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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 6, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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does believe russia interfered in the u.s. election but saying it could be others as well. >> yeah. if you're joining us right now, we're following breaking news. president trump is in poland. the first leg of his second foreign trip. he was greeted at the royal castle earlier this morning by polish president duda and the two leaders spoke. here is president trump talking specifically about russia. >> we're working with poland in response to russia's actions and destabilizing behavior. and we're grateful for the example poland has set for every member of the nato alliance by being one of the few nations that actually meets its financial obligations. as you know, i've been pretty hard on some of the members of nato for not and the money is pouring in, i can tell you. i was criticized, mr. president, but i can also say that the people at nato aren't criticizing me. they are very happy. the money has been pouring in in
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the last year far greater than it ever would have been. >> president trump took questions from the press. he will now take part in a round table meeting for the three cs initiative which features a number of european countries, many formerly under soviet rule. and later this morning, trump is set to give what national security adviser hr mcmaster has called a major speech in poland to the polish people. >> and joining us liver once again, keir simmons. there is so much to take in there, so many eyes on the leaders. you're in hamburg, germany expecting the president's rif arrival there later today. what is your takeaway from what you heard from the president? >> reporter: there is a lot to unpack from that news conference that will be seen as a scene setter for the meeting here at the g-20 that president trump will be attending. let's go in reverse and talk about that heated exchange with nbc's hallie jackson over
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whether the president accepts that russia intervened in the u.s. elections. he said i think it was russia, it could have been others. nobody really knows. and then he goes on to say more definitively after he was pressed by hallie jackson, it was russia, but i think it was probably others also. he criticized president obama he said for doing nothing he said about that intervention for many months and questioned whether it really was as many u.s. intelligence agencies coming to that conclusion has has previously been reported. so again, the hanging question, will he raise that question with president vladimir putin when he meets him here at the g-20 which we expect to happen tomorrow evening. just to go through a few of the other questions, you have talked about him making a commitment to nato, raising the issue of finance again crucially on north korea, the north korea missile test. that missile now people believe
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an intercontinental ballistic missile, he said i have some pretty severe things that we are thinking about, they are behaving in a very dangerous manner, there will be consequenc consequences. >> and i want to bring in hallie jackson now who is in warsaw. we just saw your exchange with the president there. you were cut off, you had a couple more questions, but you were not allowed to finish your questioning. but that got pretty heated for a moment, the president there talking about what he believes to be russia's interference in the u.s. elections. he says he thinks russia interfered in the u.s. election as we heard, but also saying it could be a lot of other people. and then going on to look at president obama's role in all this and why he didn't bring it up in the first place. your takeaway when you were sitting in that room and hearing the president's answers to your questions? >> reporter: right. well, i think again the president was not definitive which is a point that we were trying to get at with him. the intelligence community has
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made this assessment definitively that it was russia. you've heard the president say he thinks it was seeming to on potentially cast some doubt on whether it was russian interference are when he talked about for example mistakes are being made. that is significant. also significant, we have heard in from him before, blaming former president obama for not doing enough in the run up to the 2016 election, the fact checkers are having a go at that one. i do want to say, too, for the atmospherics in the room, typically the foreign media and the host media, the polish media in this case, would get a question to each leader. that obviously did not happen. we had a question to president duda and unfortunately that did not get asked. the president as he was walking off, he gave a little shrug. so hopefully there will be another opportunity to get our question to him. we are now headed over to warsaw to the old city not too far from where are we are now to watch the president's remarks.
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he is giving a speech to the people of poland. this is his first major remarks in a city overseas outdoors to a group like this. and we have seen some excerpts already. it's a fairly lofty sweefrpeech. he will talk about how people in the west succeeded now because of paper and regulations, but because they had the ability to chase their dreams. >> and let me ask you about a point that stuck out to me and i know you've covered the white house and you saw him on the campaign trail. he also tried to cast a little bit of doubt about the credibility of the intelligence assessment that russia was interfering. you pushed him hard to say that the 17 intelligence agencies were the ones that came out and said that they believe russia was definitively behind it. it seemed he once again reverted back to the campaign rhetoric where he would say well, we look the ed it's only three
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or four. is he again questioning the intelligence community? >> what the white house has pointed to for the last five, six months were with those comments on january 11th when the president said as he did today i think it was russia, but maybe other countries, too. he did not specify what other countries. he said he would not talk about what other countries today he thought were involved with interfering in the election, but he again questioned the claim -- or appeared to question the intelligence underlying this assessment again wide assessment from our intelligence agencies that russia did medal ig dle in election. and it is my sensitive that this will raise more questions particularly from his critics and some republicans on political who will wonder why the president won't definitively say something about this. we are keying up to the meeting with vladimir putin tomorrow. we are set to get to germ aany r
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the g-20 summit where that big meeting will happen. we know that the two -- at least russia wants to talk about the situation in syria, ukraine, the fight against isis. it remains unclear whether president trump will in fact bring up russia interference in the election. >> if we can keep you, we'd like to, but stand by. we want to take -- >> i have to run to a bus, gang. >> understandable. thanks for joining us. we actually want to go to the exchange between the president and hallie. and then we'll talk. >> well, i think it was russia and i think it could have been other people in other countries. could have been a lot of people interfered. i said it very simply, it could very well have been russia, but i think it could well have been other countries and i won't be specific. but i think a lot of people interfere. i think it's been happening for a long time. it's been happening for many, many years. the thing i have to mention is that barack obama when he was
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president found out about this in terms of if it were russia, found out about it in august. now, the election was in november. that is a lot of time. he did nothing about it. why did he do nothing about it? he was told it was russia by the cia as i understand it. it was well reported. and he did nothing about it. they say he choked. well, i don't think he choked. i think what happened is he thought hillary clinton was going to win the election and he said let's not do anything about it. had he thought the other way, he would have done something about it. so he was told in early august by presumably the cia that russia was trying to get involved or meddling. pretty strongly with the election. he did nothing about it. the reason is he thought hillary was going to win. if he thought i was going to win, he would have done plenty about it. so that is the real question why did he do nothing from august to
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november 8th, why did he do nothing. his people said he choked. i don't think he choked. >> so the followups for you, you again say you think it was russia. your intelligence agencies have been far more definitive. they say it was russia. why won't you agree with them and say it was? >> let me just start off by saying i heard it was 17 agencies. i said boy, that is a lot. do we even have that many agencies? it turned out to be three or four. it wasn't 17. and many of your compatriots had to change their reporting and apologize or correct. now, with that being said, mistakes have been made. i agree i think it was russia but i think it was probably other people and/or countries and i see nothing wrong with that statement. nobody really knows. nobody really knows for sure. i remember when i was sitting back listening about iraq. weapons of mass destruction.
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how everybody was 100% sure that iraq had weapons of mass destruction. guess what? that led to one big mess. they were wrong. and it led to a mess. so it was russia and i think it was probably others, also. and that has been going on for a long period ever tiof time. but my big question is why did obama do nothing about it from august all the way to november. he did nothing about it and it wasn't because he choked. >> all right. we're haerlg tearing the presid there responding to her questions about whether or not he believes russia interfered in the u.s. elections. i want to bring in christopher dicky from "the daily beast." you heard that exchange. it's setting the stage for us in regards to the major conversation that we're looking forward towards on friday afternoon with president putin of russia. will the president confront him, talk to him about russia's
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interference in the u.s. elections and also as well russia sort of casting a shadow over poland, as well, and the 3 cs considering their involvement and basically how poland is worried about their security when it comes to russia and along with energy as well. talk to me about that and your reaction to that exchange. >> well, there were a lot of mixed messages in the entire press conference by president trump and andre duda. when it comes to the question of will he confront putin on the question of interference in the american elections, apparently not. he really does not want to address that. i think that you can say clearly that he was blowing a lot of smoefr smoke. he was doing everything he could to avoid saying russia wanted to get him, donald trump, elected. which is what the intelligence community has concluded. again he attacks the intelligence community. about maybe we can't rely on the
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fbi, the cia, the nsa because there are 17 members of the intelligence community and he didn't know that? it's pretty extraordinary stuff. maybe if you want to be charitable this is because he wants to try and have a reset in the relationship with russia and he is trying to reassure all these former satellites of the soviet union that he will protect them without by the way still without saying that he will honor article 5 of the nato treaty that guarantees that the u.s. will intervene to defend estonia, lithuania and latvia who are members of nato as well as poland. so he was sending a lot of mixed messages. we'll protect poland, we'll be good with poland, we'll protect our friends, especially if they pay their nato dues. but at the same time, we didn't want to point the finger at russia too much. i think the big takeaway from the meeting with putin pretty clearly is going to be about fighting isis.
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i think the u.s. is moving the question of assad and whether he stays or goes into the back ground and it's going to try and announce with putin that there will be coordinated action against isis. and that is about as much as we can expect from that meeting at least in public. >> and let's me ask you aboe l response about the question regarding north korea. if he was sending mixed signals to some of the european allies about the russia issue and having their back vis-a-vis russia, certainly a different tone about ambiguity when it came to what he is going to do about north korea. he said they were behaving very badly, but still not giving any definitive plan of action as to how he plans on curtailing that threat. >> and that is because he doesn't know what to do. he's already sent three carrier battle groups into the waters off the korean peninsula and at the same time, we're hearing that there can't possibly be a
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war because hundreds of thousands of south korea onnia s s will be killed if that happens. basically seoul is being held hostage by north korea because of its artillery positions and other weapons that are trained on the capital. so he can't go to war. he has tried to rely on china, but he's been disappointed in china's performance because china's big concern is it doesn't want to get rid of kim jong- jong-un, it doesn't wants entire regime of north korea to collapse because then there will be a massive refugee issue and all kinds of ancillary problems for dhoochina. so awful these thill of these tg on and he doesn't have an answer. so he's being ambiguous because in fact he doesn't know what he's going to do. >> christopher dickey, thank you very much. keir simmons now. in talking about the precarious position that the president is in considering all of the things that are on the table in this conversation when it comes to president putin, it's hard to
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understand how he will approach this going forward not only speaking of the position that he's in with poland and eastern europe, but also considering russia's role in the u.s. elections. how much is riding on this conversation and considering russia's role in syria as well and speaking to what christopher dickey just touched on? >> reporter: well, a lot is riding on the meeting with president putin. the optics will be crucial and what actually comes out of it will be very important. let's just mention that president trump did talk about russia as destabilizing. that is a crucial criticism. so while he is not fully criticizing russia for intervention in the u.s. elections, he did seem prepared to criticize russia in other ways. so the question then is what will he say to president putin when he sees them as christopher dickey mentioned, he may be looking for trying to emerge from that meeting with some kind of declaration about the fight
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against isis. whether that makes a difference on the ground in syria is a different question because that in and of itself is extremely complex, extremely difficult to simply talk about a fight against isis without taking in all of the other issues in syria. and then in terms of north korea, look, i think one of the questions during the g-20 summit will be how much attention in the u.s. is focused on that meeting with president putin while president trump will have a crucial and perhaps more important meeting with president xi of china because that is where the north korea question really comes up, although he russia has appeared to build an alliance with china over north korea. but that could be a testy meeting. and what we heard from nikki haley overnight was a suggestion that the u.s. reserves the right to take military action, but could also resort to trade action in relation to china unless china begins to clamp down economically on north korea. now, you know, say it quietly,
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we're not there yet, but that brings about the spectacle of a trade war with china. that would be extremely economically damaging and could easily be a slippery slope that could lead to problems for u.s. companies, many u.s. auto manufacturers for example during important work in china setting selling a lot of cars in china. so all of this is so complex and i think what you have to take away is the complexity of it maybe just glon straights how difficult the next few days will be. >> certainly complex. i want to listen in now to 3 cs conference. this includes all 12 countries of eastern europe. >> as it's been said many times before, the impossible has become the possible. and thanks to the 11 leaders in this room, i think that the expression will become the story of this incredible initiative.
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i want to con grat late you gru the great job you've done. this region has special significant to me as you know, my wife is slovania. every one of your nations has an inspiring story. you've overcome years of oppression and you all are united by the hope that your citizens will flourish, your commerce will prosper and your countries will thrive. that's what is going to happen. because i know the people. there is a spirit of hope that brings us all together. open fair and energy markets bring greater prosperity to all of our to citizens. we are sitting on massive energy and we are now exporters of energy. so whenever you need energy, just give us a call. on on behalf of the american people, let immediate say that
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we stand with the 3 cs nations. beautiful nations by the way. beautiful country. we support your drive for greater prosperity and security. we applaud your in addition difference to expand infrastructure, we welcome this historic opportunity to deepen our economic partnership with your region. it's been 28 years since your brave sit tcitizens lifted the curtain and defeated communism, yet much of the infrastructure within central and eastern europe has remained a relic of the old soviet era. pretty incredible. your people have been held back by the old roads, rail ways and pipelines that still operate on restricted systems. the 3 cs initiative will transform and rebuild the entire region and ensure that your infrastructure like your commitment to freedom and rule of law binds you to all of
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europe and indeed to the west. the united states strongly supports the creation of the 3 cs business forum so that your countries can build cutting edge projects with the best talent in the energy industry and do so under budget and ahead of skuof school. i love that sound. underbudget and ahead of schedule. nothing like it. new energy infrastructure is essential. we hope that the 3 cs nations will advance the same goals we're working on to achieve for our people in america. we're doing tremendously well. our stock market just hit an all-time high. we have in 16 years it's the lowest unemployment rate. our military is getting stronger and stronger. we're adding billions and billions of new equipment. the best equipment in the world. we make the best equipment in the world by far. we're adding many billions of
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dollars of brand new equipment. and the united states is doing very well, very strong. we've taken off restrictions and people are moving hard. so when i say that the stock market is at an all-time high, we've picked up in market value almost $4 trillion since november 8th, which was the election. $4 trillion. a lot of money. personally i picked up nothing, but that is all right. everyone else is getting rich. that's okay. i'm very happy. greater access to energy markets, fewer barriers to energy trade and development and strengthening energy security is what we're looking to do. the 3 cs initiative has the potential to accomplish all of these essential objectives and very quickly because you have incredible people. and they will get it done quick cannily. i congratulate your nations for already beginning the critical projects that open us up to greater access and you will be
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totally open and have access to energy markets and remove barriers to energy trade such as floating lng terminal on the croatian island of kirk. did you ever hear of that, right? you know all about that. i'll bet you know all about it. these projects and many others are kruf shal tcrucial to ensur your nations continue to diverse if i your supp suppliers and routes. and i also applaud pursuing a pipeline from the black sea. we just approved the keystone pipeline. it was under consideration for many, many years and it was dead. and i approved it in my first day of office and it's now under construction. and another pipeline be sides that, big ones. dakota access. the united states is proud to
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see that our abundant energy resources are already helping the 3 cs nations achieve much needed energy diversification. in fact, i want to take this opportunity to congratulate the government and people of poland for receiving their first shipment of u.s. liquefied natural gas last month and you made a very good deal i understand. let me be clear about one crucial point. the krund wiunited states will e energy to coerce your nations. you don't want a monopoly. the united states is firmly committed to open, fair and competitive markets for global energy trade. america will be a faithful and dependable partner in the export and sale of our high quality and low cost energy resources and tech be knowledg nole tech be k. we make the best technology for
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fighter jets, ships and equipment. all over the world i talk about the greatness of our military equipment and nobody comes close. so when you buy military equipment, hopefully you will be thinking only of the united states. with the expanded trade and new infrastructure, we will unleash incredible energy innovation that is safe, responsible and environmentally friendly.united states supports a common sensitive approach to protecting that will resources. one that responsibly balances economic growth, job creation and energy security. we invite all countries to work with us to achieve this objective and to develop innovative technologies that empower nations around the world to be faithful stewards of their natural resources while lifting millions out of poverty and into great and beautiful futures.
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the 3 cs initiative will not only empower your people to prosper, but it will ensure that your nation also remain sovereign, secure and free from foreign coermpanerciocoercion. the 3 seas nations will stand stronger than they ever have before. when your nations are strong, all the free nations of europe are stronger and the s stronger as well. it can bring greater paereace, prosperity and safety. this is largely about energy because we are that great good port ex-porter. we've just become what is going on in our country is incredible. and i hope you take advantage of it by using these resources. i'm thrilled to join you today and i want everyone to know that the united states supports your bold efforts. these projects will improve countless lives across the
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region and throughout the world. america will be your strongest ally and steadfast partner in this truly historic initiative. so congratulations to everybody. and we stand ready, willing and able to help with your energy needs and other needs as they come along. thank you very much. >> you're looking at live pictures out of warsaw where president trump gave his remarks at what is being describeds a t satisfies the three seas initiative and praising the initiatives as they try to rebuild after years of what he describe bd as oppression. some of those countries obviously part of the soviet influence. so we're now looking at live pictures of the polish president that you saw president trump there speak for a few miptdew m. we'll have more extended
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get a free sample at ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top story. president trump taking questions from reporters less than an hour ago in poland where he addressed among other things this week's intercontinental ballistic missile by north korea. take a listen. >> in lights of north korea's latest icbm testing, do you
2:30 am
think they are beyond redemption or is there a chance that they might make a u-turn and are you willing and ready to launch military action against them? >> as far as north korea is concerned, i don't know. we'll see what happens. i don't like to talk about what i have planned. but i have some pretty severe things that we're thinking about. that doesn't mean that we will do them. i don't draw red lines. president obama drew a read line and i was the one that made it look a little bit better than it was. but that could have been done a lot sooner and you wouldn't have had the same situation that you ever right now in syria. that was a big mistake. but i think we'll just take a look at what happens over the coming weeks and months with respect to north korea. it's a shame that they are behaving this way, but they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner and something will have to be done about it. >> joining us live again keir
2:31 am
simmons. good to have you with us. you're in germ ananygermany. tomorrow the big g-20 summit. european leaders watching closely. what are european leaders looking to hear from president trump and do you think given what we just heard in that exchange about north korea, russia and what have you he hit some of those benchmarks for them? >> reporter: well, what the european leaders would like to hear the most is that president trump specifically reference article 5 of nato which pledges nato including the united states will defend all its members. he appeared to kind of suggest that during the news conference. but perhaps not as explicitly as the europeans would have liked. in terms of north korea, clearly this g-20 summit is happening while what is increasingly looking like an unfolding crisis
2:32 am
is taking place in asia. overnight the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has been pretty straightforward saying that the u.s. reserves the right to take military action and suggesting that if not that, it might look at taking trade action perhaps against china which has the ability to clamp down economically on north korea. and president trump seems to reinforce that, underscore that in his comments saying i have some pretty severe things that we are thinking about and then at the same time in that news conference that you saw as we've seen so many times the president kind of somewhat diverted by question over fake news and that controversy surrounding his tweet with his wrestling tweet that most people would have seen in relation to cnn. let's take a listen to what he had to say about that. >> sensitive you started the whole wrestling video thing, what are your thoughts about
2:33 am
what has happened since then? cnn went after you and threatened to expose the identity of the person responsible for it. >> i think what cnn did was unfortunate for them. now they have some pretty serious problems. they have been fake news for a long time. they have been covering me in a very dishonest way. do you have that, also, by the way, mr. president? with cnn and others. nbc is xwaulequally as bad desp the fact that i made them a fortune with at prentiss oth"th but they forgot that. cnn are has taken it too seriously and i think that they have hurt themselves very badly. very, very badly. and what we want to see in the united states is honest, beautiful, free but honest press. we want to see fair press. i think it's a very important thing. we don't want fake news.
2:34 am
>> reporter: what we went on to see was a clear example the way the president's comments echo around the world. the polish president using that as an opportunity to criticize some polish media. all of this of course sets the scene for the g-20 that will take place here in hamburg, president trump's most important two meetings aside from meeting with angela merkel will be his meeting with the chinese president xi where north korea will inevitably come up. that could be a tough meeting, that could be an exexplosive meeting honestly. and at the same time, he will then go on to meet with president putin we think tomorrow evening. so many questions that will come up there and perhaps for the u.s. one of the primary ones will be will president trump bring up the question of russian alleged intervention in the u.s. elections. >> let's talk a little bit on north korea. the president there in that press conference being asked if north korea was beyond redemption.
2:35 am
his first answer sort of being we'll see what happens here. but he then went on to say after talking for a little bit that something does have to be done. obviously that subject coming up when he meets with the president of china there and you mentioning of course how tense of a conversation that can be. a lot of the conversations surrounding north korea is does a global coalition has to be formed in order to squeeze north korea out a bit despite the fact that their main resources are coming from china, global coalition do create even a stronger force there. talk to us a little bit about that and what the stakes are there. >> reporter: look, the consensus is that the u.s. has no good options when it comes to north korea. if you take military action, north korea has its conventional missiles trained on south korea including seoul where millions of people live. thousands of u.s. service maend women are in south korea. so there is that extreme risk
2:36 am
from a anything taker intervention by the u.s. as nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. seemed to suggest overnight, if you look at taking trade action against china, which might be popular in the u.s. to try to push china to take economic action against north korea, that could ratchet up very, very quickly and for example many u.s. automatic towed manufactuauto manufacturers have huge interests in china. the chinese know that. so if it ends in a trade war with china, that would be extremely economically damaging for north america and the whole world honestly. so there are no good options because at the same time, it is pretty clear now that the north korean leader is determined to gain nuclear -- a nuclear missile capable of reaching the u.s. mainland and clearly no u.s. president is going to be prepared to accept that. >> we'll certainly continue you're coverage of the
2:37 am
president's visit to poland and of course look forward to the g-20 summit. keir simmons for now, thank you. switching gears a bit, a federal judge are is expected to rule on an emergency motion against the president's limited travel ban. three days after the supreme court's ruling that the administration could begin partially enforcing the executive order, the state department said parents,ing parents in law, spouses, fiances, children and children in law would be exempt from the ban on visas for travel to the u.s. from six muslim countries. but grandparents, aunt, uncles, nieces, nephews and siblings in law would be subject to the ban. on wednesday hawaii and others filed their opposition saying that the federal government is misconstruing the supreme court's partial stay. and also the number of states putting up a fight against the commission on voter fraud is growing as the head of the panel pushes back. by abc news' count, 44 states are either declining to release any of the requested data or
2:38 am
providing only limited information. the commission is looking for information including voters' date of birth, voting history, information on felony convictions and whether they have lived overseas. 19 states both red and blue are refusing to comply with the request citing privacy concerns. while some claim that the fraud panel is politically motivated. 26 states are saying they plan to only hand over what is deemed public information by their respective state laws. six states say they have yet to receive the commission's request or are still reviewing it. speaking with msnbc yesterday, kentucky secretary of state am police s alison grimes a democrat put a fine point on her refusal to comply. >> the commission has received a reception nationwide that hasn't been positive. as my grandmother used to say, it's about as welcoming as a
2:39 am
breeze off an outhouse. >> vice chairman of the voter fraud commission is disputing that states are refusing to cooperate calling it fake news. in a statement released yesterday, he says in part, quote, despite media distortions and obstruction by a handfulle of state politicians, this bipartisan commission on election integrity will continue its work to gather the facts through public records requests to ensure the integrity of each american's vote because the public has a right to know. but in an op-ed in the "washington post," michael chertoff writes that president trump's voter data request poses a gank danger to national security saying hackers could steal that data. so far the fourth of july recess is not bringing senate republicans any closer to an agreement on health care. senator john mccain says yesterday that he would not support the repeal now replace later approach that the white house and other republicans have suggested.
2:40 am
quote, i fear we may fall under the trap of repealing and not replacing and that would be bad for america. this always other gop members continue to face protests with several scheduled for the district offices of mitch mcconnell, jeff flake, marco rubio, pat toomey and rob portman. and its not just republicans. maria cantwell hosted a town hall where some of the loudest applause came after audience members called for a single payor health care system. audience members shouted for her to get behind bernie sanders' promised medicaid for all bill when he introduces it. senator sanders will be holding two rallies this sunday in morgantown, west virginia and covington, kentucky. on still ahead, a congressman is forced to apologize after being shamed at what he did at a notorious c concentration camp. and hobby lobby finding millions
2:41 am
of dollars over artifacts and hundreds evacuated in ski towns. those stories and a check on weather when we come back.
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we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you . a member of congress is having to apologize after fill himming a video of himself at a concentration camp. gabe guttierez reports. >> reporter: it's not what clay higgins said, but where that is stirring outrage. this five minute video sharing on his facebook page was recorded inside a former nazi death camp in poland. as he tours a gas chamber, higgins warns the u.s. should be more aggressive in fighting terrorism. >> homeland security must be squared away. >> reporter: museum officials scolded the congressman saying there should be mournful
2:45 am
silence, it's not a stage. anti-defamation league and anne frank center also took notice. >> it was pure and simple a grotesque exploitation of the holocaust. how dare congressman higgins use auschwitz at his own personal tv studio. >> reporter: he says my intent was to offer a refer rent homage to those who were murdered. my sincere apology for any unintended pain is to those who were murdered. my sincere apology for any unintended pain is extended. this is not the first time he's courted controversy. in a facebook post last month, he wrote that the free world is the a war with islamic horror and when it comes to radicalized suspects, the u.s. should kill them all. >> the united states is more accessible to terror like this. >> reporter: he is it apologetic after critics say this message went too far. >> thank you to gabe guttierez for that reporting.
2:46 am
hobby lobby is having to pay out millions of dollars after being caught smuggling thousands of artifacts out of rank. t iraq. despite warnings in 2010 that some of the items they sought to buy were lewded from historic ci sites, the retailed are paid $1.6 million for items and many shiped marked as clay tile samples. the company will have to return the pieces and pay out $3 million. the company's president says they fully complied with the federal investigation. back in the u.s. in the dry heat of summer wildfires are beginning to pop up out west. near breckenridge, colorado, nearly 500 homes have been evacuated and the entire town is on alert. the peak 2 wildfire is expected to flare up again today since it started yesterday morning. it has expanded to about 84 acres. and with that we turn to weather with bill karins. welcome back. >> good morning. the fire season out west will be a long one. we're already in a very hot
2:47 am
weather pattern. it's dry and if we stay this hot and dry, all the vegetation from the wet winter, look be out late summer and early fall. today, 13 million people at risk. if you are in wisconsin, iowa or northern illinois, including chicago, wind damage is your threat late this afternoon into this evening. we have a storm moving through kentucky. you can see the showers in tennessee and kentucky hit and miss, and the warm front from washington, d.c. down to norfolk, virginia beach, a lot of wet weather in this area and that will continue through the morning. so probably one of the worst drives out there is around d.c. you can see the rain moving around the beltway. this is 7:00 a.m., storms over lieu advice and the rain around d.c. by the afternoon, it breaks up around the nation's capital. just hit and miss. worst of it this morning. we'll track this rain from 4:00 p.m. through this evening, so you probably get another round in d.c. and baltimore overnight. and then 8:00 a.m. tomorrow
2:48 am
morning around philadelphia, possibly new york city, long island, hit and miss showers and storms also. and we mentioned the heat and wildfires out west. 101 again in salt lake city, phoenix 113, 90s in the middle of the country. so this is the time of year where it's either really hot or maybe you're lucky enough to get some rain and showers and thunderstorms. really not too much in between. >> thanks, bill. still ahead, south korea carrying out a third day of military exercises in the wake of north korea's latest missile launch. we'll go live to saul for the soul you oig foilg for theo tensions. noo introducing the easiest way to get gillette blades text "blades" to gillette on demand text to reorder blades with gillette on demand...
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welcome back, everybody. we are covering the other big story of the day and an increased sense of urgency to find some sort of diplomatic agreement to pressure north korea off its nuclear course. >> for more, let's go now live to nbc's janice in seoul. the presidents now is accusing north korea of very, very bad behavior. so far, though, u.s. pressure doesn't seem to be moving two major players on this issue, russia and china. any change of the horizon with these two countries? >> it's unlikely that any resolution that the had u.s. puts forward to the u.n. security council is going to get approval from either russia or china. they both hold a veto, as well.
2:52 am
china assumed the presidency of the u.n. security council for the month of july. the position of china and russia on north korea state remains that there needs to be concessions on both sides, that the u.s. and south korea need to back off from their joint military drills that provoke north korea every year. as well, north korea needs to halt the testing of its nuclear and weapons programs. ambassador nikki haley talk about some of the measures that might go into a u.s. plan to apply diplomatic pressure, specifically targeting countries that trade with north korea. china wasn't mentioned specifically, but 90% of north korea's trade is with china. and also talking about perhaps restricting access to foreign currently and restricting oil shipments. so, again, that's why china becomes a player because most of
2:53 am
the imports that north korea gets from comes from china. it puts a lot of pressure and puts all eye owes that meeting that president trump is supposed to have with china's president xi jinping at the sidelines of the g20 summit. president trump will likely try to persuade xi jinping to do more, but as ever, he's unlikely to gain much. >> there's going to be a lot to watch tomorrow as those leaders will be in the same place at the same time. thank you for that, janice. secretary of state rex tillerson says isis has been badly wounded in syria. he also signaled the u.s. is ready to collaborate more with russia on ending the syrian civil war. in a statement released last night, he said, quote, the united states is prepared to explore the possibility of establish, russia joint mechanisms for ensuring stability, including no-fly zones, on the ground cease-fire observers and coordinated
2:54 am
delivery of human tear yar services. >> we've talked about our relationship with russia previously. and we've characterized it as being at a very low point. we have been engaged with russia for some time now to identify area that we should have mutual interest. syria certainly is one. the this is where we begin to rebuild an effort to build confidence between ourselves and russia at the military level .also the diplomatic level. so i think it is an effort that serves both of our interests as well as broader interests of the international community. we hope that this is going to be the beginning of other important areas that need to be addressed in order to strengthen our relationship. but we're at the very beginning and i would say at this point it's difficult to say exactly what russia's intentions are in
2:55 am
this relationship. >> and tillerson went on to say the most important thing now is for a good exchange between president trump and president pietin. coming up next on "morning joe," everybody, we are following president trump as he continues his trip overseas. >> the president is prepared to address people in poland in just over an hour as he prepares to meet one-on-one with russian president vladimir putin. >> plus, former u.s. ambassador to russia michael mcfall talks about his summer readsing list and former director of the national counterterrorism center michael ryder joins the conversation. "morning joe," everybody, just moments a away. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no
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oerve, everybody. president trump set to make his stop in poland before the g20 summit. before trump will speak to the people of poland. meanwhile, vice president mike pence will visit the kennedy space center today and deliver an address to nasa
2:59 am
employees. just last week, it was announced the vice president is head hadding up the newly reestablished national space council. and protests are expected to take place at the office of several republican senators and their home states of overgoing battle over health care. that does it for us on this thursday morning. "morning joe" starts right thou. the friendship between our peoples dates all the whack back to the american revolution. it's a long time. i look forward to speaking more about these enduring bonds of faith and freedom when i address the entire polish nation in just a little while. here we have a big crowd, mr. president. i think they're showing up for you, not for me, right? we're going to have a big crowd, that's what the word is. >> well, i mean, if they compare -- we hope they don't
3:00 am
compare crowd sizes. bussing in trump supporters from other parts of the country after promising president trump a warm welcome for his key today note speech. this is what we're talking about in terms of people understanding how he can be played, including with lots of praise or lots of applause. and that's coming up in the next hour. poland, an interesting choice in that, first of all, if you're an american president and you want to send a tough message to the russians, poland is a pretty good place to start. that said, what we're seeing in the press conference which will report on gives vladimir putin a lot of reasons to be happy. but before we get to the news really quickly, let's do the setup on the country he's in. a recent pugh polled showed that 70%


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