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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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ends sunday.
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growing more isolated. the president called it a tremendous meeting when he had one off with president putin but demanding answers for election hacking didn't actually happen, didn't go far enough. we had reaction in washington to the president's meeting. show of force. u.s. bombers in south korea sending a message to north korea. we do, though, begin with the latest in politics. the question surrounding what happened behind closed doors when president trump and vladimir putin met face-to-face and talked about russia's meddling in the u.s. election. it was during bilateral meeting with uk prime minister theresa may. this morning trump did not answer on russian foreign minister sergey lavrov's account that trump accepted putin's denial of involvement. >> prime minister may and i have developed a very special relationship. i think trade will be a very big factor between our two countries. i want to thank you very much. >> did the russians lie about
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your meeting yesterday? >> all right. so during this hour president trump is holding bilateral meetings with japanese prime minister abe and chinese president xi. as president trump is wrapping up his first visit to the g-20 summit we've got this "new york times" headline. we've got this and the image of it. the headline saying once dominant the u.s. finds itself isolated at g-20. you see president trump there on the far left of that image. the u.s. congress is getting ready to return to washington after time off after july 4th holiday. lawmakers trying to pick up where they left off with the battle over health care. keeping our eye on town halls happening before they return. one hosted by senator elizabeth warren. that's going to take place in a half hour in massachusetts. all this as nbc confirms u.s. military flew two strategic bombers over north korea last night in response to its escalating nuclear test.
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it was part of joint operation with south korea and japanese militaries. all this is a show of force. nbc's peter alexander is with the president traveling with him g-20 in hamburg. it really is a packed day for the president's final day. peter, break it down for us. >> a sense of what is happening right now. the pool reporters, that group of reporters allowed to document the president's day just walked out of a bilateral meeting, the beginning of that bilateral meeting between president trump and prime minister of japan. said of the prime minister the prime minister was taking very seriously this issue with north korea right now. notably the president ignored a question when asked by reporters as they exited the room about whether he was concerned about the potential for war. another striking sort of optical element to this was the fact melania trump, the president's wife, was in that plat ral meeting, the first he had of the
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bilateral meetings. generally these meetings are reserved for top advisers in the room. secretary of state rex tillerson, oftentimes treasury secretary steve mnuchin would be there. we know general mcmaster, national security adviser. melania trump was there. ivanka trump was in the room. she exited with reporters as they exited as well. coming up later the president before departing on "air force one" will meet with president xi, which is notable, as this comes following u.s. having some military exercises alongside japanese and south koreans. not involved in exercises in south china sea in preparation for the risk of war or any military action that may be necessary in that region given recent intercontinental ballistic missile test by north koreans. all of this obviously following up on that moment yesterday, that the world watched when president trump was side by side with vladimir putin today. for the first time president trump addressing the meeting
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publicly saying he had a tremendous meeting with vladimir putin. obvious there have been some conflicting accounts of what went on behind the scenes from the russians, foreign minister sergey lavrov. one of four officials in that room. the other two individuals were translators. lavrov accepted vladimir putin's denial of meddling in the election. he added president trump basically said some had been exaggerating. moscow's role, hadn't been able to provide proof. tells nbc news that account is not accurate, from secretary tillerson, the story presented by united states president trump pressed vladimir putin on this issue multiple times. ultimately they agreed to disagree saying that the focus needed to be not on the intractable situation they had at hands but on the ways to go forward. thomas. >> peter, we know putin and
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lavrov both speak english. who provided the translators. do we know that? >> that's a good question. gemelli translators come with the delegation. i don't know with certitude who provided translators. one striking moment, vladimir putin does speak english, though he rarely does it, if ever. there was a moment when reporters in the pool tried to look chummy with president trump and warm up the room looked before the reporters left and said, are those the ones who insulted you referring to the press in the room. the president, without requiring translation understood laughed and said, yes, those ones as best we could read lips at that moment. there was one exchange, at least, that and in english. most of it, which would explain why the meeting went so long, would have been done through translation. >> peter alexander. vladimir putin controls what is said about him on russian tv, where not a bad word is spoken. peter, great to see you.
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safe travels home. great work. >> thank you. i want to bring in steve clemons, editor-at-large and christopher dickey, editor at "the daily beast." good to have you with us. we know the highlight, the meeting between president trump and president putin, the backdrop of the investigations at home and russian meddling. i want to talk to you about the exchange. listen how each side characterized what went on with that very issue. >> the president pressed president putin on more than one occasion regarding russian involvement. president putin denied such involvement, as i think he has in the past. it's not clear to me that we will ever come upon agreed upon between the two nations. >> translator: president trump has said he heard clear declarations from putin that russian government has not
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interfered in the plelections a he accepts what he said. >> gentlemen, what do you make of these two versions, sips most of us have covered the fact donald trump has demeaned or denied any type of american intelligence on that fact. >> i happen to know president trump has ir refutable evidence that putin himself set into motion the hacking of various players in the last election, particularly john podesta. so when putin denies that to donald trump -- >> you say proof? >> i know that the intelligence establishment has proof that they have given to the president of the united states that shows vladimir putin's direct involvement in the hacking campaign. so vladimir putin lied to donald trump. donald trump is allowing that lie to go on and allowing -- and at the same time he himself is
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demeaning u.s. intelligence establishment. what we saw in that meeting was appeasement of outrageous russian behavior in our last election. >> just so everybody at home is following the bouncing ball. you're saying that you, from sources understand, that u.s. intelligence collective findings demonstrate proof that putin was involved. these u.s. intelligence officials have demonstrated that proof to the president. he is informed on their findings. >> that's right. >> christopher we've got this article in the "daily beast" and it quotes foreign policy expert saying it's no coincidence they would come to an agreement, bury the hatchet and move on. they each got what they wanted. basically trump getting elected and putin getting that for trump. again, this is from what clint watts is saying. >> actually. clinton watts. actually what he said was ore actually what he said was, yes, they both got what they want. trump got elected and putin got
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trump. you know what, coming out of that meeting, that is very much the way it looked. it's certainly the way the russian public took it as we reported out of moscow. they basically said these are two alpha males and one of them went belly up and flopped on his back. that was president trump. look at the situation here. you have two of the most experienced leaders or statesmen, if you will, in the world, vladimir putin and sergey lavrov on one side. and then amateur president and amateur foreign secretary or secretary of state on the other side, rex tillerson. who do we think got the best of that discussion? why did it go on for two hours and twenty minutes. was that, in fact, because of translators or was it, in fact, because -- i don't know this but one can expect that putin decided he needed to explain a few things to president trump, who clearly doesn't understand a lot about the way the world
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works. so putin can tell him, this is the question with cyber war, cyber security. it's a big problem. we've got to deal with it. terrorism, it's something we can both get together on. isn't that right, president trump. he can go, yeah, that's right. let's do that. i'm sure that's how it went. that is certainly how it came out in the briefings afterwards. >> the other nuggets that came out of this closed door session, decisions on the syrian cease-fire, also appointing u.s. envoy to ukraine. this seems to have really happened before the meeting and then discussed away with president trump walking away, kind of having some type of established relationship at this point where they come out collectively if looking as if they have a win or working together. >> as we were building up to this, i sort of left open the door that perhaps many of us looking at the meeting are wrong in the assessment donald trump wouldn't be winging it.
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fl there would be a plan. two options, either full reset the president trying to achieve in u.s. president relations or the president would surprise me and many others by making russians acknowledge mi misbehaviors and pay a price for them. what we saw was the former. an attempt at reset without holding russia accountable for what happened. one of the things i thought would be amazing had they down it, not cease-fire in syria or south korea, which props up assad regime. what can they do with leaders of japan, russia, south korea coming together and addressing the problem. maybe putin could have led on that. that really didn't happen. so the area where the world is most fragile right now got scant attention when these two leaders could have applied themselves. my sense is russia got
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everything they might have wanted out of the meeting. it's very hard for me to see what the united states got out of this egg other than giving russia a welcome mat to some degree to continue behaviors that are very disconcert. >> we know president trump was meeting with president abe in the last hour so we'll wait for a readout on that. the larger picture, "washington post" has a report on tensions happening at g-20 with u.s. positions, climate change, trade issues. some are going it alone, working their own deals. really, are we diminished as well as isolated? >> absolutely we are. i mean, we're looking essentially at a lone wolf president wandering around in the wilderness. the rest of the pack is trying to figure out how to live without him. you know what, they can figure it out quickly. there's a lot of things they can do on climate change, a lot of
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things they can address. they don't need the united states the way they used to. some may be happy about that. they know, as angela merkel said a couple of times, they can't rely on america anymore. nobody can rely on donald trump. so they better figure out ways to fend for themselves. >> christopher joining us from paris, steve joining us from -- steve, where are you? d.c.? >> washington, d.c.. >> thank you, sir. i didn't want to get it wrong. great to see both of you. we want you to stay close. back in a few moments we're going to discuss more. back here we're talking about health care. with town halls happening it's doing to make it hard to pass the bill. hot, heated, folks are angry. we'll leave you with this beautiful shot of the nation's capital. (vo) living with ammonia odor? not a pretty picture. (vo) luckily, tidy cats lightweight with new ammonia blocker tackles tough odor, even ammonia. so long stankface! (vo) ammonia like that? there's a tidy cats for that.
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any longer. that's why i with drew from the one-sided paris climate accord. that's why we are pursuing a total renegotiation of nafta. and if we don't get it, we will terminate, that is end nafta forever. >> we have part of the weekly address, buy american initiative. these comments come as he's wrapping up his first trip to the g-20 summit. national reporter for "new york times." mike lois, reporter. let me start with you. you hear the sound byte of the president, part of the weekly address. then your colleagues have this headlines over at the "new york times" talking about our presence as america being once dominated. u.s. finds itself dominated at
6:21 am
g-20. g-20 folks, president trump saw most at g-7. why do you think this is? why does that headline resonate? >> for the first time in a long time united states is opposite on a lot of allies when it comes to topics like climb change, trade, nafta, the idea of what globalization means in this new era. we have president trump realigning what it means to have a u.s. foreign policy. in some ways it means that the u.s. is isolated. a lot of other countries. germany, paris, these countries decided it's an issue. trade should be a good thing for countries. wage should be something understood. globalization could be a positive thing where you have donald trump saying it's paris or pittsburgh. >> and we know which one he picked.
6:22 am
>> mike, when it comes down to election meddling, two coming out of plat ral meaning, rex tillerson saying trump pressed putin a few times on the election. lavrov coming out and actually saying president trump accepted putin's denial of having any involvement in this. who is the honest broker? who are we supposed to believe? >> neither of them. both sides are going to spin. you like to think you can tell your own government to tell you what they are saying inside the room. all the trump supporters are going to trust his narrative. this is a high-stakes meeting. first meeting with vladimir putin since he attained white house. he was supposed to press not only election meddling but ukraine, assad. both sides screaming for capitol hill to take the hard line.
6:23 am
really go in there and press putin on this. he's an adversary. he's not our ally. his behavior during the election was abominable. our own spnlg agencies have come to the conclusion he meddled for donald trump. president trump doesn't want to press too hard on that because he was the sole benefactor of the meddling. he's been reluctant to trust his own intelligence community. apart from russia's interference in the election, meddling in democracy, there's the collusion issue, the mike flynn issue, the firing of jamesectomy issue. lavrov, the man that came out on putin's behalf saying president trump accepted president pupt's deniales the same guy along with kislyak with the ambassador in the oval office the day after comey was fired with the president telling lester holt at nbc news, yeah, it was over the
6:24 am
russia they think. yeah. now we've got robert mueller. it's unbelievable to figure out who can be the honest broker on did this happen? >> and by the way, you have to add when donald trump got a plus one to this meeting, he brought along rex tillerson, who was awarded one of the highest awards civilians can get from the russians. this idea you also had someone who had very close ties to russia, very close ties to putin in the meeting supposedly representing american ideal. it's very hard to trust the white house, frankly, which has lied at times, which has spun some of the hard facts, which is really -- it's hard to really think of donald trump who is someone just a couple days ago said he's not sure which country could have peddlmed he wouldled. a few intelligence agencies said russia was meddling in the
6:25 am
russian. when really they are saying russia hacked and meddled in our election. they are going to spin what they are going to spin. donald trump is not hard to under. donald trump would go in there and say that's a big issue for the american people but let's move onto issues we can agree on. >> vladimir putin has been playing a hard game for a long time. donald trump is fresh to this. is there a possibility we're underestimating the president. we're all saying putin is the spider and trump is the fly. can't they both be acting as spiders considering the other a fly? which one will trap the other and gain something out of it. >> they are both on the international stage, both playing to different audiences, very different audiences back home. yes, both come out and spin to those audiences. what's interesting is what was agreed upon in that meeting, what both sides came out and
6:26 am
said, yes, we talked about this issue of election meddling. yes, putin denied it. both sides agreed on that. the next step is where there's this conflict with one side saying trump acknowledged that and accepted it. the other side, tillerson, saying, no, he didn't accept it. he just wanted to move on because it was intractable. that's where the conflict is. before that point where they agree, that conflict doesn't help anybody back on capitol hill, particularly not the democrats who wanted him to go in there and really fight against putin on this. so in other words whether he accepted it or moved on because he didn't think the conversation was going to go anywhere doesn't matter in the minds of a lot of lawmakers on capitol hill who wanted the tone to be much harsher, to drive home the point nobody expected putin to say, yes, i did it. i hacked your election. this was ridiculous to think he was going to come out and concede that. just the tone of the conversation and trump's willingness to move on, sounds
6:27 am
like quickly, away from that is not doing to make a lot of people on capital headline happy. >> complete denial of no, you silly american, with a wink and a smile. and you're humiliating your selves. that's what we get out of russia. >> great to see you. president trump and g-20 and final day. the conclusion coming up. we're going to talk about broad picture. overall a success or failure for the president as he returns home. what have we learned? what have we gained? we'll talk about it. for your heart...
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hi, everybody. good morning, i'm thomas roberts at msnbc world headquarters in new york. this is what we're watching for you. we dive right in with what's taking place, breaking news out of north korea. a new threat this morning with president trump having met with japanese prime minister shinzo abe at g-20 in hamburg. like i said, he's very focused with what's going on in north korea. this meeting hours after u.s. military took part in mock pomming in the korean peninsula overnight. this sending clear message with north korea. steve clemons, atlantic magazine. christopher dickey with us as well, world editor at the "daily beast." he joins us from paris. steve, russia and china are major objectors to new u.n.
6:35 am
sanctions. president trump is just wrapping up talks with president xi today. how do you think they are going to be able to come to some type of common understanding on where and how to try and get north korea in line? >> well, all of the countries you mentioned russia, china, japan, south korea, of course united states, has fundamental key concerns. all of these nations do have a joint interest in north korea's nuclear ambitions and nuclear delivery technology for moving forward. all of them have that. donald trump would do the world a great deal of good if he could figure out a pathway to align the interest of those nations in such a way that north korea felt it had no other choice but to move. guess what, that is the model we used on iran. russia, china were very helpful to us in helping create the iran
6:36 am
deal. donald trump has been critical of that arrangement and deal. so right now we don't have all those nations on the same level. we don't have china and the united states aligned in the way they might. donald trump has been erratic at best with some of the players that we need on our side in this. the notion we can somehow kick or move or sanction or push china by some sort of punitive action to be cooperative is folly. it's important. this is where diplomacy comes into it. to win on north korea and do something that's going to give us another option than the very, very dark and i think very, very dangerous military option that is being discussed, and we just saw being communicated by those bombers, we're going to have to align these countries in a way we don't see the president of the united states really doing. >> when it comes, christopher, to the allies that we need to deal with north korea and the
6:37 am
saber-rattli saber-rattling, the threats to that region, does the u.s. have the heft and allies on board to handle that? >> i think that's what steve is talking about. right now we don't. there are precedents, models we can follow. there were about 14 years ago the six-party talks, which included those countries, russia, south korea, japan, united states that are directly concerned with these kinds -- with this issue of north korea and the threat it poses to the region and, in fact, now to the world. should they all be together and all talking at the same table? it's probably a good idea. it's a hell of a lot better idea than saber-rattling on the one hand and declaring on the other that we're never going to go to war, which is essentially what james mattis has been talking
6:38 am
about. we really have not had a policy accept for truculance and bloviating. president trump keeps drawing red lines and keeps saying they don't exist. so we don't know where we are. >> g7 the president would not make the verbal commitment about his belief of reaffirming article 5. in poland prior to the g-20, the president discussed america's commitment to that steve, as we know, this was kind of parallel tracks to what's been happening as north korea and its escalation has been in the headlines. do you think that's why the president verbalized the article 5 moment from poland. >> i think he verbalized article 5 because he was in poland and wanted to communicate, in fact, that the u.s. soldiers stationed there in other places in eastern europe were committed to mutual
6:39 am
defense treaty and the president finally came around. all of these moments don't stop allies from their relationship with u.s. wobbly. they don't see a deeply solvent relationship with the united states now. donald trump could do a lot to kind of take us out of this wobbliness into something else if he became less erratic. in the case of south korea as north korea has been moving in a more dangerous direction, the last time donald trump spent a lot of times talking and commenting about north korea, he said they were doing to pay for missile defenses, highly controversial inside south korea. the thaad missile defense we want to deploy there. he said to them, by the way, korea, u.s. free trade agreement, bad agreement. we ned to negotiate it. while ostensibly trying to demonstrate the closeness we should have with some of our allies like south korea in the region, donald trump is very prone to actually kick them at the same time. that doesn't create the tone,
6:40 am
really, that would give confidence to those various parties that chris dickey just laid out of bringing them back together an feeling like there's going to be a cohesive, strategic course that's well orchestrated where they can feel comfortable really moving north korea in a different direction. until that happens we're going to see military escalation that continues to grow and become more and more dangerous. it makes it harder for that diplomatic possibility to actual hi take north korea at a different course in time. we're closer to a hot conflict regardless of jim mattis's comments, we're closer than we've been in decades on the north korea front. >> they keep trying to seek attention with what they are doing, how they are testing, how they are trying to get attention of g-20 leaders as this is taking place. secretary tillerson said yesterday if china can't help u.s. rein in kim jong-un, there
6:41 am
aren't many good options left. what other options are there with china being a broker for keeping goods and supplies going in and out of north korea, like they haven't been. they have been unsuccessful and unwilling to do what needs to be done. >> well, look, china does not want it bring down the kim jong-un regime, because it knows it will have absolute chaos on its borders if that happens and the entire region will be more destabilized than it is now. so he doesn't want to bring him down. what the trump administration wants is some kind of very draconian sanctions that essentially make kim jong-un give up what he now sees as the guarantee that his regime will survive, his nuclear deterrents. he's not going to do that. he's just not going to do it. so either way look at an option
6:42 am
that's going to -- look at options that will lead to war, which will lead to hundreds of thousands of casualties or we look at doing a lot more talking than we've been willing to do so far. personally i think talking would be a good idea. and we have that model. trump may think that's not the way to make a deal. but i don't think that he's been able to figure out a way to make a deal on this that makes any sense at all. >> not just yet. as we speak, we're waiting for a readout from this meeting, extended bilateral meeting. a one off between president trump and president xi. there was a meeting between trump and south korean leaders in japan over hot topic of north korea. so we'll wait to see what wegs any traction out of the meeting. great to see you. appreciate it. president trump's new comment about his daughter ivanka and what it must be like for her having him as a father.
6:43 am
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made with no artificial preservatives, flavours or dyes. breaking news to pass along with russian president vladimir putin holding a news conference coming up any moment as g-20 wrapping up in hamburg. president trump, however, not holding a news conference. as we speak right now he is behind closed doors in an expanded bilateral meeting with chinese president. we will bring you news of that as soon as that meeting is concluded. meanwhile we have president trump lavishing praise on his daughter ivanka at the g-20 summit earlier today. the president did so speaking about a new women's entrepreneur fund launched by his daughter and world bank. mr. trump saying his daughter probably isn't so easy. >> i'm very proud of my daughter ivanka. always have been. from day one.
6:47 am
i have to tell you that, from day one. she's always been great. a champion. she's a champion. if she weren't my daughter, it would be so much easier for her. might be the only bad thing she has going if you want to know the truth. >> ivanka is a senior white house adviser making empowering women, that platform one of the causes she's trying to advance and the u.s. is contributing $50 million to that fund aimed at helping women start businesses. president trump has always assumed he would get along well with vladimir putin. we have heard that all along. here he is last year. >> i think i'd get along very well with vladimir putin. i just think so. people say, what do you mean? i think i'd get along well with him. >> well, that's because he told me three years before he said that right there that he did have a personal relationship while we sat together in moscow. once he started running for president, that wasn't convenient, so now, officially, they met on friday.
6:48 am
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reaction from capitol hill as the g20 enters its final day. here is the take on what happened in hamburg. >> this is the first time i've seen a president come to a g20 meeting in which he's no longer regarded as the leader, and europe is going to sign a trade agreement. that is troubling. >> let's bring in jonathan alter and david jolly. congressman, would you agree, basically they're just not that in to him, but didn't trump say
6:52 am
i'm not that in to you. >> that's what trump has said for two years, america first and now we're seeing the consequences of that on the global stage. there's no doubt that donald trump is not the leader of the g20 and is being looked down by global leaders. g20 is to represent financial interests of the world stage, bring financial stability globally. knowing about the trump agenda is doing that. he's been honest about it and now the united states is suffering the consequences of it. >> oddly enough, we just had the g7, which used to be the g8 until vladimir putin dropped out of it. do you think that donald trump has given up leader of the free world status because of the policies he's demonstrated at home and globally. >> at least for now. this is a stunning reversal for
6:53 am
the united states in our national interests. we have been the leader of the world since world war ii and now we are now. should another president come in? yes, things can change, but these are real setbacks for the united states. not to mention the fact they used to say george w. bush was the poodle of tony blair. in this case we have president trump being the golden retriever of vladimir putin, except that the difference is that great britain was our ally and in this case you have the president who is essentially accepting the assurances of vladimir putin, our add ver sarry.
6:54 am
taking his word on this question whether there was interference in our election. there was nobody there to witness it. the national security adviser wasn't in there so we will never know what happened between putin and trump. >> we might know what level of interference and meddling happened if certain classified information that is probably all wrapped up with special prosecutor's investigation ever becomes public knowledge, do you think? >> sure. at some point donald trump is going to have to recognize that. listen, we cannot, as a nation, believe him over donald trump and rex tillerson. the world is kind of upside coming out of this meeting, but it speaks to a bigger credibility gap that this president has created for himself by continuing to mislead
6:55 am
and under mine himself. there's a bigger diplomatic issue in the way that donald trump has approached this. when the president has a press conference in poland and denies russia was entering or didn't know, but he now says that he did, that's the inconsistency that undermines leader for the united states. >> these types of relationships people question whether them knowing each other is a good thing or not. donald trump has always tried to promote knowing russian president vladimir putin, why would it be such a bad thing. we know that rex tillerson came out of this meeting and said that the question between the two nations might never be resolved when it comes to russian meddling. donald trump demeans this intelligence all the time and has only gotten on board with it
6:56 am
days prior to going into this meeting. does trump accept it or not accept it? what is the record supposed to reflect? >> we don't know and we will not know and even inside the u.s. government they will not know what took place in this meeting because in a huge break from protocol there was no note takitaker present. mcmaster was barred from this meeting. we're in an area where we don't know what trump said and it was interesting at the end of tillerson's press conference there was a shouted question how about the russian compounds that president obama seized. and tillerson would not answer the question, which raises the possibility, and maybe we'll hear about this momentarily from putin, it raises the possibility
6:57 am
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