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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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used to be the "yes" guy. what happened to that guy? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. so, you're saying we can cut delivery time? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt here in new york if is 9:00 in the east, 6:00 a.m. out west, and day 171 of the trump administration. here is what is happening. the president's son, a russian attorney, and a meeting two weeks after the president's nomination. we'll talk about the new report raising questions about a russian connection. president trump back at home after the g 20 that some are calling the g 19. is the u.s. better off because of this trip?
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als answers ahead. and a bombing run near the dmz, and why in one state people are withdrawing their voter registrations. we begin with new reaction from president trump fruesh off of his debut at the g 20. earlier this morning in a series of tweets he said i strongly pressed president putin twice about meddling in our election. he denied it, now it is time to move forward and work constructively with russia. >> president trump refused to tell reporters if he accepted putin and their version of the meeting and leaving it to his administration. here is what steve nuchmanuchin.
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>> do you want to respond or correct the record if it is wrong? >> the president will be happy to make statements about that, but he spoke for himself brilliantly. >> in an interview this more, nikki hailey is touting the meeting as a first step. >> everyone knows that russia meddled in our elections. >> why will the president not say this in public. it would put a lot of questions all to rest. why won't he do it. >> you can ask him, everyone is trying to ask him what he says and doesn't say. he confronted president putin. he made it the first thing he talked about, and now we have to see where it goes from here. >> a new warning from
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republicans when one of their own senators are specking up the health care battle. chuck grassley said 52 republican senators should be ashamed we have not passed health care by now. and it's not just health care, a number of republicans are telling they're increasingly uncertain of any legislative victory before they leave for august recess in three weeks. let's go right now to the white house and kelly o'donnell, glad you're black safely from your travels. the president is also back from the g 20 summit in germany, is the white house counting this trip as a successful? >> yes, they're pointing to the swe sweep of what was accomplished in poland and germany. they believe it was very impactful.
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at the g 20, they said conversations with about 20 leaders. a meeting of what happens with su vladimir putin. that was more time that had been scheduled. substantive things coming out of it. it is interesting and curious how he is putting it all in perspective, talking about his conversations with vupt saying he press him twice. they suggest that his opinion had changed since he was asked about this, russia is responsible not moving the ball on this. it comes as the president is
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back in the pool, and at the same time with all of this talk about vladimir putin, there is new report about donald junior and a meeting with a russian lawyer. >> back in the u.s., president trump can unpack a new more personal connection to vladimir putin after they're face to face in germany president another connection is hitting closer to home. d don jr. had a meeting timed to the kremlin in 2016 he was there along with paul manafort. trump jr. said in a statement that he asked jared and paul to stop by for a short insbtroducty
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meeting. we primarily discussed a program for adopting russian children that had been ended. it was not a campaign issue and there was no follow up. a lawyer for kushner says he previously updated his security clearance filing to list contacts with foreign officials including this meeting with a russian person that he briefly attem attended at the question of his brother-in-law. aides say he pressed putin about his directing cyber attacks for about 40 minutes telling reporters -- >> i think president trump handled it brilliantly. >> he skipped the chance to explain himself. >> we had a tremendous meeting yesterday. with vladimir putin. >> i think he was satisfied with
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my answers. >> in this ongoing tweet, a few other things stand out. he said we discussed an impenetrable cyber connection. get got a hint of that, but that new information. also the president says sanctions were not discussed at my meeting with president putin. not will be done until ukrainian and syrian problems are solved. there was concerns that they would be pressing president trump to relieve sanctions and are very popular even among republicans in congress. so the fact that the president says this was not discussed
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sunlights this is not something where he was trying to get his feed back on that. there is a lot in there. he also talks about the dnc and some of the election era hacking, unclear if he meant that was with putin and it raises questions about the president challenging about did president obama not do more, and why did the democratic contract national committee not do more as he comments about his trip and substantial meeting with vladimir putin. >> let's talk to mr. ambassador right now. he is now fresh off of this meeting with vladimir putin at the g 20. his aides say he handled it
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brilliantly. what is your take away from what you have seen and heard? >> i mean, i'm not a public relations counsellor, but usually they say get it all out there, get it all out immediately and deal with it. instead i think we have a president that just allows this thing to come out, and now we hear his son was talking to the russians, and you can see that the muller investigation will take awhile. things seem to come out every day. there seems to be for mr. putin and russia generally, i think it has to be explained at some point. there is a completely different tone when he deals with putin than when he deals with anyone else. >> partnering with putin on a cyber security unit is akin to partnering with assad for a
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chemical weapons unit. >> yeah, it is the fox guarding the chicken situation. i understand the effort to say i raised it, i pushed him. i raided it a few times, and we decided to move forward and prevent these situations from moving forward. i know that rex dillerson was very anxious to get moving on some of the diplomacy in syria and other areas. and to me, one of the biggest events of this meeting, is that rex dillerson fin tillerson is beginning to do his job and that is a positive side. >> you call it a g 19 meeting, and others are saying the same?
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>> the fact is, the issue of climate change, 195 could be trietr -- countries, north korea, included, and one opted out and that is the u.s. it is far more than the issue of climate if you can believe there is more than the earth's climate to be considered. it is a statement by the u.s. that we don't care what 195 countries think. i think it creates a circumstance where there is more and more feeling in the world that you just can't deal with those guys. you try to flatter them. you try to work with them, at the end of the day you can't deal with them. i think we need to figure out a more cooperative arrangement with the rest of the world besides just vupt. >> what about the cease fire.
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also, the appointment of curt bulker. he just didn't appear to get any concessions when they were face to face. >> first of all, i think the idea of trying to work together on syria is an important one and a valuable one. and that is part of why i believe that rex tiller son essentially had a pretty good day. i think he has been working on these issues for awhile, and the seat fire that is very close to jordan, was something they were very concerned about. i think that helps our diplomacy in the region, and if it can lead to something, if it is based on a political process coming forward, i think it is a positive development those that
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don't have a political process going forward have a short life span. but i think overtall is a positive sign. the fact that he is in the region, that he is in turkey, suggests that he really does want to fix this complete mess that was created when president trump went to saudi arabia and a week later, they went after a them state is qatar that never bowed to the idea of saudi regional. will our president stay out of the way, and finally with respect to a special emissary, the ukrainians are in need of a serm amount of tough love.
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he is right out of the john mccain mode, he is very close that sort of camp, and i think it showed a sign that the administration was trying to reach out to other republicans, and i think he understands the region and the issues. that is also a good sign for those of us that feel there ought to be more diplomacy and fewer tweets. >> thank you for your time and weighing in, appreciate that. back to work, washington. next what white house can do to get this done before the august recess. they are so white. step 1 cleans. step 2 whitens. crest [hd]. 6x cleaning*, 6x whitening*á i would switch to crest [hd] over what i was using before.
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president trump knows they meddled, but he is never going
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to fess up to it. >> what consequences will they face because of that? >> i think one of the things first is confronting them. letting them know we know it happened and it can't happen again. >> that was nikki hailey from an interview that will air a little later this morning. the president for his part sent out a series of tweets saying in their meeting putin denied election hacking. he said it was time to move on. he wants to no why president obama did not do anything. and said there will be no sanctions until syria m problems are better.
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what has stopped the president from saying all of this in a press briefing yesterday? >> nothing, it was very odd that a number of foreign leaders including mr. putin gave the traditional round up press conference. president trump did not, he sent out a couple advisors. mr. tillerson was briefed after the putin press conference. he had gary cohen and steve mnuchin. this is how the president deals with stuff, we wait to get the tweets to see what he thinks happened, or what he wants us to think he thinks happened. >> how much of an impact will the tweets have as opposed to if he got on the stage and gave a press briefing or spoke with reporters on air force one coming home. >> it would have been more
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impactful if he came out and took questions, but you know this is kind of the new normal. he communicates through tweets and you wait for the tweets to see exactly where he stands at the moment. i think this is what is to be expected. >> to that end, the president tweeted that the g 20 summit was a great success for the u.s., and plaining that we must fix many of the bad trade deals and it will get done. now i want to listen to what they said about the meetings at the g 20, here it is. >> i think a major focus was not just participating in the g 20, there was very, very substantive conversations. economic issues, trade issues, security issues, north korea.
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>> so, put all of that in perspective, paul. is there a sense that the meetings were atmosphere than just about talk. >> i believe they used the word substantive like 15 or 20 times in that conversation. it is clear that the message the white house wants to send, he was being substantive and engaged in detail. the putin meeting was supposed to be a half hour, it went two hours. it is a detailed level that we don't usually associate with president trump. whether it happened or not, we don't know. that is how they view this week as being a success for the president. >> how about trump's national triumph after the trip. gaining new momentum in the white house's ideological battle.
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so how big of a victory was it for this wing? >> there is an idea that he played a very big role in his speech, setting up the war of the civilizations and saying that we have to stand up for the faith and the values of the west. and setting up this, you know, us versus them par time, so i think in that respect, they did really come out ahead and you have the issue of climate cha e change. so it is showing, look, we're not going to be bullied into these international agreements, we will stand apart, and that is always good for this nationalist wing, snubbing it's nose at the international cooperation
6:23 am
agreements. >> what about the meeting that donald trump has arranged what are you making, paul, what are about the private meeting between the president. >> this is the first time we have a confirmed meeting. this is something that was previously denied. the whole trump campaign said that we never did this, we never met with these folks, except for this one, it indicates to me there is more in the information to troll out here, did they know they were talking about it, apparently their lawyer issues a statement, maybe someone was making these meetings happen to
6:24 am
trap us, it will go only for awhile. >> some are saying years. >> there is talk that they want to get out that they have to come up with something, they have to get something done, and to start talking about the prose of what is going on with the senate bill and pushing back against the cbo and the negatives out there, they will start making a proactive case for why the senate bill or some version of it will be good for the american people. this has been brought up before, it has not necessarily happened, we'll see how active the white house will be. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> coming up, north korea reacts to the practice bombing run by the u.s. we'll have a live report from seoul.
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of audi sales event. welcome back, everyone, i'm alex witt here. at 30 past the hour, here is what we are monitoring for you. congress weighing in on a series of tweets this morning saying it is time to move on from russian meddling in the election. >> he gave a really good speech in poland, and he had what i think is a disastrous meeting with president putin. two hours and 15 minutes of meetings and they're willing to forgive and forget. no up with is saying mr. president that the russians changed the outcome, you won fair and scarquare, but they di
6:32 am
try to attack the election system. >> how can we believe that the president pushed putin hard when the day before he was denying whether or not he knew russia was betraying his. >> meanwhile, reince priebus is speaking about a confirmed private meeting with ties to the kremlin. they also today part in the meeting. and here is what reince priebus said in a interview moments ago. >> my communication with our team, there was nothing to it. there was a 20 minute meeting. they were sitting there saying it was happening here, they
6:33 am
believed on. >> why would donald trump jr., paul kushner, and paul manafort want to meet with a lawyer about russian adoption. >> i have no idea. you'll have to talk to them. when it comes to issues important to our place in the world, it is something that is not unusual. >> and north korea is reacting to the prak sis bombing run. they called it a defensive show of force. pyongyang sees its is a provocati provocation. matt, good day to you, what is the word from the north? >> thanks, we have been hearing some language from pyongyang just today, they released a statement calling the military exercises a dangerous
6:34 am
provocation and they said that was pushing the korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war. you could look at it as the recommended effect. the intent was to show that the u.s. was on a military footing, and that it was available. they did six of the flyovers that goes to show how dense things have become here on the korean peninsula. this involved three different countries, and the b 1 b lancers took off in guam, flew over south korea flew near the demilitarized zone towards north and south korea, and launched
6:35 am
dumby weapons near that border. it is all in reaction to the july 4th testing of the intercontinental ballistic missile. there was so debate if that was an actual icbm. they said it was, and later the united states actually agreed and they said that if this trajectory was flattened out and if there was modifications, it could strike u.s. soil, mainly alaska. now there is question whether or not this angry language can be backed up with a know how to launch a better bomb and to provote the u.s. even further. >> thank you, math bradley. let's bring in laura rosenberger. she works on north korea ols as
6:36 am
well as a former foreign policy advisor. a reckless military provocation, that response by north korea, does that surprise you at all? >> it is good to be with you this morning. that reaction doesn't actually surprise me. this is pretty common. what is important to remember here is there are signals being sent u.s. to north korea. i worry that some of the tweets that president trump sent out have been unclear in their language and sent mixed signals that could be misread. but i think the show of force with the bombing runs is a very important step to show reassurance to our allies and to
6:37 am
show pyongyang our intent to defend ours. >> your last line was straightening in about the prost pekt of him tweeting us into a nuclear war. but you spoke about he not having a plan to back up what he means, do you really think that could go to nuclear war? >> i think it is at the very high end of the scale here. what i worry about most is the fact that there will be another miscalculation. whether or not that is pyongyang misreading the rhetoric. that an attack might be imminent. lashing out at the south, that it is a squirmish for something that is unintended and i think the room for error is very narrow and it is extremely important that we have a clear
6:38 am
and coordinated strategy. and the words, particularly from the president of the united states, are matched up to that strate strategy. >> is that something that kim jong-un will focus on, as opposed to when others are trying to clarify or do other delegation with their statements, is that leader to leader? >> absolutely. i do think that parts of the administration are trying to affect the strategy to deter north korea, defend ourselves, and do everything possible to prevent them from obtaining the capability that would be a deep concern. the president keeps getting in the way, and he under mieps the credit ability. when he sends off mess ans that
6:39 am
are uncoordinated and unclear. >> so secretary tillerson said it is a peaceful pressure campaign, and the president saying maybe china would put a heavy move on china and end this nonsense once and for all. >> i don't know what a heavy move is, and i'm not sure that beijing does. >> right, military, economic, or whatever. >> and we need to be clear with them on the consequences if they don't follow through on what we're asking. but do i think that it is important that we put more pressure on china. do i think that the kinds of is an important step. it builds on things that the obama administration had put in place. i think it is also important for the president to understand that china will not solve this problem for us. they need to do more, but
6:40 am
china's goals are never going to be hours. and so we need to be taking the steps on our end and with our alleys necessary to defend ourselves. >> i appreciate your intights and look forward to speaking to you again. >> 45 states are saying no way to releasing voter fraud information. and later today, a question that we have been asking for 80 years. what aed to amelia earhart.
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next steps. a member of the presidential advisory committee recently changed course and said that maine will not be supplying voter information, i understand your decision to reverse course on this is due to a league issuissu -- legal issue, can you great that for us? >> we had to review the question. we emphasized it should be a request, not a demand, and it should be with information that was publicly available. it was not reviewed in detail, but we did a closed reading when we got it, and it said to be aware of any of it being public
6:45 am
legislation. anyone that maintains the law has to keep that confidential. it was a mathematical equation for us. we could not provide the data to the commission. >> 45 states in dc all said no, we're not complying with this. you're on the commission, your state is not going to do it, his own state, kansas, is not doing it, where do you expect this to go in. >> i think we'll have to spend some time and talk about what our goals are going to be and how we will proceed. we have not been able to do that. everything is at a high level and has gotten a strong reaction about them. and being examined by a relatively unknown group of people for what purpose, no one can describe. i think that will have to be our
6:46 am
mission to determine what the kpask will be, and more specifically what information we do need to get to those conclusions and answer those questions. >> do you kind of wish it was done before this went out there. won't it be a uphill battle? >> we certainly have work to do, no question about that. when we had the conference call, we discussed there could be nothing of substance on the call because it was not an open public call. we were working with, just barely getting started, very partial. >> i joined the commission because i thought i could bring something to the findings. there is a lot that we have to be proud of about how we conduct our elections in this country, and i always thought we probably
6:47 am
won't find much long. if you have the attentiollegati you show it's not the case, if you work with states to remedy, then we have been productive. >> quick yes, the report out from an abc affiliate. they have seen a uptick in the number of voters withdrawing their state voter registration. that is when the colorado secretary of state agrees to provide public information. >> we should be very weary of that, and we have seen some of that in maine after we refused the information. when you talk about their presence on election voter file, that is a very bright line. you have a sovereign right of
6:48 am
democratic self-governance. it makes people nervous, and it gives rise to some of the out rage that we have seen if is so critically important here to determine what our goals are, and that we explain is so that what we do in the end is enhance confidence in our system. >> i would love to have you back and go there what happened in that meeting, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> ivanka trump is getting backlash after taking her father's seat at a g 20 session. and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira works by targeting and helping to... ...block a specific source...
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uh huh. sure. still yes! you can get it too. welcome to the party. introducing gig-speed internet from xfinity. finally, gig for your neighborhood too. >> if it's involving woman entrepreneurship or poverty or famine, she has her certain issues that she focuses on and when those things come up, that's where she is and that's what she likes to focus on.
6:52 am
i think she sees herself as part of a public servant family and she does not want to waste this time by not trying to help the world. that is what she is doing. >> nikki haley defending first daughter ivanka trump for sitting in for her father. robert msnbc analyst and welcome to you both. robert, is this what you think the president wants to see? do you think wading into these waters of nepotism might go too far even for some republicans who want to support the president? >> maybe too far. i'll split it half down the middle here. yes, it's unusual. yes, it's unorthodox and very, very uncomfortable for many world leaders to be sitting next to the president's daughter talking about policy. ivanka trump is an extension of her father intellectually and
6:53 am
making the argument that she is more substantive and she actually does her homework and pretty effective spokesperson for her father. so, yes, it is uncomfortable and unorthodox but i'm actually quite comfortable with it because as i was listening to her remarkz, she was substantive on the issues. >> all you said about ivanka can be applied to chelsea clinton, adrian. what if this was chelsea clinton. could you, would you have been able to defend that? >> i appreciate having to listen to robert's spin. this is an embarrassment for the united states. on an international stage like this. look, this is unprecedented and not standard protocol. typically when a president is at a foreign policy meeting like this and he has to step away, somebody like a cabinet member, in his case, rex tillerson was on site and why didn't he step in. and chelsea clinton would not violate this type of protocol if
6:54 am
her mother had been president. there is really no comparing here because what ivanka trump did was something completely not following standard protocol and, again, another embarrassing moment for the united states. >> how about this, robert, overall. what does the meeting look like to the rest of the world? what does it tell them about the u.s. right now? >> if you're speaking of our g-20 allies around the world, i think they're very nervous. i think if you ask a lot of americans, i think they are very nervous. if you ask a trump supporter that is a very different answer. they will say or will say right on, mr. president. you did the right thing. totally divorced from the facts. the reality is i think the president was very submissive to president putin. the reality is president putin is a very cold hearted leader who knows xabtly what he is doing. master r aer atmanipilation an
6:55 am
only thing he creates is power and also people being submissive to him and that's exactly what donald trump did. >> adrian, since our president is all about claiming the people winners and losers who do you think walked out the winner of the g20 sit down? >> absolutely vladimivladimir p. president trump played right into his hands. to form a cybersecurity partnership between russia, which donald trump's entire intelligence community has said that russia absolutely hacked into our elections and influence the elections towards donald trump. for him to form some sort of partnership to ensure a cybersecurity attack like this never happens again. is this his re-election strategy for 2020. it's hard to really understand what his strategy is there and that's exactly why ongoing investigations right now are so incredibly important. >> i think marco rubio even tweeted out earlier and i have
6:56 am
to cite this one earlier as i did earlier in the broadcast. partnering with putin on a cybersecurity unit is akin to partnering with assad on a chemical weapons unit. that is the take there from that gop senator. robert, real quick, your latest take on the wrinkle in this russia story that jared kushner and donald trump jr. all met with the russian lawyer linked to the kremlin. trump jr. said the meeting was about a russian adoption program. do you buy that? >> no. it's drip, drip, drip. here's why i don't buy it. there's no credibility with this white house. the reason why i don't buy it is because every time they say one thing, something completely opposite is reality. i don't buy it. more slope an more smoke and when we know there is smoke, there is fire. >> i agree with what robert said. every time we learn of a new meeting, these are meetings that we've never heard of before. so, why didn't jared kushner disclose this on his forms when he applied for security
6:57 am
clearance? this is exactly why we need ongoing independent investigations looking into this matter. >> robert and adrian, thank you so much. appreciate that. that's a wrap for me this hour. i'm alex witt. a bit later today we'll take a closer look at the photograph with one of the men behind the new documentary on amelia earhart. what does it explain? does it explain what happened to her? first "am joy." you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. because my teeth are yellow. these photos? why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth.
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>> he asked me questions, i answered. i clarified. and i think that he was satisfied with my answers. good morning and welcome to "am joy" i'm jonathan capeheart in for joy reid. the russia gate investigation appears to be closing in on team trump. donald jr., had an undisclosed meeting with russian lawyer


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