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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  July 8, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer. welcome, everyone. it's 1:00 in the east, 10:00 a.m. out west here on "msnbc live." here's what's happening. the trump administration is pushing back on the conflicting narratives out of his historic meeting with russian president vladimir putin as it relates to election hacking. here's nikki haley in an interview airing tomorrow. >> he wanted him to basically look him in the eye, let him know that, yes, we know you meddled in our elections, yes, we know you did it and cut it out. i think president putin did exactly what we thought he would do which is deny it. this is russia trying to save face and they can't. they can't. everybody knows that russia meddled in our elections.
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>> why won't the president say this in public? it would put a lot of these questions and, frankly, the fact that a lot of your fellow republicans are perplexed, would put it to rest. why won't he do it? >> i think you can ask him. everybody is trying to nitpick what he says and what he doesn't. talk is one thing, actions are another. he confronted president putin and it was the first thing he talked about. i think we have to see where it goes from here. >> president trump is back on the way to the u.s. having wrapped up his trip to the g20 about an hour or so ago. we are now learning more about what happened during his meeting with vladimir putin. let's get the latest details from hallie jackson and keir simmons. we'll begin with you, hallie. i know you've been tracking what the president has been doing during this packed day of the g20 meetings, all of the talks with the crucial allies, so what do you see as the highlights coming out of those meetings? >> reporter: well, i think if you were to come up with a thesis statement for president trump and the g20, alex, it would be this. president trump looking to be
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more comfortable diplomatically, but also more isolated. i think about the first international trip that he took. he was in obviously saudi arabia, israel, also at the g7 and particularly in europe it was clear that he was isolated at that time, particularly when it came to trade and climate. we are seeing that in even more sharp relief here at g20. he does, if i can read into some of the body language, appear to be more comfortable with people like angela merkel, with people like emmanuel macron, even the australian prime minister whom he met in a little bit of a surprise sideline meeting. we hadn't expected that. the australian prime minister had openly mocked the president in the past. but again his positions, his policies are not in line necessarily with a lot of our international allies. you've seen already the european union, the eu folks say, listen, we will take counter measures if need be when it comes to trade. on climate you are looking at the communique that has been put together from these g20 nations.
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all of them except for the united states talking about the paris climate agreement, calling it irreversible despite president trump and his aides saying the president would try to renegotiate that. alex, if i may, let me follow up on something we talked about last hour. yes, there is language in the communique about environmentally friendly fossil fuel creation and development. that was a little bit of a bone of contention. the u.s. has successfully gotten that into the communique so that is worth noting, i think. and so i think that overall that is sort of the big headline. the smaller headlines are coming with these meetings. these one-on-one meetings with these leaders. first and foremost, the one with vladimir putin. i know you'll talk with keir about that but that is a highlight from this. also president xi from north korea. i want you to hear what the president had to say -- president xi of china talking about north korea and here's what president trump had to say about that. >> i appreciate the things that you have done relative to the very substantial problem that we all face in north korea, a
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problem that something has to be done about. i know we will eventually have success. it may take longer than i'd like. may take longer than you'd like but there will be success one way or the other. >> reporter: another critical meeting for president trump there, alex. >> all right, hallie jackson, thank you very much for asking the question i posed to you last hour. i appreciate that. let's go right now to keir simmons who's got new details on what russian president vladimir putin is now saying about his meeting with the president. keir, with another welcome to you, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, we were in the room with president putin as he held his news conference with russian journalists, and he was confident. he answered question after question about that meeting with president trump. he was asked again and again what their interaction was over this question of allegations of russian interference in the u.s. elections. he says that president trump
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asked many questions. he gave many answers. and that he told president trump that russia was not involved in the interference in the u.s. elections despite, of course, the conclusion of the u.s. intelligence agencies. he said president trump agreed with him, but you'd have to ask president trump. now, we ourselves at nbc news specifically asked him again, what were the exact words that president trump used in agreeing with your statement that there was no interference, and president putin would not answer that. he talked about the fact that he did not share details of interactions that he had with president obama over the same issue and said he wasn't going to -- although he had a conversation about those same interactions with president trump, he wasn't going to break protocol, if you like, and tell us the detail of the conversation. he did have, alex, one reflection about president trump. he said he is not like the guy you see on tv.
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>> okay. well, that was interesting. that's his interpretation. okay, thank you for that keir simmons, we appreciate it. let's get some more top political headlines. to do that we bring in republican strategist noelle nikpower. with a welcome to you both, peter, i'll going to you first. what do you make of president putin's comments there. do you think he's coming out of this summit with the upper hand? >> absolutely, no question about it. if we look at what trump said in poland where he used the word "urge," i urge russia to stop destabilizing and used the word "ukraine" and then "syria." there was no mention of the united states. the word "urge" is a very, very weak word. and then in germany where he met with putin, there's now a video that surfaced of trump and putin having a brief interchange way
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before the official meeting where there's a familiarity, there's even a sense of warmth that trump exhibits to putin. and then on top of that, the fact that there were very few people in the meeting for obvious reasons, i think it was well choreographed. at the end of the day, i have a hard time believing anything that's being reported out of the meeting, but most certainly on the world stage, putin is the winner. putin is a very strategic bully. our president happens to be a very petulant bully that's not very disciplined. so it was fixed before it ever began, and putin is a judo expert. he knows how to take the opponent's energy and use it for his own benefit. but it's very clear by the words and the actions that have yet to happen, and i doubt will, that putin really won this round. >> you know, noelle, peter mentions the world stage. how do you think this meeting is perceived outside of the u.s.? what do you think the message here is to america's allies?
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>> well, i think, you know, this is very obvious. i do think that the united states with trump, i think, in the g20 was a little isolated. you know, donald trump is going to do things his way. and i think part of this isolationist movement is because he's not participating in the paris climate agreement. and i think that that's got people like macron, people like angela merkel, got these people, you know, not very happy and they were saying that. now, on the putin thing, i really disagree. i really think that trump slammed it. i mean he confronted putin. they had a two and a half hour meeting. even melania tried to break it up. and, you know, he confronted putin with it. he said that you guys were meddling in our elections. this has got to stop.
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and, you know -- >> no, no, no. no, please -- >> he denied it. we knew he was going to deny it. >> did anyone expect a different answer there? >> no. but putin did say, he did say whether this is going to amount to anything, he did say that they were going to form some sort of a committee to look and investigate into cyber crimes. is that going to amount to anything? no. but the fact of it is that a lot of people didn't think trump was even going to confront putin and he did. >> we don't know that. we don't know any of that. using the word "confront," that neither participant, by the way, the report of the meeting was delivered on the u.s. side by tillerson, on the russian side by putin. >> putin said that he brought it up. >> no. those words are made up. there's no confirmation that there was a confrontation of any sort. >> well, he addressed it. >> and by the way, a committee on cyber security, not on cyber crimes, so we need to be very
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accurate. >> it's a word play. it's a word play. >> our viewers need to know the facts. >> well, look -- >> not made up -- >> it's a word play. it's not made up. >> i want to have someone else weigh in here, that being california congressman eric swalwell, who last night, and he sits on one of the committees investigating russia's interference, he offered his thoughts. >> what are we getting as a country out of this relationship or this meeting with russia? they attacked our democracy. they made a mess of our country over the past six months. they have been given secrets in the oval office. they haven't changed their behavior in syria or in ukraine. so what is the united states getting? right now it looks like this was just another win for vladimir putin. >> i would like for both of you to answer that. peter, you first, and then noelle. >> i completely agree. let's remember and deal with the facts of the statements that are on the record. trump said in poland we're urging russia to stop destabilizing ukraine and syria.
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no mention of the united states. then there's a meeting between trump and putin. tillerson comes out and says that the president raised the issue. the word "confront" has a very different definition than the president asked putin about intervention. it's then reported that putin said what's the evidence. at the end of the day, we need to see whether the president does anything. right at the moment the president has pretty much caved in and decided in statements by official spokes people, including tillerson, that the president has decided, our president has decided to put the intervention into a sovereign nation in our election in the past and look to the future. and part of the reason the world stage, france, england, germany, it's not because of global climate change and the paris agreement, it's because russia's also intervened in their
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elections and with their facilities. by the way, there's a report this week that russia -- that russia has interfered or at least hacked into some of our power systems, including a nuclear facility. we are under attack. so confront hasn't happened. >> noelle, your thoughts on eric swalwell and what he said. what is america getting out of this relationship right now? >> well, i think the -- it's very important that president trump get his message out. i think that he's gotten his message out. and back on what peter said with the word that i used, "confront," maybe the word i should have used is addressed. either way, he got it out. the subject got out. i mean there were -- but you've got to look at before -- before he went to the g20 summit, they were saying that he probably -- he may not even address the russian hacking into the
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elections in the united states. some people were saying that wasn't even going to be on the agenda, but it was. so maybe the word that i used confronting him, maybe that was wrong. maybe the awoword addressing wa the better word. >> that we can actually say definitely happened, that it was addressed. okay, guys, i have to make that a wrap right now, peter and noelle, thank you so much. u.s. bombers carry out an exercise at the dmz after a game-changer by north korea. what the options look like for defusing this tension, next. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> a confident president trump there speaking at a meeting today with chinese president, xi jinping. mr. trump is leaning heavily on china to put pressure on north korea to rein in kim jong-un's ballistic missile development. this came on the last day of the g20 summit in hamburg. just hours after japan and south korea teamed up with the u.s. air force for a mock bombing in the korean peninsula. this to send a message to north korea. nbc's matt bradley is covering this from us from seoul, south carolina. matt, with a good day, what can you tell us about the show of force? >> reporter: officials are telling nbc news that these exercises were meant to demonstrate to north korea that the u.s. is on a war footing in the korean peninsula. general terrance o'shaughnessy is the head of the u.s. pacific air command. he said that this was to show, quote, the full lethal capability of the u.s. in asia. now, this is a typical shot across the bow of north korea. the u.s. does this all the time.
10:18 am
in fact they have done it more recently. there has been six such flyovers over south korea just since april. this just goes to show how tense things are becoming as north korea ramps up its capabilities, especially when it comes to missiles. now, this is a response to the july 4th test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. that's an icbm. north korea said it had launched an icbm and u.s. officials agreed that the test qualified as an intercontinental ballistic missile, which means that it could strike american targets in alaska. now, these flyovers, there were three countries that were participating. the u.s., japan and south korea. the u.s. b-1-b lancer bombers took off and flew over south korea and actually did come close to the demilitarized zone. that's the very heavily armored border between north and south korea. now, the koreans -- the north koreans haven't responded to this and it's unclear what they're going to say, but if history is any judge, they're
10:19 am
likely to respond -- see this as a provocation and respond with some level of hostility. back to you. >> all right, matt bradley there, thank you for that. let's bring in karen skinner, a research fellow at the hoover institution. she is also a former member of the trump national security council transition team. with a welcome back to the broadcast here, the first question out of the gate, how does president trump solve the problem of north korea? because it seems like he may have stumbled upon some unwilling partners in russia and china. >> absolutely. this is the most dangerous border situation, north korea and south korea, in the world at this time largely because of north korean aggression, which expands to japan, to all of east asia and it's a challenge for the world. the big challenge for president trump, however, is to convince the rest of the world that this is an existential threat not just to the u.s., japan and south korea, but to the entire
10:20 am
globe. and coming out of the g20 summit, it's not clear that all of the nations in -- the leading industrial nations will join the u.s. in making this the key threat that must be addressed right away. the chinese and the russians have their own agendas and interests. the leading trade partner for north korea is china. it is a pathway to denuclearizing that country. but as you know, alex, in the statement just a few days ago that the chinese and russians made jointly about the threat of north korea, they asked the u.s. to stop and south korea its military exercises in exchange for a moratorium on north korea's military program. that's not acceptable to the u.s., which wants a denuclearized korean peninsula. but even further, the statement recently among the u.s., the
10:21 am
south korean and japanese leaders talks about sanctions and there's a commitment to sanctions at the united nations among these three countries. but they aren't going further with the u.s., as nikki haley said at the u.n., she's interested in looking at not just sanctions but the full range of options, including military. >> right. >> but we have no supporters on that side. this is very difficult. it's a diplomatic challenge like no other. >> oh, for sure right now. it's a very, very fine line. but in terms of tactics, kiron, and i'm curious here because you have the president who's tried to get very cozy and friendly to whatever degree he can to the chinese president. he had him at mar-a-lago and entertained him there, trying to get his cooperation with north korea. at the same time he taunts him on twitter. does that complicate efforts to get china on board. >> i think all of us who support president trump from the campaign to the transition to now would love it if he would
10:22 am
use less twitter as a way to kind of do diplomacy, but i think a lot of it ends up being noise. the real issue is going to be how do we persuade the rest of the world that any type of nuclear activity by the north korean regime is a danger to us all. we don't want to see this country as a full nuclear power. we have very few options right now beyond the diplomatic side. we may have to go this alone, not in terms of just a military response but in terms of the diplomatic offensive. and i think the gelling of the cabinet, president trump's cabinet with rex tillerson really coming into his own as secretary of state and the way that he's coalescing with the other members of the national security team is the beginning of that effort, but it's an uphill battle. >> you know, i'm sure you've seen the reports from the g20 summit, particularly the headlines in "the new york times" suggesting that the trump administration policies on issues like climate change and trade are leaving the u.s. in a
10:23 am
more isolated position than ever. how does this affect -- can this affect the ability of the u.s. to form a broader coalition on north korea? >> i think there are a couple of ways to look at the g20 communique. i think that's what you are referring to where it's kind of 19 versus 1 on the issue of the paris climate accord. i think showing resolve on what the america first theory actually means will be clarifying for the g20 partners and the other powers around the world. i don't think it means that the u.s. is completely isolated and can't move. i think the biggest moment of this whole effort really was before the summit got moving with the president's speech in poland. it set to me the tone for the g20 summit because it allowed the united states to reassert itself as a kind of moral force in the world, talking about western values and western
10:24 am
civilization in a nonideological, unbiased way, but say we have a set of values that are being challenged by radicalism and extremism around the world. and i think that is more important actually than any statement about the paris accords because really when you look at the whole summit and the meetings before it and the statements by leaders, none of them talked about the big ideas that president trump discussed in his speech in poland. >> we will see if there's more focus on that then. kiron skinner, thank you for joining us. nice to see you again, appreciate it. >> thank you. president trump says there's only one bad thing that his daughter, ivanka, has going for her and it's a pretty defining characteristic. that's up next.
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entrepreneur fund launched by his daughter and the world bank. mr. trump claiming being his daughter isn't so easy. >> i'm very proud of my daughter, ivanka. always have been from day one. i have to tell you that, from day one. she's always been great. champion, she's a champion. if she weren't my daughter, it would be so much easier for her. might be the only bad thing she has going, if you want to know the truth. >> well, ivanka is a senior white house advisor who's made empowering women one of her causes. the u.s. is contributing $50 million for that fund aimed at helping women start businesses. taking on president putin, a congressman on a mission to rein in russia's insidious cyber attacks. what he's doing about that, next.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. at 31 past the hour, here's what we're monitoring for you. happening right now, iraqi
10:32 am
soldiers celebrating some major gains against isis in mosul today. in a final push to rid the historic city of the terrorist group. nbc's joe fryer is monitoring the situation for us from london. joe, another welcome back to you. let's get an update on where things stand right now. >> allen, iraqi security forces believe full control of mosul is imminent and should happen at some point today. there is no official announcement yet but iraqi soldiers can be seen celebrating in the streets, even waving captured isis flags. the final stages of this battle of been bloody and intense with insurgents using suicide bombers, snipers, grenades during their final stand. isis announced that it will fight to the death. militants captured mosul, which is iraq's second largest city, three years ago and declared it their so-called islamic caliphate. for nearly nine months now a u.s.-led coalition has provided air and ground support to iraqi forces. the fighting has taken its toll.
10:33 am
thousands have been killed, including many civilians. nearly a million residents have been forced out of the town. that's about half the city's prewar population. many are now living in camps outside of the city where today temps were sweltering, in the triple digits. many now wonder what is next. hundreds of buildings have been destroyed. in some areas no buildings are left standing. there are estimates it will cost more than a billion dollars, perhaps more, to rebuild basic infrastructure, but today many in mosul are celebrating. alex. >> absolutely. it's a start but they do have a long way to go. about a billion dollars to rebuild 500 buildings that have been crushed? >> yeah, that's right. hundreds of buildings have been destroyed in some neighborhoods there's no buildings left. some of the people have moved outside the camps and don't even know how they'll get back into the city. even if they do get back into the city, what's left for them moving forward. >> all right, joe fryer, thank you for the update from london. let's go to some new reactions to the president's
10:34 am
first face-to-face sitdown with vladimir putin. president trump calling it a tremendous meeting today and ignoring a shouted question about russia's version of the story as vladimir putin pushed a narrative that trump accepted his denials meddling in the election. joining me now republican congressman french hill of arkansas. representative hill, thank you for joining us, sir. i appreciate it. >> you bet, alex. thanks for having me. >> i would love to get your take on how you think the president handled his first meeting on president putin. do you think he was tough enough on the issue of election interference, or do you know? >> of course we don't know the details of what happened in that meeting but i was comforted by secretary tillerson in his remarks yesterday that president trump pressed the issue, discussed the issue and raised it at the top of his two-hour meeting with mr. putin. >> okay. that's what we know from our side. how about russia's account of that meeting, making it sound at least like the president still doubts that russia meddled at all. do you think the president should set the record straight here and clarify at least his
10:35 am
position, whether or not to vladimir putin but at least to the american people? >> well, i think we should hear from the president on his personal views of the meeting with president putin when he's got time to reflect on that and report back on his trip from europe, so certainly yes. those of us in congress who have been briefed in both the house and senate from our intelligence leadership know that russia did attempt to meddle in the u.s. elections with absolutely no success whatsoever, but that doesn't stop their attempts to meddle in free elections across the world, including in the united states. over many, many years, i might add. so i think in congress we want to see the investigation into this by both our committees in the house and senate as well as the work done by former director mueller. let's get to the bottom of it and let the american people see where the facts fall. >> do you think the president's lack of clarity on this issue, i mean not making an emphatic statement one way or the other
10:36 am
about his involvement, his belief of the involvement of russia, does that impede your efforts at all? >> i don't think so. i think that he's been quite clear in his views that he in fact directed our former fbi director to research any of his associates that might have anything to do with russia before or after the campaign. so i think he's been quite clear to direct the government to do the investigation that they think that should be done. and in regard to the work we're doing on capitol hill, we're focused on getting the repealment and replacement of the affordable care act, getting health care fixed for the american people and focusing on trying to move to a budget that we can get accomplished for president trump's priorities and moving on to tax reform, something i think will help the economy grow faster. >> a couple of things in terms of boy partisan approaches to these things. i know that you and several of your colleagues on both sides of the aisle have tried to put together a group that can target looking into russian interference in democracies
10:37 am
around the world. that's a bipartisan effort that you're helping to cosponsor. but what about your reaction to senator mitch mcconnell saying, you know, we may need the help of the democrats in trying to get health care passed. how realistic is that? >> we are all waiting for the work that leader mcconnell has under way in the senate. how does he get a consensus among the republicans in the senate on how to fix the affordable care act and the issues that are raising prices, reducing coverage for americans and how do we get that back to the house for our consideration. i don't know how we're going to find out, alex, that's going to turn out until mitch mcconnell works through that process with the republican side in the senate. we're going to have to wait and see. i know that's a major item for him this weekend. >> absolutely. all right, sir, let's get to another big issue certainly at this g20 summit, that being north korea's latest provocation, that the launch of the long-range missile capable of reaching perhaps alaska on tuesday. the president said in a meeting with china's president xi that
10:38 am
something has to be done. do you see a diplomatic solution being able to be reached in time? what is your offering of the best solution here? >> well, alex, i think that the best solution is a diplomatic solution. you know from following international affairs for so long across your career that we're on our fourth presidency of dealing with this issue. for 24 years president clinton, president bush 43 and president obama dealt with how do we block the advance of the nuclear program at north korea with no tangible results that we've seen. i think it was good that president trump and his national security team broke with strategic patience and took a more direct approach of talking with our diplomatic colleagues around the world on how we better isolate north korea and stop once and for all their nuclear program. i will say on a bipartisan basis in the house and senate, our legislative branch and our executive branch are in lock
10:39 am
step on blocking north korea's advance with their intercontinental ballistic missile program and their nuclear advances. >> sir, the show of force, though, the mock bombing that the u.s. bombers conducted with the help of both japan and south korea, any concern that that's going to agitate things with north korea? >> you know, not in my view. i think that secretary tillerson said it right, which is we have economic, diplomatic and military prongs of this ratcheting up of pressure around the world on north korea using the united nations, using our allies in the north asia region. we have to do all of that. but we can't leave any of them unfocused upon. so economic, diplomatic and military preparation are all the right course of action, i believe, for our country. >> all right, republican congressman french hill of arkansas. thank you for your time. come see me again. >> thanks, alex. mitch mcconnell's big gamble on health care. is he suddenly becoming bipartisan to get trumpcare across the finish line?
10:40 am
and the next hour, 90 americans a day are dying from pain killers. a new report on the toll of open yoids. what one state is doing to try to stop the epidemic dead in its tracks.
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beautiful view. thanks to charmin. and you, honeybear. awwwww. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin? prime minister may and i have developed a very special relationship, and i think trade will be a very big factor between our two countries, so i want to thank you very much. >> mr. president, did the russians lie about your meeting yesterday? >> well, you heard it there, the president refusing to answer a reporter's question this morning at the g20 summit in germany about russian foreign minister sergey lavrov's declaration that trump accepted putin's denial of russian interference in the u.s. elections. joining me now, seema mateh and erin mcpike. ladies, good to see you both. big picture, what is your
10:44 am
primary takeaway from the trump-putin meeting? >> i think for president trump it was very important for him to say that he brought this up with president putin. you know, rex tillerson, our secretary of state, when he came out and spoke about the meeting, he did say that he brought it up right at the beginning of the meeting. that he asked many questions about it. but there was a difference of what the conclusion was with both the russian foreign minister as well as president putin saying president trump believed him when he said russia wasn't involved in our elections. and from the american side of view, it doesn't seem like there was that conclusive decision or this agreement. so i think this is an ongoing thing that's going to continue to cloud this relationship. >> yeah. and to take that just a little further with you, erin, there are two versions of what was and was not said. putin denies interfering in our election. rex tillerson said trump wants to move forward. so where does this go from here? >> i think we're not going to hear a whole lot more about it in the coming days unless president trump has some sort of press conference when he gets back here and talks about it. but i would say that the
10:45 am
russians have done a better job spinning their side of it in part because putin has given a press conference and has talked about it so far, as has lavrov, whereas we've only heard tillerson talk about it. i think in general this meeting was probably a win for putin in part because it lasted so long. you know melania trump tried to get president trump out of the meeting at some point so he could keep his other engagements and instead it went on for more than two hours. so i think in the end it's a bit of a bigger win for the russians. >> okay. let's all take a listen to democratic congresswoman maxine waters a bit earlier here on msnbc. here it is. >> this president was determined that he was going to side with putin, and they have agreed that they're going to say there's no proof. now let's move on. move on to what? are you going to forget about what was done? you're going to forget about an attempt to undermine our democracy and our sovereignty? i don't think so. >> so seema, did the president miss an opportunity here?
10:46 am
he could have stood up to putin in front of the cameras and made a statement to let russia know that their interference in our elections would not be tolerated at all. >> i think that's a challenge for him because even earlier this week when he had the press conference, he said maybe it was russia, maybe it was somebody else, so all along he has raised doubts about russian interference, despite the fact that all of our intelligence agencies agree that russia did interfere in our election, or try to. >> overall, erin, there's been all of this talk about the overall role of the u.s. being diminished. what is the sense there in washington? >> you know, i think it's a little bit hard to tell, but i have heard a number of people say what is it that the united states actually got out of this summit? very little. president trump didn't go in with the same kind of agenda that we saw a number of foreign leaders go in with and he didn't come out with anything and instead the u.s. was left behind. that's the big thing, what did the united states get from the g20 or any of president trump's meetings there in europe. >> okay.
10:47 am
let's look domestically what's happening here at home. of course the gop blitz to push through the obamacare repeal and replace plan with mitch mcconnell now hinting that republicans may need help from democrats to get it passed. how big of a political risk do you think leader mcconnell is taking with talk of bipartisanship, seema? >> i think the fact that he's even raising the idea shows what peril this bill is in. the senate just had a week-long recess where they were home and talking to their constituents and you had even more defections. right now he does not have the votes to get this bill passed. but the idea -- i'm wondering if this is a negotiating tactic to say after seven years of promising we're going to repeal and replace obamacare, if we're not going to get it done, we're going to have to work with democrats and tinker around the edges. if that's a negotiating ploy to get his members in line. >> what do you think the chances are democrats will work with republicans on a gop health care legislation plan? >> zero. >> okay. there we go. absolutely zero. you don't think there's anything that they come together for the good of the country and figure we can take pieces of obamacare,
10:48 am
pieces of trumpcare for lack of the official wording? >> democrats will say that obviously obamacare covers far more americans than any version of the republican bill does. and why would they want to work with republicans who still want to get rid of obamacare even if they don't know how to go forward? i think what we might see from democrats is them finally starting to talk over the next yore when they go into campaigning for the midterm elections about how they want to repair or improve obamacare somewhat, but i don't think they're going to go in any way along with republicans on any of the versions that they have, even if they go through massive overhauls. >> all right, seema and erin, always good to see you both. i look forward to seeing you both again soon. thank you. how the trump-putin diplomatic dance may be playing in russia. a former anchor from russia today tv joins me next. (vo) dogs have evolved,
10:49 am
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>> translator: he asked questions. he was genuinely interested in a number of details. as far as i could, i answered him in detail. he asked me questions. i answered. i clarified. and i think that he was satisfied with my answers. >> and that was russian president vladimir putin this morning when he was pressed by my colleague keir simmons on what exactly president trump told him about hacking the u.s. election. joining me now, alana, a april writer for the daily banter and a former anchor on russia today. alana, a big welcome to you. first up, how is the meeting playing out in russia as president putin heads home? >> something that the government wants is to be a player on the world stage so the fact that a meeting like this even took place is already a positive sign and russians who are currently feeling the effects of economic sanctions being placed upon them very much want to hear that
10:53 am
there is going to be an improvement in relations between russia and the united states. that's why you saw people kind of welcoming the election of donald trump with open arms. it's not so much that people were opposed to hillary clinton, but that they saw a candidate in donald trump who was promising that he wanted to better relations. so, right now, people are looking at this as a positive step, but there were also lowered expectations going into it because russian sanctions and lifting them, that was a nonstarter, given the current political situation here in the u.s., and what congress is trying to do to tie the president's hands, and so, you know, you see the same thing in the russian press and in the newspapers, reading into body language and body language experts talking about it. and most of that is just because optics are the main thing we have to go on. there are only a few people who were in the room and they're the only ones who know what really happened. >> so is that what president trump got from this meeting? he got better relations or at least the perception of that. you make a very good point, but in addition, let's face it, it was supposed to go for 30 minutes.
10:54 am
it went for over two hours so if it had been very contentious and they were not getting along, you could imagine either of them saying, i'm out of here and moving. there's something that happened. does that send a strong signal? >> i think for someone like donald trump, he has always had what i like to call strong man envy, and so i think that vladimir putin is a leader who he wishes he had the same amount of power as, the way that putin does in his country because, of course, there is a strong system of checks and balances here in the united states, and trump is facing a lot of political opposition. and so, i think that probably donald trump wanted to be liked by vladimir putin and that's why this went on for as long as it did and we saw that they made jokes together at the expense of the media, and you know, so very much, i think, that this was donald trump trying to be a deal maker as a businessman, as he was rather than necessarily a seasoned politician, which he's not. >> i'm curious what you might know about how president putin would have prepared for a
10:55 am
meeting like this. >> well, you know, my knowledge only extends to that of which i've heard from a lot of people who have worked within the russian government, people in diplomatic circles who have had meetings with vladimir putin, with sergey lavrov, and with other russian officials, and that's that he is somebody who prepares very well. and he is a tactician. and he goes in with a strong agenda, and you had some guests talking earlier about the fact that the united states didn't really have one in this case. and that's why i think that this is being perceived so much as a win for russia is because we weren't really sure what the united states could actually be getting out of this meeting. >> in terms of the tenner, just a couple hours before the meeting, the president tweeted this. everyone here is talking about why john podesta refused to give the dnc server to the fbi and cia. disgraceful. of course there were some errors in the tweet there, but do you think this might have been a way for trump to try to bond with putin and how much does putin
10:56 am
rely on bonding over his common enemies. >> putin is not known to be a warm and cuddly guy so i don't think that bonding is necessarily his usual state of play, but he knows that donald trump is somebody who has a big ego, and he wants to have that ego stroked and so i think that's what vladimir putin would be going into this meeting knowing about the person that he's sitting down with is the type of personality and character that he's dealing with. as for donald trump and the election news, you know, i'm honestly surprised that he even brought up the hacking issue at all. because i don't really see a benefit for the president to bringing it up, because people aren't going to be satisfied unless he were to come out and say that he was putting in new sanctions in place, right, against russia, so nothing was going to be seen as forceful enough. and so, perhaps he's just trying to play to both sides here and the amount of secrecy that we've seen from this administration, the very specific way that this meeting was planned so that only a few people would be in the room and no note takers would be in the room, i think all lends
10:57 am
to, you know, what's currently playing out now, which is it's a game of he said/he said. >> thank you so much for your time today. that's going to do it for me this hour. my colleague is next with some new information on the opioid crisis. you're going to hear what's being done to reduce the number of prescriptions being written for the drugs. there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel, i want someone who makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. c'mon, gary! your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah!
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that's why nature's bounty melatonin is made to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. so you'll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. because mom's love is unconditional.
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