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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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and the it's been quite a day... glad we got away weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct at and join the weekenders. tonight on "all in," -- >> i'm more than happy to be transparent about it. >> so, as far as you know, this is all of it? >> this is everything. this is everything. >> it wasn't everything. shocking develop ments about wh met with the trump capabmpaign t year. >> today, we learned a former counter intelligence agent was present at the trump meeting. >> tonight, the latest revelations, as the story from trump world keeps changing. >> it's disgusting. it's so phony. >> conversations never happened. >> zero happened here. >> then, just who the russian
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connections are and how they got close to the trump family. >> you're a winner. you're a champ. >> plus, the senate health care bill clinging on, and the president won't let go. when "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes. a former soviet counter intelligence officer was also in that meeting in trump tower, we now know, and yet again, we're learning that the story told by the president, his son and their allies and defenders about the meeting last summer at trump tower was not the whole truth. not even close. on tuesday after being forced to change his story about why the meeting was held and after releasing the whole e-mail exchange leading up to the meeting, only upon learning "the new york times" was about to punish it, the president's son said he wanted to lay all his cards on the table. >> more than happy to cooperate with everyone. i want the truth to get out there. that's why i released the stuff today. >> but this is -- >> trying to drag out the story. they have -- they want to drip a
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little bit today, then, it's like, here it is. i'm more than happy to be transparent about it. >> as far as you know, this is all of it. >> this is everything. this is everything. >> no. no, it wasn't everything. this morning, nbc news broke the story, there was another participant in that meeting who trump jr. had failed to mention. someone besides the russian lawyer, that person has been identified as a russian-born american lobbyist. he is the former soviet counter intelligence officer who is suspected by some u.s. officials of having ongoing ties to russian intelligence and who was accused of orchestrating an international hacking conspiracy, though those allegations were later withdrawn. the lobbyist denies having any current connections to russian spy agencies, but told the associated press that in prul he received a letter from the department of justice telling him to register as a foreign agent. along with the russian lawyer, this lobbyist has been part of an intense campaign against the mag it in ski act, that 2012 law imposing sanctions on russian
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human rights abusers. so, we know there were at least five people present in that room in trump tower. the three close trump associates. the russian lawyer and the russian american lobbyist. now, "the new york times" identified the translator in the meeting. someone who has done contract work for the state department, bringing the total up to six known attendees. it's not clear if rob goldstone, the british-born former tabloid journalist turned music promoter who set up the meeting was actually there, or if there were other attendees we have yet to learn about. while the lobbyist told the associated press he recognized kushner and manafort, he said there were others in the room, he didn't know them, so, possibly, still, some shoes yet to drop. over the past few days, donald trump jr. and his defenders have argued that the meeting was inconsequential because nothing came of it. that's what the president himself claimed in remarks yesterday. >> the case of don, he listened,
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i guess they talked about, as i see it, they talked about adop shup and some things. adoption wasn't even apart of the campaign. but nothing happened from the meetings. zero happened from the meeting. >> but crucially, that's not what the lobbyist at the center of all of this told the associated press. the russian lawyer brought her a plastic folder that detailed what she believed was the flow of illicit funds to the democratic national committee. s i'm joined now by desmond butler for the associated press. and the first journalist to interview this lobbyist today. desmond, who is this guy? >> rinat akhmetshin is a lobbyist who has lived in washington since the mid-'90s. a lot of us in -- who report on international affairs know him. he has worked on a lot of issues
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as both a lobbyist and a p.r. guy, having to do with the former soviet space. and he is a pretty talented operator. >> yeah, he's -- my sense is he's kind of a man about time in d.c. people know him, he knows the right people, he is at different functions. he's not some obscure figure. >> no, that's certainly true. >> what did he say about how he ended up in this meeting? >> he had been working for a russian company run by a -- own ed by an that was among other things tries to water down the sanctions that were targeting russi russian. and one of the people that he worked with was this russian lawyer, and he says that he was in new york, in jeans and a
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t-shirt and she called him up and she said that she had a meeting with donald trump jr. and he said, wow. and she asked him if he could -- if she could talk to him about it. they had lunch and then she invited him in. it was a meeting, he says he wasn't prepared for, but he was very interested. >> he was counter intelligence officer in his previous it ration of his career, and says now that he does not have active links to russian intelligence, that's his contention. >> yeah. what he says is that he was -- he had two years of military service as a young man, starting when he was 18 and in that service, he was in the baltics and he worked for a kind of military police unit that included opportunitier intelligence work. >> now, he also says, this seems really interesting to me, that the idea was that this meeting was set up to exchange clinton dirt, as part of the russian government's efforts to help
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trump, as relayed in that e-mail, then they got there and she just wanted to talk adoption. he says she gave them documents? yes. he says that the documents in some way detailed this illicit money transfers from russia to the dnc, presumably. >> all right. desmond butler, thank you. >> thank you. downing me now, natasha bertrand, senior reporter for "business insider." what do you make of today's developments? >> well, this is just another example of the trump campaign seemingly not knowing how to manage a crisis. i think donald trump jr.'s story has changed roughly four or five times this week already and it just raises a lot of questions already about why he wouldn't just does close everyone that was in that meeti ining immedia. akhmetshin is not someone you would forget is in this meeting. he is a very experienced
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political operative in washington, d.c. he's known for being a very fast talker, known for knowing exactly what he's talking about. and he's been working on this ant anti-mag nice can i act, lobbying efforts, for the better part of a year. so, this isn't someone who would just blend into the background of this meeting. this is someone that would have made his presence known. >> there was another really interesting development on the story today, which, we're trying to piece together, like, what happened in this meeting and why were they there? it's remitted as one thing, an opportunity to come collude in the joint project to defeat hillary clinton, by the sharing of dirt on her. the attendees of the meeting sort of say that's not quite what happened. but one of the questions is about the russian lawyer at the e center of this, and the degree she is connected or not connected to the creme lukremli. she says she was in contact with the top russian prosecutor, and that individual is important, because that is precisely the
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person who is mentioned, if i'm not mistaken, in that e-mail by rob goldstone, saying, oh, this top prosecutor in russia is part of the project to help your dad. >> and that was initially interpreted by people as being an error. people thought what he was talking about was veselnitskaya and he referred to her as the top russian prosecutor, not knowing her role. goldstone knew exactly who he was talking about and he seemed to understand that veselnitskaya has this connection to this russian prosecutor, who, according to williams browder and what he told me, veselnitskaya and this top russian prosecutor have been speaking daily about him, and have been essentially working on behalf of the russian government to try to undermine him so that they can try to repeal the mag it in ski act. once you undermine browder, you create a case to undermine the entire act. >> just to keep everyone up to date with the people introduced here. william browder is an american financeer, who fell afoul of
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vladimir putin whose lawyer, he says, i think there's good evidence, murdered at the hands of the russian state and who named the mag it in ski act and lobbied for the act in defense of him, right? that he is the sort of driving american force behind these sanctions, which, just to be clear, the russian government hates, they really freaked out when he passed them, putin hates him, his inner circle hates them. it is a prime objective to get rid of them, correct? >> as soon as they were passed, russian/u.s. relations hit the lowest point since the cold war. putin called them outrageous and he banned americans from adopting russian children. when you hear about russia's adoption policy, it's usually just a way for them to refer to the mag it in ski act. >> it is also notable that here, even if the meeting went down the way that some of the participants have characterized, which, again, we do not know and there is no reason to believe, because we've gotten five different stories, that the two things would be placed next to each other in the meeting.
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we have dirt on hillary clinton, also, we'd like you to think about rescinding those sanctions as kind of side by side agenda items in the same meeting. >> right. exactly. so, even if you don't believe, for example, that veselnitskaya and this, you know act met shun were working on behalf of the russian government, their objectives were very much aligned with russian government interests. so, you know, they came to the meeting with documents regarding the dnc, and presumably, the meeting went something like this. we want to share these documents with you and in return, we want you to consider lifting sanctions, if and when donald trump is elected president. >> that, right, exactly. and even if that's not said, you put those two on the agenda items, we want to help you, also, we've got this beef, you don't even necessarily need to say in the meeting one equates the other. if those are the two things you're talking about. >> exactly. and this is why it's so significant for a lot of people is that it signals kind of the
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gunning of a potential quid pro quo. it signals that the untent wint there to collude with the russian government. it with us there in the e-mail that this was an attorney who was working on behalf of the russian government. even if that was not actually who she was. that's what trump jr. and the rest of the campaign, or, at least, the high level officials in the xaucampaign thought thae were going to be meeting with. >> natasha, thank you so much. i'm downed now by leonard lance of new jersey, whose district is home to the trump national golf club, where the president is currently spending the night. going to get any facetime with the president? >> i don't believe so, chris. >> that probably wouldn't help you in your district. >> i'm pleased that the president is enjoying his weekend and i hope that the golf tournament is a success. >> it wouldn't help you in your district? >> secretary clinton carried the district by 3,800 votes and i was honored to carry it by 38,000 votes. >> i'm so glad you're here, because i've been thinking, i've been trying to create a mental
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model of a republican congressman during this week, if i were a republican congressman. and you are doing your thing, you passed a defense authorization act that health care repays. i would not -- i don't like being lied to, as a person, and if i were you, i'd be angry about being lied to. are you? >> i certainly think we should get to the bottom -- >> i'm asking you a personal question. they have told a story that's false and we know they knew it was false and they are telling everyone that, including you, congressman, and all of the people in their party who have being asked to carry the water for them. that would anger me to be lied to. how do you feel about being lied to? >> i never like being lied to. i hope that we get to the bottom of it and that's why i hope and expect that donald trump jr. and others will testify before an open committee of congress, perhaps senator grassley's committee and the judiciary committee on both sides of the congress. >> i watched republicans some what to my shock say, oh, none would take that meeting.
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would you take that meeting? >> no, i would not take that meeting. >> why not? >> because i think that we should not be involved in that type of it is washington and i probably would call the fbi. >> you think they should have called the fbi? >> yes. >> here's the question i also have. i don't -- i think if i were a republican congressman, or a staffer at the white house right now, my operating assumption would be that the president's campaign did engage in some sort of coordinated effort of collusion with russian intelligence, and that would be my assumption that i would use to guide my behavior, hoping that isn't true. is that the assumption that's guiding you at this point? gl >> i'm not there yet, but certainly, i think it's important for the congress, as a coequal branch of government, to get to the bottom of it. >> can you definitively say, can you look into my eyes, camera, your constituents and say i'm 100% sure that the president and his campaign didn't engage? >> i cannot. that's why i want to get to the bottom of it. >> think about how remarkable
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that is. i -- i'm asking you -- you cannot 100% say that the president of the united states definitely did not engage in a vast criminal conspiracy incoordination with a foreign intelligence apparatus. >> the president has said that he did not know about the meeting, and certainly -- >> you can't be sure that's true. >> i try to take people at their word, but certainly we should get to the bottom of it. >> do you talk the president of the united states at his word when he says he didn't know about that meeting? hope he's being accurate and truthful, but certainly donald trump jr. will be asked about that when he comes before the congress in an open committee hearing. >> are you -- are people in capitol hill, are you guys in the cloak room talking to each other about this? >> we talk about a lot of matters and we certainly talk about the fact that we want to be an independent coequal branch of government and want the committees to get to the bottom of it. and i was the first republican on capitol hill to say that the attorney general should recuse himself in this matter and that
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is what brought about mr. mueller's proiment and i think he should get to the bottom of it, as well. >> at the same time, the house has passed a health care bill that would dramatically change american care, 24 million would lose coverage. you voted against that, i should note. >> you are correct. >> you were there for the markup. you were onboard during the markup, but you voted against it. it's now in the senate. it is on the precipice of being passed. it seems to me that if it were to pass amidst what's happening with this unvinvestigation and later find out the worst, the republic would be in a legitimacy crisis. since you cannot tell me the president did not engage with a foreign intelligence apparatus, that were he to sign a piece of health care, if we found out after -- >> i don't think the health care bill in the senate is likely to
4:17 pm
pass -- >> not dead yet. >> that is accurate, but certainly, i think that the bill mirrors much of what is in the house bill, and i would not support it. i want to see what the final result is, but i did not vote for the house bill. >> but do you see my deeper point here, that there's -- you know, a majority of the country did not vote for donald trump, he lost the popular vote, he won the electoral college. but there's voters watching this all play out and they're watching this and saying, okay, well, there's leonard lance, he seems like a decent republican member from new jersey, and he items me that he just isn't quite -- he's not 100% sure. while that's hanging over everyone's head, we're going to pass this health care bill. do you understand why that might make people frustrated? >> i do think we have a responsibility to govern, and the congress has a responsibility to govern and the president has the responsibility to govern, not only on health care, but on the national
4:18 pm
defense authorization act, which i think is a critically important part of legislation. that's the substance of what the house of representatives did this week. i'm very proud of it. and it sends a message, incidentally, to russia. as you know, the senate passed significant new sanctions against russia and i hope that we in the house will do so as quickly as possible. >> apparently the white house and paul ruin, though, are not so keen on that. congressman leonard lance of new jersey, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, just who are the people that coordinated the m t meeti meetings? a closer look at donald trump's friend and his son the pop star, after this break. u're not takin. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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i can't believe you're turning 35. you're getting older all the time. but you're a winner, you're a champ. you're great at real estate, aboand boy can you entertain. >> we're learning more about president trump and the
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father/son pair that offered dirt on hillary clinton. a russian pop singer who says he first met trump about four years ago when he traveled to las vegas to discuss hosting the miss universe pageant at his family owned concert hall in moscow. traveling with him, his father, aras. an oligarch with close ties to putin, who has built an estimated $2 billion fortune, thanks in part to russian government-funded construction projects. they certainly appear to have grown close to trump and his family. that's them, partying together at miss universe in 2013 in moscow. donald trump jr. sought this week to down play the relationship. >> successful reals tape developers over there. that's the extent of my knowledge with them. i met them once or twice and, you know, maintain a casual relationship there, talked about some potential deals and that's about the extent of it. they really didn't go anywhere. >> that's not the story that they're telling. he says he's very close to the trump family. exchanged messages to don jr. around the time of the
4:22 pm
inauguration. the president himself ail peppe particularly close to both. that's trump and him and trump tower shortly before trump announced his presidential condition si. there's trump and emen, and with v ivanka trump. when trump won the general election, they sent along their congratulations. the president-elect, emin claims, responded with a handwritten note. the last time you and i talked, we were just hanging out and talking shop, and you were telling me about this -- you were like, there's this pop singer and his dad, and i -- it's kind of a weird sort of thing. who are these people and why are these close to the trumps? >> so, they are -- they're fascinating, because they unite two of the words of russian
4:23 pm
oligarchy. they're from azerbaijan, and as one political scientist told me, azerbaijan is almost like a caricature of russian oligarchy, a thoroughly cop rupt, openly naked corrupt nation, with, i should say, some people have close ties there to donald trump and his company. and aras left there in, i think, '98, to go to moscow, to really become a russia-level oligarch. a multi-billionaire, with deep ties in central asia. he built this mall, fairgrounds, real estate business with very close ties to the putin administration. his son claims -- it is amazing how many of these folks say, oh, i just happened to call donald trump. i just happened to meet him. his son, emin, as you know, because i told you socially, i went and interviewed him a few
4:24 pm
weeks ago. he was in the u.s. on a concert tour, where he was basically paying a lot -- a large p.r. staff to promote him as a major american, potential american singer. >> it is funny that happened before all this came out, because you would have a very different press tour, now -- >> it probably would work better. he's not the -- he's a solid singer. it's poppy -- >> i've watched some of the videos. >> it's fine. anyway. so, i went to interview him, as you know, i pretended to be a pop music journalist, i mean, i was asked sort of -- i asked someone at "the new yorker" that knows about pop music to ask questions for me, and then i asked him questions about the trump. he said he loved donald trump so much, he read his book and he dreamed of being like donald trump -- this is emin, the son. and so, he reached out to donald trump through the miss universe organization. i'm skeptical, simply because the family is so close to so
4:25 pm
many other people, like -- >> yeah, so, wait. i want to be clear. the story here about the -- the origin of this relationship is that just, like, plucky emin having read donald trump's book just reaches out, out of the blue. >> right. exactly. like, i just love the guy, i reached out out of the blue. this comes up again and again and again. and often, the same group of russian names, russian names appear in these stories. there's a guy, tamir, another wildly wealthy russian who lived in brooklyn and then manhattan, who seems to be at the center of a lot of this, who has close ties to trump for many years, as well as close ties, probably, to russian mob officials, there is a guy named lev who, another russian ex-oligarch who made a fortune with diamonds in israel. so, there thereis a grup of peo who appear often over the last
4:26 pm
decade or two in trump's orbit who are also in the putin orbit. >> this is why it's so significant. we've seen so much reporting, he has the russia ties, he did miss universe in moscow. i kept watching all the stories and reporting some of them and thinking, okay, yeah. and then, there's another thing happening, the russians hacked the dnc and they wanted to get trump e legged. but you know, it's possible those two things, both are just try as independent parallel channels. that e-mail is the first evidence of anneck us between the two. >> absolutely. >> which strikes me as a big deal. >> it's a very big deal. as you know, i've been arguing for months now that that will be the nexus. somehow -- if you think who donald trump was in 2012, 2013, he was somebody very desperate for deals with people who were not going to ask too many questions about, whethill you actually pull off this deal, and donald trump proved hums to be eager to work with people who have a lot of money, who others
4:27 pm
might not be willing to work with. and i think that mess of stuff is where this nexus came. >> all right, adam, thank you for your time tonight. coming up, just one no vote away from another failure. did john kasich just seal the fate of repeal and replace? that just ahead. uh... yes, erin, it is great time to score a deal. we need to make room for the 2018 models. relive the thrill of beating the clock. the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 bonus and 0% apr on a new 2017 jetta or passat. fixodent plus adhesives. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. delicious pasta marinara. but birds eye made it from zucchini. mmm!
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bird: mashed potatoes and rice. but made from cauliflower. looks like i need a fork! oh, no. (giggling) bird: new birds eye veggie made. so veggie good. two weeks ago, we led our show with a report about peter smith, a gop operative who reportedly sought e-mails he believed had been stolen from hillary clinton's e-mail server by russian hackers. the story was a big deal. while smith told "the journal" on the record he was working independently, he intimated to others that he had been working with michael flynn.
4:29 pm
president trump's disgraced former national security adviser. and they reported that investigators have examined reports from intelligence agencies that describe russian hackers discussing how to obtain e-mails from mrs. clinton's e-mail server and give them to flynn. until this week, and the does closure of trump jr.'s e-mails, that report was the very first concrete evidence of a trump ally seeking to come collude with russian hackers. now, the story has taken a strange and macabre twist. "the wall street journal" reported that smith died shortly after he was interviewed. yesterday, it was reported that smith killed himself just days after talking to "the joushl," leaving a suicide note in saying that no foul play whatsoever was involved in his death. police say there is evidence to korb rate that claim and you can read all the details in "the tribune," but there's a lot that
4:30 pm
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i thank vice president pe e pence. he showed true backbone himself in indiana when he expanded medicaid for his citizens. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe taking a sort of dig at mike pence at a national governor's association meeting.
4:34 pm
pence expanded medicaid. now, he is pushing a senate health care bill that includes cuts to the program and a permanent alteration of how it is funded. the bill is holding on for now, but one single solitary republican defection and it's dead. majority leader mitch mcconnell won't have enough votes if he loses just one more. and among senators who could scuttle the bill are the relative so-called self-identified moderates like dean heller and rob portman. both from states with republican governors who have been opposed to the absolutely drastic medicaid cuts in the bill. now, john kasich today came out on the record blasting the bill, calling it unacceptable, which would put significant pressure on portman, not to support it. at the same governor's meeting today, vice president pence took his own shot at casic. >> obama care has put far too many able-bodied adults on the medicaid rolls, leaving many disabled and vulnerable americans at the back of the line. it's true.
4:35 pm
and it's heartbreaking. i know governor casic isn't with it, but i suspect he's very troubled to know that in ohio alone, nearly 60,000 disabl ed citizens are stuck on waiting lists. >> joining me now, jim manley, the former chief spokesperson for senate majority leader harry reid. i should know that disability rights groups are dramatically and almost unanimously opposed to this bill, and they have been protesting for none that thinks this is going to help those folks. i saw someone basically said it's encouraging to mcconnell that he got two quick nos, but the dam has held. if it leaks, it's going to break. what do you think of that? >> i pretty much agree with it. quite frankly, i'm pretty sure i said a up canal weeks ago that i didn't think senator mcconnell had the votes then and i'm not convinced he's got the votes now. based on everything i've seen so far, we've got at least a handful of members that are waiting for the cbo score to come out. as you are only well aware of, chris, and many of your viewers
4:36 pm
are, this bill has changed very little, especially when it comes to the dramatic cuts in the medicaid program, number one, number two, in the number of people that are going to lose access to health care. so, when that -- when that report is released next week, i expect senator heller, among others, to quickly get into the no column. in the meantime, he has boxed himself into a corner, in a bad, bad manner and he's going to t get, you know, beaten up all weekend. >> you're talking about heller or mcconnell? >> heller. >> here's two ways -- people i talk to, people i talk to who think that the last -- there are people i talk to say the last 4 hours are a positive development for mcconnell and the people in leadership are spinning it that way, because they got the two quick nos. >> oldest trick in the book. >> what do you mean by that? >> you need to show positive momentum going into the weekend. if not, the thing is just going to die a quick, painful death. >> what i was hearing is that mcconnell was pleading with people, just make it to monday before you come out if you're going to come out against it and
4:37 pm
giving people the opportunity of the sort of plot point of the cbo score to say, look, that's your read, that basically, you think the folks who are going to defect on this are waiting for that as their sort of, the thing they can point to. >> correct, yes. i think by most estimates, it's going to show that somewhere between 15 and 22 million americans are going to lose health care and i think for at least one, if not more, that's going to be the final straw and they're going to bail quickly. >> yeah, but -- to play devil's advocate, you've got -- mcconnell is good at this. >> oh, very good at it. >> you sat across -- you were chief of staff for harry reid, you sat across from him in these sorts of chess matches, right? he's held them together. he's got -- and he can lean on these folks to basically, if he isolates them, it strikes me, no one's going to want to be the one. if, for instance, heller and portman and capito and murkowski got together, they could be a
4:38 pm
block and just destroy it. if he can deal with them individually, and they don't get enough pressure on the other side from constituents, it does seem to me there's a narrow path. >> yes, i think also what he's telling them is, hey, folks, i really need you on this vote on the motion to proceed to the bill. stick with me there, give me your vote and we'll try to mollify your concerns throughout the amendment process. and if they believe that, they should get a new line of work, because they've just been conned bigly, because what mcconnell is going to do at the end, after all the amendment process is over with and after all these dozens of amendments haven be dealt with, he's going to swoop in in the end and offer one big amendment that is going to -- >> jam them. >> jam them, and why? because he is going to make that bill more conservative. >> yep. >> in the end, so it can quickly get through the house. >> that's exactly right. and that's totally true and he's
4:39 pm
already done that. the moderates didn't like the medicaid cuts and what he did is, the new version has a cruz amendment in it, nothing for the moderates in the medicaid, he's just betting, i can roll you, because you are a coward and don't believe what you say you believe. >> absolutely. that's where the pressure from these governors is so important. >> jim, thank you for joining me. still ahead, keeping track of the constantly shifting discussions in the failure to does close. and a record-breaking thing one and thing two after this. me. ♪
4:40 pm
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4:43 pm
an embrace that went on and on and on. there's the hand pat, on display during last weekend's awkward greeting with the president of south korea. a hand hold, followed by a few taps. but what if i told you there's new video today of a supremely awkward hand shake that is so long, you almost need to speed it up with music. that's thing two, in 60 seconds. billy just slides into madeline's dm and she'll respond with "oh hayyy! swing by 4 dinnr! smiley face heart emoji" even though courtship has become less strict, hebrew national hot dogs remain strict as ever when it comes to our standards. made with premium cuts of 100% kosher beef, it's sure to please whoever your daughter brings over last minute for dinner. hebrew national. we remain strict.
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that's why new downy protect and refresh conditions fibers to... how your clothes smell can say a lot abut you. ...lock out odors. new downy protect and refresh. president trump attended the bastille day celebration in paris. during the parade, the very strange hand shake. it awkwardly continued. president macron was trying to wrap it up. it morphed into a power clasp. roping in the first lady of france in a greeting that turned into a group hand holding session. see that there? lasted nearly 30 seconds. we didn't -- this is not edited at all. it just keeps going and then, oh -- but it seemed -- oh, done.
4:45 pm
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and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan any time you want. so don't wait. call unitedhealthcare now to request your free decision guide. new revelations have come so quickly on russian involvement in the election, it's both stepping back and noting how far the stories come. beginning with the person the currently at the center of it all, donald trump jr. on july 24th, 2016, a year ago, donald trump jr. was asked, spe receivicly about a claim that russians were behind the hacking of the dnc as part of a plot to help donald trump get elected. we now know that question was asked just weeks after don jr.'s meeting following an e-mail promising information that, and i quote here, would incriminate
4:48 pm
hillary and her dealings with russia and would be very useful to your father, part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. but a few weeks after that june 2016 meeting, trump jr.'s fawned outrage at the notion of russian involvement. >> it shows their moral come pass. they will say anything to be able to win this. this is time and tomb again, lie after lie. i can't think of bigger lies. but that exactly goes to show you what the dnc and what the clinton camp will do. >> big, big lies. before and after trump's election as president, there was further questions about any meeting or contact with russian officials, and the denials. >> are there any ties between mr. trump, you and your campaign and mr. putin? >> no, there's no basis to it. >> did anyone involved in the trump campaign have any contact with russians trying to meddle with the election? >> absolutely not. and i discussed that with the president-elect just last night. those conversations never
4:49 pm
happened. >> i'm asking you a direct question. was there any contact between trump and his associates and the creme lunn or cutouts they had? >> i joined this campaign in the summer and i can tell you that all the contact by the trump campaign and associates was with the american people. >> i'm just trying to get an answer. >> yeah. of course not. >> senator jeff sessions in his confirmation hearing failed to does close his meetings with the russian ambassador, which led him to recuse himself from the russia investigation. and now, to bring it back to donald trump jr., there are his untruths and evolving characterizations about that june 2016 meeting. from an initial claim of no meetings, that's what he told "the times" mack in marback in meeting about adoption, to a meeting with eight people instead of just a few -- also, the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, attended that june 2016 meeting, the very special problem of jared kushner ahead.
4:50 pm
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♪ more kinds of crab than ever, new dishes, and all your favorites. only while crabfest lasts. red lobster. now this is seafood. under the possible penalty of perjury, jared kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, did not disclose on his initial security form his contacts with russian officials. michael isikoff wrote this, "he initially filed his sf-86 and his lawyers have said this was inadvertent and a member of his staff had prematurely hit the "send" button for the form before it was completed.
4:54 pm
within 12 hours, kushner said that he would make amendments. first off, submitting a form is not as simple as a mouse click. you have to click, enter password 28 times in order to e-file. secondly, it took four months from the allegedly inadvertent filing to send in a revised form. thirdly, that revision, the one that four months later didn't include the meeting kushner attended at trump tower on june 9, 2016, with trump junior, paul manafort and the russian nationals. you know, the meeting at the center of the week. that was done on june 21st. joining me now, sabrina siddiqui and michael steele. let me start with you, michael. 9 existence of that e-mail has changed the way i feel about
4:55 pm
this. and you've got to think that the senators and republican congressmen on capitol hill know that they are watching themselves. >> they do. they are nervous about it, angry about it. they realize that there's very little they can do about it. why? the cement that has blocked them in around their feet are the very voters who are running 80, 90% still in support of president trump. so they can't do any chipping away at this at all. >> they could. >> they could. >> let's be clear. we're free agents. >> are you willing to take the risk? what matters most? >> right. >> you've not got on the table the country and the party that could be a real mess if this is allowed to play itself out coming down a pike a year from now saying, by the way, this is the litany of things that are problematic. what do you do and where do you go? that's their reality right now.
4:56 pm
you want to get to the legislative agenda which is as messed up as it possibly could be. >> they watched this all happen, right? >> yeah. >> whether we win it or not, we're going to do something that is not talking about this. >> right. >> and that's where mcconnell wants to be and a lot of the senators want to be. they don't want to have to carry this baggage of health care. they don't know what other baggage it's going to contain. >> sabrina, it's a satisfying thing as a reporter when you catch someone in a lie and it happens. it's a great feeling when you e-mail or call back and say, actually, to have that record in the meeting you said you weren't in. but i don't think i can remember the last time i saw something, lied about this brazenly and have it unravel so quickly. usually one or the other happens and it's been head snapping. >> this is a white house that has a credibility problem and
4:57 pm
starts from the very top. even if you take the administration out of the equation for just a second and look at donald trump jr.'s version of events, day by day he's been caught in one lie after another. what's important go that, the assertion by the white house is that, yes, this meeting did take place and, fine, here are the actual circumstances around what this meeting was set up and have no reason to take donald trump jr.'s word at face value. it's not one isolated meeting and there's been work communications between trump associates and the russians. >> i want to read, just to remind everyone what the story was, this is the official
4:58 pm
statement by "the time," signed off by the president on air force one. "it was a short introductory meeting. i asked jared and paul to stop by. we primarily discussed a program about the adoption of russian children that was active and popular with american families years ago. it was not a campaign issue at the time. that's not really true. i was asked to attend the meeting by an acquaintance. it doesn't say who. well, maybe not the name but russian government lawyer representing the russian state in the efforts in order for to you win. that was five days ago. now when they say, oh, nothing came of the meeting or when jared kushner's people said they hit "send," come on. >> this doesn't play to that narrative. the 85% of goppers and 40% of all americans as one trump supporter put it to me just yesterday, why don't you just
4:59 pm
let him do his job. as long as the president knows that that perspective about him is out there -- >> and not only that, what's very clear is i have watched them over the last -- i've watched them in the last three to four weeks get their sea legs in making sure they could hold that 40%. it's very clear to me now, their entire strategy, the ministers praying over him, the interview with pat robinson, the fox news that don junior fighting on twitter, they understand they've got to keep that 40% and everything has targeted that. >> yes, there's a recent poll that is very telling of the republican electorate and found that one in four republican voters do not actually view russia as serious threats. there's this reorienting of the republican party that has happened under trump's watch. the real question is, are the republicans on capitol hill who have for years been bemoaning the obama's administration to russia and now are turning the
5:00 pm
other way when donald trump is showing affinity to donald trump and a willingness to collude with the russians, are they going to at some point say yes, enough is enough. are they willing to go against what they claim is the backbone of u.s. democracy in all of these institutions that they claim that they revere. >> sabrina siddiqui and michael steele, that is all for this evening. tonight at this hour, i have somebody here that i'm very happy to have lended. the deputy director of the state department for years, senior director for russia at the national security council for years, senior person at the pentagon on russia for years. he has stuff to tell us and he is going to be here tonight for the interview. i'm really looking forward to that. but there is, there's a bunch


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