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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 6, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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daily. more tomorrow. come back. protests turn violent. take a look at these latest images from germany. this is live picture. night has fallen but protesters and police are still on the streets. this was the scene earlier where police used water cannons and pepper spray ahead of the g20. the protesters returning fire with bottle and stones. >> reporter: we just had a series of smoke bombs fired by the police. that's began to disperse the crowd. many of them are pulling themselves up across, out into safety here because they are trying to escape the smoke. as you can see there are now clashes between protesters and
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police. >> those violent protests coming just after trump arrived in germany for his very first g20 summit. the visit began a bit of an awkward handshake. watch closely because you'll remember in the oval office in march they didn't shake hands at all. it's his meeting tomorrow that everyone is waiting for. we're hours away from president trump going face-to-face with vladmir putin. the stakes were just raised on the eve of this meeting, routers reporting they are objecting to a u.n. security council of the launch. also on the world stage the president down playing russia's role in the election hacking. >> will you once and for all, yes or no, defentively say that russia interfered in the 2016 election. >> i think it was russia and i
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think it could have been a lot of people interfered. i said it very simply. i think it could have been russia but it could have been other countries. i won't be specific. i think a lot of people interfere. i think it's been happening for a long time. i think it was russia, but i think it was probably other people and or countries and i see thnothing wrong with that state. nobody really knows. nobody really knows for sure. >> u.s. intelligence officials say we do know. more on that coming up. it's good to see you. i thought all this might quiet down once the sun went down but still a lot of activity. describe the scene and what happened there. >> reporter: it's an area that's still tense. there's lines of water cannon here.
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there are riot police still standing guard. this a part of hamburg that's known for its left wing ideas. it's kind of an area where people group together and as you can see there are still people on the streets, still some shouting. we saw clashes with police and protesters. many of them covering their faces. we saw tear gas fired. these water cannons used in anger again and again as the german police moved on a group of protesters. they said around 12,000 were there and suggested the reason why they moved on one particular hard core group is because they were covering their faces and
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that was illegal. what we saw was that although the protersters lined up in a military fashion, it was the police that moved first firing the smoke bombs and tear gas into the crowd. there was panic as many tried to climb out of the street. climb away, get away and then there were those clashes over sustained periods. relatively quiet now here in hamburg aside from the kind of scene that you're seeing here. >> have you gotten any sense of how many arrests were made? how many people might have been injured? i was watching you throughout the afternoon. i know it was chaotic and sometimes dangerous situation. what do we know, big picture here? >> reporter: the police saying at least 15 officers were
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injured today. three were sent to the hospital. i don't have a number for the protesters injured. i think maybe two or three carried away on stretchers. i did see a number who were arrested handcuffed and taken away. there were arrests and protesters injured. i don't have a number in terms of that. this is a consistently moving picture. you can see those riot police heading down in this direction. i don't know why they're doing that. maybe they are backing out. maybe they're moving away. equally in the other direction, i don't know if you can see this because it is quite dark now, but down there, i would say there are 20 or 30 police vehicles. i would assume there is a sizable presence of police here ready to move and the real possible of further clashes. >> remarkable reporting throughout the day for us. thank you so much. we appreciate it.
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kelly o'donnell has been following the protests. give us the sense of where the leaders are as opposed to where the protesters are. have we heard anything from the white house about these protests? >> reporter: we haven't heard anything from the white house about the protests because they were factored in, baked in. the white house has understood in central europe president trump may not find the most friendly reception. contrast from poland today where there was an effort to make a warm welcome and a visible demonstration of support for president trump there. tonight, he is already in for the night. he and the first lady have completed their activities for the day. the president may be able to watch some of this unfold on television as we prepares for a very big meeting tomorrow with vladimir putin.
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there will be other meetings as well. so much focus on vladmir putin and this first face-to-face with these two leaders who have so much at stake here because certainly the relationship with russia is critical on issues like ukraine, on trying to work with them with syria and the aggression of russia being such a concern. for president trump, very high stakes for how he will perform in that meeting. it will only be the two presidents. the two secretary of state and foreign minister and their translaters. that's unusual for this kind of extended bilateral meeting where they will have substantive conversation. >> thanks for that. always good to see you and get your perspective on these things. let's talk about expectations for this meeting and what the
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stakes are from your perspective. >> expectations are understandably high given the backdrop of the russian intervention in the campaigns in the united states and elsewhere given ukraine, given syria on the most recent news out of north korea. expect tations are high. russia has become a major spoiler. could stand in the way of concerted action on north korea. it committed war crimes in syria. again, it did what it did to our political process. russia is a spoiler. it's a shrinking country in terms of population. it's energy resources have lost some of their impact. using military force and using the tools of cyber warfare, russia has a sized impact. >> there were these conflicting saying zsignals.
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trump said nobody knows for sure who was behind it but also calling on russia to quit destabilizing actions in ukraine. calling for them to stop supporting syria and iran. what's the dynamic going into this? >> i thought what we saw in the speech was some welcome things. the comment on ukraine. all that was good. the problem was that was a scripted speech. what the president did in his press conference a few hours earlier was anything but reassuring. he's waffling a reluctance to speak the truth and be forthright about what russia did. the question is which donald trump shows up tomorrow. is it the one who gave the speech or the one who gave the press conference? does he talk directly to mr. putin. does he make it a major issue about what russia did and make
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it clear what penalty it will pay if it does anything like that again? does he talk about ukraine and north korea in forceful terms. i don't think it has to be all negative. we with talk with collaborating with russia with syria on the ground. >> there's so much attention on whether or not he will bring up the whole issue of hacking. earlier today the intel ranking member said this to my colleague andrea mitchell. >> putin will realize that this president lacks the courage to stand up to limb. and, in that sense, the putin, the kremlin regime can engage in further election hacks not only in the united states but in europe and that this president will not stand up to him and that would be deeply destructive. >> what's your expectation? what's going to go on inside that room? >> my guess is the issue is brought up.
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what you and i don't know is how it's brought up. it's one thing if it seems to be proforma. he brings it up so he can say he brought it up. it's another thing if he makes it clear it's unacceptable, a price is to be paid and a greater price will be paid if it's repeated. that's the real question. i would be surprised if he did what i wanted him to do. he will do something in a more limited way. if he does it that way, putin will take the message that no price to be paid. he can do this again in the united states or elsewhere. he would get a free pass. i think that's the thing to look at not whether it's brought up but how it's brought up. >> the messaging from the white house is he's going to gut this out. it's the way he operated in business. they don't have a specific agenda. do you buy that? how prepared do you think he is, and do you think these reports,
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some white house aides are concerned he might go off script or down playing expectations or how much worry is there? >> in previous administrations i would have same this was gamesmanship, lowering expectations, getting putin to underestimate him. my guess is it may be real. i would will shocked if he's prepared as much as mr. putin has. he may go a bit off script. it's been a mystery for two years now about why the president has taken such a sanguine, benign attitude towards russia. we may or may not learn more based upon the meeting in a few hours. i'm uneasy about the fact that any high level meeting with putin or anybody else that's not highly prepared. doesn't have to be highly skr l scripted but you want him highly prepared. you don't want him to wing it. mr. putin has been doing this
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for 30 years, 40 years. the president has been doing this for six months. that inequality makes me uneasy. >> great to see you. president trump will not yet admit that russia fully was behind the 2016 election hacking, but he will say that it's president obama's fault for not stopping them. trump blasting the former president today on foreign soil just ahead of his first g20 summit. >> barack obama when he was president found out about this in terms of if it were russia. found out about it this august. now, the election was in november. that's a lot of time. he did nothing about it. why did he do nothing about it? he was told it was russia by the cia, as i understand it. it was well reported. he did nothing and he choked.
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if he thought i was going to win, he would have done plenty about it. >> good to see both of you. matthew, everything we keep talking about is so unusual about this presidency. talking about a former president in those kinds of terms on foreign soil. what message is this sending that he's plami inblaming a for president? >> if, in fact, as richard suggested earlier trump chooses not to take the highest level, most direct and probably most extended interaction he'll have with the russian leadership as the chance to break with the mess and say there's going be a credible deterrent intervention. if the president doesn't do that then he misses an opportunity,
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if nothing else, to get out of the political box he's in in washington. he could gain a tremendous amount of breathing room whether it's depending russia sanctions legislation. that would actually be a political win for him. i think it's a missed opportunity. i would to be clear. there's a whole lot more on the agenda here. we as americans need to see our president deep with the fact that we also have a massively dysfunctional relationship with the world's other hmajor nuclea weapon state. they have thousands of nuclear weapons aimed at us. we don't have military to military dialogue. we have a dysfunctional political relationship. we need to see the two presidents talk about that stuff. i'm concerned the political atmosphere is if the focus is on what obama did or didn't do wrong, that's also a missed opportunity. >> michael, vladmir putin, we heard this reference by richard.
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he's into his fourth u.s. president. he famously brought his labrador into a meeting with angela merkel knowing she has a phobia about dogs. >> with all the talk about is he going to bring up the election. the president just said that nobody knows for sure who was behind the election hack despite the fact that the intelligence agencies were quite firm in their conclusions. it's hard to see how he could bring it up with putin, tell him to cut it out. make sure it never happens again, which we know what putin's position given the president said nobody knows for sure. he's taken away the option of bringing it up and making a firm stance to putin right there.
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>> president trump also said that president obama did nothing when it came to punishing russia for hacking the election. let me play what president obama said back in december. >> in early september when i saw president putin in china, i felt that the most effective way to ensure that didn't happen was to talk to him directly and tell him to cut it out and there was going to be some serious consequences if he didn't. >> he also kicked out 35 russian intelligence agents from the u.s. he imposed sanctions. does vladmir putin take this all in? with all the skills he has and use it to his advantage knowing how donald trump feels about this and thinks about it? >> there's no question that putin comes to the table with a ton of assets as was said earlier. he's been doing this not only for 40 years of his career, she
3:18 pm
the senior leader on the international stage at this point. merkel is second to him. he's been doing this for almost 20 years at the highest levels. he's got a ton of experience. he's very good at working with people. that's his profession as a professional intelligence officer. he will bring all that to the table. if you look at the north korea issue, just as an example. this is a case where president trump has put it out there. he said north korea will not get an icbm capable that can hit the united states. the u.n. security council has been unable to stop north korea from doing that. putin is not throwing trump a bone. he is not supporting the u.n. security council resolution. he's not producing a resolution. i think that's going be the rule rather than the exception. i don't think putin will be bringing a will t ining a lot e
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table. >> thank you both. appreciate it much. president trump with a stern warning for kim jong-un and north korea today. saying he's thinking about some pretty severe things. what does that mean? health care mayhem. protests and sit ins coast to coast. the vote isn't going to happen quickly and senator mcconnell is showing nerves. the government ethics director taps out of an administration that promised to drain the swamp. nbc exclusive. a look at the putin psychology speaking directly to people who tried to take him on. plap eye drop approved for both the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface.
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. i have some pretty severe things that we're thinking about. we'll look at what happens over the coming weeks and months with respect to north korea. it's a shame that they are behaving this way. they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner and something will happen to be done about it. >> north korea intercontinental ballistic test on tuesday focusing the world on that country's nuclear arsenal and the risk of any u.s. military response.
3:23 pm
the new york times said the most limited strike risks staggering casualties because north korea could retaliate with the thousands of artillery pieces it has positioned along the south. nearly 26 million people, half the south korean population live within 50 miles of the zone which functions as a border between the two countries. there could be as many as 60,000 military fatalities around seoul. potentially 300,000 civilian deaths in the opening days of an attack. the president said hooee's thing about severe things but what options does he have? >> i think as most analysts have concluded that options are very limited. first of all, military option is almost out of question for the reasons you indicated.
3:24 pm
kim jong-un seems to have trump's number. we have a moment of truth for the united states. we have to stand up and bring more pressure and tighten up the sanctions and bring in virtually the rest of the world. this is up to the united states to provide the leader sl eershi take on kim jong-un to stop him. >> i was down in florida when the president met with him. they seemed to develop a bit of a rapport. obviously, things have not gone great since then. he tweeted criticizing china over the last 24 hours for not putting more pressure on north korea. then he was asked about it
3:25 pm
today. let me play that little clip, ambassador. >> never give up. >> he says never give up on president xi. do you see any role that realistically that president xi and china will play in trying to stop the north korean threat? >> i think that president xi played to president trump like a viol violin. the chinese are very, very good at this. i've been serving our country for three years over in china. almost every time a u.s. president or secretary of state or sub top official meets with president xi in china, everything is fine with the chinese. they suck it up. they have been doing this for centuries for almost thousands of years. they are very good at it. it's deeds, not words. president xi took advantage of
3:26 pm
trump and trump realized it afterwards and now he's uncertain. trump doesn't know how to handle president xi. it's not just trump's personality with all these inconsistencies and tweeting all the time. it's that the united states has not developed a strong relationship with china. >> if the u.s. doesn't come up with plan. does it open the door for other rogue nations to say the united states doesn't have a clear foreign policy. we can get away with things maybe we thought we couldn't. >> the world acted together. that tended to work. stakes were very high. iran has lots of oil. there's not really another country in the same category as kim jong-un.
3:27 pm
there are lots of clearly that have nuclear capability. we have to be a lot tougher with him. work more with china and work more other countries including great britain, the g20 because they are in this together. they are various ways to look at this. maybe one is regime change. that's hard thing to say but it's an option. another is find some way to give kim jong-un face so he can stay but under a circumstance where the missiles are frozen, there's a huge inspection going on, there's a lot of different ways to look at this. the point is i don't think the united states has come up with a good solid and credible plan. we have to. >> good to see you. thank you for taking the time. ahead, a turn to domestic politics. why did a leading ethics officer in government who has clashed from president trump from the very start resign today? new health care protests and surprising comments from the top
3:28 pm
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we've been very much focused today on president trump overseas prepares to meet with vladmir putin and those protests breaking out in germany. in washington a different kind of disruption, a resignation and it's a pretty pointed one. the government ethics director quitting six months before his tenure was scheduled to be up. the resignation comes after public and heated clashes with president trump. starting with the refusal to divest from his businesses. he said this back in january. >> about ethics today because the plan the president has announced doesn't meet the standards that the best of his nominees are meeting and every president in the past four decades has met. this is not a blind trust. it's not even close. his sons are running the
3:32 pm
business and he knows what he owns. his own attorney said he can't unknow that he owns trump tower. >> in a statement the white house accepted the resignation. thanked him for his service and said the president will nominate a successor in short order. chuck schumer say democrats look forward to the next director of the government office of ethics demonstrating they are committed to draining the swamp and ensuring they are not using their position for personal gain. today's resignation comes weeks after another high ranking etics official stepped down. the top justice department official in charge of corporate compliance said he was experiencing cognizant dissodence holding can companies to standards that the trumps were not meeting. jared failed to disclose his interest in a real estate investment company. she's covering this story for them.
3:33 pm
good to see you. >> great to be with you. >> walter has clashed with the trump administration before. give us a bit of background and what do we know about what prompted this resignation now? >> he emerged as a remarkable and unkpexpected figure in the drama that's been this administration so far. an unknown bureaucrat who spoke up before the president took office to say he was not doing enough to guard against possible conflicts of interests and has been a tlohorn in the side. he told me he was not forced out by the white house. this was a decision he wanted to make. he had another position he would like to go to. he said he did not think he could do anymore in his current position in the current climate.
3:34 pm
>> he wasn't forced out. he clearly had a problem. they say the president has gone above and beyond to make sure there's no conflicts of interest and no ethical problems. among those in the government ethics business or who follow this, how worrisome is this r resignati resignation? >> i think for supporters of the president they are happy to see him leave. he had a very prominent perch as the federal ethics chief and had a loud megaphone about whether the administration was practicing good ethics. >> for the people concerned about some of the ethical questions in the government. >> for critics of the president, i think this is disheartening because they saw him as a champion of someone leading the charge against conflicts of interest in the administration. i imagine we'll see stepped up efforts by groups outside the administration to take on this role but they will be really
3:35 pm
looking to see who fills the role at oge now and who trump replaces it permanently to take his place. >> i thought that statement by chuck schumer was face thscinat. he made it clear the democrats only want someone as tough as he is. >> the confirmation hearing will clearly turn into a referendum on the ethical compliance of this administration so far and the potential conflicts of interest we have seen raised over and over again. no matter who he nominates it will be contentious. if he nominates that's not a standard bearer of strict ethical compliance, that's something the democrats will pounce on. >> thank you. ncht we have an update on congressman steve scalise. today we learned he underwent
3:36 pm
surgery for an infection. they say at the hospital he remains in serious condition. the congressman was shot on june 14th when a gunman opened fire on the republican baseball team as it was practicing. ahead, inside the mind of vladmir putin, hours from that critical face-to-face. richard engel speaks to people who challenge the russian president. will president trump stand up to putin on hacking? we'll look at how former presidents talked about russia. that's still ahead. this is a story about mail and packages.
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do you believe that the january 2017 intelligence committee assessment accurately characterize the extent of russian activities in the 2016 election, and it's conclusion that russian intelligence agencies were responsible for the hacking and leaking of information and using misinformation in order to influence or elections? simple yes or no? >> i do. yes, sir. >> yes, i do. >> yes, i do. >> yes. >> yes. >> the leaders of the fbi, cia, other intelligence agencies all testifying in may of russia's hacking of the 2016 election but today with one day until his meeting with vladmir putin, president trump down played russia's meddling. a group of senators are urging him to confront this. not raising this matter would be a severe dereliction of duty of
3:40 pm
office to which you were elected. how can you not bring it up? why would you not bring it up? u.s. officials said putin was personally involved and decades american presidents have warned against russian aggression. >> this nation is prepared to present its case against the soviet threat to peace and our own proposals for a peaceful world at any time and any forum. >> i would agree to a freeze if only we could freeze the soviets global desires. in your discussions of the nuclear freeze proposals, i urge you to beware the temptation of pride, declaring yourself above it all and label both sides equally at fault to ignore the facts of history and aggressive impulses. >> our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russia or others not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you.
3:41 pm
>> with me is our panel, jennifer jacobs, white house reporter for bloomberg news. aaron blake. annie for the boston globe. let me ask you about the group of democratic senators. how much of this is politics? how much of this is an indication there's a chance trump might actually pay a price if he isn't tough on putin tomorrow? >> well,ic that letter was sent by democrats but there are a lot of republicans in congress who feel the same way. there's been a good amount of pressure from them as well on this administration to talk about hacking, to get tough with putin this certain ways. the sanctions bill passed in the senate by a 97-2 margin. that gives you a sense of the flavor of where congress is on this. i think if the president doesn't bring this up, this is going to be something you'll see criticikri
3:42 pm
criticism on the right as well. it's not just people on the left. there just happen to be a letter from those democratic senators. >> there's a new poll out today from pbs, npr, 54% of americans think president trump has done something illegal or unethical with russia and his dealings with putin. more than half of americans. he goes into this meeting with that also as a backdrop. what are you going to be looking for in the meeting tomorrow? >> i think that's right. that poll number and that reality really does hem in what president trump can do and how he can be perceived coming out of meeting. he has a lot less latitude than other presidents than when they have gone into similar situations. i think it also makes it more important that he bring up the potential election meddling but i think the other piece of it too is we also know about putin. he likes to make leaders feel
3:43 pm
uncomfortable. i do wonder if trump doesn't bring this up, whether putin might because he knows it's something that would make trump feel uncomfortable and he's said that maybe a russian national had some, acting on their own had something to do with it. i think there could be some incentive from the other side that would be quite jarring. the other thing quite interesting. it's going to be a small meeting. >> that's right. only six people. two of them are translaters. last year there was another poll. i remember president obama talking about the idea that a lot of republicans actually approve of putin. let me play that. >> over a third of republican voters approve of vladmir putin, the former head of the kgb. ronald reagan would roll over in
3:44 pm
his grave. >> what will republicans be watching for tomorrow, jennifer, and what do you expect from the president? >> i think the president goes into this meeting with the kremlin slightly caught off guard. they're not sure what to expect from this meeting. you had the president throwing around some contradictions today. at one point condemning russia and speaking forcefully about how they need to stop their destabilizing behavior and on the other hand, he said things that really pleased the kremlin when he was saying, he was widening the idea there could be more countries, more people to blame for interference in the 2017 election. it will be very unsatisfying to americans if he doesn't bring up the election tampering. he's the first american president since the 2016 election to have access to putin. it would be surprising if he doesn't. i don't think trump has ruled that out. it will also be interesting to see if he throws putin off guard by bringing this more people. he's got his economic advisor
3:45 pm
there. he's got fiona hill who is his national security council expert on russia. he's got h.r. mcmaster. other people he could bring in at the last minute. it will be interesting to see if part of his strategy to make putin just unaware of what kind of tactics he's going to take. >> so much of what happens in these meetings we don't hear about until later although this white house has been a bit like a sieve. unless there's a last minute change you're only going to have a handful of people. i don't see rex tillerson doing a big leak about what happened inside that room. what's the key point that's going to come out of it. will it be about hacking or something else? >> we have seen a lot of leeking after these meetings but we have seen as far as official statements and official read outs of what happens, we have seen a lot more from the russian side or the chinese side than from the white house itself.
3:46 pm
it will be interesting. i don't think if they talk about hacking there's really any chance that won't leak out. that will be something that somebody in the white house will want to have out there. as much as this is a small meeting that's happening behind closed doors, there's just way too mump interest in it for there not to be some kind of news that somebody will want to get out there about exactly what was talked about. >> there will be so much talk about body language. that's yet to come. thank you all for being with us. thank you. everybody stay with me because coming up the psychology of a former kgb officer. richard engel live with what people who know vladmir putin are saying about him. your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain.
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putin, richard engel takes a look at the psychology putin uses against those he goes up against from the people who try to take him on. >> reporter: for president trump, putin may be a way to thumb his nose at critics to show he is not scared of the multiple investigations into his inner circle's ties to the kremlin. but for russians who have tried to stand up to putin, trump is being played and has been from the start. >> he's definitely playing into his hands. >> gary is a putin critic and iconic russian chess grand master. he says no strategist but understands power. >> by definition, i believe i have to defend the integrity of my game. i would rather say he is a poker player. he is a gambler. >> a gambler who keys in on his point's weaknesses. putin has gone out of his way to
3:51 pm
flatter president trump. >> trump psychologically would be the ideal counter part with his massive ego, with his rejection of the rules. >> while trump wears his emotions on his twitter feed. putin, the former kgb colonel, has the ultimate poker face. american presidents have thought they could read him before. >> i was able to get a sense of his soul. >> i found him to be very smart. >> but failed. former ambassador to russia has been in the room during high stakes meetings with president putin. >> putin loves intelligence data. he does his homework to know full brief of the people he deals with including most certainly president trump. >> richard engel joins me now from hamburg, germany. was there any sense that there was a weakness on the side of trump? is there something that
3:52 pm
president trump could exploit? >> yes. they say his hand is not as strong as it seems. let's go back to what gary was saying. they were saying that putin is not a chess player. if you think about chess, that's significant to hear from perhaps the greatest chess player in history, a fellow russian and a putin critic. a man who tried to run for president in russia and dbl get very far, he says, because he was blocked by the kremlin. he says if you play chess, you have your opponents' pieces in front have you. everyone can see they will. your strengths, your weak knows, are all there on the table and it is up to you to use your brain to win or lose. he said that putin is a poker player. it means you can hide your hand. you don't show your cards. you can cheat or lie or play your point.
3:53 pm
he thinks that's what he is doing. he doesn't think that he has particularly strong hand. the russian economy is not particularly strong. there are numerous weaknesses, there's an opposition movement that is being repressed. it is not that russia is completely invincible but putin has been doing this for a long time. he is very aggressive. >> famously, putin brought a dog to the angela merkel meeting and she is afraid of dogs. it sounds like the overwhelming opinion that this is not about intimidation by putin. it is more about flattery? >> bits flattery. it is about manipulation. it goes back to the entire story that we've been talking about for months. how much did russia help to get trump electricity in the first place? i was in moscow on election night. i can tell you the people in
3:54 pm
moscow from the kremlin on downward are very pleased that trump was coming to power. there were parties being held if moscow. there was something called a trump band where they were playing american style rock music. trump's name was on sugar packets. i don't know if they thought it was an accident. they thought it was advantageous to russia and they still do. >> fascinating. i'm not usually jealous of you but you're usually dodging bullets but you got to sit down with gary kasparov. >> very quickly, you noticed we had a chess table set up in the interview. we had the pieces set up incorrectly. he sat down and he said i can't do this interview with this chess board. he moved it and said okay, fine.
3:55 pm
now we can do the interview. >> i'm embarrassed for you. and a program note. don't miss the program on assignment with richard engel. richard on the first meeting with putin will be tomorrow. 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. health care protests across the country. senator mcconnell showing some cracks on the upcoming vote. that's next. an't connect? michael, can we get this data to...? look at me...look at me... look at me... you used to be the "yes" guy. what happened to that guy? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. so, you're saying we can cut delivery time? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. that's a good thing, eligible for medicare? but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b
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president trump overseas for the g-20. back here at home today, a big remindser of domestic challenges facing the president with the fight raging over health care. mitch mcconnell appearing to signal that the republicans may not get the votes to repeal obamacare. >> i'm in the position of the guy with the rubix cube trying
3:59 pm
to get to where 50 members of my conference can agree to a version of repealing and replacing. if republicans are not able to agree among themselves, the crisis will still -- >> all this as protesters stage sit-ins of 21 republican senators demanding. i'll start with you. can mitch mcconnell pull this off? >> we'll be watching to see if conservatives can really rally and push something like ted cruz is proposing some amendments to the bill. on the other hand, we'll be watching to see if those on the left and those opposed to the gop health care bill can keep up a seen theed level of passionate protests. >> it is no coincidence, the comments we saw. they come shortly after a conservative group signed on. the white house put out a supportive statement on this. >> just enough time for a yes or
4:00 pm
no. >> all i will say here is that there is a reason mcconnell wanted to get a vote before the recess. i think he understood the delicate thing he wanted could fall apart and that's what we're seeing happen. >> thanks to you all. "hardball" starts right now. vlad the impaler. let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris matthews. in washington, a big story. high stakes diplomacy amid investigations in washington and crises around the world. donald trump and vladimir putin will go face to face for the first time tomorrow morning. president trump touched down in germany today after delivering a speech in poland where he questioned whether western civilization has the will to survive against forces that want to destroy it. the b


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