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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 8, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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national effort to push for that sort of thing, we do not know, but watch this space. the department of justice pushing for that, again, is unprecedented and we don't know how this is going to work out. watch this space. that does it for us tonight. "msnbc live" is next. good morning. i'm dara brown in new york. it's 7:00 in the east and 4:00 out west. it is day 170 of the trump administration and the final day of the g20 summit in germany. president trump having meeting with allies as the u.s. grows more isolated. reaction in washington to the president's meeting with vladimir putin. the president called it tremendous, but did his demand for answers in the election hacking go far enough? show of force, u.s. bombers carry out an exercise in south korea to send a message to the north. we begin with politics and new questions surrounding what happened when president trump
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confronted vladimir putin about russia meddling in the u.s. election. during a bilateral meeting with uk prime minister theresa may this morning, president trump did not answer a reporter's question on russian foreign minister sergey lavrov's account that trump accepted putin's denial. >> prime minister may and i have developed a very good relationship, and i think trade will be a very big factor between our two countries, so i want to thank you very much. >> mr. president, did the russians lie about your meeting yesterday? >> we're also getting a taste of the blowback in congress awaiting president trump when he returns to washington. here's what congress members gregory meeks and maxine waters said on msnbc last night. >> from what i'm hearing, it's checking the box. it is what do you want to come out of this with. and number one, we want a clear declaration on russia's part that they will not interfere
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with our election. >> we're getting played by our president and certainly we're getting played by putin. i don't like the idea that our president again would go into a room without any note takers, without any staff, without others who should be in the room who really understand foreign policy and who really understand putin and come out of it, you know, saying how honored he is to meet with him. >> at this hour president trump is set to attend a working luncheon women's empowerment. it will be followed bye-b bilatl meetings with president abe and president xi. the u.s. military flew two strategic bombers over north korea in response to its escalating nuclear tests. it was part of a cooperation with the south korea and japanese militaries as a show of force. hallie jackson is at the g20 summit in hamburg for us this morning. hallie, good morning. a busy morning for the
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president. what are the takeaways from the day so far? >> reporter: we're already halfway through our day here, dara. we're at the site of where some of these g20 meetings are happening. we have moved from our previous location. the president has had a pretty packed day. let me hit you with the recent highlights. we know that he held an impromptu side bar with other world leaders. he just emerged from a room in which he was seen with prime minister turnbull of australia. he's the prime minister who openly mocked president trump earlier this year. he was seen with theresa may, emmanuel macron of france and some of his key cabinet members like secretary mnuchin, secretary ross, his top economic advisor, gary cohn as well, presumably they were hammering out perhaps some of the details of the communique that will come out at the end of the g20 that all of the nations sign onto. that's just our best guess. he also held a meeting with the leader of singapore.
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the one coming later is with president xi from china. that is set for a couple of hours from now. given the headline of the bombers that have flown along with japan, south korea, to give a warning shot to north korea, that is going to be at the top of the agenda. we know that the president, that the u.s. wants to pressure pyongyang via china. the president has delivered some mixed signals on china. on the one hand tweeting that china wasn't pulling its weight essentially or that he had maybe lost hope. on the other hand just yesterday saying he would never give up, he hasn't given up on china and efforts at diplomacy there and trying to make sure to contain the threat from north korea. so lots happening here today. let me quickly touch base on what happened with vladimir putin as well yesterday, because that was a very key meeting too, dara. we know that the u.s. is pushing back on some of the framing, let's call it, of what the russian foreign minister had to say. you heard sergey lavrov talk about in his sort of readout of the meeting afterwards the idea
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that president trump accepted vladimir putin's denial of election interference. an administration source is telling me that is not accurate. that is not true and not the case. you just pointed out the president declined to answer some shouted questions about that today, so lots happening here at the g20. i'm sure i'll check back with you all morning long. back to you. >> very busy day. hallie jackson live, thanks, hallie. let's bring in jonathan allen and ozzie paberra. thank you both for joining me this morning. >> good morning. >> jonathan, "the new york times" has this headline this morning, once dominant, the united states finds itself isolated at g20. i want to play for you part of president trump's weekly address. >> we have also sent a clear message to the world that we will not allow other nations to take advantage of us any longer. that's why i withdrew from the
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one-sided paris climate accord, and believe me, it was one-sided, not a good deal for our country. and the job-killing transpacific partnership. and that's why we are pursuing a total renegotiation of nafta. and if we don't get it, we will terminate, that is end nafta forever. >> jonathan, did president trump miss opportunities this week to rebuild relationships with our allies? and what impression did he leave on them, some of them who he just met at the g7 summit? >> i think president trump not only campaigned but continues to pursue a policy of withdrawing the united states from the world. it is difficult for him to message right now both that he is withdrawing from some of these international accords and that the united states will be growing stronger in the international community. you heard him just say essentially we're going to take our ball and go home with regard to nafta and some of these other
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agreements. and you're watching european leaders step up in his place. you heard angela merkel around the last meeting of world leaders just a couple of months ago basically say that germany needs to be a leader of europe and once the united states is withdrawing from the world community a bit, that makes europe more sort of central in western civilization. >> i saw you on twitter about president trump attacking john podesta. was this a strategy for his meeting with putin? >> as much as anyone can ascribe a extra testrategy from what tr, he was trying to draw attention from his meeting with vladimir putin. it seems to make him much more comfortable to talk about the failings of the hillary clinton campaign than anything related to vladimir putin.
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as hallie jackson was saying, there's an amazing misunderstanding or agreement about whether or not trump accepted vladimir putin's denial and he purposely gave a very incoherent kind of answer prior to the meeting as to whether or not he even believed russia was involved in the election hacking. so trump's decision to focus attention on john podesta was clearly aimed at drawing attention away from that meeting with putin. >> well, not able to draw attention away from that meeting. jonathan, how does president trump return to washington not having been more forceful with putin when he had this chance? >> you know, it's interesting. obviously just four people in that meeting and the interpretations from the two foreign ministers very different. you know, i think the president is mostly focused on his domestic policy and i think most americans are focused on whether the economy is getting better, on what's going on with the
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health care battle in congress. while some of those issues are not going as well for president trump as he would like, the question of russian meddling is one that is i think a little bit on the back burner for him, even if it's not in washington. you know, basically with the investigations that are going on into him. >> jonathan, you brought up a good point. there were four people in that meeting. another issue raising eyebrows is that h.r. mcmaster was being shut out of the meeting which goes against precedent set in previous administrations when the national security advisor would have no doubt been included. "the new york times" is reporting that president trump wanted just six people to attending the meeting to prevent leaks, so does this mean that he doesn't even trust his own national security advisor? >> it seems to suggest that. and what is alarming to some people is that donald trump is clearly new to being president and foreign affairs and holding elected office, even by his own admission. he's entering a room with vladimir putin, who many people
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do not try to underestimate. and clearly it would have given more confidence to a number of other people to have somebody like h.r. mcmaster in that room. someone who's very well known in washington, has years of experience, and to break with that precedent and suggest it was an attempt to stymie leaks raises questions about how comfortable donald trump is with certain parts of his government. >> speaking of government, jonathan, i want to turn to the health care fight because there's a number of town halls we'll keep an eye on, including one senator elizabeth warren is hosting. "the washington post" is reporting on the senate gop and white house planning a final blitz to pass health care. i want to play for you what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell told my colleagues the other day. >> if my side is unable to agree on an adequate replacement, then some kind of action with regard to the private health insurance
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market must occur. >> jonathan, is this a concession that he may have to work with democrats? >> it is a concession and it's also a little bit of a threat. there seems to be a difference in approach here between senator mcconnell and the white house. the white house would like the senate to pass something, anything to keep the momentum going. president trump tweeted recently about repealing now and perhaps replacing later, which is a complete disaster for mitch mcconnell and senate republicans because it just kicks the can down the road closer to those midterm elections that he's concerned about. but right now mcconnell doesn't have 50 votes for anything. as he points out, it's not just the moderates, susan collins of maine, dean heller of nevada. you're hearing rock rib conservatives, chuck grassley of iowa, bob corker of tennessee not sure that they would vote for this thing. jerry moran back in kansas this week telling people that he
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knows this doesn't do the job. so this is falling apart on the white house and on senator mcconnell. they have got very different approaches on how to deal with it, which just indicates, you know, how kind of lost they are right now. >> so many more questions but we have to stop here. jonathan allen, azi, thank you for joining us this morning. >> take care, dara. >> thanks. the one thing president trump and vladimir putin could agree upon in their face-to-face meeting, we'll talk about that up next. keeping an eye on president trump's next event at the g20 summit, the president expected to attend a women's empowerment working lunch in hamburg amid some peaceful demonstrations. we'll have more on his impact of the trip. that's up next.
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we have not given up hope. when you're in an approach like
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we're using, and i call it the peaceful pressure campaign, a lot of people like to characterize it otherwise, but this is a campaign to lead us to a peaceful resolution because if this fails, we don't have very many good options left. >> that was secretary of state rex tillerson explaining u.s. strategy on north korea. later today president trump meets with chinese president, xi jinping. the talks follow kim jong-un's first test of a long-range missile capable of reaching u.s. shores. earlier in the week president trump tweeted frustration with china's inability to slow north korea's missile development. he wrote so much for china working with us but we had to give it a try. joining me now is christopher dickey, world news editor at "the daily beast." and msnbc contributor. christopher, great to have you this morning. secretary tillerson said there aren't many good options left. can the u.s. count on china to step up? >> reporter: well, let's hope so because really china is the best bet that we have to try and slow
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or stop the intercontinental ballistic missile development and nuclear weapons development of north korea, which we take to be virtually an insane regime. it probably isn't as insane as all that but let's look at really the stark question that looms ahead. if it comes down to a military option, we're looking at hundreds of thousands of casualties on the korean peninsula, huge instability on china's border. is that a risk worth taking to stop kim jong-un from having intercontinental ballistic missiles with warheads on them? some people in the united states might think that would be a risk worth taking if the trade-off would be between the capital of south korea and the capital of the united states of america hit by a north korean bomb. so we're looking at a very, very high-stakes series of gambles to try and bring this situation under control.
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and what we're seeing now or hearing now is a lot more talk about talking. maybe returning to the six-party talks that we saw a little more than ten years ago. they didn't have the final result that people hoped for, but it's a better alternative than a constant escalation of military threats that either won't be used, in which case they're impotent, or will be used, in which case we're going to look at hundreds of thousands of people dying. >> christopher, less than ten days ago the u.s. imposed sanctions on a chinese bank, a company and two citizens cutting them off from the u.s. financial system to crack down on north korea finances. how do you think president xi will react to that? >> reporter: you know, i think he'll be irritated by that, but it's not a huge problem for him. the issue with that bank was that it was laundering money for north korea. and i think president xi will understand that that being the issue, probably it wasn't a good idea to do that in the first place. but is that going to make china
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put the kind of pressure on kim jong-un that will make him change his behavior radically? that doesn't -- it isn't the kind of thing that's likely to do that, because kim jong-un sees this as a matter of his survival and the chinese are terribly concerned that if they threaten his survival with draconian economic sanctions, which is really what the u.s. wants, then kim jong-un will become even more radical and if he does fall, they will have enormous instability on their border with north korea, which they don't want at all. so it's a situation with no good options. i'm relieved every time i hear the administration say that military force really is not an option, even though it's flying b-1-b bombers close to the demilitarized zone and put three carrier battle groups in the waters off the korean peninsula. >> christopher, the big story at this summit continues to be president trump's meeting with russian president vladimir putin. who do you think won the day?
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>> reporter: well, i think putin came out way ahead of trump on that one. you know, look, the idea that we just move on in relations with russia suggests that russia has been a victim somehow of american aggression, a victim somehow of american and international sanctions. those all happened as a direct result of russia's own actions, the invasion of ukraine, the annexation of the crimecrimean peninsula the attacks on the core of american democracy. to come out of that meeting and say, well, it's time to move on is to say there are no consequences for such actions and that is a very, very bad position to take when you have somebody who's innately as aggressive and ambitious as vladimir putin. >> "the washington post" is reporting on tensions at the summit as they push back on
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issues like climate change and free trade. has the u.s. president lost clout as leader of the free world? >> reporter: well, i think he thinks he's gaining it. i think he thinks that everybody is going to come to him desperate to renegotiate all these issues, but you're not going to renegotiating the climate accords, which were painfully wrought over a series of many years and hundreds of nations signed onto them and only the united states walks away from them. are people going to beg trump to negotiate on that? no, they're not. they're going to try and find ways to work around him. and in fact the more they find ways to work around him, the more impotent the united states is going to be in the international arena. you know, the whole philosophy of the last many years has been the best way to address world problems is as a team, coordinating with a lot of people. but, you know, trump is not a team player. what's his sport, golf? he likes to go it alone.
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breaking news this morning. the u.s. military has wrapped up a joint exercise with south korean and japanese fighter jets in a show of force against north korea. officials say it was in response to the growing threat of nuclear escalations by north korea, including its july 3rd missile launch. nbc's matt bradley joins us from seoul, south korea. matt, what exactly were the three nations practicing? >> reporter: thanks, dara. u.s. officials are telling nbc news that this exercise was meant to show that the u.s. is poised and ready to confront north korea at any moment. and actually general terrance owe shaughnessy, said this was
4:26 am
meant to show full lethal capacity of the u.s. in a confrontation with north korea. but this is a typical shot across the bow, dara. this is something that the u.s. forces do all the time here in the korean peninsula, especially recently. and now just -- this is the sixth time one of those overflights have happened ever since april, and this just goes to show the frequency of these sorts of overflights goes to show how tense things have come here on the korean peninsula. this latest one was a reaction to the july 4th intercontinental ballistic missile test. pyongyang said it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, and in fact u.s. officials agree. many experts say that this bomb, the one that they launched on tuesday, could have the capability of reaching u.s. soil in alaska. but as you mentioned, dara, there were three nations that participated in this exercise, the u.s., japan and south korea. now, the u.s. air force says these lancer b-1-b bombers took
4:27 am
off from guam and came close to the demilitarized zone. we haven't heard a reaction from north korea but we are expecting to hear one very soon. >> that will do it for me. thanks for watching. hugh huewitt takes over at the top of the hour. afi sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis.
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