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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 8, 2017 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm thomas roberts here at msnbc world headquarters in new york at the half hour. this is what we're watching for you -- the sidelines of the g20 summit today with president trump holding talks with british prime minister theresa may. the president said the u.s. and uk will reach a deala on a new trade deal quickly. and hackers have launched a series of cyberattacks targeting a dozen nuclear power plants in this country. several u.s. intelligence officials are telling nbc news that russian hackers are strongly suspected. the fbi and homeland security say the cyberattack appears to be limited to administrative and business networks, not plant controls. in southwestern japan, cleanup and rescue efforts are underway following devastating rain and flooding.
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leaving at least ten people dead. one village yesterday received 5.5 inches of rain in just three hours. want to bring you more on the g-20, and peter alexander traveling with the president and joining us from hamburg. what are the headlines from the president's events today so far? >> reporter: thomas, right now the president is wrapping up another bilateral meeting, this one with the prime minister of singapore. it's one of five bilateral meetings over the course of the day. later this afternoon he's going to meet with the prime minister of japan, prime minister abe. and then later really the highlight of this day will be the sit down with president xi of china where obviously the topic of north korea will be central to their conversation, especially in the wake of the intercontinental ballistic missile test by the north koreans earlier this week and a new round of, well, basically those measures they do in cooperation with the allies, japan and south korea, including one that took place overnight as a potential preparation in case
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there is the need for military action in the future. earlier today, the president made his first public comments following his private sit down with vladimir putin of russia. the two men described as having positive chemistry. but they are receiving criticism as there is a dispute in the stories about how exactly they spoke about the president bringing up russia's meddling. sergei lavrov, the foreign minister for russia, suggesting that president trump accepted putin's denial. the white house telling us that's not the way things played out there. the long story short of it is that secretary of state rex tillerson says they will agree to disagree. they're not going to relitigate the past. they want to focus on the future. earlier today the president met with prime minister may of the uk. here's part of that exchange. take a listen. >> prime minister may and i have developed a very special relationship, and i think trade will be a very big factor between our countries. i want to thank you very much. >> mr. president, did the
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russians lie about your meeting yesterday -- >> thank you -- [ all talking at once ] >> do you still want to go to -- >> thank you. thank you for having us -- >> reporter: the president would also reiterate his interest in going to the united kingdom. he said he will be going to london soon, though no specific details on when the trip will take place. this is the end of the wirl wind stop for the president. the first stop in warsaw, the second at the g-20. he leaves at 12:30 p.m. eastern time, 6:30 this evening local time tonight. back to you. >> real quickly, the other headline it that seems to be making news, the optics, ivanka trump sitting in for her father when he stepped out to join the g-20 table during a discussion about african development. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. this was part of a series of meetings that were scheduled for today focused heavily on microfinance and women's empowerment. the u.s. saying it would be adding tens of millions of dollars to this effort to
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support women while the president walked out on meetings by a white house aide, ivanka trump did sit in. she was decides angela merkel, i believe president xi of -- she was besides angela merkel, i believe president xi of china. as normal when people leave, seat fillers take their place. obviously to many people it is striking to see the daughter of a president of the united states sitting in in their absence. thomas? >> yeah, the headlines that were made a couple of weeks ago -- i think june 26th where ivanka gave the interview to fox saying "i try to stay out of politics." world stage, right in the middle of politics. great to see you. peter alexander in hamburg with the president. joining me is "usa today" political reporter for the on politics blog, eliza collins. political reporter for real clear politics, caitlyn huey-burnes. great to have you with me. your biggest takeaway from the
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trump/putin meeting? >> certainly all eyes were on the meeting. a couple of takea ways. one, the white house was saying what they got out of that meeting was an establishment of a relationship between putin and donald trump. they're pointing to the fact that they had a long meeting and the fact that they talked about reaching a cease-fire in syria. there were serious questions and concerns that have come out from that meeting. one is, yes, they talked about meddling, russian meddling in the election. that was kind of the big headline. there are lots of questions about what the consequences for russia will be considering that the president has kind of undermined his intelligence agencies at times and said that russia, you know, may have meddled in the election. the consequences, we're keeping an eye on that and what congress will do. the sanctions bill passed through the senate. on the syria issue, questions whether the us and russia can get on the same page in russia. of course, putin is supportive
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of the regime in syria. tillerson said yesterday, secretary of state rex tillerson, said that the u.s. cannot -- syria cannot be internationally recognized if assad is still in power. how they get on the same page in syria is still a big question. >> yes. especially when putin backs assad. elies athe issue of this -- eliza, the issue of this trump/putin meeting because there weren't more credible people attending the bilateral meeting of putin and trump, there have so many unanswered questions about what happened behind closed doors for 2.5, 2 hours, 20 minutes. we're getting different versions of what was and wasn't said. where does this go from here with tillerson saying it was discussed, russia pushing back saying, no, this wasn't discussed. and trump accepted putin's explanation of not being involved? >> well, i think this is kind of a continuation of what we've had before. we had the russians saying we did not meddle. this is fake news. this is made up. and then trump kind of saying they didn't, maybe they did. it was obama's fault, all sorts of different things.
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it's just a continuation of this mixed messaging. i think that this is hard and looks -- a tough spot for the white house to be in to have the russians going around and saying, no, he accepted it, it the white house saying we've decided to move on. so it doesn't kind of jive, but it's also looking sort of like acceptance even if he did push back in that meeting by saying we'll agree to disagree, let's move forward. >> because of putin's experience as a kgb agent and years of experience compared to president trump, all the headlines are saying putin's going to eat trump for lunch. donald trump is pretty -- coming on his own. he didn't get to be in the white house by sheer luck. but when it comes to the headlines that are coming out of this, are we underestimating which leader is trying to trap the other? >> that's a great question. of course, putin and lavrov, tillerson's counterpart in
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russia, have combined decades of experience in politics on there kind of national stage. and they have experience with a handful of different presidents. the past presidents have tried to establish a relationship with putin. george w. bush, of course, and president obama. since then you have seen aggression particularly going into ukraine. there's been a lot of criticism of this president trying to get on a good page with russia and putin and knowing everything that's happened the past couple of years. the white house is certainly arguing that they need to start conversation, to establish a relationship given that they're both nuclear forces. but certainly we know that putin's goal here is -- is to become a global power. and there is some concern about how this president can handle that, just given that he doesn't
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have experience in this kind of realm. although tillerson has worked with leaders before. >> sure. and we watched what's going on at the g-20 with the president's schedule, the concluding session this afternoon, and president trump comes back to the u.s. we have different information from the gop here at home while donald trump's been away when it comes to their stance on health care and repeal and replace. your latest article "if gop health care bill dies by partisan fix will be needed." do you think that mitch mcconnell is sent a shout to president trump saying he's willing to work with democrats to get this done, not in the capacity that trump may want? >> i think he's sending a message more actually to his party. you know, we've seen reports that he's sat down with trump and said, look, this might not work. we have to -- we might have to go across the aisle. this is not the same as the house. senators are sort of their own islands, they -- and they represent a whole state. rather than a small kind of
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constituency that might be more one party, more republican, they have to do one state. a lot of states expanded medicaid and got benefits from obamacare. i think that mcconnell is doing something more like, hey, you guys need to get on board, or we're going to have to not only keep it in place but bolster it. you know, make obamacare successful. it's not clear if that is effective. we saw a ton of people go home this week. and just get railed about how, you know, about supporting this bill or not supporting this bill. we saw susan collins say i've never had more people kind of praise me for not supporting something. i've been talking at this parade for 15 years. it's going to be tough to come back and all get on board. >> except they look at august and think of august, recess, recess. >> right. we shall see. great to see both of you. eliza collins, caitlyn huey-burns. thank you very much. protesters outside of the g20 summit are there now a third day in a row.
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how police are keeping the situation from becoming violent. live images of folks on the streets there. 2:40 in the afternoon in hamburg. a live report coming up. later alex witt will speak to french hill from arkansas about the battle on capitol hill. noo
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when a fire destroyedwith us everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. all right, more high hour diplomacy scheduled -- high-power diplomacy scheduled for president trump. later he will meet with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. in the next hour face to face with chinese president chi. both critically important engagements after north korea launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile earlier this week. we'll be following those talks for you and will get a readout and information from those meetings as quickly as possible. anti-globalization demonstrations are calm in hamburg today after two nights of violence. police deploying water cannons,
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called in reinforcements from around germany to be able to help battle escalating street violence. look at these images. nbc's kier simmons has been in hamburg monitor the latest developments. >> reporter: good morning. we've moved inside the g-20 summit center where both the russians and president trump will hold news conferences as they continue to hold competing narratives over what happened at that meeting between president trump and president putin. we were outside, of course, for the last 48 hours as demonstrations turned into riots with protesters building burning barricades for some time. the police, german police, completely lost control of parts of the city. let me give you numbers from the overnight demonstrations. 14 arrests overnight, the germans say. that seems incredibly low from what we've seen. you have seen in the pictures,
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there were protesters smashing windows, throwing bottles and bricks. at times raining down on the police. the police respondiing with watr cannon and teargas. so far, 114 arrests in total since thursday. german authorities say 63 detentions. 213 police officers injured. we don't know the number of protesters injured, but i did see demonstrators carried away on stretchers in the past 24 hours. and as of this morning, hamburg police now saying all is calm. there is a major demo happening here with demonstrators with more peaceful objectives, environmentalists and anti-globalists, of people against capitalism but want to present their message in a more friendly way. activists from the environmental peace group have scaled a bridge in hamburg. there we have more direct action
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by greenpeace. those scenes we expect are unlikely to be played out again in the next 24 hours. we will see. back to you. >> thanks, keir, thank you very much. stay safe if you go back into the streets. we know president trump having the sit down with vladimir putin yesterday, saying that meeting was tremendous. what did the rest of the world hear when he said that? and watch that handshake. we'll talk about it next. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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president putin and i have been discussing various things. i think it's gone very well. we've had some very, very good talk. we're going to have a talk now. obviously that will continue, but we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for russia, for the united states, and for everybody concerned. >> so we had president trump in germany yesterday at his highly
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anticipated meeting with russian president vladimir putin. their first face-to-face allegedly. leaders discussing the alleged interference in the 2016 election. president putin denies it. all our agencies confirm it. i want to bring in former aide to george w. bush and former director of progressive media for the clinton campaign. ladies first. you're up. give me your first impressions, the trump-putin meeting and overall impressions from the g-20. >> there was clearly a level of comfort you wouldn't see if it was really the first time they were meeting. i think the body language was something i took away. it seems to me we're in a strange moment in history when you're looking to sergey lavrov explanation as more believable than the american explanation for what happened in the meeting.
5:52 am
the fact secretary tillerson framed donald trump's comments as the american people are concerned about the russia's interference in the election as opposed to saying i'm concerned as the american president that russia interfered in the election. after yesterday's meeting i don't think russia investigation is taken down any notches in terms of its level of importance because donald trump's behavior himself has been completely unorthodox and just raises more questions. >> it raises more questions. i 'n' people are sick of me saying it in moscow donald trump told me he had a personal relationship, there on a business deal. i believed him them but it was not convenient for that to work during the primary, to work during the general, then he denied it. so your impressions how gop
5:53 am
leaders defined their interaction. >> i thought president trump got a good start in poland. i've got to tell you, thomas, i've never seen the united states. i think this meeting has been a debacle for the united states and for trump because never has the united states been so dim in i should in a worldwide meeting like g-20 and our allies have maneuvered us into a position of isolation. we treat with the enemy for 2 1/2 hours concede their interference in the election, there's no consequences as far as the administration is concerned. we're on the opposite side of russia on the syrian problem. they have done nothing to help us wrap up isis. isis will be wrapped up and then we'll be on opposite sides as far as the assad regime. assad is chemical weapons using dictator who killed his own people. russia offers us nothing. they are a third rate economy. we don't do a lot of trade with russia. what is it he spends so much
5:54 am
time giving vladimir putin -- raising him up on the world stage when they are really a third rate economy. i realize they have nukes, and i realize they have to be dealt with. it's amazing how diminished the united states is after these meetings. >> what's worse, if president trump and president putin get along, or if they don't? >> probably better for them to get along than not to. both excellent points. i'm not sure a lot of substantive stuff was accomplished by the meeting with putin but clearly from the standpoint of spin, spin does matter, just like it did in the debates last fall, spin matters now always. people are analyzing the handshake. they are analyzing body language. donald trump came from the meeting saying it was a good feeling, they discussed a lot of stuff, came away with good feelings about each other. he knows spin matters. at the end of the day they won't
5:55 am
know about the details but will care whether there's body chemistry between the two. >> or get the real story of what happened behind closed doors with the only folks willing to talk on camera about it the russian side of things. tillerson giving an audio briefing but narratives are completely conflicting. yesterday interior of national intelligence james clapper offering his take on the trump-putin meeting. take a look at this. >> i think it kind of weakens president trump's position when he publicly disparaged a high coughed assessment done by u.s. intelligence community about russian interference in our election. so i think in a sense it actually gives strength to putin's position. >> rick, what do you think? does it weaken the president's position? >> that is exactly right. putin got exactly what he wanted. he wanted to be on the world stage with the united states in a parallel level even though our economies are completely different and he's a dictator
5:56 am
and we're a constitutional republic. he did interfere in the 2016 election. it's very career by research of two agencies and dni who represents the 17 agencies and they will suffer no consequences for it. this is a signal to putin that the american president, president trump is weak, and he will not inflict consequences to add acto bad actors. >> meanwhile i know president trump has referred to him as a great leader. a lot call him dictator. oligarchs and nepotism reign. we see at g-20 ivanka trump sitting in for her dad. most countries staffers would step in fwu not a family member. >> it's inappropriate.
5:57 am
what qualifications does vaniva trump have in her background that would put her with world leaders, theresa may and vladimir putin, literally a seat over from vladimir putin. this goes to the level of inherent corruption in the administration. this is not a light matter where it doesn't look good to put your daughter at the table. she has no business being at the table with world leaders. i think her and jared both, the nepotism involved in putting them in such important positions in the white house, giving them such expansive portfolios, it just goes to the underlying corruption in this administration. it's really concerning because there are very serious things happening in the world right now with north korea and in syria. you need people who actually have the experience at the table where the decisions are. >> one of the people to her side was the president of china. last time they interacted china went through with trademark and branding that her business had
5:58 am
filed in that country. what do you make of this? joe. >> me. i think it's a real problem. it's a real problem for us. it doesn't help us look the way we want to look on the national stage. it's always a challenge when president of the united states names a family member to important positions. this the first time that i can recall where a u.s. president has named his children -- any of his children to important staff positions in the white house. president kennedy, of course, named his brother to be attorney general of the united states. but bobby kennedy had loads of experience in government and in politics and never would have taken president kennedy's place at an important meeting like this summit that this took place. real issues clearly it's a challenge when it looks like the president's family members may profit from relationships with other countries at a time when we are discussing issues like
5:59 am
north korea having nuclear weapons and what we do about it. real issues, real challenges, real problem. i don't think having ivanka in that kind of key position was in the best interest of the country. >> joe, thank you very much so. great to see you as well. she has the day off tomorrow, she's going to brunch. can you believe that? she has a day off. >> i'm very excited. coming up in our next hour, training mission with a message. what just happened in the skies ne near north korea. later congressman suzan dell bean will be here to discuss tensions over north korea. t's d. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya! what does that mean for us? we can get stuff. what's it mean for shipping? ship the goods. you're a go! you got the green light. that means go! oh, yeah. start saying yes to your company's best ideas. we're gonna hit our launch date! (scream) thank you! goodbye! let us help with money and know-how,
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