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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 8, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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ountry, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ hello, everyone, i'm keir simmons live in ham burke, germany, at the just concluded g20 summit. it's 4:00 p.m. on the east coast. president trump has wrapped up his first g20 and is on his way back to washington after a series of meetings today with leaders of great britain, japan and china, at the most talked about meeting of trump's first g20 summit took place on friday where he met with russian mr. president vladimir putin for more than two hours. trump pressed putin on election meddling, which putin, of course, denied. both sides spoke about the meeting with conflicting versions of what was said in
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regards to russian interfeernts in the u.s. election. back home, health care is taking center stage once again, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has some surprising words about what it may take for health care reform and potentially having to work with democrats. more on that story ahead. we begin here in hamburg. president trump hemmed a series of bilateral meheld a series of with world leaders. president putin saying president trump agrees with his hacking denial on friday, something white house officials vehemently denied. i pressed putin for more details. we went around asking questions in english. my colleague, put our questions to him in russian. here's the translated exchange. >> we wanted to ask you a question about your meeting with president trump that a colleague of mine has already asked a similar one and you said that we need to ask president trump what
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has happened in your meeting. >> you should have asked how he reacted to my answers. but as to what happened, nothing happened. we doesn't interfere. >> it's just that we are not getting much information from the white house as to what has happened. >> we will make sure we tell them. >> we then asked him, what was president trump's reaction to his hacking denial? >> can you please share what exactly president trump said when you told him russia didn't interfere in the election? >> he started to ask questions. he was interested in details. i answered in detail as far as i could have. i also told him about my conversations on this issue with previous administration, including my conversation with president obama.
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i am not sure i should be talking about what was said in my meeting with obama. it's not how it's done on the world stage. so i think it won't appropriate to share details of my meeting with president trump. >> joining me now is nbc's peter alexander, peter, any response from the white house on putin's version of events? >> reporter: so, kir, just within the last hour or so, on board air force one en route back from hamburg to washington, d.c., three top administration officials, the top economic adviser gary coen, hr mcmaster and secretary of the treasury steve mnuchin were all posed this question by the traveling press pool on board air force one asking him to basically push back on the assessment of vladimir putin and sergei lavrov, russia's foreign minister, that donald trump effectively accepted the denial on russian meldling him all
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three occasions, they declined to dispute that. they did specifically secretary mnuchin of that meeting, on that topic of russian meddling, that the president handled himself absolutely brilliantly, even though many newspaperen wasn't in the room. the only people in the hotel the president and secretary tillerson in addition to their translator. this issue remains unresolved. mnuchin said the president would be glad to make a statement on the topic. he declined to do so here in germany as is customary, you witnessed. several other world leaders held their end of summit news conferences as well, donald trump did not. kir. >> hey, peter, did the guys you were with there have any explanation for the optics of president putin holding a news conference while president trump wasn't speaking to the media? >> reporter: you know, they
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didn't specifically address that. they said they have been very transparent and have been available to answer our questions. it's described as a gaggle on air force one. you witnessed, what was strikeing is that the g20 this time around felt a lot more like the g 19 with the u.s. the sort of odd man out as it were specifically on topics like trade and perhaps more notably on the issue of climb change. >> that communique is the sort of shared statement the countries put out on a shared set of principles. at the end of it, it singled out the united states for it pulling out of the paris climate accord saying of that agreement, it was basically irreversible. that was notable as the united states returns home, while secretary tillerson said president trump had positive chemistry with the russian president is that display of disharmony with other nations, many european, that i think they leave a lasting imprint. >> my friend, peter alexander,
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you have a plane to catch or you get some rest before you head home? >> we got one more visit with you guys, then we're heading home. thanks for hosting us in your native homeland of europe. >> it's a pleasure, stay covered, my friend. russia wasn't the only topic, president trump talked the growing north korea threat with chosen's president xi. >> i appreciate the things that you have done. a very substantial problem we all face, a problem that something has to be done about. we will have a major success. it may take longer than i'd like. it may take longer than you like. there will be success in the end one way or the other. >> and president trump thinks he can come to an agreement on trade with britain's teresa may. >> we've had tremendous talks. there is no country that could possibly be closer to our
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countries and i just want to say thank you very much. we're working on a trade deal with putin, a very powerful deal, great for both countries and i think we'll have that done very, very quickly. >> not much to talk about. joining me is charlie satisfy annual, washington correspondent for the fork times, david smith the washington correspondent for the guardian. let me start with you, charlie, the simple question, does president putin believe, does president trump believe president putin or his intelligence agencies? >> reporter: well, one of the things we saw about the odd dualing account of the meeting and what happened behind closed doors after the photographers were shunted out, as you saw both sides sort of positioning their leaders, having stood strong, there is a clear disagreement about whether trump had accepted the denial by the russian president that there was anything that the russians had done that interfered with the american election. the russians are insisting he did and he was satisfied.
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the americans, no, we couldn't get an answer and we moved on. but you know, whatever was actually said and notice how few people are in the room. no notes were taken, remember that just the day before in poland, in public, president trump, once again, equivocated about whether the russians were behind or the only people behind any hacking or disinformation campaign in that election and once again trashed the person intelligence community assessment that, indeed, russia was behind that operation. and so he said that in public the day before. i don't think that you know these dualing accounts by aids making their loss look good can stand up against what we saw in poland. >> charlie kind of tee'd it up there. the reviews haven't been all that great back in the u.s. some suggesting the president not punishing russia for hacking is a victory for put in. the weekly standard saying trump caved to putin. is mr. trump the president of
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appeasement with russia or accomplishing a real reset? >> reporter: let's remember how extraordinary it is that there was even a debate in the u.s. whether to believe former kgb spymaster's word of what happened over their own commander-in-chief. i think, you know, in the hours since the meeting, more and more people are saying actually did donald trump really confront vladimir putin in any meaningful way, look at the fact that h.r. mcmaster, the national security counsel were not in the room. frankly, even by rex tillerson's own accounts, there was ultimately an agreement, well, we will never see eye-to-eye on this issue. we need to move on, russia will not face consequences for what many people have described as the political crime of the century, so i think right now, based on what we understand,
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donald trump did put in a weak performance there and he is a political novice, vladimir putin has decades of experience and it appears that putin emerged the winner. >> charlie, are we judgeing president trump by an unfair standard? with other presidents, we would be saying, look, here are two presidents with their finger on the nuclear button. thank goodness, they seem to be getting along. >> this has been a deteriorating relationship between russia and the trump administration, so it's perhaps surprisingly so, given candidate trump's positive words about wanting to get along better with russia. we saw almost coming to proceeds in syria, leading up to this meeting, and in russia, in particular. i think there is a lot of happiness about how this meeting went, fought just in this sort of who's president is better, you know, or stronger, has a
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stronger handshake kind of level, but also in that there was some resetting of the relationship and beginning to set up mechanisms to maybe work together again in other forms, in particular, setting up a new cease-fire agreement in a part of syria. those tend to not last very long. they are trying to begin and set up bilateral talks an hacking in ukraine, which could move the relationship between the two countries forward in a positive way. so two the extent that this is not a game and these two superpowers do need to get along somewhat going forward, no matter what has happened, i zpes that is something you can take away from this meeting. >> yeah, this really is not a game. david, north korea a major issue as well, president trump meeting with china's president xi and japan's abe today, how far can they push china on this? >> as we've seen in the past few
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months, president trump can certainly try and come up with rhetoric about pressure, economic pressure, trade, and so on, but, you know, the last time our hopes were up, they were dashed and trump expected disappointments with china and said at least we tried them, you know, i think other presidents have been down that region as well. the amount of leverage teams somewhat limited. so i don't get a sense that in these particular meetings, there was any dramatic break through that is suddenly going to resolve the entire north korean crisis. >> yeah. charlie, another big headline, the other fine countries signaling out president trump and the u.s. on climate change, saying the paris agreement is irreversible. how likely will trump be moved by this? >> i think trump likes it that
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he stands in isolation from the rest of the sort of developed world on this, this is the image he wanted to project. and he's happy that there the this break with precedent in that the communique at the end of this meeting has dissent in it. it says the 19 other countries, including russia, by the way, are standing with the paris agreement in the effort to move forward we are duesing greenhouse gas emissions and that trump has pulled out of it, the trump's america pulled out of it and instead is interested in promoting use of foss till fuels. >> that makes, to the rest of the world, of course, trump's america looks awful for. that but that's exactly the -- totally the trump-putin meeting is the number one headline coming out of this. but that 19-to-1 vote is clearly of great mobile importance in terms of the climate change
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issue and the future of leadership and isolation on the world stage. >> yes so many headlines. charlie savage and david smith. thank you, guys. >> thank you. and much more from hamburg coming up in a special live coverage at the end of the g20 summit. right now to my colleague richard luis in new york. >> reporter: thank you so much there, kir. coming up, we will go to health care the battle if washington, d.c., senate majority leader mitch mcconnell surprises republicans working with democrats on healthcare now. i'm talk to a democratic law maker about whether they're willing to work with the gop. plus, more live coverage from the g20 summit in germany from keir simmons who has been in the thick of the things shall we say alwayss? >> prepare to barricade and refuse to move. you saw we thought it was perhaps. oh, okay. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic
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mpblsz and welcome back. we'll get back to keir simmons in germany in a little while. first a story in the united states, as of today, the math on the senate health care bill looks upsidedown, the fork times reports four more public senators are not explicitly sporting the nra. you have bob corker, that i have held public support of the bca fought declaring opposition as of yet. the senate majority leader faced angry crowds at home in kentucky. surprising many republicans, including the white house, mitch mcconnell saying he is taking it to mind, said this at a rotary club lunch. take a listen. >> well, if we are unable, if my side is unable to to agree on an
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adequate replacement, then some kind of action with regard to the private health insurance market must occur. >> some kind of action. well, that could signal reaching out to democrats in order to come up with a plan to fix obamacare. also on mcconnell's mind, four other senators, and paul of kentucky, ron johnson, texas' ted cruz, their joint statement before the break said they are firm no votes, not ready to vote for the bill yet. come monday, when they return to work, that's way more than the two votes mcconnell can afford to lose. let's bring in democratic congressman jerry conley of virginia. you have been watching the other house, seeing how it is becoming a very difficult few will whip for leader mcconnell. when you look to your own party, look to democrats, are there a way to excise?
1:20 pm
what's your thought? are they going for the big home run instead, like single payer? >> i think democrats are more than willing to compromise if republicans want to work with us. remember what we're dealing with, democrats have been frozeing unu out of this, for that matter, a lot of republicans have been frozen out of it. the senate bill was put together in secrecy. there was not a single hearing on this bill and on the house side, we had the speaker of theous house paul ryan saying he didn't want to work with the democrats explicitly. so we're ready and willing to be a part of the process. but that process has to be to improve the existing law. not to repeal it. not to throw 23 million americans off of health care. >> representative, then, from your perspective in your seat, would you like to go for something big like single payer? are you supporting that? >> right now, i want to make the affordable care act available to as many americans as possible.
1:21 pm
i want to bring down health care, cost curves in america the health replacement rate and i want to make sure we protect the consumer reforms we worked so hard to put in the aid fordable care act. the affordable care act by and large has worked. it's got some holes and we need to work together. republicans and democrats, to fix those holes. but wholesale repeal is simply not going to work. >> you are saying now, in terms of single payers, are you looking for adjustments that make it stronger? >> we're in the middle of a fight over the affordable care act. if this fight fails, if they recklessly repeal it, i think single payer becomes the option. >> let's go through ideas from cnbc here. one of the ideas stated in one of their columns that could work on both sides, would be about selling insurance across state lines. >> that would help certain insurance companies, help certain states, you for that? >> i'm not against it. if that can improve things,
1:22 pm
that's certainly an idea that ought to be on the table. as part of improving. >> right. >> the existing law. >> and how about this? hospital pricing premiums, are you very aware of that. this is where hospitals can charge more than private practices. would you like to get rid of that, reduce that? >> i certainly want to do anything i can to protect consumers and reduce the costs to consumers. i think there needs to be more transparency across the board in health care, so consumers know what they're dealing with. i think hospitals need to get competitive. >> those are a couple ideas there. what do you think the mood will be like? you know, you have that week and a half if you will of a break at the moment and mcconnell will be facing a little uphill battle. what itself the tone on the left, do you believe? >> i think we're all on the democratic side of the aisle. i this we're all looking with amazement at what the republican versus brought.
1:23 pm
i mean they have been running against this bill seven years, certainly, they must have had some ideas in their pocket. it turns out they didn't, now they're trying to sell something that's not saleable. their bill has a 17% approval rating. the more they talk about their bill the more popular the affordable care act the existing law becomes t. affordable care act is more popular now than it has ever been and their brand, their bill, is the least popular bill i ever remember. >> much of it has to do as well as education about the two versions coming from the house and the senate. representative jerry conley of virginia, thank you, sir, for stopping by. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> all righty. up next, we will go live to keir simmons in germany, where he is covering the ends of the g20 summit, just today, including the take aways with president trump's meeting with vladimir putin at the g20 summit. what putin is looking to gain outs of that gathering. plus, kir takes us inside those violent protests after he spent days getting very close up to
1:24 pm
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it's looking up, not fit's being in motion. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink. welcome back. i'm richard lew in new york city. we'll get to keir simmons like in just a moment. first, here's what we are watching at the bottom of the hour. two u.s. bomber planes flew over the korean peninsula following the test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile days earlier. the bombers launched from an airbase if guam alongside south korean and japanese fighter jets there. right now president donald trump the on his way back to washington, d.c. after wrapping up the last day of the g20 summit in hamburg this afternoon. the president did not hold a news conference before taking off. but earlier today, russian
1:28 pm
president vladimir putin spoke to the media about his face-to-face meeting with trump, saying he thinks president trump believes his denials of russia meddling in the 2016 election. we will send it back to keir simmons at the site of the g20 summit. before we do that we will show you some of what kir has been doing covering anti-global summit, protesters clashed with police. here's a little taste of kir's reporting. take a look. >> reporter: they have set fire to a barricade in the middle of the street here and behind us, there are police advancing again with water scan nones. there you can see it. again, this is, they're flying everywhere. there we go. there goes another grenade, we got a wave of that as the winds blew back. that's in my eyes and our
1:29 pm
throat. >> aah! let's go, let's go, let's go! these guys are not giving up, protesters shout, fascist police, fascist police. this is chaos, complete chaos. these pocketors have gained control of these streets. there are now clashes between conte conprotesters and police here in hamburg, germany. here come the riot police moving in, we will get closer, we will hide behind here, there are missiles coming down, glass bottles and bricks. thankfully, we're under a tree. there is another stun grenade, i think that's a stun grenade from the police. they are going out to try and stop them to chase these protestors. every time they move on the protesters. the protesters move away and spread around the city again in small groups. it's incredibly difficult for the german police to control
1:30 pm
this. >> kir joins us, this is not as uncommon as you are reporting. as we have these large gatherings, how did it hand p stand ut oto you? number one, you were there up close and very, very personal. number two, we have this theme of nationalism sweeping europe. >> yeah, that's right. it was like slowly watching the police lose control of parts of this city and even now, richard, we can hear the sound at times of police sirens and helicopters as sporadic clashes, have broken out through the day. you saw that, there were moments where there were bottles and bricks reigning down on the police. water cannon, the number of the police, 20,000, was pretty breath taking. yet, we were just stunned how they were unable to get control of things. those protesters had a message. it's true, many of them they were talking about anti-capitalism, being against
1:31 pm
the system. by the end, you saw it got dark and there were barricades on fire and people swarming the streets without the police able to stop them. by the end, it really looked i can anarchy and there were many an ar consists involved. i guess when you are in it, you are fought thinking about what it means. i guess we have to leave it to folks back home as to decide whether protesting like that, if you can calm eight protest and not rioting. whether that is something that raises the issues these guys wanted to raise or just as detrimental to their cause. hey, richard, thanks for holding up your side for the last little while. i'll be back to you in new york in a few minutes. we continue more of our coverage here in hamburg right now, donald trump wrapping up his second final tour today the climax came with a one on one meeting with vladimir putin, will the president be able to stand up to the russian strong man? >> i was really concernled when i we heard that this would be a
1:32 pm
formal sit-down meeting. president trump as well as many previous presidents have been. he's not going to be a match in a one-on-one contest with putin. >> reporter: the former adviser to former georgeen president mikhail sachck ail sackashevill. you wrote, trump did not once mention democracy in his speech. your view, and let's put it straight, is this is a battle for democracy? >> i think there were sort of two events worth looking at. one was the spreech president trump delivered in warsaw which i think has been reviewed positively. that's surprising to me. in that speech you have president trump attacking nato, attacking the eu. he doesn't pension democracy, he doesn't talk about values, he talks about civilization.
1:33 pm
he doesn't talk about right, he talks about tradition. these are all buzz words and catch phrases of the kremlin. these are the phrases of putin's speeches from way back but especially starting in 2013 and if anybody takes a look at the speech he did in the annexation of crimea in 2014, there is phrases and reference points lifted from that, put in trump's speech. so the idea this was a positive speech from the president. because he dropped in nuggets that everybody was looking for, really misses the tone of the speech and the fact that it's continuity from his previous patterns of ignoring rights and values, ignoring democratic concepts. then you move into the meeting with putin and sort of the three deliverables that were announced coming out of that. you have, okay, he's sort of raised the russian election meddling. but now we've agreed to form some sort of joint frame with the russians, where we will all cooperate on finding solutions to these things. it's absolutely nonsensic am the
1:34 pm
idea we can work with them on cyber security. when they're attacking fought just our critical infrastructure and other things as well. have you the idea of syrian cease-fire. i have written on this fairly extensively. but we will have pa lot of trouble cooperating with russia and syria when their partners and allies are assad, hezbollah, hamas and others. we do not share common goals. hearing the secretary of state say we do is fairly stunning and then finally to say, to hear the secretary of state say that we have agreed with the russians that we feed tokind find a way that neither of us will be meddling in each other's internal affairs, this has been putins big ting, saying any unrest, any protests, any demonstration, all is george sore ros or the state department or somebody else paying protesters to stands up against putin. so falling into the trap of coming in behind the narrative
1:35 pm
that putin wanted the world to embrace and rubber stamping it and moving it out there is really incredible. >> reporter: yeah, i was with president putin when he held the news conference, one thing that struck me, he described president trump as not the man you see on television. you understand, president putin, would you read that as a deliberate attempt to flatter president trump because he knows that president trump will like that? >> i think there were sort of two elements at play from putin this week. you saw puten the seductor was the one that showed up. it wasn't the strong man. he was very much trying to be cordial with trump, to sort of throw back and force jokes. but that was also the other interesting aspect that you had essentially the kremlin and particularly putin kind of patrolling trump during the summit. that team hopefully released putin leaning over during the photo spray and asking trump, you know, are these the
1:36 pm
journalists causing problems for you and then sort of pointing and they both laughed. obviously, that was going to be caught on camera and the kremlin hoisted it first. it continued this narrative of trump painting journalism. it's that and a few other elements they posted afterwards, lavrov coming out saying, disagreeing with the secretary of state's readout of the meeting, saying trump was asking questions about the election hacking and then was agreeing with put than he didn't -- that russia wasn't responsible, posting the picture of ivanka trump at the g20 table. the russians have been in their nice soft way trolling the administration at the same time, which i think is an interesting dual and something president trump should learn from, but i don't believe that he will. >> right. take the multiple issues on the table, take ukraine, syria, these situation are very difficult to solve. i mean, to play devil's advocate, what are you saying?
1:37 pm
as long as president putin is leading russia, we can't do deals? >> no, obviously, we have to speak with the russians and have strong bilateral relations. we have to be able to have dialogue where we know there is trouble. but not to go in and put on the table what we know they are doing and pushing back and saying these are the facts. we know these are facts. you can sit there and say you don't know anything. it was patriotic hackers, whatever, but to actually say, no, we're not accepting. that we know what you did. because it's not just this issue of hacking. it's the web of activity that the russians are responsible for. as you said, if you crane, in syria, places where they have public lip said they're playing a helpful role, but they're actually very disruptive. we need to push back on that or we're not going to find solutions to any of these problems, because you cannot embrace the russian's story telling on any of these things, they are not trying to establish peace in syria or end the fighting in ukraine, in any other number of issues, where
1:38 pm
publicly, they'll stay, we are the champions and america an everybody else is bad and you know embracing their narrative and not pushing back, not being public about it is not going to find solutions to these problems. >> all right. quickly. let's talk about america's roam in the world, because we have the effect on other countries that the president's rhetoric. take a quick listen. >> that the country that's most associated with democracy in the world delegitimizes the press, calls it fake news, it gives these guys license to essentially do what america does. this is just wrong and this weakens the fabric of the society. >> mike, do you agree with that briefly? do we have a situation where the u.s. has given leadership in the world if you like? >> it seems to be taking what i hope is a brief hiatus, going to poland and giving a speech if
1:39 pm
which you do not mention democracy is incredibly difficult. we associate it with the collapse of the soviet union and all of the movements that we're fighting to be free and not mentioning democracy, not mentioning that part of the history, pointing back to sort of the thousand-year-old history of poland, which is very much what russians do when they talk about the history of russia. you know, this is really, it's very interesting rhetoric. i think it's very troubling. i think it is a sign that trump is aligning with liberal forces, with these sort of more pop you list and other parties in europe and elsewhere that are very much aligned with vladimir putin and his goals and the belief that putting ourselves behind the agenda of activities that the kremlin is embracing and pushing for is somehow going to be good for american interests or values is completely false. >> all right. we want to thank you for your perspective. more from hamburg, germany, after the break. david.
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>> welcome back. i'm ripped lew in new york city with a critic look stories we are following now. kenya, nine civilians have been beheaded by the extremist group al shabab. al shabab is linked to the terror group al qaeda has found retribution for sending troops to somalia. also, venezuela's opposition leader was released from prison after more than three years behind bars. he remains under house arrest. lopez has been a vocal critic of the maduro regime t. country is facing the hardist trial in its history. tensing who is white is accused of murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist. juries were unable to reach a verdict in the previous two trials. a decision in the retrial is expected in the next week or two. we dive back into president
1:44 pm
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i'm cheer keir simmons, where the g 20 summit concluded hours ago. president trump says his meeting with russian president vladimir putin was tremendous. putin says he thinks the president accepted his statements that russia did fought interfere in the 2016 presidential election. a doctor johns ne now the director of the center of the your asia and russian and eastern studies at george town university. thank you for joining us, are you surprised and it's true that president trump accepted vladimir putin's claims? >> i'm not surprised at all. deep forgive, president trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the assertions that russia interfered in the u.s. election. in fact he said that i think two
1:48 pm
days azpoen when he was in the warsaw, he said, well, it was russia, it could have been someone else. he didn't want to go into having a discussion with president putin about what happened during the 2016 elections because that would serve in a way to delegitimize his own election. he wanted to go if as a strong world leader. he wanted to begin to repair a relationship with russia that had gotten into a dangerously low end by the obama administration, in that sense, i think he and president putin achieved what they wanted, which is a resumption of the u.s. do i log. every u.s. president since the soviet collapse is coming to office hoping they can have a better relationship with russia. now, admittedly, most of these or all of these attempt versus ended -- attempts have ended in disappointment. it's a dangerous world. we have to have as much of a dialogue as we can. >> and the reality is, right,
1:49 pm
that president putin is never going to say, okay, hands up, i admit it. i intervened in the u.s. elections, i hacked the u.s. elections. >> of course, he's not going to do that. that was predictable. he will go on denying it, the kremlin will go on designing it forever. the u.s. options, we have several ones that is first of all to strengthen our own cyber systems to make them less or more impervious to being penetrated and there is retaliation. we understand in the obama administration, there was some retaliation, it's obviously not in the public domain. so there are ways you can deal with it. the third one which they agreed to do is to initiate a die log on cyber. now, i know your previous guests casts aspergss on. that we do have a cyber agreement with china. we have started to discuss with russia before the ukraine crisis erupted, cyber rules of the road. i don't think there is anything
1:50 pm
wrong, it makes sense to sit down and see if one can agree with some rules on the road going forward and we have to make sure before our own elections next year that our systems are less right. but if you live in syria on some sides of that terrible civil war or if you live in ukraine, the diplomatic matter for the u.s. is that you potentially feel abandoned. >> i think the ukrainians don't feel completely abandoned but they feel people have forgotten their conflict so the u.s. has appointed a new envoy to discuss the situation in ukraine. i'm quite skeptical this will achieve very much. but you have to try it. once the decision was made in the obama administration and it sure is not going to be revisited in the trump administration, that the u.s. would not get militarily involved in ukraine, that limits how much we can do. and for russia, this is an
1:51 pm
existential issue whether we like it or not and therefore they are much more involved in this situation than we are. >> okay. you know so much about the way that president vladimir putin operates. paint a picture for us. how does this look if the president continues a policy that he is clearly determined to, that is what we've seen here, paint a picture for us, where do we end up as the years go by? >> well president putin has been in power for 18 years and this is his fourth u.s. president so he's had a lot of experience with doing it. now what he would like to see happen is that the sanctions be lifted. the financial sanctions particularly imposed on russia after particularly the outbreak of the war in southern ukraine. i don't think he will get that very soon. but i think where it leads us is that you will now have different working groups, you'll have an attempt by the u.s. and russia to come to agreements on syria, on ukraine, they may or may not
1:52 pm
succeed, but you have to go forward. but as long as president putin is in power and he may be in power until 2024, there is clearly a limit that the u.s. could achieve with russia. >> 2024. all right. okay. thank you. >> thank you. coming up. some final thoughts on coming the g-20 summit and what it was like being in the thick of it as protesters violently clashed with police. that is next. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
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and welcome back from hamburg, it has been quite a few days here at the g-20 summit. a new american president and a new french president made their debuts and climate change and knocher north korea were major topics and agreements like the u.s. and russia's cease-fire were made. and i saw violent clashes with
1:56 pm
police and teargas filling the streets and bricks and bottles crashes a few feet away from me and i saw thousands of people marching peacefully. and one final thought, one chance that i heard again and again as you see the pikes running from the water cannon, the protesters shouting, this is what democracy looks like. in the years to come, we may have to decide what we want democracy to look like. that may be what historians say this time was all about. it may be that serious. and now world leaders heading tomorrow tonight to assess all of the discussions that took place here in the last few days and the global issues and disputes that will shape the rest of this year. that will do it for me, i'm keir simmons live in hamburg, germany. thanks for joining me. back to you in new york, richard. >> great reporting throughout this week. such an important story we've been watching from where you are in the streets and here in new york city. thank you so much, sir. in our next hour, much more
1:57 pm
from the g-20 summit as president trump makes his way back to washington after meeting with world leaders and then there is north korea. putting the world on notice with the latest missile launch and now the united states launching a force of its own. the option on the table for dealing with kim jong-un and the north korea nuclear threat. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. fixodent plus adhesives. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth.
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hello, i'm richard lui in new york soilt. the president on the way back to washington from the g-20 summit, who will land in a few hours and vladimir putin says president trump did agree with his hacking trial during the friday meeting. if true, this is a major rebuke to the u.s. intelligence agencies and an official said this is not accurate but the president has not responded to whether this is true or not. keir simmons pushed putin for more details and he was not allowed to ask him directly in english so here was the translated exchange. >> we wanted to ask you a question about your meeting with president trump bu


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