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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  July 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and medium sized businesses. >> do you curse on your way to work at amazon? >> never. i'm very lucky to be where i am. >> okay. >> thank you, jay. >> thanks, guys. >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks so much, mika. i never curse at work either. that's not true. good morning. i'm rustephanie ruhle. we have a lot to cover starting with a family link. the president's son admitting he met with a russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on hillary clinton changing his story from just one day before. don jr. tweeting about it just moments ago. and president trump suggesting a joint cyber security effort with russia and pulls it hours later after it is ridiculed by republicans. >> it's not the dumbest idea i've ever heard but it's pretty close. plus, they're back. congress returns to work this morning but it is the republican
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health care they're focused on and is it going to make it? >> my view is it's probably going to be dead, but i've been wrong -- >> you knew it already. we'll begin with donald trump jr. suddenly in the headlines after admitting to a russian lawyer in the dog days of the 2016 campaign sit do you think with her and top members of the trump campaign after she apirnt parentally offered to help with apparently damaging info on hillary clinton. we have the team to break it down. msnbc's peter alexander live at the white house. you can't make this up. don jr. tweeted out another defense after initially saying i didn't know what the meeting was about and it was about adopting russian babies. not so much. >> reporter: this story continues to evolve.
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let's put up that tweet. "obviously i'm the first person on a campaign to ever take a meeting to hear info about an opponent, went nowhere but had to listen." our most recent statement was he would receive information that might be helpful to the campaign not necessarily about an opponent. the meeting took place in the heart of the campaign season, june 9th, days after the president effectively wrapped up the nomination m donald trump jr., jared kushner, and the campaign chairman there, paul manafort. the russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin is natalia veselnitskaya. more on her shortly. then donald trump jr. put out on a statement sunday. initially he said it was almost entirely about russian adoptions. sunday he wrote i was asked to have a meeting by an acquaintance i knew from the
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2013 miss universe pageant with an individual who i was told might have information help to feel the campaign. i was not told her name prior to to the meeting. i asked jared kushner and paul manafort to attend but told them nothing of the substance. after pleasantries were exchanged the woman stated she had information individuals connected to russia were funding the democratic national committee and supporting miss clinton. her statements, and this is important, were vague, ambigu s ambiguous, and made no sense. no details or supporting information was provided or offered. it quickly became clear she had no meaningful information. she then changed subjects and began discussing the adoption of russian children and mentioned the act. it became clear this was the true agenda all along and the claims of potentially helpful information war pretext for the meeting. i should note both the president's son, donald trump jr., and the president's outside counsel say mr. trump, donald
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trump, had no knowledge of the meeting and but not in attendan attendan attendance. >> this one's a wow. rose lind headerman is a reporter for "the washington post" who helped break this story. mike lupica, msnbc contributor. shelby holiday, a business and politics reporter for "the wall street journal" and nicholas krist kristof, columnist for "the new york times." don jr. originally said they held the meeting because they thought they might get some information that would help the campaign. they knew nothing more than that. in the middle of june when they couldn't be busier, he's bringing in paul manafort and jared and today's tweet shows that's not the case because it says information about our opponent. >> this is troubling at so many levels, stephanie. for starters it is true that people do opposition research, of course, but you don't get it from an adversary state.
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the closest i can think of is in 2000 the gore campaign did receive opposition research from the bush campaign, a debate binder. what did they do? they didn't hupd l amongst themselves and discuss it. they called the fbi. in this case, what is striking is you begin to have the outline of potential quid pro quo. you have to russians talking about something they wanted, the end of the sanctions for the act, and you have the trump campaign outlining what it wants, which is damaging information on hillary clinton. this certainly doesn't prove collusion but provides the outline of each side seeking something and needing to talk about it. >> will there be any argument to be made? we often hear this from the white house, well, they've never done this before, they're not politicianing, they're learning the ropes. can they make that argument? >> they can and i'm sure they will, but incompetence, a, isn't the best defense, especially when one is talking about potentially criminal behavior, and there's also a pattern here
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of duplicity. i don't know what else to call it. of not initially reporting meetings, of denying them, then mischaracterizing them as about adoptions, and i guess what is also striking is that these leaks appear to be defensive leaks. they don't seem to have come from mueller's office or somebody else. they seem to come from the white house and people right around the trump campaign. normally, when you have these defensive leaks that's because they know something worse will come out, they're trying to prepare the public for it. and boy, if this bombshell is defensive, then, i mean, i can hardly imagine what is still to come. >> i want to stay on that. rosalind, you helped break this story, the news about rob goldstone. he was the guy who set this meeting up and thus far don jr. has just called him an acquaintance. is that all he was? because to nick's point, it's as though the white house has this drip, drip, drip story line
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coming out. how bad is it going to get and how about that head shot? >> rob goldstone represents a russian pop star whose father is very close to putin and helped sponsor the 2013 miss universe pageant in moscow. he described himself as friendly with donald trump jr. but i would say he's something more than an kwaps. i don't believe he denied he is a current business associate of the trumps, however he had a past business tie. donald trump appeared in a music video for his client, amin. it's quite a fascinating video. you can find it online. and of course the miss universe pageant was a very profitable enterprise for trump in 2013 and
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their company was very involved with that. >> michael lupica, i want you to weigh in here. don jr. changing his story here. all of this has come originally because jared kushner did not disclose meetings he had during the campaign. whether we're talking about don jr., jared kushner, or mike flynn, a little more than "i forgot." jeff sessions, paul manafort, the hits keep coming. >> like the "snl" skit. >> we have established a new world's record for people forgetting meetings with russian. s. by the way, everybody seated at this table, we could go our whole lives and not, you know, misremember a meeting with a russian. what's interesting about the latest tweet from don jr. is that should have been the beginning of the movie. if he had just said that on saturday, you could have said, okay, it's not good what he did
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but at least he's telling the truth. once again with these people it seems like the truth is a last resort. flik you put them up against the wall and shine a white light in their face, they come up with version. i'm looking for opposition research except you don't go to russia for it. >> instead of turning to the fbi as you mentioned earlier, not only do they not turn to law enforcement, they deny it. you're saying people don't remember. donald trump jr. denied working or meeting with russian officials. he said he might have met a russian but so far he's totally denied this. timing is important because every time president trump extend an olive branch to president putin or does something involving russia that is concerning or frustrating not just to the intelligence community but to his own white house, that's when you get these leaks. that's when you get the information. so he's his own worst enemy.
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>> while denying meetings back in 2008, don jr. giving a speech at a real estate conference said they had russian investors, they get a lot of their deals from russia, so the president has been care informal his word smithing throughout the campaign and now saying i don't have any projects in russia, i haven't invested there. president trump, no one but gesing that you yourself were putting trump family money in russia. it was russian investors investing in you. i have to change topics for a minute. to president trump's offer of a partnership with russia that he took back within 13 hours after he pitched it on social media. here's what i mean. on sunday morning he tweeted this quote specifically. "putin and i discussed forming an inpenetrable cyber security unit so that election hacking and many other negative things will be guarded." i was wrong. just 11 hours later he tweeted "the fact that president putin and i discussed a cyber security unit does not mean i think it
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can happen. ." i guess he forgot that impenetrable world he said earlier. it can't but a cease-fire can and did. panel, you must weigh in here. nick, shelby, mike. >> oh. i'm going to start with sharing some republican response. take a look. >> the president tweeting this morning saying putin and i discussed forming an inem penetrable cyber security unit. >> i'm sure vladimir putin could be of enormous assistance in that effort since he's doing the hacking. >> it's not the dumbest idea i've ever heard, but it's pretty close. tillerson and trump are ready to forgive and forget when it comes to cyber attacks on the american election of 2016. >> i don't know, president trump likes to watch tv. does it sound like he watched this reaction and said forget it? >> clearly that's what happened. this is such a lob to come up with great metaphors about working with the north koreans on addressing nuclear proliferation. working with syria on addressing
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chemical weapons. you know, poultry, working with foxes, to discuss henhouse security. >> he teed it up because he tweeted it right before the sunday shows. he was asking for this. the timing couldn't have been better for the republicans going on talk shows. >> he did this before the sunday shows but is this another example of president trump hijacking the credibility of his own people? look at what steve mnuchin said about this. >> i think this is a very important step forward. this is about having capabilities to make sure that we both fight cyber together, which i think is a very significant accomplishment for president trump. >> so there you go. at 10:00 a.m. yesterday when steve mnuchin could have been on a megayacht in the mediterranean he went on tv and said this was a significant achievement, an advancement, then the president said forget it. >> and did it by the way with a straight face. you're thinking here's a guy trying to sell the american people this. we're going to put willie sutton in charge of bank security,
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okay? because who knows more about stealing than he does? and what the fact of putin is when trump gave him the big-guy handshake the other day in hamburg, the first thing that trump should have done is count his fingers after shaking hands with putin. he cannot be trusted. guy's a hoodlum, okay? and the idea that he's going to be a good partner for this country is dumber than rocks. >> i also think it's interesting you heard after their meeting tillerson came out and said they connected very quickly, there was clear, positive chemistry. we heard laugh-roh say trump seemed to accept putin's denial, they want to move on, both side said they want to move on. >> who ha more credibility, the kremlin's account or the white house's account? >> playing jump ball. did you see what herrera tweeted yesterday. previously when he's dealing with criminals if they deny it, he immediately drops the whole thing. >> right. right. >> it was striking how as you
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point out, stephanie, that trump managed this weekend to undermine his key aides. he managed to undermine mnuchin and earlier managed to undermine tillerson. when you do that, you were undermining your administration's capacity to make your own case the next time around. >> i think that's an interesting point, a good point, because trump said we did not discuss sanctions with putin right after tillerson said they did discuss being taken by -- >> why do this to rex tillerson? rex tillerson is, was, a business icon six months ago who ranek son mobile, who worked there for 40 years, and every day he has to endure this. i wonder how long it will last. >> and one of the few grown-ups in the room. >> there you go. >> for the low bar. >> yeah. these guys against the curb. next, after a week off, the senate returns with one goal -- passing their health care bill. the president already weighing in this morning admonishing members of his own party.
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what happens now on health care? >> my view is it's probably going to be dead. >> that of course was senator john mccain offering his assessment of the gop's health care bill as lawmakers return to work in the nation's capital this morning. president trump tweeting this a few minutes ago perform "i cannot imagine that congress would dare to leave washington without a beautiful new health care bill fully approved and ready to go!" i said republicans. that's what's extraordinary. it's the republicans, the gop that needs to pass this thing. i want to go thrive washington and nbc news capitol hill correspondent kasie hunt. kasie, in the gop are they actually floating this idea of bipartisanship? i want to share what lindsey graham said. >> my advice is if it does fail work together in a bipartisan fashion to replace it. i don't know what the outcome will be, but mitch is trying really hard.
6:20 am
>> bipartisan. lots of americans would like that. is it remotely a possibility? >> reporter: well, steph, it could easily play out that way. why is it that these major accomplishments are often bipartisan? that means all political risk is spread around equally and that's what you're hearing and feeling from some moderate republicans who say no way, i have a state who has all these people who rely on the health care system, if democrat joe manchin also voted for it, and you see on screen a few of of the people who are objecting. that's a mix of conservative and moderate members of the senate. but, you know, there are some people who are now starting to say, hey, we actually would prefer to work with democrats. there is a little less risk in that. of course democrats will say we learned this lesson the hard way when we passed the affordable care act without any republican support and there are republicans who now say behind closed doors, hey, we may be making the same mistakes that democrats did. so i think that this is going to be a critical week for this bill. we're likely to see new cbo score numbers. we'll get a sense of whether or not conservatives think they can get to the point where they
6:21 am
could back it, and we'll start to get a sense of whether these moderates really still are in play or not. mitch mcconnell is somebody who always holds his cards pretty close to the vest. there are some questions about what does he really want out of this at the end of the day. to a certain extent there's a pressure to move past health care as the issue they're focused on. remember we're about halfway through this year, there's still no major legislative accomplishment for republicans to point to and he does want to move on at some point to tax reform. but i think there are a lot of variables up in the air and it really could go either way at this point. >> gary cohn said to me they'll get to tax reform with or without health care. michael, congress back in session. is this bill dead? >> i think it is. i wrote about this today. if you are an at-risk american, if you are the poor or the elderly or somebody with a pre-existing condition or somebody who relies on a rural hospital, mitch mcconnell is more of a danger to your life right now than vladimir putin
6:22 am
is. if he gets this thing through, it attacks so many people in this country who will end up eventually without health care and without health insurance. and there's going to be -- nick and i are talking about this before. there's going to be a reckoning for the republicans who really get behind this. you know who's going to end up at risk because of this bill? some of these republicans who have gotten behind it. >> is that what matters more to these republicans? when i sit down with republican lawmakers, they say over and over, we told our people in our state we are going to repeal. repeal is what we're going to do. but do americans actually care the name, the title of health care? or do they just want to be covered? because if this bill goes through and lawmakers see their constituents lose health care, won't that impact them worse in the midterm elections than the name of the health care bill? >> it will overall, but one does have to remember that most republican members of congress are probably at greater risk from a primary challenger on the rightn this they are in the
6:23 am
general election from the left. i think that is playing into some of the calculations. but on balance it just seems to me i agree, that it's seems really hard to imagine that legislation that has about a 17% approval rating that is going down by the day, that would take away -- end up with 22 million or 23 million tuer being insured gets somewhere. my greater concern is not that trump care gets passed but that trump and congress succeed in undermining obamacare with cost-sharing subsidies, with the end of the mandate, with creating instability in a private market in ways that then lead them to say, obamacare is dying, you know, we warned you -- >> you're saying if they go with repeal and replace later, if they go with repeal and replace later, that's going to leave us in the vortex. >> yeah. i think they do to some degree have the capacity to deeply undermine obamacare even if they don't have the capacity to actually pass meaningful
6:24 am
legislation. and that capacity to destroy it, undermine, destroy it, is something that deeply worries me. >> that doesn't seem like keeping america healthy. >> we see insurers pulling out left and right. they could undermine it because the law is not working as intended. are they going to undermine it and let it fail as president trump has threatened or do something about it? the risk for republicans is if they cannot come to an agreement, which i don't think we're there yet, it's not looking great, but i don't think it's failed completely, the risk that if they don't get a bill, a republican bill, where do we go from here? then you have to start -- if you work on this in a bipartisan way, you have to shore up the markets, you have to provide tax credits, you have to make sure people have insurance, and then you just throw tons of money at the system, which is against everything republicans believe in. so if you work on this in a bipartisan way, it's going to look a lot more democratic than our -- >> we're going to take a break. keep in mind, insurance companies are pulling out. but take a look at insurance company stocks over the last few years and ceo pay, they're doing
6:25 am
a-okay. we're taking a break. more on donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer as his dad points to reports that former fbi director jim comey's memos contain classified information. i don't know how much longer this look away, look here is going to detract people from following the money. two former federal prosecutors join me on what all of this could mean for robert mueller's investigation. but first, be careful what you wager. nebraska senator and part-time uber driver ben sax spent his friday driving around iowa decked out in full hawkeye gear after losing a bet with a reporter. you know, like his politics or not, ben sasse, this guy throws it out there. i'm going to say, i love following him on twitter.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you're watching msnbc. time for your "morning primer," everything you need to get your day started. president donald trump is now backtracking on a proposal to form a cyber security unit with russia after the idea was met with harsh criticism by republicans. the president tweet sunday
6:30 am
night, "the fact that president putin and i discussed a cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't." a cease-fire brokered by u.s. and russia is in effect in southwest syria, the latest international attempt to make peace in the war-torn country. president trump and russian president putin reached the peace deal friday at the g-20 summit on friday. and the iraqi prime minister has declared victory over isis in mosul saying the city has been liberated after nine months of fighting. iraqi forces are pushing to retake the last patch of ground in that city. and more than 70 firefighters responded to a m s massive blaze over overnight at london's camden market, a popular tourist attraction north of the city center. no casualties have been reported. officials say the fire damaged several floors of the building. and this story creeps me out pap colorado teen is out of the hospital after being physically attacked by a bear early sunday morning. 19-year-old says he woke to a,
6:31 am
quote, crunching sound around 4:00 a.m. to find a 400-pound bear biting at this young man's head and trying to drag him away. that is honestly my worst nightmare. he says that he punched and hit the bear until he left. that is extraordinary. glad to hear this boy is getting home safely. reaction is pouring in this morning morning to president trump's son changing his account of a meeting he had with a russian lawyer at the height of the 2016 presidential campaign first reported by "the new york times." donald trump jr. now saying the woman told him she had information about hillary clinton but an initial statement on the matter made no mention of clinton and said the meeting centered on an adoption program for russian children. joining me now, thomas dupree, who served as deputy assistant attorney general from 2007 to 2009. he's ban lawyer for george w. bush and is current lay partner with ginnson dunn.
6:32 am
and former special watergate prosecutor and former assistant u.s. attorney nick ackerman. i want to start with you, tom. kellyanne conway was on this morning saying nothing came of the meeting with don jr. is that enough? he went to the meeting with the expectation that a russian, a russian was going to give him dirt on hillary clinton and he didn't go to the meeting alone. he brought with him paul manafort and jared kushner, can the person who did not disclose at this point more than one meet m ing with russians. >> if i had been advising the trump campaign i would have said don't have that meeting. i would not put this in a category of best practices at the same time, what we know at this point is that number one there is no agreement that was reached at the meeting. there was no sort of collusion, no sort of quid pro quo. and number two, it's not entirely clear this woman was, in fact,ing on behalf of the russian government. i think it's something that bears investigation.
6:33 am
i'm glad that younger mr. trump has come forward and given his version of events. i think it's worth looking into, but at least at this point i don't think we have enough facts or toed say there is some sort of collusion that occurred at this meeting. >> nick, at this point, are there any legal implications? obviously the media is all over this. >> there's lots of legal implications. first of all we have a potential for actual treason. we have donald trump jr., the mini-me to the president, who is meeting with a russian operative, thinking that he's going to get information on the hillary clinton campaign. where did he think that was coming from? if this was a russian operation, it was something that was coming through spying. now, obviously we don't have all the facts yet, but we do know the context in which this occurred. you had paul manafort president. he was the chairman of the trump campaign. what was he doing there if this was just some kind of a minor meeting? paul manafort was brought to the
6:34 am
dance by none other than roger stone, who in august of 2016 admitted that prior he had direct conversations with the russian hagger and that he was aware of what wikileaks was doing. then on top of all that, you've got jared kushner, who in june of 2016, when this very meeting was going on, was put in charge of this whole data program for the trump campaign that a number of people have alleged was part of this russian collusion to try and bring in all of this russian disinformation to hillary clinton voters in an effort to suppress the hillary clinton vote. then on top of it all, jared kushner complete ll lly forgot this meeting when he filled out his application for security clearance, which is totally unbelievable. so there is plenty of smoke here. and i think we're getting close to the fire. >> all right, tom. there are lots of crumbs but
6:35 am
nick says this possibly borders on treason. we heard the same thing from richard painter but to the average person at home watching they heard lots of borders on trees and unprecedented, never happened before. but is it the case of wrongdoing that could be punishable? and if it is, what's the punishment? >> well, i don't think we've had facts right now to say that there was any wrongdoing committed. the fact that people from the trump campaign wanted to meet with someone to get information on hillary clinton doesn't strike me as remarkable. i mean, quite frankly i would imagine that on a daily basis people in the clinton campaign were getting calls saying, hey, we've got dirt on donald trump. >> from a russian? it's not worthy that the person is russian? >> well, the person is of russian ethnicity, but i'm not aware of any evidence and i don't think we've seen any evidence this perp was in fact acting on behalf of the russian government. if it was, i agree, that's a different situation. but we don't have that evidence yet so we're speculating. >> all right. could one argue, though, that
6:36 am
ties between private russian citizens, very wealthy private russian citizens and the russian government, there's a lot more commingling there than there is here? >> i agree as a general matter you have situation where is the russians might have someone be a cat's paw, someone who willingly or unwillingly is an agent in advancing the agenda of the putin regime. i completely agree with that. based on what lit well know right now, it's starting to come out of media there will be a much greater spotlight on this on the weeks to come, i don't think we have enough evidence to say this woman was acting at the behest of the russian government when she reached out to the trump campaign. that's a critical fact we'll need to nail down in the weeks ahead. >> let's share a different complicated story. the hill is reporting more than half of the memos written by former fbi director james comey about the conversations he personally had with president trump regarding the russians contained classified information and the president via twitter is claiming james comey leaked
6:37 am
classified information to the media. how might this complicate things? >> i don't think it complicates things at all. there is no evidence that cojam comey leaked to the media any classified information. i would expect in these memos there would be classified information and i would assume that james comey, knowing he cannot put classified information out in the public domain, would have redacted that information. i don't think necessarily the senate committee and the house committee will have redacted version bus to me that just seems like a nonissue. there's no reason to believe that any classified information was ever leaked. in fact, i don't know of any classified information that's appeared in the media. there's even arguably classified. >> guess what, neither of these stories are going away. nick, tom, thanks so much. we'll take a break. next, outrage after pictures show ivanka trump sitting at the g-20's head table sandwiched between world leaders. the president now on a tweet storm over this morning.
6:38 am
that next. before we go, just seven minutes to go. the markets open slightly down on the day, but remember, this is second week in july. this is when the markets get sleepy.
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how to win at business. step one. point decisively with your glasses. abracadabra! the stage is yours. step two. choose laquinta. where you'll feel like the king of the road. check out our summer rates now at welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. the g-20 summit ended saturday with president trump facing off against all other 18 countku 19 on the top ig of climate change,
6:42 am
the final note in what seemed to be a contentious and awkward two days as trump gathered with world leaders incluing russian president vladimir putin. here's how reince priebus, who was not there, described the global summit on sunday. >> -- as positive meeting. the president set the stage in europe. the leaders of the g-20 came to the president, that he was a star in hamburg. no one can take that away. >> ben judah is the author of "fragile empire: how russia fell in and out of love with vladimir putin." mike lupica, shelby holliday, nick kristof. judging by what you know what happened at the summit, many have said trump was sort of a man standing alone. would you say it was a win for him? >> you have to remember that vladimir putin doesn't think in terps of quick media wins and how it went down on twitter and
6:43 am
how it was going down on the networks. he's thinking completely different. vladimir putin claims not to use the internet, claims to only ready jested analyses, printed out from his staff. vladimir putin of course doesn't have to worry about cable news networks because they're all controlled in russia and under his sort of propaganda grip. so putin will be looking at this meeting and the process going forward thinking what did trump actually deliver for me? what have i got out of this in concrete terms on the ground in syria or in europe or elsewhere? he el be ignoring this discussion of if it was a win or not. completely different psychology from donald trump, obsessing about how this is going down right here, right now on tv. >> i want to share what john brennan had to say about trump's meeting with vladimir putin. >> i don't think he demonstrates
6:44 am
food negotiating skills when it comes to mr. putin. right before he met with mr. putin and talked with him at some length, which i'm glad he did, he said it's an honor to meet president putin. an honor to meet the individual who carried out the assault against our election? to me it was a dishonorable thing to say. >> what do you think about that assessment? >> that's diplomat language. i'm not worried about that. you see that president macron has take an very strong line against president putin but has also managed to sort of -- i'm not worried about sort of little statements like that. you know, putin has been meeting world leads for so long. he first started meeting world leaders in the early a 1990s. he e's not worried about things like that. he's used to this. we have to think about concrete things, what was actually given away, what actually happened, and right now it's too early to
6:45 am
say. >> concrete things like north korea you would assume would be his big take-away, but today that's not what he's talking about when he looks back on the g-20. he's taking aim at people, not climate change, not north korea, not cyber hacking, people who slammed ivanka, his daughter, for taking her dad's chair at a g-20 meeting. he tweeted out this morning, "when i left the conference room for a short meeting with japan and other countries i asked ivanka to hold the seat. very standard. angela merkel agrees." "if chelsea clinton were asked to hold a seat for her mother as her mother gave our country away, the fake news would seychelle see for president." chelsea clinton took to twitter, responded in part by saying, "it would never have occurred to my mother or my father to ask me were you giving our country away? hoping not." michael, let's go to you first. it would not be standard to ask your child, but ivanka is
6:46 am
special adviser to the president. >> yeah. who knew if you got up to go to the bathroom that you had a seat filler. >> other people do too. >> this is one of those things about context and proportion with this guy that you've got to pick your hills you'll fight for. this was not anything that should have had nick's hair on fire at this particular summit. but it gives him a chance to once again do what he does best, which is subject changing. he is the greatest subject changer in chief that we have ever had. and that's what he's doing. did you feel like this was a big issue that ivanka sat down at that seat? >> if you'll excuse me, my daughter's going to fill my seat. you know, i do think also that there's a misperception that this was an attack on ivanka. >> it's not. >> no. it was fundamentally -- >> his son is being attacked. >> but that president trump was disrespectful to the g-20 for
6:47 am
allowing this kind of sit-in, which it truly was unprecedented. i think more broadly it did reflect to me one of the big take-aways of the summit, which is just in 2014 that we charles hadlock a g 8 and russia was kicked out of the g 8, it became the g-7. russia was isolated internationally. it struck me internationally watching what was happening in hamburg was that today it's the u.s. that has become isolated, essentially a g-19 and then the u.s. to me that was the subtext of everything unfolding and deeply disturbing. >> the president could have avoided this. he knew that climate change was going to be a focus. the white house new leaving the paris accord would leave the president standing on his own. but north korea would have been the perfect entree for him to close things out and bring people together, but because he didn't choose that, and he chooses to go on this rampage this morning about ivanka speaks to the president's character.
6:48 am
richard branson said during the campaign the first time he ever met trump all he wanted to talk about were the five people who would not bail out when he went bankrupt and he would have a vendetta against him because they hurt him personally. the president choosing i'm going to defend my family, this is what matters to him the most, calling into question, are you putting country first or always self and family? >> i think that's true. you see how personal this is for him, how easy he is to bait and upset. but you also see here against the backdrop of what's happening with donald trump jr., you can't have it both ways. i get that donald trump jr.'s role is much different from ivanka's. i vap ka is a former adviser, be, you can't put your kid at the seat, say she can fill in for you and turn around and say but my son has no idea what he's doing. you can't have it both ways. >> her recent quote, i'm not getting involved in politics. >> she's married to the de facto secretary of state. keep that in mind. >> but in her own word, i'm not getting involved in politics, sitting at the g-20, that's politics. >> right. the contradicting statements and
6:49 am
actions are what drive everybody nuts because you can't have it both ways. >> what do i know? i would say that taking a seat at the g-20, i think you're kind of involved in politics. >> maybe get your 2-year-old. >> exactly. if drew hubbard showed up there -- >> she'd dominate this table. >> that thing would be a party. before we go, you said unprecedented. you have to pay me $2. next, first tax hikes on the rich are on the table, then peadly taken off, is there a real plan for tax reform? gary cohn says yes. see you in september. but look who's up there? steve bannon versus steve mnuchin. the heat is on. vid. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college.
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let the geico insurance agency help you with homeowners insurance. call today to see how much you could save. a potential battle inside the white house the trump administration prepares to unveil tax reform in the next two months. last week axios reported that steven bannon has been pushing for a top tax bracket of at least 40% during interview on sunday treasury secretary steve mnuchin poured cold water on that report. >> is that idea actually on the table? >> no, it's not. i have never heard steve mention that. another example of false leak that is being reported.
6:54 am
>> well, false leak or a leak in general. cnbc kayla joins me now. not consensus on the hill that would ever support a 40% tax. do you think the country would react to this well? >> well, i don't know exactly where this stands, stephanie. you heard members of the white house, treasury secretary saying under oath in the briefing room, on television that they're committed to getting this done. gary cohn said the same thing to you two weeks ago. they want to unveil something the first week of september but it is going to be hard given that congress is going to be gone the whole month of august. it does seem the white house has been interested in putting trial balloons out there. while the treasury secretary say that is not considered perhaps they arrive at that because they face backlash when these details did get out. >> in preparing for tax reform
6:55 am
he has been learning from the push on health care. what lessons has he learned? >> they learned they need to figure out exactly where republicans stand on this. speaker ryan has been committed to this, senator hatch who chairs the finance committee on the senate side has been soliciting feedback but unclear what all that feedback has led to and what specific contours could be present in this reform. so, we're still in a wait and see mode here. >> lessons they learned that different republicans have very different views. coming up, a former fbi double agent who worked in russia weighs in on trump pitching and then taking back an idea to partner with putin on cybersecurity.
6:56 am
so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far. are you there? he's probably on mute. yeah... gary won't like it. why? because he's gary. (phone ringing) what? keep going! yeah... (laughs) (voice on phone) it's not millennial enough. there are a lot of ways to say no. thank you so much. thank you! so we're doing it. yes! start saying yes to your company's best ideas. let us help with money and know-how, so you can get business done. american express open.
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introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. that wraps us up for the hour. i will see you again at 11:00 a.m. with my friend ali velshi and any time on social media. right now a woman that won't stop staring at me so i'm losing my mind. my friend hallie jackson is not in our nation's capital. >> good monday morning to all of you. this morning don jr.'s on defense online getting back up from the white house about the meeting with the kremlin-linked lawyer. the argument, they didn't get any dirt on hillary clinton, so it doesn't matter. that's not exactly flying with a lot of folks. with russia, again, today dominating the headlines the president flip-flopping after friendly fire at home. some republicans on the hill
7:00 am
dumb founded for a cybersecurity working group. speaking of the hill, it's buzzing again today. congress back in town with a white house wakeup call a warning shot from the president hinting they should think about canceling august recess. easier said than done. with more in the gop backing away from the health care plan. our team is here and ready to go. we have to tell you about donald trump jr. tweeting about all of this related to russia. obviously, the first person on the campaign to take a meeting to hear info about an opponent. went no where but had to listen. just a couple moments ago. no inconsistency in statements. meeting ended up being primarily about adoptions. in response to further cues, i simply provided more details. kristen welker is at the white house. we are seeing don jr. rebut that. two different stories. one he told saturday and one he told saturday and the emerging theme from white house officials seems to be in defense of don jr. hey, didn't get any dnd


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