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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 15, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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and safe and tucked away for you on mike pence's staff laptop. that should be fine, right? that does it for us tonight. we will see you again on monday msnbc live is next. good morning, everyone. i'm dara brown in new york at ms nbc headquarters. it's 7:00 in the east and 4:00 out west. with new revelation necessary in a story nbc broke about the meeting of donald trump jr. he took with russians. now more people were in that room than originally thought. the president hiring a new lawyer to handle his responses in the investigation. when did he learn of this meeting? and are there more shoes to drop? plus, selling trump care 3.0, the back room deals being cut to win over gop members who are on the fence.
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we begin with politics and another setback for that senate gop health care bill. two major insurers are asking majority leader mitch mcconnell to remove senator ted cruz's amendment which would allow insurers to sell cheaper plans with fewer benefits. they say cruz's proposal is unworkable in any form. despite the hurdle, the trump administration is working on its outreach to governors in an attempt to pass the bill. tom brice will speak with governors in a closed session later this morning. > and here is president trump in his weekly address this morning. >> i am pleased to report that we are very, very close to ending this health care nightmare.. we are so close. it's a common sense approach that restores the sacred doctor-patient relationship and you're going to finally have great health care at a lower price.
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>> vice president mike pence used his appearance at the governor's meeting to meet privately with nevada republican governor brian sandoval. the republican governor has been an outspoken critic of the bill. also today, the trump at administration is reportedly considering giving the department of homeland security expanded powers to deport unadult the immigrants. meanwhile, scrutiny surrounding donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer. >> he had not even mentioned this meeting to his father. and why would he? nothing transpired at that meeting, so there was nothing to discuss. this was a setup to do what? to really get in on the magnitsky act. she went right down to washington, d.c. and did the same thing in washington and the end result of that was nothing. i think the whole thing was a
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put up to begin with. >> nbc news learned there were other previously undisclosed attendees at that meeting. new information is challenging the younger trump's original account. peter alexander has the latest details. >> president trump back home after taking part in french bastille day celebrations return to go a parade of problems. nbc news has learned that this man, rinat akhmetshin who some u.s. officials suspect has ongoing tie toes russian intelligence was also in had that room at trump tower last summer. alongside donald trump jr., jared kushner, paul manafort, russian lawyer natalia veselnitskaya and a russian translator. >> if you're an investigator and you care most about ties between the trump organization and the russian efforts to meddle in the election, this meeting now looks a lot more significant.
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>> trump junior's lawyer now tells nbc that veselnitskaya was accompanied by two people, but didn't name them. it's ever evolving drama after dismissed concerned more revelations would follow. >> so as far as you know, this is all of it. as far as information is concerned. >> this is everything. this is everything. >> the fact they failed to mention the attendance of this russian lob buyest is going oenl going to peak the interest of robert mueller and other vgz investigators. >> veselnitskaya said she brought two documents and trump junior asked whether she had financial records to prove it. >> my answer was no, that it was never my intention to collect financial records to that end. >> the president repeatedly defended his son. >> most people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research. >> still, democrats are
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pouncing. >> this provides yet another conduit back to the kremlin that the trump campaign would eagerly accept to help the russian government. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. let's briven in kevin surilli and azi. great to have you both here this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> kevin, any sense if there are more shoes to drop on this story or is this all out there now? >> dara, i spoke with several republicans yet yesterday on capitol hill and all week. i can tell you there is a frustration about the twist and turns that this particular story, including this meeting now that has taken place back in last summer about the people who were undisclosed who were in the meeting because the republicans feel that every time that this happens, it hinders their chances of moving on to other issues like passing health care reform. now, brad pascal, the digital director of the trump campaign is going to announce that he is going to meet with the house intelligence committee, the
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investigations in the senate intelligence and house intelligence committees are very much ongoing. there will be several meetings next week. but all of that said, there's a frustration that is palpable about every new twist and turn that this story takes. >> and azi, what is the effect on the white house of this drip, drip, drip of information on the donald trump jr. meeting? >> well, there's only so much that the administration can handle at one time. it's very clear that they're trying to pass through a very unpopular health care bill and at the same time trying to answer questions which in their process raises even more questions. so if you are a senator that's sort of wavering on whether or not to pass through a health care bill that has 12% support among the american public, you might take a second look at throwing in your vote with the administration with all these new revelations coming out. if you are a die hard supporter, you may say, hey, everyone else is talking about a different issue. this may be a good time to ramp through this policy that is not very popular. >> kevin, any way to know what
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the special prosecutor robert mueller might be interested in with respect to this episode? >> first and foremost, donald trump jr. is maintaining there was no conclusion there and i spoke yesterday with republicans who as of now are -- while critical of this meeting from taking place, are not withdrawing their support or suggesting that any laws were broken. why that matters, dara, is because that suggests that there still is a cohesive policy agenda behind -- policy agenda push behind the white house. now, the special prosecutor robert mule ser going to be definitely taking a look at this meeting. and we should note that christopher wray, the president's nominee to be fbi director testified earlier this week before the senate judiciary committee saying that he would be very independent in continuing the investigations. of course, now former fbi director james comey having with been fired by the white house, president trump, and this would be his successor. so all of this, again, very much
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suggesting that these investigations are ongoing as health care continues to bubble in the background. >> and, azi, do you think a more seasoned political operative would have taken this meeting? do you think this would have happened if he had been more seasoned politically? >> hell bleeping no. but what about paul manafort? >> he was in the meeting, too. there's a lot of questions. >> the part of the meeting that would have triggered a warning bell is this is part of the russian government's effort to help elect donald trump. that is the part of the e-mail that someone who reads their e-mails, reads them all the way through, would have said what are you talking about and would not have let their brother-in-law, the campaign manager and other people into that room or would have at least asked what are you talking about with this effort? you would not have wanted to put yourself in had there or anyone else in there especially with this e-mail floating around and putting out there themselves, i have no idea what he was
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thinking. >> do you think paul manafort knew? >> i totally agree with azi. i think that's where republicans are at. they're ideallogically opposed on different sides of the aisle, but both agree that there are significant questions about this meeting. and while it's, you know, essentially paul manafort is a seasoned political operative. decades long in the washington. so paul mamafor the is going to be facing a lot of questions about his involvement. on the flip side of this, just from a policy standpoint, i think something that republicans like senator lindsey graham both agree on is what is the house of representatives going to do to respond to the 2016 meddling in the election with regard to russia sanctions? the new comments from president trump in the last 24 hours suggests that he wants to make sure that the sanctions with bill is done right. it passed nearly unanimously out
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of the senate several weeks ago. the house has yet to take it up. but i'm hearing there is a lot of pressure from republicans in the house of representatives to pass some type of response to take up the senate sanctions bill against russia as a response to what happened in the 2016 election. >> and, obviously, russia is a very hot topic here. azi, you've covered new york politics now. are you surprised at how all this transpired with donald trump jr.? >> everything is surprising sort of with this administration. i think what was most surprising is that you have such clear evidence that their story is evolving just from day-to-day. you can sit in front of your television and watch the evolution. >> the day-to-day, week to week, month to month. >> minute to minute, tweet to tweet. also surprising was that donald trump jr. released these e-mails on his own as if there is nothing in there that people would have questioned. his act, it was meant to be an act of transparency. went on tv. this is easy, this is done. the meeting was a waste of time. read the e-mail. there was something there that should not have been there. the fact that he disclosed it
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thinking that the act of disclosure would somehow overcome or over-shadow the actual words in black and white is sort of stunning and it speaks to how much the people around donald trump valued being an outsider anti-establishment, pooeg people with no experience. they valued the inexperience and now it's costing them. >> interesting. azi, kevin, thank you so much for being here. this conversation, obviously, will continue in the future. have a great saturday. >> thank you. >> thanks. you, too. is there a way to find out what the president actually knew about his son's meeting with a russian lawyer? olay eyes
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meeting when -- and his son said that. what law was violated by that meeting? and your experts have said it, too, nothing. and at the enof the day, that's what this is about. >> the president's lawyer playing defense last night amid new reports that at least six people were present at donald trump jr.'s 2016 meeting with a kremlin-linked lawyer. let's go now to business cat way, new jersey, and kelly o'donlin. what is the latest reaction to all this from the white house? >> well, the white house itself is really not talking about this issue. but they have brought on a new lawyer who will be joining the team to deal with some of the inquiries coming from congress, coming from the media, trying to help them deal with how this is all being played out in realtime. this weekend, the president is here in new jersey. and he comes here often. but this is different. his golf course is hosting a major golf tournament and he'll be attending. and the president is also trying to deal with the political fallout from his son don
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junior's meeting. we've seen the changing stories. that's been a big problem from the initial reaction of russian adoptions to seeking dirt on hillary clinton. back in new jersey, where president trump's bed minister resort is hosting the women's u.s. open golf tournament this weekend. the president and son eric watch from the clubhouse. a big event for the trump family business while the trump white house is in the rough over the russia investigation. political pressure turned up. >> this has got another disturbing turn of events. >> it's been one week since the revelation that donald trump jr. met with a russian lawyer at trump tower during the campaign. he tried to control the damage himself. >> so as far as you know, as far as this incident is concerned, this is all of it. >> this is everything. this is everything. >> but that wasn't everything. the 2016 meeting brought donald trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort face-to-face with a former sergeant the in a
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soviet military counter intelligence unit. rinat akhmetshin is now a d.c. lobbyist and russian-american known to work on soviet issues. some suspect he may have russian intelligence ties. he denies that. also there, natalia veselnitskaya, a russian lawyer. and there was an interpreter. trump junior says nothing came of the meeting. friday on capitol hill, former trump campaign operative michael caputo met with the house intelligence committee blind closed door and then together to the media. >> with growing demands for information, the trump white house is expanding its internal level team with russian lawyer ty cob who will tackle requests from congress and the media. >> and at this point, the
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different legal teams are trying to sort out more discipline as it's been described to me. so you'll have the white house attorney who will be dealing with some issues, the president's outside personal council. and find the lanes where family members can talk to each other, where the lawyers can strategize with one another but they don't want them talking to these issues altogether. they're trying to make sure they handle these issues properly so they're not strategizing out of the presence of their lawyers, trying to keep things a little more controlled than what we have seen in the first week since this really sort of blew up. so that's one of the complications for the trump family being so involved in the white house. dara. >> kelly o'donnell, live for us from new jersey, thank you, kelly. happening now, several people forced to evacuate from the site of a massive sinkhole near tampa, florida. two homes have been destroyed. the 225 foot hole is 50 feet deep and growing, threatening
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other homes in the neighborhood. joining me now for a look at the weather headlines, the weather channel's reynolds wolf. good morning, reynolds. >> good morning, dara. let's take a look at your forecast. it is going to include a chance of severe storms in a couple places. one on the carolina coast. some of the storms we have across the deep south today could reach severe levels, but rain will be the biggest feature we'll have day after day. out towards the west, stagnant air for the san joaquin valley. 88 degrees in los angeles. but it's the interior valley that will be roasting for you. denver with 88 degrees, showers moving into the ohio valley. new york, a lovely but somewhat warm day for you with 87 degrees. and plenty of sunshine. atlanta, chance of thunderstorms possibly by the afternoon, but more rain for the gulf coast into central florida, south florida. miami, 88 degrees and a chance of storms by the afternoon. let's get back to you. >> reynolds, thanks so much. what is the most significant thing that we've learned about donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer? i'll ask one of the reporter who
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new information today about the meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer. nbc news first reported a russian american lobbyist was also there. the question now is why. joining me now, ken delaney and nbc's intelligence and national supporter. ken, great to have you here this morning. >> good to be with you, dara. >> rinat akhmetshin also attended that june 9th, 2016 meeting donald trump jr. had with russian attorney natalia veselnitskaya. what do we know about this second russian? >> well, ranat was born in russia. he did a stint in the soviet military as a counterintelligence sergeant. i wouldn't read too much into what. he then moved at some point to the the united states, got oouz citizenship and has been working for many years as a lobbyist/fixer in washington, kind of in the shadowss, often
4:24 am
for russian interests, sometimes on behalf of the putin government or at least causes near and dear to the putin dwoft. in recent years, he's been lobbying along with this lawyer on these magnitsky act sanctions. he says that's one of the reasons he was in the room with -- at trump tower with the trump teal. there's an entirely different story coming out of those e-mails from goldstone. but rinat, the fact that his presence at the meeting was only disclosed yesterday adds a new layer of ip trying to this meeting which obviously is dogging the trump team and the russian investigation. >> knowing now that there are more people in the room, what more have we learned about the details of the actual meeting? >> well, you know, veselnitskaya gave an exclusive interview to nbc news early last week and we learned a lot then. rinat akhmetshin has now added to the story.
4:25 am
we're learning more about a document that they may have either shown to or turned of to the trump team that purported to discuss what they viewed as questionable b contributions to the democratic national committee. but it seems like the trump team didn't think much of this, didn't think it was actually derogatory information that they could use in the campaign and they sort of dismissed it. at least that's the account we're getting from both the russian side and the trump side. >> and what of this document? do we know what it contained? do we have any visual on this document? >> we don't. obviously, we're working hard to determine that, but we think it has to do with -- this -- the anti-magnitsky act people have been discussing for a time the way they've been truth to influence trump politics. the trump didn't didn't think much about it. >> what do you think is the most significant things we can conclude that we have learned from this meeting so far? >> i actually think this meeting could be a game change ner this
4:26 am
russia investigation because the e-mails that we saw that led to the meeting being set up really amount to the first evidence of actual collusion. they're not proof, but it's evidence. these are e-mails describe ago russian government overture to help the trump campaign where it was very explicit. the e-mails said the russian government wants to help donald trump. and we have derogatory information about hillary clinton. we would like to provide. and don junior, instead of calling the fbi, took the meeting. so whatever actually happened in this meeting it raises questions about what other contacts there were because it showed a clear willingness of the trump team to play ball with the russians. >> is there any way to find out what president trump knew about this meeting? the white house says he learned about it recently. >> that's right. his lawyer is saying he didn't know about it. but i think that's an open question. there's been reporting that his lawyers learned about it in june and many people who have volumed donald trump very closely find it hard to imagine that he wouldn't at least pop into a
4:27 am
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