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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 7, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thank you very much. do appreciate it. president putin and i have been discussing various things and i think it's going very well. we've had some very, very good talks. we're going to have a talk now and obviously that will continue. we look forward to a lot of positive things happening, russia, for the united states and for everybody concerned. and it's an honor to be with you. thank you. >>. >> we spoke over the phone with
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you several times -- on very importance of bilateral and international issues. phone conversation is never enough definitely. we want to have a positive development in bilateral and be able to resolve most of the issues definitely will need personal meetings. and i'm delighted to be able to meet you personally, mr. president and i hope as you have said our meeting will yield positive results. thank you. >> thank you very much.
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thank you very much. >> a lot of shouting questions, no answers. the six people there are the six people in the meeting right now, you've got lavrov the chief russian diplomat and rex tillerson and two presidents and two translators. the highly anticipated high stakes meeting between president trump and president putin still under way. we believe and we're eagerly awaiting details. >> rex tillerson this is not the first time he met vladimir putin, they have a longstanding relationship and this is the first picture of the world's two most powerful and controversial leaders greeting one another for first time shaking hands, president trump then giving his russian counterpart a slap on the back in an apparent gesture of friendliness. >> our nbc correspondents and team of experts standing by with us throughout the next hour to break down how important today
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is. let's go straight top left of the screen to peter alexander who's in hamburg -- >> germany. >> germany, that's right, ever since the change of the border. what do we know about the trump/putin meeting so far? >> reporter: so ali and stephanie, to be clear we reached out to white house officials and not heard back whether or not this meeting is still going. if it is still going, it would now be approaching 50 minutes, which is longer than it was expected to go but we should note on the president's schedule today there was some extra time after the meeting was scheduled so the potential did exist for it to go longer. notably with translators whatever time they are in there you cut in half as they have to go through the translation to communicate with one another. today after the fact we are expecting to hear from senior officials likely communicating as they desire what topics were discussed in the room. russia will likely do something similarly which allows both sides to cast as best they wish what the conversation focused on. and while the white house has said in recent days the agenda
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for the conversation wasn't finalized. we do know they had significant priorities, talking about ukraine, what the president described yesterday as basically russia's efforts to try to get into that country, the disruptive efforts there as well as the effort to as the president described it, an effort to push russia to try to stop its support of hostile regimes in countries like syria and iran and obviously in the wake of the intercontinental ballistic missile in north korea. whether they talk about moscow's meddling in the 2016 election, that remains to be seen. this is a meeting between the spy master vladimir putin and the deal maker donald trump. donald trump with decades of experience in real estate and business but very little experience as a deal maker in a moment like this, compared to vladimir putin who has done this for decades as well. this in fact being his fourth american president with whom he has visited at an event of this
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kind. so that's where things stand for the moment. we wait to hear whether or not this meeting is going as we speak. vladimir putin obviously he's crafty in the past he's famous for on a past occasion trying to intimidate, the flair for intimidation, bringing in a giant black labrador in a meeting with angela merkel, famous for having a fear of dogs. no dog in attendance today but those six individuals. >> president trump is no stranger to intimidation tactics but doesn't do it in one on one meetings. when he has face to face meetings he's usually quite nice. >> vladimir putin is no stranger to intimidation in meetings either. >> let's bring in keir simmons, in the thick of the protest in hamburg since yesterday. what is the situation now? >> reporter: stephanie, we are standing in front of a unit of german police -- let me step out of the way, they are moving across to make way for an ambulance, to give you a shot of that as the ambulance comes by.
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there are people who have been injured so far today. let me tell you one thing i witnessed a few blocks in that direction, i just saw a police van drive straight into a protester and knock him on the ground. it was stunning. it took my breath away. these are clashes now running battles between german police and protesters. let me show you on the ground, some sitting on the ground and others standing around but it isn't always like that. we've seen pro testers throwing bricks and anything they can find at police. police responding with tear gas and running at protesters, but it is very, very difficult. if we just ask -- you can see there some of the police equipment moving by but if i ask to come this way, you can get a sense of the -- he's saying don't come any closer. i'm going to stop. you can see just how much hardware the german police have. what they are finding so difficult -- >> keir i'm going to interrupt
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you. we have a high shot where we're seeing water cannon being fired on the left of the screen. what appears to be gas or smoke on the right of the screen with one, two, three, four -- about five heavily armored police vehicles, the kind you showed us yesterday that appear to have the capacity to fire water cannons, now heavy smoke around one of the vehicles that is reminiscent of what we saw yesterday when there was gas. we're seeing various pictures on the right and left of the screen. we don't know where this is in relation to you the harbor is behind us, the port is behind us. >> reporter: if i can interrupt you, ali, if i can interrupt you. i'm standing in front of the water cannon that were just firing. we were looking at them firing on protesters - i don't know what you're seeing isifferent from this one, it may well be because there are clashes happening across the city. anyone that gets near the water cannon are getting fired on. a group of protesters here for example, just got that kind of
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treatment. the reason why they are doing that because the sensor where the g20 leaders will meet is in that direction. the protesters want to get there to disrupt the summit any way possible. with the german police, let's stand here while you watch -- just the size of this german police presence coming past us -- what they are trying to do is prevent the protesters from getting close to the summit. the german police say so far they have managed to do that but it is very, very tricky. while they have all of the hardware what we've witnessed -- we've run through the streets now for the past few hours, what we've witnessed is that the protesters breaking up into groups and just kind of trying to find their way through like water -- again, you can see water cann oxcannon moving forw. you know, this is powerful hardware but it is difficult when you're trying to deal with
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protesters who are splintering, fracturing and running through the streets to try to fwet to the summit itself. >> what's the perimeter around the actual g20 conference? when we talked to peeter alexander and kelly o'donnell, they are not sort of in the vicinity of it. how far do the police block it off so nobody can get there? >> reporter: well, i would say a few miles, make maybe a mile. we can't see is now, we've been able to see the white tower in the center of the city, that's where many of the meetings are taking place. as i just mentioned, if miguel gives us a shot with me standing out of the way, the concert hall where the dinner tonight will take place, that is just along the street here, which is why you see such a strong police presence. so that is what the -- that is the strategy the police are taking is that they are
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defending, again -- >> we can see -- >> it looks like this water cannon. >> reporter: there we go. we can see any protester who gets near the water cannon gets fired on. the reason for that because the german police are determined that no one goes in that direction because in that direction, is the place where this dinner tonight for the g-20 leaders will take place and the german authorities are determined to try to ensure that these demonstrators don't manage to prevent that. >> these demonstrators, many of whom are an aarchisnarchists, h people have been injured there with a number of protesters and massive police presence? what's happened on the ground? >> reporter: yeah, i'll tell you, we're going to step aside here, another emergency vehicle coming through.
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that looks like that might be paramedics that kind of answers your question. amongst the running riot police and the police vehicles that we've seen here, we see intermittently paramedics moving through the streets to try to go to places where people have been hurt. as i mentioned earlier, we saw protesters throwing bricks, multiple bricks. we saw the police kicking protesters on the floor. so you know, there will have been injures. the police themselves have said overnight and today that they estimate they have about 160, almost 160 injuries but that number i'm sure is higher by now because of what we have been see being in the streets of hamburg through the day. >> keir, stephanie, you remember before 2009, before the global financial crisis, these g20 meetings were meetings of finance ministers and after the
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financial crisis, world leaders started to show up. in 2009 in london and pittsburgh, that's where you first saw this, the -- he referred to the black block, people who came in dressed in black with masks associated with anarchists, they are getting in and about the regular protesters. there are regular protesters there, protesting real issues and get permits from the police and get to do it. then there are other protesters who come in spoiling for a fight with police. for many years since 2009, we haven't seen that because -- either the security has been very heavy or the black block has petered out. this is the first time since 2009 we're seeing this level of violence at the g20. >> it's stunning when you look at this. these are extraordinary times. let's bring in our chief international security and diplomacy analyst, the former supreme allied commander of nato and now dean of the fletcher school at tusts university. president trump sitting with
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president putin. you're a man who knows how to negotiate in these scenarios. what's the game plan for president trump or what should it be? >> he should begin by really understanding what vladimir putin is trying to accomplish. putin has three audiences and one objective, first audience, people in russia. secondly, putin wants to project strength globally particular ly to allies like assad in syria, iran, all of the other nations that he's sort of building alliances with. and then thirdly, he wants to project to donald trump. he wants to project friendliness and openness. he's a master of moving in between the three persona. president trump needs to understand that. the big objective for putin is relief from sanctions. they are really hurting his economy. they were levied because of accident -- the invasion of
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ukraine. and this is going to be an ongoing source of controversy between the two. so what president trump needs to do is project strength because russians respect strength. he needs to bring up the cyber intrusions in the u.s. democratic process. putin will not respect him if he doesn't do that but should open the door for cooperation. in summary, president trump needs to confront where he must on these cyber but talk about where can we find zones of cooperation. if he does that the meeting will have a reasonably good outcome for both sides. >> admiral, i don't know if our control room has the map that shows nato versus russia. the russians have a couple of things going on. 50 to 60% of their economy is in some way connected to oil or gas. a lot of the foreign currency is connected to oil or gas. they have a lot of oil in the arctic which they cannot get into without u.s. technology. >> partnership with exxon.
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>> on hold because of these sanctions. admiral, there is some concern that president trump did reiterate the commitment to article 5 of nato, the mutual defense article. but there is some -- is there any validity to vladimir putin's concern and russia's concern that really it's surrounded by pro-western nato countries with guns and tanks and planes on or very close to the russian border for much of its western border? >> >> ali, you bring up a point, president trump needs to understand the mentality of putin and lavrov. they do see nato encircling them but this is where trump needs to push back and point out nato hasn't invadedny countries and russia invaded georgia, mall dove va and famously ukraine. president tru needs to point out that nato is not buzzing
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russian ships and buzzing russian aircraft but russian aircraft are doing that to us. i think president trump needs to understand where the russians are coming from, be em pathetic to it but at the same time confront on the use of russian power which continues to jiaang nerves in europe. that's why president trump gave a reasonably strong speech there, saying russia, that kind of behavior has to stop. russia will respect that. >> admiral, in the end, we know as you just said what russia needs to achieve. it wants a lifting of the sanctions and wants to be able to do that drilling in the arctic with exxon-mobil and be able to do a lot more economically. do we know -- the problem is we think we know what donald trump's agenda item needs to be number one, confronting russia about the interference in the 2016 elections, number two dealing with matters in syria.
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is he likely to do it? >> i hope so. i cannot imagine a u.s. president going into that meeting and not beginning with the cyber intrusions. i think for his own national self-respect and his personal self-respect, president trump will do that. what follows afterward, i think you've got it exactly right. let's find a zone of cooperation in syria which is against isis and i think over time finding a broader humanitarian solution in the country, perhaps even seeing a partition or federalization of it. i think the third topic -- and that's all they are going to get through in a 50 minute meeting, half of which will be translation. third topic i hope is ukraine, where there is a minsk process if russia would follow it, we could sort that out. >> even if president trump leads with the russian hacking or russian meddling, hasn't
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vladimir putin already gotten what he wanted. yesterday when president trump was asked directly about the meddling he left the door open and said it could be russia and others. that falls right into the same narrative that we heard president putin say when he spoke to our own megyn kelly. if the goal was to create chaos, the president undermining our own intelligence agencies, hasn't putin already won before the meeting even started? >> i think he's won the first round is a good way to look at it. but again, what does putin want in the 12-rnd fight? by the end of this thg, what he wants is those sanctio lifted. a huge mistake on the part of president trump would be to give an inch on sanctions. i hope he does not do that. that's the leverage that we will continue to hold on russia because those sanctions are truly biting. as ali points out correctly, russia is say big gas station, the economy is a one trick pony.
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we've really got leverage there, we ought to use it. yes, you're correct that first round even before the meeting i'd have to say went to vladimir putin. >> admiral, good to talk to you as always, the mit meeting is running a little long, about half of it is translation. vladimir putin speaks english and understands english, doesn't do it in public. he is fluent in german which will be relevant. something we'll talk about on the other side of the break. >> you're watching msnbc. you doyou'll see whatet but in you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan
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welcome back to quts v"vels ruhl ruhle". the team is back together again. an important day. we're covering the g-20 in hamburg, the protests are continuing and meetings are continuing. the big meeting between president trump and president
8:23 am
vladimir putin is apparently still under way more than an hour now. >> this meeting was only expected to be 30 minutes. it's lasted quite some time. we know when president obama met with vladimir putin, i want to say it took three hours. we're going to share that meeting with you when we have it but until then joining us a former kgb agent who spied on the u.s. for ten years, now an american citizen and author of the book "deep undercover" my secret life and tangled allegiance as a kgb spy in america. jack, you're a man who knows the kjb as does vladimir putin. what's his game plan? >> let me make one comment. somebody earlier on called him a spy master. i beg to differ. he was not a spy master. he was a mid level officer with
8:24 am
the kgb when he resigned and he spent five years running possibly some agents in germany. but i workedith people like that. this is not a plum assignment in germany. spy master, i don't think so but master politician, yes. that has something to do with the difference between american politics and politics in a democracy and politics in a dictatorship. in the old soviet union, politics was deathly. if you lose, you die. in russia, politics is still played not so much by the rules but catch as catch can. if you win in that game where you use every means possible, you are a master. in the united states you lose an election campaign and go home and you get to do it again. with that -- i just wanted to establish sort of a background
8:25 am
as to who are the two meeting now and what their background is, you know, i cannot imagine that donald trump or to that mat every many other american politicians could hold a candle to a vladimir putin in a one on one session. >> what's at stake for him today, putin? >> what's at stake for him. i think what was said before was he's playing primarily to his home audience because unlike what many americans think, he's nofirmly in the saddle. in 2012 the election was for quite a while was in doubt until he managed to manipulate it in such a way that he won in a landslide. you know, in particular, the russian economy is not doing very well. in this day and age, you can't be a dictator the way stalin
8:26 am
was. other than that, i believe -- i can't add much to what was said already. yes, he wants to find a way to size up our president and see to what extent he might blink in certain situations. >> alex clem meant, i want to ask you to jack's point and to admiral's point, we know what vladimir putin needs out of this meeting. i would imagine there's zero likelihood of him coming out of this meeting -- should be zero likelihood with him coming out with fewer sanctions that have already been imposed as a result of the incursions into ukraine and as a result of the stuff going on in syria, right? i mean, what should be happening in a normal world is donald trump should be going in saying we know you've been meddling and we'll continue to squeeze you,
8:27 am
we have a lot of head room to squeeze you. >> to jack's point and too something that the admiral said as well, the domestic context for east of the men is completely different going into this meeting. trump is a relatively weak president for whom russia is a toxi isic issue. if he's too tough, he delegitimate mizs his own election. who can expect donald trump to go into a meeting and say about the elections i won in which you meddled in, it's unthinkable. from putin's side, he's relatively strong at home. i take jack's point the election 2012 -- >> hang on a second, something is going on in hamburg. >> trying to stop here. >> keir simmons. >> reporter: guys, we just running now with the riot police who are heading back in that direction. i want to get us a turn this way. if you look up there, what's been happening, protesters have
8:28 am
been throwing bricks and bottles down on the police as they make their way through here towards some kind of clash that is down in this direction. if you stay with me, we'll just walk with the police this way to see, i don't know actually what's happening. that pretty much sums up the day. what we've been doing is moving from street to street where there have been clashes between protesters and riot police. riot police trying to control the situation while protesters are breaking up into small groups. and trying to get to the area where the g20 leaders are meeting. they would love to try to break up -- looking up to make sure there's no one on the bridge as we walk underneath. that is a risk for us but thankfully there is no one up there. okay, so as i was mentioning, that is clearly what the protesters here would like to try to achieve. here you can see again --
8:29 am
>> keir -- >> been running around hamburg for two days. what happened to keir yesterday in the afternoon, he got whacked in the head. it was a water bottle i think it was, which explains why he is wearing that helmet. he was wearing it at the time. but there's a lot of stuff being thrown around. you showed us a lot of debris yesterday. that is definitely a concern for you and everybody else >> reporter: yeah, it really is. then we have to -- there you go. on the other side of that, just to tell you, we have been targeted ourselves because we were wearing helmets, protesters you know, threatening us suggesting that we shouldn't be wearing helmets and that makes us the same as these guys who also obviously are well protected. i have to say as a matter of -- these guys have been running around too, the same way we have, look at the kit they are wearing. it's pretty hot here so it is a very, very difficult job for
8:30 am
these german police. i'm going to move this way so you get a picture of this -- >> have you spoken to protesters? what is their goal here? >> reporter: yeah, we have. look, they are -- i honestly think a bunch of them are following the crowd, even if those crowds are disbursed and small. they are just following leader and then there are clearly a group who are organized and one of those groups known as the black block, anti-g-20 protesters at these gatherings -- >> come from where? >> reporter: and they look for the opportunity -- some of them come from here and some of them come from around europe. we know that there have been people coming in from all across europe. so yeah, look, there are a bunch of protesters who are here who have a long experience with clashes with the police like this and that's what they look for, they see that as part of
8:31 am
making their point. in fact, one of the chance that these protesters have, this is what democracy looks like, which you can take either way, either they are saying that them protesting is democracy or the police clamping down is what democracy looks like. >> i want to bring in john emerson, he was a former ambassador to germany. ambassador, germany is the host country, the eu for purposes of the g-20 is a country unto itself. so it's many, many countries bupt the bottom line, stephanie makes an interesting point, we haven't seen protests with this sort of violence involved since 2009, since the g-20 became a meeting of international leaders as opposed to finance ministers and bank governors, we're looking at tear gas -- >> burning car it looks like. >> car might be burning at this point. what has happened and what do you -- what are you thinking of the german response to this at the moment? >> actually, you have seen protests like this.
8:32 am
protesting is almost a cottage industry in germany and europe. remember back about two years ago to the ecb meet being in frankfurt and those iconic pictures of people in clown suits with cars burning in the street. in -- not infrequently -- i would say almost once a week there's some kind of mass protest in germany and typically, very german, they set up a time, 2:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon and in this confined area and sometimes they actually get pretty violent and there are arrests. i would say this literally happened on almost a weekly basis, sometimes driven by the left, sometimes by the right. obviously -- >> ambassador, i'm going to interrupt you for a second. on the left side of the screen you're seeing green peace protesters being intercepted by police. the little black raft is police. the colored rafts are greenpeace
8:33 am
protesters. we believe that's greenpeace, we'll get confirmation. you've got one little police boat amidst a bunch of greenpeace boats, trying to get a handle on that. we'll see more police coming in. all of those orange rafts appear to be protesters. on the right this looks like a car that someone has tried to set on fire. there's smoke coming out of it and firefighters breaking the windows of thatar and they are extinguishing the fire in the car. kelly o'donnell is within the security perimeter in hamburg at the g20. kelly, do you see this greenpeace thing from where you are or do you know what's going on there? >> reporter: yes, ali, i smartly got out of the way so the cameraman can use the camera recording my live shots to give you these images. we are watching as greenpeace protesters -- we assume that is the group they are affiliated with, they have been engaged in these sort of activities for the last couple of hours but it is intensified within the last few
8:34 am
minutes where we have seen water type cannons or water hoses at the high velocity being used by some of the presumably police type craft to try to prevent clashes between these boats. it's dramatic to watch unfold. also as another point of editorial information, we're told by the white house pool that the meeting between president trump and president putin is still ongoing. that was a 30 minute scheduled meeting, it's well over an hour. that's happening separately. i don't know if that had been worked into the conversation yet but the trump/putin meeting continues as we've been watching this aggressive use of water craft by members of the greenpeace movement. they of course are almost professional in carrying out these kind of protests. they are well acquainted with wh they are doing on the water and trying to give us images that direct our attention to their cause and you've got
8:35 am
concerns about this river here in hamburg, the elba river. there are lines of demarkation that police have put down sort of a line across the water to designate an area where they do not want protesters to go. there you see it in our pictures. earlier today we saw some charging of that line if you will by some of the protesters that brought out military in appearance sea vessels as well as police boat, equivalent of the coast guard tharks type of thing. we have also been able to see the water cannons that have been deployed on land at the edge of the river here where clearly police were trying to either move or disburse some of the protesters that keir has been talking about. from our vantaj point we feel closer -- >> it's kind of remarkable watching the greenpeace, they are provoking them and moving
8:36 am
around them at high speed, almost challenging them come and get me and frankly they do seem to be outsteering the police at the moment. >> let's get out of the water and back to the streets. richard engel is across from kelly in hamburg in the middle of these protests. richard, tell us what you see. >> reporter: so just a short while ago there were a lot of people in this area. you can see now it's pretty much just police. the police moved in in force and moved in with their riot gear, they are water cannons and interlocking their arms and clubs and moving through this area. they were spraying pepper spray and shoving demonstrators out of the way. it did seem in this case it was a combination of the police who started it and the demonstrators who started it. some of the demonstrators were throwing stones and beer bottles and then the police after a couple of beer bottles had been thrown, came forward with a massive charge. people started running and falling. and then it escalated from
8:37 am
there. and that -- this is kind of the way the protests have been working here. they are a bit hit-and-run. so now the police have gained the upper hand here and cleared pretty much all of the demonstrators out of the square. can you see more police standing there. they brought in some ambulances. that direction is where kelly o. is, we're at a -- this is a ferry terminal behind me. and now the pro testers are moved on to another area and will probably regather and try to come back here or have other squi skirmishes with police elsewhere. they are not all from germany. they have come from all across europe. they are anti-capitalists and some are environmentalists and some are here to protest the in favor of the refugees who are dying in the mediterranean sea. they are united only in that they oppose what they call the current world order. they oppose the capitalism system as they describe it which they believe is represented by the g20 and in particular by the
8:38 am
individual of president donald trump. a lot of anger focused against president trump among the demonstrators who have been for the moment cleared out of here. >> let's stay on the g-20 leaders and i want to bring back ambassador emerson. you have said merkel is the putin whisperer. what does she display -- what has she done in the past to give her that title i guess i would say. >> first of all -- i'm not at all surprised this meeting has gone on so long. these things tend to do that and there's a lot of ground to cover. i would expect north korea would also be a topic that would be raised. angela merkel, first of all, grew up in the former east. she won an award as a high school student for the best ruian speaker in east germany, when she was in high school. and she speaks languages with
8:39 am
nuance and he speaks her language with nuance. they communicate from -- she understands vladimir putin and understands his motivations and the number of meetings with president obama and angela merkel, sort of the psychology of -- inside terms of that. and she worked very hard to get him to the table and to forge the accords. unfortunately russia has -- required to do under the minsk accord, with the situation in ukraine obviously, but there are circumstances that haven't been helpful. when we look at the continuing corruption in that country. but she -- it's fundamental understanding of the man, his motivations and country from
8:40 am
which he comes. germans tend to be quite conflicted by the way in their view of russia. there are a lot of germans who want to continue doing business with russia and have absolutely no interest in ground zero of another cold war if you will. and there's sense of a appreciation for the russian people and their capacity for suffering during that. and a little bit of hangover guilt for 40 million soviet citizens killed during the 2 rnd world war. and there are those -- about the soviet system and what it was in the past and about the danger of nationalist movements not just in russia but in europe and the world. they are very concerned about russia's cyber capabilities and the reality is that russia did break into the computer system and i think a little bit of concern we might see a potential -- >> which happened in the united
8:41 am
states. >> stand by for us. stephanie, a lot of nato countries very close to russia and indeed those that border russia like in the balkans, they do not want russian expansionism, they've been selling their goods to russia and this embargo, these sanctions have actually achffecd their economies too. these are pictures of hamburg germany. we'll take a quick break. we're 90 minutes into the ground break pentagon meeting with president vladimir putin. protesters clashing in the streets of hamburg. we'll be right back. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®.
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8:45 am
kgb spy shake hands for the first time in a face to face encounter. >> we have a lot of coverage of this. we have -- >> thank you very much. appreciate it. president putin and i have been discussing various things and i think it's going very well. we've had some very, very good talks. we're going to have a talk now sean obviously that will continue. but we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for russia and for the united states and for everybody concerned. and it's an honor to be with you. >> thank you. >> want to be clear, that's not the end of the meeting. that happened before the meeting started. this is -- this meeting is still under way, it's an opportunity for president trump to talk about russian meddling in the u.s. elections and try to figure out how the two countries can work together going forward. they are clearly talking about something right now and we can
8:46 am
probably take that as a good sign. >> without a doubt. let's bring back keir simmons in the thick of the protest since yesterday. what's the situation on the ground now? >> reporter: stephanie, we've now found another standoff between police and protesters. let me just show you this, you have the riot police lined up with water cannon if we turn around into the sun. i'll ask my gel miguel to come me. they have been putting any debris they can find here, barriers, wood pieces of wood pallets it looks like. clearly here ready to clash with the riot police if they get the opportunity. and now if you can see further back, if we walk past this barricade, i'll get miguel a chance to look at this. if there's anything they can find -- some things, that's the
8:47 am
kind of thing we've been seeing thrown at police during these protests. and there just -- just this way, you can see this -- there you can see a protester firing flares directly at the police. there's that water cannon coming towards us. i'm going to back off a little bit. there's that water cannon being fired at the protesters to move them -- move them back. that was a tear gas canister -- maybe that was just a flare from the protesters. both sides are firing at each other and that just got pretty close to us as you can see. let's back off a little bit. as that confrontation we knew was going to happen -- played out in front of us, a little earlier than we thought. >> wow, we're looking keir, at other shots of water cannon
8:48 am
being fired. can't really determine where that is but it might be in a similar area o yours. be clear, protesters had hand held flares they were shooting in. they make a loud noise. they are distracting and different from what you saw earlier on another shot and what we saw yesterday where it's tear gas that's coming from the police spreading out as smoke and tear gas which you got -- you got into the vicinity of yesterday. your face was burning for a few hours yesterday. >> yes, that's right. look, we've got all kinds of things yesterday. actually today, ali, i have seen protesters holding smoke bombs in the air. so when yesterday we saw a different things flying around it was difficult to see who was throwing it. today i'm even more unsure who was throwing what if you like. we do know of course that the police have been using this water cannon and do know they have been pushing protesters back and in fact bit like
8:49 am
groundhog day, this is the street where you saw us yesterday, witnessing running battles and that's what we've been seeing today. the difference as i've been mentioning through the day, is that now the protesters are seem to be breaking up in splinter groups and we think what they are trying to do, get to the conseco concert center along the water there. we think quite soon the leaders will be meeting for their dinner. these protesters would really love to make sure that doesn't happen. >> are the protesters closer, physically closer today to the conference center than yesterday? >> reporter: well, i don't think they are. it's a difficult question to answer, we have the same problem that the police have, which is that there are things happening -- there are conflicts breaking out in every direction. to give you a picture again. there's the police front line. if i turn with miguel this way, you can see a line of protesters
8:50 am
further back and sporadic groups hidden in the trees there. there's one guy there you can just show this guy holding a bottle. he's going to throw it -- let's not do that. yeah, it's a very, very where t going to get to. where they have got to. and whether they have managed to get closer, but as i -- from my understanding earlier in the day the police were saying that no protesters had managed to get to the conference center itself. that said, we have heard reports that the hotel president putin has been staying at was targeted. the first lady was not able to leave for a while because she was told it wasn't safe. let's pick this up again. take a look at that. if a police officer gets that, even with protective gear, that is going to hurt. >> it's going to hurt you, too. that sort of takes things to a new level. you got hit by a bottle of water yesterday, which i don't want to
8:51 am
get hit by myself. but that's a very different thing getting hit with the helmet that you're wear ing with a bottle of water than a brick. >> how many people have been injured? >> reporter: yeah, well, the number of protesters injured, we don't know just because of the nature of the protests. the police last time i was updated it was around 160. i'm sure the police injureds greater than that. what i g hit yesterday in the head was a glass btl that just caught me as someone was trying to throw it at the police. as you guys will know, if you've been in these kinds of situations, you're safer to be here among the protesters than you are to be on that side of the police line. the police will fire the water cannon and at times they will fire other devices to try to move the protesters. but the protesters will be throwing those kinds of bricks. again, let's take a look. protesters will be throwing this kind of stuff. and so that really hurts if it
8:52 am
hits you. tha thankfully had hasn't hit me or any of our team. >> we'll stay with you. obviously -- >> be safe. >> be safe. let us know as things develop there. i want to go back to the former kgb agent who spied on the u.s. for ten years. he is now a american citizen. we're watching the horses moving in. >> you can see the protesters sitting there. and the protesters are -- as i don't know what that is -- >> this was developed in 2009 when the intense protests developed and they realized they were sit ins, what they didn't want to do, they didn't what a repeat of london. they introduced the use of horses, i remember covering g 20 in toronto that year where there was a heavy use of horses because what they realized is that the protesters won't go into the horses. the horses allow them to slowly inch forward and clear people
8:53 am
from the ground. the problem is there are bridges above those horses and there are protesters firing flares or smoke bombs which spook the horses and that creates a whole different set of problems. we're seeing that, seeing something burning on the right-hand side of your scream. to ambassador emerson's point, i think he's sti while we -- there's a point hans nichols was nmaking yesterday that germany has a protesting culture. for purposes of the g 20, which is really the biggest leader -- the biggest gathering of world leaders, they had -- we have not seen these types of pictures for years. the horses are struggling to get through the crowd because they're getting spooked by whatever it is the protesters are doing. generally speaking horses keep a good handle on this. this has a different flavor, ambassador, than what we've seen at g 20s. >> no question. it clearly, as i think your reporters mentioned, these people have come from all over europe to this.
8:54 am
you have people that are, i would say, more traditional or legitimate protesters who actually have substantive issues they're concerned about. then you have the anarchists who basically -- >> hang on let's go back to kooer simmokier simmons, what's happening? >> kier, can you hear us? >> we are now seeing that confrontation we thought was going to happen. the water cannon and armored vehicle there just pushing through that barrier. a bunch of missiles rained down from the protesters on to the police. i ng the i think those are stun grenades from the police that are being fired on the police. as you can see inside the trees there, that is where that water cannon is firing from. it's firing into, i'm sorry. trying to disperse those protesters. a little way further back just before you came to us, you can see that, do you remember earlier i showed you the barrier? they've driven right through that. here come the riot police moving
8:55 am
in, we're going to get closer so we can see this. we just hide behind here because there are missiles coming down and glass bottles and bricks and all kinds of things. thankfully we're under a tree. there's another -- we think that's a stun grenade. here are the police up to try and stop, to try and chase these protesters. let's just try and move with them. we're going to try and move with them. >> are you making your way up -- >> reporter: you're seeing this now. we're making our way up. i want to see, a protesters on the ground here. two people just lying on the ground here trying to protect themselves as the police come by. again -- there's the glass flying everywhere. just stay back here, miguel. this is the problem that police face, guys, because every time they try and move o the protesters, the protesters move away andust spread around the city again in small groups.
8:56 am
it's incredibly difficult for the german police to control this. all the while, they do seem to be holding the line around the areas where the actual g 20 leaders are meeting. here come more missiles. down the street there, miguel. there. there we go. there goes another stun grenade. >> kier, that stun grenade, that is a -- >> reporter: that looks like -- sorry. >> that's a police stun grenade they're shooting into the crowd? >> reporter: we think so. from what it sounds like. what you're looking at now, though, looked like smoke bombs maybe tear gas. we'd have to get nearer to them to know exactly what they are. clearly you can see the crowd doesn't like it and they are backing off. again, the issue is they're backing off into another part of the city. so, you know, it's not like the police have them under control. they just move them into another place and then the protesters
8:57 am
regather and then preparing for another confrontation like this. and there are missiles coming from that direction, too. all right. this police officer is saying back off me a little bit. >> yeah, we want you to keep safe. >> your reporting has been remarkable. but we need you around. we have several more hours of tv. this is -- just to give people perspective, it's almost 6:00 p.m. in hamburg. go ahead kier. >> reporter: let me just tell you, that is t s. because that -- we just got a wave o that as the wind blew back. that's in my eyes and our throat. wow. yeah. that's just like yesterday. >> pull back away from the wind on that one. >> reporter: that is the reason -- yeah, that is the reason why those protesters moved. because you saw as we were yesterday, they were in the thick of that smoke and that's painful when you get into that. what we got was a little gust of it. and even that leaves you -- just
8:58 am
gets in the back of your throat and eyes and your skin starts stinging. it is safe, guys. don't worry about us. it's not something that's long term issue or anything like that. it hurts a little bit when you get it. >> kier, let me just ask you the bottom line here is that hamburg is a city with a lot of small streets, lots of places for the protesters to go. miguel's camera is now showing us -- he's got a good lens and he's tall. you can see the protesters about three blocks away right now, that seems to have been out of the range of the tear gas and that's where they are. the bottom line here is these protesters are making their way around in different streets and the police's main job -- there's another group of them going back on to the main thorough fare -- is to keep the fro getting close to the g 20 perimeter. they don't seem to care if they're anywhere else. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. the g 20 is being held in a
8:59 am
number of different places, two places primarily apart from, of course, where the leaders are staying. and these protesters want to target any of those places. it looks like, you know, their strategy is that they are breaking up in order to try to, you know, kind of run the police a merry dance through the streets. that's what they're managing to do. on the other side, if you like, the police are, it looks like, managing to hold the line against these -- okay, this guy is telling us to back up a bit. we'll do that. i just want to see here, one police officer has been injured. it looks like one police officer has been injured there and they're just treating that officer. yeah, there's some blood on his arm there. it doesn't look like it's serious. we'll get that shot for you. just applying a bandage there to one police officer who it looks like, despite the gear they're wearing. you can see they're well-protected. there you go, there's just a
9:00 am
clear picture. that these guys still get hurt even when they're dressed like this. >> well-protected but exhausted, dehydrated. stay safe, have some water, move back. we appreciate it. that's going to wrap us up for this hour. >> be sure to join us saturday afternoon 12:30 eastern. now it's over to andrea mitchell reports. right now on andrea mitchell reports, meet and greet. donald trump and vladmir putin face to face for the first time. >> look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for russia, for the united states, and for everybody concerned. and it's an honor to be with you, thank you. thank you. >> did the president raise the russian meddling, if not? why not? plus, protests and violence as thousands clash with german police in the streets of


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