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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 7, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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much less money. that's good. right? solar wall panels, beautiful. >> you can say the wall lives and the wall will always live in the president's soul. that's all for tonight. we'll be back monday with more mtp daily. catch us sunday on your local nbc station. have great weekend. it's the battle of he said, he said. what really happened behind closed doors today? we now have two very different versions of what president trump and russian president vladmir putin said to each other during their very first face-to-face meeting, and it is big. this is the scenes moments before that meeting. secretary of state rex tillerson one of the few people behind those closed doors, he answered the burning question. did president trump bring up russian hacking? >> the president pressed president putin on more than one
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occasion regarding russian involvement. president putin denied such involvement as i think he has in the past. the two leaders agreed though this is a substantial hindrance and the ability of us to move the russian-u.s. relationship forward and agreed to exchange further work regarding commitments of non-interference. >> the kremlin moving quickly to put out a different story. tillerson's counterpart saying president trump accepted putin's denial about hacking the election. follow that up with a white house denial saying that is just not true. who is telling the truth? only six people in that room, they know for sure. the day started with a handshake and moments before the two leaders had the press escorted out of the room, president trump had this to say. >> president putin and i have
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been discussing various things. i think it's going very well. we've had some very, very good talks. we're going to have a talk now and that will continue. we look forward to a lot of positive things happening. >> the meeting lasted a lot longer than expected. scheduled for half an hour. going on for 2:16. here's more of secretary tillerson's take on it. >> the two leaders, i would say connected very quickly. there was a clear positive chemistry between the two. there was not a lot of relitigating of the past. i think both of the leaders feel like there's a lot of things in the past that we're unhappy about. we're unhappy.
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they're unhappy. i think the perspective of both of them is this is a really important relationship. two largest nuclear powers in the world. it's a really important relationship. how do we start making this work. >> all of this happening as another day of violence broke out in the streets of hamburg. >> reporter: you can see it. that's in my eyes and my throat. let's go. let's go. these guys are not giving up. >> we have much more on that to
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come. let's go to nbc hallie jackson who is in hamburg for us tonight. one big question was answered the trump did speak to putin about election hacking. they brought it up first. both sides agree to that. the rest of it, the conflicting stories, what can you add? >> reporter: both sides acknowledge this issue came up. the idea that russia interfered in the election. that's one of the the, if not the trillion dollar question. will the president bring it up despite a day ago refusing to say whether moscow did meddle with the 2016 election. now we know the president brought it up. both sides are saying it happened in different ways. you have heard the russian minister say that president trump accepted vladmir putin's denial that russia was behind that.
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one said that is not accurate. there was no acceptance of the denial. i think this goes to the kind of diplomatic dance that you're seeing. with so few people in the room, the potential for leaks is pretty low given it was both presidents, their top diplomats and two translaters. each side is delivering the story that they want people to hear. to cast the conversation in the lieg light that showcases what each country believes is their strength. denying that the president accepted the denial. notab notably, i think and you played it a bit there. secretary tillerson saying he, meaning the president wants to find way forward with russia. look to area where is they have common ground like, for example, syria casting that as the first
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indication of these two countries being able to come together when you look at the cease-fire said to go into effect on sunday. >> hallie jackson covering the president for us. thank you so much. president trump has down played russia's involvement in the hacking even as recently as yesterday. here is the question today. >> can you say in the president was unequivocal in his view that russia did interfere in the election? did he offer to produce any evidence or to convince mr. putin? >> the russians have asked for proof and evidence. i'll leave that to the intelligence community to address the answer to that question. again, i think the president, at this point, he pressed him and then felt like at this point
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let's talk a bt hbout how do we forward. >> always good to talk to you. i'm so curious to hear your take. that president putin and russia hacked to influence our election. tillerson kind of skirting the question. what's your take? is this no more than when he see in a normal situation? they've got their spin and we've got our spin. >> it's fairly normal, to tell you the truth. what happens in these meetings depends on how something is said and how it's heard. we won't know precisely what happened until we get a little more granularity on that. the fact that it was portrayed that trump accepted putin's denial is not surprising.
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he's probably doing that for a domestic audience and not to put too fine a point on it, the russians are not above dissembling after a meeting like this. it depends on how trump said it too. i'm not surprised. i will say this though, if trump based solely on what tillerson said, if that's all we ever know, it's fair to give the president a little credit here for engaging on the issue and starting a dialogue on it. if he said this is a problem between us let's move forward. that's one thing. if he said, look, this is a problem that is very serious for the united states. we cannot move forward until we have satisfaction on this. it can be an obstacle. we need to look for ways to cooperate. a lot depends on how it was said and how it was heard. >> it's not as though there were
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cameras. we don't know. we do know that he's no newcomer to all of this. he has a lot more experience than the two americans in the room. he said certain circles in the u.s. are still exaggerating by which i assume he means the intelligence community and he added although they cannot prove this. secretary tillerson pointed to the intelligence agencies on providing evidence. is that how that would typically work? >> it often happens with the russians. i've been involved in this three or four times. when you have an objection to something they have done, they will ask to see the intelligence to have you prove it. you will provide them what you know up to a point. you'll say this is what you learned from our intelligence.
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they will deny what you have given them is real proof. i don't think this issue will be resolved on that basis. it takes continuous engagement. secretary kerry was very frustrated in his efforts to have some arrangement. >> always good to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thank you. there's this big question still out there. is president trump planning to punish russia for hacking the u.s. tillerson saying this about the state of relations. >> the president took note of actions that have been discussed by the congress, most recently
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additional sanctions that have been voted out of the senate to make it clear as to the seriousness of the issue. it's not clear to me that we will ever come to some agreed upon resolution of that question between the two nations. the question is what do we do now? i think the relationship and the president made this year as well, is too important. >> always good to see both of you. interpret that statement we just heard from rex tillerson for me. probably no agreed upon resolution. the relationship is too important. what did you hear? >> well, i heard that he was missing the point because the point on the sanctions for the congress first and foremost is to make sure that they codify that they put in legislation, in law the sanctions that president obama put in place by executive
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order in order to basically assert ukraine sovereignty. those sanctions were mainly about ukraine. there were some additional sanctions they put on that were also aimed at punishing russia for their information operation against the united states which i suspect is very much still ongoing. this idea of putting it behind us is a bit of a fantasy as well. if it's ongoing you can't really put it behind you. by wide majority which is pending for the house to take action on, that law, that piece of legislation, which is not yet law, is addressed at punishing russia for what they did in the ukraine. >> i'm going to interrupt you for a second. these pictures are pretty dramatic. i hope you both have monitors
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and can see the fires on the streets. we know there were some arrests throughout the course of the day. obviously going on past what has been a very long day of daylight. all of this happening while you have this great contrast. you've got the leaders who are at a dinner tonight. there we have him now. can you hear me? >> reporter: i can hear you well. >> give us a sense of what's happening there. >> reporter: so the police have moved in on the area that you will have seen us around an hour ago, 40 minutes ago. they have pushed a will the of the protesters back through the streets. this is a place where they are still holding out. you can see one of those burning barricades still alight. there are water cannons in the
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street behind it looking up in the sky. the police helicopter focused on this area. again, once again we can see the protesters fighting back, i guess. throwing things, stones, bottles, anything they can find. there they go again. let me step out the way so you can see that. our cameraman just giving you a shot there. the protesters walking into the line of the police water cannon and throwing a barrage of bottles and stones at the police line. trying to get close do where the leaders were meeting.
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they gathered here. th >> we can see some things flying there. we can see some things flying there as well as seeing the fires. i'm going to come right back to you. angela merkel was asked about this today. one of the things she wanted to do was to show people who don't have an open democratic society that they allow protesters out there. they have a voice. does this in some ways back up what other countries, where you cannot protest freely, where your voice is not allowed to be heard, does it give them some
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ammunition when they show these pictures back in their home country? >> it does cut both ways. if angela merkel is the leader of the free world, yes to those of us in the west. this can be a reenforcing. to the lights of vladmir putin who has sought over the past decade to undermine the international liberal order, this reenforces his point that what matters most is stability. it doesn't matter the character of the government. what matters is this chaos needs to be dealt with appropriately. i think both sides will reenforce their competing narratives. >> i agree with pj's point.
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you will see all these types of scenes being replayed because president putin does like to demonstrate that is west is a morally debased place where people riot and where we have whites shooting blacks, et cetera. he always highlights the negative in western society. i think when i look at this, at first i think the germans have a very healthy attitude towards protes protests. they exercise their demonstration muscle often. a strong anti-globalist movement. i woendser who is provoking some
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of the violence. if i were angela merkel, i would get my police in there and try to figure out who started this and pull those people out as soon as possible. >> it's taken up a lot of oxygen. tillerson said syria was a major topic in that meeting. we learned about a limited cease-fire between the u.s. and russia although there's skepticism about what impact that will have. was there anything else you heard coming out of today that's a headline that you think is important. >> i don't think that one meeting is going to change the character of the tension between the united states and russia. the reality is that the relationship is moving south. it's moving south for a very substantive reasons. i think secretary tillerson posed the right question, is
3:19 pm
there a path forward. the reality after today even with the meeting is the road forward will be a rocky one. there's not a consensus on what to do about ukraine even with the limited cease-fire. russia and the united states and iran have vastly different visions of what the future of syria should look like and even if they talked about north korea, russia has very few levels, nothing paralleling china in terms of how to put pressure on pyongyang. this was a meeting with low expectations and those were met. it's important for the united states and russia to have a dialogue. we shouldn't underestimate how difficult the road forward is going to be. >> my thanks to both of you. we'll be going back to him as we watch what has been two days of violent protests. keep it here on msnbc.
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we'll be right back.
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take a look at what's happening live. fires burning on the streets of hamburg germany as anti-capitalist protests continue to take to the streets. 196 officers have been injured as they have been sent out in the streets. police from all around germany
3:23 pm
have been sent in. we're keeping our eye on this dangerous situation. the big unknown leading up to the remarkable meeting, you see the picture there. >> i think the president took note of actions discussed by the congress. additional sanctions that have been voted out. the president is rightly focused on how do we move forward from what may be a disagreement at this point. >> moving forward. no consequence, no tough talk. will putin direct hackers to stop what they're doing right now? before the meeting five democratic senators demanded trump, quoting here, ensure that putin hears you loud and clear. interfering in our elections was
3:24 pm
wrong in 2016, and it will not be permitted to happen again. always good to see you. both sides agree this is the first thing that came up. >> no. it's the right thing but it's checking the box. what do you want to come out of this with. we want a clear declaration on russia's part. >> you never thought that was going to happen. vladmir putin was going to say just kidding. i didn't hack. >> that's why you don't expect it here. what does putin want out of this? he wants to sanctions to be gone. this is surely not enough for sanctions to be gone. the mover in the senate and
3:25 pm
house is more important. when we pass it the preside, th should still sign the bill. this does not remove the sanctions that are in place. there's no mention of moving out of eastern ukraine. the sanctions are just as important today as they were yesterday. we have to make sure his objective and add on top of that, our european allies and i would see what other conversations president trump is having with our other european allies. fp you talk about those in the balkans, baltics, they're
3:26 pm
concerned about russia. are we going to abandon them because they don't want russia to be free without sanctions. >> you mention a number of the other issues that will so critical here. 13 of your colleagues in the house sent a letter saying they demand trump bring up syria. let me play what he said. >> we spent a very, very lengthy period on syria. our objectives are exactly the same. how we get there, we each have a view. there's a lot more commonality to that than there are differences. >> one of the things they came up with was a cease-fire between the u.s. and russia in a corner of the country that they say is critical. some other people have suggested it's not going to have much of an impact. do you see that as a real deliverable that came out of this? >> i think that were working on this before the meeting. i know former secretary kerry
3:27 pm
was frustrated about trying to have a cease-fire in other areas. there's a lot of war and fighting taking place. that's not included in this conversation. how much time does the or how long will the russians continue to try to support assad. that's tremendously important. what role, if any, is iran playing and where is russia going to deal with iran who is also involved in all of what's taking place in syria? those are still questions out there. it's good sound bite. there's got to be a lot of conversation. not now lowering our guards. saying everything is okay, remove the sanctions. >> there's a lot of republicans who feel the way you do. they have been concerned about
3:28 pm
not acknowledging russia's role. do yo see any congressional action when you go back in. >> all i say is we need to pass the sanctions bill. that's tremendously important. >> will it happen? >> the president needs to sign it. well, i don't know. a lot of leadership of the house tries to protect the president. i'm hoping the president says let's pass the sanctions. the president should support it. >> always good to have you here. thank you. preert it. >> still ahead, the g20 coming amid dangerous threats from north korea. what happens if pressure from the u.s. fails. the secretary of state making news on that as well. using artificial tears often and still have dry eye symptoms? ready for some relief? xiidra is the first and only eye drop approved for both the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision
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it almost seemed like an afterthought but hardly.
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consider it comes at this dangerous time in the world with the escalating threat from north korea. secretary tillerson saying that trump and putin did not see eye to eye on that. >> the russians see it differently than we do. we're going to continue those discussions and ask them to do more. russia does have economic activity with north korea. >> another issue of contention, climate change. german chancellor angela merkel pressed the group of 20 leaders to compromise on talks of climate and trade that has pitted trump against the other countries. trump answered a question on a very touchy subject with our neighbor and ally. >> you still want mexico to pay for the wall? >> joining me now correspondent for the washington post.
3:33 pm
while so much of the world's attention and our attention has been on this meeting between trump and putin and understandably so, this other stuff that's going on with the g20, they deciding that on some pretty key issues like trade and climate change they will go ahead and do what they are planning to do. kind of donald trump pushed to the side. >> you have them saying you want to go someplace else on climate. that's fine. we'll go here. you may have noticed that the putin-trump meeting was set at the same time they were talking about climate so he could avoid that discussion. you have the announcement of a big eu-japan trade deal saying if you want to go someplace else on trade. that's fine. we're going to keep moving forward on it and on and on. even merkel allowing the demonstrations in the street
3:34 pm
stands in stark contrast to trump's views towards the press and his imbrace embrace of auto that don't like it. they're sending a strong message that if the united states is not going to lead, somebody else in the group is. >> one of the big deals coming out of g,20 trump was tweeting. he wrote the united states made some of the worst trade deals in world history. why should we continue these deals with countries that do not help us? what kind of message are you hearing? >> you see both of those messages being crystallized here at the g20. the idea that europe, that the eu and european countries separately will try to make trade deals in the way that they always have either collectively through the eu or as part of a
3:35 pm
trading block while trump clearclear ly wants to make independent deals. he wants to carve them out which isn't technically possible at the moment. he's said a number of times he wants to do that. he also wants separate independent trade deals that would replace the pacific trade partnership that he pulled out of including with japan. i don't see those two points of view being reconciled. europe just disagrees. >> when you look at all these very complicated issues that the president has to deal with and they are of great consequence and you have the greatest
3:36 pm
military powers in the world in u.s. and russia. there's been a lot of discussion that's he's surrounded himself with great people. you had an idea that got a lot of pick ups. you talked to people who know a lot about it, what's your take when people say it's going to be okay even if the president isn't able to do a deep dive on these issues because he has a fantastic foreign policy team. maybe one of the greatest ever. >> it's nowhere near the greatest ever. first of all, he's got some people with some experience like secretary mattis or h.r. mcmaster but he tends not to read the briefs. he adviser not to listen to them. he pursues his own agenda and he freelances. when you get him in front of a group he says stuff like he said today about the wall. he makes things up. what's the point of having great advisors if you're not going to
3:37 pm
listen to them. some of the members of the team are quite weak. tillerson is quite weak. he's got a state department that is worried he's not defending them. he goes into this meeting with putin suspect because he's too close to the russians and when you get the read out from the meeting, you're getting the read out from a guy who got a medal from putin who doesn't look like he's necessarily going to stand up for the united states and he looks weak. the person who we were talking about earlier said this is the greatest team i've seen assembled isn't really paying attention and may just have been looking for a job in the administration and the future. >> one of the things we're hearing from trump supporters is this meeting went longer. they laid out a path for going
3:38 pm
forward. one of the things that rex tillerson pointed out, he said they sent him melania trump to say your time is up and they continue the meeting for another hour. i kind of thought, i don't know, i was trying to picture like barbara bush going into the room or maybe hillary clinton going into the room. what did you make of that whole thing? was that way of reenforcing the narrative that the meeting went long so it was good? >> it's an extraordinary scene to picture in your head and there were no cameras there at that point. we don't know what it really looked like. melania popping her head around the corner saying honey you're late for dinner is remarkable. he made a joke about it. it was part of the section of his briefing today when he was making that point that they had
3:39 pm
a lot to talk about. the discussion was substantive. they felt like they were getting somewhere in the discussion on sir what. and it was worth going on. he made a point they will talk for an hour and so clearly that wasn't determanative. they did get a lot of things discussioned and to the extent the cease-fire is a deliverable, a take away from that meeting then they had something to point to. >> i have to leave it there. thank you very much. it's great getting your experience. coming up, get a grip. that was the message from hillary clinton's former campaign manager to president trump after his tweet. ge my sym. i thought i was doing okay...
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[kids cheering] [kids screaming] call the clown! parents aren't perfect but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again. you make no secret of the fact you don't like to shake hands with people you don't know. >> i don't like to shake hands. >> how are you going to run for office? >> i'm not a big fan of the handshake but i'll do it. >> if you hit the campaign trail, will you shake hands? >> i will be shaking hands. >> no fan of the handshake but his biggest one today was
3:43 pm
vladmir putin. why does it matter? at such tense times these routine interactions do become about power dynamics and perceptions around the world. here is what leading putin critic and famous chess champion tweeted. this photo already everywhere in russian media. putin knows how to play this game. trump reaching to him. while trump might not like handshakes, as president they are all analyzed. that long 20 secondhand shake with abe, the prime minister's expression was priceless as it went on. there was the tense handshake and the time trump left german chancellor angela merkel hanging in the oval office. earlier this week they finally did have that handshake. with me white house reporter for the washington post.
3:44 pm
putin looks in control. he looks strong. paul, do these things matter? >> not really but they're fun for everyone to talk about. the fact of the matter is yesterday there was a big story about trump being shunned by the poli polish, the prime minister's wife which wasn't true e eithit. let's come back in four years and see if donald trump wants to shake hands with mr. putin. we have seen his predecessors don't want to after a few years of knowing the guy. >> do you think that russia was using that picture as part of its propaganda machine? >> i can only imagine it bothers him. donald trump is all about optics. spent a lot of time in television and things like this matter to him.
3:45 pm
before the campaign he would keep bowls of hand sanitizer in his office. those who did get to shake his hands had to sanitize their hands first. he knew this was important. you see in his early meetings with world leaders that he really tried to kind of dominate those interactions. that taught other world leaders to prepare and try to one up him when it came to the handshake. >> the president is hardly immune to optics because, look, when that picture was taken, remember they kept the press out of his meeting and the russians we leased the picture. he was accused of being too chummy with the russians. is there any indications these are discussions they have in the white house about the optics?
3:46 pm
i think there is some importance to these public optics. there's a lot of behind the scenes meetings going on. there was this meeting with putin today that lasted 2:16. we don't really know what happened in there. people are looking for any clues they can as to what the relationship is. maybe they are reading way too much into trump offering his hand before putin would take it. that's all we have to work from. >> the other thing is just hours before the putin meeting there was tweeting going on. tweeting about john pedesta. quote, everyone here is talking about why john podesta refused to give the dnc server to the
3:47 pm
fbi and cia. disgraceful. it didn't clear who everyone might be. it's heard to imagine angela merkel talking about that. what is clear is that the president is conflating a couple of incidents. he called him whack job potus and said get a grip man. the russians committed a crime when they stole my e-mails to help get you elected. maybe you might try to find way to mention that to president putin. he goes onto point out, by the way, i had nothing to do with the dnc. it's not out of character for this president to confuse facts or focus on what people wish he wouldn't. he couldn't think about russia without working himself up about something that might suggest the election was taninted? >> yes. he still loves the conflict and loves to churn the water.
3:48 pm
a lot of this foreign policy is new to him. i think it's a comfort zone to say before i do all this boring governing thing, let me throw a little chum in the water and get everyone excited about i'm going to poke podesta in the eye. t it's what he retreats to. >> nobody knew who john podesta was. he worked in the white house and he worked for hillary clinton's campaign. there was no dnc. >> i'll tell you that in your green room before this progra e preparing to see if the president tweeted about the meeting.
3:49 pm
that's the real read out we're all waiting to get. >> this afternoon podesta followed up. as president, trump is supposed to be doing his job representing the united states in a respectable fashion to make sure we maintain and enhance our standing around the world. instead he has his face glued to the phone. on his first foreign trip you'll remember it was almost like somebody put his phone in a lock box. what do you think happened here. >> he was likely surrounded by his colleagues. people who support him and nod when he says things. there hasn't been much control of his twitter lately. he's been tweeting a lot of things most mornings of week. this came out. >> exactly. this is one that had i mean three major factual errors.
3:50 pm
podesta was not at the dnc. there's not a connection. those are two separate cases. the cai doesn't investigate casesthis. so if you're going to say your fellow world leaders were talking about something and then all of the points connected to that are factually inaccurate, it just really casts a shadow on the day that i'm sure his staff was not happy about. >> one of those journalists who lets pesky facts get in the way. thank you for being with us. and still ahead, president trump was meeting with vladimir putin today. it has to do with russian hackers and nuclear facilities. pete williams will join me we that, next.
3:51 pm
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as president trump was meeting with president putin today, an alarming report emerged. hackers have been penetrating the computer networks of nuclear
3:54 pm
power stations. pete williams has the story. >> u.s. officials say tonight they saenlt bulletin warning of a series of cyber attacks beginning in may on companies that run a dozen nuclear power plants. several u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news, russian hackers are strongly suspected because the attacks resembled previous cyber intrusions known to have been carried out by the russians on electrical grids and other countries. among the targets this time, the wolf creek nuclear plant in burlington, kansas. the fbi and homeland security say the cyber attack appears to be limited to administrative and business networks, not plant controls. the company said it had no impact on the plant because the targeted operation strems completely separate from the network. security experts stay hackers' goal could be the threat of a blackout. >> to send a message, to say back off. we have the ability to strike you in the heart of your core
3:55 pm
system. your networks that matter to your economy and your lifestyle. >> the industry says none of the control systems for any of the nation's 99 operating nuclear plants are connected to the internet but some stay intrusions are a wake-up call. >> the problem is that the nuclear industry in the united states is under very great economic strain. they're looking the cut costs in everything. safety, security, and cyber security. >> nbc's pete williams joins me now. i think anybody hears nuclear plants hacking, it makes they will very nervous. how confident are u.s. securities about these plants? >> relatively confident because of the fact, the physical fact many of the control systems are simply old enough that they're not digital. and secondly, they're not connected to the internet. but nonetheless they put this message out because they want the industry to realize, these attacks do continue. and the government's feeling is that any sector of industry can always do a better job.
3:56 pm
and so the question here is, do these companies need to know what's going on? that's why the message was the sent. >> any indication quickly that there is anything behind this that they want to accomplish beyond what one of your interviewees said, a brownout, to send a message? >> they can't know for sure who did it. they can't be sure why they did it. the feeling was this was a probing attack to develop the lay of the land. find out how these companies were organized and who does what. >> pete williams, always good to talk to you, my friend. still ahead, chris christie's future in doubt after beachgate but he might have a new job lined up. you won't believe this one. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take.
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and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer. so it's been a holiday week but a busy week. here's an interesting story. from governor to radio sports talk radio host. governor chris christie under fire for beachgate. spotted on a closed beach
4:00 pm
earlier this week during a beach shutdown. his approval rate was at 15% and a lot of people saying he has to political future. but this is a real headline. maybe a sports future. he will audition next week on wfan here in new york. have a great weekend. "hardball" starts right now. vlad to see you! let's play "hardball." good evening. for months president trump has spoken on about vladimir putin, calling them stable mates. and all about the relationship they've enjoyed entinter%ed wit denials they've ever met. you figure. the two men


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