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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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good evening. i'm chris matthews. the big question since january is whether the trump team was willing to clud with the russians to beat hillary clinton. thanks to this weekend's bomb shell in the new york times we know it is a fact that they were. donald trump jr, jared kushner, paul manafort all met in trump tower with a russian lawyer offering dirt on hillary clinton. then the candidate. it is another pete of the trump/putin puzzle. a secret meeting between moscow and trumps. kept secret from the american press. another connection that president trump continues to hide from prosecutors, media and american people. the beat goes on pt another week, another story of trump/russian intrigue. american family that acts like it acquired the u.s. presidency continues to display not just an affinity for russian dealing but readiness to behave like russian royals. like the deposed romanoffs.
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laura huckabee sanders defended the son-in-law in an off-camera briefing today. >> i've been on several campaigns. people call offering information. as i know many of you receive similar calls of people offering information. don junior took a very short meeting from which there was absolutely no follow-up. >> what a hoot. in a statement yesterday, donald trump jr said i was asked to have a meeting from an acquaintance i knew from the 2013 miss universe pageant and this individual i was told might have information helpful to the campaign. i was not told her name prior to the meeting. i asked jared and paul to attend but told them nothing of the substance. president trump's legal team put out a statement saying the president was not aware of and did not attend the meeting. "the washington post" first reported the acquaintance of trumps who put together the meeting was a music publicist named rob goldstein. he was representing a rock star
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whose family has ties to putin and trump. trump even appeared in a music video with the singer in 2013 ahead of the miss universe contest which held that year in moscow. let's watch that. >> what's wrong with you? what's wrong with you, evan? evan, let's get with it. you're always late. you just don't know the pretty face. i'm really tired of you. you're fired. >> goldstone said in his statement on msnbc today that it was that singer who wasn't the russian lawyer and trump campaign it meet. there's a reason why this is all so significant. look at the timing. the meeting with the russian lawyer at trump tower took place june 9. five days later washington post reported that russian hackers penetrated to give the network of the democratic national committee. wikileaks published its first batch of hacked e-mails from the dnc. intelligence committee told reporters he wants it speak to
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donald trump jr about there newly disclosed meeting. here he is. >> it's remarkable that this meeting, one, was not reported beforehand. that, two, this is again the first time the public has seen clear evidence of at least an attempt by the trump campaign to obtain information and again in this case from a possible foreign agent. that would interfere with the hillary clinton campaign efforts. this is again kind of the underlying premise that's been raised throughout this whole investigation. >> senator richard blumenthal of connecticut, washington bureau chief from usa today p national security reporter for nbc news. senator this is interesting. a russian lawyer has dirt on hillary clinton. we don't know what the dirt was. supposedly something to do that's bogus with campaign contributions coming from russians. i don't know if there is anything to that. i doubt it.
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of course donald trump jr said i will be there. and i will bring manafort. the russian guy. i will bring jared kushner. i'm bringing them all for this meeting and they kept it completely secret as of this weekend until the new york times caught them and exposed them. >> and he came for the express purpose of seeking and soliciting damaging information. and he was disappointing. >> colluding with the russians. >> and this meeting and most respectfully donald trump jr's reason for it is bomb shell evidence of conspiracy and criminal intent. because he went to that meeting for a purpose and that purpose was seeking dirt on hillary clinton. potentially in violation of the law. >> what statute would that be? >> united states code 1030. the computer fraud and abuse act. there are are a variety of other statutes that might cover it. but in agreement to violate the law. even if someone doesn't know all of the actions take enis a conspiracy. >> the law is you can't deal
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with a foreign entity? >> hacking into a computer. >> okay that part. >> or seeking information illegally from a foreign agent and clearly this russian lawyer was tied closely to the kremlin, representing a number of the oligarchs and their sons. >> you believe dirt was talking from hacking source? >> what they were doing in essence, looking at it in its most innocent way, saying we're open for business. go ahead, come back to us with information. we're not asking how you get it but we want dirt on the clinton campaign. that's potentially a conspiracy. we don't have necessarily proof after conspiracy. that evidence is not necessarily enough to charge anyone. but it is a bomb shell in this continuing investigation. >> hold on. let me go to susan with the media. you write front page stories. you're part of what trump doesn't like, straight news reporting. serious. from the straight news reporting we're getting from journalists
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in the country. it was a secret and would have stayed a secret for the rest of our lives except someone dug it up from the times. >> three advisors from the white house. this gets close -- >> were they hostile to donald trump jr or friendly to him? >> you don't know that from the story. they could have been hostile to the trumps. they could have been wanting to protect the president, thinking you know -- >> this is the first time he allowed information on his own call. he usually waits for, in fact every time, someone digs it up, then he denies it is important. >> i agree with the senator that this crosses a line we hadn't crossed a line before. both because it is evidence of willingness to clud aollude. this is not a quiet period during the campaign. this is a very busy period and all three went and sat down to this meeting. >> donald trump jr has given a
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number of different statements. in march he told the "new york times" he never met with russians as representative of the campaign in any way. on saturday when news of the meeting with the russian lawyer first broke he said in the statement we primarily discussed a program about the adoption of russian children. yesterday a new statements acknowledging he held a meeting with someone might have had information helpful to the campaign. this is disclosure, a phrase i despice, but so frequent in the political world, especially from bad guys. they never tell you what you are up to. you have to dig it up and then oh, yeah, that was -- then they become helpful. they attack the people who dug it up as fake news. >> you're absolutely right. that, i agree, raises a ton of questions. i believe there is a more innocent explanation behind this particular meeting, though. we at nbc news have had dealings with this lawyer in the past. we know she is focussing on this particular issue involving the
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magnitsky act that goes to this issue of adoptions. according to donald trump jr she lured them into the meeting with the pretext of i have dirt on hillary clinton. but didn't come up with hillary clinton. >> but the lower work tells me everything. the wish went for the hook because the fish wanted to hook. if they were willing to grab dirt for the russians and collude with them, it certain lin indicates they were one to do it repeatedly. there's a pattern here. how can you say -- i don't quite get what you are saying. they went for the lower, not for the discussion of the magnitsky act. >> i agree. that's why it was important. whether this meeting is important -- we don't even know if this woman is tied to the russian government. or could be considered an agent of the russian government. but even under the most innocent explanation, this raises the question of what other meetings
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were they willing to accept after the hack became known. and that this information was in the hands of russian intelligence. we also learn from times reporting that jared kushner today disclose this after not having to disclose it as part of his security clearance application. that's also significant, chris. >> you know the different entanglements, the thing russians want to get even with us for sanctions. so i know you've adopted russian kids. you can't adopt russian kids any more. this crap goes on. it is rough. it is hard ball. yet it certainly snagged the trumps. they were brought into this by people who know the issues better than they do. >> let me second what susan said about the importance of reporting here. the free press is why we know any of this stuff. this is really a very profound and important point. second, on the russian interest here, vladimir putin has consistently wanted to lift sanctions.
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not only the mag knits ski sanctions but also the ukraine sanctions. >> on the russian kids? oh, sanctions that they were fighting, yeah. >> so the point here is, that donald trump jr went to this meeting because he thought that this russian, perhaps foreign agent, might have information damaging. and i have a hard time believing that he didn't know who was going to be in this meeting with the campaign manager and the president's son and son-in-law. but i'm willing to bet that there were other meetings afterward. i think that's where the reporting will go about. other meetings that occurred afterward. because what donald trump jr was saying, in his signal, is we were disappointed, you didn't have information, dirt on hillary clinton, but we are open to this kind of information however you're able -- >> we're ready to deal. >> we're ready to deal. >> donald trump jr's acknowledgement that he and
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manafort met in 2016. let's watch the pattern. >> are there any ties between mr. trump, you or your campaign and putin and his regime? >> no, there are not. that's absurd. and there is no basis for it. >> did anyone involved in the trump campaign have any contact with russians trying to meddle with the election? >> absolutely not. and i discussed that with the president-elect just last night. those conversations never happened. >> is there any contract in my way between trump or his associates and kremlin or cutouts? >> of course not. why would there be any context between the campaign -- >> can you say that anyone who advised your campaign had contacts with russia during the course of the election? >> i told you general flynn obviously was dealing. so that's one person, but dealing as he should have been. >> during election? >> not that i know of. i have nothing do with russia. to the best of my knowledge
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within no person that i deal with does. >> i haven't had him use that word before, he was dealing, not chatting. what would you deal about, sanctions. what else do you want to deal with? is what senator was talking about. what's on the table? what's on the table is what we are doing to sanction them for misbehavior. they want the sanctions to end. >> that's a stunning series of clips you just played there. is not to senator bloumenthal is a former prosecutor. he knows more about this when i do. if you're not telling the truth about your conduct, it suggests you have something to hide. why do they keep denying meeting with russians? what else don't we know, chris bp. >> that's my question to you. i closed my show with it tonight, only to me, two obvious skp explanations why trump doesn't want to. he is afraid that one of his
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kids or in-laws or someone like manafort was talking about getting rid of sanctions in exchange for friendly help during the campaign or did it himself. what other reason could he have to say, okay, any conversation with any russian in last year and half, all on the table. give it all to the prosecutor and get it over with. this is kill mig presidency. either he did it or he thinks some of his people did it. >> and consciousness of guilt is very important here. somebody's guilt. may be donald trump jr. he faces donald trump jr a ton of legal witness. he will be a witness probably before a grand jury. >> they are all buying up lawyers. this is a lawyered up white house. >> and jared kushner perhaps more problematic thdonald trump jr. >> these are are the people that
4:14 pm
they would be loyal to, the family. the r romanianoffs. >> susan, thank you. coming up, when donald met vlad, reasons priebus says trump didn't believe putin when he said russians meddled in our election. but trump said he has given his opinion and it is time to move on. that response is raising a lot of questions about the inability to get tough with moscow. after nearly six months in total control, republican have gotten nothing done. in one reason it could be the president is keeping an enemies list and republicans he thinks are against him. that's healthy. back to the top stories. son of the president meeting with the kremlin, kremlin-connected russian lawyer, promising dirt on hillary. finally tonight, a treat from people, my generation. the great carl reiner, he says, don't retire. he will be with us on the show
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oh, no. (giggling) bird: new birds eye veggie made. so veggie good. the senate intelligence committee does not yet have a date lined up to speak to donald trump jr but there is still a busy week for that committee. nbc news learned that senate panel scheduled to begin its first interviewes with trump campaign officials later this week. and right now it is unclear which campaign officials will be interviewed this week or when exactly those takes place. it is exciting. mysterious. it goes on. we'll be right back. fly. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits. hanging with our mates weekenders and the it's been quite a day... glad we got away weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you.
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>> welcome back. that is russian foreign minister, one of six people, including pair of interpreters in the meeting with putin last week saying trump accepted putin's word that russia did not meddle in our election last year. initially u.s. officials traveling with trump would not dispute puten's and lavrov's accounts when mentioned by reporters. then the president weighed in saying i strongly pressed president putin twice about russian meddling in our election. he vehemently denied it. i have already given my opinion. chief of staff priebus went further saying president trump did not believe putin's denial. here you go. >> is that true, did the president say what lavrov said? >> no, it's not true. the president absolutely did not believe the denial of president putin. >> that something trump himself is not willing to say and has
4:20 pm
never said that russians did it. as recently as last thursday, president trump consistently downplayed russia's culpability in attacking our democracy. >> might be russia. could be china. could be, if you remember, sony. it could be north korea. it could be a lot of places. >> could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds. maybe there is no hacking. i think it was russia but i think we also get hacked by other countries and other people. >> you don't think it is that the russians tried to meddle in the election? >> that i don't know. i think it was russia but probably people and or countries and i see nothing wrong with that statement. nobody really knows. >> nobody really knows. join join a couple things. first of all, john brennan offended that our president,
4:21 pm
head of our government, is continually to dump on our intelligence agencies and say he doesn't believe them but may believe russia. taking sides against the institutions that protect this country. >> criticizing american media, american intelligence. t when have you a president that is willing to make a muddle of anything, nobody knows, nobody can tell, that's kremlinesque regime. the truth is unknowable. they just want you to kind of decide based on what you see as the truth and truth is not subjective but donald trump's administration -- >> when somebody disappears in moscow somewhere, reporter. he might have been in a skiing accident overseas. we're not sure he was killed by -- >> but in a country like russia that would be the uniform message across the government. what we have here is u.s.
4:22 pm
intelligence community saying something different. saying we are convinced that this is the case. russia tried to interfere and we have evidence of it. and the president implicitly, every time he casts doubt on the question is insulting and undermining the -- >> first question for both of you. why did reince priebus pop -- he is not known for his inde independence, maverick nature. then he says yesterday as clear as a bell, that president trump did not believe the denial of putin. he said the guy was lying. he said that. roo reince priebus has a very short leash and just went out there and barked that out there. do you think that was trump allowing him to say what he didn't want it say or is this guy, reince priebus, in trouble now. >> i don't think anyone is in trouble for mixed message. >> oh mixing the message? >> yeah. he said it because he was on television and faced with a difficult question, unanswerable
4:23 pm
question and he came up with what seemed to be a plausible answer. the right answer but not the answer that comports -- >> oh, here we go. here we go. here he is joining the fog machine. later pressed by chris wallace, he knows thousand do this, saying russia isn't like other countries who he said also meddle in our elections. watch the fog machine. >> he does not accept putin's denial. he believes the russians meddled. >> he answered this several times. saying they probably meddled in the election. he did meddle in the election. wu one thing he says that drives the media crazy but is an absolute fact is that others have as well. that's true. china has. north korea has. they have consistently over many, many years. >> why do these guys gargle about this and talk in circles? he makes a clear cut statement that his boss didn't believe russia's putin.
4:24 pm
then the other countries and the same number trump does. >> he said it first with fortitude, then hedges it with maybe. and with all respect to the chief of staff, he doesn't know what he is talking about. >> he wasn't in the meeting. >> north korea tried to meddle in our elections. last point when it is absolute fact china and north korea tried to meddle in our elections. that is not absolute fact. this is serious stuff. matters of national community and the chief of staff of the white house doesn't seem to understand what he is talking about. it is alarming. >> he wasn't in the meeting. >> right. >> so there's two sources co-have had. two have had tillerson, i don't know what he is saying because he is off beat, off the message. but sounds like the president said to him, i didn't believe putin but yet the president won't say that. did he say that to him? did he say that to priebus? where did priebus's information
4:25 pm
come from? he wasn't in the room. >> they get mad at us when we don't name our sources. he didn't name any sourcees. >> tillerson had the opportunity to respond to this russian allegation and tillerson did not say what priebus said. tillerson did not say trump rejects putin's -- priebus is the only person who is. >> if you watch trump, i'm not saying it proves guilt but co-insights entirely with the brief he colluded. he won't say a thing that causes trouble with putin and putin knows it all. a lot of people forget that putin is sitting in that room knowing everything they did to mess with our electiones. knew whatever misbehavior trump has been in. dossier, everything else. any time a russian had conversation with anyone in the trump -- putin knowes it all.
4:26 pm
he can't push him too hard, he might just blurt out, hey you know all this, michael. >> well, you know -- >> you know it all. >> also the big picture finds this hilarious bp li. lining the gift that keeps on doing. giving. what does the president believe, why does this president seem to need to controversy? >> why is it doing it? >> this is classic russian method. enemy is in a state of confusion and disarray. >> is there something on the trump and family members? whatever his refewal to talk about this. >> the he is skeptical and tough on everyone except this one. >> thank you so much. both of you guys. next, trump's enemy's list reporting that the president is focused on getting pay backs against republicans who he thinks wronged him. does that focus come at the
4:27 pm
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. my view is it's probably going to be dead. but i am -- i've been wrong. >> the draft plan is now been a serious rewrite. so we don't know what the serious rewrite. clearly the draft plan is dead. >> they will get a repeal and replace deal done. i believe that.
4:31 pm
>> welcome back to "hard spball" congress is back after taking time off for fourth of july. they have about a m to gonth to things done. now they need 50 votes. they're not going to get them. in a tweet trump urged his republican colleagues to get things done. quote i cannot imagine congress would dare it leave washington without a beautiful new bill toward go. if they don't pass health care a lot will be left in the balance. his big ticket items like tax cutting and reform. kasie hunt, is this the year of the game, getting a health care bill or else nothing else gets done before the recess? >> well certainly before the recess, chris. look, the last time congress cancelled an august recess for health care was in 1994. we saw how hillarycare turned
4:32 pm
out. i don't necessarily think there is a lot of appetite for that here. i this i this week is consumed by debate over the cruz lee amendment. a conservative package aimed at selling plans that don't meet obamacare requirements in an effort to lower premiums. that is what everybody is fighting about. we have senator flake he may support that. so i think that's the shape of the debate you will see over the course of the next couple of days. they are still hammering out details behind closed doors. i think the question is how many moderate members are there? i talked to is you is not collins today at some length. she said look, we need to start over entirely. i'm watching the republican party make the same mistake when he passed obamacare with no republican support. so i think that's going to be kind of the push/pull tension going forward here. >> thanks so much. kasie hunt from capitol hill. if republicans don't fall in line they risk getting a
4:33 pm
formidable opponent with deep pockets. the man's name is president trump. the president is his own enemy's list and ready to spend his own money against republicans who opposed him. trump has spoken of spending $10 million out of his own pocket to defeat an incumbent senator of his own party. and president and ceo of watts partners, jc watts. this is getting pretty hard ball out there, pretty rough. trump has about ten members that don't want to go along with his repeal and replace thing. >> chris, good luck trying to whip jeff flake into line. i think the people that you talk about targeting the people who are opposed to the hall j carea bill, rand paul, flake, collins, i just don't think that dog will hunt and say i will spend my
4:34 pm
personal money or rnc money or senator money. those people were elected just like the president did. it is a very difficult thing to tell grown men and women that they will be punished when they feel like they are defending the honor and the direction that their constituents are asking them to take. >> it takes a superb deal maker to cross the aisle and get both sides in either situation. you have to know the bill and what's in it. lbj knew what was in the civil rights bill. pretty much everyone knew. i just don't think trump, his so-called deal making that he can do on television, in a, what do you call it, reality tv show, fits the complexity of the health care situation which is the seventh in the american economy. do you? >> chris, my dad -- my father used to say, i heard him say on several occasions, in life -- in
4:35 pm
politics as in life, when you find yourself in a ditch, you dug it yourself. i think the situation republicans find thefl selvmsel talking about repealing for last seven years, and now nothing is happening and right now you've got a very interesting situation because you've got the dynamics that said moderates are opposed to it, conservatives opposed to it. when you see senator from kansas saying he's got problems with the health care bill, that tells me that a lot of people that voted being sick of government, they are say, we're not sick of government and health care and other things that provide benefits to them. >> why don't you stay in congress, jc? this is smart. i think the dog caught the tire and doesn't know what to do with the tire. if you know what i mean.
4:36 pm
>> well, that too. but chris, good public policy is extremely difficult and as you said, health care is one of the most difficult public policy issues that americans have -- that we have to deal with. and when you've got all these different dynamics and then you know, you've got people using these hostile words on both sides, and then i remind you that the old adage that says sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, that's the biggest lie that's ever come down the pike. >> thank you for that. that's profound but true. >> words do matter. i think both sides need to take that into consideration. >> former u.s. congressman, i wish you weren't former, former congressman watts. bomb shell out this weekend, out again today, that president
4:37 pm
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welcome back to hard ball. donald trump jr's acknowledgement of meeting with a russian lawyer last june is a rolling disclosure of the president's associates when it comes to meetings with the russians. there was a meet in april of 2016 with kislyak. then meetings between kislyak and kushner sometime between ape rel and november. as we know, kushner, manafort and trump jr went with a kremlin connected lawyer in june. he had a meeting in july and
4:41 pm
also another one in september. he forgot both of those, of course. in early december, flynn and kushner met with kislyak at trump tower again. later that month, kushner had another meeting with a russian banker with ties of putin that may have been interested in sanctions. flynn held multiple phone conversationes with kislyak with sanctions. none of these contacts were disclosed a the the time. none of them. all reported after the fact by news reporters, not by the white house. let let's bring in the roundtable. laura, you first, then paul, then sabrina. this is a pattern so strong. even to his best friends trump looks like a guy who would like to have his people having a lot of meetings with russia about sanctions, what we can do are for them, and any dirt to bring down hillary clinton.
4:42 pm
we now know though collute. it is so transparent. . the best reporters do it, they dig it up, then the white house has some flimsy bs statement about how this isn't as bad as it looks. >> they are amateurs. this is not a normal presidential, not a normal presidency and not a normal campaign. i don't think they knew the leaks would be this bad, didn't know how to handle them once they started happening and they couldn't anticipate this the way any other administration would have. >> paul, this pattern of rolling disclosures, what you're hiding. >> it is like a novel. all these characters keep appear aeng it becomes a longer an longer story. you never get to the bottom of it. >> same five guys. except for this new lawyer. >> part of the question is by the middle of 2015, 20167 you have this campaign that is sort of this clown car of people who have no background in politics.
4:43 pm
making it up as they go along and think yeah let's get dirt from the russians on hillary clinton, why not? >> that shows they collute. they say, we don't collude with the russians. yes. >> this woman he met, it denying having dirt on hillary clinton, and that's why he took that meeting. this is a pattern. no longer talking about one or two meetings. they withheld meetings with the russians. that's why we are talking about it. if they were forthcoming maybe we wouldn't ask the questions as to what it is that they have to hide. they are trying to say this is just, we didn't know, this is naive. there is nothing -- it was very innocent. how is it coincidental they are discussing with the russians and we can't get to the bottom of
4:44 pm
it. >> i thought donald trump is for himself, generally. not an evil person. some people think he is evil. i think he is not great. a mixed bag. but i think would he throw people under the bus in a second if it freed him of responsibility. there is a couple of people he can't throw under the bus. can't throw ivanka under the bus, or her husband under the bus or his kid under the bus. he is hiding something. if he didn't do it himself, then family members or they told him afterwards, these are the most logical motives for coverup. family secrets. >> clear pi. the three white house officials -- >> why would they leak dangerous stuff about family member? >> because it was going to come out anyway. >> friendly decision. >> absolutely. they wanted to paint it in the best possible light because they knew it was going to come out anyway. and note that jared kushner comes out clean. and trump jr is not in the administration. if you're going to throw someone
4:45 pm
under the bus it makes sense to do it with him. >> keep in mind, all these people have lawyers whose job it is to defend them, not the white house. now five different teams that might have different agendas that is unprotecting my client, i'm not necessarily protecting other four people who are in this case as white house -- >> they already don't like each other. >> exactly. >> even if you look at the substance of conversations, jared kushner, meeting with the head after bank, russian bank sanctioned by the united states, substance of these conversations is also very important where this even -- adoption line question that they are talking about is retaliatory by putin in response to u.s. sanctions. we are still getting back to the idea of u.s. sanctions against russia. >> it is always about money and sanctions. russians know what they want. i don't know about clinton -- well, trump people wanted to win and maybe some money. roundtable is sticking with us.
4:46 pm
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heri think i might burst..... totally immersed weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct with and join the summer weekenders. we're back with hard ball roundtabl roundtable laura, tell me something i don't know. >> trump went home over fourth of july break and was just seemed to be selling it like crazy and it looks like according to people close to ted cruz he will support the final version in a surprise move. >> google searches for people looking for a church near me have been trending upwards like this over the past couple of years. >> any church? >> any church. a lot of particularly amongst
4:48 pm
catholics. if you log into the app, catholic mass times near me, you have seen something like 10% increase over last year. >> just a quick -- >> what's that mean? fear? >> no idea. no idea. people are using technology to look for church. >> quick reminder in 2000, al gore's campaign received anonymously george bush's debate prep and al gore called up and reported it to fbi. these are unsanctioned leaks that came related to his political opponent. in light of these revelations today, that's what you do. if you have someone who is offering you information, you know, potentially sent to you illegally, you call it up and trump jr didn't do that. >> neither did reagan when he got the carter debate. neither did reagan. up next, hollywood legend carl reiner.
4:49 pm
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no, don't say anything. let me look at you. fellas, there she is. there's the little lady who put you out of business. >> welcome back to, that is legendary carl reiner alongside mary tyler moore. write writers span about seven decades earning him numerous awards. he was a great part of the sid cezar show. he published a memoir called "too busy to die." also, "if you're not in the
4:52 pm
obit, eat breakfast." >> every morning i get the newspaper and look at the obituary section. if i'm not, i eat breakfast. i'm in my 90s. i have friends in my 90s. it is not just that they reached a thriving number. is it good genes? why are so many people living such active lives into their 90s? >> this weekend, carl reiner brought his philosophy to the pages of the new york times op-ed page. i heard anthony kennedy not to retire, just yet. he said, quote, i know what it means to be your age. i know the problems that come with the journey. these are not ordinary times. and you, sir, are anything but an ordinary man. the country needs justices like you who decide each case with fairness and humanity and whose allegiance to the constitution of the united states of america not to a party line. you have always voted your conscience and defended rights and liberties to citizens. there you are. i'm joined on the phone by carl
4:53 pm
reiner. thank you so much, mr. reiner. what moved you to knock out this apistol, who some believe were on the verge of quitting? >> well, what is guide meg is a guy named trump in the office. i tweet every night about him and why he shouldn't be there. and we can see trump and in that article, i said, how would you like to vacation in europe and hear that trump's row versus wade is thrown out of the mix? it's scary. and that's one of the reasons i got involved with -- i'm not that great -- i'm a good tweeter, but this took a lot of work. that particular article. >> it is very well written, carl. very well written. let me ask you about trump. kennedy, i hear, i think he is not going to retire. i'm not sure if your article made the difference or not, but
4:54 pm
i don't think he will. maybe for the same reasons you wrote the article, what do you think? he is fearful of what would happen after him. >> it would be wonderful if i had influence on him. but i love the naekt influenced himself. if he sees it as i see it, then i admire him even more. he didn't need me to tell him that he has to be there because things, you know, while you're still living and can you do things, you should keep doing it. there is no reason not to lie down when you have -- you know, i wake up every morning and i say, i read the obits, if i'm not in it, i go about my business. i get on the computer and start tweet org writing or whatever. i have two new books coming out. >> we're all for that. we will promote those books if you come on the show. we want you to tour through us. the irish call it the irish sports page, the obituaries. because they are still competing. they want to know who is gone and they have defeated. carl reiner, great american and you have proven it everyday. when we return, let me finish tonight with the trump
4:55 pm
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trump watch monday, july 10, 2017. why does president trump want to get all this behind him? why doesn't he call on his people and ask if anyone did anything wrong with the russians, tell them they have one chance to square things, put it on the table and get ready to
4:59 pm
show everything they have. what does he or the m"american idol" can people have to gain with this one disclosure of meeting with ms. could you after another. this never seems to end, never stops smoerjing anything else from happening. one more time, why doesn't trump demand that his people come clean? i can think of only two reasons. one, he is protecting his people, including family members for actions he didn't approve. two, he is protecting himself from actions he did approve. and in either case are the access that bad that the cover-up makes sense. if so i suppose the actions make sense. if he has done nothing truly bad to cover up then why is he attacking day and night any governmental institution or the media for seeking the truth? that's a good question. thanks for being with us. all in with chris hays starts now. >> tonight on all in. >> i have nothing to do with russia.
5:00 pm
to the best of my knowledge no person that i deal with does. >> after months of denials and admission tonight. >> don jr very clearly said that he was told there would be some kind of information helpful to the campaign. >> trump campaign did meet with russian dose get dirt on hillary clinton. >> can you imagine what they're hacking? >> former clinton campaign manager john podesta joins me tonight. new questions of possible collusion. >> why aren't more of these people coming clean? >> as undisclosed russian meetings with the trump campaign pile up. >> i can't think of bigger lies. >> then the senate returns and so do the protesters. as republicans hatch another plan to ram through a health care bill. and what miss universe and a billionaire wannabe pop star have to do with possible collusion? >> i'm really tired of you. >> when "all in" starts right now. good evening from new


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