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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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no. >> all i will say here is that there is a reason mcconnell wanted to get a vote before the recess. i think he understood the delicate thing he wanted could fall apart and that's what we're seeing happen. >> thanks to you all. "hardball" starts right now. vlad the impaler. let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris matthews. in washington, a big story. high stakes diplomacy amid investigations in washington and crises around the world. donald trump and vladimir putin will go face to face for the first time tomorrow morning. president trump touched down in germany today after delivering a speech in poland where he questioned whether western civilization has the will to survive against forces that want to destroy it. the big question for tomorrow,
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will the u.s. president press the russian leader on his country's interference in our election last year. if the press conference in poland is any indication, the answer is not likely. >> i said it very simply. i think it could have been russia but i think it could have been other countries and i the won't be specific. but i think a lot of people interfere. i think it's been happening for a long time. it's been happening forle many years. >> you said you think it was russia. your intelligence agencies have been far more definitive. they say it was russia. why won't you agree with them and say it was? >> let me start off by saying. i heard it was 17 agencies. that's a lot document we even have that many intelligence agencies. let's check it. we did some heavy research. it turned out to be three or four. wasn't 17. andle of your comparticipate rats had to change their reporting and they had to apologize. with that being said, mistakes
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have been made. i agree. i think it was russia but i think it was probably other people and or countries and i see nothing wrong that statement. nobody really knows. >> i think it was russia but i think it was someone else than russia. did you catch that? the president again refused to stand by his own intelligence community's findings, instead saying nobody really knows. nbc confirmed there will only be six people, a half dozen in the room. the two leaders, the secretary of state, his russian counter part, i know what two translators. just six people in the room. msnbc national security analyst malcolm nance, and form he chair of the republican national committee, michael steele. hallie, i think you have a great question to him. you got to ask it. what did you make of his answer? it was the russians but wasn't
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the russians. they were contradictory. the very sentence was contradictory in itself. >> there are a couple things that were notable that we've been looking at and following the fallout. that's number one. something that was a little unusual for a sitting proceeds foreign soil. to go after president obama for in the words of president trump, doing nothing to stop putin over the sull where the obama administration learned about the intensity of the russian interference. now some democrats will argue that president obama hadn't done enough to try to stop putin. to say he did nothing would not be accurate when you look at the sanctions the obama administration put on people. when you look, for example, president obama describing how he personally confronth vladimir putin. the other thing baltimore president trump was kind of casting shade on his own intelligence community here bringing up wmd, talking about how nobody really knows for sure. he said the phrase at some
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point, mistakes were made. mistakes have been made. that's a significant point. as you know, there's been bad blood between the intelligence community and president trump early in the community. and this is a very important time for the president to have a good relationship with those officers heading into heightened tensions in north korea. >> i'll keep moving around here. it seems the me the president made contradictory statement after contradictory statement. first he said it was the russians and then he said wasn't. he said the president's mistake not dealing with the president. three different thoughts. what does the world community see of it when he speaks we a three-way, a utility, three different facts all in contradiction. how does anyone even record that as a stenographer? >> the one consistency was that he backed away from clearly
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outright saying it was definitely russia. they should never do it again. i will make sure president putin makes sure that russia never, ever had interferes in american elections again. he didn't say that. and this is another thing that's contradictory. what is confusing right now, he then gave the speech in which he was pro nato, actually was pretty tough and you said russia should stop meddle in the ukraine. >> which one is it? >> but he read it as if he was a p.o.w. i'm sorry. that statement. i read it. it was our responsibility. destabilizing. our fight against common enemies. hostile regimes. that's written by a member of the united nations, not trump. it didn't sound like him. >> he still said it. he said on european soil that he was committed to article v.
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so america's allies are wondering are who says it again. >> the president is in poland today. the president took a dig at the intelligence committee itself, talking about weapons of mass destruction in iraq. >> i remember when i was sitting back listening about iraq. weapons of mass destruction. how everybody was 100% sure that iraq had weapons of mass destruction. guess what? that led to one big mess. they were wrong and it led to a mess. >> let's get this straight. i tried get a couple things straight on this show regularly. one is that mike who briefed president w. bush told us the white house wasn't being honest. they didn't talk about nuclear weapons. they were never briefed there were nuclear weapons in iraq,
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period. this is something people need to hear a million times. the cia never told the president of the united states who was then george w. bush that they had nuclear weapons in iraq. there was no reason for that war. here it goes. >> we believe he has in fact reconstituted nuclear weapons. >> was that true or not? >> we were saying -- >> was that true? can you answer the question? >> that's not true. >> okay. that's not true. >> you made a good point. i saw this in the earlier interview today. it looks to be a couple things. why does trump keep coming out with this nonspecs the cia said they had wmd, the way they framed it. i guess they got away with it. that way he can trash the intelligence agencies. your thoughts. >> well, it is just a myth. anybody who knows anything with the true history knows it is a myth. if he wants to sit there and use these memes which play very well
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to his base and play very well to the former director of the kgb, who he'll be meeting tomorrow, he's just cut away his support. the cia, the nsa, the other agencies, they will go on. they walk past the statue and they commit their lives to keeping this nation safe. but donald trump has just undermined the strategic standing of the united states by saying his own on intelligence agencies are unreliable. putin will love that. >> let's talk about what putin will love. you and i are friends and we know how politics works. forget everything else except this president, our president, is walking into a room wi withhamburg, germany. he knows everything, anybody else who met with a russian in the last year, he knows it all.
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if he had a little excitement in some hotel room many years ago, he has those pictures. he's looked at them a million times. he knows everything about donald trump and trump has to walk in and confront him. >> is he safer than we think he is? we know one thing. vlad knows it all. >> vlad knows it all and he will use it carefully in the conversation. i think for the president, he goes in as a disadvantage. he's given shadow over listen to me. he's given putin the the cards he needs to play. even today in the press conference. throwing our intelligence tunneled bus but then not acknowledging what everybody knows. >> let's talk about the body language of our president. does he seem confident with the
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guy he has to face tomorrow? he is a kgb operative. he has spent his life knowing everything he can use against any possible rival including us. >> reporter: i will say this. the adviser to the president have really down played expectations for what they would want to see tomorrow. that's intentional. we see the expectations all the time. so i had one person say to me early in the week. the two of them talking about the current status of the conversation. that's a metric for success. acknowledging where the status is. agreeing to more talks in the future. we know there's more going to tunneled lid. we know, for example, the president is likely going to president putin or talk with putin about the threat from north korea. likely to talk about syria. we know that from secretary of state tillerson. as forward body language, i will curious to see it tomorrow.
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remember g-7, the first international trip the president won't that we were on a month and a half ago or so? there were should, now that the president has had these first meetings with a lot of the leaders, with macron, for example, he's met we angela merkel. when we see them together for the first time tomorrow. that by the way, will be before the one on one putin meeting. another busy day. >> you study about it and think about it as many as anybody. here's the gun fight at the oak corral. trump is an expert at denying facts. they don't seem to care. he said it was the russians, wasn't russians, and it was barack obama who wouldn't do
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anything about the russians. what do you snekt if i were trump i would see catastrophe. this guy needs all my sins, all my deeds, everything. >> i don't think putin is famous for his adherence to facts though. he is quite happy to ma anymore late facts and figures too. i think the problem for america on this is that this is all a win for vladimir putin. he is the one who has sewn chaos in the west. he is sowing chaos in europe. americans are pitted against each other in this big debate. this is all great. he wants to carry on causing a
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expense the west is crumbling and he is having some influence on that. this is a great meeting for him. >> let's take it, if you grew up like i did watching the big strong guy on the beach kicking sand in the face of the skinny guy. it seems like he will be able to do this against trump. in your world, he has the guy caught. and he can play him. how do you see it? >> you're right. knowledge is power when it comes to world leaders. you have one person who lives in the world of intelligence. he is a master of intelligence. he may have been a mid level officer he that old saying, once kgb. always kgb. he uses every aspect of russian
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power. this president is in total denial. he uses breitbart. he does not use the cia. putin is a judo plaster and he doesn't have to do much to get the united states to film lip os self. i think tomorrow you'll see a level of object seek weus from trump. he seems to bend to power. we'll have to determine if trump comes out tomorrow. >> i can see him showing up, he rides around with horses. the guy has an ego bigger than trump's. >> i want to give a play to the president. the president does still have some it's advantages that he can press. particularly on north korea. particular
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particularly on how the u.s. and russia move forward. if the president wants to save faith, he can have knower with regard to north korea from playing role in helping. >> what about the crowds over there? is this the usual crowd in. >> the anti-capitalist group. you can see the video of our colleague who was out. i think more than a dozen office ers. we're at home base. the security is really intense as you drive through the city. it is very noticeable. i don't know that could you call it for example, an anti-trump
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protest. it is more broadly. you talk to these protesters and they say we don't believe it is right. that seems. >> i like his message? coming up, the other big story. president trump meeting with vladimir putin tomorrow but putin is no. what little trick will he come up with? plus, obama envy. blaming foreign soil syria and russian election meddling. he is always blaming obama because he is so jealous of the
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cohigher!ad! higher! parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again. in addition to saying nobody really knows who meddled in our election, president trump also weigh in the on north korea. here's what he said as a possible response to the setting off of the ballistic missile. >> i don't like to talk about what i have planned. but i had some pretty severe things that we're thinking about. that doesn't mean we're going to do they will. i don't draw red lines. >> trump did not say whether the severe things he's considering or even if it is on the table. vt anything.
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"washington post" record on what it's like to negotiate with the strong man. for instance, putin brought this black lab to a 2007 meeting with german chancellor angela merkel because she's afraid of dogs apparently. and in an affront to president obama, putin showed up 40 minutes late. he later made john kerry wait for three hours in moscow. and later mocked him for carrying his own bags from the plane saying he probably has money in there to bribe somebody. this is all putin's number. as he gross guy. according to the post, he used
4:22 pm
phone tabs. are in 2007, he said he knew exactly what joe biden had said so he bribes about tapping phones. the russian intelligence agents were listening on their calls. joining me on the story. former secretary of state, we have two experts here. just lay it on us. if you're with bush -- i keep getting my presidents out of date. if you're with president trump and you're advising him in the back room and you say, here's what you have to be ready for. this guy has a lot of moves. it's pretty nasty. >> this is a former kgb officer in vladimir putin. he is super well prepared. he's been through three president bfs and has been in a number of these meetings. president trump has spoken with putin on the phone but this is first meeting. >> how will he try screw with
4:23 pm
trump's head? >> all these tactics, being late, jokes. i don't know that he will bring a dog in the room. >> how about a snake? you never know what will surprise somebody. >> trump triss this too. we know that trump has written a book, "the art of the deal. "he thinks of himself as a master negotiator. we know about the hands shakes. it will be interesting to see what kind of body language they have. >> you were with the former secretary of state when he was humiliated by this. was this something you could tell was putin's purpose? to humiliate his point? >> to be honest, i think they use the atmospherics to put their counter part on the offensive from the beginning. the other technique they used, they will start the meeting with a long laundry lists grievances against the united states going back decades in their view. i think the real key is to spend
4:24 pm
as little time as possible on those historic arguments which you'll never win. >> kroohrushchev did it and keny had to sit and listen to it. >> but sitting and listening to it and then pivoting. >> george w. bush was criticized. this is a press conference just after putin refused to answer a question about whether putin can be trusted. >> can we trust russia? >> i'm not going to answer to that. i could ask the very same question. >> i'll answer the question. i looked the man in the eye. i found him to be very straightforward and trust worthy. we had a very good dialogue. i was able to get a sense of his soul. >> we've had a real peanut gal rif presidents, haven't we?
4:25 pm
years later, president bush offered a different assessment. >> it became more tense as time went on. vladimir is a person who in many ways views the u.s. as an enemy. he wouldn't say that. i felt that he viewed the world as either the u.s. benefits or russia useses or vice versa. >> how would a president get it wrong? how would vladimir send a message, i'll a guy you can love and all the while he will try to work in his best interests. >> just to knock w. a bit, an american president ought to have some history before walking into that room. yes, it was a mistake. this is a different time. we were trying to get off to a
4:26 pm
better relationship. a lot of things that went wrong in the u.s.-putin relationship happened because of the invasion of iraq, the global war on terror, and a lot of friction. i talked on obama aides. they said the first meeting in 2009, they were shocked at how much negative things he said about bush. and he talked about the deep state under president bush. >> supposed we have a president, what seems to be the number one u.s. interest is avoid war, a shooting war with r.ful are that's a horrible war. number two, to try toog something that interferes with our election. maybe figure out something along the euphrates river. sms that begins to stabilize it.
4:27 pm
if you were chief of staff to trump, what would you have for tomorrow morning? >> starting to get putin to admit. we'll steel going informing will the two big ones are ukraine, and syria. both these problems -- >> that's their area. i would try to push. >> we have a common enemy there. >> it is hard not to. >> i don't know that president trump will fight that hard. >> will any american president?
4:28 pm
>> ob who. turn relationship. >> one he know you don't want to do. whether it is turkish missiles or something. i have. >> it seems russia's, they're all occupying that same space. >> if they are great powers. and they are. they should be able to make great power arrangements like in the middle east. in the short term, they do solve certain things. >> this is the first meeting. the diplomats said this is to try to set up channels of communications. the next step to work these out. the problem for the trump administration, they don't have the mid level to sort of -- i
4:29 pm
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welcome back to "hardball." president trump accused president obama of doing nothing about meddling in the 2016 election. that it wasn't only shot he took at his predecessor today. >> i don't draw red lines. president obama drew a red line and i was the one that made it look little better than it was. that could have been done a lot sooner and you wouldn't have had the same situation you have now in syria. >> that's the latest iteration of the blame obama strategy. take a look at this. >> i think the obama administration had a great opportunity to solve this crisis a long time ago when he said the red line in the sands. when he didn't cross that line of a making the threat, i think that set us back a long ways. not only in syria but many other
4:34 pm
parts of the world. it was a blank threat. i inherited the middle east. north korea, sole things, in our country, horrible trade deals. i inhartd a mess. to be honest, i inherited a mess. it's a mess. at home and abroad. a mess. the middle east. a disaster. north korea. we'll take care of it, folks. we'll take care of it all. i want to let you know. i inherited a mess. isis has spread like cancer. another messy inherited. and we have imposed new sanctions on the nation of iran who has totally taken advantage of our previous administration. >> even if president obama thinks -- even if president trump thinks he was left a mess,
4:35 pm
a poll shows president obama got much higher ratings than president trump does today. only 11% express confidence in trump, down from 86 who liked obama. even in poland where obama saw a small degree of support. in that one, 68 to 23%. the only place he fared better was israel. anybody who is over there knows how contentious that place is. it is very close to 50/50. by the way, we went through all the list of all these countries that we sort of respectful you know? germany, france, obama is up in the 80s and trump is in the teens. look at you. aren't you being a -- why doesn't it matter in i think trump has obama envy. i think he keeps bringing up
4:36 pm
obama because he knows everybody likes the guy. >> he brings up obama -- >> all the time. >> the republican base still dislikes obama very much. >> as much as they hate hillary? not as much. >> i think it's tied. >> they have a hate for hillary that doesn't go away. it is a long tradition to blal your predecessor for whatever. think about president obama with president bush. >> but he was right. 100,000 people dead because of our stupidity and believing in chany. >> for president trump, it is an easy message point. he stoiks message. >> do you think they blame? i don't think there's a long pattern of blaming. >> i think carter blamed ford
4:37 pm
and nixon. >> do you think w blamed clinton for anything. it is not just little hands. he you're right to a degree. i remember obama's time. >> that's objective. >> that's where trump fails. if someone did inherit a mess it was today. >> he said the russians probably did it. is trump saying that the russians did it and therefore obama blew it?
4:38 pm
or the russians didn't do it and you can't blame obama? >> i don't know what he means. >> how do you trash a guy for not doing something they didn't do? >> that's really hard for me to follow. i'm not sure if it matters that much to me. the fact is the russians did have something to do with election. let's get over it and move on. >> let's straighten it out. there are people that had having a rough time. trump has benefited too. it continues to get better for the people, better off. the economy is not in the mess the way he describes it. his idea of inheriting a mess, i don't think it is fair.
4:39 pm
>> if you look at the statistics, especially the job numbers, trump's first nus have been right around where it is. they're just a continuation of this. you look at a whole host of things. the winding down of the wars in iraq and it's afghanistan. the syrian red line is that one nuance. the policy is a continuation of obama's isis policy. >> if you look at the middle of the country, they have not recovered that well from the 2008 recession. that's why trump was able to win. people are still really, really hurting and trump really captured that. and hillary clinton had no economic message. >> trump is talking about -- >> he's talking about other
4:40 pm
issues like immigration that really cut for these communities. >> okay. i think the headline for saturday. we'll have it tomorrow afternoon. what has to deal head to head he with putin. >> trump and putin meet. nothing major happens. >> that's the headline. >> that's a loss for us. >> correct. >> don't screw with our elections. >> john wants to go to the next chapter of this. if you don't confront what happened with the russian meddling, it won't stop. up next, speaking of obama envy, obama -- look at this weird thing. look at this, the pointing pointing up and down. this is cold stuff.
4:41 pm
i like merkel. the relationship with obama. that was a good relationship. >> look at them together. >> that strange situation. straight ahead, you're watching "hardball." thank you so much. thank you! so we're a go? yes! we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya! what does that mean for us? we can get stuff. what's it mean for shipping? ship the goods. you're a go! you got the green light. that means go! oh, yeah. start saying yes to your company's best ideas.
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the tale of two cities. president trump was greeted today by adoring crowds in poland's capital. and earlier, crowds were bused in. he was met by an entirely different seasonable when he came to hamburg, germany. the protesters included some anti-trump groups, you can expect in. he met with merkel who was open ly cold on the administration.
4:45 pm
it was more of a plos he is. the reception stands in . er the national reporter for the "new york times." and the white house correspondent. you're new so let's start with you. you know, we know that they like him in europe. they saw him as educated, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, all the things they respect. people that speak several languages to do business every day. now they have trump. do they think he is a bumpkin? a chauvinist? >> i think they're still trying to figure him out. there was the g-7 meeting
4:46 pm
earlier this year where they tried convince him not to pull out of the paris climate accord to snerm trying to convince they will. there's the issue of immigration and refugees and the position that president trump has taken which is very different from the view of macron or of merkel. it is a very different, he's a different president. >> ti do sympathize with a lot f them. you can build whatever you want know it can go into the lowest possible wages. it screws people through trade.
4:47 pm
it is more about the campaign. he ran against this kind of globalization stuff. this sfis at this the debated. he ran on this idea that it was hurting people's jobs but he also ran on this anti-immigration piece. look at people and blame is other country for your problems. >> i think a lot of them are for the idea if you're a refugee that needs a home. i think so. that some of those people are not saying the refugees who are running for terrorists. in. i think they belief it changes the room and they had, they're
4:48 pm
the ones profiting from keeping wages low. i think that's also, they might have said on the campaign trail that he's more not creating jobs. >> the great irony of this whole election. the aftermath is that trump talks populism but represents pigs. that's the way people on the street look at it. the guys with all the money. they want to make an extra amount. isn't that the attitude of the people on the street in greed. it's kits them. i think you asked about what the people think, the people on the streets think what a remarkable season. mcmcgave him a rough time. i think the leaders look at trump and it is a little like
4:49 pm
what republicans in congress think. they roll their eyes but they realize this is the guy they're stuck dealing with. >> he was more annoyed by being scolded by angela merkel than the upcoming meeting with putin. it is no secret that she had a closer working relationship with barack obama. seen here at the g-20. look at they will. they're cuffedling. this picture today tales different story. that's a cold picture. what do you make of it? >> at least they're shaking hands. >> they're not looking at each other. >> they did make eye contact. >> why does trump not like merkel? >> probably because she was close the barack obama, among a things. >> she's competent. >> and people see her as the new leader of the free world.
4:50 pm
there have been all these columns saying she is stepping in when the united states is being weak. >> and she nook all those refugees and he opposes that. >> there might be a little gender thing. just saying. >> there is a pattern. >> the round table is staying with us. by the way, everybody is a woman here except me. and choose what's right for you. woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys."
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4:55 pm
what they need to get past. it's not enough. >> they put out the staff salaries and the list of staff in the trump administration. they have one hundred fewer staff than obama had. but the median salary is higher. about 16,000 a year. >> how trumpian. what if we pull customer insights from the data in real time? wait, our data center and our clouds can't connect? michael, can we get this data to...? look at me...look at me...
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trump watch. thirst, july 6. 2017. how would you like to walk into a room where someone knows everything bad about you. this is donald trump tomorrow morm walking in. anything you did in moscow, vladimir has proebld watched the videotapes more than once. if trump's people had any conversations about sanctions or interference in the elections, vladimir knows all of it. he has tapes of those meetings. every word of it. archived and ready for the man who will be sitting across from him tomorrow morning. how would you like to be going nighty night knowing this.
5:00 pm
vladimir knows what has been done. from the jim comey a nut job to what did or didn't happen in moscow. how do you think we all know about the jim comey's nut job remark? stay tuned. i'm sure trump is. vladimir sure is. "all in" starts now. >> nobody really knows for sure. >> the president goes to eastern europe to denounce american intelligence. american media and the last american president. >> why did obama do nothing about it? the presses's remarksable performance on foreign soil. his dark speech and what it means for his meeting with vladimir putin. new signs that protest pressure is to


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