost badly in the midterm elections. >> you're talking about energy on the other side, and that's why i think their biggest problem is their own base. if republicans sell out their own base and don't repeal obama
11:44 am
care, and replace it with essentially an insurance agency, a chamber of commerce bailout, they will have the tame thing we is a that is one side's base energized and the other demoralized. >> there are 52 senate republicans, only four of them announced fourth of july appearances. we have a lot of folks arguing that the virtual townhalls are the better way to go, is that what country was founded on? congressmen and senators that are unwilling to face their constituents? >> you have the attempt to ram it through. we remember that as conservatives, complaining about the democrats, they were rushing
11:45 am
it through and making these deals, and there was dozens and dozens of healing and debates. not to mention all of those townhall meetings. it is almost like the republicans watch what they criticize the democrats doing. they say that we can one up that you doo h do something with mechanic like this, and it will be highly toxic for them. i think that is dawning on them. >> and we're not that far out. a lot can change between now and then, but this is about the time that things start to ramp up. thank you very much. >> i want you to think ant something for a moment, imagine seeing 20 shootings a day in your hometown. it may be hard to imagine, but
11:46 am
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my grandfather made it and now i'm making it. as a micro-biologist i ensure that dog chow leads with high quality ingredients. it was another bloody holiday weekend in the city of chicago. 100 people were shot between friday afternoon and early this morning. 14 of them died. one chicago tribune reporter put
11:50 am
this into perspective visually. he took a picture of the four pieces of paper he had to use to track this weekend's violence. look at all of those us from ou chicago newsroom. ron, what are the police doing? they got what they are calling predictive technology. what does that mean? clearly it doesn't seem to be working. what's next? >> the police here have learned not to put the cart ahead of the horse. yesterday the police superintendent said we should have seen a less violent this weekend in chicago. they have been all over town conducting anti-violent raids. on monday alone arresting nearly 60 people. 6-0 people. 38 of them had previously run-ins with the law and police thought this was a good way to ensure we would have a safe fourth of july. that's not the case. it was, by chicago standards, pretty tame holiday weekend through yesterday afternoon. at about 2:30, 3:00, the
11:51 am
violence erupted just like fireworks here. half of the shootings occurred from 2:00 or 3:00 yesterday afternoon into early hours of wednesday, today. 40 plus shootings alone. six fatalities here since yesterday afternoon. numbers are bad. you can see there is a little bit of good news katy in terms of the comparisons with the shootings i should say from this year to last year. a reduction of 13%, 14%. but violence we saw yesterday and early this morning will chip away at that and some of those numbers as we saw on the screen there a moment ago. we're just through saturday. so three more days to add to totals here. these are numbers that unfortunately for some people are fading into the background. there is just so much violence here. we can also tell you, katy, that donald trump, the president, talked about bringing troops to chicago. we don't have troops just yet but there are federal boots on the ground in the form of new
11:52 am
atf agents here. they increased atf fuel force here by about 20 officers. so it is about a 50% increase in atf agents on the ground. and the hope is they can work with chicago police in trying to identify the guns used where they are coming from. they also brought in a ballistics van, mobile police, ballistics van from atf and they are processing shell casings, trying to tie them to other crimes and other states and other regions and they believe the key is to get to the guns and find out who is trafficking them and how to stop. we should also note just last week the governor signed a new law into order here where it's going to give judges a little less lee way in terms of guns with sentences. so seven years for folks with surn g certain gun crimes and that is up from three years. if judges want to go away from that, they have to explain it to the public. >> ron in our newsroom. thank you very much.
11:53 am
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one more thing before we go. it is really good one today. have we all been wrong? did amelia earhart and fred nunen really crash on the around the world flight or did they survive only to be captured by the japanese? the key lies in this picture. take a look. this one here. the photo just found in a pile
11:57 am
of old top secret files in the national archives. and it shows what appears to be a white woman and white man who look a lot like earhart and nunen. it the photo was taken in 1937, the year the couple took off for the doomed flight. tom covers aviation for us and joins me now. tom, why are they so sure that this could be amelia earhart and not just another woman who has her back to the camera? >> there is so much in this photograph unearthed by the history channel's investigators. look at man on the far left. look how tall he is. they laid a photograph of fred nunen, facial recognition over this photograph with a previous photograph and it seems to match up perfectly. look how much of a widower's peek on his hair line. when you lighten up the picture,
11:58 am
same facial construction, teeth and that certainly looks like him. now the person sitting on the dock, the hair. the hair would pair to be too long to be a man and too short to be a woman. certainly native woman. look at the woman standing there, native woman with long dress and long hair. the woman, as you can see, is wearing pants sitting on the deck. how many women in 1937 wore pants and short hair? i can think of amelia earhart and katharine hepburn. not many. certainly not many pefk pacific islanders. then can we take a broader look at the photograph? i want to show you the japanese ship also in the shot. the japanese ship is in the shot. and it appears that this ship is towing something on a barge and experts have measured that as 38 feet long. in fact, that is exactly how long amelia earhart's plane is. or was. and then there's this. the stories in the marshal
11:59 am
islands for decades, that a japanese ship picked them up, put her plane on a barge and took it so saipan. now there is a photograph that shows the japanese ship, the barge, her plane and two caucasians on the diamondback in the marshal islands when the japanese islands rid most of the islands of westerners. they can't do facial recognition software so they did body measurements for the woman. they use programs to measure the head and the shoulders and the underarms. all of that matches amelia earhart. so what happened to her? investigators have come up with evidence that in fact she and noonen were taken so saipan and died in japanese prison camp. and there is also evidence of that. that is on the history channel sunday night. >> we have images of those overlaying pictures of noonen and the pictures of aearhart ovr
12:00 pm
that old image. i'm sorry we couldn't show you. but for anyone curious about this or more curious about this, just go to nbc you can see tom kcostello's entire today show package. it is worth the watch. worth the full three minutes. thank you. and we will cover the president's trip to germany tomorrow. i will see you later today on "meet the press" daily. meanwhile, alley picks things up right now. hi. >> amazing story. every time i hear from tom, it is truly remarkable. >> i can't get enough of it. it is the story of the day, and nice it isn't politics. >> catch you later on on "meet the press" daily. president trump is on his way to europe right now for high stakes meetings at the g20 meeting. . test firing its first intercontinental missile on tuesday, it is believed to be a


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