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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  July 13, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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then it's a fortune. well, i'm sure you talk to people all the time who think $100k is just pocket change. right now we're just talking to you. i told you we had a fortune. yes, you did. getting closer to your investment goals starts with a conversation. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today. that does it for me this hour. i'll be back here at 6:00 p.m. eastern. "deadline: white house" with my buddy stephanie ruhle in for nicolle wallace starts right now. >> hello. i'm stephanie ruhle in for nicolle wallace who is off today. it is 4:00 p.m. here in new york city. 10:00 p.m. in paris where president trump just dined at the eiffel tower with french president macron while here at home his white house is still reeling from the fallout from donald trump jr.'s e-mails suggesting potential collusion with the russian government during the 2016 election.
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trump today defending his son's actions in a joint press conference with president macron. >> i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research or even research into your opponent. i have had many people -- i have only been in politics for two years but i have had many people call up, oh, gee, we have information on this factor or this person or frankly hillary. that's very standard in politics. politics is not the nicest business in the world but it's very standard where they have information and you take the information. somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by attorney general lynch. now, maybe that's wrong. i just heard that a little while ago, but i was surprised to hear so she was here because of lynch. >> many people -- that sounds like an awful lot like the anonymous sources that the president doesn't like a lot.
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there's a lot to unpack there. our team of reporters and analysts is here. hallie jackson on the ground in paris. when i say working overtime working 24/7. along with nbc intelligence and national security reporter ken dilanian in d.c. and "washington post" white house bureau chief who has been writing feverishly over the last week, philip rucker. hallie, what do you make of president trump's i would say rather tame comments? >> well, let's at least say consistent, right? because this is what the president has said publicly at least for the last 24 hours or so. not just in interview with reuter but at air force one overnight. the president held an off the record 60 minute conversation with the small team of reporters, the pool they call it who travel with him. those -- some of those comments have been put on the record and it's very similar to what we heard from the president publicly and on camera today. consistently i would say. again, he seems to be saying the
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meeting happened. nobody disputes the meeting happened, because he has to, because donald trump jr. tweeted out the evidence that it occurred but also because nothing came of it. because there was no dirt on hillary clinton, it was just politics as usual. let's just do a quick fact check on that. political operatives on both sides of the aisle we have spoken to said that's not politics as usual. yes, opposition research happens, meeting on oppo happens, but not with foreign nationals and not particularly from russia that's why you're hearing the backlash on capitol hill this should have raised more red flags. donald trump jr. said hey, in hindsight, in metro specific, hindsight is 20/20 essentially. but at this case moving forward the president is obviously defending his son. and then doing what he often did on the campaign trail and in his administration, turn the blame back on hillary clinton and
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barack obama and that the doj allowed this russian lawyer into the united states in first place. it was an interesting moment here in paris. i have to mention this. he is actually here at the eiffel tower having dinner right now with the french president and the french first lady along with melania trump. we just saw a little bit of a glimpse of them from the pool. the trip has been very good, and then the reporters were ushered out so the four of them could have their dinner before the bastille day celebrations, that big parade here tomorrow. >> we do need to put into perspective, president trump said that the meeting happened because donald trump jr. tweeted it out. donald trump jr. tweeted it out because it was later disclosed a meeting that he previously hadn't. >> right. >> philip rucker, you have covered many campaigns. is that a valid defense that the president is trying to use, this is simply opposition research? >> you know, not exactly. a lot of campaign operatives
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will hear tidbits like this and they do conduct their own opposition research. they have consultants and staff that go out and do their open research. very rarely does research come through somebody representing a foreign government. and an adversarial government at that. this is highly unusual. but what i think the president is trying to do in his public statements over the last 24, 48 hours is muddy the waters a little bit and signal to his base, the voters who support them, this is much ado about nothing in his view and try to explain it away as sort of the normal business of politics which of course it is not. >> okay, muddying the water or delegitimizing his opponent, ie the press is standard operating procedure for the president. when does it become a legal issue? for mueller is it more than it's unprecedented it's highly unusual, is it a real problem? >> well, stephanie i would be shocked if bob mueller's team
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hasn't already subpoenaed the e-mails, the phone records, the calendars of everyone involved in this meeting. and perhaps beyond that with the trump team. because if he didn't have it before, he now has black and white evidence that the russian government offered to help donald trump and hurt his opponent and the trump team accepted that offer. what happened in the meeting that's what the e-mails say. now, that collusion may or may not be illegal. there's a legal debate about whether it's a campaign finance violation or some other violation but it could become part of the conspiracy, could part of another offense and it's exactly what bob mueller is investigating many other things and you have to believe he's looking hard at this. >> hallie jackson, you have to got to weigh in the comments. released by the white house in the last hour from the q&a held last night with the reporters on air force one. specifically asked directly his view of russian hacking and the wake -- in the wake of last week's meeting with vladimir putin he replied he didn't say a
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400 pound guy on the bed somewhere, he did say i'm not saying it wasn't russia, but i'm saying we have to protect ourselves no matter who it is. china is very good at this. north korea is very good at this. look what they did to sony studios. they did the whole deal to sony. you know we're dealing with highly sophisticated people. muddy, play to his base. but is he holding vladimir putin responsible at all? >> so i think in the excerpt that you just read from the first off the record and then on the record conversation that he had with reporters, the president appears to be confl e conflating sort of hacking in general and with the specific 2016 election interference and this goes back now i think a week ago when we were in poland and the president said something similar about other countries. although at the time he declined to name them. whether intentionally or not, it does appear that he is
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conflating some of these issues and perhaps as philip talked about in a different issue muddying the waters a bit. when its comes to vladimir putin, the responsibility of president putin with election interference, it is clear that this came up according to what president trump said, according to what the russian government said in the meeting with president putin at the g20. in the comments you just read and the expanded excerpts from the conversation on air force one, the president said he pressed putin at one point he told reporters and i'm paraphrasing, what are you doing to do essentially keep fighting the point after he kept pressing putin again and again. he says a couple of times on whether or not russia did it. it should have been no surprise and perhaps it wasn't that vladimir putin denied being behind the election interference. that has been moscow's line for months now. so that is fairly standard at least for russia. >> except of course -- >> -- in the intelligence community here in the u.s. >> but president trump is not
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the kind of guy who says let's move on. he holds grudges and holds vendettas. >> but he said it. he has said he wants to move on, stephanie. he wants to go to work with russia on syria and the other issues, even republicans on the hill said that's not the right move. russia is a foe. >> which is extraordinary because it's not what we see president trump do. not what we saw him do in his business career. what stood me out to the most, trump jumping to don jr.'s defense but saying nothing about jared kushner who is also in that 2016 meeting and this morning i thought it was very interesting what democratic senator chris murphy said with regard to jared kushner and why he shouldn't get a security clearance taken away by but he should get fired. >> he was potentially compromised inside the white house. if he doesn't get fired then there's clearly a double standard. michael flynn was fired because he was compromised in the sense that he had met with the russian government. he had not disclosed that to his
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superiors and thus he could be in a position to be corrupted. it appears that the same thing occurred here. >> mr. rucker, it's true. that would be a double standard. >> well, look, i don't think jared kushner is getting fired any time soon. he's the president's son-in-law. and one of the most powerful advisers in the west wing with a pretty influential foreign policy portfolio. he doesn't seem to be going anywhere. i don't think that's any retaliatory action that the president plans to take. unless i'm missing it in the reporting. >> does that mean that jared is hanging on to the security clearance? >> it does even though as nbc news is reporting today he amended his security clearance form to disclose a hundred -- >> let's say that number one more time. he amended it to include how many? >> 100 more -- more than a hundred is what peter alexander
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additional foreign contacts that he failed to disclose. >> i don't know a hundred people from foreign countries that i'm going to throw out. >> he's an international business man. but the point here is that a regular person with a clearance who did that, a lawyer who practices in this area told me today would have immediately had their clearance pulled. there's clearly a double standard here, but the bottom line the president of the united states can give the clearance to whoever he wants. that's our system. even in the fbi said to him, sir, we think mr. kushner is compromised, he didn't december close -- disclose the meetings but president trump can blow it off. no one expects him to revoke the security clearance of his son-in-law. >> hang tight, guys. i have the best panel with me today and i'm telling you, megan murphy is here. she's about to paw across the table. msnbc political analyst mike taylor. and i just said megan has something to say.
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nicholas christophe and donna ed wards. nicholas, we have to start with you. all roads lead to the one and only jared. take us there. by the way the president is going to love a headline like that. >> look, the discussion until now has been largely about was there attempted collusion or not? we're beyond that now. we know that there was an attempt at collusion. it's clear from the e-mails, so then the -- >> that's just our life. >> the question becomes how far does it go? and so the next step has tock looking at the connections with president trump himself. and in particular to jared kushner. and the fact that jared was, you know, informed of a meeting whose stated purpose was to advance a russian attempt to interfere in our election. and who then attended, who then omitted that meeting from his f-86 clearance form. and who then, you know -- i mean
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the most bizarre thing is then he attempted to set up this secret transmission scheme with the kremlin. and there are some really interesting theories about what that entailed. when this was first reported thoroughly in may it appeared that the idea was that jared would go to a russian consular facility and then have conversations with the kremlin and now -- >> totally normal. >> and that was so weird, but now one of the theories based partly on something that jim comey said that what he was attempting to do and perhaps did was that he obtained mobile russian scrambling devices and used those to communicate with russia and those may have created an eavesdropping risk. so look, i mean, there are so many uncertainties here. but when you have someone who attends a meeting to undermine our election and who then omits
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that and then set up the secret communications channel using russian equipment and still is privy to some of our deepest secrets, then something is truly profoundly wrong. >> profoundly wrong. but what is president trump going to do about it? the new york times reported earlier today that president trump is distressed because his babies -- his babies, don jr. for example, 39 years old, are now swept into this vortex. this isn't like we're talking about the obamas' daughters who are in grade school. these are senior white house advisers. that is what jared kushner is. so is president trump and yes, you don't have a crystal ball, but given what you have learned so far is president trump going to fall on the sword in any way for jared? even don jr.? he said he's a good kid, but trump's lawyer was saiding that president trump never saw the e-mails. only learned it about today. >> i think the bigger issue is with don jr. with don jr. it's stupidity.
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people saying that we accept that opposition research. that is -- that is not common. that is not politics. that is not when someone tells you it comes from the crown prosecutor and the second half of the e-mail says as part of an attempt to russia to help donald trump win the election. you think red flags would have sprung up there. with jared, you're exactly right. it becomes a far more serious thing. this is someone who we know failed to disclose his contacts. was trying to set up some type of apparatus and he was certainly a much more involved, engaged, more sophisticated operator whether that was in the business realm and not quite in politics. whether or not the president is going to do anything about this of course he's not going to do anything about this. he's calling a 39-year-old man a good kid who wants the best for the american people. by the way, jared in his middle east land i'm sure that's getting done along with the tech titans and the media barons and the way forward for the palestinian people. >> as he's white water rafting
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between tim cook and sheryl sandberg. but we know that donald trump is going to defend his family. what is the gop leadership going to do because they have used the excuse before president trump and his family, they're new to politics. and having ivanka and jared there for example they're the mediating forces in the president's ear. donald trump is saying that anyone would have done this. jared getting deeper and deeper in this, is the gop going to say, yep, everything is okay? >> this is like watching a movie "ishtar." >> far sexier. >> warren beatty. >> look, the gop has to take a stand here. the idea that we discussed that jared kushner would want to set up the back channel for the russians he shouldn't come near national security issues. he shouldn't come anywhere near the palestinian peace plan. and what you're seeing donald trump do, the fact that what he does is he says a lot of things that are true and then mixes them with things that aren't
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true. so the things that he said is true, yes, oppo research comes into the campaign every single day. >> of course it does. >> you send it down to the lowest level. and then he says, do people do oppo research? yes, but they hire professionals, why? because it has to be vetted, you don't spill it out -- >> do you think ron goldstone was a professional? >> no, that's the whole point. here's the thing that was remarkable it surprise z me t t that -- it surprises me -- who was the chairman of the campaign in the meeting? >> paul manafort. >> he was in the meeting. the idea that hillary clinton who was secretary of state first lady, u.s. senator, ran for president in 2008 and 2016. there's no more oppo research on hillary clinton it's done, it's all known. its ridiculous to think, this is it. we have got it. it's silly.
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like the movie "ishtar." >> we'll take a quick break and we'll talk about the beltway reaction to this and go inside the white house. because inside the administration it's more than just the trump family. when we come back, president trump he is in damage control mode. but what about are people inside the white house doing? more on the fallout of don jr.'s e-mails when we come back. onds , down by one. championship on the line. erin "the sharpshooter" shanahan fakes left. she's outside of the key, she shoots... ...she scores! uh... yes, erin, it is great time to score a deal. we need to make room for the 2018 models. relive the thrill of beating the clock. the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 bonus and 0% apr on a new 2017 jetta or passat.
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this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. did the vice president ever meet with representatives from russia?
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>> the vice president is not focused on the areas where, you know, on this campaign. especially things that happened before he was even on the ticket. >> just come back to this question. if it wasn't a private citizen from russia did he ever meet with representatives from the russian government during the campaign? >> you know, that's stuff that the special prosecutors and counsels are looking at. >> to nail this down, is that a yes or a no? did he or did he not and was it relevant in fact? >> i'm not aware of anything that i have seen. >> good on you, bill hemmer of fox news. that did not sound like a denial. vice president mike pence's spokesperson clearly dodging questions over whether pence met with russian officials over the course of the campaign. the panel is here you to weigh in. donna, let's start with you. that's a wow. >> well, to me it sounds like a yes. because otherwise, you just say no. and that is -- you know, that's clearly what his spokesperson did not say. i also think, you know, the fact
1:23 pm
is that these people one after the other they move the goalpost. they say, you know, the -- that it's one thing and then the next thing down the line, you know, that it's something else. i think that that's what's happening here. and, you know, frankly people on the hill right now -- the ones you can imagine that they're running away from answering russian questions and they'd prefer to answer health care questions. that's when you know you're in trouble. >> wow. when you prefer health care questions you have a problem. >> let me push back. i don't think that was a wow. he maybe didn't know, he wasn't clear. i would be very skeptical that pence was involved in whatever was going on with the trumps. trump and pence are not particularly close. this is such an unusual event, the idea that you were colluding with an adversary power you're going to keep that close knit. >> and maybe he was hedging
1:24 pm
because mike pence has been lied to twice? >> i think mike pence has been lied to right and left but i would be very skeptical if mike pence is playing an important role in what i think may well have been a conspiracy. >> somebody who is quite close or has been in the past, corey lewandowski. chuck todd spoke with him and i want to share what he had to say. >> let me be as clear as i can be. if anybody and i mean anybody did something with the foreign government that materially impacted the outcome of this election that person should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. because we cannot have individuals who are meddling with foreign governments to potentially impact the outcome of the election. >> megan murphy, what did you hear there? >> well, the former lawyer hears the word materially. the administration's line has been even if there was attempted meddling they never acknowledged
1:25 pm
it was russia. we heard trump saying it could have been china or north korea. but the consistent line has been that even if there was attempted meddling or meddling itself, it never impacted the integrity of the democratic process, it never affected a single ballot box. if there is a little shift in the words smithing, well, it had to be material impact or was there the degree of collusion required to prove was there the intent we didn't know what they were doing, that's going to be -- then that's when you need the lawyers in. that's why i have been so surprised how much don jr. has been talking about it. this should go into the legal realm. this is really serious stuff. >> but -- >> i mean, it's really clear they're not listening to their lawyers because no lawyer -- >> very clear they're not listening to the lawyers. >> they would not be advised to go on fox, tweeting. i mean -- >> it was crazy. it was three weeks ago a team of lawyers would be vetting
1:26 pm
president trump's tweets before they came out? i mean -- >> you're not noticing a change in the tweets? >> i am noticing an tase -- amazing statement i have to share. the mood in the white house is fantastic. we have done more in five months than practically any president in history. the white house is functioning beautifully. now, i'm going to say from my own reporting i speak to people inside the white house who say the exact opposite. who say i came here to work on tax reform or deregulation. we cannot get to our agenda. the president is muddying the waters and there's a massive amount of infighting so when the president makes a statement like this, who exactly is he speaking to? >> his base. and they're going to hang with him. i mean, he's a minister of propaganda for them. we can point to different things they can get done, but what they don't have the power to do is get a legislative agenda done. i know we'll talk about health care later on. but you have to use the press. the reason msnbc's ratings are
1:27 pm
up as well as many of the other cable net works and "the new york times" and the -- all the anchors, they're all good. the reason is people get their information through the media. and they just leave it on the table. if they think they can communicate to just their base, and move a major piece of legislation like health care and tax reform, like immigration reform, they're crazy. it's not going to happen. >> take the base out for one minute and jonathan swan from axios reported even the biggest trump kool-aid drinkers are the white house. they're panicked at this point. >> while the overall approval rating has remained reasonably solid at 40 or the high 30s the strong approval has dropped almost in half for trump voters. there's a strong diminution of trump in the base which i think is important. i do think that he has completely shot his credibility. when he makes statements like this, then i think it does
1:28 pm
change how we view everything else. when he says that donald jr. is releasing those e-mails because of transparency when we at the -- we have told them we're about to release them. i think it puts all these other things in a different context that there's so much circumstantial evidence of very bad things that have gone on. at this point since there is zero correlation between what the white house says and what later proves to be correct, that gives all the circumstantial incidents much more weight. >> in terms of the legislative agenda you have in the last couple of days fewer and fewer republican members willing to stand in front of a camera and defend him. i think you need that in order to move the legislative agenda. he won't get that done either. >> it's great that people went into the white house with the infrastructure, health care
1:29 pm
reform, lowering taxes but they have no one to blame themselves for not knowing what they were getting into it. what donald trump says is what goes on. if they thought that they were getting to get a changed president that adhered to the normal norms that we expect from this office they should have been watching the campaign as its unfolded and they have no one to blame but themselves. >> he reads a scripted speech and then he goes home and he picks up his smartphone. if we have -- we have to take a break. congratulations, a fantastic piece. if you haven't read it, please do. "all roads lead to kushner." hours after senate republicans released the new revision of the health care bill, its fate is looking bleak as some key lawmakers vad they'll vote no. mitch mcconnell cannot afford to lose one more vote. >> well from my perspective, it does not make sense to do a
1:30 pm
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repeal and replace, i am sitting in the oval office with a pen in hand waiting for our senators to give it to me. >> what will happen if they don't? >> well, i don't even want to talk about because i think it will be very bad. i'll be very angry about it. >> pen in hand. president trump calling on congress to deliver him a bill, but the latest senate stab at reform, well, this thing sounds like it's landing with a thud on
1:34 pm
capitol hill today. our own garrett haake is tracking votes. what have you got? >> here's what i think we know. so far, we've got two no votes that seem like they're hard no votes for different reasons. susan collins from maine told me about 45 minutes ago she's not going to vote for this bill unless it's substantially changed. rand paul told our colleague kasie hunt essentially the same thing about an hour ago. they want different sets of things but they're very much in the no column. from the other original no's we had, it sounds like ted cruz has come around. and a lot of the other senators who were no's are on the fence. they're reviewing this bill with their staffs or they're waiting for the cbo score. several of them the moderate, so rob portman, dean heller among others were in mitch mcconnell's office today going through the finer points on this. to me, i think the two wild cards that are going to be really interesting to watch here are dean heller from nevada and jerry moran from kansas.
1:35 pm
heller was one of the first people to come out against this bill and the president backed him into the corner when its sounded like the super pack aligned with the president was going to run ads against him. and the other spoke to one of our colleagues from the national governors association meeting. he is sill not this this and jerry moran we haven't seen or heard from him all day today. his last tweet is about a barbecue sandwich and i can tell you it's pretty delicious. so we don't know where he stands. >> joining us is lonnie chen, a former aide in the department of health and human services. he has been advising the senate on health care legislation over the last few weeks. this new bill out this afternoon sounds like it is dead on arrival. what's your view? >> well, the slight complication as garrett alluded to you have different factions. you have moderates and conservatives who want different
1:36 pm
things and sometimes those differences may in fact be irreconcilable. one thing i'll say what senator mcconnell is trying to do is get the procedural vote across the finish line. remember, they have to vote first to go to debate on the bill. and what he's telling everybody is look, he's telling them let's get to debate on the bill and then we can talk about all of the issues that you care about. if you want more money for opoids or more money for medicaid wait until next week. we'll see how that bid goes. but the bill we saw today in my mind only really includes one substantial change which is the addition of some language that senator cruz wanted around competition of plans. >> then is there something specific missing that could get him over the line? seeing that he's got a battle, conservatives and moderates who have such a different view. i haven't even mentioned the trump voters who want something different than both moderates and conservatives. is there something they could put in there to get them over the line? >> well, this is a process of
1:37 pm
deal making. we'll see this play out over the next week. which is why he has to get passed the initial hurdle of people saying yes, we're going to move to consideration on the bill. then they can all come up with the amendments they want. the various things they care about and remember the other piece of this which is when the congressional budget office looked at this legislation they said there was about $300 billion in deficit reduction in the bill. that number is likely to go up even more given that they're holding back on some of the tax cuts for wealthier americans. so that pot of money is essentially a pot of money that mitch mcconnell has to help members understand why this bill might be in their interest. so this is going to be a very interesting set of deals that are going to be cut over the next week. >> lonnie, hang tight. i want to bring in matt welsh from "reason" magazine. matt, like you, rand paul, libertarian he's basically out before he's in. he says this thing isn't going to work for me. mike lee is undecided. but some critics have said you better take a closer look at
1:38 pm
this because the next stop, democrats aring go to be weighing in. it will be worse. is rand paul making a mistake? >> rand paul has been the hard no. whon't whats -- who wants to be the 51st vote to tell president trump he can't get this passed? susan collins becoming the 50th is interesting because she's a moderate and represents that faction. so it's more difficult to blame one side or the other for this. unlike the first time in the house when the bill failed. when they could just blame the freedom caucus right now. so yes, that's the mcconnell play to everyone saying, next time this comes around, it will be chuck schumer writing this bill and there's already been preliminary discussions or comments by collins, john mccain and others saying hey we need to work with democrats here. so that'll be the threat. do you want to face that pressure from donald trump to not give him the cookie, or you want to face the threat of voting for a bill that only has 20% public support? nobody wants to be on the 20/80
1:39 pm
split. >> at the risk of bipartisanship, what people voted for? >> there are people who want to repeal it and include ted cruz and mike lee in that and that amendment pushes in that direction and others want to improve it. keep the basic structure in place and tweak it. those things are irreconcilable. >> then a third group, americans who want health care. we have to take a break. lonnie, thank you so much. panel, please stick around. up next, escape from d.c. with jared kushner facing even more scrutiny and calls to revoke his security clearance. well, they have jetted off to mingle with billionaires. i said billionaires. some investors, some media, tech titans, totally normal. wouldn't that seem they would do in the midst of this? we'll take you live to that exclusive conference in sun valley, idaho, where their presence is raising big questions. noo
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turn up the volume for this. titans of the tech industry, the media industry and some of the biggest investors in the world i'm talking billionaires are gathering this week in the super exclusive ski town of sun valley, idaho, for the annual congregation of wheeling and dealing hosted by allen and company. but also i making an appearance among is of the moguls in the country, jared kushner and his wife ivanka trump amidst all of this scrutiny that jared kushner is under in the white house. he's in idaho. cnbc's julia boor steen is joining us from the conference. i'm astounded in terms of messaging that jared and ivanka would choose a trip like this. put it in perspective what this conference is. when i think of the criticism, things like the world economic forum if davos get, in davos they're there trying to address some of the biggest problems
1:44 pm
that plague the world. i don't know about any problems that get addressed in sun valley. besides horse back riding or whitewater rafting. >> well, the horse back riding and whitewater rafting is what's happening right now in the afternoon. i have to say many of the ceos we have spoken to here have been surprised too. they were on the list, people weren't sure if they were going to show and they did indeed show. but the people who are here are really the biggest names across media, technology, finance. from warren buffett to tim cook and entertainment space, les moonves and jeffrey katzenberger is here, sheryl sandberg, oprah winfrey, it's a who's who. snap's evan segal is here too. although we haven't been able to capture him on video. here's the thing. there are serious topics tackled in the morning, there are panels. they're closed to the press, but what we have heard from the sources they're about economy,
1:45 pm
science, the environment. sometimes they'll have big speakers come in and in the past couple of years there's a lot of politics. king abdullah of jordan is speaking and the attendees are going to hear from colombia's president, juan manuel santos and then cia director mike pompeo is speaking. while jared kushner and ivanka trump's appearance is raising some eyebrows it's not uncommon to have attendees with political ties. general mcchrystal was here along with prime minister trudeau and then the secretary of defense, ash carter he spoke here two years ago. in the afternoon some go horse back riding or whitewater rafting and there are a number of private meetings. >> haven't they said they're not there representing the white house, they're paying their own way, they're private citizens. if a big merger gets announced, big mergers will have regulation around them. they need government approval. isn't that a little sticky? >> i'm sorry, is it a little
1:46 pm
sticky, look, the deals that are made here are generally made behind closed doors. i mean, i know randle stephenson the ceo of at&t which has the pending acquisition of time warner is supposed to be here today. i'm sure what we -- we'll see them. so i think the question of what the regulatory stance is going to be, something that's going to be, you know, in this very much in the spotlight here, stephanie, because of the ceos we have talked to, there is this expectation that president trump is bog to take sort of a -- is going to take sort of a regulatory touch that will enable more deal making. as to what happens behind the closed doors between randle stephenson and ivanka trump i can't say. >> nobody wants to be behind closed doors. what do you make of this? >> i used to work at the chocolate store at the resort. >> a lawyer working at the chocolate store. >> yeah. look, it's elite of the elite. i find it astounding they're
1:47 pm
there because of what's going on domestically in terms of getting the health care bill through and jared kushner's role in the white house and secondly, exactly the reason that you just discussed there. big deals are done. these are deals that are going to require -- we see a changing of the antitrust landscape like we have never seen, like amazon acquiring whole foods, how the deals will be looked at by the department of justice. at&t/time warner to name just one. they get announced by sun valley and the kind of deals that need to get through any type of antitrust and you have jared and ivanka hobnobbing with the guys. god knows what they're saying in closed doors. i think it sends a horrible signal to the commitment, to the domestic priorities they have like health care. sends a horrible signal for what kind of role they'll have in huge deal making that's why you go to sun valley is to strike deals. >> it's extraordinary to me that the white house would okay it. but from those i spoke to in the white house, they're just as
1:48 pm
surprised. all right. we'll take a break. next, the man who wrote the book breaking down the inner workings of washington. what does he think of the town now? his newest take on d.c. in the trump era. that'll be next. thank you so much. thank you! so we're a go? yes! we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya! what does that mean for us? we can get stuff. what's it mean for shipping? ship the goods. you're a go! you got the green light.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie sitting in for nichole wallace. six months so far for the trump white house and the russia cloud doesn't appear to be moving out
1:52 pm
of washington anytime soon. mark leeb wits in this new york times magazine cover story titled quote this town melts down quotes. look at president trump's -- writing in trump land washington's process resides purely with the winds of one man. it is all about trump. everything is at his mercy and little about it is comfortable. let's bring in new york times magazine chief national correspondent into the conversation. mark, incredible piece. i know jared is in charge of the business portfolio of the trump administration, but what do you think he's really doing in all of this mix? you've got jared. you've got gather cohn, dean apowell and then you've got some washington regs like a sean spicer in the mix. so take us into this d.c. >> look, the cocktail of humanity in the white house right now is the subject of pretty much every other weekend
1:53 pm
you get some advance chronology of how it's working or how it's not working or who is in imminent departure. the fact is a lot of is just kind of shuffling because it's all about the capriciousness of donald trump, and nares no process behind it. there's no predict ability behind it and i think the whole town at this moment kind of turns on the axis of whatever the wild card is that he'll do. you know, in the day to day, this is the same extremely deck dent, extremely wealthy community, washington, d.c. that has been growing up here for decades. the difference is now it's just on a trump news cycle. >> but has washington changed? has president trump been able to change waushshington in any way? this is a guy who said i'm going to show up here and drain are the swamp. has he solved anything? >> no. i mean, i think -- first of all every administration brings new
1:54 pm
and different people spuz the mix. if you walk around here, there's as much wealth as there's ever been. you know, i make the point in the story that the trump -- the swamp is not so much as drained as it is sort of been refashioned into a gold plated hot tub. i mean, it's just -- we just have different kinds of points and different permits who because of their access have greater authority. but it's really the staple stew. and government contracts are as fat as ever. the bull market wealth is everywhere. it's a very, very comfortable city as much as it's ever been. >> well, take us stot originals because while ivanka and donald trump may be familiar with a gold plated hot tub, sean spicer isn't. and you started the article sort of detailing the changes you saw with the sean spicer who is well versed in d.c. pretrump and now he is deep in the trump mix. >> yeah. i mean, scene, i sort of posit as my transitional figure. he is someone who was a sort of fixture of the polite company of
1:55 pm
the swamp. this is exactly the kind of sort of amiable hack that donald trump ran against and this is just the kind of politics as usual guy that, you know, he would always expect. and so he and rains priebs and a few others went in the white house and became these crossover figures and tried to merge whatever it is about their old identity, their old aleej yansz into this new model that just right now so uncertain in the day to day. i sort of looked at sean in sort of a snip it anthropology of what this experiment has done to a person like this. and obviously we can see, at least when he goes on tv these days, which is increase dpl less frequent what it does to him and really how -- >> okay, though. >> how impacted it is. >> don't we just need to put that in perspective before we talk about how this process has changed sean so much? this is a voluntary job. every person in the white house chooses to be there, and this access to the president, what so many are submit enby, this isn't
1:56 pm
a mandatory draft. so match welch, i turn to you. there is this constant jock i go to have access to the president. does it matter whether or not you have access? one person who has not changed in this mix is the president himself. you could bring in speech writers and all these globallists and people with different ideas. at the end of the day, you get right back to campaign trump when the rub ber hits the road. >> say that again. >> power attracts people who are ready to apologize for and defend power no matter how it -- we have seen this over the last five days. you interviewed is he bas chan gorka. my god, the way that man has acted on television over the past few days shows people are willing to say just about anything in order to defend their boss if they believe what he's doing. the size of washington hasn't just changed. it's nearly doubled in the last
1:57 pm
12 years. so of course you're going to have the mass there. the diplomat is going to be a restaurant instead of a laundromat. >> i happen to like that restaurant. washington, d.c. it's a whole new world. mark leeb wits, great piece. sh has to read it. we're going to be right back. this is deadline white house. .. uh... yes, erin, it is great time to score a deal. we need to make room for the 2018 models. relive the thrill of beating the clock. the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 bonus and 0% apr on a new 2017 jetta or passat. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®
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boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for when you need a little extra. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink. be up for it all right. thank you to my panel. i'm stephanie rule in for nichole wallace. mtp damy starts right now. good evening, charles. >> awe, look who is ruling the four o'clock hour. nice work. thank you, ma'am. nice to see you. if it's thursday, here is the question with would president trump have taken that meeting with the russian lawyer. >> tonight, the president defends his son. >> it's very standard where they have information and you take the information. >> but wait until you hear what mr. president trump's former campaign manager has to say. >> if anybody, and i mean anybody, did something with a foreign government that materially impacted the outco


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